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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. the battle for new york. as we come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are saying, as donald trump eyes a major win but takes a hit for a slip about 9/11. and the hometown showdown between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. can clinton wrap up the nomination? also breaking. state of emergency. deadly floods in texas. nearly 2,000 rescued. residents brace for even more rain tonight. inside the disaster zone. our team travels close to the epicenter of that devastating earthquake. desperate search for survivors at this hour. hundreds feared trapped. the rookie police officer spared prison time for the deadly shooting of an unarmed man. tonight, the decision sparks outrage. and, tight squeeze. airlines may soon start charging you more money, so you won't be stuck in the middle.
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good evening. we begin with that breaking news in the race for the white house. new york voters weighing in today. and donald trump hoping for a big win in his home state after a string of losses. there you see the billionaire businessman voting for himself for the first time. challenger ted cruz off to the next states after getting booed in the bronx. and john kasich, looking to get back in the game, by beating cruz tonight and winning delegates. first exit polls tonight are in. republican voters telling us, they're looking for an outsider. 64% to just 32% looking for experience. and democratic voters saying they think hillary clinton is best to beat trump, 64% to 33% for sanders. abc's tom llamas is tracking the republicans. >> reporter: in a town that has seen it all, today, something new. >> who are you voting for? >> easy decision. >> reporter: donald trump,
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surrounded by cameras, voting for himself for the very first time. what was that like? >> it's a great moment, i mean, it was really something very special. >> reporter: a few hours later, another new yorker casting her ballot. melania trump keeping her sunglasses on -- >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: but not fooling this fan, who asked for a photo, instead of a ballot. the former model telling me about the moment she voted for her husband. >> great day. it's amazing to see his name and to vote for him. >> reporter: far from the empire state today, senator ted cruz, whose attack on new york values worked with iowans, but tanked with new yorkers. >> it's just the demeanor that came across with him. almost anti-new yorkish. >> reporter: a theme trump has hammered for weeks. >> new york values, like we're no good. like we're no good. >> reporter: but last night, trump stumbled when invoking the bravery of first responders on 9/11. >> and i watch our police and
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our firemen down on 7/11, down at the world trade center, right after it came down and i saw the greatest people i have ever seen in action. >> reporter: still, trump now telling me a big cruz loss in new york should send a message. should cruz drop out if it's a landslide? >> yeah, i would say so. but that's up to him. but i would certainly say so. >> reporter: trump now hoping a big win in his hometown is the remedy he needs to shake off what's been a rough couple of weeks for his campaign. >> and tom joins us now from trump tower in manhattan. there is more shakeup on trump's campaign team? >> reporter: that's right, jormg. sources tell abc news that donald trump is going to hire a set of political pros to help him secure the nomination. and, already, a scene your trump staffer has resigned, we're expecting more changes. this, as ted cruz weighed in today, saying that the trump campaign is so disorganized, they couldn't run a lemonade stand. george? >> all right, tom, a lot of excitement there. we're going to move to the democrats now. the new york race fierce in these final days. there is hillary clinton at the
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polls with husband bill. her name on the presidential ball lot for the second time. and bernie sanders, after a few final handshakes in times square, off to pennsylvania, vowing a long battle. abc's cecilia vega on the democrats. >> private ball lot. >> reporter: hillary clinton in her adopted home, today, casting her vote in chappaqua. clinton needs a major new york victory to avoid an embarrassing home turf upset, and to potentially knock the nomination out of her rival's reach. >> i love new york and this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state. >> reporter: bernie sanders, today on one of his famous midtown strolls, in need of a big win, too. >> i'm afraid she's going to be disappointed. >> reporter: fueling that confidence, all that momentum. 18,000 people in the bronx. >> you are the heart and soul of this revolution. >> reporter: 27,000 in manhattan. >> there are a lot of people
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here tonight! >> reporter: and in brooklyn, more than 28,000, his biggest rally yet. >> whoa! >> reporter: clinton focused on smaller groups of voters, crisscrossing the state, even riding the subway. eight campaign stops on monday alone. targeting every possible group. from asians, to the irish, to women. her husband, bill, holding more than 30 events in the past month. >> thank you, good morning. >> reporter: from churches in harlem. >> welcome to buffalo. >> thanks. glad to be back. >> reporter: to restaurants upstate. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: but tonight, bernie sanders has already moved on, trading in the empire state for the next big battleground. >> i think we're going to win here in pennsylvania next week. >> and cecilia joins us now. we're just getting word of some serious voting problems here in new york city. and the sanders campaign is crying foul. >> reporter: that's right,
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george. 125,000 brooklyn voters inexplicably purged from voter registration rolls. there are reports tonight of polling places opening late, ballot scanners not working. brooklyn is the place bernie sanders was born, a place where he campaigned extremely hard. right now, his campaign is calling what happened there shameful and a disgrace. george? >> we will keep an eye on it. cecilia, thank you. let's get right to jon karl now with more on the exit polls. noted at the top, the democrats think hillary clinton is the person to beat donald trump. however does that issue play out on the republican side? >> reporter: new york republicans overwhelmingly think donald trump is the one that can beat hillary clinton. take a look at this. 56% say trump is the best candidate for the november election. just 21 for kay sisich, 16 for . the issue of the contested convention, trump's opponents are counting on it. new york republicans say they don't want one. they say whoever has the most votes should win. >> meanwhile, the republicans and democrats have been very different views on how this
