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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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dozens also injured along the way. now investigators are looking to determine how this could have happened. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. passengers said it sounded like an explosion. an amtrak train slams into a
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backhoe on the tracks in chester. fire broke out and those on board tossed from their seats as the lead car jumps the tracks and barrelled through the dirt. when it was over, two people were dead and dozens more injured. sunday night, the big story on "action news" is the investigation into the deadly collision of an amtrak train and a piece of construction equipment. >> investigators are trying to piece together precisely what happened, and commuters are told to expect delays. and christie ileto live near the scene in delaware county. >> ntsb focused on this spot where the amtrak train plowed into a backhoe operated by amtrak worker looking at speed and signalling on the track. >> be aware it hit a backhoe and multiple injuries reported. >> i thought oh, my gosh we will derail. >> and barely time to settle
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into his seat in the first car. >> and saw a small fireball. and i thought the whole car was going to get engulfed in flames. >> what more than 300 passengers felt is the amtrak train barr barrelling into a backhoe. is derailed killing the backhoe operator and a supervisor. >> photos from the radio station show how the magnitude of the crash caused ceilings to cave knocking passengers into the aisles. >> i was thrown into the front of the seat, the front seat ahead of me. >> stuff happened. it was shaking and kids crying. >> the amtrak employees kept saying, you know, everybody be calm. into and i seen ambulances coming and going. as fast as one would come in, one would go out. >> and passengers were rushed to nearby hospitals and the rest left belongings in a church to
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be shuttled back to the 30th street station. and a board full of headaches left many scrambling. and still they are piecing together what went wrong and why was a heavy piece of machinery on an active track? back out here live, ntsb is combing through the scene saying that the data recorder recovered will be analyzed in washington, d.c. now where this crash happened is just feet away from rowhomes and the accident would have been far worse. reporting life in chester, christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, christie. the crash occurred about 20 miles south of a deadly crash that occurred last spring. that train was speeding and jumped the tracks in port richmond back on may 12. eight people were killed as you may remember on the train-bound bound for new york city. we continue to follow this story and have the latest developments tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 here on 6abc.
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another incident on amtrak, this one tonight in bucks county. a person was struck near the cornwell heights station. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at this scene with the latest from there, jeff? >> sarah, rail service is back up and running right now here through this part of bucks county. however, earlier tonight amtrak train 672 had just left philadelphia when it hit a person right near this platform. the actions cam on the scene as an ambulance rushed the injured victim to the hospital. sources say his leg was amputated after hit by this amtrak train bound for new york city. it stopped shortly after the accident north of septa's cornwell heights stop. >> it just came to a slow stop. >> we spoke to a passenger from his seat on the train. >> coming around about ten minutes after we stopped sake there was a trespasser struck is the way they put it.
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>> the train was stopped as investigators processed the scene. they appeared to be looking forking is it around the tracks. >> everybody is pretty calm and just, i think, more so ready to get going because they have been keeping us fairly updated. >> just before 9:00, limited amtrak service resumed, followed by septa service. >> i feel comfortable riding the train, but if things keep happening with this crashing and stuff going on here it makes me want to take the bus. >> amtrak officials did not return our repeated calls for information. now it's unclear at this point why that person was so close to the tracks, or his condition right now. as for train 672, it was delayed for two hours, but just arrived in new york's penn station a few minutes before 11:00. live in bensalem, bucks county. moving on to the accuweather
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forecast and a windy day is wrapping up with some frosty conditions out there tonight. the bright spot was the stretches of bright sunshine today helping to warm things up a bit. tonight, hovering around the freezing mark in some locations. the action cam in center city where, as you can see, the good people of philadelphia had to again pull out the cold-weather gear. and melissa magee at the big board with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> yeah, walter, the good news for the rest of tonight is that the powerful wind we had earlier today and in the overnight hours last night are starting to subside and drop off considerably. earlier today wind gusting from 5 50-70 miles per hour and now calm. and a bit of change on the way heading into the day my on mond. increasing clouds and shower likely done and north and west of the 95 corridor, dropping down to 31 in the suburbs and 37 in philadelphia for the overnight low. here's the changes headed our
