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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 28, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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5:00 a.m., monday, manner 28. tam is off, alicia vitarelli joins us, here's what's happening. heavy fire force as family of ten from their home overnight. a man suspected in a series of robbery is behind bars after a fight with the victim's uncle. we have rain this morning that could be hanging around today. it's a good times to hello to meteorologists david murphy and karen rogers hello. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it looks like a wet start and drier afternoon with another issue on the way today. right now the rain fairly light in and around philadelphia and off to the north into bucks county and montgomery county as we speak.
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there's a heavier band pushing into wilmington this will be pushing through the philadelphia area through the morning commute. down south in cape may county, salem and cumberland county we have fairly steady rain, so slow going through these areas. all that stuff to the south has to work to the north. reading is picking up heavy stuff, allentown will get it later on. we have strong winds developing behind the system it goes from 2:00 p.m. to midnight where we have a wind advisory, wind gusts could go easily over 35 or 40 miles per hour the national weather service thinks some of us could at times see winds as high as 50 that could put debris on roads including tree branches. this goes through the morning hours and wraps up around midday for the most part. 47 degrees, cool. 42 in allentown. 44 in reading and trenton. 47 in wilmington and 50 in cape may. as we head out the door to the driveway, catch the bus this
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morning, you'll be stuck on 47 degrees between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and damp through that time period in most neighborhoods. the rain will start to die down by noon. 55 degrees by noon. the winds really kick in. 64 degrees at 3:00 p.m. the high today will be 66 degrees, probably about 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. the seven-day forecast features drier conditions, karen, i'll have more on that coming up. >> reporter: the roads are wet you want to watch for that heading out. this is the schuylkill expressway at girard eastbound traffic you can see the spray coming back on the cars behind it. give yourself a little extra time traveling. looking good out here with pretty light volume. i-95 southbound traffic at cottman. low visibility, southbound traffic heading toward center city looking fine at this point, no problems on i-95. let's take a live look at the boulevard approaching the schuylkill expressway. we had an accident on the
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boulevard southbound at fox street that has cleared. now the southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway moving fine on the boulevard. the big picture speeds mostly at this point in the 40s, the accident has cleared and overall traffic is looking good out there. we have a problem on the northeast extension southbound approaching lehigh valley we've got an accident and disabled vehicle from the accident near exit 56 blocking the left lane look for that to be a little bit of a an issue this morning. one more problem in haddon heights downed wires causing a problem at carlisle and amhurst. fire damaged a home in west oak lane section. the fires broke out on north 21st street at 11:00 p.m. it started in the basement and went to the first floor. red cross is assisting a family of ten people with temporary shelter. a man who barricaded
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himself into a north philadelphia home sure rendered to police. he fired shots at his girlfriend's family's house. he fled to smedley street and surrendered to police just before 3:00 a.m. a delaware county man is recovering from a scuffle with a suspect with a series of knife attacks involving women. annie mccormick is live outside upper darby police headquarters with the details. >> reporter: police say that the suspect is in jail with 100,000-dollar bail they think he is responsible for more crimes after a family got him for police. this is the man police say is responsible for a string of armed robberies and prime suspect in at least two others. sultan akbar-abdullah did not count on his next victim and her
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family taking him down when he allegedly grabbed her and try to tried to rob her at gun point. her uncle jumped into action. he showed his injuries up close. he tackled sultan akbar-abdullah after chasing him to the nearby alley while waiting for police. we spoke to "action news" last night. i felt like i got him off the street. >> reporter: lamy is grateful for her uncle's quick reaction. the suspect confessed he committed three armed robberies. authorities is considering him a suspect in two other crimes. i didn't think he would risk his life for me, i didn't think there was a time he would have to do that.
