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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday march 29th. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us and we're following several breaking stories. >> scare in the air. a highjacked airliner full of passengers makes an emergency landing in cyprus. >> a driver takes off after striking and killing a plan on a south jersey roadway. we're live with the police search. >> after a windy start to the work week more sun will peek through today. accuweather is tracking the very latest. >> and who is divvying up that slice of nice? is it karen or is it david? >> they're both pretty nice. >> not too bad today. it's better tomorrow. we're still dealing with winds today and i can file on the terrace right now. let's get you the satellite. we have cloud cover but it's high and thin and it is going to be breaking apart pretty quickly this morning. we should get plenty of sunshine back in play in a hurry. 48 degrees is the number keeps dipping in philadelphia. just 44 in allentown now. 44 in reading.
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and it does feel pretty chilly out here with that wind blowing so do bundle up. there is the wind. we're down to 15 miles per hour in the city but winds in the teens definitely strong enough to feel it and to make it feel extra chilly. speaking of chilly it is going to be cooler today. most of us got into the upper 60's yesterday by 1 o'clock today only 53. 3 o'clock, 56. and your high today is 57 degrees, lots of sun but windy and cooler. and the pollen count after a break yesterday is back up to the medium high or high levels the next four days so keep that in mind allergy sufferers. karen rogers we are looking at an upswing in temperatures in the accuweather 7-day forecast. i'll talk more about that coming up. for now, little flashing going on on that road. >> a down swing with the traffic right now. looking live on i-95 we've got a big accident just coming in to us right now. we're looking live. this is your southbound traffic at 320. an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer. here we can see all the emergency workers and as penndot zooms in looks like they temporarily have all lanes blocked i-95 southbound
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at 320. this just happened a couple minutes ago. overturned tractor-trailer. crews are on the scene at this point. i-95 southbound backed up at 320. northbound we see the gaper delay so it's really affecting traffic in both directions right now on i-95. breaking news. an overturned tractor-trailer shutting down 95 southbound here at 320. let's look at the roosevelt boulevard. elsewhere around the region not too many problems. we're talking dry conditions today. yes, it's windy but dry. southbound traffic moving just fine here on the boulevard heading towards the schuylkill expressway. here's a look i-95 at cottman a different spot here where we're seeing no delay forming just yet just that building volume here. southbound just starting to slow up here approaching cottman. still a 14 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine. of course the problem is in delaware county with i-95 southbound at 320. with mass transit we've got a problem here with the thorndale paoli line. 15 minute delays due to signal problems. problems suddenly popping up on the roads as well as the rails, matt. >> got it karen. thank you.
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now to breaking news. the president of cyprus has announced that the highjacking of an egyptian airplane is not terrorism. the plane took off from coastal egypt and was heading to cairo but landed on the mediterranean island of cyprus instead. reports indicate the highjacker is a doctor with egyptian-american dual citizenship and he claims to have explosives on him. an egyptian official announced four crew members and three passengers still remain on board with the highjacker and the plane is sitting on the tarmac in cyprus. eight americans were on that flight. we will continue to update this story on air and online on now to a developing story. a violent hit and run crash in a south jersey roadway left a man dead. the driver took off right after the victim's body landed near a burger king parking lot. "action news" reporter katherine scott is tracking the search for that driver live at the scene in pennsauken. katherine. >> reporter: matt and so far police have not identified the
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victim. the description of the vehicle has not been released but this vehicle would have heavy front end damage and you can see he that route 130 and the southbound lanes has reopened to so traffic is getting through this morning but it was closed overnight here by browning road for the police investigation. this happened around 11:30 last night in the southbound lanes of route 130 in pennsauken. police say a man was crossing a little south of browning road. he had made it out to the median when he was struck by a vehicle that was traveling south. the impact of that crash threw the man across the southbound lanes. he landed in a parking lot near a burger king and died and police were on the scene for hours looking for evidence. they were checking nearby surveillance cameras and hoping to find some footage that will provide more details as to what exactly happened here. and they also were able to recover a front bumper from the striking vehicle. but again, so far they haven't