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way for monday. stormtracker live double scan radar 3d showing you an area of low pressure over the great lakes, and the swaths of snow breaking out across the eastern great lakes. this will dip down our south and east in the overnight hours and throughout the day on monday. the day planner looking like this, the high 64, and mostly cloudy. going through the afternoon and early-evening hours tracking light rain showers pressing into the i-95 metro area. talking about what we can expect, milder for us on monday. grab the umbrellas before you step outside. in the wake of the precip on monday it gets colder tuesday and a freeze watch posted. we go over the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. people in parts of the delaware valley forced to spend the day cleaning up after those strong winds caused some damage across our area. those winds fanned the flames of the historic mount pleasant united methodist church in
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millville, cumberland county. a tree fell on wires and they believe it sparked the fire. in cherry hill alarming tree on a home on kingsley road causing substantial damage to the roof. in philadelphia, the horsham police closed part of 611 after a utilities pole snapped power lines and more coming up at 10:30. investigators are trying to determine why a building collapsed in camden. the building was the site of a local auto body shop. no injuries reported. delaware state police looking for any possible witnesses to an early-morning assault at a gas station in newark. before 2:00 a.m., a man accosted by four attackers as he got out of his car at a shell station on christiana road. the suspects chased the driver around the parking lot. the driver was able to get back into his car and drive away, but not before striking one of the
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suspects with his vehicle. that suspect was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. the victim not injured. wells fargo center tells us that everything back to normal after an escalator malfunctioned. fans leaving the flyers game and the escalator sped up. and people were not able to get off fast enough and piled up on top of each other. no reports of serious injuries. villanova fans tomorrow night can't come fast enough. in fact, they have been waiting for this opportunity for 31 years now. the wildcats taking on north carolina tomorrow night for the ncaa basketball championship. that game, of course, played in houston, texas where nova nation remains in full effect tonight. "action news" reporter alicia vitarelli there where the wildcat fever treated to hospitality it hi, alicia. >> hey guys, it is kind of like philly south here today with the full day in between games. nova nation is sort of playing
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tourist right here in houston. >> it's so fun to see so much blue and white in houston. you never see that, it is so fun. >> megan graduated from nova in 2014, but a houston native, she and her family are thrilled to have them in their home state >> we love it because it has the state of texas on it. we are all swagged out. ready to go. >> speaking of swag -- >> this is villanova blue. >> saying when in houston -- >> this works here. will you rock this back at home? >> i do rock this back at home. >> every city girl can be a little country. >> made in houston. >> having a little bling. >> and one-stop western shop. >> all the saddles we make in the store. >> all i need is a horse. >> i can help with you that.
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>> they have everything. and rocking at a public park staring maroon five and others. and before they get down they are chowing down. >> is this the briscuit? >> it is to die for. >> and they are famous in houston around since 1977. and apparently the food is almost as hot as our team on the hardwood. >> i would say the nova nation is absolute wildfire right now. >> it's hot like the briscuit? >> maybe hotter that that. >> and blue and white around every bend. >> the wildcats are everywhere. >> everywhere. we are making friends with people we never met. >> like a reunion. >> so much to check off before the championship game. >> you better finish the briscuit before you go or houston, we have a problem.
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>> exactly. >> i am corny, and i have been dying to say that line since we got here. i have my swag, i am going to look for adam levine after we wrap up here. speaking of swag, around town they cannot get rid of the oklahoma sooner industry fast enough. sorry sooners, they are taking 50% off this stuff. in the meantime, the wildcats are waiting for the championship merchandise to come out on tuesday. today was all fun, tomorrow it is all business. one more win, let's go wildcats! we are live in houston. alicia vitarelli, channel 6 "action news." i am bringing this back to the studio. >> go find adam levine. if anyone can do it it is you. and show us how you are cheering on your wildcats. share it with us using
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#6abcaction. and alicia vitarelli and jeff skversky bringing us live reports from houston throughout the day. >> looking forward to it. and much more to come on "action news." one of soccer's best-known athletes in trouble, what abby wambach said after being busted for dui. and a chase along san francisco's bay bridge and the adorable ending. and how the wildcats are getting read yeah for tomorrow night's championship game.
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comcast business. built for business. moving on to our coverage of the presidential race. the republicans battling over another key state, wisconsin's primary set for tuesday. and for the g.o.p., it's winner-take-all when it comes to delegates. polls show ted cruz in the lead. in donald trump loses in wisconsin it can put a new twist on the race that was trump's
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though lose. >> i will have an orange juice. >> sure. >> campaigning in the battleground state of wisconsin, donald trump eating scrambled eggs. >> and anything you said over the past week and a half -- >> the front-runner acknowledging several missteps including retweeting an unflattering photo of cruz's wife, heidi. >> was it my best wife? probably not. i would have done without the retweet, etc., etc. >> it is to the case i could not careless about donald trump. >> and unravelling the tangled messages about abortion. >> i would have rather answered it in a different manner. >> and running neck-and-neck with hillary clinton, and telling george stephanopoulos she would debate sanders on gma.
