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tv   ABC World News  ABC  March 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." security jitters around the world this holiday weekend. police on high alert from st. patrick's in new york to st. peter's in rome. >> it's really scary. because you don't know when it's going happen. >> the terror dragnet widening did they finally catch the attacker who slipped away? breaking news, the medical chopper returning from a rescue mission crashing in the woods. everyone onboard killed. decision day for the democrats. the results just coming in and the republicans in a war of words over women. donald trump not backing down. a pilot under arrest just as the plane was about to take off. the shocking charge, failing a breathalyzer test. and it looked like they knew what they were doing. until they fell and crashed into each other. the brazen, bumbling thieves
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caught on camera. good evening. and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega, and as we come on the air tonight, the terror attacks in belgium casting a shade dover shadow over this weekend's celebrations of spring and hope. security across europe especially high from turkey where the new warning about possible threats for americans traveling there, to germany and france and of course, belgium, too. now, those concerns reaching us here at home, especially in new york city, where millions of tourists are visiting this holiday weekend. this man, among those arrested. is he one of the men who slipped away from that airport in brussels? abc's alex marquardt leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, the american from tennessee, justin shults, missing since the attacks, confirmed dead. justin and his wife stephanie had just dropped off justin's mother at the airport when the blasts struck.
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stephanie is still missing tonight. justin's brother tweeting, "go rest high on that mountain." meanwhile, across europe, the manhunt widens. belgian authorities today charging faycal cheffou, seen here on youtube, with terrorist murder. in connection with last week's attacks. he criticizes the treatment of muslim detainees in a prison. "this goes against human rights," he says. the authorities also releasing this photo of a man said to be syrian, believed to be complicit in the brussels attacks. the question tonight, are these the suspects who managed to slip away following tuesday's deadly attacks, like the man in the hat seen here at the airport with the suicide bombers? the one on the left, the alleged bombmaker of the paris attacks. scenes like these, bomb technicians in head-to-toe protective gear, a dramatic takedown by the tram, now almost daily in brussels. the focus on those brussels neighborhoods where attackers have come from, and hidden. like this one, where the airport attackers had what amounted to a bomb factory. "i've lived here since the
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1970s," said this neighbor, "and we've never heard of anything like this." and in what many are calling another failure by belgian authorities, we now know that after paris attacker salah abdeslam was arrested on friday, he wasn't asked by interrogators immediately about plots in the works, and since the brussels attacks, he has refused to speak. belgians tonight are trying to get back to their normal lives, but this country is still reeling, and many here fear that this campaign of terror is far from over. and proof that this is a city on high alert, a march against fear that was supposed to start right here tomorrow, has just been canceled. police saying they're stretched too thin. >> alex, thank you. those attacks sending shock waves around the world. tonight, on this easter eve, as billions prepare to mark this holy day, authorities are on high alert, especially at places of worship. abc's matt gutman reporting in
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now from rome. >> reporter: security scares tonight, testing religious sites across the world. hundreds of extra nypd officers fully armed, being deployed for easter services around new york city. in the wake of brussels, those fears infecting europe. tonight, the state department warning u.s. citizens in turkey of an isis easter threat. germany on its highest alert, in its soccer match against england, an army of security guards frisking fans and digging into every bag. in france, sniper and scout teams now perched over the arrivals hall at the toulouse airport. and in the heart of catholicism, italy declaring a maximum alert. 3,000 extra officers deployed across rome. earlier, we toured the italian state police operations center. this is rome central nerve center, it can happen into over 1,000 surveillance cameras across the city. these officers coordinate the
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crisis response. american tourists, like the rizzos, taking notice. >> it's really scary because you don't know when it's going to happen or if anything is going to happen, or how it's going to happen, because it's really unpredictable. >> reporter: tonight at st. peter's square police taking up positions, leaving nothing to chance, even searching children. metal detectors scanning tourists and pilgrims. and inside the basilica, the pope in his homily saying, let's not allow darkness and fear to distract and control us. but precautions are being taken. in the past couple of hours, we have been a significant ramp-up in security here. over 150,000 expected in and around st. peter's square tomorrow for easter mass. cecilia. >> matt gutman, thank you. we do now move on to the race for the white house. democratic caucuses in three states tonight. this line snaking across the parking lot before this caucus in anchorage, alaska. bernie sanders winning there. and in seattle, voters lined up
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out the door today. sanders also winning the washington caucus. on the republican side, the fight nastier than ever. with charges laid out on twitter and in tabloid newspapers. abc's devin dwyer on the campaign trail for us tonight. >> reporter: under pressure to improve his standing with women voters, donald trump is tweeting up a storm. today writing, "nobody has more respect for women than donald trump!" the gop front-runner off the campaign trail and playing defense after an ugly debate this week with rival ted cruz over their wives. >> we don't want a president who attacks the family members of other candidates. we don't want a president who seems to have a real issue with strong women. >> reporter: after an anti-trump super pac ad featured trump's wife melania in the nude, trump threatened to, quote, "spill the beans" on cruz's wife, heidi. then, cruz accused trump of planting a story in "the national enquirer," which claims political operatives are looking into rumors that cruz had multiple marital infidelities. >> hi, how are you?
