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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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win. they get the shut out. and three big points, in the eastern conference standings. second shut out for this season, fourth in the young career of andre blake. >> brian carroll sliding in to take that ball away from david villa for last chance on goal. this team knows how important it is to keep a clean sheet. so, first time that they have won three straight games at home to start a season and now it is five game home swing streak a new team record, new team record, that they have just established now. so chris pontius had one goal today as did cj sapong, pontius is downstairs with marisa. >> chris, we saw you take a elbow to the face, come off, get it mended. how do you get yourself back in the game mode when off sidelines for that long. >> you are still in game mode, just wanted to get back on, get it fixed and get back playing.
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>> were you pushing for that goal early on, what was your key for early success here. >> we press high, we go after teams, force them into mistake and we try to get a goal early to settle the game. we have done that well the past couple games and looking forward to continuing it. >> you guys are undefeated at home so far this season what is it about playing at home at talen energy stadium. >> just the extra energy, comfort level for us, you know, we didn't have our best day to day. we know, we got a bit lucky to say the least but, you know, the fans kept it in 90 minutes and come out with a shut out and win. >> thanks so much, chris. >> thanks, it wasn't your best day but still come away with the two to nothing win. that is what the philadelphia union did today. we will be back with more.
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union get victory on goals by chris pontius and cj sapong first in the first half. to learn more learn more at >> here's a look a at the play, le toux, played the ball in, and find sapong right away but bar need a find pontius, square him up, and keeps it alive, gets his head up, perfect goal to pontius for early one to nothing lead but fantastic call by le toux, great job by barnetta to find pontius. >> team in the post game especially pontius and jim curtin, said it before they didn't feel like they played one of their better games but come away with the win. that is something they could not have done last year f they didn't play their best last year they didn't win. >> good teams can getaway with that. it tells you union are progressing from where they have been in the past three consecutive home wins. didn't get possession they wanted but scoreboard favors them and that is all that
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counts in the end of the game. >> solute some players, offensive, defensive players of the game as always brought to you by toyota. offensively chris pontius, he starts things off, gets early goal but he was involved from the get go, he was very active on that left side. played with energy. defend well. but, this is just him willing to get inside his defender, having that effort to get on the end of it, and nice night to finish with. >> defensively, bunch of guys you could both to but keegan rosenberry did very well in that right side, mendoza is a handful, and hell with david villa a offensively. he really settled in. very nicely this year. >> next game, they won't have fabinho he will be suspended for next game. what do they take against the game against san help say. >> they know they can score goals and create chances. they know begins san jose it is another team with offensive fire power. defensively they have to dot
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same thing. they will give up possession at times. the whole thing you will bend but can't break. they did that tonight. they have given up possession but defensively, it is good and they are not giving up clear one on one chances with andre break. >> for philadelphia union, good to be at home, their first of three straight at home and they will be playing, counting this one, four of five, at home. two to nothing win, today, for the philadelphia union, over new york city fc, we thank you for watching union soccer today here on six abc. for peter pappas, for our crew, we will thank you for watching philadelphia union soccer pro decemberred by dave getz. join us next saturday at 4:00. where union host san jose earthquakes on six abc. now we invite to you stay tuned for "action news". enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. and up next here it is final push for pennsylvania, as the candidates try to win over voters before tuesday. and plus thousands packed
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broad street for return of the popular street fair i'm brian taff, "action news" is next.
