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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  April 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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swipes packages from the house right in the middle of the day. police have a message for other homeowners. plus the pope's emotional visit he is meeting with refugees in greece this morning. there's word else bringing them back to the vatican. those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers looking good, like that haircut outside. >> reporter: thank you you can remember last saturday we were gearing up for the snow and the cold. this saturday we're talking about warmer temperatures and a ton of sunshine. temperatures are starting to warm. as you see the sun is glistening down. 53 in reading that's the warm spot. 51 in allentown. 50s from beach haven to cape may. that will change this afternoon. this is one of the warmer areas right now, but when the winds start to shift in an onshore direction, the shorepoints will cool down and everybody else
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warms up in the mid to upper 60s. satellite and radar showing clear skies from maine to the virginias and the carolinas. don't forget the sunscreen and sunglasses. sunshine, 57 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 58. 3:00 p.m., 66, 5:00 p.m., 66 degrees, mostly sunny and warm today. it gets better tomorrow and warmer still as we get into monday. i'll have the details in the seven day in just a bit. gray? thank you so much for the update. new this morning, a philadelphia police officer is recovering after an overnight crash in west philadelphia. the officer was responding to a call when his cruiser struck another carat north 52 and wyalusing street. the other driver was not hurt. this morning the police are investigating. a man is in the hospital after he was shot 12 times
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outside a bar in north philadelphia. it happened around 2:00 a.m. outside j and s tavern on the 2400 block of germantown avenue. the 23-year-old victim is said to be in stable condition. and now to a developing story coming in from maryland a fire medic shot while answering a call has died. a volunteer firefighter shot was rushed into surgery and police say the shooter was a person they were together -- going to help. temple hill not far from washington. a fire medic, served 1 years in the department -- 13 years in the department, he died this morning. the injured volunteer is in critical condition. the crew got a call that a person was unsomebodiesive
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inside the -- unresponsive inside the home e. they knocked on the door and received no answer. they gallon forced entry to render care. as they were for the purposing entry that several rounds were fired from the house through the door. and again, police say the shots were fired by the person who needed the help. the gunfire stopped as police officers rushed in and arrested the shooter. the suspect is cooperating this morning, but a motive is not clear. the person who called 911 was shot, but not severely hurt. volunteers are wanted to patrol the schuylkill river trail. a new citizen trail watch started after groups of teens on bikes harassed and attacked people on the trail. volunteers with register to attend a free training session april 27 where they learn how to report crime and take suspect descriptions. we want as many people as possible that utilize the trail.
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that have an interest in the trail come out and get training on how to volunteer and keep the trail safe. be each others eyes and ears. if you want to be a trail watcher, we have the information at crews plan to install surveillance cameras and lighting along the trail. to a bold theft caught on camera. a thief walked up to a wynnfield home in broad daylight and stole two packages. what he did not know he was being filmed the entire time. jeff chirico spoke to the homeowner who is the city's first deputy of recreation. it makes my stomach turn. >> reporter: this crystal clear video shows the man who made off with boxes of high-priced electronics from their front step on woodbine avenue. you can identify him, you could pick him out of any
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picture. >> reporter: the theft happened tuesday afternoon. the camera shows the delivery man dropping off two amazon boxes. a couple of hours later another man approaches the door. waits a minute and kicks a box before picking them up and hiding them in his jacket. the brazen daylight theft is a blow to the homeowners sense of security. it's frightening, somebody in my family could be coming home. my mother could be walking up on the patio. >> reporter: she bought the high definition camera after the family home was burglarized blast year. now it is paying off providing these rare vivid images that she believes will help police nail the thief in not. it will be easy to identify him, if family or friends see him, they will know. >> reporter: the good news, amazon refunded the cost of the tablet and iphone were stolen. she will heed the advice of
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police that people have their packages left at work or the post office. we are tracking twin tragedy overseas. video captured the second tremor to rock southern japan. they are searching for survivors as aftershocks rats -- rattles neighborhoods. 32 have died. 1500 are injured and hundreds of thousands of people are without water and electricity. pope francis has left the greek isle, the front line of the refugee crisis. 12 syrians who fled the war are joining him on the trip back to rome. the pope visited a refugee detention camp this morning. one child kissed the pope's feet. 50,000 people have come to the
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isle to escape violence in syria. pope francis told leaders welcoming them sets an example of humanity. some say there needs to be a legal route into europe for those fleeing conflict. the duke and duchess of cambridge are winding down their royal tour of india. they sat for photos on the same marble bench where princess diana posed alone for the photo back in 1992. when asked how to describe that movement, he called it stunning. much more to come on "action news," this saturday morning, a florida zoo is off limits this weekend after a deadly tiger attack. this morning we're learning more about the victims. imagine getting ripped off while looking for a job. scammers are using popular
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websites to find their victims. what you need to know. >> reporter: we have sunshine this morning, temperatures are in the 50s, it's back to the 80s next week. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it.
