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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 6, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> nation. >> nova -- >> nation. >> that is the sound of jay wright and villanova students working together to express pure joy, and that's when you get when you win the national championship. tuesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is the v in villanova, and tonight it stands for victory. the water cannons doused the plane arriving late today. this is philadelphia international airport. as the players appeared you could tell that they were tired, but why not? that is josh hart walking down the steps cradling the championship trophy. there was this overwhelming sense of mission accomplished. three buses transported the team down 95 on to the blue route and off on lancaster avenue where they pulled into villanova stadium. a couple of thousand fans awaited the arrival of their heros. "action news" reporter dann cuellar and christie ileto at villanova tonight. and dann, we start with you.
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a real lovefest this evening between this team and these fans. >> that's right, jim. what a remarkable 24 hours it's been for nova nation. clutching a national championship from the top-seeded tar heels culminating in a huge homecoming rally tonight. fans had little sleep, here to welcome their wildcats home. >> how we feeling nova nation! [cheers and applause] >> the humble and classy coach, jay wright head the way during the homecoming victory rally. >> no one deserves a national championship more than our students and our fans, the nova nation. we love you. you guys are the 2016 national champions! >> there were also a few words of heart-felt thanks from some of the players. >> i want to say thank you to all you all for coming out. thank you for supporting us this year. couldn't ask for a better way to
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go out on top, nova nation, national champions, let's get it. >> two seconds to go and jenkins right wing, he made it! >> and the shot heard round the world, general -- kris jenkins. >> this is something special and something they can never take away from us. >> the guy who threw the ball to jenkins to win the game, reflecting on it watching the final play over and over again. >> over 100 times, i think. i watched every little thing about it and i will save that for the rest of my life. and something that i will always have a smile on my face when i watch it. >> i still can't believe it i am still in shock and i watched it a few times. and it gets better each time. >> and the euphoria of last night's amazing victory will no doubt last a very long time, especially among the members of the championship team.
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dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> and also at villanova tonight is it "action news" reporter christie ileto. we saw the fans go wild last night with the winning shot, and today they were so gleeful and proud. >> that's right, jim. it's hard to believe just 24 hours ago this intersection was packed with students and alum celebrating their team's big win. and flash forwarding to today, classes canceled so they can welcome home their champions. >> and people are waiting hours to see them. to finally see them is absolutely amazing. >> back on home of turf, nova nation greets the champs with a stadium-ized homecoming. >> how excited. >> and i am excited. it is amazing that we won. >> because of all of screaming. >> and jay wright is right, we
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are the best section in the country. >> and how does it feel to be like the sixth man on the court? >> it is awesome. i feel like impart of it and i am just in the stands. >> and party like it was 1985. >> did you? >> yes, i did. >> being back here in 2016 is like full-circle for you? >> yes, it is. >> and how is it having those feelings. >> unbelievable. great, great feeling. >> 31 years and bringing back the championship to nova nation. >> and this final -- >> you feel like you are there. my gosh, how symbolic is that. you are stuck in that moment in time. it's not over, it's a lifetime moment. >> now school swag selling fast at the book store, that is because the party is just getting started. of course we have friday's big parade in the city. reporting live on campus,
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christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, christie. and let's talk about this parade that will be in center city, philadelphia friday afternoon. it kicks off at 1:00 p.m. sharp from 20th and market streets. the route proceeds east along market ending at dilworth park right outside of city hall. officials are telling "action news" that the university will pay for extra services such as att ete eted -- added police co. and tomorrow the wildcats fans might want a copy of this. villanova on the cover of "sports illustrated" reading "super nova." and it hits the new stands in the morning, pick one up. celebrating the wildcats' historic win on relive the highlights of the game, hear the unforgettable radio call of the final moments and there are dozens of nova nation photographs and videos of players and fans.
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♪ a different kind of contest now. as expected, ted cruz has defeated donald trump in the wisconsin primary. now we will wait to see how many of the state's 42 delegates cruz picks up. cruz appeared before the cameras in milwaukee tonight and proclaimed that he is more and more confident that he will gain the needed delegates to win the nomination before the convention. that will be a very tall task. but his win tonight increases the chances of a contested convention in cleveland. with 57% of the vote now counted, cruz has racked up a 17-point lead over donald trump. trump had predicted victory today, it did not happen. on the democratic side, bernie sanders scored a decisive win over hillary clinton in wisconsin. and he was basking in his victory tonight. he held young people who sanders said want to stand up and help determine the future of this
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country. sanders said that real change takes place from the bottom up, and that his campaign is an example of that. sanders wins by a healthy margin, but he will gain fractionally more than half of the state's 86 delegates because of the democrats proportional delegate system. the campaigns are focusing more attention on delegate-rich pennsylvania voting on april 26. bernie sanders opened an office in north philadelphia near temperature's campus today on the 1000 block of diamond street. actor kendrick sampson of "how to get away with murder" spoke with volunteers today. and hillary clinton opened her office in center city yesterday. both candidates in philadelphia tomorrow. hillary clinton addressing the afl-cio.