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whole campaign is playing out. >> reporter: yeah. for democrats, it's been a brutal campaign, but they say that it is energized their party, not divided their party. look at this. 68% say energized the party. for republicans, it's just the reverse. a majority of republicans think this campaign has done harm to their party. >> okay, jon karl. we're going to move on now to houston. america's fourth-largest city, overwhelmed by historic flooding. at least six people are dead. more than 1,000 homes under water tonight, and in some areas, the water still rising. there have been hundreds of rescues across dozens of neighborhoods. this family evacuated just this morning. even this 12-wheeler truck was no match for the rushing water. abc's phillip mena is in houston tonight, where the rescues are still under way. >> reporter: tonight, the nation's fourth-largest city still swamped by what scientists are calling a 1 in 500-year flood. emergency officials say they've made nearly 2,000 water rescues in the last 36 hours, including 45 residents of a nursing home.
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and hundreds at apartment complexes, pulled from the rising floodwaters. for the last 20 hours, rescue workers have been going by boat to get people out of the flood zone and into safety. officials here say they have lost count of how many trips they made. >> moms with kids, y'all come up first. >> reporter: by the truckload, parents, children, pets rushed to safety. more than 1,000 homes flooded. 240 billion gallons of water falling in 24 hours has even animals struggling to survive. cows corralled by airboats, herded to safety. nearly 100 horses from one stable close to drowning. frantic rescues getting them to dry land. >> for me, these aren't just horses, i mean, they're part of the family. >> reporter: at least six people are dead from these floods. nearly all victims of driving into floodwaters. making families all the more thankful to be alive. >> you feel helpless. you just feel so helpless.
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you're just happy, we're a good family. god answers prayers. >> reporter: george, the system that's bringing all this rain is barely moving. and, with more rain on the way, it doesn't take much to trigger flash flooding like this. george? >> boy, that is really something. okay, phillip, thank you very much. overseas now, to that earthquake in ecuador. the country reeling from a powerful shock, as the death toll raises above 400, and time runs short in the desperate search for survivors. the destruction is shattering. entire towns in ruin. but moments of hope, too. rescuers cheering as they pulled this man from the rubble. abc's linzie janis is on the scene of one town, almost completely wiped out. >> reporter: in the resort town of manta, three people rescued from this collapsed shopping center. at first, rescuers see nothing but a hand. then, a man and two women pulled from a tiny hole cut in the concrete. but tonight, three days since the massive earthquake struck
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ecuador, the search for survivors is growing desperate. we traveled to a town closest to the epicenter. nearly every single building is damaged or destroyed here. the stench of death, everywhere. these residents risking their safety, going inside their homes, gathering whatever they can salvage. furniture, a refrigerator, and most importantly, sentimental items, like blankets and toys that belong to those lost. in the rubble, we found these photographs of a little boy's birthday party. that boy in the photo is this man, agustin santana. he brokes down, telling us, his wife, his 1-year-old daughter, his mother and two other family members were all inside and are all dead. your wife and your baby? she was holding your baby? and george, this town got a
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miracle. authorities telling us they pulled an 85-year-old man from the rubble, still, the major says, he thinks hundreds more are buried under buildings like this one. george? >> linzie, thank you very much. next tonight, tense scene at a new york courthouse when a judge reduced the conviction of the new york city police that fired a fatal shot that ricochets inside a dark sta stairwell and killed an unarmed black man. it was a decision that left the officer's supporters rebelieved, but friends and family of the victim in shock. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: an uproar inside and outside this brooklyn, new york, courthouse today, after it was determined this former new york city police officer officer, who shot and killed an innocent black man in 2014 wouldn't spend a single day behind bars. >> we're going to continue to fight until we get justice. >> reporter: peter liang was
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grief-stricken and in tears back in february, when he was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for the shooting death of akai gurley, an unarmed man who police said "just happened" to be in a dark stairwell when the rookie officer fired his gun. >> i apologize to ms. butler and to akai gurley's family. i wish i could undo what happened. >> reporter: today, the judge reduced the conviction from manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide and then sentenced lee yang to five years probation, as recommended by the prosecutor. >> we demand accountability! >> reporter: while black lives matter protesters felt jail time was being warranted, liang's supporters felt he was being prosecuted for the wrongs of other officers who have avoided criminal punishment. just last year, 990 people were fatally shot by american police. in the last ten years. 54 officers charged in connection with the fatal shootings of civilians, only 11 have been convicted. in addition to probation, liang was also sentenced to 800 hours
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of community service. he has forfeited his career as a police officer. george? >> linsey davis, thanks. now, to virginia, a ruling on the rights of transgender people. a federal appeals court has ruled that a policy barring a transgender student from using the boy's restroom is discriminatory. the circuit court decision sets precedent in five states, including north carolina. and now to that manhunt in texas, after an early morning murder at church. a security camera caught the suspect, dressed in s.w.a.t.-type tactical gear. police tape across the back. did the mother of three that arrived interrupt a robbery, or she was the target? abc's kayna whitworth is at the scene of the crime. >> reporter: tonight, authorities searching for the person in this surveillance video, dressed as a s.w.a.t. officer, roaming the halls of a church just before 4:00 a.m., monday morning.
