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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air -- president obama announcing he'll send hundreds of american special forces to syria arizona they ramp up the battle against isis. lightning setting homes on fire. now new concerns that a huge tornadoes outbreak could be headed for the heart land in the next 4 hours. teaming up to take down donald trump. overnight a bombshell revelation from ted cruz and john kasich, their secret pact to stop the front-runner's momentum. ♪ freedom freedom beyonce's sweet success. her lemonade power play making a statement and sparking huge questions this morning. what her lyrics about cheating and lies may reveal about her marriage.
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and good morning, america. happy monday. boy, does beyonce now how to drop an album. >> she sure does, george. it's very, very intimate. we'll talk about that later. we also have a lot of big political headlines over the weekend. that news of ted cruz and john kasich teaming up and speculation as which candidates will pick as their running mate president obama announcing this morning he'll send up to 250 more forces to join the fight against isis. abc's terry moran has the latest from germany where the president just made the announcement. good morning, terry. >> reporter: this morning, with this move, president obama is dramatically increasing the footprint on the ground in syria. this new development of 50
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forces remits a five-fold represent in the syrian chaos. these are not combat troops. their job is not engage the enemy. instead they say they'll be assisting local kurdish forces aligned with the u.s. gathering intelligence and training and advising those local force. >> reporter: terry, pretty significant shift, why now? >> reporter: well, george, the president and the pentagon both feel they have isis back on their heels, rolling back the front lines there, they want to double-down, keep the pressure up and take direct aim at raqqah. george. >> okay, terry, thanks very much. on top of more than 4,000 troops in iraq. severe weather overnight, tornadoes storms tearing through the heartland. now, more severe weather could be headed for the mraps. rob marciano is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. active pattern over the next week. over 70 reports of severe weather. 7 tornadoes reported. some of which doing damage. no major injuries to report. last night we got off to a fast start. overnight, hail hammering the midwest. visibility, near impossible. drivers pulling over, finding shelter wherever they could. lightning igniting the plains. in minnesota, this house taking a direct hit, sparking into a massive fireball, homes on both sides catching fire. this one, with eight kids inside, having a sleepover, miraculously everyone escaping unharmed. >> no one anticipates a crack of thunder and everything gone. >> in iowa -- >> smoke starting pouring in miss room. >> reporter: this hotel spark by a bolt. guests scrambling to get out and warning neighbors by knocking on
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doors. in colorado, this home going up in flames after lightning struck there, too. and in kansas -- this funnel cloud looming in the sky. we'll be seeing more of that, one, two, three impulses that ride this powerful jet stream. chicago, you'll see storms after 4:00. tomorrow, the center stage will be the heart of tornado alley. a moderate risk of seeing large hail and damaging winds. potentially strong, violent tornadoes. our most serious threat, george and robin, here this week. the race for the white house now. five more states vote tomorrow. pennsylvania, the biggest prize and both donald trump and hillary clinton have big leads there. but overnight a brand-new twist on the republican side, ted cruz and john kasich joining forces with a new joint strategy to stop trump. abc's tom llamas here with the details. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. an unprecedented move in the gop race for the white house. cruz and kasich unable to beat
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trump on their own, now working hand to hand to split some of the upcoming contests. this is all out in the open and trump not hiding how he feels. >> i'm going to win. i get a kick out of kasich and cruz. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump might have less to laugh about. overnight, his two rivals, ted cruz and john kasich, announcing they're joining forces to stop the front-runner. kasich agreeing to bow out of indiana to give the cruz campaign a clear path. in return, cruz's camp saying they'll step out of oregon and new mexico leaving those states to kasich, ensuring we nominate a republican to unify the party and win in november. the trump campaign responding overnight, calling it collusion. donald trump tweeting, wow, just announced that lyin ted and kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the republican nomination.
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desperation! it's a twist capturing the trump campaign in the middle of a jekyll and hyde moment. >> this is the most presidential candidate since abraham lincoln and then we started to lose, wouldn't that be terrible, okay? we got to be a little bit careful about changing, folks. >> reporter: the front-runner's campaign saying their candidate would, quote, evolve to appear more presidential. >> we were evolving the campaign, not the candidate. >> reporter: trump making it clear what he likes. >> i sort of don't like toning it down. if i acted presidential i guarantee you this morning i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: now, the never trump movement which has been coordinating against the billionaire endorsing this idea of cruz and kasich splitting some states for now. the goal of this is to get to the convention.