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>> reporter: police think there are more victims out there. if you are a victim call upper darby police, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you. a carnival in south philadelphia was shut down after chaos erupted over rumors of gunshots. it happened at 7:30 when a fight broke out on the carnival ground 7th and packer avenue. someone in the crowd said shots were fired, that resulted in a stampede toward the exit. police say the crowd was made up mostly of teenagers. no injuries were reported and no arrests were made. an autopsy is scheduled for today for the man killed in a crash in south white hall township lehigh county. authorities say 79-year-old lost control of his pick up truck along 309. he crashed into a telephone pole before hitting a building. new on "action news," police arrested a man who was wanted in two states during a
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traffic stop in delaware. police in smyrna pulled him over after they spotted a woman trying to get out of the passenger side of the car while it was moving friday night. they found marijuana and illegal prescription drugs in the vehicle. the dover police department wanted him for shoplifting charges and the delaware county sheriff's office wanted him for failure to appear for trial on drug charges. the villanova wildcats are setting their sites on championship for the first time in three decades. they got the big win against kansas saturday night. they leave for houston on wednesday to face oklahoma in the final four saturday night. villanova last won the ncaa championship back in 1985. happening today, phillies fans will get a sneak peek of the citizens bank park this season. they will introduce new
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merchandise and they will hold a tasting of the new menu for the kickoff of the phillies opening day. the home opener is april 11. i had a chance to go to one of the tastings it was the best day. >> reporter: they had that for season ticketholders it was like yeah yeah yeah. double scan shows us we have rain out there, as we take a closer look around philadelphia. it's fairly light, but you can see down the pike in wilmington we are getting close to adopting heavy rain. that will come through for about a half-hour and probably push through philadelphia, as well. trenton in the light stuff right now, but if we go out wider obviously we'll see the heavier stuff come through. there are also parts of south
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jersey around atlantic city and cape may sort of getting rid of this right now, but the highways are still dealing with remnants of that heavier stuff that came through earlier. this is what we're dealing with during the morning commute and later this afternoon we'll dry out and turn windy. as we take a look outside, we have wet conditions at the airport, of course, and across the region it's on the damp side you want to take it slow this morning. 37 degrees in philadelphia. grab your coat on the way out, it is chilly. 44 degrees in trenton. 47 in wilmington. low to mid 40s in allentown and reading. 50 in cape may at this hour. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 9:00 a.m. we're in and out of those steadier cells of rain. between 12:00 we'll see the rain die down. the rest of the day basically dry conditions with a slight chance of a passing sprinkle and shower and sunshine returning. lehigh valley a wet morning. the thing built afternoon, we get -- the thing built -- about
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the afternoon we get very windy. at the shore, wet morning, windy afternoon. 62 degrees is the high there. 66 is the high in philadelphia. again, rain in the morning dieing down by about midday. in the afternoon mostly dry with clouds and sun, very windy. the winds gusting out of the southwest and eventually the west between 40 and 50 miles per hour. that will be enough to put debris on roads and trash cans and tree branches. 43 is the overnight low mainly clear and gusty winds there, as well. tomorrow, windy, high pressure to the west, 57 degrees under the sun and the winds still a part of the package. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 66 degrees, a damp start, a windy finish. windy and cooler tomorrow, lots of sun, 57. sunny and cooler on wednesday, 60 degrees, we get back up to 70 on thursday, sun and clouds, there will be late day and nighttime showers that could spill into friday morning.
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friday afternoon drying 68. still pretty good. the coming weekend cloudy skies, breezy conditions, high of 57. we can't rule out a passing shower. looks like cooler air wants to start to nudge it's -- nudge it back into play. 50 degrees. republican frontrunner donald trump looking at a weekend primary. >> reporter: le we're looking at the pennsylvania turnpike, the roads are wet and they are not exactly problem free. i'll have more when "action news" comes right back. 5:14 monday morning, thanks
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for waking up with us. live look sky6 live hd atlantic city. meteorologist david murphy as he is it will get up to -- says it will get up to 66 degrees, rain now, not all day. karen you have something to share with us. >> reporter: a couple of early morning accidents. even though we expect light volume, doesn't mean we'll be problem free. looking live at upper state road at lime kiln pike you can see under the streetlight it's raining pretty steadily right here. we have puddling on the roads. on county line road in horror slam we have construction between park road and fairmont avenue. it will close until april 8. you can use horsham road as the
