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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." as we come on the air, danger in the sky. for the first time ever reported, a drone possibly crashing into a passenger plane, as the jet was landing. tonight, the pilot describes the moment of impact. earthquake outbreak. three deadly jolts in three days. now, the biggest yet. leaving hundreds more dead. tonight, we meet the family of the baby pulled from the rubble. plus, is the big one set to hit the west coast of the u.s.? flood fears, 15 million in the path through texas and the heartland. heavy rain and flash flooding alerts tonight. money shaming. protesters dumping dollar bills on hillary clinton's motorcade. even clinton supporter george clooney calling their fund-raiser obscene.
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as thousands feel the bern in brooklyn. and, text tracker. the new weapon alerting police if you text and drive. will you now be forced to hand over your phone? good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with that developing story. for the first time, we're getting possible word of a drone colliding with a passenger jet. british airways revealing the details today. the number of close calls involving drones growing in the u.s. and overseas. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: tonight, a collision on final approach. a british airways flight, about to land at london's heathrow airport, when the pilot reported he may have been hit by a drone. saying the object struck the front of the airbus jet. the flight with 132 people on
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board, landing safely. the airline saying in a statement, "safety and security are always our first priority and we will give the police every assistance with their investigation." if it is confirmed, it would be the first known drone collision with a commercial aircraft. but close calls are on the rise. >> for your information, we've had two reports of a drone at 900 feet to the left-hand side of the approach. >> i see three drones above the little village which was about two and a half miles out. >> you can see three drones. >> reporter: experts warning with the growing popularity of unmanned aircraft, there is a serious potential for disaster. >> sooner or later, we're going to lose an airplane due to a drone collision. >> reporter: while this object hit the front of the plane, this simulation from researchers at virginia tech's crash lab shows how a drone could destroy a jetliner's engine in just seconds. despite laws banning drone flights within five miles of
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airports, the faa reports an average of 25 drone incidents every month. police say the plane hit has been examined, it's clear to fly. police are investigating what object hit the plane, and if it was a drone, who was operating it. tom? >> gloria, thank you. now to the earthquake outbreak. three deadly quakes in three days. the sore -- soaring death toll. in ecuador, surveillance video showing the moment disaster struck. and in japan, more than 40 are dead after two earthquakes hit there. rescuers searching for missing victims. what's known as the ring of fire in the pacific, running along the american west coast. new concerns tonight about the big one hitting here. here's matt gutman in japan. >> reporter: the third massive quake, the strongest yet, leaving shoppers screaming, products tumbling off the shelves, and then darkness. the epicenter of this powerful 7.8 magnitude quake just
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110 miles west of ecuador's capital. its president saying today hundreds are dead. this man using his hands to dig into a mountain of bricks. he tells us, three are alive and a girl is dead. tonight, experts warning the united states is also in danger. >> we're all on the ring of fire, it's an active part of the earth, and it's a reminder that this is a hazard that we face. >> reporter: across the pacific, a spasm of hundreds of quakes and aftershocks killing dozens. most of the dead in the town of mashiki. at this one on friday, rescuers gently delivered this 9-month-old baby girl from death's grip. that rescue, the one bright spot amid the grim task of recovery. in that same neighborhood, we found these rescuers. this crew is checking out the hardest-hit homes, and one they want to hit, the house that the
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9-month-old girl was rescued from. minutes later, they found it. they found the house, and it's incredible that anyone could have survived. then, a man approached. he said he was the baby's grandfather. her name, baby miku. rescued. thank god, right? wow. he then tells us we can meet her, hopping in the only possession he has left. hi, sweet girl. and she was right there when we walked up to the shelter. all cheeks and completely unscathed. her family told me they lost everything in the quake, but also they found their most important thing, their family. but the recovery here is being hampered by hundreds of aftershocks, and the fear that another massive one could come at any time.
