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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 21, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, april 21. here's what's happening. an counter in the public library has become a criminal case. we'll explain the details. students at a berks county school are caught on camera with a fight club like throw down in the middle of class and adults watch. flyers fans will remember ed snyder on home ice after they get an emotional win. let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman in for
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karen. good morning. >> reporter: we have sunshine and high, thin clouds around, they will allow the sun in. later today, the clouds will build. mostly cloudy tomorrow and showers. a little issue popped up still in effect frost advisory in the pine barrens. 47 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in millville. dropping before we turn it around. 44 in trenton. 46 in wilmington and 48 in reading. not a lot of wind out there, but cool enough certainly for at least a light jacket. on the backup this morning. 48 by 8:00 a.m. a bit cool, breezy after the sun comes up. as we roll through the day, it will be nice and warmer than yesterday. 52 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 61. 1:00 p.m., 67 degrees. 74 by 3:00 p.m. 76 will slot in there around
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4:00, or 430 this afternoon. we're on the look out for spotty showers and rumble of thunder for the weekend. >> reporter: we'll have relief this morning at the delaware memorial bridge we'll take whatever we can get after yesterday. chopper 6 hd was overhead when huge delays were out in full force heading toward delaware off 295 off the new jersey turnpike. because of the emergency construction going on at the bridge, yesterday morning when the delay was formed, one lane was getting by. two lanes are open on the delaware memorial bridge heading into delaware. that's improvement, two lanes blocked, we do expect big delays heading into delaware, but homefully they will not -- hope himly they will not -- hopefully not as bad as yesterday. the blue route, i-95 they are
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picking up the cones. vine street expressway is no longer shut down crews will return tonight and close it for overnight construction. 422 eastbound at first avenue. an accident involving a truck, police on the scene, so moving better here king of prussia on this thursday morning. tam? "action news" has exclusive video of a shocking scene, teens in reading fighting in a clammer wailing on one another while adults watch. annie mccormick is live in our satellite center with a story you'll only see right here. >> reporter: it was originally posted on facebook it was taken off. once the school found out they took immediate action. >> reporter: it's students brawling on video and one adult watching and does nothing to stop it. one leaves the room, another adult stays and pushing the
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other student back into into the fight. any other school if anything happens a fight breaks out, you got adults coming in and breaking it up. that wasn't happening. >> reporter: this is not any classroom. located in reading northwestern service schools helps kids with autism and behaval --al problems. there will be some action taken as soon as we learn more of the facts. >> reporter: noisciplinary action has been taken because there's an on going investigation. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the search for a man who robbed a bank in center city. the heist happened in the 1500 block of jfk boulevard.
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police provided these pictures of an unshaved man wearing a jacket and blue jeans. it is believed he was armed. a man registered as a sex offender is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy inside a public bathroom. david conle faces charges for what happened inside the allentown public library. the teen said he touched him inappropriately and performed a sex act. he admitted to the assault and in the lehigh county jail. democrat bernie sanders will campaign in the greats philadelphia expo center in oaks and has a rally in scranton and reading. jim gardner sat down with hillary clinton and talked about the epidemic of gun violence in
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philadelphia he asked how president clinton could make philadelphia a safer city. >> reporter: i would help to reform the criminal justice system. work with the police departments there are a lot of good departments and police officers who are doing a very important and successful job. we need to understand what's going on what causes people to reach for guns to settle minor disputes or not know how to keep guns out of the wrong hands. you can watch more of jim gardner's one on one tonight on "action news" at 6:00 p.m. "good morning america" is holding a live town hall with hillary clinton taking questions throughout the country including honey's sit and eat 21st and south street in center city. the republican candidates are rallying people in advance of the primary. he has a rally delaware state
