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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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around the world mark easter sunday. we took our baby that was in a carriage and brought him down and used his shell as cover, brow him out of the straps and covered him. the incredible and scary story of survival an american couple speaking out after surviving the bombings in brussels. first, meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast on this easter sunday. bring us good news. >> reporter: nice and mild, but cloudy. that's good news. we'll eat candy, jelly beans. >> reporter: looking live on sky6 live hd down in atlantic city. we have a lot of gray out there this afternoon. the clouds will win the battle today, but the good news they will help to keep the temperatures fairly mild. 44 degrees in trenton. 48 in philadelphia. we're a good ten to 12 decrease
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warmer than -- degrees warmer than 48 hours ago. millville, 48 degrees. breeze out of the east-northeast. cape may, 48. allentown cooler, checking in at 43. satellite and radar, the first of our series of areas of low pressure that will come through in the next 48 hours right now are off the coast of the virginia capes. all that moisture stays to the south today. we'll see mainly cloudy contingency, but nice and dry. mostly cloudy an mild, shooting for a high of 60 degrees. the normal is 57 we'll reach that at 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 59. 5:00 p.m., back down to 58 degrees. we're tracking wet weather overnight tonight. moisture should start to get in here probably between 8 and 10:00 it will stick around for the morning commute tomorrow. when i come back we'll time it out on future tracker 6. as always i'll have the seven-day forecast for you. nova nation is celebrating
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after the qualts got to the final -- wildcats got to the final four. nova beat kansas the number one seed to advance with just 20 seconds left on the clock, the wildcats came up with a huge steal to seal the deal. ducis rogers has more. >> reporter: novak djokovic was not -- villanova was not tested in the ncaa tournament, last night they were. in louisville first half, josh hart, the cats forced 16 turnovers. cats take 32-25 lead into half-time. second half, nova down one. ryan arcidiacono builder boy, nova back up -- birthday boy. nova back up two. the cats get the steal. they are heading into the final
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four. 64-59. their first final four appearance in seven years. it's like being you know when you're a parent you think your kids are the greatest, and then when you see them live that out and become great it just makes your heart swell. it's a total team effort and it was everything that i dreamed of, it was unbelievable to know where we've been since our freshman year. saturday in houston, nova cases oklahoma in the final four. they met back in december, the sooners won the game, the cats this time around are looking for a little bit of revenge. ducis rogers channel 6 "action news." nova fans could not be more excited to see their team in the final four. [cheers and applause]. just a little excited there, right? hundreds of alumni packed into
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the field house in center city to watch the big game and cheer on the wildcats. i think it's time that villanova shows their talent and i think everybody is excited about it. we won, we played like champs and we're going to the final four, i'm so excited. you got to love him, right. >> reporter: nova nation showing its pride. fans said you could not ask for anything more. it's true. our coverage of the wildcats big within continues throughout the morning, the team arrives home from louisville this afternoon. trish hartman will be live on campus coming up at 10:00. don't forget you can rely on "action news" and our facebook coverage for the wildcats final four journey. 9:04, easter sunday, 9 holiest day on the christian calendar celebrated around the world. pope francis delivered his easter mass to tens of thousands
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at saint peters square. security is tight in the wake of the brussels attack. christians believe jesus was raised from the dead three days after he was crucified. the action cam was at mount olive baptist church worshipers greeted easter morning with prayers and song. mount olive has been a bedrock in mantua for 90 years. people packed the music pier in ocean city part of a non-denominational service. many will return to the boardwalk for the annual fashion promenade that will begins at 1:00 p.m. we're tracking other news, no this morning, 6 people were hurt after an overnight crash in newport, delaware. the action cam was at the intersection of east market and marshall street. two cars collided.
