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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 21, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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>> three, two, one. sounds kind of like new year's but that was the scene yesterday at denver's civic center, counting down to 4:20 p.m. at an event to mark 4/20 day celebrating cannabis culture. in toronto, a massive plume of smoke over the annual rally there. since the canadian government announced plans to regulate the plant's distribution and use. >> wow. well, mcdonald's is testing a bigger big mac and a mini mac. the grand mac has hey third pound of beef. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> two slices of cheese and a larger bun supply kind you have want one. >> the classic big mac has a fifth a pound and the mac junior on the other hand has only one beef patty which sounds like a
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quarter pounder. mmd's says it will be easier to eat on the go. both getting a tryout in central ohio and texas. which one would you have? >> if it's the mini mac it's far fewer cal rains fat. >> you can eat three of them. >> or you could do that, too. now to the latest on blake shelton. he has scored a victory in his defamation case against the magazine in touch. >> they published a story about shelton entering rehab. a judge rejected the magazine's request to dismiss the case. eva pilgrim has the details. >> reporter: blake shelton seeing the light in a big victory for the star. a california judge deciding not to throw out his multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit against bauer publishing after it ran this many cover in september which the 39-year-old megastar alleges falsely suggests among other things that he is in rehab and that a drinking problem helped destroy
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his marriage to miranda lambert. >> it's a huge win for blake and his attorney. and it's a very difficult hurd to get over in the court of law in california. >> reporter: the judge saying it appears to be undispute maryland in touch ran the headline without believing he had entered rehab citing an the sworn statement of the magazine's editorial director. it most certainly was not my intention to convey in the headline or in the article that mr. shelton had actually entered about rehab. ♪ the more i drink, the more i drink ♪ >> reporter: but the publishing giant arguing the grammy nominated singer who has written songs liking there one called "the more i drink" citing many tweets where he jokes about it. i'm still so joke i just dialed 911 and shouted help. the magazine also highlighting this red carpet interview with cnn in 2011. >> my heart and soul is you know being a red neck and drinking.
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and being student. you know? >> reporter: shelton firing back in a sworn statement drink org comments about drinking is part of my schtick with my fans. part of my act, part of my performance but in no way indicates i have an actual problem with alcohol. >> there's a big line in the sand between a partying country singer and somebody who needs to go to rehab. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> we should mention abc did reach out to intouch regarding an the case. they told us no comment. >> a spokesperson for healthston told us they knowingly ran a false story. he is pleased the judge ruled his lawsuit can move forward. >> coming up, a unique line of clothing. >> it's all about sustainability, not to mention functionality. we'll hear from the young woman behind it. >> a
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♪ yeah, lady gaga knows a thing or two about fashion just like the equip you're about to meet. look at. >> you thank you very much. if you're concerned about fashion and the environmental impact of mass produced clothing, these two women have designed a collection that has sustainability at its heart.
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something to inspire us all on this earth day eve. here's abc's nikki battiste. >> meet a five-piece ecocap skooul sewell clothing collection you can mix and match to make 30 different outfits. >> what is a capsule. the idea of having an edited small wardrobe. normal collections can be like 20, 30 mes. but a capsule collection is usually under ten pieces. >> vanessa and kara bartlett set out to the combat fast fashions poor quality clothing, environmental pollution, exploited workers and overflowing landfills. a crowd funding campaign on kickstarter tripled their fund-raising goal and vetta was born. >> we know the feeling of a cloth closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear. >> vet ta is clothes you love to wear and you can feel good about wearing. >> there's a need for responsible companies caring about people and the environment and the process of making clothing.
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>> reporter: while 97 first of clothing is made overseas, these are played in america right here in this historic new york factor. the clothing industry is the second largest poltant in the world. that's why the wash robe is made from eco-friendly materials. >> this one is a tensile fabric, a natural fiber. none of the chemicals or anything that go into making the material are bad for the environment. it's all recycled. we stock tiers which are basically left over from other brands. we give it a new life. >> reporter: most items come in two colors and have sleeves and flexible waist. this duo designed clothes to fit all body types. >> i flu mom. >> it talks about breastfeeding option. we hadn't thought about that before. >> reporter: the peaces cost anywhere from $79 to $129 or you can buy the entire collections for $450. >> ta-da. >> reporter: my first outfit is
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this dress. how many outfits can you make. >> at least seven. >> reporter: the tunic can be worn as a dress or over pants or shorts. you can also tie it. >> i love this. this is my favorite. i love this top. >> reporter: this is their blouse which like the tunic can be worn front or back for yet another look, you can throw on the vest. absolutely love it. perfect for really any woman. maybe it is true that less is in fact more. nikki battiste, abc news, new york. so what do you think. >> i think my husband would love this idea to take everything in my closet and have ten pieces you can mix and match. you would ned less room for real estate. >> darling, there is all you'll ever need. this is your gift for the next 20 years. >> i love the idea they're trying to do this with sustainable materials. a lot of chemicals are dyeing textiles. >> i didn't realize 95% of discarded khloeing can be recycled. that's pretty cool.
