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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 8, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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threat of severe stormy van rating as we head in the overnight hours but now a chance of snow, as we look a head to the weekend. meteorologist cecily tynan tracking it all with live double scan raid are a, cecily. >> monday cars, double scan live showing we have one more batch of showers moving through right now. they are light but that certainly wasn't the case around, lunchtime. satellite six and, showing we have had robust line of heavy rain and some gusty thunderstorms, moving through, around lunchtime. that was the first wave we had another wave, move in, around 7:00 o'clock. most of this was south of philadelphia a, but we did have some severe thunderstorm warnings, that is now moved out. now that last batch is moving in right now, nothing severe with that. just some showers. but we did have, some storms and damage reports mainly wind and hail. atglenn, pennsylvania we had trees down. we also had a scoreboard at a high school that was blown down by the wind. forks, township, penny size hail, 40-mile an hour wind
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gusts. dover delaware, wind gusts up to 52 miles an hour. cape may hail the size of peas, 45 miles an hour, wind gusts and jenkins, new jersey, reporting a wind gust of 61 miles an hour. so these storms, did certainly pack a punch. now future tracker showing as we are heading in the weekend we have a completely different problem. we're talking about a band of snow, setting up over our region. i'll have more details on that coming up in the full accu weather forecast, monica. >> thanks, cyst will. "action news" has learned that philadelphia will get a new fire commissioner. mayor jim kenney picked a virginia man with years of the state and local experience, who can get up to speed quickly on key issues. dann cuellar joins us live from fire headquarters tonight with more on that, dann? >> reporter: monica, mayor jim kenney made it known early he would conduct a national search for a new commissioner. tonight sources are telling us he has found one. he is said to be highly regarded, highly credentialed
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man from virginia with more than two decade in the business. sources are telling thaws mayor jim kenney will announce appointment of adam thiel next week as philadelphia's new fire commissioner. he is virginia's deputy secretary for public safety and home land security. former fire chief in alexandria, virginia. he is an emergency services instructor and public safety consultant with a master's degree in public administration and bachelor's degree in fire science. tonight, the mayor declined to discuss thiel's appointment. >> we will not announce it until next week. >> reporter: you have no comment on that. >> i want everybody to get it at the same time and, you know weeks had planned on doing it next week and that is when it with the happen. >> reporter: kenney is son of the retired philadelphia fire chief and previously stated he wanted someone to transition in quickly and was familiar with the type of challenges and opportunities that the department is facing. whoever it is will have to tackle a variety of issues, emergency response times, ambulance shortages, sexual harassment and racial
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tensions. one thing new commissioner will not worry about is fire department's brown outs. the controversial temporary closings of firehousees implemented under former mayor michael nutter as a cost saving measure. he will not have to worry about forced staff rotations another unpopular policy under nutter. tonight, officials from fire union local to 22 did not return our phone calls for comment but they have a big sign saying they endorsed kenney for mayor. would it seem unlikely wow make such a major move without their support. there is one group representing minority fire fighters that is not happy with the expected choice. we have received this statement which reads in part club valiants is displeased with mayor kenney's decision to replace fire commissioner derrick sawyer. we do not believe is there justification for removing an effective leader with a stellar record. so that is very latest live from fire headquarters in spring garden, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news".