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she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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like steve santarsiero, harrisburg politicians who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician. look at this here, an endurance athlete in florida is trying to travel to bermuda by that that
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bubble. it is not the first time, either. he is using the hydropod a plastic container that allows him to run on water. he embarked on the voyage two years ago. the gps fell into the water 70 miles off the coast. he said the latest bubble is new and improved. if all goes as planned it will take 45 days to trace the bermuda triangle. in indicates you're wondering he jumped rope in a sauna and ran 20 miles a day. a brave man. >> reporter: i guess a flight was out of the question. whether a if he has to go bathroom? there's a lot of water out there. >> reporter: gray says there's a lot of water out there. let's go live on sky6 live hd. here's water for you, gray, cap,
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it's a beautiful morning. temperatures in time 50s. philadelphia, 50 degrees, dewpoint, 34. pressure is rising. winds beginning to shift now out of the east/northeast at so miles per hour. that will keep the shorepoints a little bit cooler this afternoon. inland locations mid 60s, shorepoints mid to upper 50s. we're on a warming trend friday. 65 degrees. today 67. tomorrow, 74. monday we're way up here as temperatures climb into the upper 70s and low 80s. trenton and wilmington, 49. reading already up to 53. millville, 51. ascertain cape may showing 51 degrees as well. here's satellite and radar, high pressure is planted right there right over top of harrisburg keystone state, everybody enjoying a ton of sunshine this morning. as long as the high is sitting over top of us, the air sinks sinking air you can't get any
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clouds. we'll experience a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow. we are in what's call omega blocking pattern. it's down out here, up across the high plains and the great lakes and off the coast. we're sitting in the good sector of this pattern, where is they are in the bad sector along the front range of the robberies they are picking -- rockies, they are picking up a ton of snow. they could see 3 to 4 feet of snow in the 24, 48 hours. all the bad weather stays there, because there's a high pressure system over the eastern seaboard. the weather can't move into that high it will go around. all this will be diverted northward into canada. they will get the wet weather there we stay dry. bad news with all that dry weather and sunshine we get the allergies. the pollen count is through the roof today tomorrow and monday and tuesday. it's mainly tree pollen, but the
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weed pollen is starting to climb, as well. maple juniper and popular. until we get rain around here, the pollen levels will be extremely high. if you're someone who suffers with allergies, don't forget your medication. 67 degrees in the lehigh valley. sunny skies and pleasant. beautiful down the jersey shore. more in the way of sunshine, high, thin cirrus clouds. the winds shift off the water. this is an onshore breeze. 59 in atlantic city. 58 for avalon. 56 for cape may. philadelphia, sunny skies and nice, up to 67 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's warmer tomorrow, more sun, 74. monday, more sun, 80. tuesday, sun, mixed with a few clouds, 68 degrees, somewhat of a set back with the temperatures. that's above average for this time of the year. wednesday, sunny and nice, 68 degrees. thursday we're back into the mid to upper 70s.
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thursday, 77. friday, we could get showers and 75. this is the time of year you want to see a little rain because it's the growing season. it's good and it's bad. keep the bad we'll take the good. 9:15 overnight tornados raced through parts of the great plains this video from a storm chaser captured a twister barreling through elk heart kansas. another tornado touched down in eva oklahoma. there were no reports of injuries, people are starting to assess the damage there. in south america, images of tornado devastation is coming in there, a twister in uruguay killed four people in its path. hundreds of people were injured. a florida zoo is closed
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after a veteran keeper was killed by a tiger. stacey konweiser was killed by the tiger. this is not visible to the public. the view said at no time was a guest or visitor in danger. state and federal authorities are investigating this. stacey konweiser leaves behind a husband who was a zookeeper there.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. 9:18 your triem. ford is rolling out there gt super car here. the automakers calls it its most advance production vehicle ever. only five hundred will be built during the first two years of production. it is not clear if any more will be produced at that time. the most expensive production car starting at $450,000.