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♪ ♪ by some paper back reading ♪ book about reading is a mystery ♪ sbhoets done it don't matter ♪ >> the sleep revolution, huh. >> that's an interesting one. >> good one, too. .finally this half hour, a family situation we think is okay to call a true demonstration of selfless love. it all starts with a single woman with no children of her own. >> then she gets a phone call that changes her life completely. reporter christina felix hernandez from fresno, california, has this story. >> reporter: i'm going to get you. >> reporter: five years ago, laci duncan was single in her mid 20s and far from having children of her own. >> you need a piece of pizza?
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>>. >> reporter: of. >> reporter: this is her family now. you don't set out to have six little girls but i'm glad that it happened. i'm so blessed. >> reporter: lacey always knew she wanted to be a mom and set out to be certified as a foster parent in 2011. late one night in september, she got the call. >> four little girls ages 52, 2, 1 and i said yes before she could finish talking. >> reporter: her family would grow but also endure separation. the girls' biological mother had another baby and all the kids went back. a month later, lacey regained custody. then two years later, the birth mother had a sixth child and the future became uncertain once again. >> their first reaction was but not us. this is like this is home. right? we can't go anywhere, right? i didn't even realize that that was so important to them. >> reporter: lacey finally put those worries to rest and adopted all six girls.
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>> interpreter: i just wish people didn't think they were bad. it's not their fault they're in the system. >> reporter: foster kids may come into a system looking for love. >> kayli will stop in the middle and say mom, mom, mom, mom i'm like what. and then she's like i love you. and so you know, i'm just like i love you, too. >> reporter: but lacey says they give much more than she thought she could ever receive. you're able to love them because they love you. then your heart grows more and more. >> six little cutis. >> to think they could have gone the stuck in foster care. so nice for them to have a loving home. her parents hen her out. >> she couldn't do it without them. >> loving mom, loving grandma and grandpa. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," the candidates are back on the trail. >> hillary clinton and donald trump getting a big boost from their new york victories but trump is going on the attack. going after ted cruz and blasting the nomination process that he says is rigged. authorities discover a massive tunnel used to transport drugs across the mexican border. we'll take you inside the sophisticated passageway that was apparently carved out by hand. a pitching legend called out curt schilling terminated for comments he made online. the broadcaster given the boot by espn. details ahead. and got some change for a 20? harriet tubman set to replace andrew jackson on the front of the $20 billowing. hear the reaction and broadway's role in the big decision on this thursday, april 21st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm ryan splitting in for kendis gibson. and we begin with the front-runners enjoying a victory lap on the campaign trail after their blowout wins in new york. >> donald trump tore into ted cruz and hillary clinton had stops in maryland and indiana and clinton played up her experience at a rally in philadelphia before heading back to new york to take part in a town hall on "good morning america" later this morning. it's your voice, your vote. the latest from abc's marci gonzalez. ♪ new york >> the presidential front-runners celebrating huge victories in their home state. donald trump campaigning in indiana and maryland. >> we had a great night last night. i want to tell you. that was something. >> reporter: after claiming nearly all of the gop's 95 delegates in new york. >> we had a really, really good day in new york yesterday. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton winning the empire state by double
3:02 am
digits. she and husband billowing in pennsylvania putting their focus on the next primaries. >> i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week. >> reporter: clinton's win striking a tough blow to bernie sanders though he vows to stay in the race. >> next week, we will be competing in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, maryland and delaware. and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> reporter: and despite coming in third behind trump and john kasich in new york, ted cruz insists he's in it for the long haul, too. >> we are definitely headed to. >> trump is causing on cruz to drop out of the race. mathematically based on bound diagonals trump is now the only candidate with a chance of clinching the nomination before the convention. ryan and diane. >> thanks, marci. if there is a contested convention, the trump campaign is working on strategy to snag the nomination right away. abc news obtained an internal
3:03 am
memo from the trump camp redricking he will get more than 1400 delegates with the first ballot. some experts trump may not even need to hit the magic number of 1237 delegates to become the nominee before july. they will say he technically needs somewhere between 1150 and 1200 delegates. >> still a lot of math to be done there. meanwhile, president obama meeting with members of the gulf cooperation council. the focus on regional conflicts including syria ab-libya. yesterday the president's focus was on the conflicts between the u.s. and saudi arabia. especially differences over iran, human rights and the best way to fight terror. president obama met privately for two hours with saudi arabia's king solomon. >> elsewhere in that region, up to 500 refrgs and migrants feared dead after their ship capsized off the greek coast earlier this week. among the survivors are 41 men, women and one child. they say their group departed last week from libya on a smaller ship before the
3:04 am