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fair ground. john kasich campaigns in media, delaware county this morning and in king of prussia tonight. the flyers organization will honor founder ed snyder with a public memorial center at 11:30. flyers coach shuffled the lineup for the win or else game against the capitols. andrew mcdonald scored to help the flyers win 2-1. game 5 is in washington tomorrow night. they are laying the ground work for getting serious here. >> reporter: we'll see what happens in washington tomorrow night. what's happening today, a little cool we'll get sunshine in play, though, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you once again we are dry as we look outside, clearing skies across the region. a few high clouds around, they
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will break up quickly, initially anyway as the sun comes up over the horizon. it's a little bit chilly out there. heading up to allentown. 40 degrees currently. step out the door there. 48 in reading. 47 in philadelphia. 46 in wilmington, 44 in trenton. 30s in parts of the south jersey around millville and the pine barrens there may be frost this morning. those of you who left out potted plants might want to get them in. 50 degrees in cape may. satellite showing us that cloud cover is breaking up. eventually that thicker cloud cover will push in. initially for a good portion of the day it will be the high and thin stuff that won't block out the sun. sun and high clouds moving in in the lehigh valley today. warmer than yesterday with a high of 75 degrees that's to feel pretty nice. down the shore you're stuck in the offs because it is cool next to the cool ocean water this is a better number than what you had yesterday in a lot
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of spots and again you have the sun and clouds mix. in philadelphia, sun and clouds, warmer, 76 degrees is the high, a bit on the breezy side. winds out of the southwest at 7 to 14 miles per hour. of 1 is the overnight low under mostly cloudy skies. mild tonight with the southwesterly breeze continuing to draw milder air in from the south. tomorrow is even warmer. we'll get up to 79 degrees a cold front approaching, but we'll see mostly cloudy skies and at times there will be a spotty shower popping through. 8:30 a brief shower is possible. most of the rain will hold inform until later in the day it will be on and off and here and there. might hear a rumble of thunder, as well. you might see that indicated in the model of yellow and orange. 6:00, some of this comes through. i do think in the evening and overnight hours, the last of the rain is dieing down. by the time you wake up saturday morning things are looking good. as i expected yesterday, the forecast for the poll will
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improve. it's high today. with the spotty shower activity tomorrow we'll ease it back a little bit. 76 today, nice today. tomorrow, 79. by the weekend that rain is all done. 70 on saturday, 69 on sunday. good day for union game at tanning energy nrg stadium. 77 on monday, monday night into tuesday rain. wwe wrestlers china was found dead in her home. overnight construction cleared and there was a tractor-trailer accident 422 eastbound side of first avenue. all that is left is the police officer. both lanes are open heading
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toward 202. we'll see if anything is reopened on i-95 in delco and talk about a crash there. find out how the queen of england will celebrate her birthday today, i imagine it will not just be cake and balloons, later in the morning buzz.
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across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
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welcome back you're taking a live look action cam at independence mall this morning on this beautiful thursday, 5:15, 50 degrees, we'll get up to 76 degrees later today. how about that road, matt, nice and clear, you can just drive right on it.
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>> reporter: that's what i like to see it excites me in the morning, a nice clear roadways. as we come out of the burbs nice clear roads. traffic is moving fine in delco. the overnight construction that was blocking the ramp from the i-95 ramp to the blue route has cleared. pothole patching crews will be out here on i-95 northbound through delaware county up through the airport. watch out for them later on. that starts at 9:00 a.m. in glenolden getting word of a crash chester park. near gardener as in jim, avenue. pennsylvania turnpike, westbound near valley forge and malvern they are taking out the right lane. westbound in morgantown. on the northeast extension blocking the left lane. so a couple of zones leftover.