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released a detailed description of that vehicle. they have not released details of the victim but we hope to learn more later on today. we're live in pennsauken, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> keep us posted. thank you katherine. new video just in to "action news" of a partial building collapse in the city of camden. bricks rained down along the 1200 block of haddon avenue near kaighn avenue about two hours ago. no one was hurt. firefighters remain on the scene checking the stability of the property. >> this is also new this morning, an uncooperative shooting victim is hampering a police investigation in north philadelphia. gunfire erupted along the 1300 block of westemoreland street. police say after being shot twice, the male victim ran a block to broad street looking for help. detectives are having trouble finding the gunman. they say the victim who is hospitalized is refusing to answer any questions. parents and school officials met face to face to talk about a hazing scandal at
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conestoga high school. they held a closed door meeting last night to talk about ways to prevent hazing. earlier this month a report from the chester county district attorney painted a picture of a hazing culture among members of the varsity football team. in october, three students were accused of violating a freshman with a broom handle. they were charged. the coach resigned and the rest of the staff was relieved of its duties. parents are speak out. >> my smart with coach vogan. i know what a great quality person he is and all the staff and this is a great school and i continue to be very proud and grateful that i have a child here. >> the school superintendent is pushing to hire a full-time district athletic director who can make district goals for athletes. >> wawa is turning hoagie fest into hiring fest as it looks to boost staff at every single location. maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square with all the details. hey.
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>> reporter: good to about jobs. wawa looking to hire more than 5,000 new workers over the next three months. every store has openings. the chain is looking to hire full and part-time employees. wawa is also raising its minimum wage to $10 an hour on monday. let's talk stocks. stock markets were largely unchanged to start the week. oil prices were weaker following under 40 -- falling under $40 a barrel. investors will be focused on what the fed chief says when yellen speaks later today. right now futures indicating a hi higher open. when it can comes to saving, millennials rock. two-thirds of the age group save more than 5 percent of their income and more than a quarter of them save more than 10 percent. that survey is by bank found that millennials generally feel better about their finance than other adults. that's latest in business news from nasdaq. back to you alicia and matt. >> they lived through that financial crisis taught them a lot of things about saving money, right. >> yeah no, kidding. we'll learn a thing or two about wind today. that's the big story.
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storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you dry conditions. heading outside cameras bouncing a little bit as we check out sky6 at the shore and there are winds in the teens right now across the region, probably gusting a little higher than that as we go through the day so the winds that built in last night and late yesterday are still with us this morning. 48 degrees in philadelphia, 46 in wilmington. still just 44 in both allentown and reading at this hour. 42 in lancaster. 45 in trenton. 47 in millville and a four and an eight in cape may. here are the windsly we actually had them up around 20 in a couple of spots, maybe a half hour ago. philadelphia down to 15. all these numbers will interchange and we'll wind up with gusts up as high as 30 miles per hour or so later this afternoon. as we take a look at cloud cover, there's a little bit of it but it's really thin and scattered and frankly there's going to be a lot of sunshine pouring in across the region as we go over the next hour or so. as we take a look at wind gusts, again not as strong as yesterday but it does look
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like they're going to be a part of the package pretty much all the way up through 5 o'clock. you can see gusts in the 20's and at times up to about 30 or so. so, look out for debris in roadways for the second straight day. winds really didn't kick in until yesterday afternoon but they're still with us today. sunny cooler up in the lehigh valley today. still windy, a high of 52 degrees there. and sunny and cooler down the shore. a good deal of the bright stuff but a high of just 56 degrees and again winds gusting at times up above 30 miles per hour. then in philadelphia 57 degrees is your cooler high today. we got 70 yesterday in the city. a lot of spots upper 60's but today windy and cooler, mostly sunny skies. there are those gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour on average as we roll through the later morning and afternoon hours. overnight tonight the winds do fall back a little bit. we drop to eight to 16 but clear skies colder conditions, 33 degrees the overnight low tonight in philadelphia which is whicwhichis a lot colder. then tomorrow we bounce back a little bit. the winds will die down and we
