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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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presidential front runner hillary clinton, one on one, next. teenagers behaving badly. no, make that violently. but it may be that the adults in the room behaved much worse. these were special needs students, and the grown ups did nothing to stop it. it is wednesday night, the
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big story on "action news" tonight is that outrage on the part of the parents at northwestern human services school in reading, pennsylvania. the big question, why did a adults in the room react the way that they did, or didn't, when a brawl broke out. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live in reading tonight with the full story, christie? >> reporter: well, jim, that is the big concern for alex johnson. he says he is upset with his son's involvement in the fight but even more upset with the fact that the adults present never even stepped in. >> unaudible. >> reporter: it thinks mala in the classroom caught on the cell phone camera that has alex jackson fuming. >> right there he could have grabbed the kid, you know, we can't do that. >> reporter: his 13 year-old son attend northwestern human services school or nhs in reading, which helps autism a and behavioral problems. he was one of the two students complaining in that video posted on facebook and then,
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quickly removed. >> what came about it, what was he doing, what was he thinking? >> i could not tell you what he was thinking at the moment but my thing is how does it even get that far. when you are a allowing kid in that type of a situation to sit there and physically go at each other, rather then help them come up with alternative ways to handle their behaviors. are you really helping them? >> reporter: in one instant, one unidentified adult is seen heard leaving the room, while a second stays to watch, and pushing the kids back in the brawl. >> spokesmen kevin feelly tells "action news" they are a wear the of the video and began an immediate investigation. >> the classroom is something that you just can tolerate. a fight in the classroom you cannot tolerate. we expect there would be some action taken as soon as we learn of the facts. >> reporter: you also understand your sonnies accountable for fighting in the middle of the class. >> i totally agree with you but we have adults there to
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stop it. any other school if anything happens, what happens? a fight breaks out you have adults, coming in, okay, here we go, break it up. that wasn't happening. >> reporter: and now jackson says he wonders whether these fights have happened before and how frequently the school tells "action news" that they don't happen often. reporting live from reading, christie ileto for channel six "action news". upper darby police arrested five students today after a gun, bullets and marijuana were found at monsignor bonner archbishop prendergast high school today. police say an alert student told a staff member about the weapon just after 11:00. the catholic school was placed on lock down while officers searched the building. that is when police found the contraband inside of a girl's locker. four boys and a girl age 15 to 17, will be charged as juveniles with weapons and drug offenses. so this was a very big day and night on the philadelphia sports front, a big night for
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the flyers and big gamble for the eagles. sports director ducis rodgers has all of the details. >> jim, we will start off on the ice, they were facinge limb nation tonight at the hand of the capitals. flyers head coach dave hakstol tweaked the line up and it work. michael neuvirth starts game four in place of the steve mason, 31 saves for him. early in the first shane gostisbehere buried a one timer from claude giroux, the flyers first power play goal of the series. one to nothing. second period, andrew mcdonald scores. the flyers live to play another day, friday to be exact in washington that is when game five will take place. flyers win tonight two-one to remain alive. eagles make news today as well, check out this trade they pulled off with the browns. the eagles get the second overall pick, and a fourth rounder, next year from cleveland, and in exchange the eagles give up five picks in all, this years first, third and fourth round directions, also a first round pick next year and a second rounder, in
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2018. thinks all about drafting a quarterback. late in sports we will show you two qb's they are targeting. also do we need to point out they say sam bradford is still the starter as of right now. >> all right. >> but he is hot. >> he is not happy. >> hillary clinton campaigned in philadelphia tonight, and touted her personal pennsylvania connections. the clinton told a crowd have of supporters tonight at the fillmore theater in fishtown that her late father was from scranton ape she spent many winter holidays and summers in that city growing up. late this afternoon clinton took part in the discussion of gun violence and criminal justice reform with former attorney jenner i can holder and woman from the mothers movement women who lost their children to gun violence. this took place at st. paul's baptist church at tenth and wallace, in north philadelphia. and following that, forum i sat down with hillary clinton for an exclusive one on one interview. we have talk about a number of issues including the gun
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violence in philadelphia. >> so far this year the homicide rate in philadelphia is up 17 percent, compared to this date, last year. non-fatal shootings are up 40 percent. you're not running for mayor of philadelphia and you are not running for police commissioner of philadelphia. how can a president, how could a president, president clinton, make philadelphia a more safe city. >> i am heart broken by stories that are coming out of philadelphia, even this past weekend, 12 people shot, four people killed as i recall, police officer shot, a four year-old girl, killed by her own father because he was handling a gun inappropriately. honestly, this is a tragedy and epidemic at the same time. would i do everything as president to help reform the
