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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., on this friday, march 25, i'm tamala edwards along with erin o'hern. matt o'donnell is off, we have several new and developing stories. someone sprayed a barrage of bullets overnight hitting an innocent 16-year-old girl. a south jersey police officer is recovering from wounds inflicted in a dog attack, an attack that left another man fighting for his life. accuweather is tracking rain. let's over to david murphy, karen rogers is looking at your traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we have spotty light showers most up by reading and allentown. there's a trace sprinkle down the eastern shore of maryland and new castle county, delaware. a little bit in south jersey, it will have a tendency to fill in over the next # three or four
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hours. it will be east of philadelphia by lunchtime and off the coast by this afternoon. the bulk of the rain is far out to the south and west of us, later in the morning we'll see most of that. 64 degrees in philadelphia. that's the big story in my book in most neighborhoods, you will open the door and say wow it's mild this morning. 51 in allentown. still not bad. 61 in millville. 52 degrees in cape may, new jersey. heading out into the driveway this morning, cloudy skies some of you will see showers, it will be mild with temperatures in the low 60s. we climb again today. the rain tapers off by lunchtime or so, we're up to 68 degrees by lunchtime and 72 by 3:00 p.m., we'll get breezy later on, the farther southeast you are of philadelphia, the longer you have to deal with a passing spotty shower. the pollen count is low because
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of the spotty showers, as we go through the holiday weekend it gets a little bit higher. karen rogers what are the roads looking like early on? >> reporter: looking outside live, the falls bridge has reopened ahead of schedule.on t3 we have construction that's not process of clearing out, traffic westbound is looking better at this point, the arrow board is out of there with penndot telling everybody to get off to the left right now. the construction is in the process of wrapping up. no construction on the vine street expressway, eastbound westbound open. no problems out there. southbound traffic heading toward cottman, hardly anybody
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out and about right now, tam. developing right now, a 16-year-old girl is on the mend after being hit by a stray bullet as she sat on her porch in the hunting park section overnight. katherine scott is live in hunting park in east detective's with the shooting is under investigation. good morning, katherine. good morning, tam, police do not have the description of the shooter or shooters, there are several surveil answer cameras they are hoping to pull footage that can help in the investigation. meanwhile, the 16-year-old girl remains in the hospital this morning in stable condition. officers were called out to 7th and luzerne in hunting park last night around 11:30, when they arrived they found the girl she had been shot in her leg. police say a 16 girl had been standing on the front steps of her home talking to her sister when several shots were fired nearby. she didn't realize she was shot in the thigh hit by a stray bullet. she ran into the house where the
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family members helped her until medics arrived. it appear that the 16-year-old female is an infant victim. she was standing on the front steps talking to her sister when she was struck in the thigh with a stray bullet. >> reporter: police don't know who did it, they don't have a motive for the shooting, if you have any tips, east detective's are investigating this one. a gunman is on the run after shooting a man in the leg. gunfire erupted on the 1500 block of south 16th street. after being shot the victim jumped into a park car with the motor running and went off. the unidentified man is in stable condition. new on "action news," south jersey police gunned down a pitbull after they said it attacked two people including an officer. police say the alleged attack
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happened around 9:00 p.m. tuckahoe road in camden. investigators say the dog bit a man in the face and arm leaving him with severe wounds. the officer suffered wounds to the arm. no word on what sparked the attack. 5:05, u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in brussels this morning he'll join with other world leaders to pay his respects to the victims. bombing attack. large police operation rounded up 6 people possibly connected to the deadly bombing of the airport and the subway. there might have been an additional attacker who got away. thunderstorms are searching for him and the suspects seen at the airport wearing a light colored jacket and dark hat. u.s. intelligence officials believe they have identified the most wanted man right there, but they are not publicly naming him yet. it's frightening because when a guy walks away from two