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get what we're calling a slice of nice because of high pressure directly over us, lower winds and a little better high of 60 degrees tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today's high 57 degrees. windy and cooler than yesterday but lots of sun. tomorrow sunny and cool, less wind, a high of 60. then things change for the better for a you believe can of days. we get sun giving way to clouds on thursday ahead of an approaching front but 72 is the high. if we get rain it probably isn't until late in the day or at night. some of that rain spills into friday. otherwise clouds and sun mixing and another nice high of 70. then the coming weekend arrives and another shot of cooler air comes with it. breezy and cooler on saturday, a spotty shower by no means a washout on saturday. a high of just 57. and then we're down to 49, sunny and chilly on sunday with a decent amount of sunshine and mostly sunny monday, still down around 50 for a high. >> thanks, david. 6:10 now. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the teacher who got bent out of shape over some missing rubber bands. >> plus, the government rules
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on a request to bring guns into one of the upcoming presidential conventions. karen. >> look at this backup on i-95 southbound at this hour. you're practically at a standstill looking live near the blue route. it's all because of an accident at 320 that had been blocking all lanes. the very late of the coming up. >> and nova nation getting pumped for the final four. we'll check in with the team's travel plans and who else might be going. >> i'm packing my bags. >> later on "action news." [laughter]
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>> ♪ >> it is 6:14, this tuesday morning. you see it's still pretty windy out there. sky6 taking a live look at the platt bridge for you. it's going to get up to the upper 50's today and the sun will make an appearance. >> see how the traffic is shaping up with karen rogers. >> a real mess on i-95. overturned vehicle i-95 southbound near 320 and the exit for edgemont avenue here and you can see from this shot emergency workers on the scene. they had been blocking all lanes. they're intermittenting allowing one lane to get by on i-95 southbound near 320. this is creating a huge delay. i was showing you a minute ago from approaching the blue route to past 320 we're dealing with this accident here and the delay because of it on i-95 southbound through
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delaware county. northbound you got a gaper delay. that's the headlights and you see everyone trying to slow down and check it out and it's hard to see from this shot but an accident involving an overturned vehicle. i think the vehicle is right there and we're seeing a number of officers here currently blocking all lanes. they had been intermittenting allowing one lane to get by on i-95 southbound near edgemont avenue, 320. 422 westbound the on-ramp from township line road we've got a disabled vehicle here so watch for that on the on-ramp here 422. we're not looking at any big delay on 422 related to it though. we're seeing 15 minute delays with the thorndale paoli line. they're having signal problems and that's been going on for a little bit so watch for delays on the thorndale paoli line. looking at the ben franklin bridge yesterday we had a lot of accidents. today we're looking at dry conditions, windy but dry but no big problems on the ben franklin bridge. 48 degrees the current temperature right now. yesterday we made it up to 70. much different today. it's much cooler. 57, mostly sunny but watch for that gusty wind.
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>> will dom thank you karen. presidential candidates on both sides of aisle are looking ahead to tuesday's wisconsin primary. the next big contest in the rails for the whitin therace fo. >> scott walker will endorse one of his old rivals. >> some speculate that could be ted cruz. we'll see. looking ahead to the gop convention in cleveland despite the growing number of signatures on an online petition the secret service will not allow firearms inside the convention hall this summer. the petition was posted on by someone whose user profile has since been deleted. the petition accrued nearly 4600 signatures. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton still leads bernie sanders by almost 700 delegates despite sanders win by some pretty wide margins. clinton sales the future of the supreme court could hang in the balance. she warned in the frontrunner donald trump would bring division if he were allowed to shape the court's future.
