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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 13, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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tonight is late word that verizon workers say they will strike at 6:00 a.m. the walk-out will include 39,000 verizon workers from massachusetts to virginia, and, of course, that includes the philadelphia area. 10 months of contract talks have failed to reach an agreement. the communications workers of america accused of company of rigging the system against verizon workers. there are 5900 employees in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware who will be off the job should the strike go through as claimed. there will be a rally at verizon tonig locations in the morning. and the "action news" feel live upon the air when workers are scheduled to walk out. we ask you to join them on the latest from this developing story from 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. the philadelphia police asking for your help trying to track down two enormous medal doors stolen from a mausoleum in
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historic laurel hill cemetery. and live is walter perez. and the police want to know who stole the doors and how they were able to carry them away. >> that's right. laurel hill cemetery established in 1836 is recognized as a national historic landmark. the officials say vandalism here is pretty uncommon. what happened here early this morning was more than simple vandalism they say this is felony theft. cemetery officials describe it as a crime callus as brazen. and it is unspeakable. it is rare we respond to thefts of this nature. >> the philadelphia police inspector scott small talking about the theft of this bronze pair of mausoleum doors. and plywood covers the entrance where they stood more than 100
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years. not just valuable, they are massive. >> the doors are each six feet in height, weigh about 800 pounds each. they are worth a total of $25,000. >> cemetery officials say the doors were there yesterday, so they believe the theft occurred sometime very early this morning before sunrise. but what has the laurel hill cemetery c.e.o.s stumped is how they got away with the enormous objects without being detected and leaving behind little traces of what they did >> until the police can come up with something, we don't really know. as far as we know nobody broke in, maybe over or under a fence. >> the police are checking scrap yards in the area, jump yards where possibly these doors could be sold. >> pete hopkins emphasizes the monetary value of the stolen items is not the real issue. >> we are here to take permanent
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care of families. and that's our job. to are someone to think they can come in and take away somebody's entire history is unthinkable. >> now there is a camera here at the entrance to the cemetery. that camera caught nothing. investigators believe they went over or under the fence about a block away. there was a realtime crime camera from the city about a block away and tonight they are pouring over the video hoping for a break in the case. and anyone with information is asked to call the northwest detecti detectives. reporting live from east falls, walter perez channel 6 "action news." a father in critical condition after being car jacked while waiting to pick up his 10-year-old son. this all happened before 5:00 at norris and american streets in the west kensington section of philadelphia. >> the two perpetrate ors approached him, struck him in
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the head, shot him and went away with the vehicle. >> and they found had on north randolph and they don't know a motive other than the pick up being a new 2016 model. and the police say a coughing fit caused the school bus driver to lose control of his vehicle. and hitting two parked vehicles and two special-needs students checked out at the hospital released. and the 12-year-old boy who we showed you rescued from a backyard mishap last night out of the hospital doing fine. some of the photographs taken when trying to pull bryant from a muddy mess. >> i was walking along the creek and the creek gave out. and i fell into the mud. and i kept on sinking. >> you were fighting mother
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nature with the mud and water. one time we tried to divert the creek down below. when we got down there, more water came up. >> taking several hours and special equipment pumping air around his foot to get him out. a woman in mayfair, philadelphia trying to cope with an anonymous note placed in her mailbox about her autistic son. the note hurts, not just her but most of her neighbors, too. most, but apparently not all. christie ileto has the story. >> ryan place in his backyard every day. >> ryan, run! >> the autistic 3-year-old's energetic behavior i -- apparently upset a neighbor saying they can't get fresh air getting disrupted by the boy, calling him a brat and the r-word.
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>> i was mad. i was angry, beyond angry. >> what was the most upsetting part for you. >> the word retarded. the word retarded, that hurt. that really hurt. >> moraan says this is the firs time someone complained about ryan, who also has adhd. >> he is not like you and me, he gets overwhelmed very easily. >> whatever they said in the letter i don't see. >> and neighbors are floored by the note that moran posted to facebook. >> do you have any idea who might have written her? >> i can't imagine it being anything on this block to be honest with you. maybe somebody she shares the driveway with, but right here this core group right here, not at all. nobody. nobody would do that, ok. >> that child on the autism spectrum learns and interprets things differently and we need more acceptance and awareness.