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criminal justice system, work with our police departments. there are a lot of good departments and good police officers who are doing a very important and successful job controlling crime but doing it consistent with civil liberties, privacy, our rights. we need to understand what is going on that causes people to reach for guns to settle minor disputes or to not the know how to keep guns out of the wrong hand. >> you say there is simply too many guns. >> yes. >> former mayors rendell and nutter, whom i know you know very well, tried to get harrisburg to pass legislation allowing philadelphia to establish its own stricter, gun laws, and philadelphia has in the been successful in their efforts to do that. >> um-hmm. well, that is because the gun lobby intimidates legislators from across pennsylvania. there is a big difference between respecting the second amendment, understanding that it does grant rights, and coming up with common sense
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gun safety measures that are consistent with the constitution and which provide communities with more authority to be able to make laws that are suited to their particular conditions. i think it is a real shame what has happened in pennsylvania because of the power of the gun lobby. >> we will continue or one on one with hillary clinton tomorrow at 6:00 when we talk about pennsylvanians left behind by the economic recovery, whether compromise is still possible in washington, and after her huge win last night in new york, is diminishing the importance of the pennsylvania primary. that is on "action news" tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock. clinton's rival bernie sanders will campaign at greater philadelphia expo in oaks tomorrow. he is also scheduled events in scranton and reading. sanders supporters spread his message today across the delaware valley. hip-hop artists and philadelphia native freeway,
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join the feel the bern tour at lincoln university this this evening. earlier this evening ben cohen and jerry greenfeel, founder's of ben and jerry's ice cream, stumped for sanders vote in rittenhouse square in philadelphia. republican candidates also rallying voters in the region ahead of tuesday's primary, donald trump has an event in harrisburg tomorrow. he is also planning a rally at delaware state fair ground on friday. ted cruz spent the day campaigning in hershey. his wife heidi shared his message, with voters at freedom park in medford. john kasich campaigns in media tomorrow afternoon, and in king of prussia tomorrow night. the race for president is not the only contest we're following. we are hosting a democratic senate debate this week, and you have a chance to join the action. just tell us what you want to ask the candidates, send us your questions on facebook, twitter, or instagram using the #six abc action.
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pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane was back in a montgomery county courtroom for a pretrial hearing today. kane withdrew a motion that accused prosecutors of leaking, fbi recordings in her criminal case, to a newspaper in allentown. the lawyer said the issue had become a distraction. kane ace accused of leaking secret grand jury material to a newspaper to embarras rivals. she denies charges. a philadelphia nun has been convicted of driving under the influence in new jersey. a judge rejected sister kimberly miller's sleep driving defense today. miller failed a field sobriety test after being pulled over in turnersville last november. she claimed that she had no recollection of the stop after taking the sleep medication ambien, with a glass of alter wine judge suspended miller's license for 90 days and find her more than $200. investigators say a leaking propane tank caused a
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car explosion this afternoon in port richmond section of philadelphia. only a burned out shell of a carrie mains on richmond street near wheatsheaf lane. the driver was taken to temple university hospital. officials have yet to released his or perfect condition. commuters should expect delays on the delaware memorial bridge. emergency repairs have three lanes closed on the southbound span. that leaves only the right lane opened for traffic. crews are replacing three suspension roads, the delaware river and bay authority expects the work to take a few days, that is what they say. drivers are advised to use the walt whitman bridge. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney received the 2016, dennis clark solois t award in center city. kenney was honored for his ongoing commitment to immigrant issues in philadelphia. a the ward was presented by welcoming center for new pennsylvanians. still to come on "action news" tonight investigators
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say that they have uncovered the longest cross border drug tunnel, ahead, the contraband that they seized from inside. american currency is getting quite a face lift, the changes coming to the bills in your wallet. cecily? we have got cool changes tonight, it will be a chilly night with frost advisory in effect for pine barons but after this i'm tracking warmer weather on the way as well as some rain. i'll have details from the accu weather seven day forecast. queen of soul is set to take the music stage when "action news" continues tonight. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington
