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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 30, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a member of donald trump's team facing charges. the video released by police showing the alleged assault. plus, new video just in. a trump protester getting pepper sprayed. live with the details. hijacking investigation. the hours-long standoff finally coming to an end with people running from the plane and jumping from the cockpit. new details about the man in custody and why investigators say he hijacked the plane. wild weather. blizzard conditions just days from april, plus, severe storms sweeping through the south. the damaging lightning and a palm tree hitting a moving car. the pope's ride up for auction and you won't believe what the bidding is up to this morning.
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good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm pretty sure you heard us say this before. we'll start with the latest controversy surround donald trump. >> trump's campaign manager now facing a battery charge over an incident with a female reporter coming after police release video of the incident involving cory lendowski. trump reskips his promise to support the eventually gop nominee and his rivals did the same. >> the latest from megan hughes from washington. >> reporter: all eyes turning to wisconsin which holds its primary critical primary next tuesday and kendis, you said it. the focus continues to be on donald trump. all three republican candidates appearing on stage separately in wisconsin last night for a cnn town hall.
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donald trump quick to make waves backing out of republican candidates' loyalty pledge. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is. >> i don't anymore. >> no? >> we'll see who it is. >> reporter: every candidate weighing in on the latest shake-up in the twain. corey lewandowski facing a criminal charge of battery taken from an overhead security camera at trump's own golf club showing him with michele fields by his side before lewandowski grabs her and pulls her back gripping her arm allegedly. >> it shouldn't be complicated members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. >> when you have problems like that you have to act. >> reporter: trump stood by him. >> corey is a fine person. >> reporter: outside his event, a 15-year-old protester was pepper sprayed as she clashed with trump supporters. democrats have been quick to pounce. >> ultimately the responsibility is mr. trump's.
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>> reporter: bernie sanders in an interview on cnn. >> what concerned me very much about donald trump is the edginess of calls for vice around his campaign. >> reporter: now, when it comes to that republican loyalty pledge it's important to point out last night ted cruz and john kasich would not commit to backing trump if he becomes the nominee. reena, kendis. >> just when we think it couldn't get any more exciting. thank you very much. new details about that bizarre hijacking involving an egyptair flight. authorities describe him as psychologically unstable. he made a brief court appearance and ordered him held for eight days while the investigation continues. terry moran has more. >> reporter: that red circle identifying the man who would later allegedly hijack the egyptair flight. 6:36 a.m. the plane takes off from alexandria bound for cairo.
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an airbusa320. 55 passengers, 7 crew on board on a 45-minute flight but heads north over the mediterranean and passengers are quietly told they're hijacked. this woman was sitting near the front of the plane. what went through your mind? >> i thought we'll either end up in the sea and he will take the plane and crash it in the sea and die or he'll explode. >> reporter: about an hour and 20 minutes later the plane lands in cyprus and the standoff begins and the suspect, seif eldin mustafa, and he claims to be wearing a suicide belt packed with explosives. mustafa demands to see his ex-wife who lives in cyprus. but soon he releases most of the passengers and they board buses but he keeps four passengers and seven crew as hostages. as the morning drags on the president of cyprus briefs reporters on the hijacking even jokes about it. >> it's not something which has to do with terrorism. always there is a woman involved. >> reporter: and then nearly
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seven hours after this ordeal began, three more people leave the airplane dashing away and one man clambers out of a cockpit window in a daring escape. 20 minutes later mustafa comes down the stairs and is immediately taken into custody. cyprus authorities quickly determined mustafa didn't have a bomb. the explosives were fake just cell phone cases with wires sticking out of them. terry moran, abc news, london. >> this morning families of american military personnel stationed in southern turkey are expected to begin leaving that country today. the state department and the pentagon ordering relatives of u.s. diplomats and military personnel to return home. they're citing security concerns. nearly 700 dependents are expected to be evacuated. well, the battle with the fbi over iphone security is over for now. but apple still has many troubling questions. the government says it got help from a mystery company that volunteered to unlock the san bernardino attacker's phone. apple says it didn't help. now the tech giant would like to
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know how the iphone was hacked. and whether there's a flaw that needs to be corrected. >> president obama's supreme court nominee held his first face-to-face meeting with a republican north despite resistance. merrick garland sat down and susan collins now says she'll also meet with garland. even the senate judiciary committee chairman now says he doesn't think there is any way republicans can prevent having a vote on garland's nomination. in the meantime, the high court has reefed another split decision following the death of antonin scalia. the justices have voted 4-4 in a union case brought by teachers in california who argue that they shouldn't have to pay fees to a union they don't want to join. a lower court ruling favoring the unions will stand. march this year is leaving like a lion. watch this time lapse here. pretty impressive photography. an unusual storm near ft.