smugglers crowded them on to a larger boat forcing it to capsize and sink. they spent about three days at sea before being rescued. >> the first criminal charges filed over the water crisis in flint, michigan. three government officials allegedly tampered with test results report to the epa. one of them is accuses of approving a permit for a water plant he knew would not provide safe drinking water. they all face potential prison sentences and the prosecutor says he's just getting started. >> these charges are only the beginning. and there will be more to come. that i can guarantee you. they failed michigan families. indeed, they failed us all. i don't care where you live. >> reporter: two of the officials have pleaded not guilty. the third has not yet appeared in court. despite a pledge by michigan's governor to drink tap water for 30 days, the researcher who exposed water crisis is still urging residents to continue using bottled or filledered
3:05 am
water. >> it was one of the most notorious crimes in the days following hurricane katrina. new orleans police officers opening fire on civilians on a bridge killing two. now five former officers have pled guilty in the case and may be given reduced sentences as early as today. they were previously given long advances for the crime in 2011 but the case was thrown out because of misconduct on the part of the federal prosecutor. six men arrested during the death of freddie gray have sued the baltimore police department. all were eventually cleared of charges against them. they claim they were beaten, abused and keyprived of the right to protest. larry lomax was seen on video being pepper sprayed and yanked by the hair before being arrested. more rain in the forecast in the houston area. unfortunately, more flooding. for the first time ever, there's a flood warning for two reservoirs. their dams are two decades beyond their life expectancy. nearby residents have been
3:06 am
warned they may need to evacuate. thousands of people already have. at least eight people have died because of flooding. it's expected a major highway will be underwater for at least a month. >> the president of ecuador announcing major steps at rebuilding his country. his order that the sales tax be raised and millionaires be subject to a one-time tax. death toll from the weekend's powerful quake is nearing 600. abc's lynn sayian nis is in the quake zone. >> reporter: in the devastated town of pedernales, a momentary glimmer of hope. right now, there's a very dramatic scene unfolding. rescuers think they hear someone beneath the rubble. >> hola? >> reporter: rescuers call out to a person they think may be trapped under the rubble. they say they think they heard the sound of a man's voice. also, someone possibly tapping against something that's metal. as daylight breaks -- so, these rescue dogs have just arrived. they're headed towards the rubble. one trained to find people who could be trapped.
3:07 am
the other to find bodies. both picking up a scent. hours later, the team still at it, using sonar equipment and lifting debris by hand. from the air, the scale of the destruction in this town is staggering. entire city blocks leveled. every single building is damaged or destroyed. residents, now refugees, living in popup tent cities. hello. hola. hola. >> hola. >> reporter: these families now camping out in an open field. afraid of aftershocks. rescuers are still here searching for saenz of life. fur but so far nothing since that glimmer of hope. linzie janis, abc news, he can wag door. >> thank you. well, espn has fired a baseball analyst for inappropriate comments about transgender people. former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling made the comments on facebook while reposting a meme widely seen as
3:08 am
anti-transgender. this is isn't the first time his controversial comments have gotten him in trouble with the network. espn like abc is a part of disney. last month, schilling made a comment about the presidential race and last summer schilling was suspended for equating muslims with nazis. >> a federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by kentucky clerk kim davis who sued the state for requiring her to issue marriage licenses to same sex coups. she said it was against her religious beliefs but the court ruled did not cause her irreparable harm. >> tennessee will not become the first state to adopt the bible as its official book. lawmakers failed to get enough votes to override the governor's veto of the controversial billowing. he said the legislation violates the constitution and tribblealizes the bible. lawmakers say the goal was to honor the bible in tennessee. >> thank you, governor, haslem
3:09 am
for at least reminding us we're trivializings the word of god. >> we're going to take the vote today that's right in our own eyes. but god knows your motive. >> the measure failed after two hours of spirit debate. six republicans and five democrats who initially voted for the billowing did not support the override. a new report from the cdc shows not all-americans are living longer. the report placed life expectancy for women in 2014 at 81.2 years. white women lost about five weeks from their predicted life span compared to 2013. possibly due to an increase in drug overdoses. american men are live agarch of 76.4 years. non-hispanic black men gaining five months in life expectancy. >> i'm feeting healthier than ever. >> health and politics were the topics of the day for first lady michelle obama. she spoke to the children of executive office workers yesterday marking take our daughters and sons to workday. she gave props to hilary clinton
3:10 am
calling her a phenomenal woman but reiterated she herself has no plans to ever run for president. what she does want to be she told kids is healthy and active. >> i want to be like a 90-year-old lady that's really fly, you know? do you guys have grandparents that are still pretty fly? they still dress like no, uh-huh. >> i like that. the first lady says she will miss speaking to large groups of young people like themselves. but she will appreciatate some privacy out of the spotlight. >> how appropriate coming out of the study on life expectancy. she's trying to get that part for women up again. 90. i think she said 90 and fly. she doesn't just want to live till she's 90. she wants to be fly. >> turning heads at 90 walking down the street. >> we've all seen that grandmother. either your grandmother or your friend's grandmother that never changes and they seem to get more attitude the older they get. i love it.
