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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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septa crack a case of rowdy young riders and that is up next. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. this is a 200 block of simpson street in west philadelphia the scene of gunfire, tonight. and the critical wounding of a 14 year-old boy. it is tuesday night, and the big story on a "action news" tonight is gun violence,
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threatening to take the life of a young teenager. police think that the boy was shot here, and then driven to 60th and vine, and then dumped there. this is where he was found, shot once in the back. he was rushed to penn presbyterian hospital in extremely critical condition, law men november suspect, no weapon. police are scouring for clues in both locations. that is as doctors try to save the young boy's life. septa a police have have now identified five children seen on viral video. we have blurred out the faces of the kid, now that officials have found out who they are. septa asked that we show faces earlier on "action news", and it generated numerous tips. tonight, "action news" reporter dann cuellar spoke exclusively with the parents of the youngsters and dann, he joins us live from septa ahead quarters. dann, why did septa police want to identify these children and what do they do next. >> reporter: well, they believe that these children needed professional help
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because children at that age should not be speaking like that and acting in that behavior when they were cursing, spitting and hitting on passengers on board that frankford el train. well, they got a lot of tips. so did we. tonight some of those tips and out. the parents spoke exclusively to "action news". >> i'm really a shamed. i'm just never thinking they would do something like that. >> reporter: parents of the children involved in the shocking video posted on social media by a rider on the frankford el are shocked and dismayed by what they saw. >> it gets me angry, you know, and i was angry at my kids because i'm still angry at my kids, you know, for acting like that. >> reporter: septa police say a woman were four boys and a girl hopped on the septa train the at second and market at march 24th and got off at york/dauphin station. police released video unblurred hoping someone would recognize them to get the kid professional help. >> we want to get them help.
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this is not a case at 6:00 a.m. we will be busting down the door and dragging them out in little handcuffs. that will not happen. we want to get help for them. >> reporter: septa police did visit two families involved in the videos. both saying the kid are being treated for attention deficit disorder. father of the 11 and seven year-old boy and eight year-old girl blames person video taping them for going them on. >> they don't put that on the news when he is calling the kids monkey and all that. that is racist. >> reporter: he is not the surprised with the foul language they are using. >> they are not kid with silver spoons born. all help their is curse word inside the house. and then seeing this stranger starting to enticing and recording them getting a kick off of little kid being kid. >> reporter: still mother of two of the children eight and ten year-old boys says she feels awful. >> i just want to apologize to everybody that has seen that video. i want to a pol guys to the man that went through that. >> reporter: we have tried several times through social media to reach the man through
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social media to reach the the man who shot that video but he a has not gotten back to us. meanwhile septa has interviewed the children and their parents but they say this is an ongoing investigation. live from septa headquarters i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, dann. flames were shooting from the roof of the home in the burholme section of philadelphia tonight. chopper six was over the scene on the 1100 block of naples street. blaze broke out the at 8:30 and fire fighters were able to get it under control a half an hour later but three people had been taken to the hospital. their conditions have not yet been revealed. now the latest on the home invasion and beating of a nine two-year old woman. it happened sometime overnight in ewing, new jersey. and this morning police found would the man beaten and bound. lets get right to "action news" reporter jeff chirico at capitol health in trenton where the woman is being treated for serious injuries, jeff? >> reporter: jim, that woman is in guarded condition right now. the detective calls her a
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trooper, saying that she is doing better then he would have expect. considering the terrible beating that she took. >> this was a pretty brutal incident. >> reporter: police described this shocking attack of an elderly woman while she slept inside this home on manor drive. the detective nicholas vincent said two men broke in sometime overnight and demanded money. >> pulled the covers off of her and proceeded to beat her among the body. >> reporter: they then bound her with appliance cord and dragged her to the basement. when a concerned friend noticed her door opened this morning, she called police who found the nine two-year old conscious but badly beaten. >> fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and numerous facial fractures, and possibility of a broken rib. >> i could not believe it. nothing like this ever happened before in the neighborhood. >> reporter: bob strat h has lived here for 50 years and can't imagine why anyone would hurt her. >> she is a's quiet, keeps to herself. she used to belong to the garden club. >> if you rob somebody, that is one thing but there is no
