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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 25, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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more tragedies. authorities arrested six people in brussels while in paris police stopped a man that they say was in the advanced stages of planning an imminent terror attack. thursday night, jim's off, i'm rick williams. the big story on "action news" tonight is intensifying manhunt for suspects as investigators try to unravel terror cells in europe. brussels at the heart of this, a large police operation tonight, rounded up six people, possibly connect to the deadly bombings at the a airport and subway. belgium prosecutors expect to make a decision on charges tomorrow. we are also learning there may have been an additional attacker on tuesday at the metro station who got away. authorities are now searching for him, and a suspect seen at the airport the in the light colored jacket. u.s. intelligence officials tonight believe they have identified that most wanted man but yet, they have the not yet publicly named him. meanwhile the younger brother of the suicide bombers came forward this evening
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alongside belgium authorities and said he has no idea what led najim laachraoui, down the path of radical jihad. he told reporters his family informed police when his brother left for syria in 2013. they had had no contact with him ever since. there is also chilling new evidence that the brussels bombers may have had nuclear ambitions. security sources tell abc news that khalid and brahim el-bakraoui had been spying on the top belgium nuclear scientists using a hidden camera to track him for hours outside of his home. their goal was unclear. lastly to the suburbs of paris tonight, where french authorities say a police raid foiled a planned attack. the disturbingly officials a say this suspect does not appear to be linked to either the brussels a tax or nova tax in paris, mean yes, another possible terror cell. nearly 300 people were wounded in tuesday's terror attacks, many still recovering
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in the hospital like this 20 year-old woman covered in bandages. former college basketball player from michigan is one of the many whose image went viral in the moments after the attack. sebastian bellon was thrown to the floor by bomb blast at the airport. married father of two spoke from his hospital bed today with abc world news anchor david muir about what got him through that terrifying ordeal. >> i just told myself i will make it, i will make it. i knew i was going to make it. i just didn't want my girls to grow up without a dad; you know. >> doctors say he has a long road ahead of him as he recovers from extensive lower body injuries. and stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of the terror in brussels. we will have overnight developments starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning on "action news". in other news tonight, the
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villanova wildcats became first team to move in the elite eight after an impressive victory over the miami hurricanes. final score villanova 92, miami 69. needless to say there is quite a bit of excitement and celebration on and around nova's campus this evening. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live from a pub in conshohocken, montgomery count which more, christie? >> reporter: well, rick, excited would be an under statement. it has been seven years since the team has gone to the final four, even elite eight. so getting this far is getting folks hoping they can go all the way. >> let's go nova. >> going to the elite eight, baby, that is all i have to say, elite eight. >> i feel great. great. >> we have been waiting for this since 09, maybe 85 actually. >> reporter: do you think this is like 85 team. >> yeah. they don't have the players,
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the players are quality, like 85 team but this team can do it. >> we get past second round for us is a big deal. >> reporter: at any point did you think they weren't going to make it. >> i have villanova winning my whole bracket. >> reporter: you have them winning the whole thing. >> yes. >> i thought they were going to lose in the round of 32 but we're going to the championship. >> when you shoot 63 percent, it is hard to lose. >> we have to represent. i go to villanova law school, but i have to show where i'm supporting villanova. >> everyone thought we were going to lose to iowa last round. they guard our higher ranking all season. we just keep winning. critics have got to be quiet, right? >> reporter: the team plays on saturday ape this will be their 13th appearance, in the elite eight. reporting live from
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conshohocken, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> all right christie, thank you. certainly villanova isn't the only place getting in on march madness. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is reporting how philadelphia a is benefiting from tourism tournament. dann? >> reporter: that is right, rick. for the biggest, teams in college basketball right now are in town. they have two games tomorrow. the final on sunday. but this is part of the big sports weekend in philadelphia because there is another big entering on in town bringing millions of dollars into this city. let me ask you this all together who are you rooting for this weekend. >> carolina. >> reporter: yes, it is definitely a big basketball weekend in philadelphia with the ncaa east mens regional taking place. notre dame playing wisconsin and north carolina playing indiana. winner play each other sunday. in between there is a whole lot of sight seeing, not to mention money being spent. >> philly cheese steaks, everything. >> reporter: did you that all right. >> yes. >> we went to jim's. >> we have to eat at reading terminal.