3:11 am
>> you're kind of like hmm. wait a second. she's 90. >> they seem to be able to get away with saying about anything. they can unsilt you and it's totally fine. >> that's what makes you fly. that's what i love. >> once you pass 90, that's one of the thing you say and do whatever you want. >> yep. looking forward to that. coming up later in the mix," the new restaurant bringing literal meaning to naked lunch. >> i don't know about that. first, inside a tunnel where millions in drugs crossed from mexico into the u.s. we'll tell you how it was made and if there's any way to stop it. >> and the changing face of the $20 billowing and other currency tweaks that you can expect down the road. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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quite literally out of the blue, this happened on a softball diamond in lynchburg, virginia. that's a dust devil kicking up quite a bit of dirt and delaying a women's college game. the whole thing lasted about 30 seconds. dust devils form when the ground is hot and the air is cool. and still, they're rarely strong enough to do any real damage other than of course, your hair, your makeup, contact lenses. that can get tricky. >> incredible sight. it must have been quite a sight in texas. a high speed chase with the stolen goods being tossed from the car. those goods? right there. packages of meat. speeds topped 100 miles hour.
3:16 am
one of the pursuing officers says his patrol car was hit by steaks and other packages. maybe brisket. he says that's a first. suspect was eventually pulled over and was arrested. and everybody had a good meal. >> i think i would have hung out with a grill and try today catch some of them. wasting perfectly -- well done. well done, jack. you never want to waste a good steak. >> no, no. >> all right. time now for the 13th time in the last decade authorities have discovered a sophisticated tunnel used to smuggle drugs from mexico into the united states. >> the newly discovered passageway is said to be unusually narrow but plenty of features designed to keep narcotics on the move. abc's matt gutman has the details. >> reporter: above ground, this is a tiny tijuana villa. beneath it, a mammoth secret. a drug tunnel, officials say, was over eight football fields long. >> we believe this so be the longest tunnel that we've discovered in this district to date.
3:17 am
>> reporter: hacked out mostly by hand, but with lights, ventilation and this freight elevator capable of holding up to ten people. the tunnel stretching from tijuana to the border fence, and then another 500 yards to a nondescript lot near san diego. ending up as a three-foot wide hole covered by a giant dumpster. inside, 2,000 pounds of cocaine. the largest ever coke seizure from a tunnel into california. plus, 14,000 pounds of marijuana. we recently embedded with a border protection tunnel team. you do a 4,000-pound load of marijuana, you sell it, does that pay for the tunnel? >> i'm sure that pays for the tunnel easily. >> reporter: in order to dig that tunnel, 900 feet in that direction, they had to remove hundreds of tons of dirt, and yet the neighbors say they saw nothing and heard nothing. officials say there are likely many others just like it. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. coming up in our next half hour, another example of coaches babe agbadly. some heated insults, fists even
3:18 am
start flying right in front of the kids they're coach. see how this ball game brawl ended. >> first the big announcement about america's money. big changes to the 20 and other billowings. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." >> annou
3:19 am
♪ money >> oh. hello. >> look, she's dancing. >> i was getting serenaded enjoying it. >> pink floyd's money right there. as the lyrics say money is a gas. grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. >> don't have to tell me twice. you should know some of the cash in the next coming years you're going to be holding on to is going to look different or a lot
3:20 am
different than it does right now. abc's brandi hitt reports. >> reporter: good-bye andrew jackson, an hello harriet tubman. the face of the historic african-american abolitionist will grace the front of a $20 billowing. >> not only did she lead many people out of slavery through the underground railroad, she work ford the arm helping them as a spy. >> reporter: the freshry first announced plans to replace alexander hamilton on the $10 last summer. possibly with eleanor roosevelt, rosa parks or susan anthony. but there was backlash. the new broadway hit show "hamilton" just won a pulitzer prize. the cast even performing at the white house. ♪ just to send him to the mainland ♪ >> it was time for the $10 to be updated. everybody was fine with it until there was a musical on broadway. who knows by the time the new $20 billowing comes out, maybe broadway will have produced something making andrew jackson
3:21 am
seem like a good guy. hard to imagine but possible. >> reporter: jackson the seventh u.s. president forced native americans out of the south on the infamous trail of tears. a slave owner now replaced which a former slave on one of the most used billowings. the new billowing with her image is expected in "20/20" the anniversary of the women's suffrage movement. the treasury is adding women's suf faj lyrics to the back of the $10 billowing. diane and ryan? >> i went looking in my wallet for like a prop to pull out some $20 bills how sad is this. a coat check ticket. that i couldn't find, of course. >> there you go. >> hey. >> you know what, i think it's a great change. i think a lot of people are happy about it. >> we know what the capitol
