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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 30th. here's what's happening. >> we have an update on the children who were caught being rowdy and disgusting on a septa train. "action news" has tracked down their parents and you will hear from them. >> after the crisis in flint schools in the tri-state region are focused on testing their water systems. we have an update. >> and the villanova wildcats and their fans are ready to take their game to a whole new level. now the team is gearing up for the final four showdown. >> excited, nervous, anxious, all those things, i'm sure the entire delaware valley feels that way. let's head over to dave murphy. he's got a look at your accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers. good morning. >> we're off to a clear but cool start you can seat lack
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of any significant cloud cover around the area so we're looking at plenty of sunshine not only this morning but throughout the day. it is cold, though. as projected we have slipped into the up are 30's in philadelphia. some spots like lancaster reading allentown and millville, new jersey, that have all slipped into the 20's this morning. 36 degrees in wilmington, 32 the freezing mark in trenton and below freezing at the airport in atlantic city. not as much wind out there as there was the last couple of days but it is cold. and we're expecting to stay between about 34 and 36 between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock on the bus stop and most neighborhoods mainly clear not as breezy but maybe a little extra gear on the kids, the kind that we used to use about three or four weeks ago. 40 degrees by 9 o'clock. 47 by 11:00. now we are going to get better this afternoon. by 3 o'clock we'll be at 58 degrees and we're expecting a high of 60. that comes at about 4 o'clock but not much wind, too. plenty of sunshine but obviously still on the cool side this afternoon. just a little better than this morning. pollen counter is still running high the next several days. it does ease back a bit on saturday and that's partly because of some rain that will
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be filtering through through the day on friday. details on that rain coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. matt. >> ready to give that winter gear a rest but this morning we need to call upon it once again. on 95 things looking good for your morning drive. overnight construction approaching 413 has cleared out. everything is reopened moving just fine as you head down towards woodhaven road through bucks county on 95. speeds in the mid 50. no complaints over on the schuylkill expressway. overnight construction the new resurfacing project around city hall along north broad street wrapped up at 5 o'clock. they'll be back out there at 7 o'clock tonight but for now no need to worry about that. nearby this is the vine street expressway close to the schuylkill. no overnight construction here. everything's opened and ready for you. but there is still some overnight work in bucks county on the pennsylvania turnpike. eastbound the right lane is blocked between street road and the delaware valley interchange and westbound if you're in a truck or a bus coming off the connector bridge, keep in mind you want to stay to your left after
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that big vehicle fire yesterday morning, still doing some repairs and cleaning up there. new castle delaware overnight construction and 295 northbound near 95 in the process of wrapping up so everything should be reopened there very shortly on this wednesday morning. matt and tam. >> thank you, matt. the parents of the young children seen in thisline video terrorizing riders on a septa train are talk about the incident. >> the video appears to show the children swearing spitting and hitting other passengers. the parents say they are not happy with this scene. >> "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in olde city with more on the ugly ordeal and mom and dad's response. annie. >> reporter: matt and tam, that's right it was here at second and market that the kids and then a woman actually got onto the market frankford line. it was soon after that that one of the riders actually recorded the kids hitting cursing and even spitting at them. well, septa police said yesterday they wanted to track down the kids to make sure that they were safe and to see if they needed professional
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help. this is the video of a group of potty mouthed kids firing insults to a person recording them on the market frankford line last thursday. four boys and a girl traveling with a woman. the mother of two of the boys, eight and 10, says she's embarrassed. >> i just want to apologize to everybody that seen that video. i want to apologize to the man that went through that. >> reporter: yesterday "action news" aired unblurred video to help identify the kids. tips from "action news" helped police find the two families of the children. >> we want to get them help. this is not a case where at 6:00 a.m. some day we're going to be busting down a door and dragging them out in little handcuffs. it's just not going to hail. the father of the 11 and seven-year-old boys and the eight-year-old girl says he's not surprised about the kids' language but he is angry at the children for their behavior. oh also blames the person recording them telling us his kids were egged on. >> you know, they not kids with silver spoons, you know, born -- all they hear is curse words from inside the house through the whole street and
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everything, you know and then seeing this stranger started enticing them getting a kick off of seeing little kids being kids. they don't put that on the news when he's calling the kids monkey and all that. that's racist. >> reporter: and the parents also say that two of the kids are being treated for add it's not clear what will happen next. we do know that septa police did sit down with the parents and the children and did interview them. it's not clear if they interviewed the person who was recording that video and again they say that this is still an ongoing investigation. for now reporting lively in olde city, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." tamala. >> all right, annie, thank you for that. it is 5:05 and police in mercer county, new jersey, are looking for two men who robbed, beat and tied up a 92-year-old woman. this happened on manor drive in ewing sometime between monday night and yesterday morning. investigators say the suspects broke into the woman's home while she was asleep and demand money. they tied her up with appliance cords and dragged her down to the basement. a friend noticed that her door