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lauderdale. three boca raton firefighters were struck by lightning while battling a house fire. >> although they were knocked to the ground their injuries were minor. on the other side of florida strong winds pushed part of a palm tree on to a passing car. luckily they did not appear to be any major damage to the car but it's a warning to be extra cautious in those windy conditions. >> winter is hanging on. blizzard-like conditions sweeping across the rockies today into wyoming and western nebraska. the storm system already dumped half a foot of heavy, wet snow on to reno and other parts of western nevada. dozens of fender benders were reported along with many stuck vehicles. if you want to see the storm here on the weather radar stretching from nevada into the western plains, denver won't get much snow but parts of colorado and wyoming may get as much as two feet. i'll got my spring dress on ready for warmer weather. ready for warmer weather. >> wouldn't work
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intersections, north carolina's controversial transgender law reaching a boiling point. a high school swim team getting into trouble into the water and needing rescued.
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100 firefighters are battling a raging fire at this recycling center in england. anyone nearby has been urged to stay inside and close their windows because of the toxic fumes. the fire started by accident. well, hundreds of protesters fled to the streets of chapel hill, north carolina, last night. >> all: no peace.
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>> they were rallying against a new state law that is sparking outrage in the lgbt community that requires transgendered people to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their biological gender rather than the gender that they identify with. several major companies that do business in the state are urging north carolina to repeal the law. most car headlights are leaving us in the dark despite all those high-tech features. a new study found only one model among 31 tested earned a good rating. the prius v and that was only with an optional upgrade. the others were rated acceptable. marginal or poor. the insurance institute says better federal standards are needed. anyone remember the landline telephone? 40% of adults no longer have one. google is going into the landline business with its $10 a month fiber phone service. the price includes unlimited the price includes unlimited local and nationwide
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+++ 60% of americans still have landlines. i doubt that. >> you're not one of them. >> no, absolutely not. when we come back, a new report just in about cancer-causing chemicals lining canned foods. under arrest. 12 principals in one city facing bribery charges. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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well, this is a magnificent sight in south florida if you're on the shore. a school of sharks swimming off fort everglades in ft. lauderdale enjoying the warm shallow waters. april is one of the busiest types for shark activity in florida. drivers in florida should know roads will be wet. you may need chains to get through roads across the rockies. if you're flying airport delays are likeliest in denver, houston, dallas, kansas city, new orleans and memphis. dramatic rescues in the chilly waters off the coast of california. >> lifeguards rushed in after 20 swimmers began suffering from p distance swim in 59-degree water. about four-foot seas. the victims were ferried to
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shore on scooters. no one seriously hurt. >> a corruption crackdown in detroit in the public school system has resulted in charges against 12 current and former principals. a school administrator and a vendor were also charged. officials say they were all involved in a $1 million bribery and kickback scheme involving school supplies that were rarely delivered. the charges come as the governor signed a law providing $48 million in emergency funds to keep schools open until the end of the year. well, terminix agreed to pay a $10 million fine for using a banned pesticide which ended up making a family of four seriously ill. steven he pen, teresa divine and two teenage sons were exposed to methyl bromide a year ago while on vacation in the virgin islands. it is highly poisonous and banned since 1984. well, a new alert about bpa and canned foods. a report just released by six environmental health groups found that 67% of the cans that
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they tested contained bpa, a number of brands were tested including campbell's which announced this week that it would eliminate the chemical from its cans by next year. despite the latest report many experts say there is no evidence that the levels of bpa in cans are harmful to people. actor william shatner is reportedly facing a $170 million paternity suit. according to the new york post a 59-year-old man named peter sloan claims to be shatner's son. he says he was given up for adoption as a newborn but after some research he found out that the 85-year-old actor allegedly once had a fling with his biological mother. shatner who reportedly met sloan several times has denied the allegations. sloan says he just wants the actor to take a dna test. fans are remembering the life and remarkable career of patty duke. the actress died tuesday from sepsis. duke started acting in grade school and won an oscar at 16
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for "the miracle worker." dozens of movies for vision she was in and became an advocate for mental health causes discussing her struggle with bipolar disorder when few did. patty duke was 69 years old. >> been a rough year, 2016 already for celebrities. time now for sports. a late nba game and the latest on u.s. soccer. >> we get the details from our friends at espn. >> good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. neil everett, stan verrett and warriors from oakland. >> steph curry, you know, we got tired of counting his threes so decided to count his dunks. this is seven. yeah, on temple. that got the crowd going. warriors wednesday on a 12-0 run to end the half. look at curry. espn access, our toys are better than yours ahead to shaun livingston. draymond green throwing it up to andrew bogut. they practiced that. green was an assist shy of a triple-double.