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>> we have new video from inside a california classroom showing a substitute teacher going ballistic over missing rubber bands. >> quiet down now. >> the video shows the teacher and allows you to hear him screaming and waving his arm in the air and also he orders a student to go through the trash to get the rubber bands. the school district has let the substitute go and is investigating if he has lost his composure other times. >> that's some video. 6:17 this morning. grounded by the law. a pilot with a pretty shady side job is no longer flying under the radar. david. >> all right, guys, take a look at the kids as we are dressing them in a heavier jacket this morning. temperatures have slipped into the 40's just about everywhere. it's breezy out there this morning and staying windy this afternoon. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and we'll check out conditions at all our big travel cities. >> ♪
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i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. >> new on "action news," this overnight crash on the interstate 95 left pennsylvania state police puzzled. they say it appears the driver lost control, spun out and wedged the vehicle underneath the side of that tractor-trailer. this happened between academy road and cottman avenue just before midnight. now when police arrived at the scene the vehicle driver will already taken off. the truck driver was not injured. >> that car was really smashed under there, right and now we've got another problem on i-95. a different spot. so, this is an accident involving an overturned vehicle i-95 southbound near edgemont avenue. you want to watch for this in delaware county. it's creating a big mess. what we're seeing right now is they are allowing some traffic to get through for awhile they were blocking all lanes. intermittently they've been allowing some of the stuck traffic to get through on the left lane. you see penndot's got the arrow board out and emergency crews on the scene and
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northbound we're seeing a gaper delay with this as well. 422 we've got a disabled vehicle here westbound on the on-ramp from township line road so be careful about that as you're heading out. it's on the on-ramp so speeds on 422 itself is looking pretty good and there's another accident we're going try to switch to here, trooper road at audubon road and that's in the camera as well. just happened a seconding a dave. >> on the big board this morning we've got sunshine on the way today but it is going to be windy and cooler than yesterday. staying in the mid 40's through seven and 9 o'clock. 56 by 3 o'clock and it looks like a high of 57 degrees right there around 4 o'clock. again, blustery. be careful as you drive around in case there's debris in the roads. we had that concern yesterday afternoon and last night and we have it again today. all green aircraft on the airport big board. that means no major delays heading from philadelphia to any of our major travel destinations and no sign of rain from philadelphia out to chicago and down to atlanta orlando and dallas. alicia. >> all right, david, thank you. in health check this
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morning, an economist recently set out to debunk a myth that blonds struggle to keep up with their darker haired peers. new research says this nonsense. the study finds that blonds are no less intel gender than people with any other hair color. experts say the blond stereotype is no laughing matter. it can have a serious economic consequences affecting employment promotion and other social experiences. >> the flyers beat the winnipeg jets in overtime last night a crucial win in their playoff push. the flyers blew a two goal lead and appeared to be headed for a shootout. then claude giroux scored at 4:46 in ot. the flyers win three he to two. they remain in control of that final playoff spot in the eastern conference and host the capitals tomorrow. villanova wildcats leave campus tomorrow for houston to prepare for their final four game this weekend. the number two seeded wildcats will face the number two seed seed oklahoma sooners on saturday evening. villanova's last if i think
6:23 am
four appearance was back in 2009. 6abc will be with the wildcats every step of the way. jeff skversky and alicia vitarelli will be live in houston starting later this week. watch the reports on "action news." >> and i'll get to be there in person clearing on my -- cheering on my wildcats. passengers being released from a highjacked plane. >> katherine scott on the scene of a violent hit and run in pennsauken. >> reporter: we have an update from policely we'll let you know what it is coming up at 6:30.
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>> authorities in belgium released this moving video of a mysterious man in a dark hat. he is seen alongside two of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. police are trying to identify him and track him down. officials think there are still at least two bombers out there. authorities had arrested independent journalist but he's been released. 35 people were killed in the attacks last week. >> new on "action news" this morning the texas airline pilot accused of moonlighting as a pimp could be hit with more charges. police arrested bruce wallace last week. investigators say he currently runs a half a dozen brothels across the houston area. they say he charged at least 20 women $400 a week to sell sex through his brothel business.
6:27 am
united airlines says wallace has been removed from flying duties during the course of this investigation. >> 6:27. we're following breaking news overseas. >> new details about that man accused of highjacking an egyptair flight overnight. the very latest on the security scare and the ongoing situation there next on "action news." >> ♪ a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas.