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>> reporter: the cruz family showing public unity at a good friday fish fry after cruz called the story garbage and trump denied any ties to it. the drama playing out as democrats held caucuses in three states, bernie sanders clinching big wins in washington and alaska. bernie sanders still faces a steep climb to beat hillary clinton. >> it is our campaign that is creating the excitement and enthusiasm, which will result in a huge voter turnout in november. >> reporter: hillary clinton has won the most votes overall so far this campaign. but sanders clearly has the momentum and the enthusiasm. both an argument for him to continue. e is sill -- cecilia. >> devin, thank you. tomorrow on "this week" an exchrissive interview with donald trump and bernie sanders on the show, too. to that breaking news now, a medical helicopter with four people onboard, involved in a
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deadly crash. everyone killed. tonight, investigators trying to piece together the clues. >> reporter: tonight, federal investigators are zeroing in on this alabama field, the scene of a deadly medical helicopter crash. officials say the aircraft, carrying three crew members and the victim of a car crash, went down in these woods just after midnight. all four onboard the chopper were killed. it's the latest deadly accident. last year, this medical chopper in colorado spun out of control shortly after takeoff and burst into flames, killing the pilot. and three people aboard this life flight were killed in a crash in new mexico. air ambulances are a growing industry, now shuttling 400,000 american patients every year. 78 people have been killed over the last decade. >> it's very lightly regulated, but they're doing some of the most dangerous flying, the most challenging flying that can be
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done anywhere in the world. of any kind of aircraft. >> reporter: and to make these life flights safer, the ntsb wants better training. and better coordination with and better equipment on the choppers. cecilia? >> aditi, thank you. that part of the country is bracing for bad weather tonight. severe weather threatening several areas on sunday. powerful storms rolling in. that weather damaging a number of homes in florida. in colorado, more snow just days after that blizzard. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us. >> sunrise services may be jeopardy, the heaviest rain has been across the panhandle. this stalled front doesn't move that much tomorrow. tallahassee, looks pretty wet. as we go through the day tomorrow, the second system that's dropping snow across colorado, could see some severe storms across the mississippi
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and ohio river valleys. here's your easter sunday forecast. southwest looks nice. northeast looks to be nice as well. southeast to chicago could be on the wet side, cecilia. >> robbing, thank you. we turn next to a sight you don't want to see outside the window of your plane. it happened in detroit, one of the pilots handcuffed, arrested and driven away by police. the flight was headed to philadelphia but it never took off. that pilot accused of showing up to work under the influence. abc's marci gonzalez with what happened next. >> reporter: handcuffed on the tarmac. believed to be of an emergency american airlines co-pilot. suspected to be under the influence of alcohol in the cockpit. passengers about to take off from detroit to philadelphia, watching in disbelief. >> it wasn't real comforting to look out my window and take a picture of that pilot being arrested. >> reporter: the tsa saying one of its agents smelled alcohol as the pilot passed through security and notified police.