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suicide bombers, he doesn't go back to civilian life he goes out and activates the next effort. security forces say the brothers who were killed in the attack had been spying on a top belgium nuclear scientist, but the goal is unclear. our coverage continues at, we are constantly posting updates you can find pictures and videos from the scene with reaction coming in from around the world. a second viewing and funeral will be held for a slain maryland police officer who was a delaware county native. hundreds came out to to remember jacai colson who was killed by a fellow officer in the case of mistaken identity. it happened during a shootout with a suspect in maryland. he will be laid to rest in
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marcus hook. wildcats destroyed miami they opened the game on 8-0 run and never looked back. cats as a team shot 63% from the field. "action news" caught up with the very happy fans. getting past the second round is a big deal. i have villanova winning in all my brackets. of course you do. villanova faces number one seed kansas tomorrow for a shot for the final four. >> reporter: you know what, i think they can go all the way. we'll see, they are all happy. storm tracker 6 live hd double scan, shows you most of the area is dry this morning, but in the northern and western suburbs we
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have showers breaking out most of us these are passing through reading and getting into fleetwood right now, allentown beginning to pick up a little bit more of this. it is pushing toward the northeast this morning honeybrook and the western edge of chester county is seeing a little bit of this. as we pop down south there's not as much going on down south, but coming out of the eastern shore of maryland and northeastern maryland you have a little bit of light shower activity and a bit more of a sprinkle popping up here and there. that will fill in as we go through the next several hours. as we step outside there's the ben franklin bridge cloudy skies and some of you ready for rain drops. 64 degrees as you step outside. it is very mild. we talked about this yesterday. this morning as you step outside, it's comfortable temperature-wise. 62 in trenton, 64 in wilmington. still in the low 50s in
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allentown and down the shore, even those numbers aren't bad. future tracker 6 picking up the current showers placing them nicely where they are right now. gives us a high confidence as to what the rest of the model is showing. by 8:00 a.m. there could showers popping through they could widespread and maybe steadier showers here and there, they will not last long. most of what you see will be on the lighter side. don't be surprised if you get hit by a steadier cell most of us this will die down in southeastern pennsylvania. the rest of the afternoon there's a chance of this welling up to the east of philadelphia and south jersey. the closer you are to the shore, the later in the day you may see the stuff. around philadelphia past midday you are drying out. 69 degrees in the lehigh valley. clouds and sun and mild. down the shore, we'll go for a mild high of 65 degrees spotty showers there straight through the afternoon. 72 is the high in philadelphia today. clouds and sun, early showers are possible.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows that 72 today, with showers mainly in the morning in philadelphia for good friday, sun is possible later in the afternoon and it is mild. tomorrow sunny and a cool breeze high of 60. easter is looking good high of 65 degrees, sunrise service 41 in philadelphia. warmer during the day, mid 60s and dinnertime 63. 63 will be the high on monday, periods of rain and thunderstorm, tuesday, breezy and cooler, 58. sunshine on wednesday, 60. by thursday, looks like we're back up to 7 in the afternoon with a nice rebound in temperatures. this is turning out to be a nice early spring overall. we deserve it. >> reporter: we always do. thanks, david. 5:10, coming up on "action news," a nationally recognized is a -- under fire.
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202 fads ford no problem, we'll check route 100 coming up. a baby is born with a luscious head of hair and sending the internet into a tizzy that's coming up in the morning buzz!
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welcome back, taking a live look here, the view going out over toward the platt bridge. 5:13, but warm, 62 degrees, when i came in around 9:30 last night
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it was nippy. i was surprised when i walked out this morning i put the coat away. i am surprised you were walking around at 9:30. i was free library for a great event it was worth it. >> reporter: don't complain about being tired any more. let's check the suburbs looking live route 100 sunrise boulevard, traffic is moving nicely, hardly anybody is up and about. we're looking at a close shot at the roads, they look dry, we have sprinkles moving through. it will be damp at some point, not a big deal. not a driving rain. we have a disabled vehicle causing a problem fox chase road at hung pike in rockledge township. alice road between lawrence road they are going to shut alice road down.