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and sanders speaking at temperature. and temperatures in the 20s in much of the tri-state area and freeze warnings in effect. and meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest information at the "action news" big board. s cecily? >> it doesn't feel like april, does it? a taste of winter. and 38 degrees currently and temperatures are dropping quickly overnight. satellite 6 and action radar showing the reason why we have high pressure building right over us. the good news is that the high pressure is diminishing the winds. we won't have the wind chill factor overnight. when you have the high pressure over you, not a cloud in the sky. any heat the earth absorbed from the sun goes straight into the atmosphere and that allows the temperatures to drop very quickly. the national weather service has posted a freeze warning for most of our viewing area. really areas south of the pennsylvania turnpike. this is where the growing season has already started.
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so if you do have any early spring blooms, you really do want to cover them up tonight. this could cause a lot of problems, especially for the fruit trees like the peach trees in new jersey. talking about near record cold. all the record lows responsibility set back in 1982. allentown looks like it will tie the record low of 18. reading, likely a new record of 19. atlantic city airport tieing the record low of 24. philadelphia i am forecasting 28 degrees, not quite a record. wilmington 26. near-record lows here. this is not the end of the cold snap. tracking more cold air for the weekend along with a chance of -- believe it or not -- snow. and the full details in the forecast. an important day for thomas jefferson university in philadelphia. announcing that vicki and jack farber are giving $20 million to expand the programs at the institute that already bears their name. money invested in clinical and
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research costs in neuroscience. and discussion on medicals of americans with diabetes. and a police chase. and ducis rodgers hearing more from jay wright after all the hoop-la today and it is about to sink in. meteorologist cecily tynan with the four-letter-word "snow" in the accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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a missouri police officer attempting to pull a driver over for a traffic violation today ended up saving his life. this police dash cam video shows the driver speeding away, and then he loses control. the car rolls over several times. the officer found the ejected driver in a ditch with no pulse. he was able to revive the man with cpr. today, investigators examined the wreckage of a sightseeing health that crashed and burned yesterday afternoon in tennessee. ntsb officials say there is evidence that the chopper made contact with a mountain when it crashed killing all four passengers and the pilot. a preliminary report will be released in the next week. drones may soon help engineers inspect bridges in this area. the delaware river port authority today tested drones to inspect the delaware memorial bridge. officials say drones can make inspections safer and less expensive, and for drivers, require fewer lane closures.
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new jersey governor chris christie said today that he is putting $10 million from this year's budget towards efforts to remove lead-based paints from homes across the state. and moderate and low-income families offered money for paint removal. saying one million homes statewide have chipped or crumbling paint, posing a risk of lead poisoning. in winwood, pennwood elemenentary investigating a different lead concern. a test showed elevated lead in a faucet in used to wash dishes. they say actions taken during the test may have caused unreliable false positive results, so follow-ups will be done. the school has chosen to turn off all drinking fountains and is providing bottled water for students until results are back on thursday. "healthcheck" at 11:00, an insulin spike, and we are
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talking about its cost. a new study finds the daily requirements for diabetics nearly tripled in price over the past decade. it is far outpacing inflation. the researchers found that surprising because other diabetes medication only rose modestly over the same time span. and some actually got less expensive. it's not quite clear why insulin went up so dramatically. one possible reason, the generic forms are not much cheaper than brand-name versions. nearly 30 million americans are living with diabetes. vice-president joe biden spoke out against sexual assault on college campuses today in pittsburgh. as part of the national it's on us campaign. biden told a crowd at the university of pittsburgh that young people must keep working to change the culture. and they must support the sexual assault victims and bpunish the
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abusers. and the freedom bill signed into law allowing business groups to not provide to lgbt certain things. and they say it protects the moral convictions of the people in his state. the supreme court nominee met with another republican senator today, susan collins of maine. she said after the meeting that she is more convinced than of that the senate should hold hearings on the nomination. but mitch mcconnell says he is not budging. called the panama papers and may have forced the prime minister of iceland to step aside but not sure if it is temporary or permanent. the papers from a law firm and
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the first political figure broad down because of the offshore accounts. and they gathered to protest and demand things. and this fall you can watch nfl games on twitter. the social network site purchased the rights to stream thursday night football. it is free to the 800 million users across the world. the games will still air on network television, but also on twitter. one of nasa's rovers captured a picture of a devil, a dust devil. the phenomenon is the same on earth, hot air rising and rotating and picking up tiny grains of dust from the ground making the spinning vortex visible. we're not talking about a polar vortex. >> but trapractically have a po
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vortex here. it is down right missable. we have cleared things out after a touch of this this morning. we did have some light snow showers in bala cynwyd and delaware county and delaware state and salem county, new jersey. and upper-level energy moving through dropping a little bit of snow. a lot of people call that onion snow. it melts immediately but we could deal with more snow showers on saturday. right now it's clear and cold. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in allentown. trenton 32. cape may 28. wilmington 35 degrees. most areas of wind diminished but still a wind chill factor of 30 in philadelphia. the wind is calming down overnight and with the clear skies the temperatures dropping very quickly. satellite 6, along with action radar, showing not a cloud in the sky. so tomorrow morning waking up to record cold in parts of our region.