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>> and encouraging whoever wrote the letter to learn more about autism at the hearings next week downtown. >> what do you say to the person that authorized this? >> get educated. get educated before you judge. >> there is good news though come out of this. since posting the letter to facebook, moran says she received an outpouring of support, including play dates for her son. in mayfair, christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." emotions are bubbling up over proposed soda tax hike in philadelphia. standing-room own in the hunting park section of the city. councilmembers heard varied opinions from residence about the 3 cents tax on soda beverages. and some say it would lead to a
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better city. and neshaminy voted to close two elementary schools to save money. a special meeting in langhorne, the board members voted to close two elementary part of a consolidation plan. tonight's decision will not be final until the pennsylvania department of education signs off on it. the mayor of nazareth, p.a. free on uncured bail tonight after being arrested in connection with a theft of $18,000 from the social club of a volunteer fire company. mayor carl strye, jr. head of the head for 7 years, charged with falsifying records. he says he has no intention of resigning as mayor. a former camden firefighter convicted of ripping off
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taxpayers in a disability fraud. shayne streeter collected benefits after claiming injuries while on duty. and investigation revealed he was working as a marital arts instructor and he faces up to 10 years in jail. a bill to legalize marijuana in pennsylvania in the hands of the state house. the state senate approved the legislation 42-7 today. governor tom wolf again echoed his support. the measure sets standards for tracking marijuana plants and licensing growers dispensaries and doctors say they can take them in pill or liquid form but cannot smoke or grow their own. and stepping behind the cameras the first time, coming to philadelphia from a top
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cabinet post in very working with public security and homeland security. and he replace darrick sawyer from the black firefighters association. and he is not deterred by their concerns. >> past experiences and jobs, i have a track record of working with all types of groups, stakeholders and affiliates. a top run says no matter what happens at the convention he will not step in as a back up nominee. only one pick up truck comes out of the safety test with its safety reputation in task. i do and two billionaires and the smartest man team up to send spacecraft where no man has gone
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before. clear skies, and winds, and temperatures dropping into the 30s. the cold air not lasting long and a big warming trend in the accuweather forecast. and ducis rodgers with the phillies winning ways. and the flyers getting ready for the playoffs after "action news" continue
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ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> residents in northern texas are cleaning up tonight after a destructive hailstorm caused significant damage to homes and cars. hailstones, some of which were the size of baseballs, knocked out windshields and left dents in cars last night. many homeowners reported broken windows, and even hail penetrated rooftops. some schools closed to clean up,
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luckily no serious injuries reported. and they said that performer football star will smith had a gun in his car last weekend, but no evidence that it was fired. and also reviewing the surveillance video of the incidents. showing smith's s.u.v. rear-ending the vehicle of cardell hayes. and it speeds off and hayes appears to follow. if convicted of second-degree murder hayes faces life in prison. bad news for pick up drivers, only one model in the tests in highway safety the ford f150, the most popular in the country. the test measures what happens when a vehicle runs off the road and part of the front end hits a tree or pole at 40 miles per
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hour. and the silverado and tundra and others higher than the club cab. all of the pick ups except the ford failed to protect the driver's legs and feet. ♪ house speaker paul ryan says count me out. those were his words today as he would not accept the republican nomination for president. ryan has been seen by some as a so-called white knight should they hit impact. and he says he has too much work to do as speaker to let speculation swirl. he said this: >> count me out. i simply believe in you want to be the nominee for our purpose to be president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do it, therefore i should not be considered,
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period, end of story. >> that may or may not be convincing enough for some who see the idea of ryan becoming the republican nominee as almost irresistible. and donald trump failed against the election procedures in some states, blasting the republican national committee calling the process rigged. and trump held a rally in rome, new york ahead of next week's primary. polls had him way ahead in new york, but he already missed deadlines in virginia who would remain loyal after the first ballot. and bernie sanders in syracuse and rochester calling in question hillary clinton's judgment and the refusal to offer searches to wall street firms. a russian billionaire is
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teaming up with hawking and zuckerberg for a mission sending micro-spacecrafts father than humans have done it before. it would be tiny, the lightest ever built, each less than an ounce. powered from laser beams and that would get them to the system in 20 years, 2,000 times farther than any space cast has flown before. >> a great void between us and the stars. but know we can transcend it. >> how much will it cost? who knows. but knows it will cost $100 million just to study how to make the project a reality. washington, d.c. with a new monument for women's equality.