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can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. arrest tonight, after federal officials seized what is believed to be the longest, cross border, drug tunnel, ever discovered. the secret tunnel extend for a half a mile from a house in mexico to a fenced lot, in a san diego industrial area. officials discovered more than a ton of cocaine, and 7 tons of marijuana, the tunnel links it on the american side is 3 feet wide and it was covered by a trash bin. the tunnel was equiped with
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the rail system, ventilation, lights, and an elevator. michigan's attorney general filed criminal charges today in connection with the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan. a city employee with two michigan department of environmental quality workers had been charged with official misconduct and evidence tampering. flint used water from the flint river for 18 months while a new pipeline was being built. but it wasn't treated to reduce corrosion, lead leached from the old plumbing. volkswagen has reportedly reached a deal with the u.s. government to pay owners of diesel powered cars that cheat on emission tests. a source says that some owners would have the option of getting their cars repaired or having volkswagen buy them back. details of the agreement should be revealed at a court hearing tomorrow. the united states is getting a change for a 20, treachery officials announced that hard -- treasury
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officials said harriet tubman will replace the 20-dollar bill. she was a leader of the underground railroad. alexander hamilton will stay on the 10-dollar bill, but the back of the bill is changing, and it will show five leaders from the sufferages movement including mount laurel's own alice paul. back of the 5-dollar bill is also getting a a make over. iconic lincoln memorial will stay but pictures of the martin luther king junior, elinor roosevelt and philadelphia's marion anderson will be added. vice-president joe biden and his wife, doctor jill biden, will be in philadelphia next week. they will be at community college of philadelphia monday april 25th, they will highlight the school's efforts to make college more affordable. the biggest health insurer in america says that it will exit most of the obama a care state exchanges by next year. united health care officials say that the company will only keep the exchanges in a handful of states. it is still unclear which
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states those will be, and the company says that the markets for the exchanges are relatively small and carry a significant short term risk. water is receding in houston, texas. the death toll after days after flooding, it is on the rise. officials say that at least eight people have been killed, and most have drowned after driving in the high water. crews have rescued more than 2300 stranded residents since monday, and the flood caused an estimated $5 billion in damage and it has been an oh, so difficult week for houston, and their surrounding areas. >> and that same system will be heading here on friday but by the time it gets here, it will be at a dramatically weaken state. >> right. >> we will not see anything like that. we will just have showers and thunderstorms. tonight, storm tracker six live double scan, showing no rain out there really not even a cloud in the sky. so chopper six, taking flight and look at that, the bright nearly full moon.
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it will officially be full on friday. this is a waxing givetz, 97 percent lit and with the clear skies tonight, it is, easy to get a great looking shot, and chopper six doing that tonight. temperatures are dropping through 50's. philadelphia 54. down from a high of 7o wilmington 52. allentown 54. millville drop down to 50. dover 49 degrees. we have a frost advisory posted for pine barons of new jersey tonight. temperatures there will be dropping down into the 30's. satellite six a long with action radar showing high pressure in control. if you look to the west, thinks the front that will bring us the showers, and maybe even a thunderstorm friday afternoon. that is what is left of the system that brought that historic flooding to texas, but tomorrow morning, we're just dealing with this, blue skies, and bright sunshine and temperatures will be warming up quickly. 6:00 o'clock 49 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock, already 55 degrees, but the problem with tomorrow, we will have
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dry ground, we will have gusty wind. wind gusting about 25 miles an hour, so we have had a fire weather watch posted for most of the day tomorrow, you have to be very careful. don't be throwing any lit cigarettes outside your car window. be careful with any grilling or opened flames. if you do spark a brush fire with that wind it can spread very quickly. 74 degrees the high tomorrow. really nice day. we will see increasing high thin cloud in the afternoon. thin enough to see filtered sunshine. the as we head into friday, this is a a transition day. it will be warm ahead of the cold front. 79 degrees. the increasing cloud with some afternoon showers, perhaps even a thunderstorm but this system will move very quickly, so another area of high pressure building in on saturday and this will bring us a return of dry weather. but we do need some rain. we have eight days in a row now without a drop of rain, april we have only had 1.36 inches. that is an inch below average. we could get about a quarter to an inch inch of rain on
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friday afternoon. the exclusive accu weather, forecast for tomorrow, pretty nice mixture of sun and cloud, warmer than today with a high of 74 degrees. friday 79 degrees, showers and thunderstorms developing. future tracker is showing again, looking at anywhere from about a quarter inch of rain to a half inch of rain. so kind of a drop in the bucket. but then sunshine returns on saturday. 72 degrees. sunday, just slightly cooler, 69 degrees, under partly sunny skies. on monday and tuesday we are getting unsettled both days, still mild, with afternoon highs in the lower 70's but more clouds then sunshine and a few showers and wednesday cloud mixing with sun with a high of 68 degrees. so a quick hit of rain late in the day and then on friday, friday evening and then we will dry out in time for the weekend. >> thanks, cecily. queen of soul will take the stage at musikfest this summer. aretha franklin has announce that had she has been announced as one of the headliners of the music festival in bethlehem. grammy winner is slated to