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dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," a highjacked plane lands at an airport in the mediterranean sea. there are still several people being held on board. >> developing overnight, police investigate a deadly hit and run on a busy south jersey highway. >> and new this morning, bricks come crashing down on north broad littering the sidewalk and the street. good morning everyone, just about 6:30 on this tuesday march 29th. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us and also we have david and karen. >> windy and chilly on the
6:30 am
terrace right now, guys. take a look at satellite. it almost looks like there's a lot of cloud cover out there but as you look at this notice how the clouds are beginning to thin out in this view and you're starting to see some of that ground slow through. i'm out here on the terrace we have plenty of blue and the clouds in the process of evaporating as expected. it is chilly though. 48 degrees in philadelphia. just 44 in allentown and reading. 46 in wilmington. 48 in cape may. and everybody's dealing with a bit of a breeze this morning. we're at 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. we have seen those winds go up as high as 20 this morning and we're actually looking at gusts as high as 30 this afternoon, so once again, it's still blustery just like it was yesterday afternoon and last night. by 9 o'clock 45 degrees. by 11 o'clock, 48. and we are looking at a cooler afternoon. yesterday most of us got into the upper 60's. philadelphia touched 70 briefly but today by 3 o'clock we'll only be at 56 and your high is just 57 degrees. we're also looking at a high pollen counter. we had a break yesterday but medium high to high range today, tomorrow and straight
6:31 am
through friday so allergy sufferers beware. we're looking it's a warmer air coming a little bit later in the seven-day forecast and i'll run that down for you coming up from accuweather. karen what do you got on the roads there? flashing lights. >> yeah, we have more on our breaking news on i-95. this accident involves an overturned vehicle southbound. it's near edgemont avenue near 320. you're in delaware county and we had been blocking all lanes with this accident, an overturned vehicle. we're hearing there are injuries on the scene with this so medical emergency workers can coming tots scene. we see the flashing lights. they had been blocking all lanes. penndot has the arrow board out. they have been intermittently allowing that left lane to get by but look at the backup. i mean, you're just going nowhere. this is i-95 southbound here at ridley park and you are jammed solid at this point from approaching ridley park to 320 where you've got the that accident scene that had been blocking all lanes on i-95. now one lane getting by but the damage is kind of done here and everybody's backed up on i-95 southbound. couple of other accidents out there. we have this disabled vehicle on 422 westbound.
6:32 am
the on-ramp from township line road. so watch for that disabled vehicle. been stuck out there a little while on the ramp. also an accident light cap road at evergreen. this is a new accident in limerick and we are hearing there could be injuries with this. we have fire department headed to the scene right here. yet another accident and police have just arrived here on this scene trooper road at audubon road. left lane blocked with an accident. looks like one vehicle involved and police on the scene here blocking the left lane matt. >> thank you, karen. we continue to follow breaking news overseas. a highjacked egyptair plane has landed safely in cyprus an island in there mediterranean sea and the president of that country is now saying the incident is not related to terrorism. according to the pilot a passenger claiming to be armed with an explosive belt forced the flight from alexandria to cairo to change course. now so far negotiations with the highjacker have resulted in the release of everyone except four crew members and three passengers. the highjacker is said to be an egyptian-american with dual citizenship.
6:33 am
he is a doctor demanding a translator and political asylum and here's some new information for you. they also say that he is in love and is asking that a woman in cyprus is delivered an envelope. stay with "action news" and for updates. and developing now, the search for a hit and run driver who struck the victim so violently the man's body ended up here in a burger king parking lot. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live where this happened along route 130 in pennsauken. katherine. >> reporter: matt, we do have an update for you. police have now said that overnight they located that vehicle and they made an arrest on last night's hit and run here in pennsauken. you can see that this road has opened back up overnight. it was closed for hours as police gathered evidence here in pennsauken on route 130 by browning road. police say the man was crossing a little south of browning road around 11:30 last night.
6:34 am
he had made it out to the median when he was struck by a vehicle traveling south. the impact of the crash threw the man across the southbound lanes and he landed in the parking lot near a burger king and died. police were on the scene for hours searching for evidence and they did recover the front bumper of the striking vehicle. police tell us that the investigation led them to a house in camden near 29th and clinton. they located the vehicle and then they made an arrest. now, so far they have not released a whole lot of details about the investigation and what led back to that home in camden. they have not released the name of the driver but again they do say that one person is under arrest in this hit and run last night in pennsauken. we're live in pennsauken, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you. new this morning flames broke out inside a sheep barn in new castle county delaware. a farmer on the grounds noticed smoke on the cranston heights property just before midnight. he was able to rescue about a
6:35 am
dozen animals. that barn sits on an historic property from the 1700's that's now operated as green bank mill a living history museum. dozens of bricks broke off of a building and then crashed right onto north broad street overnight. fortunately it happened in an hour when there weren't a lot of people outside. no one was hurt. building inspectors are on the scene in north philadelphia to determine a cause. police closed off the sidewalk and one lane of broad street until crews cleaned up the debris. >> the capitol visitor's center in washington will be opened today following a security breach that forced into he is to open fire. 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed. police shot him yesterday saying dawson pulled a gun in the center. he is in stable but critical condition. a female bystander also sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. police say they arrested dawson last year and issued a court order for him to stay away from capitol grounds.