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thanks, dann. a 23 year-old west chester student, from mt. airy has been a rested for rape of the fellow student early friday morning. investigators say victim was attacked the in the campus parking garage. she was walking to her dorm from a off campus party. they did the not know each other. second assault happened the following night but investigators say it is not related. in that case a student was attacked in a dorm room. a vandal who smashed two dozen, dozen windshield, in the bustleton section of the city overnight is still at large. police say somebody damaged 21 windshield is here at make owe body shop in the 9,000 block of bustleton avenue. surveillance camera were just out of reach and did not get any video. maaco will cover $10,000 price tag have of new windows. vote 2016, it is once again, focusing on philadelphia a tonight as gloves come off in the democratic race. the city of brotherly love is not feeling the love, as bernie sanders, takes more
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shots at hillary clinton and her husband bill clinton comes under fire from protest about his own presidency. "action news" reporter christie ileto live at the satellite center with the dueling democrats, hi there, christie report report hi there, monday contact bernie sanders wowed union workers while bill clinton rallied votes for his wife and entangled with protesters. >> she has best ideas and she's best change maker. >> reporter: what started as something for his wife hillary in east mt. airy gym... turned into bill clinton sparring with the protester angry about his 1994 crime bill, that she claims hurt african americans. >> i don't know how would you characterize the gang leaders, got three-year old kid, hopped up on crack and then sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. >> hillary clinton does not deserve the black vote simply because at one point in time
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she called the black youth. she did in the come out and look for the black vote until we started bringing up issues of police violence of the unarmed killings of the black men and women in this country. >> reporter: clinton unphased shook hands after and spent the day courting african-american clergy across town. over at the a afl-cio convention bernie sanders scored a key endorsement, from the communication workers of america. >> thank you for standing out on picket lines, occasionally getting arrested, but for saying that every worker in this country has the right to be treated with respect and dignity report report vermont senator has not quite sold pennsylvanians like his opponent. >> there are three unions that have endorsed bernie and there are 28 unions who have endorsed, hillary. the numbers speak for themselves. >> things will heat up between the pair especially since we are less than three weeks from our primary with 210 delegates
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up for grabs. reporting live from the sat center, christie ileto for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, christie. as for mrs. clinton she took the subway as she campaigned in new york city toy day trying to stop bernie sanders surging political momentum with a win in the state where she served as a senator. clinton and sanders will debate in new york next week before that primary. and that is the reason the empire state is also the focus on the republican side. all three candidates, barn stormed there today. donald trump maintains a lead in the polls in his home state and picked up endorsement of rudy guiliani. ted cruz is trying to repair some of the ill will he generated when he bee litled new york values during his debate. cruz spent time in the bakery today helping to prepare the unleaded pass over bread. john kasich hopes to score big in the northeast. he spent time in the big apple taking a bite out of some italian cuisine here at mike's deli. we want to remind you the primaries in pennsylvania and delaware are less than three
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weeks away. voters go to the polls on april 26th. but these close contests for both parties may come down to the very last day of of voting, that is june 7th, which includes new jersey's primary. another twist tonight in the last ditch effort to save atlantic city friday financial ruin. state assembly speaker vincent preto unveiled a new rescue plan that sets performance goals for the city that allows a state take over in five years if they are not met. state assembly committee pass that had bill that goes to the full assembly next week but governor chris christie says the bill just adds more red tape. there is a silver lining emerging from atlantic city tonight, casino profits were up more than 40 percent, last year. resorts casinos was a particular stand out increasing its wings five fold, the golden nugget could quadruple its profit. of the eight remains casinos only tropicana saw a decline. in total the industry took in
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a 547 million-dollar profit in 2015, and that was the first stable year for the industry after four casinos closed in 2014. aramark is keeping its long standing rootness philadelphia. today we learn that the company will remain headquartered in the city. the food services giant provides about 6500 jobs at philadelphia, 14,000 jobs all across the state, and philadelphia has been its home since 1961, and executives were considering a move but decided philadelphia remains the ideal choice, based on its overall business environment, talent pool and quality of life. the company is now weighing to remain at its current building on market street or, possibly to move to another location within the city. "action news" was at dilworth park tonight as crews were setting up site of the villanova victory parade and rally. they are busy building the stage and putting metal barriers in place. parade kicked off at 1:00 at 20th and market heading east
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to dilworth. city officials expect 50,000 fans may show up to celebrate the wildcats national championship. this is the businesses that say that could be a boom or a bust. >> well, we're hoping for a lot of families to come in a and buy candy, kid cannot stop walking past there without running in. so it definitely will boost business. >> it could go both ways. it all depend how many people will come to the city, are people that are working here in the city going to call out because they know about the parade or be part of it? how many people will come for the parade. >> scores of city officials said before, here's how it looked in 1985 outside love park celebrating villanova's first and only other ncaa mens basketball title. you should expect detours if you are driving through center city tomorrow. market street from 15th to 23rd will be block off, beginning at the 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. as well 15th street from jfk to chestnut.
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cross traffic on market will depend whether the parade has moved past that intersection just yet. if you cannot make it in person to the parade, "action news" has you covered. we will broadcast villanova's victory parade live in its entirety, our special coverage starts tomorrow at 1:00 right after "action news" at noon. we will also stream the parade live on six a and facebook plus post festivities on twitter. still to come on "action news" tonight, new surveillance video shows one of the brussels terrorist after the bombing. plus doing doughnuts in a convertible during a california chase but it is how the whole thing ends that may be the most odd part. a big change for spare change because something just doesn't add up, it is all coming after an "action news" investigation into the accuracy of coin counting machines, cecily. tonight's rain is moving out but next storm system is waiting in the wings and this one could bring in some weekend snow, and i'll have details coming up in the full accu weather seven day
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forecast. we will hear from the star of the new star wars movie as trailer for rogue1 is talk of the internet the today. jamie apody with the overtime nail biter at the flyers game tonight. that and more when "action news" continues for you in just a moment.
