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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, severe storms. flash flooding overnight, homes surrounded by water. massive hail clobbering homes and cars. smashing out several windows where the weather threat is right now. the presidential candidates are trading blows with one week until new york's primary. but donald trump's own children will not be voting. this morning the front-runner explains why. concerns growing over the zika virus. doctors calling it scarier than they first thought doubling the number of states that have the virus carrying mosquitoes. a close call, a daring photographer looking for the perfect shot gets grazed by a plane. good tuesday morning.
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i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we'll start with severe weather in the south causing flash flooding overnight and spawning dangerous hailstorms. >> they're clearly visible on radar. the rain is falling in parts of alabama and georgia and this morning the cleanup is under way after large hail pounded texas. overnight powerful storms pounding the south. >> wow. >> reporter: the weather system bringing dangerous storms to texas, leaves and branches flying across this yard knocked off trees from the wind and hail. a barrage of ice hitting the grass bouncing like baseballs. a woman getting out of this truck bravely running for cover and look at this backyard outside of dallas. huge splashes in the water as hail just pelts a pool. these vehicles were damaged in the storm. doors and windshields smashed. more damage. this home's windows were smashed and we have amazing images on
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social media showing what caused all this damage. people holding huge hail the size of softballs. all that severe weather is moving east right now. the rain from this front is making its way to the eastern seaboard, downpours expected in washington, new york and boston. the good news, though, spring is finally making its way into the northeast. forecast have temps in the 60s for the rest of the week. more breaking news from belgium. belgian authorities have arrested two more men in connection with the brussels bombings. prosecutors say the two rented the apartment that served as a hideout for the subway bomber. 16 people died in that and 16 others the same day at the brussels airport. authorities say their investigation is active day and night. take a look. showing salah abdeslam in jail. abdeslam is a key suspect in the november attacks in paris. he was arrested in brussels months after those attacks.
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we'll turn our focus to the race for the white house and the front-runners, of course, holding double-digit leads in new york ahead of the next big primary. >> trump taking aim at ted cruz calling the delegate system rigged and crooked. cruz, though, firing back mocking trump as a whiner. it's "your voice, your vote" and lana zak tracking the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you know, there are more delegates at take in new york than the last five contests combined and the two front-runners hoping they can regain lost footing while ted cruz appears to be sitting this one out. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, donald trump and john kasich all of the candidates fanning out across new york. all of the candidates with the exception of ted cruz. >> he does not like new york. >> reporter: cruz preferring to invest his time in california after his comments on new york values -- >> california is going to decide the republican nomination. >> reporter: but both of the
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democrats have been competing on who has the most new york values. >> brooklyn born, native son. >> reporter: sanders' campaign ad painting him as the true new yorker while clinton reminding voters he left new york for vermont. >> the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> reporter: new york's closed primary is just a week away. closed meaning voters have to be registered in advance for the party in order to vote in the primary. >> you need to actually be registered as a republican. >> reporter: the importance of registering, something ivanka has been reminding voters in state after state. >> hi, south carolina. >> hi, nevada, i'm ivanka trump. >> aloha, hawaii. >> reporter: they allowed her to forget her own state. >> they were unaware of the rules and they didn't register in time so they feel very, very
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guilty. >> luckily for trump it doesn't look like he'll need those two votes to win in the empire state. a new poll out shows him ahead by a whopping 33 points and puts clinton ahead by 14 points. kendis, diane. >> john kasich far behind in second place in that poll. lana, thank you. hillary clinton is coming under fire for a racially tinged joke. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that. that's not -- >> cautious politician time. >> that's clinton taking part at an annual media event with new york mayor bill de blasio and a cast member from the broadway hit "hamilton." cp time is used to mean colored people time. bill de blasio said it was all just a joke.
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>> it was clearly a staged show. it was a scripted show and the whole idea was to do the counterintuitive and say cautious politician time. every actor involved including hillary clinton and leslie odom jr. thought it was a joke on a different convention. that was the whole idea of it so i think people are missing the point here. >> the comedy skit is drawing mixed reaction on social media. so far no comment from the clinton campaign. new orleans police plan to add another charge against a man being held for the murder of former saints player will smith. cardell haste remains in custody linked to the shooting of his wife. hayes' defense attorney says hayes ras rewas rear ended by a vehicle. hayes will plead not guilty according to his lawyer. today is national equal payday representing how many extra days women have to work to earn what men earn the previous
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year. president obama marks national equal payday by designating a new national monument. the museum is located on capitol hill and headquarters of the national women's party and the president will seek at the site about ensuring equal pay for women. inequality in pay is one of the major reasons the women's soccer team may boycott the summer olympics in rio. the players are in contract talks just weeks after five players waged a complaint with the federal government. the women's team is reigning world champion but its members make far less than the not as successful men's team. well, still ahead, drink up. where american tourists are causing a beer shortage. alarming comments from health officials about the zika virus calling it scarier than they first thought. new advice for women. plus caught on camera. a photographer, yeah, getting a little close, too close to a plane trying to land.