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saturday night, walter's off, i'm brian taff. tonight remembering those who lost their lives to violence in the city of chester. and a ferris wheel in the middle of broad street, you are not imaging this, it is the return of, one of philadelphia's most popular street festival. but the big story on
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"action news" is developing news. a woman managed to free herself after 12 hours in captivity today, she tells investigators that she was abducted. sexually assaulted and then put in the back of the car, the ordeal started at philadelphia's park side section this morning. it ended with her escape in west philadelphia. that is where we will fine "action news" reporter jeff chirico who has details tonight, jeff. >> reporter: brian, that victim's ordeal came to an end right behind me. police just cleared the crime scene. neighbors here are stunned. they heard a woman screaming around 3:00 this afternoon and they came running to see what was going on. that is when they say they saw a woman walking down the street, obviously distraught, flagging down cars for help. then they saw, a two men hop in another car and taking off. now just a few minutes ago, detectives picked up some potential evidence, including balls of duct tape, this all began around 4:00 this morning. police say the 20 year-old victim was abducted the at gunpoint from forty-ninth and lancaster about two and a half
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miles from here. police say victim was bound with duct tape and physically, session you'llly assaulted. then she escaped. it is in the clear how. but some around here are saying that she got out of the trunk. police have not confirmed that. here's what some stunned witnesses say happen next. >> i came outside, she was walk ago this way. she was only half of her clothes were honor whatever and she was bleeding real bad. she made it down to this corner right here on 57th guy. they must have have had her tied up. she was crying. real hysterical. >> this is a good block. nothing usually happens out here. >> reporter: surprising. >> yeah. you try to keep people close to you, and hope everybody can be safe. >> reporter: back out here live police described the abduct eras a 23 year-old black man with the dark complex. he has dread locks and a long beard and he was a parentally driving a black four-door car with tinted windows and it
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should be fairly easy to spot this car because the rear driver's window is busted out and covered with a trash bag. right now, svu is investigating. we have no word on the victim's condition. we are live from west philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", brian. we've got breaking news right now from north philadelphia where police say a man, shot and killed another man, witnesses say the shooter was wearing a water department jacket. it happened just after 4:30 on the 2300 block of huntingdon street. investigators say a 36 year-old man sitting inside a car was shot several times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it is not clear right now if the shooter was a water department worker or posing as one at the time. police are still searching for that man right now. politics tonight, and a busy day it has been, big crowd packed the chase center in wilmington this afternoon to see democrat bernie sanders. sanders wrapped up this rally just minutes ago where he
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touted his plan to expand social security. he told supporters that he is repeatedly asked his rival hillary clinton to join his call to lift the cap on social security but he says she has given no clear answers so far. delaware and pennsylvania, hold their primaries on tuesday and that is having former president bill clinton hitting the trail for his wife in our area today. this morning he campaign at swarthmore college. he was speaking, or he is speaking at wissohickon middle school in ambler. he will be join at that event by former congress woman gabby giffords. republicans were focused elsewhere today, donald trump held a rally in connecticut and showed no signs of changing his tone n fact day of a one of his top aid told republican official that is trump would quote evolve and show more restraint, trump said he has got no plans to tone it down. ted cruz was in indiana, john kasich was in rhode island. democratic candidates for senate in pennsylvania held their last televised debate, before tuesday's primary.
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six abc hosted this debate, among all four candidates hoping to challenge republican pat toomey in the fall and you can watch the senate debate in its entirety tomorrow morning, just tune in at 11:00 o'clock right here on six abc. and first stick with "action news" for complete primary election coverage on tuesday, we have got candidates, representatives from the league of women voters here to answer any questions you might have throughout the day. you can call the number on your screen from 7:00 in the morning when polls opened until polls close at 8:00 o'clock tuesday night. tires of more than a dozen cars in the the south philadelphia neighborhood were slashed, early this morning, and police say the suspect was easy to catch. he was crouched between two parked cars, next to a knife. police were called to the 1700 block of christian street just before 1:30 this morning after a resident there spotted someone slashing a tire. they arrived, and found 13 cars were damaged, during their investigation. they spotted a man between the cars, and took him into
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custody. lots of damage but no one was seriously hurt overnight when a driver of an suv slammed into a home in egg harbor township. this happened on schoolhouse road near bevis road. driver lost control, went off the road and struck that house, before flipping over, and the residents of that home were not injured, and no word just yet on any charges. it was a celebration of life, after loss today. more than 100 people gathered in marcus hook this morning to remember the loved ones whose lives were cut short by violence. that is where "action news" reporter trish hartman is in marcus hook with the story this afternoon, hi there, trish. >> reporter: hi brian, yeah. the event just wrapped up here at market street ballroom in marcus hook. the this is first time for this event put on by women of strength but there was a change of pace for the group. it was an afternoon of fun and laughter for parents who have lost their children to violence.
