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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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thank you so much. for allowing me to get my baby back safe. >> a relieved mother is thanking police after her kidnapped baby was returned safe and now the woman accused of stealing the infant is going to court. rick and sara are off and i'm monica malpass and the big story is the latest on the kidnapping at the king of prussia mall. annie mccormick is live at king of prussia with more. >> reporter: monica we are still waiting for the charges to come down for the the suspect. right now she is in custody since overnight. she will be arraigned here at the justice's office this afternoon. sources are giving us a better idea of why she was arrested so quickly. there was surveillance video that did positively identify her and after the amber alert went out, family members called police because they recognized
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her. >> family was there when they reunited with the child. her mother said this. >> thank you to the upper merion police department season everybody on social media, that helped me get my baby back. i want to thank you all so much. >> 5:30 p.m. yesterday simmons mother reported that a woman in the mall kidnapped him after striking a conversation with her and waited until the young mother was distracted. surveillance video caught the abductor leaving the mall with the babe why in hand. and little hasheem's picture flooded the internet. >> we used the tips to go to several locations. >> she took the abducted baby to show relatives. she said she was pregnant and
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recently gave birth and was in the hospital. and then a tip to the barbershop. at the upper merion police station the baby's family rejoiced and her family is trying to grasp what the motivation was. >> the lady may have a problem. she may have a child, may have lost a child or something. there is something wrong. >> you are forgiving her? >> i ain't saying i'm forgiving her it's a 50/50 chance. >> again, sources say that the woman who is accusing of abducting the young boy did not know the family. we are expecting to learn more about what her motivation may have been once the affidavit is filed. we are waiting for the police to file the charges expected
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sometime soon. reporting live in king of prussia, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are updating for you with the latest information as it comes in. and photos from the moment the baby was reunited with his family. investigators are trying to figure out why a man opened fire here at a bus station in richmond virginia. the gunman shot chad dermyer several times before the gunman was shot and killed by troopers. and two civilians were also shot and expected to recover. dermyer was taking part in a training exercise when the man walked up and opened fire. >> i heard pops and i never actually heard a real gunshot before. >> my hand was on the handle and i heard two gunshot goes off and i didn't think they were
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gunshots, and there were five or ten after that, and i could see the muzzle flash through the door. >> from our delaware newsroom now, one person is dead and another is recovering from a shooting at a restaurant. detectives are trying to figure out who opened fire at the shades of blue bar and grill. police have yet to identify the man found dead at the scene. the second man was wounded and hospitalized no arrests have been made. accuweather is tracking april showers, maybe even thunderstorms on this first day of april. we have clouds up above, and a mild friday, and temperatures however are set to take a dive over the weekend. lets get the latest conditions from melissa magee. a lot going on into the first few days of april. we are tracking showers and you can see a couple of them on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar some light activity across berks county in reading and even
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into pottsville and a thunderstorm warn that expired about an hour ago in cape may and cumberland county. we'll widen out the camera on stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d, this works its way eastward through the rest of afternoon hours and into the early evening and ahead of that it's mild with the southerly wind. 69 in philadelphia and 70 for reading and lancaster. up in allentown 69 and once you get the south facing wind off the atlantic it's cooler there. so you are coming in at 56 and 67 off to the west in dover. what we can expect for the rest of day. a rumble of thunder can't rule that out with a frontal passage moving on through. the best bet is right through the afternoon and early evening
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hours and with the passage of the front i would not be surprised to see winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. with that said there could be a brief, heavy downpour across the region and the cold front moves on through and a cold shot of air and the return of winter into the weekend. the details are coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> final four weekend is almost here. 700 very excited villanova students are headed out to support their team. they departed this morning for a flight to houston texas to cheer on the wildcats tomorrow night. alicia vitarelli is already there. she joins us live at nrg stadium in houston. >> reporter: hey monica, as a wildcat myself, i could not be more proud of that big old v out in front of the nrg stadium here in houston and of course it's on fire this time tomorrow as the
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villanova wildcats take on the oklahoma sooners fighting for that spot in the championship game and nova nation as you saw has arrived and so have members of the 85 championship team we had a chance to catch up with some of them. we caught up with them at the royal sinnesta the official hotel here in houston. steve was on the team that clinched nova's first and only total. he is the seep you're development director for the team's athletics. he says that being here is like deja vu and he is confident that he will be here for the school's second national championship. you know it may be a nail biter. >> every game will go down to the last shot and last two seconds and our team is good at winning close games. >> what feeling do you get watching the teams?