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crews took four people to christiana hospital. two others were treated at the scene. it is not clear what caused the crash. firefighters were at this wreck northeast philadelphia red lion road. the woman's car overturned after hitting a utility pole. it took crews a few minutes to pull her from the wreckage. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a carbon monoxide leak forced several businesses and people in philadelphia to evacuate overnight. police and firefighters were called to the 200 block of chestnut street in old city after 1:00 a.m. a co detecter alerted people in the apartment about the high leaves of gas. the hookah bar and restaurant had to be evacuated. nobody was hurt. from our delaware newsroom, the owners of a wilmington
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apartment complex say a faulty boiler that caused a carbon monoxide leak killed four people and a dog. several buildings in question recently passed the required state inspection. there is no public health hazard or life safety hazard as a environmental issue. there's no heat or hot water, so it's a comfort issue for them. most have been allowed back in their homes, over the weekend, management bought carbon monoxide detecters for each buildings. now to the terror attacks in belgium, police filed charges against three men in connection with the bombing. an american couple is confirmed to be among the dead. another who survived the blast
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is speaking out. >> reporter: a north carolina family back home with these nightmare images to remember the trip to belgium. we took our baby who was in a carriage brought him down used his shell always -- as cover. >> reporter: they remember in the brussels airport with their 9-month-old when the bombs exploded. this video shows them shielding their infant. we grab the backs and run toward the back counters. our hearts go out toll people who were victims. those like just continue shultz anne his wife missing since the attack it's been confirmed they died together. authorities charging faycal cheffou with terrorist murder. authorities releasing this photo of a man said to be syrian believed to be accomplice --
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complicit in the attack also. authorities holding this man they shot and wounded on a railroad platform. the ordeal by terror is far from ending. brussels easter weekend is a city on high alert, a march against fear scheduled for easter sunday was cancel when authorities said they could not guarantee security. rich adler cantu, abc news new york. in "healthcheck" a troubling new trend. young people are suffering heart attacks there are ways to reduce your chances. this is one of the hardest time of their lives and we don't want them to feel like it. local people show support in a big way for those with
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cancer. sky6 live hd showing center city, it's mild, on this easter sunday morning. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. le
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because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. easter egg hunts are not just for little kids. gorillas at the cincinnati zoo got in on the fun. the zoo holds a hunt for animals every year including with hard
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boiled eggs and basks. they like the eggs. i like the decision he picked it up and the other one took a whole basket and said see ya. if him i am there it's like you go right ahead. big egg hunts coming up today. >> reporter: i do, 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, we color coded the eggs. let the kids have some. >> reporter: [laughter]. it's cloudy out there today, we have lots of sunshine yesterday, yesterday was beautiful what a start to the weekend. lots of sun and blue skies and temperatures close to 60 degrees. today we'll keep that 60-degree temperature going, but we'll trade up sunshine for quite a bit of cloud cover out there. maybe a few peeks of sun later on. it will be difficult for the sunshine to peek through. 46 degrees, dewpoint, 39.
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pressure reading rising. winds out of the east at 9 miles per hour. they are picking up a little bit down the shore, that's making the mid to upper 40s feel like the upper 30s, this morning. cape may, 38. philadelphia, 46 and allentown, 45. generally light wind speeds out of the east-northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. in recalled advance of a storm system -- it's all in advance of a storm system approaching from the south. the lehigh valley has a better chance of seeing sunshine today, but as the storm gets closer, the clouds race up the eastern seaboard this is a cloudy afternoon. showers and thunderstorms to the past, more activity out in the west, omaha, rain and snow showers there. north easterly in the great lake states, low pressure system there, that makes a beeline in
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the overnight hours and first thing tomorrow morning. that's the cutter that runs up the spine of the appalachians and brings wet weather to the region tonight. future tracker 6 this afternoon mainly cloudy conditions, peeks of sunshine from time to time. the clouds lower and thicken tonight and give way to showers. first thing tomorrow morning, expect to see a steadier period of light rain, that will slow down a little bit. you may want to allow yourself extra time for the morning commute. the steadier rain pulls away. once the system puzzle north into new england -- pull his north into new england it will set up a wall-to-wall blue skies and sunshine in here and thursday, as well. mild high of 60 degrees. if you're planning your afternoon you can see the temperatures in the upper 50s close to 60 around 2:00 p.m. cloudy conditions the whole way through. peeks ever sunshine, 4:00 p.m.,
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59. 57 degrees by 6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m., 53. light rain overspreading the area overnight tonight probably arriving between 8 to 10:00 p.m. southwest to northeast. 44 for the suburbs, 47 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the rain monday morning, otherwise clouds giving way to sunshine. 60 today. 56 tomorrow. sunny and breezy as we head into tuesday. another high of 60 degrees. wednesday, 65, thursday we're starting to warm it up again. a couple of showers or afternoon thunderstorm, 73 degrees. friday some rain during the morning, 68 and saturday a little bit cooler clouds and sun, 59. every single one of those temperatures is above normal for this time of the year, which is only 57. so we're doing something right. looks good. thank you. officials say american airlines co-pilot detained on suspicious being intoxicated
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failed two breathalyzer test. a tsa agent snagged the co-pilot after he smelled like alcohol. the co-pilot failed a basic breathalyzer test and more sophisticated screening. that flight from detroit to philadelphia was cancel. we definitely were notified of an intoxicated pilot, thankfully the plane was okay. faa regulations say you can't be drinking win 8 hours of flying or a blood alcohol content above .04. american airlines is cooperating with local law enforcement agencyagency.
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on "healthcheck" at 9:00 a.m., a new study highlights an alarming trend when it comes to the number one killer. heart attack victims are younger than in the past.