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as for the application process it is currently underway. priority will be given to loyal ford customers, especially the current gt owners. ticket master is teaming up with facebook. they will start selling tickets on the social networking site. facebook says it looks forward to helping ticket master making ticket purchasing easier and faster. they will collect a standard affiliate fee. this morning there's a new warning if you use those popular job search websites. hundreds of millions of people use them. some are failing or falling victim to scam. they are fooled into thinking they got a job and get ripped off. >> reporter: millions are searching for jobs online using the popular sites like linked in and indeed. it turns out some of the
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so-called employers are scammers hiding behind a screen. sarah wade of saint louis sent her a job opportunity. i sent my resume to the e-mail he told me to. with linked in, i had so much luck with finding jobs in the past, that i suspect this to be a scam at all. >> reporter: experts say here how it works. they send a desperate job seeker a check for two thousand dollars and then there's a catch instructions to send most of the money back in the form of a gift card or wire transfer. the scammer tells them it's a one-time fee. the check is a fake and the job seekers money is in the hands of the scammer. wade received the check for 2400 bucks she didn't play the game. i called the bank and they
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told me it was fake. >> reporter: the fdc admitting that scams like these are a problem. as technology changes predators seeking out victims will change with it. >> reporter: karen told us she used the job search site indeed and wasn't so lucky. she tried to deposit a check for $2,400 a check that bounced and sent $2,000 to a scammer. indeed tells abc news indeed has an entire team dedicated to the search quality effort and we do everything we can to determine the job suitability. linked in, telling us when this type of activity is detected we work to remove it and prevent future recurrences.
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new at 9:00 a.m., the mayor of newark said he reached a deal to keep uber operating in new jersey's largest city. the tentative deal would allow the ride hailing company to stay protecting the taxi industry. they were in a dispute over licenses and background checks. new on "action news," the phillies snap their winning streak with an ugly loss. the flyers will eastern their series in washington tonight with a key player. details next in sports.
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so glad you stayed with us on a saturday morning. sky6 live hd giving you this
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lovely glimpse over the philadelphia international airport. remember that snow last weekend? forget about it. no snow in sight. just a whole lot of sun. in sports, flyers and caps face off in game two of their playoff series, the phillies struggle against the nationals. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: phillies have won five of 6 coming into their three game series with the nationals. we talked about this might be a good barometer of where they stand, we hope not. each player was wearing 42 in honor of the robinson breaking the color barrier. michael taylor with the home run. jason worth follows with a double. nats bat it around.
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in the 6th phils down 7-0. make that 9-0. harper his 101st career homer, he is 23 years old. phils lost 9-1. that first inning set the tone for the whole game. it wasn't a whole lot of fun. seems like we were out of it from the beginning. >> reporter: we knew it would be hard for the flyers to win the first game against the best team. sean couturier will miss two weeks from an upper body injury. that means he will mills the rest of the series and then some. it is an outstanding player and we have to find a way for
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guys to step up and play defensively. the flyers spent time working on the power play yesterday. 0-4 in game one. it's one thing they have to improve if they want a chance to win. we have to get hungry, we had good opportunities. both units generated good students. we can work to be a little more consists -- consistent. our entries are good, we are getting pucks, they are not going in, we have to stick with it and do our thing. >> reporter: game two in washington. that's sports, have a great saturday. there's still much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm karen rogers this is little doggy is saved by the home at last dog rescue our "shelter me rescue of the week" winner this week.
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you'll meet brave and some of her friends on "action news." plus a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers when "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. continues. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare.