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we will probably do that tomorrow. >> reporter: music to the ears of the folks at philadelphia visitors and convention bureau who tell us basketball games are bringing 17,000 visitors in the city, taking up 10,000 hotel room nights, generating 18.2 million-dollar, for this city's economy. but wait, there is more. >> we're planning on winning our tournament this weekend so that would be fun, qualify for national. >> reporter: 2016afitf northeast volleyball qualifier is in town this weekend. east coast premiere junior volleyball tournament the at the convention center. >> combination of the two sporting events is going to take up hotel occupancy over 95 percent in all hotels. >> i want to do rocky to steps tomorrow. >> some good food. >> reporter: you will spend some money here. >> yes, i will. >> reporter: this city will love you. >> they will. >> reporter: volleyball tournament expecting to add get this 36 million-dollar to the cities economy. now that, but again again, philadelphia is going through a renaissance a tracking many here for all it has to offer. >> all of that is put together
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which is a great package for anyone looking to host a meeting, convention or sporting event in philadelphia. >> reporter: word is getting around. >> definitely getting around. >> reporter: combined with the meeting of families and visit of pope francis last year and democratic national convention this center and few events in between you could say philadelphia is going through a pretty good streak right now. we're live from center city, dann cuellar for channel six "action news", rick? >> dann, thank you. coming up later in sports, jeff skversky is in louisville alongside villanova after their big win in the sweet 16. >> another tournament game, another absolute come nation by villanova, we will hear from the cats and reaction outside of their locker room coming up in sports. well, some rain showers may greet you when you wake up tomorrow. meteorologist adam joseph is tracking the system coming in on live double scan radar at the big board with the first look at the accu weather forecast, adam. >> after a day of sunshine cloud are thickening up. looking a at double scan live
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locally around our area right now it is dry, and few more hours before some of that rain pushes in from the west. in fact, wider look on storm tracker six live, 3-d, and we have a cold front that is now pushing through parts of the tennessee, ohio valley. with some of those very light showers. right along the cold front there is heavier band of rain, so that could push through here late morning early afternoon with a quick downpour, maybe rumble of thunder. for some of thaws morning rush hour will be a little wet. temperatures with this front snake go through our region. only 40's and 50's north of philadelphia but 60's in baltimore. that southerly wind will come in ahead of that front, warm us up overnight so as we get in the morning hours tomorrow after that rush hour, temperatures will be sky rocketing. we will be in the mid 60's by tomorrow morning. the showers will develop, a little later tonight, before that morning rush hour. it is a wet start to your friday. the sun returns in the afternoon and temperatures will go to 70. rick, we will show you future tracker six to time those showers tomorrow morning and
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give thaw easter weekend forecast coming up in a little bit. >> all right, adam we will talk soon, thank you. meantime falls bridge over schuylkill river is back opened tonight a week ahead of schedule. it has been closed for past two months for emergency repairs. crews have reenforced steel beams to sure it up temporarily. bridge will undergo further repairs in the future but for now the end of the detour will be a welcomed relief for commuters. and, we will be monitoring how the morning rush shapes up with the new traffic pattern. join the "action news" morning team for live update, tomorrow. parking in philadelphia got a little easier tonight, the philadelphia a parking authority has fixed the kiosks were having technical glitches city wide today. problems with the the wireless network prevented kiosk from accepting credit cards. pp thea offered a 15 minute grace period after pulling in the spot. if you needed to run to an atm to get cash. so call ppa if you were ticketed during that time. a former pennsylvania supreme court justice has been slapped with a $50,000 fine.