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>> unaudible. >> reporter: big smiles and laughs filled the market street ballroom in marcus hook. the afternoon, of comedy and fellowship was much needed for parents, whose children were killed in the city of chester. >> it is unbelievable that we really forget how to laugh and energy ourselves. >> reporter: beverly wright help the group called women of strength united for change in 2007. her son inan was shot and killed in chester in 2005. >> he was a happy, go lucky guy, i know he don't want me to be said. i pick it up. i really to have pick it up. >> reporter: group provides support for mothers in chester with similar experiences. this event gives parents a chance to celebrate the birthdays of those killed, over dinner and a comedy show, including the parents of the charles reynolds, junior. >> i'm excited about today, for a chance of laugh and remember all the people that knew him. >> it is good to have this first, you know, celebration of his life, 71 years he has been here. he accomplished a lot the in
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his 31 years. >> reporter: almost four years after franklin carter junior was shot and killed his mother says there has been no arrest. she says this group has been a god send. >> getting around to the women, build me up, and kept the lord on my side. i'm just so happy to be with this group, wonderful group. >> reporter: and it was a packed house, all 150 seats were filled, organizers say they hope to make it a yearly event and hope it will be bigger next year. reporting live from marcus hook, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> thank you, trish. check this out it is not morey's pier in wildwood but this is middle of the the broad street in center city. thousands came to the pifa street fair to enjoy a day at the beach. there were rides, a ferris wheel, lots of food, drinks, and acrobats, and there was this guy, dressed like a tree. >> so, there is that. turning to weather. it started off miserable but
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sun made an appearance in the afternoon. pretty decent day overall. meteorologist melissa a magee live at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> we had a nice recovery this afternoon as you mentioned, early america rain showers across the region. a all that moisture departing. high pressure returned for the rest of max out, and, and, and 58 in the poconos, upper 60's. and, cape may, coming in at 50 . and, it is mostly cleared tonight, 7:00 p.m., temperatures 65. we will drop down to 63 at 8:00. mostly clear sky, right through nine, ten, 11:00 tonight and temperatures for the mess part in the upper 50's to near 60 degrees. we will talk about what we can expect the rest of this evening. it will be cooler in comparison to last night. lots of sunshine on the way for second half of our weekend and summer returns by monday, with temperatures once again, climbing up in the 80's. we have got details, brian in the full, exclusive accu weather forecast.
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>> all right, melissa, see new a little bit. is there much more to come on "action news" at 6:00 tonight, delaware school shoots for a world record using thousands of plastic bags, but what this pile of bags it is not just for show but the important message they are trying to send with this. it is also, first pitch for a field of dreams, we will take you to a place that proves great american pastime is welcomed to all. plus flyers goalie michael neuvirth talks about his amazing performance in last night's game and how he plans to be better if possible tomorrow. jeff skversky in sports when "action news" continues.
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5 white men brutally attack an african-american. using racial slurs. and beating the victim unconscious. the entire incident caught on tape. but district attorney steve zappala gives the attackers plea deals. drops all charges of hate crimes. and now four will serve no jail time at all.
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five black guys jump one white guy... nobody would be going home. steve zappala. he shouldn't be our attorney general. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work.