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something that the trump's campaign is confident won't happen. >> lot more to say. neither kasich or cruz can get the delegates they need on their own. >> that's right. now to the democratic candidates. five states up for grabs tomorrow. hillary clinton trying to close in on the nomination as bernie sanders promises to fight for every last delegate, abc's jon karl is here. >> reporter: good morning, robin with five states in the northeast voting tomorrow, hillary clinton is hoping for a clean sweep that put her well on the way toward clinching the democratic nomination. hillary clinton is looking to finally close the deal. >> i will stand up and fight for you through this campaign. all the way to the white house! >> reporter: clinton already has 80% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination, but bernie sanders is conceding nothing. >> this campaign is doing well
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and will win. >> reporter: what do those die-hard sanders' supporters do if hillary clinton wins the nomination? this week, george asked sanders if he would rally his supporters to get behind clinton. >> i can't tell people what to do. i'll do everything i can do to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> reporter: meanwhile in an exclusive interview with abc news, billionaire charles koch, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help elect republicans over the years. offered praise for bill clinton and even hillary. you think bill clinton was a better president -- >> in some ways. in other ways he wasn't exemplary. but as far as the growth of government, the increase in spending on restrictive regulations it was 2 1/2-times
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under bush than it was under clinton. >> possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. >> you can't see yourself supporting hillary clinton. >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be much different than her rhetoric. >> hillary clinton responded via twitter said she's not interested in a koch endorsement. cruz also reacted koch he was talking about if trump was the nominee but he slammed all of the republican candidates. we're joined here by matthew dowd. let's start out with this kasich, cruz, this alliance overnight, lot of top republicans like mitt romney have been calling for this for several weeks. >> it's too little too late. bizarre show of survivor that
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we're seeing. last time a lines was formed when batman and lex luthor got together to stop superman and the only thing it helped was superman. it feeds into the narrative that trump has been saying that's rigged. >> ted cruz pointing towards indiana, next tuesday. >> an increasing sense of desperation in the cruz's campaign. i wouldn't be surprised to see him name a running mate to get an extra boost. >> that would be something that helped rojd reagan. >> one person i would put on that list and only one person carly fiorina. >> she's been campaigning. hillary clinton throwing away that charles koch endorsement saying she didn't want it. we're seeing a bit of shift in
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tone on the sanders' side. >> they understand the map, i think they're finally coming to a place of acceptance in the course of this. i think they're going to get to a place of acceptance through tomorrow. they'll run a message campaign. they'll stay in but they'll run a message campaign. >> and jon karl, your interview with charles koch, if he and his brother sit out this race completely over the fall, that's several hundreds millions dollars that won't be spent for the republicans. >> the kochs aren't going to endorse hillary clinton. but she should welcome them sitting on the sidelines. >> okay, jon karl, matthew dowd, thanks very much. now to a terrifying shooting outside a high school prom, a small town in wisconsin looking for answers this morning after an 18-year-old opened fire on two students before police
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fatally shot him. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this morning, police in antigo, wisconsin, trying to understand why this 18-year-old allegedly ambushed his former classmates walked out of their high school prom. >> we have another shooting. >> reporter: police say jackob wagner is a former student at the high school. his insta gram account recently displaying this gun. he opened fire on a teenage boy and girl as they left the dance. both rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> i was completely in disbelief when i heard that there was a shooting here. >> reporter: prom goers put on lo lockdown. >> able to stop that threat
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engage the subject. we don't know what led to it. >> reporter: school officials praised officers, their quick actions prevented what might have otherwise been a disaster of unimaginable proportions. school officials said wagner graduated from antigo high school last year. his grandfather telling abc news wagner may have been bullied but adding we never saw it coming. life can change in an instance, it certainly did, we feel for the other families as we mourn our own loss. if he was bullied that's certainly police here will be looking at, school will be back in session here later this morning and counselors will be on hand to help. we'll move on now to another tragedy in the midwest the latest on that multiple murder in ohio. eight members of the same family were called in what police are calling a preplanned execution.
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abc's alex perez is in ohio. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, investigators have been working round the clock, but so far, no arrests. authorities believe someone out there knows who's responsible and they're hoping that person steps up. the emotional 911 calls capturing the shock of the horror. >> i just found my cousin with a gunshot wound. >> okay, sir, was he alive? >> no. >> reporter: eight members of an ohio family murdered. the youngest victim just 16 years old. >> all right, we've got deputies on the way. >> thank you. >> reporter: investigators searching for the killer or killers. the sheriff here so concerned he's telling the victims' families to carry weapons. >> to use caution because they were a target. >> reporter: the massacre unfolding friday near a small
7:15 am
rural town. the family shot execution style. >> execution-style suggest they were going to kill the people. when you go up and shoot people you want to make sure they're dead. you're also making a statement, look, if you mess with us this is what will happen to you. >> reporter: the crime spree spreading over four separate scenes. marijuana growth operations were discovered at three of them. the person or person responsible for the deaths took the time to cover up potential evidence. >> this is not a spur of the moment murder. this is well planned out murders. >> and there's now a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest, authorities say, they have already gotten more than a hundred tips they're following
7:16 am
up on. >> alex, thanks very much. lara, johnny manziel back in the heed line and more trouble for johnny manziel, the former heisman trophy, el battled football star indicted by a grand jury for an alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend. >> reporter: indicted by a dallas grand jury on charges he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. the 23-year-old heisman winner is accused of hitting his former girlfriend 23-year-old colleen crowley. her affidavit seeking an order of protection from manziel said she met up with manziel at zaza. >> interviewed witnesses as well as obtained video from surveillance video. she became very scared in trying