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reading likely will be a new record lie of 19 degrees. allentown 18. that will tie the record low. atlantic city airport 24 tying the low. and philadelphia the normal low is 40. dressing the kid for the bus stop, they may want to wear shorts and t-shirts but winter codes needed. 8:00, only 32 after 29 degrees at 6:00. and things warm up a little bit headed into the afternoon. high pressure over us and we get what is call the return flow with winds out of the south. 54 degrees. still 6 degrees below normal. today temperatures stuck in the mid 40s. it will feel better therapy today. and thursday back into the 60's, but it comes at a price. a series of cold front moving in. the first bringing us rain, perhaps a thunderstorm in the afternoon. the second one opening the door for the very cold air to be returning right in time for the
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weekend. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, certainly cold start to the day tomorrow. by the afternoon feeling a little better. 54 degrees. good amount of sunshine, some high, thin clouds late in the afternoon. thursday the rain arrivals and perhaps an afternoon thunderstorm. stepping down friday, breezy and cooler, 53 degrees but dry for the villanova victory parade. and dry for the union game on friday evening. but look what happens over the weekend. the cold area arriving, as well as some energy that could produce rain or snow showers. worse-case scenario, could be dealing with a couple of hours of steady snow. sunday we dry out. sun mixes with clouds, 46 degrees. on monday milder for the phillies home opener, 60. and tuesday rain likely with a high of 66. now i said "worst-case scenario" a couple of hours of steady snow. >> i understand.
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a couple of hours of steady snow turns into what kind of accumulation? >> nothing on the roads, it is april. it is april. we don't want snow, it is april. i will keep you posted. >> thank you. a big donation announced today will give local families access to healthy food. 6abc and our parent company, disney, gave philabundance a grant today. and the 6abc president and general manager stopped by this morning to help make the announcement. the money will help distribute fresh and local fruits and vegetables to families in need across the delaware valley. the donation is part of disney's share the joy campaign to help fight hunger. the run caribbean professionals network holding an event in center city, philadelphia tonight. they gathered at the hotel to raise money to bring more than 700 caribbean high school students to the area for the penn relies at the end of the month. the money raised will also
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provide meals and lodging for the students. [drums sounding] and folks at haverford enjoining the drum group to preview the 19th annual cherry blossom festival. the night complete with traditional japanese folk dances and colorful costumes. the festival kicks off monday. [ gunfire ]
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the villanova students made a statement earlier on this broadcast that i thought really rang true. that there are certain things that live on for your whole life. and that moment last night, when jenkins hit the three-pointer, is a moment that will live on in the minds of villanova students for the rest of their lives. >> i think all of us. we will all remember where we were when that shot went in. a three-hour flight after you have been up all night, that's not ideal. but if it means you are
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returning home a national champion you can deal with it. if you still don't believe what villanova accomplished last night, there is the trophy to prove it. they went to a rally on campus and coach wright asked if he knew what a big deal it was for this area. >> when they shutdown 95, you know what that means in phillie at 6:00. i am thinking man, people are not happy about this. and it used to be they were doing it all the time and you come back and see how happy people are and excited they are, starting to get a feel for it. but it is even hard right now to understand how big this is, because we are in our little cacoon in houston and now coming out of it and getting a feel for it. the sixers had five chances to win one game. why is it important? one more victory ensures they do not tie the worst record in history. and the losing streak, and the third quarter, landry 9-10 shooting and 22 points.
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and a double-digit lead. the fourth quarter, spin cycle and 107-93 sixers. and they avoid tying that mark. the flyers got in a practice this morning before leaving for detroit. tomorrow they face the redwings and the first of four games in five days for the flyers as the regular season wraps up of the flyers and bruins each have 91 points, but the flyers currently hole the final wild card spot with two games in hand. >> we're in work mode and going to play a hockey game tomorrow. so it's obviously a pretty important game. but i like where we are at. our guys, we're in a good spot and we fought hard to get here and are going to keep fighting hard to keep moving forward. still ahead, hear from the eagles' new offensive lineman where he fits in. and a
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>> the phillies off today, the series with cincinnati resumes tomorrow with aaron nova on the mound. jim tomey soon to be immortalized. inducted into the hall of fame on august 12. two separate stints with the phillies and his home runs ranked seventh all-time. the eagles new lineman, stefen wisniewski met with the media today. he was signed to add depth, but he might end up starting. the five-year veteran spend the past year with jacksonville. and it is guard where the birds have the biggest need. >> i don't know exactly where
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i'm going to be playing. i'll play center, i'll play guard, i played both. and you know i will play wherever they want me to, i am fine with that. just looking forward to an opportunity to play. the uconn huskies continue to dominate women's basketball. they completed the perfect season. 38-0. and they become the first team to win four consecutive national titles. how about that. >> do you think they have got it down yet? into they do. villanova might have it down, too. and the philadelphia police athletic season came to an end with championship games. boys and girls completed at philadelphia university in east falls and basketball is their largest and most popular program. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightlin "nightline." and "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good
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night. ♪


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