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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick and sara are off i'm monica malpass. a man accused of running a men
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lab that sparked a fire in a home. but the big story on "action news" is gun fire that frightened a local community and left a teenager fighting for his life. shots rang out on simpson street in south philadelphia last night. when it was over a 14-year-old young man was in critical condition. katherine scott is live in the neighborhood that is still on edge. >> reporter: that is right monica. that 14-year-old boy remains in the hospital in extremely critical condition. the shooting took place on this sidewalk last night and today investigators are trying determine the motive. >> the chalk evidence outlines remain today on simpson street near race in philadelphia. where police say that eight shots were fired last night at 8:30. >> we heard a lot of shots, directly across from me. and i was terrified and pet fridayed and i grabbed my granddaughter under the bed with
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me and we had to stay there for quite a while. >> soon after police were called about the shooting, a call came in that a 14-year-old found on 61st and vine shot in the back. his friends were walking down the street and discovered him there injured. we don't have a trips of a shooter or shooters. we are not even certain at this time if this 14-year-old victim was the intended target. >> this morning flyer were placed on each doorstep on simpson. urging neighbors to report suspicious activities. it states that illegal narcotic activity is a major reason for crime in the area. and police are calling for more safety measures to be put in place. >> cameras, streetlights, let us have some kind of help. >> i am not staying, i'm paying
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off my mortgage and getting out of this area. >> investigators are checking nearby surveillance areas and hoping they can find footage that can tell them who was involved and about what happened. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the man accused of murder in rittenhouse square is in court right now. this is for steven siminger. he is accused of shooting mcgovern who died at the hospital. look for an update from annie mccormick coming up at 12:30. from our delaware news. police arrested a man that accidentally started a fire while cooking methamphetamines. they found evidence of a meth lab in the garage and said that james sparks was mixing materials in a bottle that blew up and set that garage on fire.
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multiple vehicles collided on grays avenue this morning. two cars ended up on the sidewalk. a 4-year-old suffered serious injuries. septa police have identified five young children seen cursing and hitting train passengers in this viral social media video. officials circulated the video from the market frankford line trying to get the families some help. "action news" spoke with the passengers and they apologized for their behavior. and one father says that the person video taping them was actually egging them on. >> lets take a live look from center city, bright and milder with less wind today and even warmer temperatures are coming. david murphy has more on that
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from the "action news" big board. >> reporter: sure thing, you just showed it to us on sky 6 hd, a good looking day, the closest cloud cover is out in pittsburgh and if we see anything it will be high and thin and scattered. after a chilly start where most neighborhoods were notice 30s and 20s in some cases. 33 in reading and 48 cooler down by the cool ocean water. the best thing of all is the wind. it's not nearly as strong as it has been the last day and a half. only a 9 miles per hour wind in philadelphia right now. this is jendly coming up from the south and bringing in milder air from a southeasterly direction and eventually we'll tap into warmer air from the southwest. that is ahead in the perhaps 24 do 48 hours. 56 is the high better than yesterday. look at the overnight low it was
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46, and tomorrow it will be better. a warm front is spreading across our region to the north, an area of low pressure by minnesota and a related cold front pushing through the east over the next 42 hours. you get the flow coming up from the south from the cold front and an area of high pressure off the coast and a counterclockwise flow is from that and it's not as cold tonight and why tomorrow afternoon that continued mild flow gets us even milder. monica i hope you like the 70s we'll get a couple of days of that. the tradeoff is the rain and we'll check that out and the weekend call coming up. now the final four countdown. the buildup is exciting. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is on campus waiting
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for the team's sendoff. >> this campus is bustling all week as the countdown to the final four continues. navigating the aisles inside of the villanova book store was not easy. the prefinal four hype is in full swing. fans need their nova gear. bob came from williamstown, new jersey. >> it's crazy, i can't explain it. it's like -- you know, i don't know what to say. >> the basketball leaves today and the villanova band tomorrow, for them it's a dream come true. >> it's unbelievable to have that experience. lindsay farley is heading down to houston to have fun and cheer on her wildcats. the countdown is ticking and going to class is not easy. >> i am ramped. i'm so ready.
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>> and the university received 700 game tickets from theck. ncaa. >> they sent this potato pie with cheese on it. one of the ways that nova nation is showing their love for the wildcats as they prepare for their game in houston and "action news" will be in houston. jeff skversky and alicia vitarelli will have live reports starting tomorrow. still to come on "action news" this noon, shining the light on a car safety problem, a new report says that many headlights are not bright enough to let you see in the dark. and a deadly plot created by third graders.
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to stay behind bars while police investigating his intentions. mustafa claimed he had a suicide belt. and asked to see his wife. he will be held until he is sent back to egypt to face charges. the pentagon will increase military in europe. about 1600 soldiers will be sent there next year along with heavy vehicles and equipment. all part of trying to keep allies from worrying about threats from russia. threats from third graders plotting to kill a classmate. they wanted to use gel packets from their lunch boxes to poison a classmate. it was not toxic but the
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students thought it was. they left the consequences up to the school and the father says that the punishments is not enough. >> is that the appropriate punishment for a school that has a several year waiting list, a lottery school. there are kids waiting to get into this school. >> more than 500 children are on the waiting list to attend the charter school. a new report says that your car headlights may not be powerful enough. it comes from the institute for highway safety. they tested 21 cars and two thirds were rated poor or marginal. it made it difficult for drivers to see down a dark road. >> you can have the simulate or aim it differently, and you'll get a totally different amount of visibility. toyota prius headlights were the
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only ones to get the top rated. and the halogen lights are used in the bmw 3 series. the race for the white house is heating up in wisconsin before the state's april 5th primary. and donald trump says he will stand by his embattled campaign manager. he watched the surveillance video of him who is accused of battery. >> it looks like nothing occurred it looks like she he is trying to pull her hand off my arm. that pen could have been a knife. it could have been dangerous. >> all other candidates backed off a pledge to back their party's eventual nominee. >> and hillary clinton seems to be softening to a debate before new york's primary on april 19th.