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researchers from the cleveland clinic looked at 4,000 patients over 20 years. they were hoping to find as we learn more about risk factors people would make healthy changes to their live style and decrease there chances of heart attacks. patients are four years younger than at the start of the study. these are a group of patients who are not changing their lifestyle and decrease their risk of heart attack. we have work ahead of us. experts agree it comes down to making your health a prior priority. if you're battling diabetes or gain wade see an educator to help improve your health. there may be a health benefit for getting a tattoo.
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it might raise your resistance to catching a cold. university of alabama reachers found those who had a number of at that time to as have a higher level of antibodies that ward off cold. they think it stresses the body and triggers antibodies and they stay higher. apple user can soon get their hands on the new iphone. they are expected orders for the iphone se it's has most of the features of the larger iphone 6s. the screen is 4 inches. the phone sells for $399. apple will ship out those orders later this week. 6 flags great adventure has won approval to cut down 15,000 trees to make room for a southerly farm. it's been approved despite
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protests of the environmental activists. members of the sierra club said it's destroying habitat. it's a good problem, but it's being -- it's a good project, but it's being built in the wrong place.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 9:24 sunday morning, satellite and radar showing we've got a couple of systems we're watching, one to the south and another one from the west. these will pull northeast over the next 120 to 24 hours and bring -- 12 to 24 hours and bring wet weather to the philadelphia area. the first low travels north in the great lake states and the trailing cold front goes through
9:25 am
overnight tonight. the second low pressure system develops here. these areas of low pressure are developing at the same time they are competing for energy, so they will rob each other for moist and we're splitting the difference in between the two. the results will be a little bit of rain and nothing too terribly heavy. the heaviest stuff stays to the west and the other stays offshore. overnight tonight, showers and patchy drizzle. it's cloudy, and mild, high temperatures close to 60 degrees. alicia. a montgomery county elementary school is coming together to support one of its own. more than a dozen students and teachers chopped off their locks to honor a classmate with cancer. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: 7 considered kiley drum pretty as a princess and strength of a super hero and
9:26 am
arsenal of jokes to match any comedian. this spunky second grader was diagnosed with leukemia in august. she was not acting like herself. the blood test confirmed it was cancer. intense chemo has followed. the school rallied behind her and her family. this will one of the hardest times of their life. we don't want them to feel it, we want them to know we are there for them. >> reporter: as part of the support 13 members of the school community chopped off ten inches of their hair to be donated to locks of love. all in honor of kiley. it's for people who have cancer to make a wig. the school dressed in orange for leukemia awareness sold wrists bands donating $3,100 to the family. when it came down to it cutting off a foot of hair was not a
9:27 am
hard decision. some people they lose their hair and sometimes they grow it back. if i have enough hair to consult, i should donate some, i have a lot it will go back. >> reporter: after the big cut it was time to get styled. it was not about a haircut it was to show support for kiley and so many others. reflecting the heart back at kiley she has shown them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." a great story. i love her words, be yourself. so beautiful. 9:27. much more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." our coverage of villanova's big win continues up next, reaction from nova nation. a north carolina man is in trouble with the law for failing to return a vhs tape from 2002.
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what are those things? those stories, plus chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see you back here after the break. good stuff. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less? for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn. "action news," a bernie sanders sweep the vermont senator wins
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big in this week's caucuses. an 11-year-old girl is on the mend after being shot with a bb gun. homeownersing being -- homeowners are being ripped off by people posing as paving contractors. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we have lots of clouds on city avenue. we're expecting a mainly cloudy afternoon around the delaware valley. you may see breaks later on, but cloud cover is the general rule for the later on. every now and then you pick up a breeze it's chilly. 44 in saint david. levittown, 45. glassboro, 46. 450 in smyrna. vineland, 48. and woodbine, 48 degrees. satellite and radar, clouds
9:31 am
increase during the overnight hours when many were sound asleep as the winds shifted off the ocean. that's how the cloud deck began to roll on in. as you look farther to the south you see moisture in the southern portions of the delmarva most of us this is pulling toward the northeast. it will go out to sea. during the overnight another batch moves in. today promises to be a dry afternoon. 45 degrees right now. 11:00 a.m., 52. 1:00 p.m., 57. 3:00 p.m., 59. by 5:00 p.m., back down to 58 degrees. so temperatures are pretty much seasonable today. as you look ahead we have a big warmup on the way. rain moves in tonight and lots of sunshine by the middle of this week we have three straight days, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, it will feature bright blue skies, a nice looking week ahead. with all the sunshine comes the warmer temperatures, when we come back in just a few minutes
9:32 am
we'll see how warm we get in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i believe you guys will enjoy some of the numbers, guys. we can't wait. to nova's big win, the team heading to the final four, baby. exiting times, more than 30 years since nova georgetown win. they are soaking in every single moment. and proud alumnae like myself. jeff chirico has that story. >> reporter: nova nation out in force as the red, hot wildcats prepare to hit the court. we're excited it's our first time since 2009. i think it's time that villanova shows their talent and i am very excited about it. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at the fieldhouse in center city. the big game reuniting old
9:33 am
college pals. i'm with my former room mates and my husband graduated from here too. you want to be with people who went here. >> reporter: this night a claw biter for the cats. throughout the game, nova and kansas jockeyed for the lead. crowds went wild as nova pulled out a 64-59 win. they get to the final four for the first time in seven years. i'm proud of them. this is like a dream for them to be a part of it. you don't want it to end, we played like champs and we're going to the final four, i'm so excited. >> reporter: fans expect the wildcats expect to claw and scratch their way against oklahoma and expect them to go all the way. that fan was very excited we know how you feel.