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it was a wild chase in los angeles this afternoon, it began as two burglary suspects in a convertible there, taunted police by doing doughnuts on sunset boulevard. pair then hopped on the freeway where tmz tour bus tried to block them. the driver finally pulled over at a home in south l.a. where they were then greet by a large crowd here as they got lots of hugs, even a few selfies believe it or not. two men patiently waited several men for police and they did arrive and they were arrested without incident. body of the woman found in the creek on the university of texas at austin campus has been identified as an 18
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year-old student. haru ka wiser was a first year fine arts student. she was a victim of assault and endured what is described as unthinkable brutality. authorities released video showing man who is the focus of the investigation, they hope somebody will recognize him and come forward. belgium prosecutors have released new video of the man suspected of taking part in that attack at brussels airport last month. now manhunt is underway to find out who he is. the so-called man in the hat, was seen alongside the two suicide bombers and then leaving the airport in the middle of travelers a and bystanders. thirty-two people were killed as you know and more than 340 wounded. woman accused of kidnapping a seven week old infant from the king of prussia mall is out of jail tonight. three two-year old cherie amoore posted half million-dollar bail to secure her release. baby was found unharmed in her apartment last friday. court records suggest that amoore may have been motivated by grief from losing a a
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pregnancy but investigators have not yet confirmed that to be true. princeton's mens lacrosse coach has been fired for elbowing a player on the team. video from the game sat take in the issuing there will begins brown university, seemingly shows coach chris bates throwing an elbow, there, as the player was running off field. the player was not hurt. bates led princeton to three ivy league titles over his seven season with the tigers. would only say is there more to the story then what appears in the 52nd clip. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says that companies doing business with the state cannot discriminate anymore against gay, lesbian and transgendered residents. he signed an executive order in harrisburg this afternoon affecting state contractors and grant recipients under his jurisdiction, a bill to ban such employment and housing and public services, have stalled in the same legislature. td banks are suspended from use of their coin counting machines a at all
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branches because of concerns, over the machine's accuracy. this comes on the heels have of an "action news" investigation two months ago and another failed test, by some other journalist. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman spoke with the customer who claimed he was short changed $44 n our own test we found scrip discrepancies ranging from $2 short to a machine that paid out more than than what was put n new jersey's department of weights and measures is responsible for checking the accuracy of kiosks, accessible to the public such as coin star machines that are not at banks. in pennsylvania, though there is no state oversight. td tells "action news" quote we place a premium on the integrity of these machines and that is why we clean and test them twice dale toy confirm accuracy. all of our coin counting machines are in the process of being taken out of services. they will be evaluated, and retested. it wasn't a long, long time ago that the trailer for new star wars film rogue1
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debuted it was right here on six abc just this morning. >> we have a mission for you. >> a major weapons test is imminent. we need to know what it is and how to destroy it. >> that weapon is death star from the original star wars. this is a prequel of sorts to the inn tear series but disney considers it a stand alone film. it stars oscar winner forest whittaker and oscar nominated actress felicia jones. >> i want her to be as human as possible. she's strong, when she need to be and she has an incredible contamination and focus. >> rogue1 is set to hit theaters this december. all right. we have more of our non-april feeling weather. >> it is shame that movie does not start this weekend. perfect weather to be at home. >> stay at home, watch something on tv. good news is tomorrow will be nice for the villanova parade.
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storm tracker six live, is still showing that we have some showers around, nothing severe, no thunder with these but we have a batch of some showers, moving into philadelphia right now. and there are a few embedded heavier downpours. this is moving pretty quickly up to the north and east. this is the last of it. we will be drying out, in the overnight hours. i had a lot of photos posted on my facebook page and tweeted of double rainbows. i had a lot of these. michael from wilmington posted this on my facebook page and aid what are these funky looking cloud? these are known as momatus cloud and they are essentially upside down. the most clouds are formed by rising air. the these are forms after a thunderstorm moves through, sinking moist air into dry air forms and they look like utters on cows. that is why they are called that. there you have it. impress your friend with that knowledge. 51 degrees in philadelphia same in trenton. fifty in cape may. forty-seven in a allentown.