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coming up joining forces to fight cancer, plus your summer ice-cream could be more expensive this year. we'll tell you what is driving up the costs.
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delta airlines pilot are pushing for a pay raise. they want a 4% pay raise, they say that would bring their pay back to what it was before. union officials believe that
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delta can afford the raises after making record profits last year. both sides are due back at the negotiating table tomorrow. the seattle times reports that boeing is eliminating about 4,000 jobs in washington state. it includes hundreds of executives and managers and boeing says more layoffs could come by the end of the year if cost saving measures are not met. ice-cream could cost more because vanilla beans are in short supply. supply is not keeping up with demand. one of the world's largest vanilla bean producer had a bad year last year. everything from cakes to ice-cream could be impacted . now a new report says why insurance could go up.
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they say people were sicker and had higher medical costs, that may be why company like blue cross came up with rake hikes. john top kins is getting $35 million to research a certain type of cancer. the money will support studies on amino therapy that uses a patient's own immune cell against cancer cells. but it only works on a handful of patients and they are working to figure out why. and this little girl sobbed when she found out that president barack obama was leaving the oval office. and two years ago this
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soulful sounds from a home town cast member of the play beautiful. he talked to students about what he learned professionally in the theater. beautiful is playing through
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april 3rd at the academy of music. sounded great. >> good for him. >> lets check out the forecast, good for us. >> it was cold this morning. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are absolutely dry out there and if we look outside the sunshine has taken over over the commodore barry bridge. and the sun and a southerly flow is helping to improve our numbers. 52 in philadelphia and your dew point all the way down at 12. and winds from the south 9 miles per hour. temperatures across the region, a bounce back up in allentown where you started in the mid-20s this morning and same thing in reading and now the low 50s and a tic higher in reading than you are in philadelphia currently. 51 in millville and down the shore cooler, upper 40s and still not bad especially when you consider the lack of strong wind. clouds overnight are gone and
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the latest cloud cover near pittsburgh, it is falling apart when you encounter the dry air in place. lots of sun in the lehigh valley certainly, less wind and milder with a high of 59 degrees, not too bad. down the shore we go with lots of sun and less wind and high of 54. next to the cooler ocean water. and how about 60 for a high. mostly sunny and not as windy and winds from the south at 7 to 14 miles per hour. a good looking day and good feel too. probably yack et weather but not bad. 64 at 4:00, and the evening commute looking okay with the sun glass weather in place, sunny and 58 and 56 by 6:00 and 7:00 as the sun gets closer to the horizon, we are down to 53. overnight tonight, we are not as cold as we were this morning. we woke up in the 20s and 30s, tomorrow 46 is the morning low. a few clouds overnight and not
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as cold and part of the reason we retain milder temperatures is because of that, the southwest wind. when that comes out of the southwest it almost always bringing warmer air. and that is the direction we see tomorrow and it continues to bump the number up. circulation is coming around the coastal high all conspires to get us warmer and we wind up with a high of 72. the tradeoff with front coming in is more clouds during the day. the rain probably doesn't get to us until tomorrow night. 6:30 at night and then nighttime 10:00, 11:00 we see showers coming in through the western suburbs and may be a rumble of thunder at night and then the pattern continues through the day on friday but still mild on friday with the front to the
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west. so a couple of mild days, thursday probably the better of the two. tomorrow high pollen and friday high although we see the rain starting to filter in and we may see that pollen level drop on friday afternoon and saturday it should be a little bit better. your exclusive accuweather forecast, high today is 60 and lots of sunshine. a lot of you on my social media page says we are done with this wind and you are done with it today. tomorrow warmer and high of 72 and rain likely holding off until nighttime. and rain off and on through the day on friday, and another mild high of 74. but not as nice overall as thursday. and two waves of cool air for the weekend. saturday 62 degrees and breezy and cooler conditions and spotty shower and then on sunday the second shot arrives, windy and chilly and 47. looks like we stay on or about
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50 on tuesday. >> we have to keep the warmer coats handy. meantime the construction site is giving us a window into the past. fossils dating back 400 million years, making it a perfect place for coral to thrive. scientists believe there are animals in the fossils and they will be part of the iowa's history as they studiy them furnish. more on the next half hour of "action news" at noon. the tough life of musician miles davis is about to hit theaters and lego is teaming up with disney to make characters in miniature. those stories and more up next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and david murphy. >> rick and sara are off today, i'm monica malpass, here are the stories we are following on "action news" at 12:30. an alleged comment about a hat led to violence and death on rittenhouse square. we are live now with that man in court today. there is an arson
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investigation in cobb's creek after someone set fire to this porch. officials say the arsonist knew the person that knew there. and the man accused of hijacking a plane in egypt is not unknown to the law. why one man took a selfie with the hijackers. and an argument in rittenhouse square led to a stabbing. and that man is this court for a preliminary hearing. >> reporter: that hearing is still going on, there are people testifying now including a friend of the victim who is also a witness and several homicide desks are also slated to testify. police state that this man, 40-year-old steve siminger stabbed colin mcgovern on thursday march 13th. according to a friend of the victim's took the sta


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