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katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. attempt to roll role the world's largest, plastic bag, ball, that is the thing. it is happened this afternoon at justice and landing park this wilmington. more than 20 schools and churches collect more than 48,000 bags, to give this record a go. the attempt was in honor of earth day illustrating the waste that plastic bags make, the group will to have wait to hear if they were successful in that guinness world record attempt, and of course, we will let you know. this morning some daughters honored a very special lady who may be gone, but, still very much close to their hearts. this was third annual missing our mothers remembrance ceremony a at hilton on city avenue. event held by vitas health
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care helped those work through their grief, our own sharrie williams was on hand to serve as mc today. philadelphia university honored "action news" anchor alycia vitarelli. she was recipient of an award given by communications honor society, the a ward, recognizing an alumni who demonstrates character, service and excellence in the field of communication and working each day, alongside alycia, i can certainly say it is a well deserved honor. a leash, congrats to you.
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do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns. bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground and threatens our drinking water. bernie -- he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. day at philadelphia a union game and chester, delaware county. you saw that here on channel six. soccer fans got a chance to meet our collogues before the match, david murphy, a huge fan, came out to talk soccer and the weather. and allie gorman, sarah
6:27 pm
bloomquist, chris sowers all on hand to snap photos and play some games before the game. good stuff. >> perfect day for that today. >> chris looks like a good goalie. >> not bad, chris. >> good form. >> yes. >> hey, flyers, game six, big game tomorrow night. >> speaking of goalies, michael neuvirth has flyers in game six tomorrow afternoon, at home, and it is unreal. the flyers, yes, they are still alive, so just how unlikely is this? it is only second time in team history flyers have forced i game six after trailing three-zero. only other time 2010 when they came back to beat bruins. can they do it again? flyers goalie michael neuvirth back on the ice after saving the season last night in game five against the capitals. and you better believe it, neuvirth will start game six tomorrow at noon at wells fargo center. neuvirth has saved 75 of the 76 shots he has faced in the series, including a franchise record 44 last night in a
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playoff shot out. >> it was an amazing game. i am seeing the puck well. every bounce was going my way. so, you know, i expect washington to be my face tomorrow but we will be ready. >> the flyers are the first team in 18 years to win a playoff game despite a franchise low 11 shots on goal. ryan white's goal even went off a capitals players skate. somehow, some way, the flyers are back in this series, and if they are going to win, they cannot rely just on neuvirth. >> we have to believe it is going to happen. we need to understand that it is not going to be easy, and if we play a game like we did last game i don't think we will have a same outcome but it is a real wake up call for us. >> we have to be better. i don't think anybody is kidding themselves to think that we should have won last
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night. we did win. we're going to move on. we have to win. but we need a better effort from our group. >> tomorrow is the biggest game of the year. the biggest game in all of our careers. that is all we're focused on, one shift, one period, one game. >> speaking of hard to believe, the phillies have one of the the best starting pitching staffs in baseball. they lead majors in strike outs, and charlie morton will try to add to it when he takes the mound in milwaukee. miguel franco back in the line up batting third and playing third against brewers. blanco scored last night, two home runs, second time he has done this. he knock in three runs. blanco and ryan howard lead fill business four home runs each, each also had eight rbi's on the season. well, come thursday night eagles will take second overall for only second time in the last 51 years. donovan mcnabb, and, of course, eagles every expect to grab another quarterback at two, carson wentz, assuming
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the rams take jared goff, eagles are eyeing wentz quarterback from north dakota state. he has one of the the best 40-yard dash cams at the combine. where does this leave sam bradford. eagles think he is a starter but bradford is reportedly not happy they have moved up in the draft. ron jaworski says, move on. >> if he did say it, get over it, sam. it is about competition. he got a big contract. you are the starting quarterback. you get out and play. you play to the best of your ability. sam, it is your job right now. to keep the job, out perform, chase daniels, carson wentz, it is your job, just do it. >> just get it done. only one team in the east has more points than union to start the season. go figure considering the union played for the first six games on the road but they are back home again to face new york city today. look at the game, ryan arcidiacono hanging with the kid. villanova wildcats national


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