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tom? >> matt, thank you. back here at home, flood alerts in the south. hail and heavy rain pummeling parts of texas and oklahoma this weekend. extreme weather stretching through the heartland. and the spring snowstorm in the west in colorado. heavy snow, whiteout conditions in highways in colorado. phillip mena in texas tonight. >> reporter: relentless rain tonight in texas and oklahoma. 3 to 6 inches falling in some areas, triggering flash flooding. west of ft. worth, the driver of that red car had to be rescued from a flooded road. a lightning strike believed to have sparked this oil tank fire south of dallas. and for the first time in three seasons, a texas rangers home game was rained out. for two days, this massive storm system hovering over the heartland, bringing tornadoes and whiteout conditions. forcing the cancellation of nearly 450 flights at dallas-ft. worth and another 850 in at
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denver international. more than a foot falling there. and in nearby pinecliffe, a whopping 50 inches. the blinding storm causing multiple wrecks along interstate 70. and tonight, a new danger for drivers. deeply flooded roadways. here in dallas, they're bracing for more torrential rain. for the next 24 hours, and all of the water will cause the trinity river to flood later tonight. tom? >> thank you. let's get right to rob marciano. you were telling me earlier, this is a dangerous and slow-moving system. >> yes, and because of the great weather most of the eastern part of the country is enjoying, it's a textbook omega block. you can see, it's in the shape of the greek letter omega. any storm bumping into it is really slow to move. dumping snow across colorado, and rain across the plains, and flash flood watches. from kansas to southeast texas.
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tonight, probably some severe weather through parts of austin and waco. and dallas gets hit hard tonight through tomorrow morning. through austin, approaching houston, and towards louisiana. and several rounds of rain through the rest of the week. could see up to 8 inches of rainfall in southeast texas. and we'll see temperatures approaching 80 in washington, d.c., and maybe warmer in other spots. >> thanks. now to the race for president. the battle for new york two days away. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their final push. and protesters raining money on clinton's motorcade as she arrives for a major fund-raiser. and thousands of sanders supporters attending a rally on his home turf in brooklyn. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, the final blitz begins.
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hillary danced. bernie selfied. and speaking of selfies, check out this gallery of political art. >> it's a little bit weird to see all these guys look like me on the wall. >> reporter: less than 48 hours to go, so closing arguments from clinton. >> this election is so important, and it's really about you. >> reporter: and from sanders. >> we need to move toward a medicare for all, single payer program. >> reporter: clinton's campaign coffers are flush thanks to a fund-raising campaign hosted by george clooney. as she arrived, sanders supporters showered the cars with dollar bills. >> they're absolutely right. >> i have a lot of respect for george clooney's honesty and integrity on this issue. he is right.
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>> reporter: last night, $27 a ticket for a sanders fund-raiser. compared to $33,000 over at clooney's. and clinton insisted the money isn't for her. >> i'm raising money to elect other democrats. i'm a democrat, and i want to see us take back the senate. >> reporter: on "snl," the joke was all about how little love is left in the democratic race. >> there's no question that the longer this democratic race drags on, the nastier it becomes. and the results in new york could well determine how much longer it goes. tom? >> david, thank you. now to the republicans, donald trump firing away at senator ted cruz and the rnc. trump in new york today railing against what he calls a corrupt system, losing more delegates though over the weekend to cruz. and trump with a huge lead heading into tuesday's primary. but a contested convention appearing more and more likely. here's devin dwyer. >> reporter: walloped in wyoming, donald trump tonight has his eye on a much bigger
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prize, new york. >> no place like staten island. let's face it. >> reporter: here, trump's on the verge of major haul, possibly close to 100 delegates, after weeks of ted cruz gains in a system trump claims is rigged. >> i don't want to play that game. i'm winning with the voters. and we're winning big. >> reporter: trump's relying on his new york roots. today, taking a helicopter trip to his old military boarding school, then a rally upstate, not far from a state park bearing his name. and trump turning up the heat on hillary clinton. >> and then of course we have crooked hillary, crooked hillary, folks. she's been crooked from the beginning, and to think that she has a shot at being our president? >> reporter: today clinton responded. >> he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i really could care less. >> reporter: trump took incoming fire today from one of clinton's high-profile backers, and an old enemy, rosie o'donnell. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs,
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and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: o'donnell compared trump to darth vader and challenged his intelligence. >> he can't even run a game show. >> reporter: despite the recent setbacks for trump, a sweep of all 95 delegates here in new york would officially block ted cruz from clinching the nomination with bound delegates before the convention in july. tom? >> devin, thanks. we move to the growing fears over the zika virus. officials warning it could be worse than predicted. 358 confirmed cases in 41 states. and now a battle brewing over federal money needed to battle the outbreak. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: the virus causing these devastating birth defects has been called scarier than first thought by the cdc. but top health officials say they don't have the money they need to fight it. >> we can't just not address this. this is really a very important
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thing. >> reporter: their request for nearly $2 billion to wage a war against zika is stalled here, in the halls of congress. the administration has asked for the money to detect and respond to the virus, test mosquitoes which spread zika and research vaccines. but republicans say they won't approve the spending until they get more information. in the basement of the capitol, we tracked down the chairman of the committee. what's the remaining holdup? >> well, that letter was generalities. it did not contain the specific information we have to have to spend taxpayers' dollars. >> well, obviously, we disagree with that. we know exactly how we're going to spend that money and hopefully, if successful, development of a zika vaccine. >> reporter: at the white house, they say they have provided all the necessary details. and that republicans are playing politics. we seem to be at a bit of a standstill. >> dangerously so.