3:22 am
building looks like. get more famous faces. i like it. >> exactly. >> if only i could get my coat. r a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love... with lightweight spf 30
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time now for "the mix." and you know, we always talk about having your cake and eating it, too. now there's a restaurant in london that would allow you to do both naked. that's right. the pop-up restaurant in london that allows people to eat in the nude. it's called bunyadi. it opens this you know and it will have edible cutlery, grilled meats all cooked on a wood fire served on a handmade clay crockery. we also have clothed and unclothed sections. not a lot of division between the sections. >> i can see through the bamboo at the other nude people. >> here's the tricky part for me. the restaurant will be list by candlelight which may be more flattering. doesn't that seem like a dangerous combination. >> it does.
3:26 am
>> an accidental candle spill, hot wax flying everywhere seems like a bad combination boo sbam bamboo and candles. >> they'll have changing rooms. you can put your clothes on, go back outside, pretend nothing happened. >> i feel like nudist things are never what you think they are. you think nude restaurant. you're like wait a second. >> watch out for the hot coffee is right, jack. and no photographer allowed. i wonder how they'll enforce that. >> exactly. okay. coming from that, how about lemurs. i actually love. look at these little kids scratching his back. watch the lemur. what's wrong with you kids. get back to work. get back to work. okay. sorry mr. lemur. we don't know where he's from. but this is going viral online. just watch. the kids keep scratching. and basically, the lemur is like this is great. kids, what did i say, get back to work.
3:27 am
you can just watch this for hours. >> you are very good at narrating a lemur. >> that's how they talk. >> if this whole news thing doesn't work out for you, you have a future in voiceover. >> lemurs are aggressive. >> you have two boys at home. was it tough coming up with their names. >> no, one i came up with on the way to the hospital. it popped in my head. when i got to the hospital, i said how about cole. my wife said yeah. that's his flame. >> she was out cold and went with it. >> yeah. >> now there's a company that can help. there's an app for that should you need help. people are paying $29,000 to get their baby named. apparently makes sure the name isn't trademarked make sure it doesn't have an aggravating past and that it matches your family background. >> that's ridiculous. >> $29,000 to name your baby. >> that is ridiculous. got one more. take a look at this picture. there's an artist who is putting a gold fully gold toilet in the guggenheim in a room that people can use.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," criminal charges stemming from the flint water crisis. the government officials hit with felony counts for their roles in allegedly covering up the paul agpublic health disaster. >> playing politics. donald trump shifting tones the day after his big win and going right after hillary clinton and ted cruz. plus, why he's still railing against the rnc. the latest just ahead. >> and new this half hour, a teaching aide arrested for assaulting a student. we'll show you the incident caught on camera showing is the school employee roughing up a teenager and shouting. hear what school officials are now saying about it. and a surprise celebration at a weight watchers meeting. oprah stops by after losing 30 pounds from the program she now in part owns. hear how you can have your bread and eat it too in "the skinny" on this thursday, april 21st.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i love bread. you love bread. everybody gets bread. >> and a new car. >> good morning. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm diane macedo. talking about oprah's big weight loss. we'll have more on that coming up. but to serious news now. we begin with the latest on the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> the first criminal charges have been filed against three government officials who now face potential jail time for the city's lead contamination that's potentially harmed tens of thousands of residents. the prosecutor says he's just getting started. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: the first wave of charges now filed in the flint water crisis. >> so many things went so the terribly wrong and tragically wrong in flint. >> reporter: michigan's attorney general announcing three officials are charged with felonies including official misconduct and evidence tampering. two state environmental regulators were arraigned in
3:32 am
court facing up to five years in prison. >> they failed in their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of families in flint. >> reporter: the drinking water became contaminated when the flint river as its water source for more than a year. he charges these officials knowingly lied on water tests performed on homes before the transition leaving residents exposed for months to potentially hazardous levels of lead? these are charges. >> michigan governor rick snyder believes the water is drinkable again and plans to drink the water for a month. >> he wants us all to start using waters in the filters again. >> reporter: the governor stopping by this home filling up gallons of water to take home for his wife and him to drink. investigators say it doesn't end here. for them, it is personal. >> it really hurts when i have friends, personal close friends. they live here.