7:17 am
to fight him off. she told the valet, please don't let him take me i'm scared for my life. later that night, she claims that manziel struck her with his open arm on her left ear. >> manziel -- >> the former superstar losing endorsement deals and was recently dropped by his agent. >> i don't have a choice because this situation is spiraling downward i'm not going to be a part of a young man destroying his life. >> reporter: manziel telling abc news i'm hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now so i can focus on what i have to do if i want to play in 2016 for "good morning america," kayna whitworth. let's go back to rob. >> thisis active pattern will bg
7:18 am
severe rain to the upper mid wees as the parade of low pressure systems ride along the powerful jet stream. funnel cloud in houston touching into a tornado doing damage and shingles off the road and shed destroyed. heavy rain threat across missouri north of joplin and upper midwest and some of the rain gets into northern new york on the no reason side of the front. select cities brought to you by macy's. >> reporter: all right,
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everybody, we're off to a dry start as we take a look outside, lots of sunshine out there. temperatures are pushing up toward 50 and beyond in some neighborhoods. the winds are light, a light jacket gets you out the door in fine shape. this afternoon, forget the jacket, t-shirt for you, we're going for a high of 80 this afternoon. sun and clouds, warming up certainly. tomorrow, 81. there will be sprinkles and light showers in the morning and another round of showers in the afternoon and maybe a thunderstorm. believe it? >> feel like may if not june over the next week. >> all right, rob, thank you. coming up -- we continue remembering prince and the star's role as jevohah's witness. beyonce surprises fans with
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get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. matt o'donnell, 7:24 monday, april 25. let's start you out with traffic an karen rogers. >> reporter: matt we have an accident on i-95, a little hard to see you can see the flashing lights at the top of screen. northbound near bridge. look at the northbound traffic jammed from allegheny to bridge. normally a 17 minute ride, now a
7:25 am
31 minute ride on i-95 northbound from vine to woodhaven. southbound normal delays, academy to cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. we have an accident on longford road and 422 eastbound at 23. even though it's on the shoulder look at the speeds. 18 miles per hour. heavy 422 eastbound approaching oaks to 23 with the accident out there. another accident new lower merion old lancaster road at madella. take a quick break and check the accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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>> reporter: lots of sunshine on the terrace this morning, some of you with high clouds. temperatures not too bad, 50 degrees in philadelphia. some suburbs in the 40s, but winds are light. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shot a warm afternoon high of 80. sun and increased clouds during the day. tomorrow, still warm, 81. there will be a few showers around in the morning and late in the afternoon a chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm. and then that's all gone for wednesday, sunny, cooler, 69 the high. low 60s on thursday, spotty shower, chance of rain friday mostly cloudy skies, high of 63. saturday the sun returns and the weekend is looking good, highs around 70 saturday and sunday. four of the five presidential candidates will be in the area in advance of the
7:28 am
delaware and pennsylvania primaries tomorrow. "action news" will be following them on the campaign trail.
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♪ welcome back to "good morning america." behind the scenes there at that amazing saturday night live after-party with prince, their 40th anniversary, this footage has never been seen before. and this morning, we're learning new details about his life and death. and his role as a jehovah's witness. >> he said, i had a lot of hits, didn't i? yeah, you sure did. also right now, as rob was telling us the midwest preparing for a possible tornado outbreak that could hit in the next 24 hours, after seeing dangerous hail powerful storms overnight and the race for the president heating up. five states set to vote tomorrow as ted cruz and john kasich reveal they're teaming up to try and take down donald trump. >> also, happening this morning,
7:31 am
beyonce proving once again that she's the queen of pop, unveiling a brand-new visual version album. >> set the internet on fire with speculation. the latest on prince's mystery death. new questions emerge about what will happen to his $300 million e estate. we learn new details about the jehovah's witness church. >> go rng george. there are now also questions about who will inherit one of the most valuable music estates in the world, this, as we learn more about prince and his faith. ♪ this is what it sounds like when the doves cry ♪ >> reporter: the man the world knew as prince, another church member at a minnesota kingdom
7:32 am
hall. churchgoer telling "people" magazine, brother nelson was in good standing. he was able to talk to those who the rest of the world couldn't talk to. the plane forced to make an emergency landing just six days before his death. >> they want you to go to the west end of the north ramp. >> reporter: the memorial growing at paisley park. gathering saturday for a private ceremony to say good-bye to the singer. his remains have cremated has been confirmed. >> it's never easy to lose someone you love. >> reporter: still no word on if the superstar had a will. but prince leaves behind no wife or children. >> he loved each and every one of you. >> reporter: the woman with the purple hair is prince's sister,
7:33 am
the singer also had seven half-siblings who under minnesota law could all be in line for the singer's fortune. >> it seems to me it depends so much what battle ensues. >> this could be years. >> reporter: his estated estimated at $800 million growing by the day. the world processes his loss, the tributes continue to grow. bruce springsteen with a cover of "purple rain." and saturday night live honoring prince, sharing never before seen video of his epic performance at the "snl" 40th anniversary party. there's a public memorial in the works. no word on when that is. prince is at to which number one and number two spots of the billboard top albums charts.
7:34 am
first time that's happened in over ten years. >> plus that vault has a lot more to come. now to two female kansas state university students, suing the school, accusing administrators of not investigating after they repo reported being sexually assaulted at parties. >> reporter: sexual assaults on campus is a growing crisis. the office of civil rights investigating 178 schools of their handling of sexual violence cases. they're among the cases. they were both assaulted at fraternities off-campus. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: this morning, two younger students suing kansas state university claiming they failed to investigate their sexual assault cases.