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was opened and called police. they discovered the woman badly beaten but conscious. she's now in the hospital in guarded condition. neighbors say they cannot imagine why anyone would want to hurt an elderly woman. >> she's quiet. she keeps to herself. she used to belong to the garden club. >> one thing if you're going to rob somebody but there's no reason to beat her. >> police have not released a description of the attackers and what, if anything, they made off with. >> new here on "action news," the lehigh county man accused of can killing a woman, stuffing her body into a recycling bin and then opening fire on police officers is headed to trial. 62-year-old walter brad vault is charged with homicide and abuse of a corp. 59-year-old rose sin would you ski's body was found on valentine's day in a recycling bin at an allentown apartment complex. police attempted to arrest brad fold a few days later when they say he exchanged gunfire with them. a detective and brad fold were
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wounded. >> new information about a story that "action news" first told you about yesterday. the bethlehem area school district says water tested at northeast middle school contained lead levels that were well below federal standards. the district collected water samples after a lehigh university professor of environmental engineering tested the drinking water. now, the professor looked at water samples from bethlehem's northeast middle school, allentown's allen high school and union terrace elementary school. and the professor said that the lead levels found in his tests were higher than the federal standards. the allentown school district is still waiting for their own test results. and we've got an update on the horse who was pelted with more than a hundred paintballs. doctors say lilly could leave the new bolton center in kennett square this week. she would move to a recovery barn. test results show lilly does not have an infectious disease can which means she can get out of isolation. doctors also say despite the ulcer in her left eye she does have some vision. there's still a reward for information that leads to the
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people that hurt lilly f you're interested in adopting this sweet horse contact omega horse rescue. >> the final four hype is about to head into overdrive. the villanova wildcats leave for houston today. the cats play the oklahoma sooners at nrg stadium on saturday evening. coach jay wright's first and only other trip to the final four was back in 2009 with the cats. he sees something special with this season's team and hopes last weekend's celebration over their kansas victory will not be their last. >> i really believe we can win it. we can obviously get beat. we're not -- we're not indestructible. but i just feel like we've been in tough situations. we don't fear losing. and i think we're very confident. those characteristics can can do great things. >> "action news" will be in houston with the cats as they continue their push for a national championship. jeff skversky and resident wildcat alicia vitarelli will
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have live reports starting on thursday. reminder to alicia and remind you i picked villanova to win it fall my bracket weeks ago. >> he loves to tell us when he's right so i'm sure -- >> if matt wins he can take us out to breakfast. >> i didn't put any money on it. >> didn't put money on it, all right. storm tracker6 live double scan, what do we got? we got nothing out there in the way of precipitation which is always niles. as we take a look outside the big issue this morning is how cold it is and center city philadelphia is among those spots that are in the 30's at this point. we've just switched to the 30's just within the last half hour or so. take a look at numbers across the region. down to 39 in philadelphia but that's one of the milder spots. 36 degrees in wilmington, freezing mark in trenton currently. in the upper 20's in trenton -- excuse me, allentown, redsing, lancaster and 27 in millville. so, a lot of cold air in place out there and some of you might want to just grab that heavier coat that maybe has been sitting in the closet for the last several weeks. go together have plenty of sunshine as we get past sunrise though and looks like we'll stay mainly sunny today
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and temperatures will improve as we move through the day. up in the lehigh valley we will bounce back to 59 for a high. lots of sun and this is an important part of the forecast today, isn't it? less wind. boy we really got rocked with some late march winds the last couple of days but not so much today. lots of sun with less wind at the shore, 54 degrees is the high there and in philadelphia we'll bounce back to 60 which is a little better than yesterday. mostly sunny skies, not as windy. winds only running out of the south at about seven to 14 miles per hour. that's not really much. and then overnight tonight it will not be as cold. in fact, we're going start to turn toward milder conditions over the next 24 hours and it will start overnight where we only go down to 46 degrees, a few clouds around and again, winds on the light side tonight. then tomorrow we've got a warm front pushing off to the north. a cold front coming in from the south. you can see that southerly flow coming in around an area of high pressure off the coast and ahead of that front and we're going to zoom all the way to 72 tomorrow. now, with the frontal boundary approaching from the west, sun will give way to clouds and there could be some rain at night.