9:34 am
at the big board, bernie sanders had a a sweep in alaska, hawaii and washington state. he expects to close the delegate gap with hillary clinton as the democratic contest moves to more liberal northeastern states. we it is hard for anybodyo deny that our campaign has the momentum you are the momentum. look around you tonight. [cheers and applause]. major gop primary, voters in wisconsin head to the polls april 55 week from tuesday. the battle for the nomination got more heated over the past few days, ted cruz accuses donald trump and his henchmen of stocking false rumors that he cheated on his wife.
9:35 am
trump denials those allegations -- denies the allegations. allowing guns inside the gop convention many have signed the petition. host committee saying they are not aware of the petition. the gop petition is being held in cleveland in july. we would like you to remind you the deadlines to register to vote are running out, delaware it runs out tomorrow, pennsylvania, april 2 and new my 17. a woman was stabbed and sent to the hospital. the victim was stabbed multiple times she was in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made. an 11-year-old girl is
9:36 am
recovering after police say someone shot her with a bb gun. it happened yesterday outside her home on the 2800 block of west allegheny avenue in north philadelphia. medics checked the girl out and said she'll be okay. police have not made any arrests. your time 9:36 this morning we're tracking an important consumer alert for you. homeowners in delaware, they are being warned to watch out for scam artists posing as deldot workers. nydia han has the story. >> reporter: kimberly got scammed by a bogus paving contractor. i was frustrated because my 19-year-old son paid the money for the driveway. >> reporter: the alleged contractor came to her door and this is what he told her. they were contractors hired by dell dot. they had been working on marsh road. >> reporter: the man said they had extra asphalt and wanted to
9:37 am
see if any homeowners nearby wanted their driveway redone. i have a big driveway it was something i wanted to do, but couldn't afford. >> reporter: a previous estimate for the driveway was ten thousand dollars. the man came to the door said it would cost $210 since the asphalt was paid for. after he made multiple visitors and took measurements and gained her trust she gave him $210 in cash and she never saw him again. deldot said this crew was not one of its subcontractors and deldot would never approve of a contractor doing something like this. look for identification. look at the truck and see that it it was unmark and don't give them cash. >> reporter: deldot said very few legitimate paving contractors sell their service also door to door.
9:38 am
do not pay for services until they are completed. good paving contractors rarely have much material left over. it's a red flag that someone would pressure to make a decision right now. take time to make sure the company is letting gate and have a -- legitimate and have a good reputation. if you think you're getting scammed write down the vehicle number and call police. no one thn channel 6 "action news." people in colorado are digging out this holiday weekend after a spring snowstorm and this one left thousands without power. we don't want that. you heard of davinci honor dog vinci and fans cannot get enough of him. looking live at the platt bridge, chris sowers harass the
9:39 am
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is taking the art warm by storm. this is dagger, his owner is an artist, she discovered he always has not only a love, but a knack for painting. he was excited to see the brush stroke on the canvas. it was like his whole world opened up. let's see him go, here. that's pretty nice, better than i can do. he paints by following his owner's command. he uses a brush made of duct tape and paper tube you holds in his mouth. s pieces are selling up to $100 apiece. all proceeds go to animal related charities. hopefully there's no
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weather today. let's do the forecast, i think it will be excellent. >> reporter: you're on a roll. i wish i had a good follow-up, but nothing is coming to mind. as we look live on sky6 live hd center city lots of clouds. we're expecting that throughout the day. double scan live shows the story here no precipitation falling from most clouds. we'll keep you dry and mild, 60 degrees, if we manage to get any kind of sunshine maybe the number is 63 or 64. we stay locked in with all the cloud cover, 60 is the number. most locations are in the upper 40s, 48 in millville. atlantic city, 49. cape may, 48. trenton, 46. allentown, 45. poconos 38 the cool spot. satellite and radar, we have a couple of pieces 0 or waves of low pressure developing down to
9:43 am
our south. this is the first one here, it's actually pushing off the coast moving to the northeast. we won't see the moisture from this, but the clouds will lower and thicken with the batch of moisture. we'll start to get into a little bit of wet weather overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. for today it's mainly just a cloudy afternoon. 4:30 p.m., sun up to the north and cloudy to the south and cloudy in philadelphia, as well. light rain overspreads the area tonight, probably 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. that's when the wet weather moves on in. tomorrow morning we'll see a period of rain, as well. by afternoon we start to clear, this will set up a nice stretch of weather for us. tuesday looks good, wednesday, looks nice, thursday there could showers or thunderstorms late in the day. for the most part thursday is a nicey sunny afternoon, as well. this is mainly cloudy afternoon, few peeks of sunshine. mainly cloudy overnight tonight. a couple of showers developing or areas of drizzle.