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forty-nine in wilmington. satellite six with action radar is showing the system that came through in waves. first one earlier. second one this evening. the it is finally beginning to lift out. that means tomorrow, it is going to be a decent day. little bit on the cool side. normal high for this time of the year is 61. we will only be 54 but we will be dry, partly sunny but wind, definitely a factor. wind sustained up to 20 miles an hour. we could have gusts up to 30. if you are heading to the villanova victory parade you do want to dress in a couple of extra layers. then we have got another system on the way, on saturday, not only will this open up the door for colder air, 45 degrees, and it will also bring out some messy weather in the form of rain, and wet snow. future tracker is showing that it will arrive early. by dawn it will be here. by 8:30 from snow, west of philadelphia, some rain east of philadelphia, but bear in mind it is april. it is not february. so to get any accumulation you really have to have a lot of
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lift, and you have to have some heavy precipitation, and it looks like we will have a trough access setting up north of philadelphia. this is where we do get greatest lift. where that sets up is the best chance of accumulating snow. now that being said, we're talking about accumulation on grassy surfaces. at this point it looks like that would be north of philadelphia, looking like a coat to go perhaps 2 inches in the higher elevations. philadelphia and south just some snow flakes mixed in and melting but if that zone shifts that area of accumulation would be shifting with it. so i'll have new information and keep you posted. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast partly sunny, breezy 54 degrees. tomorrow. saturday though, rain with wet snow, 45 degrees. the and then gusty wind on at day night. and then sunday a chilly breeze, 48 degrees, and then we will bump it up to 61 degrees for the phillies home opener on monday but it will come with clouds and a few spotty showers, and then tuesday will be a wet day, 64, and then everything kind of of
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settles down, wednesday, partly sunny, 59. tuesday, mixture of sun and cloud with a high of 62. decent weather tomorrow and then downhill after that. >> all right, thanks, cecily. well, amazing women strutted their stuff down the runway tonight in berlin, new jersey. the mod else in this fashion show are survivors of cancer, domestic abuse or addiction. proceed benefit south jersey's breast cancer coalition and women of hope resource center. a great event, shows strong is
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hundreds of folks pack world cafe live in university city to for a great event called dish it up. fundraiser for women begins abuse. some of the top female chefs were treated in a competition for best dish. our own melissa a magee there served as mc, six abc a proud media sponsor for tonight's event. jamie apody is here, flyers are not doing that well they wanted to make the playoffs. >> they were doing well. i don't know what happened. with the win, flyers played last night in detroit you knew they with come out tonight begins worst team in hockey, at home, right? well, wrong.
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the flyers fell behind three to nothing. seriously to toronto. they for the back. third period trailing three-one. andrew mcdonald picks perfect time to score his first goal of the year to make it three- two. then final minute of the game flyers pull goalie and wayne simmonds court his 30th of the year. leafs go up, and shocks the home crowd. flyers lose four-three. they have fallen out of the playoff position, 92 points, they are a point behind boston. but by picking up that one point they control their own destiny with two games to play starting with pittsburgh saturday. never good when gm's resignation has more pages then team has wins. sixers are in flux yet again. sam hinkie surprising resignation yesterday, one that came because the construction of the front office left hinkie knowing he loses power. >> he obviously felt like this was not something that he wanted to be a part of. he didn't want to be part of the collaborative effort, and the people that we are talking
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to, moving forward. i respect it. in some ways, i understand it. but it doesn't diminish my personal disappointment of not seeing this through with him. >> are you ready? tomorrow we celebrate. after all not every day we get a parade around here. some of the national champion villanova wildcats do have parade experience, including ryan arcidiacono whose parents let him skip school to attend phillies parade in 2008. >> there was like 2 million people. i don't think there will be that many for us. i hepp there is a quarter for that but yeah, it is something, i have always dreamed about. >> eighth grady was in the flyers parade hanging off the buses. lots of phillies parade. you know, that is what i see philadelphia parade. it can't be that, we know that. anything, anywhere, near that would be amazing. >> if you want best seats in the house stay right here. our live coverage of the victory parade begins tomorrow
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at 1:00 p.m. on channel six. i will there been with my objection news collogues. we will be shooting live on objection news collogues. we will be shooting live on six narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
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so much prom his this spring not way phillies wanted to start the season swept by the red. getaway day for phillies in cincinnati. also a home run festival. reds did much of it. phillies need $3 pitchers to get three outs. suarez with the grand slam left them down eight- two.
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ryan howard did hit a two run home run of the fifth. his first of the year. jay bruce hit two, three for four, five rbi for bruce. phillies lose it ten-six. captain believe we're talking about this but eagles released their plea season schedule today. home games week one and four with the bucks and jets. road games week one and three against steelers and colts. jordan spieth your clubhouse leader six under, 66. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with tamala edward, matt o'donnell and for cecily, jamie, ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team. i'm monica malpass. have a great night. we will see you tomorrow. >> ♪
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