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reason to beat her. >> reporter: neighbors on the quiet street say they are shaken and taking precautions. >> i was going to go to home depot and get some stuff to make sure my garage is security, the breezeway, you know, doors are secured. >> reporter: police are beefing up patrols and tracking down leads in a case that they call their top priority. >> it could be anyone in the neighborhood. we don't believe it is a family or friend but we are looking at all different avenues. >> reporter: police haven't released a description of the attackers and what, if anything, they made off with. investigators plan to talk to the victim here at her hospital bed tomorrow morning to try to get more details. we are live in trenton, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. a burlington county woman is behind bars tonight, after her niece turned her in for a deadly hit and run. police say 40 year-old susan hyland hit 16 year-old quason turner on route 130 in pennsauken last night. turner was a pennsauken high
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school student, on his way home from visiting his girl friend. hyland was captured a short time later after her niece, who was in the car the at the time, called 911. >> the driver, was unaware she was making this call. she was upstairs. she disconnect the call because she thought she was being overheard. >> police say that they got there just as hyland was trying to escape out the back door. hyland faces a number of charges including driving with a suspended license. donald trump, doubling down in his support for campaign manager corry lewandowski who was a rested and charged with battery today. at rest comes after police, released this surveillance video. police in jupiter, florida said that the video shows lewandowski grabbing reporter michelle fields, and yanking her backward as fields tried to ask trump a question, that after a news conference on march 8th. on his campaign plane tonight,
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trump was asked if the charges against lewandowski say something about the nature of his campaign. >> i think it says nothing about the campaign. i think if you look at it, he was trying to block her. that is how would i view it. if she's grabbing me and asking questions. she's not even supposed to ask questions. >> lewandowski has been ordered to appear in court may fourth for misdemeanor charge which carries a maximum one year in jail. all the of the presidential candidates are in wisconsin stumping for votes before next tuesday's primary. john kasich was at a custard stop in suburban milwaukee touting his self discipline, because he didn't eat the tasty deearth. ted cruz appeared with former candidate and now sporter carli fee reen a cruz supporters were elated that governor scott walker endorsed cruz. donald trump held a rally in wisconsin, proclaiming if he wins next weeks primary, then in his words, it is pretty much over.
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"action news" has learned new details tonight about the allegedly intoxicated american airlines co pilot on a plane bound for philadelphia, police reports show john maguire registered a blood alcohol level of .081. that is twice the legal limit for flying. a tsa officer tipped off police saying 50 year-old maguire smelled of liquor and was walking insteadly toward his gate at detroit's airport. the report details what happened inside of the cockpit as authorities arrested maguire before taking off. the captain of the plane told officers maguire quote put himself in the hot seat, and that they should quote take him. maguire is from chadds ford and he is free until his arraignment, next week. authorities have released two of the three bald eagles found ten days ago in d.a.a ds delaware. they were part of the sick disoriented eagles some of which flown away and some of which died.
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officials at tri-state bird rescue are waiting for lab results, hoping to find out what happened, to the eagles. federal agents served search warrant at several location is today around new castle county, delaware. "action news" was there as the fbi, visited a polish library association at mapel and van buren streets in wilmington. u.s. customs and border protection officers raided a home on the street in newark. the u.s. attorney's office confirms investigations are connected and that it is being led by the baltimore office of the fbi, they will not say, what is behind the probe. the south philadelphia casino still isn't a sure bet. today the pennsylvania supreme court unanimously ordered state gambling regulators to review the casino's owners. court is questioning the size of the financial stake of businessman, bob menoco, state law limits him from owning a third of the hotel casino project because he owns
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majority steaks of the parx in bensalem. regulators must determine whether complicated financial trusts, that he set up, puts him over the 33.3 percent. limit. former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor will become second in command of the pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane named castor to fill the newly created post of solicitor general. he will make law-related decisions for the attorney general whose law license is under suspension. kane is facing trial for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it, under oath a allegedly. a judge said today that former super model janice dickinson's civil case against bill cosby can now move forward. los angeles judge denied a motion by cosby's attorney to throw the suit out. dickinson allegeds that she was defamed when one of cosby's former attorneys
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accusedded her of lying about being drugged and raped by cosby in 1982. nova nation is gearing up for final four weekend. the that has been a broom for a parallel sales at villanova fans are flocking to the campus book store to buy the final four merchandise which arrived just today. wildcats leave for houston come tomorrow. they will play oklahoma sooners on saturday. the it is school's first final four appearance since 2009. we will be with the wildcats every step of the way. both jeff skversky and alycia vitarelli will be reporting live from texas beginning on thursday, right here on "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight local tributes, for vietnam veterans day. plus what authorities believe motivated a man to hijack a plane today. president obama talks about a threat to the country that he says is killing more americans, then traffic accidents. cecily. with the wind diminishing temperatures falling off quickly, some of our area