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that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. "action news" saturday at 9:00. one man is dead another injured after a violent night on the streets of camden. today family and friends are bidding a final farewell to
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former new orleans' saint will smith. flyers beware airports across the country including in philadelphia. are dealing with extra long security lines, passengers are fed up. chris sowers is outside, not a whole lot of folks were happy about the weekend last week, but they will be all smiles today. >> reporter: people were fed up with the chilly weather and freeze warnings and now we're seeing sunshine and mild temperatures. as a matter of fact a lot of areas are up in the 50 os, -- 50s. look at the bright blue that cobalt blue sky. some of you seeing cirrus clouds. another beautiful day is on the way. 51 in pottstown. 50 in saint david.
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center city, 50. 52 degrees in new hole handle. 52 for glassboro. 51 in gandys beach in vineland. 53 in sea isle and dover, 51 degrees. you're seeing the bright blue sky because high pressure is firmly in control sitting over top of the state of pennsylvania. we have a surface map there's no clouds out there at all. bright, sunny skies the whole way through. 9:00 a.m. temperature, 50 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 58. you can see how quickly we get into the 760s, 3:00 p.m., 66 shooting for a high of 67 degrees. if you like the sunshine get a load of this. chance of precipitation over the next week, zero percent chance through thursday. the neck chance of rain is friday afternoon and that's only if the form of showers. so we're in a bit of blocking pattern. fortunately we're in the good part of the block. it will bring a lot of nice
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weather for the delaware and lehigh valleys. when i come back we'll talk about the warmup on the way. 80 in the forseeable future. it is 9:32. police are questioning a man who shot two firefighters who responded to help in near washington, d.c. one of the firefighter was killed. volunteer firefighter kevin swain was critically injured after undergoing surgery. the person they thought was unresponsive turned on them firing bullets through the door. omsnyder leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old child. we're supporting the family as best we can. well prepare to send our brother home. the suspect shot his neighbor who made the 911 call that got firefighters to the home in the first place, that neighbor survived, police
9:33 am
arrested the suspect in the home. new this morning, the police in camden, new jersey are investigating after two men were shot hours apart. shots were fired around 1:30 in an alley off the 1200 block of morton street. a man was hit several times taken to the hospital in serious condition. 6 hours earlier a man was shot in the head at 8th and shelton avenue. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made in either case. a reward is offered to solve the murder of a homeless man in swedes swedesboro gloucester county. he was beaten to death at a trailer he occasionally stayed at. we're shaken by this horrific crime that he was taken so brutally, it wasn't necessary, it's awful. it's awful. town merchants paid for his
9:34 am
funeral and remembered him as a frail and kind man. former new orleans saint will smith will be laid to rest after being shot and killed during a traffic altercation. the private funeral and burial comes one day after visitation at the saints practice facility. his casket was placed on the 50-yard line while the video screen showed clips of his famous plays. he was shot 8 times during the altercation. it is wife was shot in the leg. she sewer viervegd. your time, 9:34 if you're traveling this summer be prepared. tsa checkpoints are leading to long lines at airports across the country. philadelphia international airport has been flagged as one of the worst. dann cuellar with the story. >> reporter: at a number of airports across the country passengers are finding incredibly long lines apt tsa
9:35 am
checkpoints. this is the scene at lax with wait times of one, two, three hours. this time the lionels are really, really long -- this time the lines are really, really long. >> reporter: you're not a happy camper. no, i'm not. >> reporter: a spokesman for american airlines said almost 6800 passengers missed their flight between 14 and 20. the worst airports philadelphia international, atlanta at that, l.a. and miami and dallas. the truth of the matter said they have scene a decrease in screeners. there are 41,000 screeners the lowest in five years. with summer coming on, they are adding 200 new screeners a week to bring it to 42,500.
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the tsa administer -- administrators are warning passengers to be prepared. the best tip sign up for the precheck, the fast lane. or show up for your flight a lot earlier than you normally would. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." your time, 9:36 new on the campaign trail this morning, bernie sanders says he met with pope francis during his trip to the vatican. sanders said that the meeting took place earlier this morning before the pope left for a one day visit to greece. he said he appreciated the message he is sending for the need for morality and justice in the world economy. sanders traveled to rome to attend a conference on economic inequality and climate change. hillary clinton plans to in philadelphia wednesday one day after the new york primary.