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butterflies in your stomach? i remember what it was like seeing these guys. >> i'm a fan of the team and proud of this group, the way they handle themselves and really pulling for them they are great kids and a great school. >> the swag is going fast. i had to pick up a penent here myself. notice the big v on the right. we'll go to fan-fest from here to check it out and see how they are celebrating ahead of the big game tomorrow and find out how philly is taking on houston, i hear it's barbecue and boots. we'll have that tonight on "action news" at 4:00, we are live in houston waiting to cheer on our wildcats, alicia vitarelli, channel 6 "action news." >> and cowboy hats i'm sure. we want you to show us your nova spirit, join the action by sharing your pictures on social
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media, use #6abcaction. and we'll have continuing coverage from houston including a special report tonight, it's called march to a championship. it's an "action news" sports special tonight at 7:30 right here on 6 abc. check it out. still to come on "action news" at noon, a tour boat runs directly into trouble in san diego, what passengers say about the ride that went from calm to crazy. and explosive material is found on a school bus, how the cia is explaining this mistake. if you have medicare
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a storm system that brought tornados in southern states moving towards the carolinas. in new hope, mississippi, the national weather service is looking into whether a tornado touched down yesterday. strong winds knocked down trees and caused roof damage and in kentucky the line of severe weather damaged a middle school. school was in session at the time and fortunately nobody was hurt. in california, a sightseeing trip ended with a bang when this large tour boat crashed into a crowded san diego pier.
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that violent jolt landed seven people in the hospital, 135 passengers and crew members were on board for a whale watching ship. many felt like they were going too fast and braced for the impact. >> one girl hit her head real bad they had to put her in a neck brace and everything. >> behind me some lady they took to the hospital fell and hit her head on the deck and slid when she did that, i think she was hurt kind of bad. >> they complained about the propulsion system before the crash. parents in virginia are angry after they learned that explosive training material was accidentally left on the school bus. it was left on the bus last week when the students were on spring break. the cia was holding a training
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exercise with local law enforcement. the material sat on the bus for two days before a maintenance worker discovered them during a routine check. nearly a half million children are not in class right now because their teachers walked off the job, it's happening in the chicago school district. teachers are marching on picket lines for a one-day strike, they are demanding more education funding from the state. the kids were given the option to spend the day at churches or libraries instead. in the race for president candidates on both sides were look ago head to the next primaries, for republicans next tuesday's primary in wisconsin could narrow the gap between ted cruz and donald trump. if cruz wins donald trump would have to win 77% of the rest of the delegates. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in new york ahead of that primary.
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>> if we win here in new york we are going to make to the white house. >> hillary clinton is reminding voters in new york as her time as senator and promoting a plan aimed at revitalizing manufacturing. she is heading to pittsburgh on april 6th. registration is now open for this fall's philadelphia marathon, die hard runners snacked the first 500 spots available at midnight. more than 35,000 people take part the in the race every year registration for those happens on may 2nd. and two supermarkets put to the test, we'll tell you who wins for lower prices. clots in , it was serious.