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but during the day time it looks like it's going to be pretty good. by 6 o'clock future tracker6 still has us dry. this is tomorrow night. but as we move past about eight, 9, 10 o'clock there is the chance of some showers building in on thursday night, maybe a rumble of thunder and friday looks a little bit choppy with off and on periods of rain. you were seven-day from accuweather, 60 today, sunny, not as windy. tomorrow, 72, mainly dry during the day with that rain and a rumble of thunder at night. and then friday rain at times, might see a peek of sunshine when it isn't raining but there will be periods of shower activity, another thunderstorm around a warm high of 74. after that cooler air marches back in. breezy and cooler on saturday, a high of 60. little spotty shower possible on saturday. sunday a little more sunshine mixing with clouds but a high of only 47. and it will probably be a bit on the windy side on sunday. then monday clouds giving way to some sun, 50 degrees the high. late in the day or at night some showers are possible, maybe even a couple of wet snowflakes in the northern and western suburbs monday night. and tuesday also a a little uned.
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>> cold start to april, hm. >> uh-huh, yeah. >> thanks, david. 5:11. still ahead on "action news" more stories you didn't see last night. fallout continues for the new york nurse convicted of snapping lewd pictures of her patients. >> a smashed up windshield but it wasn't an act of vandalism. why a college professor is now joining the search for what caused this damage. matt. >> good morning, tam. we're live here in fishtown along girard avenue at frankford avenue by johnny brenda's where things are nice and quiet. nobody's out so far this morning. but construction crews are out and about in several spots. we'll tell you where those zones are after the break. >> and news that some march madness fans might not be comfortable with. a staple song that ends the tournament will be altered. details later in the morning buzz. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less.
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>> ♪ >> good morning. >> we've already woke can ken up. >> wake up. welcome back. good morning. you're taking a live look here down the shore there on sky6. beautiful lit up. as you step out this morning david is reminding you, you probably want to take a coat out this morning. 41 degrees, 5:been. >> matt, tam was trying to be nice but what she was trying to say is wake up. >> have we woken up. >> probably not. >> i'm getting fired up this morning. good morning, matt and tam on a wednesday morning coming out of the suburbs so far so good. we had overnight construction we were what watching on 422. they were working a little bit ago in the westbound lanes here by route 23. crews are off to the side. both lanes are opened coming out of king of prussia headed out towards oaks. check it off the list.
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you're good to go no, sir now on 422. new zones started in bucks county. couple closures because of some bridge work along county line road, a short stretch is closed through next friday there in warrington township between fairmount avenue and park road. you can stay up to the north on street road to get around it or to the south on horsham road. those are some good alternates. in northampton township we lost the willow road bridge over iron works creek on monday. that project going through june. to get around that stay up on tanyard road or down on new road as some alternates. more conduction go constructionr county. resurfacing a 6-mile stretch of the route one bypass in the oxford area between hopewell road and newark road. overnight construction continues on the a.c. expressway in egg harbor township until 6:30 this morning. two lanes blocked between the parkway and route nine. also the ramp from the parkway southbound to the a.c. expressway is blocked through friday so the ramps at the
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white horse pike or black horse pike would be better bets. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. object on the road on 95 south close to oregon avenue in south philadelphia. heads up if you're traveling through in neck of the woods. matt. >> thanks matt. new on "action news," a jeep flipped from a bridge in alabama and got stuck upside down in a tree. the 50-year-old driver was rescued from the river bank below on a stretcher but later died at the hospital. witnesses think he fell out of the vehicle. police are still not sure how that jeep ended up in the tree. it took almost three hours to hoist the vehicle back onto the bridge. >> also new a texas teen is charged with allegedly taking a picture of one of her classmates using the bathroom and then posting that on social media. police say 17-year-old caylee barnhill invaded a fellow junior's privacy. the victim says barnhill snapped the lewd photo last week while the student was using the restroom. they say barnhill then poster it on the social media app snapchat where it was shared by others. the district says barn little is no longer a student at the
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baytown school and she's expected in court later this is week. also new on "action news," an upstate new york nurse has surrendered her medical license. last year kristen johnson was convicted of snapping lewd pictures of unconscious patients sending them via text to coworkers. the flurries is now serving a three year probation sentence. >> flyers host the capitals tonight. flyers remain in control that of final playoff spot in the eastern conference with seven games left. the sixers lost their tenth straight game last night. nerlens noel holmesser? my ya' grant and jahlil okafor all missed last night's 100 to 85 loss to the hornets. the sixers face the hornets again on friday in charlotte. >> 5:18. coming up, why you'll never have to choose between a doughnut and ice cream again. >> pain in the ear. how some moms are reducing the risk of ear infections in their children.