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the details of that visit have not been announced. pennsylvania's primary april 26th. clinton campaigned in philadelphia earlier this month. on the republican side ted cruz is expectedded to sweep the convention in 0 whyoming. 14 delegates are up for grabs. trump picked up a single delegate in the wyoming county convention. cruz said the process is rigged in favor of party insiders like ted cruz. in "healthcheck," another reason to quit smoking. it could prevent you from getting that dream job. we have the details straight ahead. plus, hundreds of flights are canceled in colorado as a major storm moves in. it could dump several feet of snow on the area. of course we'll get a check of the exclusive accuweather
9:38 am
seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. this month's freezing
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temperatures are hurting peach crops in delaware. orchards with peaches are reporting 40 to 50% damage in unusually warm march meant peach trees blossomed earlier than usual and the temperature plunged and that could have an impact on peach prices that summer. thousands of airline passengers in colorado they are
9:41 am
stranded thanks to a major spring storm. nearly 700 flights have been canceled at denver international airport. parts of the state could see up to 4 feet of snow by tomorrow. many passengers say they have no hope from getting out this weekend. we miss home we've been here a week, we're ready to go home. i would be ready, too. major highways are being shut down there, authorities closed interstate 70 between denver and vale because of numerous accidents that happened yesterday. so thankful this guy is not talking about snow. >> reporter: there's websites you can go on and you can see live road cameras you can't see anything. it's all white. it's a mess out there. for us, we're enjoying a beautiful weather pattern right now. it started a couple of days ago, it will continue through the middle portions of the upcoming week. we're looking at bright blue skies, ton of sunshine, warm
9:42 am
temperatures, as well. beautiful image. the radars clear until friday afternoon. it's in the form of hours. enjoy the dry stretch of weather. 67 degrees is the high we're shooting for. the normal is 64. we start the out at 41 which is a tad below the normal. allentown, 51. philadelphia, 50. millville and on the boards in atlantic city, 51. cape may, 53. the numbers will climb rapidly as you can see there's hardly a cloudy out there. we're seeing mostly sunny conditions, all the cloud coffer is over my shoulder. you have to go to the west to see any kind of cloud cover and that's from the same storm that's dumping all that snow across the colorado rockies. they will see three to four feet of snow in the higher elevations.
9:43 am
denver is expecting one to two feet. if you're travel this guy way, check ahead. i know a lot of flights have been canceled and delays for others. we have showers and thunderstorms on the front range and tornado across the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. for us, future tracker 6, saturday, sunday, here comes monday, we keep it dry, there's hardly a cloud in the sky at least the next 72 hours. tuesday morning this is a back door cold front this will drop from 80 degrees on monday to 69 or 70 on tuesday or wednesday. brings with it a few more clouds. as you can see there there there no showers with the front. the model is going 64 for philadelphia. accuweather is going 67. as we get into sunday temperatures go up to 74, 75. by monday afternoon with our winds shifting out of the southwest we could be as warm ago 80 degrees. trenton, 68.
9:44 am
wilmington a pair of 6s. reading, 68. cape may, atlantic city a little bit cooler because of an onshore wind that's setting up. the highs on the sand mid to upper 50s, it's such a nice day and you're going to the beach be prepared. wear something with sleeves. for the phillies game bring along something with sleeves. it's not going to be cold, but not as mild as this afternoon. 61 is for the first pitch, 53 in the 9th inning. 38 in reading. 44 for philadelphia. 38 in millville. 44 on the boards in atlantic city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunshine for today and tomorrow. 67 this afternoon. 74 sunday, monday we're up to 80 degrees. that will be the 5th time this year we reached 80. second time this month. sun and clouds, tuesday, cooler high of 68. 68 wednesday, 77 thursday, 75 for friday, by then there could
9:45 am
a couple of showers around, but we've got a good 6 or 7 days of dry beautiful weather. >> reporter: do you get a raise when this happens. >> reporter: i do not, but i do not get a pay cut for last weekend. i would like to remind you can get the seven-day forecast at any time in "shelter me rescue of the week," karen rogers introduce us to a bigger rescue in the area and shows us how its grown over the years. the dog rescue saved 1500 dogs in 2015. that's a lot of happy endings for dogs who wouldn't have a chance. when you see a dog go into its forever home it makes it worth it. >> reporter: the foster based group relace on 350 volunteers a group that grows with every adoption. when people bring the dogs
9:46 am