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[ bleep ]. you're late for everything else here. >> you're looking and listening to a full-blown meltdown captured on camera at laguardia. an irate mom fuming waiting for hours for a flight to miami heading to a disney cruise but the airport was shut down for high winds and the flight had to be diverted. the flight finally took off the next day and, yes, everyone made the cruise. >> there's also plenty of anger on display in incoming over the state's controversial new law of the so-called bathroom law forces people to use public
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bathrooms for the gender shown on their birth certificate. it erupted yesterday. bruce springsteen who canceled a concert in protest. right now it appears unlikely that the law will be overturned. a major financial firm is paying a $5 billion fine. goldman sachs is the last major american bank to settle with the justice department over shoddy practices involving mortgages and mortgage securities. a major cause, of course, of the financial meltdown. about a third of the fine will be used to help distressed borrowers and affected communities. facebook will unveil some of its future plans today. the primary topics will be the social network's push for live video as well as something called chatbots. those allow businesses to interact with messenger users such as making restaurant reservations rather than requiring a stand-alone app. when we come back, a brazen bank heist that could have been straight out of a movie. see how the thieves gain access
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future. roads wet to the north and southwest. watch out for snow in the rockies and flooding along the gulf coast, roads wet on the east coast and also west of the great lakes. >> and if you're flying airport delays likeliest in new orleans, charlotte, houston and atlanta. well, there's a new headline now out about the zika virus this morning. doctors are warning that it's actually scarier than they first thought and they say they need more money to fight it. >> as such the obama administration is pressing congress to approve nearly $2 billion to fight the virus. it's spread by mosquitoes, of course, and can cause serious birth defects. abc's dr. richard besser has new information about what that means for women who are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant. >> with the cdc is saying, there's no period during your pregnancy when it's absolutely safe. there won't be a vaccine this year so using a repellant avoiding bites is what you can do to stay safe. >> the cdc believes the mosquito that spreads zika is present in 30 states up from 12 in cities
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as far north as new york and san francisco. the virus itself is spreading in south america and the krieben. it's feared the virus will pop up in the u.s. as the weather warms up. three people are dead after their boat sank off the florida coast including a 9-year-old boy and his father, a deputy sheriff. their 24-foot boat capsized in rough seas while onhore nearly hours later exhausted but alive. the school police officer seen in this video slamming a student to the ground has been fired. school officials in san antonio, texas, say the use of force against the 12-year-old girl was absolutely unwarranted. now they say the officer was supposed to report any use of force right away, instead his initial report listed the incident as an accidental fall. new york police are looking for some bank robbers who decided to drop in to their
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latest target. they gained access to the branch by popping a hatch on the roof. once inside they broke into the bank vault and stole $280,000 in cash and looted safety deposit boxes. amazingly the surveillance cameras didn't record a thing and no alarm sounded. weird. >> dealing with experts. a heart-stopping close call in the caribbean islands off st. barts. a low flying plane nearly slams into a tourist who was trying to snap a photo of the plane landing. fortunately the man was crouched down or he could have even lost his head but he did live to tell about it. the airport is considered one of the most danger in the world. he didn't get the photo he wanted but quite a video out of it. >> he it turn around and kept -- >> maybe he did get the photo he wanted. >> he got the landing. some firefighters in nebraska found themselves responding to a rather unusual call. they were there trying to get a 120-pound great dane named cora out of the tree.
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she was about 20 feet high and her fall was broken by people on the ground. they were holding a tarp. the owner says cora probably got stuck while chasing a raccoon or a squirrel. cora is going to be fine. >> she landed safely. >> yes. time now for sports and this morning that means nba hoops. >> we get the highlights from our friends at espn. good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. stan took most of last week off so he has to go first. >> let's talk nba playoff scenarios. two spots left in the west. three teams fighting for them. two of them in the mavericks and jazz. rudy gobert, wouldn't return to the game for wednesday. mavericks said they were approaching it like it was game seven of the playoffs. dirk know wit ski got the message battling joe ingals there. wesley matthews, he scored 30 points. mavericks win 101-92 and clinch
4:19 am
a playoff spot. >> so now if i understand correctly it's between the jazz and rockets. >> you do understand correctly. >> for that final spot. that's it, the rockets win against minnesota, remember, this is the minnesota team that upset the apple cart that is the warriors and they're at home and you figure, man, they don't have a lot of home game, got a young guy, want to play spoiler. that's what you would think but you would have thought wrong. james harden losing wigans, showed you dwight howard running over karl anthony towns. harden, a long "gma" highlight. harden had 34 points, 6 assists, the rockets won by a lot, so now if the rockets beat the kings they're in. >> as we mention the jazz taking on the lakers. kobe bryant's farewell. >> more about kobe bryant's farewell coming up. lucky fan catching not one
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crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. ♪ time for "the pulse" and we're going to start with a guy who is something of a magnet for foul balls. he's a detroit tigers fan named bill dugan. >> while watching his tigers lose to the pirates yesterday he caught five foul balls. he gave them all to kids seated nearby. >> okay. that's pretty incredible. >> five foul balls. >> he sits behind home plate and says at home he has hundreds of balls that he's caught at games himself. dugan says that he loves giving the ones he catches out to kids just to see the smiles on their faces. >> people were always wondering how he manages to do it. he says it's all about location. right behind home plate and kind of near first base, as well.