7:35 am
sara and tessa both 21 years old filing separate federal lawsuits against the school after they say school officials refused to investigate their cases because they occurred off campus. if a student files a complaint with a school, regardless of where the conduct occurred the school must process the complaint in accordance with its established procedure and i went to the offices and they gave me a lot of back and forth. i answered a lot of questions. ultimately they told me they couldn't investigate because it was off-campus. >> what kansas state seems to be ignoring victims of sexual violence keep feeling the effects of sexual assault long after the sexual assault itself. >> reporter: for allegedly mishandling complaints of
7:36 am
alleged sexual assaults against students. in 2014, 16 rains occurred 6 off-campus. a spokesperson for kansas state university said they can't comment on litigation matters. sara and tessa want monetary damages and want the school to investigate their allegations. tessa's case is still being investigated by authorities. >> title xi is based on discrimination on gender. >> based on their accusations and allegationsing zi think they have great chances. the department of education, long before their cases told schools like kansas state you need to investigate claims like that even if they're off-campus
7:37 am
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back now with the buzz about beyonce and her new album lemonade. the star setting the internet on fire. music hitting itunes just hours ago, already skyrocketing toward the top and also sparking some new questions. abc's linsey davis is here details on that. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this is beyonce's sixth album comprised of 12 songs. it's more than just drinking the kool-aid, people are guzzling the lemonade.
7:42 am
♪ freedom >> reporter: this morning, the beyhive is buzzing over her release of new concoction of lemonade. ♪ i'd rather be crazy >> reporter: her hbo event brimming with celeb cameos and teaming with social justice commentary. ♪ >> reporter: but what really has people talking the potential lemons that came before the lemonade. hearing sour notes of possible cheating, lies and distrust. powerful lyrics being interpreted by many as telling her story of her marriage to jay z. >> is this is such a personal album for beyonce. different from her previous work. betrayal, infidelities and conflicts that arise in
7:43 am
relationship. >> reporter: apparent infidelity by the rap mogul. >> you came home at 3:00 a.m. and lie to me. >> reporter: beyonce dons a wedding dress with a biting ultimatum. in 2014, speculation over rumors of jay z's cheating reached a fever pitch after beyonce's sister appeared to attack him. in lemonade, the queen alludes to a mystery mistress. ♪ looking at my watch you should be home ♪ ♪ better call becky with the good ♪ >> reporter: some are speculating it's rachel roy. now private instagram page.
7:44 am
after the special, good hair don't care. fans swarmed. even hacking roy's wikipedia page to include the good hair reference. she fired back. saying, i respect love, marriages and families and strength. >> now the resill ya-- reconciliation is possible. >> if we're going to heal let it be glorious. >> reporter: it wednesday a message of forgiveness and redemption. >> so, we're going to heal. we're going to start again. >> well many thought it may queen and jay announcing their divorce. spoiler alert, her torture became her remedy. we reached to them for comment and got no response.
7:45 am
lot going on. >> it was really dark. >> and so personal. >> i felt like i was angry with my husband at the end for no reason. >> linsey, let's get back to that healing part. >> that's right. coming up -- forget about the athletes, it's their kids stealing the show. wait until you see what happens when an nba star brings his little kids to a press conference. i'm traveling the country betting anyone and everyone that sprint is faster than their network. and guess who's winning? the guy with a trailer full of your stuff. i bet my space suit for that slightly oversized jacket. come on. come on. sprint wins! that was fast! yeah, sprint's killing it. the sprint lte network is now more reliable than ever. so why overpay for wireless? switch to sprint and save 50% on most rate plans. if we don't win you over in 30 days, we'll refund your money. if you misplace your you can use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds.
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♪ back now with the little stars who are stealing the show. celtics star isaiah thomas took the backseat to his sons on sunday night. t.j. holmes has more. >> seconds to play, isaiah thomas coming off a 42-point game three, gets it done. >> reporter: even though isaiah thomas hit clutch shots down the stretch. >> my son jaden and that's james. >> his two sons stole the show at the postgame press conference. >> isaiah's the greatest basketball player. >> reporter: the dynamic duo leaving for just a split-second. >> thank you. >> reporter: jaden and james, now, possibly in the running
7:50 am
with riley curry, steph's title for cutest nba child. but it's not just nba kids stealing the professional sports' spotlight. when ryan fitzpatrick played for the houston texans, his son left reporters speechless. we talked about the cuteness of this. when riley became a hit, lot of reporters made a stink wanting the nba to ban kids from the press kompbs. >> oh, come on. >> but cuteness won the day. >> once again. their daddy had a big game. >> he did. >> big win. >> he's not the big star. >> t.j.'s your the biggest star in the house. royals teaming up and taking us inside our home this morning, of course, that being the palace. come on back. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
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7:55 am
across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
7:56 am
good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56, april 25, bad stuff on i-95, let's go over to karen. >> reporter: we have delay on the vine 8th and westbound jammed from i-95 to broad street. we had penndot assist with that and casing a delay right there. we have a problem on the ben franklin bridge westbound jammed from the tolls to 8th and vine due to the delays on the vine that's pilling on to the ben franklin bridge, as well. 295 southbound here's a new accident approaching route 73. we're seeing delays both ways, even though the accident itself is on the shoulder. you can see the area of red on 295. heavy traffic in an area that's jammed in burlington county. i-95 northbound by bridge street
7:57 am
that's our biggest accident creating big delays, 46 minute ride now, matt. taking live look outside center city philadelphia, it's going to feel like summer today. let's turn to david murphy. >> reporter: lots of sunshine early, 52 degrees in philadelphia. some of you might want a light jack, winds are not that strong, maybe not. we'll zoom up to 80 for the high, increased clouds. warm tomorrow, 81. complafl early morning -- a couple of early morning sprinkles or showers will be followed by thundershowers. day not a washout. sunny and cooler on wednesday, 69. dodown to the low 60sen thursday. a man was killed cedarbrook while talking to a candidate for the pennsylvania state house. hours later a shooting that left an 18-year-old dead and 17 injured. city of wilmington is