3:33 am
>> reporter: before the charges were announced, more than 20 senate democrats called for massive new investments in water infrastructure systems because of concerns over lead contamination across the country. diane and ryan, they also said the water crisis if flint was a wake-up call. >> indeed. thank you, stephanie. at least eight people drowned in severe flooding this week in the houston area. roads are underwater and closed to traffic. most of the eight fatalities ignored signs and barriers. video shows one driver squeezing around a highway truck and frantically signaling for help with her cell phone. a highway worker in the truck tried twice to reach her. >> at that of point, i've got three boys of my own and a family and i had to see what i could do to save myself. >> the 25-year-old college student drowned. more flooding is likely. there are thunderstorms overnight and the reservoirs behind two aging dams are nearing capacity. the standoff between the white house and congress over money to fight the zika virus
3:34 am
appears to be easing. democrats say top republicans have agreed to at least partially fund the president's request. he wants $1.9 billion. the current measure would provide $1.1 billion. it could come up for a vote later today before a committee. meanwhile, some residents in the florida keys are protesting a plan to release genetically modified mosquitos to battle the virus. republicans and democrats continue to battle over whether planned parenthood sold fetal tissue for profit. house republicans released documents they say may point to businesses profiting from the sale of tissue for research. democrats say the documents show no direct evidence of profit. turning now to the race for the white house and to hillary clinton just hours away from taking questions from voters in a town hall on "good morning america." after her decisive victory in new york, clinton is looking ahead to next week's contests in five states including pennsylvania. she appeared at an event in philadelphia with a former attorney general eric holder
3:35 am
turning her attention to gun control. >> we're not interested in taking away guns of lawful responsible gun owners. but we have got to do more and it cuts across every community. we have got to do more to save more lives. >> reporter: bernie sanders is holding several campaign events in pennsylvania after spending the day in vermont recharging from his crushing defeat. his campaign is making it clear he has no plans of switching parties again. they say sanders, a former independent, will now be a democrat for life. on the republican side, donald trump hit the ground running following his new york landslide. after a fairly subdued victory speech, trump was back in usual form delight supporters with name calling and one-line zingers. we have more now from abc as david wright. >> reporter: basking in his biggest win yet, donald trump rallied indiana voters with all his greatest hits.
3:36 am
>> lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted. i call her crooked hillary. i can tell you, this is a crooked system. i love running against crooked hillary. hillary, you're fired! in new york, a glimpse of something different. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: did you hear that? he actually called him senator cruz. the consummate dealmaker changing his sales pitch to close the deal. the tone, more presidential. trying to make the case that a trump nomination is now inevitable. trump tweeted, "ted cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. now all he can do is be a spoiler. never a nice thing to do." >> reporter: but cruz is pressing on to the convention. >> we are definitely headed to cleveland. >> reporter: and his tone certainly hasn't changed. >> upon winning his home state, donald, with a characteristic display of humility, declared this race is over. manhattan has spoken. >> reporter: and ted cruz is
3:37 am
demanding more debates with donald trump. trump told "the new york times" his campaign is evolving. his team is now predicting they'll win the first vote at the convention with 1,400 delegates, more than he needs. but in order to do that, trump needs to find a way to win over wary voters and delegates. david wright, abc news, indianapolis. >> a teacher's aide at a high school in milwaukee has been arrested after he pushed a student and held him to the floor of a classroom by the throat. cell phone video shows the 39-year-old holding the 14-year-old student down shouting expletives at him. a school official says the aide faces disciplinary action and could be fired. the student was treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. and in georgia, surveillance video shows a terrifying armed robbery inside a t-mobile store. three armed gunmen held five employees and six customers at gunpoint you. see them there -- including a father and his two young
3:38 am
children. no one was hurt, thankfully. police believe the three suspects are responsible for at least three other area robberies. crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for their arrest and conviction. >> we have breaking thus this morning in the world of professional wrestling. wwe legend and adult film star chyna whose real name was joanie laurer has been found dead in her redondo beach, california, home. she was 45 years old. there is no word on the cause of death. her manager reportedly says foul play is not suspected and that she died peacefully. a major agreement expected to be announced today to compensate volkswagen owners whose cars were involved in an emissions scandal. under terms of the deal, vw has reportedly agreed to buy back some of the of 00,000 diesel cars that were rigged to cheat emissions tests. individual owners could be offered $5,000 in compensation plus having their cars modified free of charge. final details are still being sorted out ahead of today's