6:36 am
>> happening today, president barack obama will address the heroin and prescription drug epidemic that's sweeping the country. the obama administration will issue a proposed rule today that aims to increase medication based treatment for people addicted to opioids like morphine and codeine. in addition, 60 medical schools will commit to increasing training for prescribing opioids. deaths linked to those drugs soared to more than 29,000 in 2014. that is the highest number on record. the fbi has effectively hack need that iphone belonging to one of the san bernadino shooters without any help from apple. the government has now withdrawn its court order against the company which refused to unlock that device. the fbi will not say how it managed to access the data on syed farook's phone. apple had the final word here saying it will continue to increase the security of its products and reiterating its position that the government's demand was unethical. >> david joins us. some winds today but not as
6:37 am
howling as yesterday. >> not quite as bad. storm tracker6 live double scan also shows that you say we're dry. taking a look outside, expecting to see plenty of sunshine up over the horizon and we're starting to get that now as the clouds that have been showing up on satellite obviously pretty high and thin at this point. as we take a look at the numbers currently, we are chilly. 48 degrees in philadelphia. your dewpoint at 28. winds west-northwest at 15 miles per hour and gusting a little higher than that as we get rolling through the day. those winds will climb and the gifts could go as high as 30 miles per hour. here are the current temperature. 58 tra it in philadelphia, 45 trenton really from the 40's, or in the 40's from allentown down to the shore, just the 30's up in the poconos and with tha blowing it's cool enouh for a coat. cloud cover is thinning out and fairly sparse overhead right now. big issue today will be the wind. it's not going to be as strong as yesterday but we'll still see a northwest wind at 15 to
6:38 am
30 miles per hour, gusts up to 30 to 35. so watch for debris on roads. same thing we warned you about yesterday afternoon and last night. temperatures cooler today. 45 degrees by 8 o'clock. still mid 40's by 10 o'clock. and this afternoon we spend it in the 50's instead of the upper 60's and bump to 70 in a couple spots yesterday. today's high is only 57 degreesly we'll probably hit that late in the afternoon around 3:30 or 4 o'clock. high temperatures late today in the 50's just about everywhere. 52 in allentown, 57 in philadelphia, 58 in wilmington and millville. 56 in trenton and mid-50's down the shore between atlantic city and cape may. 60 degrees is your high tomorrow. tomorrow we are going to get high pressure rolling in and i've had a number of people on facebook and twitter especially since those winds were really roaring last night saying, hey, when do these winds stop because they really were kicking through the region. well, tomorrow is when it stops. they'll die down overnight tonight but tomorrow much less wind with that high right over us. lots of sunshine ann little better high of 60. by thursday afternoon we will be even warmer. your exclusive accuweather
6:39 am
7-day, 57 windy and cooler today. sunny and cool tomorrow with less wind a high of 60. then on thursday a front comes in from the west. sun will give way to clouds as a result and we might get some late day or night time rain. but 72 for an afternoon high, that the not bad. some of that rain spills into friday. otherwise it's breezy with sun returning through the dane it still looks like we'll squeeze out a high of 70. saturday breezy 57 degrees clouds and sun. can can't rule out a spotty shower although by no means do i think saturday is a washout. sunday a lot of sun but an even chillier high of 49 and about the same story on monday so a little shot of cooler air coming in later next week we'll get back up into the 60's. >> thanks, david. 6:39 now and tower of terror. that is how witnesses describe a massive skyscraper inferno overseas. >> new video is just in from a crash in california that throwed a chaotic evening commute. you got to see this. karen. >> tacony palmyra bridge about to go up in the next couple minutes.