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>> reporter: the chairman says they need more specifics. >> they're grasping in the dark for an excuse. >> reporter: now, republicans insist they aren't playing games. and they have already okayed $600 million to help in this fight, but officials say that simply isn't not enough to get the job done. tom? >> mary, thank you. pope francis, returning to the vatican bringing special guests with him. three syrian families, the pope greeting them aboard the plane. the families, 12 muslim syrian refugees, including 6 chith. still ahead tonight, texting behind the wheel. how police may soon be able to scan your phone for text messages after an accident. plans for a controversial new device. and an incredible feat in gymnastics, you've never seen before. more on this incredible accidental stunt, and see why people want to give the coach a perfect 10. distract you.
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welcome back. tonight, cracking down on drivers that text behind the wheel. a new device that lets police scan the drivers' phone to see if they were texting moments before an accident. already it's sparking controversy. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: it's a temptation for so many drivers, texting behind the wheel. a third of drivers admit to doing it. >> it's going on all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. >> reporter: but police may soon have a new tool in the fight against distracted driving. lawmakers in new york will soon consider giving police so-called textalyzers. think of it as a breathalyzer for your phone, a device that could reveal if you were texting at the time of an accident. >> we would plug your phone into it, and it would let us know if the operator was using the phone. >> reporter: the proposed law in memory of evan lieberman, who was killed in a head-on crash by a driver who was texting.
6:48 pm
his dad fought for the cell phone log. >> it took us about six months to get the phone records. >> reporter: critics worry the bill could lead police to seize phones without justification. >> i think that there's much that needs to be done, that can be done both to address the problem and to respect the privacy rights of drivers. >> reporter: the company behind the textalyzer says it won't be able to read your texts, but can see when you touch your phone. under the proposed law, drivers could lose their license if they refuse to turn their phone over. tom? >> eva, thank you. when we come back, killed in the line of duty. a firefighter shot. what investigators are saying about the shooter. why he won't be charged. and the wildfire swirling out of control. how one person barely escaped. lt
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starting with new developments in the deadly shooting of a veteran firefighter in maryland. police not charging the homeowner, who allegedly opened fire as firefighters tried to check on the home. officials believe the man thought someone was breaking into his house, so he took action to defend himself. and this fire tornado in canada. if you take a close look, you can see one firefighter taking off, jumping into the river to get away. i would have done the same thing. now to the nba playoffs, and the big question tonight for the golden state warriors. will star steph curry be able to play in game two after injuring his ankle yesterday? the warriors' coach says curry is getting the ankle treated, and doing better today. but it's still unclear if curry will play tomorrow. now, you've heard about a perfect routine in gymnastics. how about a perfect catch?
6:53 pm
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finally tonight, a woman with nowhere left to turn takes a chance on a teacher and his 3d printer. an incredible act of kindness to give a beloved pet a second chance. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: like an ugly duckling into a swan, a fairytale ending for phillip. left a lame duck after getting frostbite on his feet. wisconsin animal lover vicki rabe-harrison stepped in. >> so, i immediately said i would come and get him. >> reporter: but after rescuing phillip, she couldn't find anyone to help him. it might be better, she thought, to put him out of his misery. >> i made a call to have him put down, because he was not going to live well at my home. >> reporter: then, by chance, she learned that middle school teacher jason jischke had a brand new 3d printer in his classroom. her family e-mailed, describing the sitting duck's situation.
6:58 pm
>> the initial e-mail i thought was actually like, is this for real? [ laughter ] >> reporter: he finished the new feet just in time. >> and, i said, vicki, i am working on it right now. the foot is printing, we got to hold off, we're going to make this work. >> reporter: using a material called ninja flex, after six weeks of trial and error, mr. jischke printed the perfect pair. phillip took to his new webbed prosthetics just like, yes, a duck to water. >> it worked! >> reporter: tonight, he is settling into his new home, an animal sanctuary. all thanks to a community coming together to give one lucky duck his waddle back. >> it's so exciting to see him with his feet. so, he has a new life. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news. >> we checked in, phillip is doing well, and enjoying his new feet. "gma" first thing in the morning, david muir will be right here tomorrow night.
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