7:58 am
cracking down on people who use atvs in places where they should not. the story is at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ narrator: listen to katie mcginty for obama vo: katie will stand up to special interests to protect your right to health care, social security and equal pay for women. as the 9th of 10 kids and the mother of 3 daughters, katie is fighting to ensure every family has a fair shot
7:59 am
at getting ahead. katie from debate: "i'm a champion, i'm a fighter and i'll have the back of hard working families in this country." narrator: endorsed by president obama and vice president biden, a champion for working families. katie vo: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:00 am
♪ welcome to my house good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. royals on the run. what has will, kate and harry teaming up. and new details on prince george. plus that robe that stole the show when the president came for a visit. miracle recovery, the 14-year-old who survived that deadly uber shooting in kalamazoo, now finally home, walking and talking and getting strong. what her goal is when she finally reaches rehab. food revolution. meet the entrepreneurs changing the way we eat. the pasta company they started from scratch, right in their own kitchen. how they did it. >> if you're willing to work, willing to sleep less, anything's achievable. >> what can you learn this morning to find your own sweet
8:01 am
success. game of thrones shocker. now, hear from the women right here. what their revealing about the blockbuster season. and why they think a woman will end up on the iron throne. ♪ all that and we're headed to "my church". rising star maren morris performing live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ good morning, america. we hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. and maybe a little something to eat this weekend. how about these delicious dishes right here. two young entrepreneurs are behind it. they're sharing how they turned their appetite for healthy food into successful businesses. this recipe made from chickpeas.
8:02 am
delicious. >> you don't miss the fact that it's not pasta, per se. >> exactly. you don't know the difference. >> okay, also great crowd outside this morning. take a look at what happens during the commercial breaks. selfie time with robin roberts right there. what was going on there? >> it was funny, she didn't know how to do a selfie so i did it for them. lot of wedding bells ringing this week. >> we do. "good morning america's" wide world of weddings is upon us. we're counting down to an epic live wedding event. this morning, we're sharing trends with looks making their way from the runway to your wedding day. now let's go to tom llamas with the morning rundown. big story today, president obama sending more troops to syria, he's ordering 250 military personnel to support
8:03 am
local troops in syria, fighting isis. bringing the total number of u.s. forces in that country to 300, but most will be army special forces and the white house insists this is not a combat mission, but rather a mission to advise and assist. ted cruz and john kasich have announced they'll collaborate to try and stop donald trump from clinching the nomination. kasich campaign said it will give ted cruz the clear path to win the indiana primary while the cruz campaign said it will clear the way for kasich to win the upcoming elections in oregon and new mexico. the shooting at a high school prom in wisconsin, an 18-year-old student was killed by police after they say he shot two students leaving the dance. they say the peers he was trying to enter the prom and randomly started shoot. a new look this morning at one teenager's inspiring recovery after she survived that shooting spree in michigan.
8:04 am
abc's diane macedo has the story. >> i want to show everyone i can walk. >> reporter: this morning, this 14-year-old is finally home and able to play outside for the first time since making a a miraculous recovery. >> i survived a gunshot. >> reporter: she's the youngest victim of that dead ly shooting ram page in michigan. doctors say at one point her heart stopped. abby's mom told us during an incredibly difficult two months her daughter is displaying unbelievable strength. >> she's one strong, strong little girl. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: abby's getting stronger every day. >> shi can walk, she can do stairs. she can pretty much move very well on her own. >> reporter: this tough warrior princess faces a long road ahead with more rehab and a surgery on her skull in may. her goal attend of this -- >> cart wheels again.
8:05 am
>> she's breathing she's smiling. that's all that's matters. >> we thank diane for that story. a food safety recall this morning, cvs pharmacies are recalling a type of herbal tea because of possible sam monela poisoning. finally, firefighters are the bravest among us. look at the picture being shared by millions of people this morning, it's not a rescue it's actually a marriage proposal. this new york fireman popped the question to his girlfriend in full view of families visiting the fire academy. she didn't leave him hanging, she said yes and look at that picture. pretty creative way to say, will you marry me? >> it's the theme of the week with our megaweddings. >> all right, tom, thank you. now to lara with the morning menu. royals on the run, why will, kate and harry are putting their
8:06 am
heads together. plus, a peek inside their royal home. and women struggling with hair loss, the treatment that could help millions. dr. jennifer ashton is with us live. and we're kicking off our wide world of weddings. and so much more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ i created open hearts to be a universal symbol of giving and receiving love.
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8:11 am
coming up the other celebs who may have missed and the big reactions she's getting this morning. >> yeah, there's a lot of reaction this morning. another new video turning heads it features prince william, kate and prince harry. inside their royal palace for the first time. abc's lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: the royal trio, the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry donning blue head bands. the royal family is not only on the run but all smiles. >> a serious one. >> reporter: prince william, kate and harry on a mission, the video released saturday for the heads together campaign. >> mental health is just as important as physical health. >> reporter: aiming to draw attention to bullying, suicide and childhood mental health. >> let's change the conversation of mental health. >> reporter: it's been a busy weekend for the royals.