6:40 am
we're still seeing traffic move at this moment so watch for that as you're about to head out and we'll give you an update on that big accident on i-95 coming up. >> a whicher shall pilot says hey look an erupting volcano let's fly near it. that's next on "action news." >> and take a picture.
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6:43 am
horizon this morning. >> looks like a mango color. >> yeah. >> tangerine. >> what do you think karen. >> i think it looks beautiful. i just love looking at shots like that. instead i'm usually looking at shots like this, less pretty, right. this is i-95 and we have a major jam on i-95 southbound. we've got an accident involving an overturned vehicle. it had been blocking all lanes near edgemont avenue, 320 near that area delaware county. there are now letting some traffic get through but look at the backup. this is a shot near the commodore barry bridge but you're jammed from ridley park to this point here at 320 where you've got that accident involvininvolve an overoverturnd vehicle. penndot was saying it's a multi vehicle accident. this is i-95 southbound and you see how jammed you are in this area. as we go to your commuter traffic report we found tom here talking about it but so many people on i-95 and we're seeing these speeds of like one, 3 miles an hour on i-95 heading towards that accident scene so it's creating such a backup you finally get a
6:44 am
little closer to 15 miles an hour near the accident scene because they're just now starting to allow some traffic to get through. so i-95 southbound a big backup there in delaware county because of that. we also have a disabled vehicle 422 westbound on the on-ramp to township line road. as well as an accident and we have fire crews headed to the scene now on light cap road at evergreen road. other issues around the area we've had problems here and a tree branch fell in the roadway red tail road at os spree drive and we have these gusty winds once again today. not surprised to see debris, tree branches in roadway. you need to be careful about that as you're traveling. let's look at these temperatures. it's 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. we are dry today so we've got that going for us. 44 in allentown, 47 in millville. yesterday we made it up to 70. felt pretty good even with the wind. today's high 57. it's much cooler but we do get there sunshine, matt. >> thanks karen. fire raced up the side of a high-rise tower in the united arab emirates last night. the flames quickly spread to a second building.
6:45 am
hundreds of residents had to be evacuated. so far only minor injuries have been reported. officials say the fire has been brought under control. now this comes just three months after a similar blaze at a hotel in dubai on new year's eve. >> police in west deptford, new jersey, have charged a man with aggravated assault after a video of a violent attack against a teenager went viral. police say 26-year-old paul cojocaru confessed to the crime. he was caught on cell phone video profusely beating a 17-year-old boy at a national park home. police won't detail the motive behind the attack but they do say that those two are acquaintances. they say the 17-year-old victim is okay and he is not in danger. new york city police commissioner says an investigation is under way after officers arrested a postal worker. the march 17th confrontation was all captured on cell phone video showing four plainclothes officers and a lieutenant arresting postal worker glen graves.
6:46 am
graves says he was delivering mail when an unmarked police car nearly hit him. he says he shouted something at the car. the officer stopped, got out and demanded his identification. gravers ended up handcuffed placed in the back that of unmarked police car. >> african-americans are targeted by cops. i thought would be even different if i put the eagle on my chest and uniform and go to work every day. situations are being looked at different, i'll be look at different but obviously i wasn't. >> police have also gathered surveillance video from the time of the incident as part of their investigation. >> alaska airlines plans to resume dozens of flights today that were canceled due to the cloud of volcanic ash that was rising in the sky. a passenger on a plane captured this image of the pavlov volcano erupting on the aleutian islands on sunday. the pilot said he tried to get as close as possible to get everyone look at it. the cloud stretched 37,000 feet high yesterday. can conditions around the
6:47 am
volcano appear to be calming down. but that ash can cause jet engine failure so keep your distance. >> what a picture. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. >> and also coming up, time out for a little tlc. tiny fan brings tenderness to a basketball game. david. >> chilly can conditions out there this morning with temperatures in the 40's. we're actually dressing kids relatively warmly this morning because of a chilly breeze. this afternoon it will still be windy although temperatures get a little bit better. we'll have your day planner forecast, let you know just how high that high is later today. that's coming up. >> ♪ katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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6:50 am
>> it is time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> "good morning america" is going to get the handoff on what's going on with will highjacking of an egyptian airliner. let's go to rob marciano with a preview. >> reporter: we have that egyptian air flight highjacked. we'll have much more on that. the flight to cairo carrying 55 passengers including americans was diverted to cyprus. seven people are still being held hostage on board. what we know about there highjacker and what motivated the incident. this morning we have full team coverage as we learn more probably throughout the two hours. it will be an ongoing changing situation matt and alicia and i'll of course have your weather forecasts throughout those two hours as well. we'll see you later on "gma." >> see you then and thanks rob. >> headed out to work and if you're leaded on i-95 i have good news and bad news. first we start with the tacony. it is up and we're seeing it come down as we speak live.