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take the stage on monday august 8th. tickets go on sale friday morning. channel six, of course, proud media sponsor of musikfest for more than a decade. it was graduation night for more than 300 men and with men at orleans technical college. tonight's ceremony took place at northeast high school. these graduates are about to start new careers in such fields as construction work to social work. they range in age from 18 to 55, proving it is never too early or too late, to start a new career. temple university students got a lesson tonight in how to protect themselves, self-defense workshop was held for sorority members at the student center in north philadelphia. experts taught women self-defense women such as stumps, kicks and what to do if you are attacked from behind. this afternoon at dunkin',
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limb nation, better performance on the night and in the stand. >> yes, the crowd was well behaved tonight and so were the players. do or die, backs against the wall, must win situation, use whatever cliche would you like, bottom line was flyers had to win this game with the caps or their summer vacation would start early. michael neuvirth starts game four in place of the steve mason, 31 saves. early first period shane gostisbehere a one timer, flyers first power play goal of the series. they lead one to nothing. scary moment later in the the first scout laughton goes to the the board and would be taken to the hospital for overnight state for precautionary reasons. good news to report, all tests
11:27 pm
negative. second period a goal from andrew mcdonald, how about that, and flyers win two-one to remain alive in this series. jeff skversky is live at the wells fargo center with post game reaction, jeff. >> ducis, flyers haven't been swept in the opening round playoff series in 32 years and yes, it stays that way. after getting embarrassed in game three the flyers respond in do or die fashion in game four and then finally the flyers win their first playoff game in two years. >> never say die attitude over here. you know, we're fighting for our lives. we will be fighting for our lives every single game. >> nobody thinks that we can win. no one wants us to win. so, we believe in this locker room. >> we live for another day, we have another 60 minutes. we will enjoy tonight but, you know, we have to get back to business, on friday. >> and what a performance by flyers goalie michael
11:28 pm
neuvirth, starting for steve mason tonight. in his first playoff start in five years, he helped save the season facing a tough, 13 shots by the capitals in the third period. flyers win to see another day, game five friday in washington. with the flyers jeff skversky for channel six "action news". >> thanks very much. eagles made a major move ahead of the next week nfl draft. the eighth pick they have flipped for a second overall pick. bird do business with the browns. the eagles get cleveland's number two pick and fourth rounder next year n exchange they give up this years first, third and fourth round pick and a first round pick next year and second rounder in 2018. the eagles, can see they are doing this to draft a quarterback. will it be jared goff. probably not. l.a. rams hold the first pick and he is their top choice. that wooled leave carson wentz at number two, nfl quarterback body, but the knock is he
11:29 pm
played in the small school against weak competition. howie roseman explains why he made this move up to number two. >> looking at the quarterback market not only this year, but next year, in 2018, and understanding that although this doesn't fit an immediate need that this is a rare opportunity that we're in. >> still ahead here in sports, phillies and mets, play extra as it comes down to a final at bat.
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joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you. getting man handled lately in
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their last five games four of which were losses they were out scored 35-eight. tonight they wrapped up their series with the mets. jeremy hellickson in the fifth inning, and mets go back to back. the duda has hit a home run in all three games this series. four-three mets. phillies tie it up in the seventh inning, peterberges sing unless david lowe who got on with the double. game tied at four. fast forward to the 11th inning, phillies up, two men on, if he beats it out they win the game. he beats it out. freddie galvis scores the winning run. phillies win, five-four. they avoid the sweep. villanova abbass death ball held its annual award ceremony at the pavilion. they have renovated the arena past couple weeks has been different for coach jay wright and company as compared to previous years. >> you get that time, you come home, you know it is over, you meet, you say this is what we have accomplished this year.
11:34 pm
we have just come home and said this is where we have to be tomorrow and next day. it is kind of a finally that will be very emotional. >> still good to see that and relive a great moment. >> absolutely. thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guess jessica chas tane, cammal, and music and then, "action news" continue at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight jessica chastain from "silicon valley," kumail nanjiani and music from "of monsters and men" with "cleto and the cletones." and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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