9:44 am
rain thiferg tomorrow morning, that -- first thing tomorrow this morning, that quickly pulls away and we'll see breaks of sunshine and leftover shower during the afternoon that you h, suburbs the only thing you're dealing with today is tree pollen on the high side. tomorrow, everything pulls back with the rain. that's the biggest concern today is the tree pollen. for the this afternoon, 60 degrees in philadelphia. 58 in wilmington. 57 in millville. allentown, 59. reading, 60 degrees, trenton, 59. cape may in atlantic city, showing low 50s, the reason why you're that much cooler because the ocean temperature is in the 40s and we have an on-shore breeze. light rain overspreads the area, 47 in philadelphia. dover, 50. rain and drizzle. cape may, 48. trenton a pair of 4s. tomorrow, allow yourself extra
9:45 am
time to get into work and school. we're expecting rain and ponding on area roads and patchy drizzle and areas of fog. by the evening commute it looks nice, sun comes back out, the temperatures are nice and warm with highs topping out in the low to mid 60s. slow go first thing tomorrow morning. normal speeds by this afternoon. 60 degrees today. 66 tomorrow. tuesday, 60. wednesday, warming up, 65 degrees. thursday, we have a temperature of 73 degrees if we reach that mark it will be the third thyme this year we hit 70 degrees. friday, 68 degrees, and saturday, 59 degrees. let's get that egg hunt going outside, gray and i are ready. >> reporter: i'm working on it. you can check the storm tracker 6 live at any time at
9:46 am people in southern colorado are digging out from a heavy wet snow. the storm was nothing like the terrorizing blizzard that dumped a foot of snow on the denver area. yesterday early morning snow blanketed the roads creating slippery conditions for drivers in colorado springs. the weight of the snow snapped tree branches and brought down power lines. you have to take your time. it's wet, heaf -- heavy snow can damage the equipment power lines. >> reporter: two dozen homes and businesses lost power. the faithful spent the morning celebrating the holiest day of the christian calendar easter sunday. dozens of people braved the morning chill for sunrise service in rittenhouse square. the annual service was held by the 10th presbyterian church. families prayed and sang songs outdoors as they reflected on
9:47 am
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ask your doctor about it by name. on a easter sunday morning, sky6 live hd giving you this look right here of the commodor barry bridge. where is the sun? nowhere to be found. if you need brightness in your life. wait until you see alicia's dress and our ties. we're channeling our inner
9:50 am
peeps. one mother in texas is thanking her daughter for saving her life. she was calling her five-year-old a tiny hero after she rescued her from drowning in a relative's swimming pool. you can see mom face down in the pool. she said she is still not sure why she had a seizure and lost consciousness. she was under water for five minutes when her little girl came to the rescue and flipped her over and got her head above water and grabbed help her aunt and some of her sisters to help her mom. [inaudible]. >> reporter: mom is doing great, doctors say had she been under water a minute longer she would not have made it. allison learned to swim at 2
9:51 am
years old and said that's where she learned the skills that saved her life amazing and important information for all the parents out there. now to this one, glg for -- giggle for you. everyone can use a book but not everyone can play a vhs tape. a north carolina man was arrested for failing to return a vhs rental he took out in 2002. he said he was driving his daughter to school he feels pulled over for a tail light that was out when the officer ran his license he was served with an arrest warrant for failing to return the property to the video store, which by the way is not open anymore. it's punishable by a fine of $200. he turned himself in and he was arrested. the star of the film he rented
9:52 am
calls him after hearing the story and offered to pay the $200 fine. i love it when celebrities get involved in real life. no word on what happened to the vhs tape. sports is coming up next when "action news" returns.
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this is pearle vision. it is 9:54 on easter eve, the flyers laid a giant egg out west. they scored just one goal in a 2-1 loss in arizona. they did not lose ground in the playoff race, the red wings lost, as well. they are tied for the final playoff spot. the sixers looked loose out west, but not enough to stop
9:55 am
their losing streak. they lost 108 to 105. it was their 8th straight loss and 19th defeat in the past 20 games. nerlens noel missed the game due to a knee injury. now to nova, the team is marching on in madness, v for victory. they are preparing for a final four showdown after eliminating number one kansas. exciting times. it's my alma mater. ducis rogers and jeff skeverski have more on the elite 8 win. >> reporter: good morning, houston and the final four here they can. villanova knocks out kansas the number one seed. ryan arcidiacono playing on his 22nd birthday. cats forced 16 turnovers, 23-16 nova.