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alternate for that one. in bucks county more construction on willow road between bustleton pike. we have down wires in haddon heights carlisle road and amhurst road. storm tracker 6 live double scan light showers near philadelphia and trenton. it's heavier near wilmington and reading. this is pushing up here to the north an east, along route 1 we're dealing with that, as well. coatsville, the 30 bypass, 322 in wilmington along i-95 on the new jersey turnpike getting a good soaking, as well. glassboro and route 55. temperatures wise it's not too bad. 47 degrees in philadelphia. we are heading up to 66. morning rain, afternoon whipping winds will help to dry us out, alicia. today is the deadline to
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religionster to vote in the pennsylvania -- to register to vote in the pennsylvania primary. in delaware the cutoff is aim 2. new jersey voters have until may 17. >> a great weekend for bernie sanders he racked up double digit victories in alaska, and hawaii, he needs 73% of the remaining delegates. the next primary is wisconsin april 5. clinton will be campaigning there, sanders head there tomorrow. donald trump has tweeted out that quote a lawsuit is coming, meanwhile, crews -- cruz finished second in the louisiana primary, he could get more delegates. cruz is looking for ten more
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delegates toward his camp five toward marko rubio and five unplenldz delegates. -- unpledged delegates. the flyers return home to face winnipeg. they are tied for the final spot in the eastern conference. sixers had an early lead but it didn't last. the sixers lose 117-105. they host new orleans tomorrow night. coming up in "healthcheck," proteins can affect your sleep quality. you heard of white christmas, how about white easter? >> reporter: we have rain around here, we have lower pollen connected this afternoon, even though it gets windy. that changes over the next several days. we'll have the radar and the airport conditions next. snowfall in parts of kansas
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on easter morning. any snow that fell stuck to the ground and quickly melted by the afternoon. it will be in the 60s in kansas city today. no more snow coming. the egg hunts would be difficult. >> reporter: make they just all orange. >> reporter: let's take you outside and show you what's going on on our roads. no snow, but we have rain we're dealing with. it's coming down delaware avenue and frankford avenue. not too many problems. everything with mass transit is looking good. we have issues we're on time, septa regional rails amtrak and patco new jersey transit not report be any problems. >> reporter: karen, the worst of the rain will be in the morning rush hour it will die down toward noon. there's a heavy band of rain coming through chester county starting to push into delaware county and philadelphia will see
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this before too much longer. fairly steady rain in new castle county, delaware. another band in gloucester county and camden county, as well. lehigh valley is starting to pick you mean something heavier. the rain dials down after -- dies down afternoon. 66 degrees is the high around 3:00 p.m. we're looking at very blustery winds this afternoon. after 2:00 p.m. you can see them pick up. you can get gusts up to 50 miles per hour. at the airport this morning no major delays here or any other travel destinations, rain in philadelphia. rain in jfk. if you're in boston the rain will be moving up in that direction later this morning. matt and alicia. "healthcheck" this morning if you're trying to lose weight on a high protein diet. new research shows you might start sleeping better. a study tracked 13 participants
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on high protein diet. those who ate more protein had better sleep after a few months. hundreds of people show up for a cookout for a man who has become known as the internet as sad paw paw. there's tombstone at with trump's name on it. >> reporter: gas is rising. the it's up 0 cents in the last month. prices are up along with the cost of crude oil. microsoft my be looking at yahoo. after steve bomber failed back in 2008. yahoo is seeking ten billion dollars for it's core
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for waking up with us. live look at the action cam on germantown avenue in chestnut hill this morning. it is raining now, but it will move out this afternoon. meteorologist david murphy says it will get up to 66 degrees today. matt. time for the morning buzz, alicia. social media shows this tombstone for donald trump. in central park new york. it miss -- mysteriously appeared and was taken down again. tv cameras caught the swarm of bees that made its way into the bullpen and the fans they
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had to scramble for cover. it forced officials to hat the game for more than five minutes. we have an update on the grandfather whose picture spread across the internet. grandfather cooked burgers for 6 of his grandchildren only one showed up for the dinner. the past weekend, the man known as paw paw hosted a picnic for anyone who wanted to come and hundreds accepted his invitation. he is not sitting all alone at the dinner table any more. i would have gone, too. coming up in the next half-hour, a suicide bomber targets a children's ride in pakistan. vandal target school buses in delaware county. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" continues this monday morning.
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armed man who attacked a girl feet from her home. people wake up easter morning and discover their cars were vandalized. accuweather is tracking rain that will move through. good morning everyone, tamala edwards is off, alicia vitarelli is joining us, good morning. >> reporter: we have rain heavier in philadelphia, right now it's pulling through wilmington, chester county, the northern half of the county and montgomery county will be next. it will be in gloucester and camden and moving away from cape may county into atlantic county. this is pushing toward the north. slow it down a bit, because visibility will be worse and there will be more ponding and puddling on the roads as it pushes through. it will gradual die


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