8:12 am
it was friday that's got everybody talking. prince george stealing the show. the newly 3-year-old prince george upstaging his famous parents uncle harry and the president and the first lady. staying up past his bedtime to thank the obamas for a rocking horse. and it's if first time we have had a peek inside william and kate's kensington palace home. >> they've got photographs of will and harry's late mother princess diana. there's a beautiful persian rug which is probably quite a valuable item. >> toddler wrapped up in his pjs and robe by the way that robe selling out just minutes after the photo was released per for for "good morning america," lama hasan, london. let's go over to robin. >> george, thank you. now to new hope for those
8:13 am
suffering from hair loss. more than 60 million americans are affected and more than 40% are women. a new treatment that doesn't involve surgery or drugs could bring big results. >> reporter: it's all over your tv. tina fey, selena gomez all with rocking the most beautiful hair. >> i can love my hair. longer. >> reporter: the reality is, not everyone has such luscious hair. >> women who are losing their hair are all day long thinking about the hair loss. it's devastating to them. >> reporter: that's why many people are talking about prp, mraltlet rich plasma. the therapy promising. it starts at $400 a session. here's how doctors who use it explain it. first, you draw the blood. next, a machine separates from the platelets filled with growth factors. then those platelets are injected into the scalp to
8:14 am
stimulate new hair growth and make the hair grow thicker. >> they're injecting the scalp, you can get bruising, swelling, a little collection of blood. >> reporter: after she had her son, her hair took a dramatic shift. >> it was very embarrassing. as i'm moving the hair around i'm like, oh, my god. >> reporter: after two months of treatment, chantel said she started to see a big change. you have beautiful hair now. >> yes, do. >> reporter: for having two children, it changed her hair to thin. >> it was getting kind of stringy looking. >> reporter: after two treatments, michelle said she got her thickness back. >> reporter: for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> we know men have this issue
8:15 am
many weren't aware that 40% of those losing their hair. dr. jennifer ashton is going to take some questions. we have some great ones about hair loss. first up, kim on twitter, said, why am i, a 55-year-old woman, balding like a man? same pattern. no hair at top. feel so bad. >> one of the secrets about perimenopause. it has to deal with changing hormone levels. est throw general drops. proguest roan drops. but testosterone also drops. where you get the male pattern symptoms. >> no one really talks a about this aspect of this. on facebook a video from ruth. >> hi, dr. ashton, i'm thinking
8:16 am
about getting prp, how long before you see results? >> it depends on whether you're using prp to treat thinning hair or hair loss. there are three basic stages. . the first one, anagen. it lasts between two and six years. then a stage of catagen, lasts for about two weeks. and finally, telogen this is the resting phase. when you do prp, it may take 2 to 6 weeks. i have done this. that was a six-month time period. it's dramatic. because of cost, some doctors charging $1500, $2000 per treatment. >> didn't know you had gone through that. >> very impressive for me.
8:17 am
this question comes from paula on twitter. >> tons of treatments they don't have to cost a lot of money. there are prescription medication that block the hormonal effects. behavioral changes. just rest your hair, don't expose it to heat, color process. and there are good shampoos, keranique that thickens the hair. it's all about issues. thank you, robin. now, another reason to celebrate, it's wedding season. we're kicking off something we're calling the wide world of weddings. a new series, this morning we're helping brides find the perfect looks for their big day. here to help is darcy miller, editor at large of martha stewart weddings.
8:18 am
what did you think was the big thing? >> there are so many options for every bride's style and budget. >> we have some of those right here. the first trend that you want to talk is about adding something to the dress. >> exactly. it's a two-piece. motorcycle jacket. this is an h&m dress. what i love about the lace jacket, you can wear it again, it gives you a different look from ceremony to reception. >> well -- you wouldn't put lace and motorcycle jacket normally in the same sentence but it's feminine and stylish. it's really quite spectacular. you don't have to spend a loft money. >> exactly and it's about finding your own look. she's a little more edgy. an updo with some braids very trendy. >> very cool.
8:19 am
thank you so much. the next big trend we're calling say no to the dress. and pants. >> you can say yes to pants. so, the pantsuit is modern, contemporary, how chic is that? you know, she wore pants to her civil ceremony to george clooney. the most important thing is, it's comfortable and it's right for you. >> absolutely. you look gorgeous. this next trend isn't right for everybody, but i know a lot of our stage crew likes it. this is called the no-dress at all, really. >> the naked dress. >> okay. >> she's not really naked. >> it just looks like you are in the most gorgeous way. >> right. i'm not sure what your grandmother thinks. this is an eccentric gown you can get it lined. >> but a lot of applique in the
8:20 am
right places. lot of illusions. it's feminine. >> it's still a ball gown. whether you get it lined or have the right undergarments it's appropriate going down the aisle. >> we have questions from some of our brides to be who are with us. stand up, what is your question for darcy? >> this naked dress is absolutely beautiful, what do you wear underneath to present a wardrobe malfunction? >> that's a good we. the right undergarment for you and your body. couple options. a boosted lining something like this. and these are called cutlets. lara, are you laughing? >> i am. >> they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. they do really stick.