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to pay tribute to equal payday, president obama announced the women's national equality monument named after alice, who founded the party. and children's hospital of philadelphia plans to expand its volunteer program with a $5 million donation from wawa today. it will also afford coffee and care cards a lot of them and shown off during the events today. you have a week of pretty solid weather from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> and it will warm up for the weekend. showing clear conditions out there. we had some rain this morning, generally about a quarter inch of rain. long gone. the action cam in front of independence hall this evening on this quiet night.
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it is cooling off, but the next several afternoons are going to be sunny and dry. great if you have any friends coming in for a little sightseeing in philadelphia. right now 49 degrees. down from the high of 63, which is the average high for this time of year. normal for a change. wilmington 48, trenton 47, cape may 48. but allentown 38. and the poconos 30 degrees. and once the winds diminish, the northwest suburbs are getting quite cool. and showing part of the reason why we constant have insulation. no cloud cover to insulate the earth and hold in the heat. once the winds die down good radiational cooling straight into the atmosphere and this is what happens. futuretracker showing allentown and reading down to 31 degrees at 6:30. philadelphia move freezing but the far north and west suburbs a
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small window of a freeze warning between 2:00 and 8:00 in the morning. northern chester, upper bucks and montgomery county, lehigh valley and berks county. a good idea to cover up your plants that bloomed with a blanket or bring in potted plants. they could have a tough time surviving the night. the bus stop forecast, there will be a chill in the air. at 6:00, only 39 degrees. by 8:00, 42. and tomorrow is going to be one of those days with blue skies and sunshine, but it is going to be a little bit cool. 58 degrees with winds out of the northeast. that is 5 degrees below normal. but the cool air really doesn't last very long. by thursday, high pressure moves over new england. that brings a warming trend. 62 degrees, continuing into next week. the only problem with the dry, sunny weather, the pollen meter extreme the next few days with maple, juniper and alder the l
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culprits. and thursday, bumping it up to 62. friday, 64. and look at this weekend! one of the weekends where you want to get outside. 67 degrees on saturday, sunday 72 degrees. and then on monday ahead of a cold front making it near 80 with a high of 77. and tuesday showers possible, and temperatures down to 73. and you notice the phillie ball, great weather for baseball for the next week. good timing with that. >> absolutely. and philadelphia independent ant seaport museum with an exhibit. patriots and pirates, a full-size model of a boat of diligence that is inside of the penns landing museum, delving into the story which happened right here in philadelphia.
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and the new permanent exhibit open to children tomorrow. and the night at the museum event at st. michael in levittown. 8th grade students playing vincent van go and
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>> gold medal olympian stopping by his alma mater in camden county at that talk about wrestling, jordan burrows graduated from 2006. he shared some training tips, nutritional secrets with fans, and signed autographs. and he was the most popular visitor tonight in south jersey. phillies looking for the first win at home this season. >> young players that will be excited to watch, not only this season but years to come. wins and runs are hard to come
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by, tonight getting enough of the latter to get one of the former. and the phills in the shift against wallace, and franco behind the second base bag. he gets the out. i'll buy you a drink. you know, i'll buy you a drink. charlie morton giving you have 6 innings in the first outing, doing better tonight. and odubel herrera a triple to the corner and the phillies go on to win, 3-0. >> having the starting rotation that can go out there and have some really effective innings. granted, not very deep into the season as all, but it is an exciting group for me to sit there and watch. the flyers and capitols are dropping the pick on their series. and they split in the meetings
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between the two. they have respect but know they can be beat. >> and wire-to-wire, a lot of good players there and they did a lot of good things this year. but we are confident in ourselves and know we have to take what it takes to win the series. and the flyers playing with heavy hearts after the news of ed snyder. and richards called snyder a class act. >> a team you probably don't have to do as many things as he did, but it just shows how good of a man he was. it's hard to put into words how great he was. still ahead in sports, the sixers are close to the end. plus villanova
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>> 80 down, 2 to go. not the best way to look at the sixers' season but the end cannot come soon enough. rolling in the quarter and the sixer up by 6 at half time. >> they win, right? >> but -- jim, there is always abut. but 17 points off the bench and the sixe erers lose wrapping it
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in chicago tomorrow night. and villanova shining moment, the three key players re-creating the shot, ryan arcidiacano, kris jenkins and daniel ochefu. and just no north carolina there to play defense. for the record, jenkins made the shot some 7 out of 11 times. as i mentioned earlier, you only need to make 1-1. >> you only have to be 1-1 in the final game. "jimmy kimmel live" live next. his guests tonight are clark gregg, katie couric, benedict cumberbatch, and music from deftones. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards. matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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