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>> a mysterious ice chunk landed from there sky. york college professor dr. bill krieger vows to figure out where it came from. he thinks it could have come from a plane or it was somehow an act of nature. >> hm. >> a rare phenomenon known as mega cryo meteor where chunks of ice strike each other at high speeds in the atmosphere and fall to the ground is among his suspects. >> say that five times. >> okay. later. >> we don't have time. [laughter] >> nothing mysterious along the schuylkill expressway. traffic is moving well in each direction here by passyunk avenue in south philadelphia but yesterday a new project got started. 33 and a half million dollars project in fact to rehab the passyunk avenue drawbridge over the schuylkill. watch out for new restrictions during the overnight hours that began last night. david. >> dressing the kids warmly for temperatures in the 30's this morning, matt, but this
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afternoon it does get better. we'll get into the 50's fairly quickly by noon in fact and we're expecting a high this afternoon of 60 degrees under the sun. less wind than yesterday. that 60 arriving at about 4 o'clock this afternoon. quickly at the airport hoping for all green aircraft meaning no major delays. that's what we've got. there's a little rain out in dallas, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to health check, good news for new parents who have heard all those horror stories about ear infections. a new study suggests that the number of ear infections in infants has dropped over the past couple decades. the reason may be linked to more breastfeeding. analysis show fewer colds and not being breastfed were major risk factors for ris babies. a decline in smoking rates could also be one of the major reasons. >> good morning. topping america's money stocks rally on news from the fed. wall street begins the day at its highest level since the start of the year. >> investors were pleased by comments from federal reserve chair janet yellen saying that
5:23 am
the fed will move slowly to raise interest rates. >> most automobile headlights leave us apparently in the dark despite new high tech features. >> an insurance industry study found only one model among 31 tested that managed a good rating. the prius v and then only with an optional upgrade. the others were acceptable marginal or poor. a boston area shop will be offering a doughnut ice cream cone on its opening day of the season. that happens to be friday april 1st. but the shop owners say this is no april fool's joke. >> just a chocolate dipped cone shaped doughnut dipped in sugar for one day only and the need to work it off the next day. >> sign me up. >> that's america's money. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> in the morning buzz, we're talking about this. a very devoted little fan of the san antonio rampage hockey team he's lighting up the internet as a meme. it shows little james in a hospital bed and it reads i do not always take a puck to the head and get three staples but when i do i tell the doctor to hurry so i can get back to see the rampage win. a take on the most interesting man commercials. and this is what actually happened to little james during sunday's game. he got hurt and that's him in the hospital bed but now the five-year-old is doing just fine. >> turn down for what?
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>> ♪ >> he is not turning down for anybody. this video of an oklahoma toddler playing in his first t-ball game you got to love i it. the batter was taking too long so cooper decided to turn up after his mom nicky sent cooper's wiggle to a littlejohn song it went viral. >> ♪ >> one shining moment will sound a little bit different the classic when the ncaa tournament comes to an end this year turner network executives say they've rihanna recorded the famous song that most famous version is sung by luther vandross. it has been a staple at the end of the final telecast since 1987. well, offering few clues about the new version what it will sound like officials say it will still be r and b but we can guarantee it will not be
5:28 am
charles barkley singing it. you can never go wrong with luther. why would you change it? it will be interesting to see what they came up with. matt. >> better be good. 5:28. still ahead on "action news" a disturbing story out of alaska. three students are accused of plotting to kill their classmate and they are only in the first grade. gun shots are fired in west philadelphia overnight leaving a teen fighting for his life. "action news" continues. >> ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> happening now on "action news" bullets rain down on a philadelphia street striking a teenaged boy in the back. >> accuweather says a chilly start will lead to sunny skies and a warmup this afternoon. >> happening today, a sendoff celebration for nova nation. wildcats leave for the final four today. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday march 30th. karen is avenue. matt pelman is filling in and we also have dave murphy. >> we're off to a clear start on satellite. you can see the lack of any significant cloud cover. there will be a little bit trying to push in later today but generally speaking it's going to be a bright o


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