4:23 am
>> i guess that's where all the foul balls go. next up kobe bryant, you heard the espn guys refer to his final game tomorrow night when the lakers face the utah jazz. still looking for a ticket, get ready to pay up. >> the lowest price ticket on stubhub is more than $700 and that's really, really cheap when some other seats in l.a.'s staples center are taken into consideration. >> case in point, someone has already paid more than $27,000 for two tickets to see bryant wrap up his 20-year career. >> but it is two tickets. >> in that case it's a bargain. >> it's a steal. understand. >> i think i'll have to catch that one from home. next a rather unexpect expe consequence of the new relationship with cuba. the country just 90 miles from key west is seeing an influx of american tourists. >> and seems many of them are thirsty, so thirsty that cuba is starting to run low on beer. the whole country. >> i don't get it. so cuba's largest brewer is now
4:24 am
considering opening a new plant to increase supply. more immediately it's also thinking about importing beer in an attempt to keep pace with growing demand. >> i think they have plenty of rum, though. >> they do. >> i think that's still -- >> just have to switch to mojitos. >> the sacrifices we make. >> oh. well, hear, hear in the future depicted in "back to the future" and still no real hoverboards but video indicates frankie is getting closer. he claims it can run ten minutes at a time hitting speeds of more than 90 miles an hour. >> get this, he also says it can go as high as 10,000 feet. the device powered by a turbine engine and backpack is fuel. you'll notice he's taking it over a nice soft lake in case there is a rough landing. >> hard to blame him. 10,000 feet. >> very cool. more news after this.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it's 4:27. we're gatheri ng " action news" together, getting it ready for you on a tuesday morning. here's what we have coming up. a live report from a murder scene in west philadelphia. rain moving through the region. dave murphy is tracking these showers in accuweather. let us know when they're moving out. a frightening experience for a child in chester county. the boy somehow got stuck in the mud in his backyard for hours. plus, we'll have a look at the roads for you this morning, all on "action news" and that's next. >> ♪ who was responsible for rather unique art display we would say in reno, nevada.
4:28 am
the hobo art walk. >> every day it's there and different than any other day prior. reporter katherine van of our reno station has the details. >> reporter: along the tricky river on riverside drive people stop in their tracks just to look at the most curious formations. >> how did the rocks get that way? >> this is fantastic. >> rocks turned into birds, man's best friend. and people enjoying their day by the river. more than a dozen of them blended into nature. the man behind the formations -- >> i stack rocks. some rocks will give you inspiration. >> reporter: for decades hobo cyrus as he calls himself spends hours every day looking for the right rock to fit his collection. >> i decided to do what i like to do rather than what i probably should do. >> reporter: and every day he puts a smile on someone's face which is more gratifying than any job he says he could have. >> apparently i have a knack for making people smile and feel
4:29 am
good with this artwork, so in return, that makes me feel good. i mean, who wouldn't want to be around a bunch of happy people all day? >> reporter: while he spends hours stacking rocks every morning to put on his hobo art walk, every night he takes them apart and stars the cycle over again. why? because like nature, nothing stays the same. >> out here it's changing all the time. leaves are growing, the river is going up and down. so, actually taking them down and redoing them every day is a huge advantage. >> reporter: on riverside drive katherine van. >> i can totally see it in an art gallery going for thousands. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stick around for "good morning america" later on today. have a great tuesday.
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday april 12. >> we're following breaking news. medics find a man shot dead overnight. we'll have a live report on this murder investigation. >> police in south jersey need help identifying a burglar who claimed to work for the gas company. >> with a verdict expected today medical marijuana may be legalized in pennsylvania by the end of the woo he can. >> we're dealing with rain at this early morning hour so let's turn to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> starting out with rather light rain across the region. there's a light band coming through reading, allentown, lancaster, harrisb


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