9:56 am
nova up 9. second half, ellis, big star quiet all night. kansas up 37-36. nova down 1 here, a archy. nova wins 64-59 they captured first final four since 2009. jeff skeverski on the court with the cats as they celebrate. >> reporter: 22 birthday best present in the world, i'm sure. it was great, something i wasn't expecting. i don't want to take anything from the team. it's means a lo.
9:57 am
[inaudible] love it. so nova will play in the final four on saturday. the cats opponent will be oklahoma. the sooners took on and took out the top seeded west oregon. he scores from everywhere. 37 points that ties oklahoma's tournament record. sooners and nova meet in the final four on saturday that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers. there's much more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news." we're live on villanova's campus with more reaction. plus 6 people are hurt when
9:58 am
two collides in newport, delaware. and meanest -- meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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27. in the news, this morning, funeral four here we can. villanova is celebrating a huge win this holiday weekend we're live. plus, christians here at home and around the world head to church to mark easter sunday. we took our baby it was in a carriage, brought him down used his shell as cover, brought him out. it is an incredible and scary story of survival an american couple speaks out after surviving the bombings in brusselsism. brusselsism -- in brussels. but first meteorologist chris sowers is at the "action news" big board. >> reporter: in voorhees, the sun came out for five minutes. 48 degrees in philadelphia. you'll see clouds out there this afternoon, limited sun, if you see it it will be brief. 50 degrees in millville. 48 in atlantic city.
10:01 am
50 in dover, cape may 48. the winds are higher down the shore they are 10 to 15 miles per hour gusting as high as 25 miles per hour. even though we're in the upper 40s, it feels like the upper 30s and low 40s. everybody else seeing a east seeing an east northeasterly breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. if you live well north and west of the city you have a much better chance of seeing more in the way of sunshine than areas south and east. south jersey and delaware probably locked in good from start to finish. the lehigh valley and the poconos maybe see sunshine later on. forecast this afternoon, temperatures nice and mild, 59 degrees by 2:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies, 6:00 p.m., 57. 8:00 p.m., 53. 10:00 p.m., the light rain starts to move in. numbers pull back a little bit,
10:02 am
50 degrees, that's mild. speaking of mild we have a warmup later this week. we have 60s and 70s to the south, that will pull north tuesday and wednesday. i'll have the details in just a bit. this morning, nova nation is distill celebrating after the wildcats secured a spot in the final four. nova beat number one seed to advance. the team is on its way back home. trish hartman is live on villanova campus with more. hi trish. >> reporter: hi, gray, that's right the victorious wildcats are homeward bound, they are expected to arrive between noon and 1:00 p.m. we are ready for them. it was an exciting back and forth game against consist consist. it ended with an upset win and final score of 64-59. "action news" was in louisville for the game and the moment when
10:03 am
the team cut down the net. "action news" was at the fieldhouse with hundreds of nova alum watched the game. this was a nail biter after they dominated the previous games. fans are thrilled they are heading to the final four for the first time since 2009. we won, we played like champs and going to the final four, i'm so excited. i'm proud of them. this is like a dream for them to be a part of this. >> reporter: so yesterday it was team captain ryan arcidiacono birthday you can see the team singing happy birthday to him on the website. the team takes on oklahoma on saturday in houston in the final four. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." can't wait until they return. "action news" was right there in louisville as the wildcats celebrated their huge
10:04 am
victory over top seed kansas. nova is coming home two wins from a national title. it was a great birthday for the team's leader. i don't want to take any focus away from the team it was a whole team effort. an unbelievable birthday. we're doing everything to win. hopefully we can keep it going. you said you would never be done. we're not done. we're not done. they are not done just yet. villanova is going to its first final four since 2009. they face oklahoma in the national semifinal. we'll be watching. the coverage of the wildcats big win i -- continues throughout the day. go to our facebook for the final four journey. it is easter sunday the holiest day on the christian calender and being celebrated around the world. pope francis said easter mass in
10:05 am
front of thousands at st. peter's square. easter is the day that christians believe jesus was raised from the dead three days after he was crucified. the action cam was sunrise service at mount olive baptist church in mantua. worshipers were greeted with easter morning with prayers and song and lots of spirit to celebrate the holiday. people packed the music pier in ocean city, new jersey, it was part of an annual non-denominational service. many will return to the boardwalk this afternoon for the annual fashion promenade at 1:00 p.m. new this morning, 6 people are hurt after an overnight crash in newport, delaware. the action cam was at the scene at 3:30 at the intersection of east marshall and market street. two cars collided.