8:21 am
>> they do. >> so -- >> because they need to stay in place if you're going with this dress. >> you can still dance and still wear your chicken cutlets. how do you feel. >> does that sound good to you? is that an option for your upcoming wedding? >> yes. >> more on "good morning america's" website and link to galleries, and so -- >> nobody has a wedding like martha stewart. >> have fun shopping for your dress. >> absolutely. keep it fun, that's a great tip. another fresh off the runway look and to get more tips go to our website "good morning america" on yahoo! now over to rob. >> great group on this side of the square. we got a big group from high school from indiana.onsin may gt
8:22 am
thunderstorms today, milwaukee and chicago get them late in the day, strong tornados could be long lasting and damage possible him danieling wind out west. here's the local forecast, check it out. >> reporter: beautiful weather on the east coast, rob, no rain on storm tracker 6 live double scan, sunshine pouring in across the region and high clouds that may try to sweep in during the day. temperatures in the 50s, currently. how about 80 for the high. warming up with sun and clouds, winds on the light to moderate side. tomorrow, 81, sunny breaks with afternoon thundershowers and showers in the morning and cooler wednesday. it is "pop ne
8:23 am
time. the scrip. s national spelling bee is adding a little extra sting, the championship rounds will last longer with an increase of 25 to 75 words and rather than using a preselected list, organizers will be able to choose words on the sly. with the great challenge comes great reward. this year's first-place cash prize is also changing. increasing from 30,000 to $40,000. can you spell cha-ching? >> i remember hosting it back in the day on espn. they're competitive, these young ones. it's always changing. >> so, that's what's happening. they have to keep one these kids. we have done these stories. now, new rules. get studying, kids.
8:24 am
also in "pop news," as families are heading off to their spring vacations we hope, you may wonder what -- what song are we playing? >> john denver. >> it's beautiful. >> yes. >> it's not really family vacation. >> okay, a new study showing what's in everybody's luggage, a new survey by international travelers, each country it turns out has a must-pack item. if you're french, you're most likely to travel with cheese. they studied 2500 people in each country. i'm not making this up, robin roberts. the brits apparently don't like to leave home with tea bags the germans love that haribo candy. for americans, the must-pack item is toilet paper. isn't that pathetic?
8:25 am
why can't it be like breath minutes or something like that? >> it is true tea bags? >> just got them. >> i'd like to say, i have never packed toilet paper. >> some people have grand preferences. i haven't either for the record. so, anyway, if i missed any facts on this site. no, we're good with one that one. finally in "pop news," this one is for you mr. stephanopoulos. whether or not animals can speak. yet another piece of evidence that will conclude in fact that lara spencer is correct. roll them. >> say hello. >> hello. >> good girl. >> say i love you. >> no i love you. >> okay. >> say hello. >> you almost had me at hello.
8:26 am
[ laughter ] >> the i love you? no? >> keep working at it. anybody else? >> sounded better than the hello good morning, oven, 8:27
8:27 am
monday, april 25, i'm matt o'donnell. let's turn to karen rogers and see what's jamming things up. >> reporter: we're jammed on the ben franklin bridge looking live westbound traffic jammed from the tolls to 8th and vine due to the delays we had on the vine street expressway westbound because of an earlier disabled vehicle. you have trouble on one thing it spills out, exhibit a. i-95 northbound heavy toward cottman. youmulti-vehicle accident on i-5 near bridge has cleared. 31 minute ride northbound from the vine to woodhaven. earlier was in the upper 40s, the delays were starting to ease, but heavy from penns landing to bridge street. even though the accident is cleared. southbound you have the normal morning delay.
8:28 am
we had an accident 422 eastbound at 23 causing speeds in the teens. we had a bunch of accidents that were starting to clear. in the meantime we had an accident in upper merion first avenue at moore road. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: starting out nice on the terrace. 52 degrees, a light jacket does it, you might not need that. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast no jacket required this afternoon. high of 80 sun and clouds. tomorrow, 81. clouds and sunny breaks. there will be sprinkles and showers early in the morning. after that we have to wait until later in the afternoon and evening for a line of showers or thundershowers to roll through. sunny and cooler on wednesday, 69. low 60s thursday and friday. turn to for what's
8:29 am
going on on the campaign trail today. four of five presidential candidates will be in the area today. do washinthey sure do,ans side because big oil pumps millions into their campaigns. bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground and threatens our drinking water. bernie -- he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you.
8:30 am
sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ♪ freedom freedom little more beyonce this morning, that's freedom, another one of the songs off her new album lemonade, features so many big stars, serena williams, zendaya. all on that album. >> yeah, also sparking a major social media frenzy. it's getting more than 4 million tweets. since the debut just this weekend, lot of celebrities including zendaya weighing in, she called it one of the most beautiful things i've ever had the honor of being a part of it and kerry washington summed it up -- i'm in a total beyonce vortex. inside to robin. >> thank you, george and lara. it's time for passion to profit.
8:31 am
two entrepreneurs are seeing sweet success and sharing how they turned healthy eating into big business. they're joining us live in a moment but first here's look at their stories. ♪ >> it's a food revolution. young intrentrepreneurs are brig a twist to some of our food favorites. this isn't your typical wheat pasta, it's pasta made from chickpeas. you heard me right. >> they're both nutritious and delicious and ultimately they make a pasta that looks like pasta. >> reporter: after starting from his scratch, he launched banza with his brother scott as a co-founder. >> we would pretty much just jump out into the aisle and say, have you tried chickpea pasta? >> reporter: after demos like this one, gur ril la marketing is essential to their growth. >> thank you very much.