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it comes a week after michael eakin resigned because of his role in the lewd e-mail scandal. court says his punishment would have been more severe if he had not stepped down and taken responsibility. eakin will keep his state pension which is at $153,000 a year. he has six months to pay, the fine. the atlantic city is moving closer to a financial crisis, as city and state officials continue to play the blame game. mayor don guardian says the city will run out of money april 8th and he says it will be the state's fault for not passing a financial rescue package. but governor chris christie says the city's problems stem from years of over spending. the christie says he will only sign a state take over bill if not amended by assembly democrats. mayor guardian says he is trying to determine what city services will shut down next month. police, fire fighters, and sanitation workers will continue to work, but without
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pay. holy thursday mass was celebrated tonight at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> ♪ >> during services solemn and traditional rights took place. archbishop charles chaput performed washing of the feet, the act replicates jesus washing feet of his deciples to show that no one is a above serving their neighbor. and still to come on "action news" tonight why a man was arrested over a vhs tape. and a car falls four stories out of the parking garage. you won't believe what happened next. the philadelphia zoo introduces us to its new babies. adam? >> very cute. today temperatures ranged from 50 at the shore to 71 in wilmington. it was all about location. warm tomorrow. what about easter weekend is this we will have those details in accu weather coming up next. also ducis rodgers with post game highlights from louisville after nova's big sweet 16 victory when "action
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look out below, surveillance video released by baltimore county police shows a car falling four stories, from a parking garage, with the driver inside. incredibly the 23 year-old woman behind the wheel was not seriously injured. witnesses run to her aid and you can see her walking a way from the wreck right there. this happened earlier this month intowson, maryland. the woman was pulling in the fourth floor parking space when she crashed through the concrete barrier, and then fell through. actor, comedian gary shandling has died. police were called to shandling home for a report of the medical emergency. he passed away at a los angeles hospital. the causes not yet immediately men. shandling is best known for
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gary shandling show and larry sanders show. he was just 66 years old. flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle cocaine in airport security was in court today. marcia reynolds use her jet blue badge to go through crew member security line when she was pulled aside, for a random search. she dropped her bags, and then ran. during the search, officials found nearly 70-pound of cocaine, in her bags. she later turned herself in. she's expected to be released from jail tomorrow on half million-dollar bail. back in the car... >> north carolina man facing charges for somewhat unusual crime. he never return a vhs tape 14 years ago. james myers was told by a police office are there was a warrant out for his arrest from 2002, because of an overdue tape, from a neighborhood rental store that is no longer opened. yesterday, myers recorded this video of himself, turning himself into authorities, and
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was booked on a charge of failure to return rental property. no court date was the set but he is hoping charges will be dismissed. by the way he a says he has no idea what became of that vhs tape. presidential politics tonight, donald trump has chosen a new enemy, apparently. the she's heidi cruz, wife of the g.o.p. presidential candidate ted cruz. over last two nights trump has taken to twitter targeting mrs. cruz. this comes after a pro cruz super pac used an old nearly nude image of melania trum top bash the g.o.p. front runner. trump tweeted a post comparing two women and cruz fired back. >> donald you are a coward, leave heidi the hell alone. >> trump continuing hammering cruz by releasing social media ads slamming cruz recent endorsements. cruz believe the trump nomination could cost the g.o.p. the presidential election. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is promised to
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go mount an aggressive campaign across california. she said she will win over every voter in the state. this comes a day after the a rifle bernie sanders predicted wow claim the state of california. sanders proclaimed tonight that in the last week, his campaign has closed the gap with clinton, by about 25 delegates. center city residents association held a pennsylvania second congressional district debate tonight, all of the candidates running for seat participated including incumbent chaka fattah. the cpr a is a non-profit volunteer veterans organization whose mission is to preserve, enhance, and celebrate, urban living. new jersey's rate has fallen to the lowest level in a decade. february's 4.3 percent jobless rate is down .2 from january. it is also half percentage point better than the national average. more than 4.3 million new jersey residents reported having a job, and that is an all time high, for the garden
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state. health check tonight, mammograms may 1 day be able to help detect other medical problems, like heart disease. mammograms scans can also pick up what are called incidental findings such as calcification of the arteries in the breast. researchers found these women were more likely to also have hardening of the blood vessels that supplied the heart and that is a possible prediction of the heart disease which kills more women each year then breast cancer. much more research is needed before mammograms are used for this screening double duty. the philadelphia zoo is showing off its new additions, four baby lemurs, they are not quite ready for public debut so we get to see premate siblings tonight on video. in fact they are still too little to even get around on their own. so mom, tionka had to carry them picking them up by her mouth. black and white l ime u are s
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are endangered so zoo officials say it is important to breed in captivity. >> the one on the far right has white stripes. he can be named stripe. >> through go, adam paying a lot of close attention to the zoo video. >> i was seeing the white stripe. >> okay. >> i like him. >> okay. >> tomorrow, tomorrow, might be a wet hair day. >> yes. >> and then we will dry out in the afternoon. we will look at double scan. >> you don't have much hair, to deal with. >> there is hair but not much. >> thank you. >> storm scan live, double scan live radar around the area we're not finding any precipitation right now. that will change by tomorrow morning. temperature wise, tremendous difference here especially through chester county, oxford, it is 63 degrees. you go right up the road to coatsville it is only 49 right now. we have had easterly wind taken over cutting the numbers in the 40's, north of
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philadelphia. even, chester right new trying to drop to 45 degrees. same thing in new jersey. there is a front right through here, 45 in cinnaminson and hammington 64. sixty-two in glassboro. sixty-six in dover, smyrna. sixty at the shore. these cool temperatures will not last long. a southerly win will take over ahead of the front coming from the west. first we will see the cloud. then the warm temperatures. and then, some of those showers, and, in fact, the showers will in the last all that licensing. there is not a the lot of precipitation with the front. front is right here. do you see this bright area of yell will owe. that will pass by philadelphia around lunchtime and a couple of hours thereafter in eastern parts of the new jersey. so for that morning rush, some showers will be around. the not heavy rain, and not everyone will see the showers, but mainly through the state of pennsylvania first thing in the morning. sixty to 62 degrees turning very mild. future tracker will show, again 60's across the area. 8:30 tomorrow morning with
1:59 am
these scattered showers with some damp roadways. then as we get into the latter part of the morning hours the rain will move more into new jersey, drying out, in pennsylvania, and then still temperatures in the mid 60's and then by middle part of the afternoon tomorrow temperatures around 70 degrees, after a quarter of an inch of rain work that sunshine, returning. high pressure is in control here, beyond that on saturday to the north, and that is going to send in a northeasterly wind. a lot of sun. we have a temperature of 60 degrees. i say just 60. still above average but far off 70's we have seen the last few days. easter sunday sunrise services grab a jacket, 41. by lunchtime 56. sixty-three at 5:00. you will notice more in the way of clouds easter sunday compared to that full sunshine on saturday. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showers and sun tomorrow, 72. sixty, cooler, sunny on saturday. sixty-four with some clouds on easter sunday but dry weekend before we will see healthy amount of rain coming in here on monday.