10:06 am
crews took if your people to the hospital. it's not clear what caused the crash. firefighters extricate a woman after this wreck in northeast philadelphia. this happened at red lion and sandmeyer lane. a woman's car overturned after hitting a utility pole. it took a few minutes to pull her from the wreckage. she was taken to the hospital where minor injuries. a carbon monoxide leak forced several businesses and people in philadelphia to evacuate overnight. police and firefighters were called to the 200 block of chestnut street in old city after 1:00 a.m. a co detecter alerted people in the parmingts above the businesses -- apartments above the businesses of the high levels of gas. hookah bar and restaurant had to be evacuated. a facultiy heater was blamed, no -- faulty heater was blamed, nobody was hurt. a faulty boiler pipe caused
10:07 am
a carbon monoxide leak that killed four people and a dog. the boiler passed the required state inspection. but they found mechanical issues in other buildings which led to more evacuations while repairs were made. no public health hazard no life safety health haz as -- had as an environmental issue it's a comfort issue because there is no heat or hot water. management bought carbon monoxide detecters for every building. we turn our attention to the terror attacks in belgium. police have filed charges against three men in connection with the bombings there. one american couple is among the dead while another who sure viervelgd the blast --
10:08 am
survived the blast is speaking out. >> reporter: a north carolina family home now with these nightmare images to remember the trip to belgium. we took our baby who was in a carriage, used his shell as a coverage. >> reporter: bob and georgenee were in the airport when the bomb exploded. we grabbed the baby and ran toward the back counter. our hearts go out to the people who were victims. those like justin shultz and his wife missing he since the attacks it's been confirmed they died together. authorities charging faycal cheffou with terrorist murder. police arrested this man who is syrian. the question are these the suspects who slipped away
10:09 am
following the tuesday deadly attacks like the man in the hat with the suicide bombers. authorities holding this man they shot and wounded on friday on a railroad platform. there's widespread fear in belgium, the ordeal is far from ending. a march against fear scheduled for easter sunday was canceled when authorities said they could not guarantee security. richard cantu abc news new york. syrian troops have driven isis fighters out of the ancient city of pal palmyra. government forces were backed by allied militia and russian airstrikes. they need on the offensive for nearly 3 weeks. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. forget cancun, a group of college students are spending spring break helping to fight
10:10 am
against this massive wildfire. making philadelphia safer, a new initiative to protect pedestrians and drivers. and live look sky6 live hd at atlantic city this easter sunday morning, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> four people including two
10:11 am
police officers were killed in a fiery head on crash in iowa. authorities say the officers
10:12 am
were transporting a prisoner yesterday morning when they were struck by a vehicle going the wrong way. the two officers and the prisoner along with the driver of the other car died. flags are flying at half staff at the demoinlt police -- des ms police department in honor of the officers. this is a sad day in the police department as we face an nightmare no agency wants to experience. >> reporter: both officers were on the the job for less than 6 months. a medical helicopter crashed in alabama killing four people. the chopper went down in a heavily wooded area yesterday. it is unclear what went wrong here. the victims include three million crew members and a patient who was being airlifted to a hospital after a car crash. federal investigators are searching the area to determine what they can find. a jet blue airplane made a
10:13 am
hard language at an airport in -- hard landing in the bahamas. the landing equipment was malfunctioning. 94 passengers and three crew members were on the plane. nobody was hurt. time for the forecast, hipp. if you need a smile we have bunny ears. >> reporter: that's terrible. it's a joke. let's go live on sky6 live hd, i'll show you what i was going to use, you can see we're pretty much cloudy out there, as we look over the ben franklin bridge, we had viewers who say they saw the sun first thing
10:14 am
this morning. maria hit me on twitter earlier, i guess she was not yolking around. looking out over the front window. the sun is shining through, we're getting reports in washington township, salem, roberting sunshine this morning, but generally speaking it's a cloudy day. north and west of philadelphia in the lehigh valley or the poconos you'll see increased chances of sunshine. everybody else is mainly cloudy today. 48 degrees. dewpoint, 39. pressure is rising. winds out of the east at 1 miles per hour. the ocean temperatures, 48 degrees. 50 for millville. wilmington, 49. philadelphia, 48. allentown, 45 and trenton 46. satellite and tray the -- radar. you can see the clouds on the increase up and down the entire i-95 corridor from richmond to boston and new england. it's in advance of a storm
10:15 am
system developing across the gulf coast states and a second low pushing through the western great lakes. combine the two it's making a beeline for the delaware valley it will cloud things up today and put light rain in the area overnight. low pressure coming through the great lake states low pressure overspreading the area after 8:00 p.m. it's a light batch of rain it's not heavy, but enough to slow things down tomorrow morning for the monday morning commute. this afternoon, mainly cloudy conditions, you can see the models hinting at sunshine peeking through from time to time. overnight tonight, clouds thickening, showers around tomorrow morning. there could be a period of heavier rains that develop across south jersey, as well. wildwood to atlantic city. that will slow things down allow extra time. by afternoon all the moisture pulls away, the skies brighten up and return sunshine by 3:00,