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curry, stepback. bobby jack. he had 26, last time he had 51 didn't matter. warriors won again. >> you know if you have to advertise that's not a spray tan people think it is. >> people think my hair isn't reel but it is. must win for team usa. clint dempsey and his teammates played like it too. dempsey, six goals against guatemala most by any american against guatemalguatemala. jurgen klinsmann on the hot seat. three critical points for team usa as they take it 4-0 over guatemala. looks like they have a pretty good chance to advance to the next round of qualifying. still a long road to go, though. >> join stan and i for "dancing with the stars." >> not really. back to you. >> i'd watch that. >> you would? >> i'd watch the two of them. >> and geraldo rivera. up next in "the pulse,"
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the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. ♪ time to check "the pulse" and a few red faces you might say among tourism officials in rhode island. >> with much fanfare they rolled out a new video celebrating the uniqueness of the ocean state. lots of lovely views. one tiny problem. one of those unique rhode island scenes is actually from iceland, capital city. >> oh, well, you know, they both have two things in common. reykjavik. rest depses who recently visited there pointed out the error to
4:23 am
them. >> at least we know. >> yes. >> now the catholic afternorchd of new york guarantees this item up for auction is the real deal. it's the hatchback used by pope francis during his visit to the big apple last year. the archdiocese has put it up for auction to raise money and the list price for a fiat usually is under $25,000. >> okay, so this one, though, has a better option. bidding on the charity buzz website is already up to $130,000. philadelphia's popemobile sold for about 82,000 and the winner not only gets a car and lefts of authenticity but a meeting with cardinal timothy dolan here in new york so he can bless it for you, as well. >> the pope is not included, folks. >> but, man, that would be an option. i love how he's kind of just hanging out. >> yeah, he does. he likes to hang out. >> right there. well, proof this morning you can be a momma's boy and a boss at the same time. >> okay, so take a look at this moment. this is at madison square garden. bruce springsteen rocking it out with none other than his adorable mother. >> as you can see, at 88, adele
4:24 am
springsteen still has plenty of moves. we can only hope bruce will be taking the stage when he's that age. >> that looks so fun. it's great. >> he's great. >> now to something that perhaps is all too familiar to many, many parents. a kid clearly not ready for bedtime. take a look. his mother has been trying to put adam to bed for about an hour now. he jumps out of the bed and begins his great escape. >> go, adam, go. go. go. go. the little boy flies down the stairs on his belly and did laugh the entire time. i do not recommend you try this at home i think he's still running. that was a terrific video. >> beautiful moves there on adam. >> that kid is smarter than the average kid, i have to say. >> he knows how to get down the stairs. >> he knows how to make it out. more news after this. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is wednesday morning, 4:27 on the clock. here's what's can coming up on "action news." a teenager is in critical condition after being the latest victim of gunfire in the city of philadelphia. we are live with overnight details. plus, the poisoning plot to can kill a classmate in alaska and police say it was hatched by first graders. a kind gesture towards officers from a south jersey police department does not go unnoticed. as they were mourning a fallen officer. david has your accuweather forecast. matt pelman is here with a look at the roads and the wildcats are leaving town today. big game coming up this weekend. it's all next. >> ♪ yesterday in northern new jersey, but there was a 9-year-old boy out on the links. >> practicing for the finals of a national competition. wabc's rob powers has the story.
4:28 am
>> it's going to be like a good learning experience to feel what it feels like to be under pressure and i'm going to have a lot of fun. >> reporter: fun for him, fun for the whole family, jack qualified for the national drive, chip and putt competition this sunday. just before the big guys tee off at the masters. uh-huh. he's playing augusta national. >> heaven on earth that place so hard to put into words even still. we're just proud of them regardless of. can you imagine your son being there competing set foot on the 18th hole where no one gets to plays in you're a professional. >> reporter: he wears red and black like his favorite, tiger woods, goffing since 18 months old and makes it look so easy, so effortless, it's not. and on super tuesday he's 1 of only 40 boys putting the swing to the test and this good golfer, this good kid with wiz dom way beyond his nine years
4:29 am
with advice for any golfer. >> have fun. you should always have fun playing golf. whether you're not -- whether you're good, whether you're bad, you should always have fun. >> reporter: and now not just this huge national competition, but a family trip. >> all because jack gets to do something he just has fun with and doesn't take it really any more seriously than that and isn't that wonderful. >> playing golf. it's fun. >> and his parents do call him a golf nut since he was 18 months old but you know what, he says at 9 years old this is his biggest achievement in golf. >> hey, he's got a really good swing. i could take a lesson or two from him. >> a big future. >> he sure does. >> that's what's making news in america. >> stay with us for "good morning america." everyone, have a great wednesday.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. nice to be back. >> yeah. >> it is 4:30 on this wednesday mr. 30. >> we're following several new stories this morning. investigators are looking for the arsonist who set a front porch on fire overnight. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out if a teenager shot in the back is an innocent bystander. we're live with the latest. >> a berks county arena is implementing new security measures in response to recent terror attacks. >> first up let's find out how cold it or not cold it will be with dave murphy. it was cold yesterday david


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