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we have been talking about how they were working on the sewer main in mount laurel blocking hartford radio they say cleared. 322 and 40 black horse pike to the parkway northbound construction there lasting until 9:00 a.m. talking about the construction at the delaware memorial bridge the last few days, emergency work. the good news this morning, we have two labels open instead of just one. if you do the commuter report with the waze app so far no delays formed delaware. i think they will formulator on, but the second lane open will help us out. former wwe women's champion chyna has died. police found her body in her home yesterday. investigators are not saying the cause of death, but stated there were no indications of foul
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play. she was the first woman to enter the king of ring event. she left wwe in 2001 and went on to do several tv shows. she struggling with addiction for years. she was 45 years old. the water crisis in flint are michigan has become a criminal case. a city employee and environmental quality workers have been charged with official misconduct and evidence tampering. they used water from the flint river for 18 months while the pipeline was being built. lead leeched from the old plumbing and consumed by residents. 6 people are under arrest after officials found the longest cross border tunnel. officials discovered more than a ton of cocaine and 7 tons of
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marijuana. the tunnel exit on the american side was 3 feet wide and covered by a trash bin. it was he equipped with rail and lights and elevator. authorities are one step closer to a man who killed a family dog in bucks county. police say he tried to steal a motorcycle from a driver way on golden gate road on levittown. when the homer came out to confront him he shot the homeowner's dock. any one with information should call 911. eagles pulled off a monster trade with the cleveland browns. they acquired the second overall pick and 4th rounder next year. in exchange they give up a lot. they gived up first third and 4th round pick. the eagles seem eager to draft a quarterback.
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phillies had three game sweep over the mets last night. infield single two out in the 11th. the phillies open the series against the brewers in miller park tomorrow. there's a fix for the emissions cheating scandal. there's a new way to eat pizza and it kind of makes sense.
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that's the site the olympics began many years ago, they will have a ceremony here to light the olympic flame that will be carried all across the world and end up in rio for the summer olympics which are set to begin in early august. getting on the road to
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that. >> reporter: i've seen a number of olympic sites but i've never been to olympia. i'm crossing it off the list. schuylkill expressway looks good, any concerns can be crossed off the list. we're moving fine on girard avenue. on the right side of the screen is the mlk drive cruise the kelly until 6:30. because the reassure facing crews are out there. line paintings crews will be on the schuylkill expressway both directions between king of prussia and south philadelphia. watch out for them and the wet paint that will result from their work. trolley is looking good, they were on diversion overnight 40th an market for tunnel maintenance. everything is on time and normal now. >> reporter: temperatures in the 40s, this morning we have a sweatshirt on the kids. this afternoon it's another shorts and ts kind of day.
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here's why. we'll number the 60s by noon. 74 degrees, high of 76 will slide in around 4:30 p.m. we'll see an increase in cloud cover as the day goes on. but it's a good looking day ahead. at the airport, no major delays, but we have showers and thunderstorms in dallas fort worth. that's a spot to keep your eyes on. a new study says eating pizza on your cheat days may help you lose your wait. scientists put participants on a plan that was limited to ten thousand 500 calories a weekend. at the end of the week, both groups reduced their body max indexes. those people who enjoyed treats on sunday were happy and motivated to work toward their goal. >> reporter: closures for volkswagen other than. a deal was reached to competent
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vw owners who is cars were rigged to cheat emission tests. some comcast cable customers no longer need a box to watch tv. samsung smart tvs will have it later this year. the feds have been pushing the cable companies to do away with the boxes which subscribers need to rent. you can get this the pretzel breakfast sandwich, made with a top pretzel roll and bun and sausage and cheese. that's america's money.
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the united kingdom is celebrating the queen's birthday. queen elizabeth ii turned 90 today. buckingham palace released several photos. 1 shows the queen holding princess charlotte in her arms. they say britain's longest
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reigning monarch. two pack words are in the spotlight. you see snoop dog right there. he called out donald trump saying his wet is an example of how some people can be driven by greed. he went on to suggest that people with wealth should assist americans who are less fortunate. finally the houston texas texas -- texans are looking at helping, hang -- handing out much-needed comforts and hugs. coming up on "action news," an alleged soda band faces
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felony robbery charges. new details on the encounter with the mcdonald's manager. stolen steaks thrown from a car during a high speed police chase all next on "action news."
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