6:51 am
that ship is moving through. traffic is still stopped on the tacony but they're just finishing the bridge okay. this is i-95. look at that southbound traffic. jammed in both directions live near 322 and that's because of an accident that just cleared so the accident on i-95 southbound involving an overturned vehicle near edgemont avenue and 320 just cleared a minutes ago. but look at these speeds. southbound and northbound you're traveling in the teens because of the delay, dave. >> when you have those little red markers on the highway there karen never good. 95 a little bit slow yet and temperatures a little bit cool. we've got low to mid 40's in the northern and western suburbs. the closest -- closer you get to philadelphia we're in the upper 40's in a couple spots and across the river in south jersey a lot of mid 40's, upper 40's down the shore and mid 40's from okay can congestion sing down to dover delaware. it stays cooler this afternoon. 45 degrees by 9 o'clock. in the 50's today. by noon, 51. 55 by 2 o'clock and your high is going to be this 57 at
6:52 am
4 o'clock. it is still going to be breezy today with winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour at times. not quite as windy as yesterday and last night. >> thanks, david. a young fan called his own press on basketball star carmello anthony. the little boy sprinted onto the court to embrace the new york nick last night. they had loan (bleep) 10-point lead over the pelicans. maybe the boy thought the player needed a hug. anthony patted him on the head. >> new on "action news" this morning a horrible crash in california might have been much worse if it weren't for a few brave bystanders. you can see a crowd running toward the smoky scene during the evening rush. a car crashed right into a los angeles public bus. at least seven people were hurt. fortunately two police officers and another person pulled the victims from the wreckage moments before it burst into flames.
6:53 am
the driver was the only person on the bus at the time of that crash.
6:54 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ >> we have new information on that hit and run in south jersey. police say the driver and the vehicle have been recovered in camden and the driver is under arrest. this happened on route 130 in pennsauken just before midnight.
6:56 am
the victim's body landed near a burger king parking lot. police say a shooting victim who is hospitalized is refusing to answer their questions. the man was shot twice on westemoreland street in north philadelphia and ran a block to broad street to look for help. dozens of bricks broke off a building and crashed onto north broad street in north philadelphia overnight. building inspectors are working to determine a cause. >> the delay is trying to thin on i-95. we're looking live here. that's southbound traffic on your right-hand side near 320. the accident itself involving an overturned vehicle has cleared but i-95 still backed up in both direction in delaware county because of there accident that was out there a little while. meanwhile new jersey not looking bad on 42 northbound. we are dry this morning, davey. >> all right, kareny. we have a chilly one today. 53 degrees by 1:00, 56 bee 3 o'clock. 57 is your high around 4 o'clock. you can see lots of sunshine there but we'll still be blustery with winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour so be careful of debris on the
6:57 am
roads. it gets less windy and a tad milder tomorrow so hang in there. >> davey, i like it. >> for karen rogers leas alicia vitarelli, dave murphy i'm matt o'donnell.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, hijacked. a man saying he has an explosive belt take over an egyptair flight with at least 55 passengers on board including americans forcing it to land in cyprus. >> some passengers and crew still held hostage at this moment. the hijacker threatening to blow up the plane as authorities try to negotiate. the race to get hostages to safety right now. and we do say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning and we'll take a live shot at the plane in cyprus where at least seven people are still being held hostage. negotiations with the hijacker happening right now. >> it took off from alexandria en route to cairo but diverted to cyprus after a


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