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tam talked about how mild it was to put the coat away. 64 in philadelphia. 61 in millville. warmer than yesterday morning. 51 degrees even in the lehigh valley. so temperatures are way above average already and soaring up from here. we'll see a mix of clouds and sun and early shower around here or there through lunch time. 72 degrees for the high. we have gusty winds yesterday, winds out of the northwest could gust to 30 miles per hour. tam and erin. thanks so much. new on "action news," indiana state police believe they found the body of 15-month-old. after interviewing ten individuals, police arrested 22-year-old kyle parker in connection with to the girl's disappearance. police found the body of matching the baby description near the white river. an autopsy is scheduled for today. a southern methodist university in dallas is suing
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the sorority showing the video of her and other members dancing in their underwear. they expelled 18 seniors. one woman filed a lawsuit for $1 million in damages. a passer by caught the dramatic arrest of the suspected drug dealer in maryland. police at a he is in custody after leading police on a wild chase. they caught the pursuit with the cell phone camera, the video was shared more than 100,000 times in just a few hours. new video from a group of store employees trying to stop a robbery in houston. surveillance shows the store
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employee being flung off the pick up truck. he left the keys inside the running car that's when the thief jumped in and took off. nobody was hurt and police are out there looking for the crook. everybody is talking about villanova this morning, but a couple of late goals helped the flyers take down the avalanche in colorado last night. claude giroux scored 19 seconds apart. and goalie steve mason made 32 saves. the flyers win 4-2678 they are tied with the -- 4-2. they are tied with the detroit red wings. they face the coyote tomorrow night. baby food maker is recalling a product because of a packaging defect.
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mammograms work as a cancer prevention tool we'll explain. >> reporter: overnight low is getting cooler, how about temperatures as they progress through the day. i'll have the day planner next and head to the airport and check out things there. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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bishop in shreveport louisiana is raising eyebrows for an unusual passion play for easter weekend. he is going to seal himself in a coffin. he won't have food or water or access to a bathroom for 36 hours. some critics are saying this plan is too extreme and even s sacra
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mass transit is showing no problems, media/elwyn line expect delays because of construction. new jersey transit on time, dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we see showers some of them are popping up in south jersey and gloucester and salem county. most of it is off to the north and west pushing toward allentown and reading. not a lot going going on just yet. it's mild, 62 degrees, or thereabouts in philadelphia holding that number by 7:00 a.m. 63 by 9:00 a.m. noon, 68. most of the showers in southeastern pennsylvania and areas close to the delaware river should be done around midday. they will lingering over in south jersey as we go into the afternoon. high of 72 by 3:00 p.m. it is going to be nice, a little breezy later this afternoon.
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at the airport, hoping for all green aircraft. that's what we got a sign of no major delays and no hint of morning rain in the travel cities. going on to "healthcheck." a tool used to check for breast cancer is showing possibilities in have screening for heart disease. they can see calcium deposit built up in the arteries in the breast. researchers found women with calcified breast arteries are likely to have hardening in the blood vesselses supplying the -- vessels supplying the heart. heart disease is the number one killer of woman, it would be great to have one more tool to fight it. 5:22 up next in the morning buzz, sesame elmo is taking on the zika virus. an officer goes the extra mile to help a man who had his bike stolen. first up, america's money.
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>> reporter: a consumer alert. gerber is recalling two types of baby food pouches because of the fact that the food could spoil in transit. iconic magazine, playboy is up for sale. it was recently revamped to drop most of the nudity that it was known for. the first super heros face off for the first time ever, batman versus superman dawn of justice could earn 120 million toion. that despite poor reviews from the critics. that's america's money.
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in the morning buzz elmo is branching out, the loveable muppet has taught kids the alphabet. now he is educating kids in south america to help stop the spread of zika virus. he shows kids they can prevent bites by wearing long sleeves and pants and using insect repellents.
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there are no perhaps to show them in the united states. police in north carolina arrested a man for unusual crime he never returned, officers pooled him over for a broken brake light. he said he had no idea what became the vhs tape. a court has been set for april. a baby born with a luscious head of air is sending the internet into a tizzy. in the 2 1/2 months since her birth her hair has grown moore full and perfectly in place. the baby has inspired numerous conferences staring her hair. baby isabel will be on "good
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morning america" this morning. coming up in the neck half-hour, he picked a sandwich board over a cell block and why it didn't make for easy time. officers bust a party in bucks county overnight. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. developing now on "action
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news," a teenager is hit by a stray bullet as he had sits on her stoop. >> accuweather is tracking a rainy start find out if it will be clear for the easter weekend. villanova moves on to the final four. good morning, 5:30, march 25. yesterday i said i wanted to be talking about villanova in the elite 8 now i'll say it again, i meant to talk about villanova in the final four. >> reporter: very exciting for the local basketball fans they did a great job with the game. we'll see what happens the next one against kansas. there's cloud cover out there this morning,


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