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u.s. job market is holding steady according to the latest numbers, employers added 215,000 jobs in the month of march. and gains in construction and retail, and the health care industries, the unemployment rate went up slightly because of more out of work people came off the sidelines, and tried again with my job search. this is what thousands of folks have been waiting for a brand new cheaper car from tesla, they unveiled the model 3 sedan last
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night in california. and more than 115,000 customers have reserved it by putting down a $1,000 deposit. the model starts at $35,000 less than half the cost of tesla's previous cars. the battle of two popular supermarkets, whole foods versus trader joe's, an analyst compared prices and said that trader joe's was 21% cheaper. trader joe's has the cheap here price on 77 of them. people are getting measles shots on the go after an elementary school scare. a student showed up with the virus after traveling overseas. >> i hope it raises the awareness that measles is just a plane ride away. >> unvaccinated children were
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told to stay home to prevent the disease from spreading. >> the federal government says that the autism rate remains flat in rescent years. the cdc gets the numbers by monitor communities in 11 states including new jersey. methods are now identifying the correct number of children with it. "action news" is working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. the presidential candidates are starting to turn their attention to pennsylvania. two are spending time in our state today. how they are trying to win voters in the keystone state and the largest school district finds high levels of led in their water and what state leaders are doing about it. and looking live from our sky 6 hd temple camera, melissa magee
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has the seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time to check the accuweather forecast. we are getting rain soon and we have already had a bit so far. showers off along the 95 corridor, expect it to continue through the early afternoon and evening monica. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, you can can see we have some precipitation sliding offshore for some areas in southern new jersey and some in berks coins and i-78 east of hamburg and precipitation light in nature in pottsville and west of allentown as well. expect scattered activity. but once the cold front moves
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through in the evening hours would not be surprised to see a rumble of thunder move through. here is the picture outside. sky 6 hd high above the skies, we had a cloudy start to our first day of april. it looks quite gloomy in much of the delaware and lehigh valley. currently the southerly flow of air 69 in philadelphia and same in wilmington and 70 for reading and lancaster. up in the poconos 65 degrees, the south facing winds coming in at 55 in beach haven. the winds are blustery from the south-southwest and a gust in the poconos gusting as high as 28 miles per hour in dover and 22 in wilmington as we go throughout the day and the cold front gets closer and closer to our region would not be surprised to see it pick up in the 30 miles per hour range. the first batch of showers
12:26 pm
moving through this morning and the cold front off to the west moving across central sections of the state and this makes its way eastward through the early afternoon and early evening as well. future tracker 6 timing out the precipitation for you. 3:30 this afternoon can see a broken line of widely scattered showers and storms from lancaster up through the poconos and this will continue until 6:00 in the evening, you'll notice the showers are moving on through. if you find one across your region there could be a brief but heavy downpour across the area. here is the setup into the first half of our weekend, tomorrow high temperature of 62 degrees, we are tracking the cold front that moves through tonight and kind of stalls out south and east of the region, showers are likely in philadelphia and areas south and east and once it moves on through by sunday we have a high wind watch and winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour on sunday and windchills anywhere from 20 degrees to 30
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degrees across the region and the blast of winter returning with the passage of this frontal boundary that moves on through. showers today and a gusty rumble of thunder. and cooler on saturday, showers south and east in at 62 and here comes the cold air on sunday, winds gusting 50 miles per hour and high of 47 and windchills in the 20s and 30s. evening rain on monday and 65 and colder into tuesday and next thursday. >> thank you melissa. four years of hard work is paying off big time for one florida high school student, she did so well in class in high school, she was accepted in 11 colleges and got a combined total of a million dollars offered to her in scholarships and chose southern methodist university. and credits the success to the advanced placement program at her high school and plans to double major in chemistry and economics in college. a smart young lady.
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more ahead on our next half our of "action news." luckry villanova students are heading to houston to cheer on their wildcats in the final four. and meet the local letter carriers that drove more than a million miles without a single accident. details next.
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hello again, rick and sara are off today and i'm monica malpass. a woman seen on surveillance video kidnapping a baby is in custody now and the infant is safe. we are live in king of prussia with the latest on that investigation. strong storms including tornadoes causing major damage in several states and a threat for more severe weather continues including here and find out why justin timberlake is being sued by the largest theatrical producer in the world. and now the woman accused of kidnapping a little baby is in custody now and will soon be charged. the mother and family of that infant are breathing a sigh of relief after last night's terrifying experience. malika cried and held on to her baby and thanked god for getting her baby back


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