3:39 am
hearing before a federal judge in san francisco. shares of mitsubishi are expected to hit record lows after that company admitted to manipulating fuel economy data on about 600,000 vehicles, as well. the cars were sold only in japan. and here at home, the woman who bravely took on slavery is taking over the $20 bill. slavery abolitionist and civil war union spy harriet tubman will knock the seventh president and former slave holder andrew jackson off the 20. tubman is credited with helping hundreds of slaves escape to freedom from the south through the underground railroad. the new bills will be designed by 2020 the hundredth anniversary of women's suffrage. >> drivers in new mexico are seeing double literally. >> the state's contractor mistake is responsible for this. check this out. duplicates of road signs. at least 44 of them along state road north of santa fe. the state and the county blame each other for the mistake. >> either way, the duplicates
3:40 am
obviously should never have been left in place. the state eventually admitting it was one of their contractors who's made the mistake. worker are now in the process of taking the old signs down. not only do they waste resources creating the signs and putting them up, now more resources just to take them down. >> who was the guy that went to each site and said i keep putting up two of the same sign. i guess it's what i'm supposed to do. let's just keep going. another one, john. >> just exactly six inches behind the other one so you can't even see it. >> you could tell, that's what the paperwork said. this is the paperwork. like when you get your car fixed. that's what it says. but cars don't have five wheels. >> tax money at its best. >> exactly. coming up, we go from seeing double "three's company." ♪ come and knock on my door, we've been waiting for you ♪ >> i'll leave it at that. the plans for a movie version of the iconic television classic
3:41 am
"three's company." we have a preview ahead in "the skinny." >> can't wait. first adults behaving badly. the latest embarrassing incident where kids are left wondering what is wrong with parents theron coaches. first a look at today's forecast. 82 in atlanta. >> i like that. anchorage up. >> 55 though. not bad for anchorage i think, right? >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. nce. surprise! oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good. you're not kidding. (female #1) remember peggy's surprise last month when frank died? so sudden; all the funeral expenses. they were not prepared. well, i'm not going to burden my family with my final expenses. -huh? -i called about the colonial penn program this morning. i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85,
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(sound♪ of music ♪histling) introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. check out this modern day transformers battle. this is in china. a construction site became the scene of an all-out brawl. the workers from rival companies were using their own heavy equipment.
3:45 am
while it may look like a video game, it was a serious fight over who would supply concrete forsythe. workers also used pellet guns and knifes. >> okay, guys. >> it's like a battle of the transformers. >> it does. this is a real fight. >> this guy tries to come over and help out. let me in the cab. look at this guali not quite. wow. >> okay. >> very mature. very mature. >> now to a fight of a distinctly different sort. this happened at a little league baseball game in florida. >> a lot of people would say this is shameful. the kids just want to play. some of the adults weren't playing nice at all. abc's clayton sandell reports. >> reporter: it's the latest example of a little league game that turns into a major brawl. >> that's what you want? >> reporter: two coaches at this recent cooper city, florida, baseball game, after exchanging heated insults, throw punches while the players watch. it's a common sight almost everywhere. the so-called grownups clearing the stands. >> all of it was just total
3:46 am
chaos at that point. >> reporter: this man shoving a boy during a wrestling match. a basketball game becomes a screaming match. such an infamous part of youth sports, it's gotten the "south park" treatment. >> oh, not again. >> reporter: while the adults are throwing the punches, experts say it's the kids that can be damaged most. >> you could have a child who really missed out on opportunity for team building and a team experience, who goes on themselves to be an angry parent. i think the most important thing is, don't just be silent about it. you know, when you see things happening, really give your child a chance to talk about it. >> reporter: in florida, no criminal charges were filed, but the league tells police, those two coaches will face a discipline board. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. remember the kids are watching this, too. try to lead by example. >> lead by example, indeed. >> when we come back, and the classic sit-com bound for the big screen. >> and a surprise from oprah. stick around. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
continues after this from our abc
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> all right. time now for "the skinny." and we'll start with what looks like new life for "three's company." >> the classic sit-com ran for eight seasons here on abc starting in 1977. you might remember the theme song. brian clearly remembers it really well.