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>> i will be there. i think it is a great opportunity to reach an awedo awedous -- audience that may not always be able to tune into debates. >> and before the primary. >> people of new york deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state and the country. i suspect it will work out. >> sanders hopes that by winning tuesday they can carry their campaign to the convention. the brussels airport reopened today with heightened security. 12 days after a suicide bomber killed 16 people there. handling just three flights today, the first bound for portugal only about 80 on board. passengers told to arrive three hours before due to increased security. they want to return to normal operations by the end of june. retired world cup champion
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abby wambach apologizing after she was busted for dui. the police in portland pulled her over after she ran a red light and she failed siobriety tests and other tests at the police station. she apologized saying coming home from dinner at a friends and said i will do whatever it takes to make sure my horrible mistake it not repeated. fighting obesity without invasive surgery. positive results in dropping weight. and we have the full forecast when "action news" comes right back. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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>> hoodies and gloves probably not part of the plan when the runners signed up for the half marathon in wilmington. and cecily tynan and adam joseph there to cheer on participants and trying to run as well. you can see them trying to keep warm. it is the oldest half-marathon in the nation going on the 53rd
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year. >> and time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it is still cold outside. >> yeah a bit on the chilly side. the good news, the winds we had earlier today are starting to subside considerably. the story tomorrow, it actually warms up for monday, but then tracking rain. a lot to go over. stormtracker live double scan radar, you see it's dry, pretty quiet right now. as we get into tomorrow morning, and through the afternoon, we will be tracking some rain moving on in. in the midterm, the picture outside. the action call outside earlier tonight in center city looking at the swan memorial fountain. and also seeing a nice tulip blooming well ahead of schedules for some locations, that is an issue getting into tuesday with a bit of a freeze watch to talk about. a lot going on the next couple of days. outside in philadelphia, 41 degrees, 34 to the west in lancaster. in the poconos 29 degrees. 36 in trenton. 40 in cape may. and 43 degrees at the coast in beach haven. 32 in atlantic city.
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satellite 6 and action radar, things are quiet right now across our region and the winds are starting to subside as well. ier -- earlier we had wind and the winds of slacking and tracking the next system north and west moving across the great lakes. and also rain on the back side. this piece of energy diving south and east going throughout the day tomorrow. futuretracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning there could be some light, wet snow showers mixing in for areas north of the lehigh county mainly up through the poconos. not expecting much in the way of precipitation. going throughout the afternoon hours, a lot of the precip moves down to the south and east along the i-95 metro area. you see it at 4:30 in the afternoon, so the umbrella, a good accessory to have tomorrow afternoon. by 8:30 in the evening the moisture is starting to taper off from a northwest-to-southeast direction
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going throughout the day. and the high pressure returns for tuesday. here's the set-up for us on monday. high temperature of 64 degrees. we actually tap into a warm southwesterly wind tomorrow, calling for up to a quarter inch, could be locally higher amounts of that with the moisture moving on through. in the wake of the system monday night, high pressure returns on tuesday, so mostly sunny, but it is a cooler day with a high temperature just 46 degrees. and early in the day on tuesday, with high pressure in control and fairly light winds, temperatures will fall off fairly quickly. a freeze watch posted at 1:00 a.m. through 10:00 a.m. for chester, montgomery and even south northern hampton counties points south and east. temperatures falling below 32 degrees. good idea to bring any of your tender vegetation. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. monday periods of rain throughout the day and high of 64. a warmer day, then cooling back down tuesday with breeze
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overhead, high of 46. wednesday not bad, high pressure in control with sunshine and clouds. high of 56. on thursday, 61 but the rain returns and rumble of thunder possible as well. friday, a shower in spots otherwise high of 50. 56 next saturday, and next sunday guys, a high of 65. tracking the rain and cooler conditions. up and down all over the place. >> thank you. >> you got it. you can find the seven-day forecast and a look at double scan radar any time of the day on our website at weather. "healthcheck," a way to fight obesity. doctors at johns hopkins medical center suppressed a hormone cutting blood supply to the stomach area where produced. they ate less and in six months lost 13% of the excess weight, more than what prescription drugs can do. the procedure is less invasive than traditional weight loss
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for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> jamie apody with a check on sports and 24 hours from now we will know. >> it is exciting, right? >> real exciting. >> one win away. crazy to think on the verge of possibly celebrating another championship in the city this is getting real. jeff skversky even has the trophy in houston with the wildcats. >> villanova on the brink of making history. this time tomorrow night they could be cutting down these nets here at the final four and hosting this national championship trophy, the second in school history. >> one more.


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