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dropping in the 20's overnight, and i'm tracking a quick rebound in the next few days before a taste of winter over the weekend in the accu weather forecast. jamie apody talks to villanova head coach jay wright plus a possible cure for gum disease discovered by researchers in philadelphia. "action news" continues in just a moment. open eyed, on eyed. egyptian investigators say
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a man who hijacked an egypt air jet liner today was psychologically unstable. the 59 year-old man threatened to blow up the plane with 55 passengers, and seven crew members on board. forcing it to london cypress. the police now say that the whole thing was a ploy, for the man to see his estranged wife, who lives, on cypress. the explosives turned out to be a fake. the man later surrendered after a six hour standoff. today marks one week since the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels, and the belgium capitol was trying its best to return to some normalcy. subways are backup and running. except for the station that
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was bombed. brussels airport will remain closed tomorrow. ninety of the 270 surviving victims are still in the hospital. more than half in intensive care. the bombers killed 32 people. meanwhile american airlines announce today that it is canceling all flights to and from brussels, until thursday april the seventh. the air carrier does plan to send a flight from philadelphia to brussels then with a return flight on april 8th. president barack obama told drug abuse summit that more people are being killed from opioid overdosees then from traffic accidents. obama says that the public doesn't fully appreciate the scope of the problem. the obama administration has proposed new regulations and new funding for the opioid reversal drug also known as narcan. mark kirk of illinois became first republican senator to meet with merrick garland. republican leaders say they
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will not hold a hearing on garland or even meet with him privately, kirk said, when you just say i'm not going to meet with him, that is too close minded. supreme court voted four-four in a case today, that gave labor unions a major victory that they were destined to lose before the death of antonin scalia left the court with eight members. oscar winning actress patty duke has died. she passed away earlier this morning from a ruptured intestine n1962 patty duke won for playing helen keller in the miracle worker. she was best known to most americans for her 1965 sitcom, the path i duke show when aired for three seasons. patty duke was 69. health check at 11 clit n, researchers at the university of pennsylvania dental school may have found a reason to smile for the millions of americans, living with gum disease. newly published study has found that a treatment that researchers hoped can
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effectively reverse gum disease is being tested. process involves inhibiting a protein involved with inflammation through weekly injection. after six weeks, gums were looking much healthier. this preliminary work was tested on animals but because of the success, they are planning to seek volunteers, for a study on humans. federal scientists say spread of arctic sea ice set a new record low for second straight year. national snow and ice data center says that sea ice spread 5,000 square miles less than last years record low. scientists say the loss of the arctic isis the result of climate change. lets get the latest on the seven day accu weather forecast with meteorologist cecily tynan. >> chilly tonight. we will warm up for a few days and then sunday it will feel a little bit more like winter again. storm tracker six live double scan showing we are rain free tonight and the action cam is out and about, taking a look at independent hall and the
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quiet night and finally the wind have have diminish. we have had two days of gusty wind and with the diminishing wind, temperatures are really beginning to drop off right now. philadelphia a at 46 degrees. down from a high of 59. a lot cooler then yesterday's 70. fifty-nine still 2 degrees above normal. allentown down to 37. cape may still holding a at 50. poconos 31. reading currently at 40 degrees. look at these wind. we had wind gusts of 36 to 42 miles per hour but now the wind speeds are down to about six to 12 miles per hour and they will continue to diminish, as we head through the overnight hours. the a satellite six with along with action radar showing part of the reason why temperatures are dropping so quickly. also, we don't have any clouds to insulate the earth. so any of the radiational warmth from the sun, during the day, really has straight up in the atmosphere. that is called radiation aal cooling. as kid head to the school bus stop bundle up. not a wind chill factor to
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talk about but at 6:00 o'clock 34 degrees. by 8:00, only 36. chill in the air. temperatures will recover very nicely. wall to wall sunshine tomorrow. with that high pressure over us, really not much win. wind will be very light. making up to about 60 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. and then thursday even warmer. a head of this entire system we will get wind out of the south. 72 degrees on thursday. and then it comes at a cost, that sunshine early in the day will fade behind cloud and then rain arriving by thursday night, and future tracker showing at 8:00 o'clock some showers from the far northwestern suburbs and that cold front will limp through on friday. that means friday is a day for the umbrella with waves of rain, a at 11:30. heavy rain south of philadelphia. we will have rain anytime during the day on friday. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, don't forget sunglasses tomorrow. you will need them. mostly sun which a high of 60 degrees. on thursday we will bump up to