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30 minutes later, missy booefers arrived. she had posted the class schedule on her facebook page the night before, saying that would move inside if it was raining. police say they have video of her unloading her equipment, and that was the last time she was seen alive. her body found by people arriving to take her class. authorities say she was murdered inside the church. they found broken windows and signs of forced entry, but nothing was stolen. beavers leaves behind three little girls and a husband who, tonight, is pleading for the public's help. >> i ask everybody out there to review the video, the person has a very distinct walk. should be very apparent to somebody. >> reporter: george, tonight police saying they have no motive and no suspect. but their tip line has been flooded with calls from people who think they might recognize the suspect. george? >> let's hope it makes a since. kayna, thank you very much. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the fbi revealing what they've
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southwest, which doesn't assign seats, recently increased the price of its early boarding by 20%. now charging passengers $15 each way to board the plane first to improve their chances of getting a good seat. with delta's least expensive option, basic economy, you can't select your seat until 24 hours before you travel. when the most coveted aisle and window seats are inevitably taken by people who paid a higher fare. a round trip ticket from new york to chicago will cost you $40 more if you want to choose your seat ahead of time. industry insiders tell us american and united will be following suit in the coming months. but to improve your chances at a better seat, without having to pay, enter your flight information on the website expe they will automatically e-mail you, for free, when an aisle or a window seat opens up on your flight. that's one way to get around this, george. >> yeah, that $40 is a big difference. okay, reck baca, thank you. when we come back, the fbi
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dallas again. u.s. news and world report ranks the schools on test scores, graduation rates and preparing students for college. and look at this royal duel on the set of the new "star wars." princes william and harry saber to saber in the studio outside london. the brothers both big fans, even got hugs from chewbacca. then posed with the cast. no word yet if they'll make a cameo in the next film. and finally, a shoutout to michael strahan. he'll be expanding his role on "gma," joining full-time in september, after wrapping up his fourth season with kelly ripa on "live." can't wait to have him on the team every day. and when we come back, father and son, the bond bigger than baseball. worth more than millions of dollars. the star slugger tells us why walking away from the game was an easy decision.
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finally tonight, the big league slugger who made headlines by walking away from baseball and a multimillion dollar contract is speaking out for the first time about putting family first. abc's t.j. holmes on the star's stunning decision to take his bat, his boy, and go home. >> reporter: first baseman adam laroche's son, a constant in the clubhouse. but when the white sox said the boy was a distraction, laroche stocked his teammates. >> guys, i love every one of you, but this is an easy decision. i'm choosing my family over you guys. >> reporter: it was a decision every parent would love to make, but few can afford to. after all, laroche is a millionaire. but walking away from an extra $13 million for six months of work? have you stopped and thought to yourself, "what the hell was i thinking?" >> i haven't yet.
6:58 pm
but it's still fresh. >> reporter: to 14-year-old son drake, it makes perfect sense. do you think your dad was crazy to leave $13 million on the table? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> that makes me proud to hear that. >> reporter: laroche fulfilling another dream. a road trip with his family that he hopes haven't a nightmare. >> just the four of us cooped up in an r.v. we're going to find out how much we love each other or hate each other. >> reporter: we'll have our answer, if laroche tries a comeback. t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> good luck in the r.v. that is all for us right now. we're going to be here tonight to bring you the primary results as they come in. and i'll see you tomorrow on "gma."
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a project coordinator from crystal, minnesota... an editor and writer from new york, new york... and our returning champion -- an assistant professor from amherst, ohio... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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