3:49 am
>> make up the words. >> the stars john ritter played jack tripper, the supposedly gay roommate or he pretended to be gay so he could live with them. his roommates, of course, where is janet and krissy played by joyce dewitt and suzanne some mers. and new line cinemas is in talks to acquire the rights for the movie based on the show. word is the film will be based in the 1970s. >> can't wait to see who jack tripper is. the studio is tapping is write areas behind the film "he's just not that the into you" to write the movie. i can't wait. i love that show. >> do you love the theme song? >> what are the words again? ♪ come on knock at our door, take a step that is new. >> the end. >> three is company two. >> i thought i heard the word opera in there will somewhere. >> there was an opa-de-boo in california back then. >> we'll work on that one a little bit. >> next up, we go to oprah winfrey who is changing up her
3:50 am
ways when it comes to weight watcher. she's been representing the weight loss company since last year. >> she's been doing great. to mark the fact she's lost 30 pounds, she decided to attend a weight watchers meeting in person and she brought a friend and you know what happened. >> this is gayle king who has lost lots of weight. >> i didn't know it was your coach's class. >> it's my coaches class. >> so your coach doesn't know you're coming? >> the coach knows i'm coming. the rest of the people don't know i'm coming. let's see what happens. hi. >> needless to say, everyone was pretty excited to see them there. oprah usually does her meetings online but she wanted to come in person this time. she got what's called a bravo for starting a new behavior. bravo to everyone there. >> i always wondered what it's like to be like her. you go to get coffee and people are like yeah. i would love that in my life. >> we can start greeting you with a round of applause. >> we go to the grocery store,
3:51 am
yea! all right. he's here. high fives. >> you should arrive and be like i'm here, everyone. see what happens. >> not much. broadway is on a great run right now thanks to the success of shows like "hamilton" and "the book of mormon." a new production is working its way to the stage. >> three words, share the musical. it's already written. sources say it will musically take audiences through cher's life as a child as the wife of sonny bono and a solo singer who gains legendary status. >> she brings in life after love. three different actresses will play cher at different points in her life.s some of her subjects near windsor castle today. >> also marking the occasion, this cute photo. the queen with her five great grarnd grandchildren and two youngest grand children. of particular interest, you see
3:52 am
2-year-old george there. the future king second from the right. >> his little sister, princess charlotte is on the queen's left holding the queen's purse. the daughter of sarah phillips one of the queen's granddaughters, as well. >> so cute. one of the queen's granddaugh r granddaughters, as well. >> so cute. your heart loves omega-3s.
3:53 am
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...lysol that. ♪ >> that's the instrumental section. i like that. i like the drums, too. finally this half hour, making your passion pay. you're about to meet two women who are doing just that. like so many of us want to do, they figures out what they love and figured out a way 0 make a business out of it and talked to abc's robin roberts. >> meet maddy maxey and emily weiss two ceos rising to the top of their industry. maddy a creative technologist with an eye for fashion bringing smart fabrics out of the lab and straight to the runway. capturing the attention of one of hollywood's stars lupita nyong'o. the dress coded by mad
3:56 am
audiodesigned by zack posen thanks to google's made with code program. >> we work on textiles prototyping and research and development to find better ways to manufacture e textiles. >> maddy dropped out of parsons to start her own company. >> the created started out kind of as a fashion tech. >> her parents approved only one semester off. that was three years ago. her latest project this lightweight jacket she calls kelvin created with thermochromic fabric. >> you can see it's getting really hot here. that's why the fabric is changing color. >> reporter: illuminating example kaz of the future of fashion. following her passion in 2010, emily weiss left her job at "vogue" to focus on her beauty blog, into the gloss. >> i like to have five things. >> her post sharing the beauty secrets of some of the world's most recognizable woman. >> there's a lot of products out there. as a beauty editor myself, i've tried a lot of them. >> reporter: inspired by her discoveries she went from
3:57 am
writing about beauty products to creating her own. launching a direct to consumer welcome to you -- >> we wanted to take the guesswork by creating a realliess to use universal and modern range of products. >> reporter: the digital world recently came to life at this new york pop-up shop. >> there's not a one-size fits all shape to beauty anymore. individuality is key. and we have always perpetuated that here. this notion that you should really be proud of who you are every day. >> i love that. >> i love the hi-tech clothing lines and along the lines of everybody's different, i would like 0 to see the hi-tech dresses that automatically tailor. and you're done. >> that would be so amazing. > yes. that jacket that maddy made for men, if she sends it, i will come back to wardrobe now and wear it. not kidding. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing "world news now," informing (lock clicks)
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making news in america this morning, hillary clinton and donald trump regain the momentum but can they lock it up with the next big test than a week away. we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, a wrestling legend found dead. the tributes pouring in for chyna as the investigation gets under way. texas faces new concerns as aging dams holding back walls of water are deemed extremely high risk. plus, a home on the brink of falling right into ray swollen river. >> and happy birthday, your majesty, the queen of england turned 90 pictured proudly with the youngest members of the royal family. good thursday morning. we begin with the race for the


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