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72 degrees. the cloud up. rain arriving on thursday night and friday will be warm, and then it will be wet. period of rain with a high of 72 degrees. the behind that cold front on saturday, temperatures will begin to step down, 60 i should say partly sunny and then on sunday, this is when wind chills will drop in the 30's. the afternoon high only 47 degrees. could have a shower, perhaps even mixed with a few wet snow flakes, and then monday it stays cool but not quite as brutal with a high of 50. tuesday, cloudy with some rain possible, and a high of 49 degrees. if you like mild temperatures, you'll like thursday. even tomorrow, 60 degrees. a lot of sunshine. the pretty nice day. thanks, cecily. today vietnam veterans day and the city of philadelphia honored local vets who never got a welcome home ceremony. they received that solute at the national guard armory in northeast philadelphia. they remembered the troops that didn't make it back. more than 58,000. pennsylvania senator pat
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toomey and philadelphia mayor jim kenney were among officials offering their thanks to these vietnam veterans. a veteran from camden was honored in tonight's town hall meeting in voorhees, new jersey. camden county officials thank lt. col. sarah jane stenton, for her services. she is highly decorated, and served in kabul, as a legal add rise or for the afghan air force. officials presented her with an american flag as a token of appreciation. ♪ sip up a delicious deal at dunkin' for 99 cents. get your afternoon boost with a medium freshly brewed iced tea or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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a paris tradition made its way to bordentown, new jersey. at this overpass, over 295, people have started to hooking locks on to the chain link fencing. they are called love locks. they symbolize unbreakable love. some show the names of couples when they got together or the date that the locks were left. so far there are more than 100 love locks. a lot of people are loving villanova a to beat oklahoma, on saturday night. that is why they are two-point favorites. >> we just talk about that. surprising, given oklahoma beat them by 23 points earlier. >> that was early in the year. >> i'm with them. i say they are favorite. anyway, tomorrow at this timeville know of basketball team will arrive in houston. final four hype will head in over drive. you know it is big when you play basketball in the football dome. nrg stadium getting ready as jay wright, says what a difference 17 years makes.
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he learn a lot from his first and only other trip back in 2009. he will hope to tell his current crop, it is something special. something tells him this week, the celebration may not be his last good when you look at your team and team that is put together and way they are playing right now what makes you think that this is a team that can win the whole thing. >> i really believe we can win it. we can obviously get beat. we're not undestructable but i feel like we have been in tough situations. we do not fear losing. i think that we're very confident. those characteristics can do great things. >> well, here's something, buddy healed having the greatest ncaa scoring run since steph cure any 2008. hield had 37 points in the elite eight. he is averaging over 30 points a game. he is making over 57 percent of his shots, better than curry did. plus he can shoot from
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anywhere on the floor. >> he is a great player. they have a great team. they are well coached. and it is definite the liz a big challenge for us and it is something we will be ready for. >> he is steph curry like where you can do a really good job on his defensively and he can hit tough shots and demoralized you. you cannot get defensively demoralized. if you do a good job and he hits a tough shot. >> did someone say demoralized. >> no good that brings us to the sixers. nerlens noel missing his fourth straight game with the bruised right knee. but he live by the three, you die by the three. sixers had a franchise road 46. they did make 16. robert covington led sixthers with 18. anyway, sixers dominated on the board tonight and they lose to charlotte, 100-85. poor brett brown. they lose their tenth street. their fourth double digit losing streak this season. we will have more sports when we return.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell
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and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. the red wings lost to montreal tonight, this is news because flyers still tied with them at 87 points. flyers have two games in hand. this is quite interesting flyers will have ray emery former goalie, back at the team at shoot around on a try out basis. many twitter followers thought this was a joke. no, it is true. michael neuvirth is out for the rest of the season. >> it the is kind of a shortage of goalies around here so i can come here to you know, fill in and do whatever i can whether that is, be an extra body in practice or backing up, or just getting in the game, i want to see the team do well. >> six case until opening day we have learn codey asche
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suffered a setback in from his injury. he will start the season on the dl. always sun any philadelphia, not so much in clearwater. dreary performance by brett, against yankees. he gave up four runs in seven innings. ryan howard struck out a team leading 16th time, batting .217. game called by rain. phillies were trailing seven-four. >> thanks, jamie. jimmy kimmel live next followed by night line. jimmy's guest are selma heyek, reggie miller and music from lucas graham. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jamie apody, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- salma hayek, reggie miller, and music from lukas graham. with cleto and the cletones. and now on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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