home with them they realize they wants to be part of the bigger picture. sadie was adopted valentine's day. sure enough they brought sadie home to their other rescue nuttily. the successful experience with home at last left her wanting to do more. now she is helping to find homes for other dogs like cyprus. she is a 2-year-old boxer mix. s ears are a little crazy, he is a little bit like a shepherd mix. freddie is a 2-year-old basset hound mix. he loves other dogs and kids and cats. someone surrendered this 8 week old puppy lori. we think she is a wired hair terrier. she is brie she had a little of
9:47 am
puppies and left out in the cold. she plays with other dogs and she loves to have fun, so now this young mommy needs a home. if you're interested in brie or any of the dogs you've met visit the home at last dog rescue website. if you want to share your "shelter me rescue of the week" rescue stores use the #6abc shelter me. tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you. we'll feature your stories on "shelter me rescue of the week" segment. with brie i'm karen rogers channel 6 "action news" what a good girl. now to all you pet owners out there, we want to see your pets in action send pictures and videos to join the action at you can post them on social media with the #6abc action. fight back and rebuild
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an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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on a saturday morning, 9:50 is the time. sky6 live hd giving you a beautiful glimpse over atlantic city. if you're not smiling wait until you hear chris' forecast. here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. enjoy the beautiful weather as the 25th annual international spring festival in landsdale happening today at north penn high school from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the festival features live entertainment and performances on five stages. everyone is asked to sign a large scroll with their ancestry. you can go willow grove for the marti growl.
9:51 am
y2 k-9 sports training club, it runs 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. for all smokers another potential risk, it could hurt your chances for landings a job. stamford followed people who were unemployed half were and half were not. smokers were less likely to have a job than those who did get hired and made less per hour. they spent 6 to $7 a day on tobacco. a woman in south jersey has tested positive for zika virus. the woman returned from a country where zika is present. she is not pregnant. the virus is linked to birth defects and reports of rare
9:52 am
neurological problems in adults. a senior living home in kansas is seniors with alzheimers. there's opportunities to make life better for people who are affected by it. edie did dis that for us. edie is designed to simulate calm inure -- nurturing actions to help those with anxiety and aggression. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast after the break. narrator: looking out for wall street ceos -
9:53 am
9:54 am
that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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you a beautiful flips over center city. if you're complaining today, then all the complaints, send them somewhere, just not to us. >> reporter: few you're complaining today there's no reason. here's another shot sent in from david from williams town. block at that blue sky start to finish. 67 degrees today. 74 tomorrow and look at this, gray, by monday afternoon high temperatures in the immediate philadelphia area could top 880 degrees. outlying suburbs maybe a couple of degrees cooler. you get the idea that is fantastic. your check is in the mail by the way. 95:55 an all new "fyi philly" is coming up on of abc here's erin o'hern and karen rogers now with a preview.
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>> reporter: hi everyone here's what's coming up tonight on "fyi philly." this is huge. nfl is gearing up for football and baseball season is underway. it's time for some spring conditioning. happy smoothy day. we meet a local family in the business of healthy living for three generations. new vegan options and learn how to detox your life and a calf may for cats that's tonight on "fyi philly." we hope you join us. the jungle book is debuting in theaters from our parent company disney, bill murray and scarlet johansson andy -- lend their voices to the film. as i remembered it it was different as i look at it now, i was young when i saw it felt scary and exiting. i look at it now it's a g-rated
9:57 am
musical for kids with wonderful emotional moments. he said that he drew inspiration from other disney classics the lion king and bambi and pa pinocchio. jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we are working on for you, a moon gets creative to pay for his daughter's education. plus eye-pop art we'll look at exhibit at the philadelphia museum of art that celebrates art of the 60s and 70s. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, make it a great day!
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." dogs are called man's best friend for a good reason. they help prevent crime-- brett: we use them for apprehending poachers. jack: find missing disaster victims-- walt: she'll pick up the scent and off she'll go. jack: and provide love and companionship, maybe the most important job of all. sue: aw. brad: these are some of our special guests here at the adoption center. jack: and wait until you see the dingoes and painted dogs, canines that are still living the wild life. onx: one of africa's more special creatures. jack: all that


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