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we're told the pilot then failed two breathalyzer tests. officials have not revealed his blood alcohol level. but the limit for a pilot is .04, half the legal limit for drivers. >> airline pilots are not tested at the beginning of every flight, but they are randomly tested and so chances you know if you ever show up for a flight, the chances of being caught of doing something wrong is very high. >> reporter: cases like this are rare, but it's just the latest in a string of alleged bad behavior by airline employees. this week, a jetblue flight attendant charged with trying to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of cocaine onto a flight. a united pilot charged with running a string of brothels. and now this pilot, under arrest. that flight was canceled. passengers rebooked. tonight, american airlines is apologizing saying it's working investigators. cecilia? >> marci, thank you. we turn now to a firestorm over the film festival and a hollywood star. a controversial documentary on
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vaccines has robert denero at the center of a firestorm. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tomorrow, the film festival robert de niro started under fire. >> grievance harm to innocent children. >> reporter: the actor saying, grace and i have a child with autism and this is very personal to me and my family. i want there to be a discussion. "vaxxed" premieres at the tribeca film festival. the film is directed by andrew wakefield. the study now retracted and wakefield stripped of his medical license. the film's producer defending wakefield's work. >> this is one of those scientific questions where
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science has provided an answer. study after study has shown that vaccines don't cause autism. >> reporter: tonight, his statement generating backlash on twitter. people writing, disappointing and really irresponsible. de niro insisting he's not anti-vaccine. only providing an opportunity for discussion. it premieres right here in new york next month. late word today, robert de niro deciding that film won't run, after further review, quote, we don't believe it furthers the discussion i had hoped for. but to more starpower. this in havana, where president obama kicked off the week but it ended with this -- the rolling stones bringing a free concert to the cuban capital. and a whole lot of satisfaction. here's abc's ron claiborne. ♪ >> reporter: the rock 'n roll revolution finally came to cuba.
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the rolling stones jamming before an estimated 500,000 people. mick jagger calling it in spanish, an unforgettable night. for two hours, the legendary british band electrified the crowd and it was free. this man said, "we've been waiting for this our whole lives." for decades, most western rock music, including the stones, was banned by fidel castro's communist government, considered decadent and subversive. but last night, it was rock and revolution, jagger and che. times do change. ♪ ♪ can't get no satisfaction >> reporter: and on this one night in havana, there was a whole lot of satisfaction. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> what a show. and we have much more ahead on "world news" this saturday. a burglary in progress, caught on camera.
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6:48 pm
police say the one in the bottom corner finding a box with all the keys to cars on the lot. at times running around, appearing confused. a previously stolen minivan used to ram the gate. clearing the way out. the getaway disorganized. one by one, the accused thieves scrambling out of the lot. looking like a game of bumper cars. in all, eight vehicles stolen. the car dealer learning a hard lesson. >> i blame myself a little bit. i learned a hard lesson. and one of the major issues is to never leave the keys here any longer. >> reporter: with the suspects still on the run, police are warning their crime spree may not be over. lauren lyster, abc news, new york. still ahead -- new questions in the death of comedian garry shandling. plus, a deadly attack on a tourist caught on video. what police are hoping to learn tonight. and this is how you do it. this surfer getting schooled by a dolphin down under.
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6:53 pm
the comedian's doctor refusing to sign the death certificate, saying the last time he saw him he was in fine health and he's now mystified by the 66-year-old's sudden collapse. the coroner's office is now investigating the cause of death. and the surf was up in australia, but a little bit crowded. the water known there to be infested with shall recollects. not this time. he managed to stay on his board. but called it one of the most amazing experiences ever. when we come back -- it with us the photo that went viral. the military dog injured in a bomb blast, from the purple heart to the long recovery. and tonight the big reunion. where rocky is headed next. constipated?
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and finally tonight, on the battlefields of afghanistan, they had each other's backs. rocky the military dog and his beloved partner, but then the violence of war split the team up. until tonight. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: rocky the dog was an online celebrity, even before crossing the tarmac this week for a military flight home from germany, the last leg of a rough journey that began back in december in afghanistan. when rocky was brought in wounded after he and his handler, specialist andrew brown, were both caught in an explosion. brown was awarded a purple heart and he gave one to rocky and this spread all over social media. >> 100% trust in your dog, that's the number one thing. >> reporter: in time, brown came back to the u.s. to continue his recovery. but rocky has been in germany undergoing repeated surgeries to his pelvis and physiotherapy to see how much use of his right
6:58 pm
left rear leg he can get back. 4,000 hours has gone into his giving rocky a comeback. justified? >> he's an asset as a military working dog who's capable and comfortable and skilled at doing his job. >> reporter: it was hard to say good-bye in germany, but here is the hello again at the other end for specialist brown. the recognition -- >> just excitement. it's the only way i can describe it. >> reporter: and if it's decided that rocky will be better off retiring from the army, well, he's got a family ready made and waiting for him. this one. john donvan, abc news. washington. >> looks like he's already home. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow the night. i'm cecilia vega. have a wonderful saturday. thanks for joining us.
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