10:16 am
4:00 p.m. allergy sufferers, this is the only issue you'll be dealing with, pollen count is on the high side. juniper elm and maple. tomorrow it washes everything clean. tomorrow not that bad, but it's back up there tuesday and wednesday as we get into the medium high category and extremely high category for tuesday. 60 degrees, winds are light out of the east/northeast at 15 miles per hour. as you plan out your day, temperatures in the upper 50s close to 60. if he window see sunshine all -- if we see sunshine all these numbers will be warmer. 2:00 p.m., 57. 8:00 p.m., 53. overnight tonight, periods of rain, drizzle, 44 degrees outlying suburbs, 47 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows very warm temperatures this week, 66 degrees tomorrow. we cool it down slightly for
10:17 am
tuesday, with the wind it will feel like the 50s, but 60 degrees is not all that bad fore this time of the year. 65 wednesday, thursday, rain developing late, sticking around for the friday morning commute. friday afternoon we'll see an increase in sunshine again and back up to 68 degrees. there you go. i got to admit i didn't come up with that, that was someone on twitter. thanks, chris. we'll get him back. the military is being called in today to help the biggest wildfire in kansas history. national guard blackhawk helicopters are joining the fight and so are college students who are getting experience with the real deal. most said they didn't expect to put their classroom training to use. safety advocates are
10:18 am
pushing a new plan to cut down on a number of traffic dates the solution is installing safety cameras citywide. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: the question is one of the most effective ways to make people more cautious on city streets. traffic deaths are not acceptable they are not inevitable. >> reporter: sarah clark's bicycle coalition said by adding speed cameras is key. but they need the support of harrisburg. she hopes 89 kenny administration embraces the idea. vision zero is an approach to road is a lot of that's been adapted throughout the world including washington, d.c. we have photo enforcement 0 employed in the districts there's 20% reduction in crashes and injuries in the locations that the cameras are employed. >> reporter: roosevelt boulevard
10:19 am
is of concern for drivers and pedestrians. broad and market are major corridors where they would like to see improvement. drivers and pedestrians and likelist believe technology is helpful enforce him -- enforcement tools. cars even if it's a red light they don't stop. they don't, now if you're a pedestrian you have to wait to make sure that the person does not go through. people are ticketed that will change the culture. >> reporter: the solution won't come overnight part of the initiative includes public outreach and education to change the behavessers of people -- behaviors of people as they travel through the city. katherine scott channel 6 "action news."
10:20 am
♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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we're going to check out what's going viral in the social corner alicia. this is where we chat about the image also everybody is talking about from facebook to youtube and more, my kind of segment. it's a text massaging mixup, if you ever got a text from someone you didn't recognize. a man gets text about the bitter of the baby, weight, time, length, all the details, now at
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one point the guy who gets the text daric writes back congrats, i think someone got the wrong number. the family apologizes to the baby birthing, he shows up with his brother and gifts and of course they want to meet the baby, there they are meeting the little guy. now they are part of the family now. speaking of babies. my hair looks like this. this baby was born with a luscious head of hair. i say bowl. 28-year-old ma ken'scy took a picture of herself and her
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later this morning on 6abc, here's tamala edwards with a preview. >> reporter: glorng -- good morning, happy easter. we have a budget, the governor said he will let it become law, what does it mean as he tries to negotiate the next budget what does it mean for the state. we look at the races heating up. katie mcginty trying to fight off joe sestak. pat toomey has two new ads up. what does it mean, what did he
10:27 am
mean join us for inside story. give us one more,. give us the bunny rabbit hi. >> reporter: it was the easter egg high. back to weather. >> reporter: it's going to be cloudy today high of 60. "action news" continues at noon, here's some of the stories we'll be working on for you, we'll be live at villanova where the wildcats are expected home from the big win. a horse saved from the slaughterhouse is becoming a star in the rodeo world. and now for chris sowers and alicia vitarelli and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day. happy easter. "this
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
week" with george stephanopoulos. war of words. the trump-cruz feud getting even more personal. >> it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. sleazy donald. >> ted cruz blaming donald trump for planting a tabloid report. all after a fight about their wives brings the campaign to a new low. donald trump responds right here. only on "this week." plus, after his big weekend wins, bernie sanders joins us live. and, breaking overnight. a new arrest in the terror manhunt. italian police taking down another man connected to the deadly brussels attacks. how authorities say he helped the terrorists. from abc news, it's "this week." here now, chief white house


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