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maybe around half inch, inch in some locations, dreary. sixty-three. we will go to the 50's as we dry up tuesday, back in the upper 60's, by wednesday, thursday next week. >> wow. >> like it. >> we do is this thanks, adam. a local doctor was honored for her work in the public health sector. doctor ricky brower was presented with manna's 2016 nourish award. the award was established six years ago to celebrate champions of health care and nutrition. brower has work in public health for more than two decades and holds positions at jefferson center for urban health, jefferson sidney kimmel medical college and
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ducis is here with sports and what a game tonight. >> yes. >> they are a well oil machine. >> a blow out. >> yes. >> not enclose. >> villanova on to the elite eight. cats destroy hurricanes 92-69 in i game where they have never trailed. they opened up on a 80 run. chris jenkins a and ryan arcidiacono each scored 21 points. cats shoot 63 percent from the field. nova awaits winner of the cap as/maryland game.
2:04 am
let's head out to louisville, kentucky and jeff skversky for post game reaction, jeff. >> reporter: well, how about villanova, they aring to the elite eight for the first time in seven years. cats looked absolutely unstoppable. they won their three games by a combined, 72 points over the span. they have shot 60 percent. best by tournament team in 22 years. they are on fire. take a look, at the villanova wildcats coming off the floor after beating miami tonight, and by 23 points. the cats are killing it out there. although listening to villanova tonight, it is madness. they sound like a team that has been scratching, clawing to the elite eight as opposed to a team that is absolutely dominated. >> we're really a fine tuned machine right now, and, it is making the score look like come nation but when you see the game, you don't feel like villanova is overwhelming this
2:05 am
team. >> our ultimate goal to get to the elite eight and trying to win it all. to be able to do that we have to play one game at a time. >> we have to keep it up. we have to remain focused, remain humble, not get big heads. >> war big getting a a big head? not enclose. chris jenkins say they are not satisfied, and this is the not a team that is ready to go down anytime soon, they are eyeing houston and final four, next up, the elite eight, saturday night against kansas or maryland. we are live from louisville, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> ducis. >> one other college basketball note espn is reporting that zach spiker will be named new basketball coach at drexel. he spent seven seasons at army. flyers and avalanche, he beats, steve mason. but in the last couple of minutes, both godas and claude giroux scores to give flyers a three -two win.
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detroit wins tonight.
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well, former eagles fullback kevin turner lost his six year battle will with als today. he was 46. turner spent five seasons with the eagles. he was diagnosed with als in 2010. he made it his life's mission to bring a wearness to the disease and help others who were fighting. it turner's teammate duce staley said it best. we lost a good man ape good teammate. bit of curious news from
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the nfl, rg3 is getting another shot. browns have signed griffin to a two year contract. phillies a and braves, adam minister again gets the start. he pitched three shut out innings. 's loud two hits, walked one and strikes out two. then the rain arrives. look at this. yikes. >> what kind of cloud are though, adam. >> again, cumulonimbus. >> special kind of of cloud. >> yes. >> game was canceled. >> okay. >> cumulonimbus. >> who knows. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest hillary clinton, and "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rodgers for traffic. for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, have a night evening. we will see you tomorrow. good night. >> ♪
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