8:32 am
>> reporter: what was once a labor of love, he's now planning to build a chickpea empire. >> we have some stores who the number one selling pasta overall. >> reporter: like, brian, this 19-year-old is also rethinking some of our popular food staples. >> with his no-cal bars and fluff butter. >> it wasn't until the end of the meeting after we decided to bring in the brand that we heard that he was 18 years old. >> first six months of the company it was just me and it grew so quickly. >> reporter: while living on a air mattress out of his rented office space, he gave himself a crash course in food chemistry to make his protein-enhanced products dairy free. he pitched his concept to major retailers. >> had a lot of people at the beginning telling me it wasn't possible.
8:33 am
>> reporter: in less than a year, dee's naturals has gained national distribution. >> if your willing to work and sleep less anything's achievable. daniel and brian rudolph and our expert tory johnson is here. congratulations, guys. are you still sleeping -- >> i am. >> just a regular mattress. >> moving on. you guys are so passionate about this and eating healthy. chickpeas, really? i was a skeptic but now i'm a believer. >> pasta is one of my favorite foods and chickpeas are incredibly healthy and they taste really good. i can eat one of my favorite foods again, you end up with double the protein, nearly half the net cashes. >> that's it. the same with you.
8:34 am
so, okay, tory, first of all, lean and mean, that's what you like. >> i do like that. i think you need to prove your concept before you sign a lease. i started generating sales and i think that's exactly what you need to do before you go for all the fancy stuff. focus on what matters the most. >> it's great they're passionate. lot of people at home saying i'm passionate about my business, too, but it goes beyond that. >> yes. it's great to find something that you're passionate about, passion doesn't automatically fuels a paycheck. you did this because you started with something that you love but then you had a plan about how am i going to make money doing this? that's what's critical for anyone to focus on -- how am i going to make money from this passion? what are the steps to get there to making money so that this can be a profit nl business.
8:35 am
>> and it's ra growing business. you have five new varieties coming to the market. >> we have five new varieties of our fluff butter. >> it's not taste-free. >> it's not taste-flee, that's the most important part. >> you guys have had success, but you have had those rough times as well, tell me what you learned from those mistakes that you made. >> absolutely, i made so many mistakes starting out. it's unbelievable. the biggest thing is, how do you keep up with production when you have a high demand product? one thing we had problems with is literally doing that. we haven't spent a dime on marketing. our production isn't supporting demand. >> didn't you put something on the label about peanuts. >> i don't like to talk about that one. >> forgetting the allergy warning and throw out a bunch of
8:36 am
products. but you learn. >> venture for america, how did they help you? >> it's program that's geared through creating jobs through entrepreneurship. i was fortunate to go through the program and it provided with mentor ship. someone checked in me every month and helped me as i began my business. if you can find a mentor who will push you towards the next step it makes a huge difference. >> okay, we asked people to send in their questions, that was one from jo ann, what is the best way to ask someone to become a mentor? >> look for formal programs like you did. but if you don't pursue a formal program think of it first in terms of marriage, you wouldn't ask a stranger right off the bat, will you marry me? you get to know somebody before you pop the question. the same is true with mentoring. surround yourself with people who are really good with
8:37 am
business. ask them questions. tweet people questions. you can call people and e-mail. it doesn't have to be a formal environment. and once you get to someone and they're comfortable and they can help you, which any mentor wants to do, then you can say, will you be my mentor? >> i want to get one more in, what's the key to using social media most effectively to promote your business? >> engage regularly that's critical. small business owners say i'm on facebook doesn't work. so you have to have a regular strategy. every day you're working at it just like you guys are doing. >> so happy for you guys. >> thank you very much. >> everybody's ready to dig in. >> come on, robin, let us eat. >> i had the pasta, not only your passion, it's really good. >> really appreciate that. >> tory will be taking your
8:38 am
questions throughout the morning. tweet her at toryjohnson. out to rob. 8-year-old made it clear he doesn't want to do the weather. warmer air coming into the we'll take it into the 80s ahead of the strong system. if you're north of the stationary front it will be chilly. winds off the ocean in boston, 46 degrees. the wind continue out west and mountain snow and 86 in dallas you might see a storm or two with the threat tomorrow. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's happening locally. >> reporter: rob we have two warm days on tap. today is one without any issues. we're dry on storm tracker 6 live double scan, 80 is the high. tomorrow, 81. we'll have morning sprinkles and showers around another round later in the afternoon and evening. teenaj birthdays.
8:39 am
you're turning 13, you're turning 16. congratulations. robin. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. one gram of sugar. >> that's it. >> does she look familiar? this is bob and lee woodruff's daughter, she sent me the banza. she's working with brian. it's all about networking and getting the story out there. you helped us inspire about daniel, thank you katherine. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. coming up -- the morning after. the explosive premiere, our exclusive with the women do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
8:40 am
much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we're back now with the premiere everyone is talking about -- "game of thrones" captivating millions includes lot of celebs overnight. kelly clarkson tweeted this -- a big thank you for returning right in time for her bday. it's all about the women this year. those women sat down for an exclusive interview with our jesse palmer. >> reporter: you got to give it
8:43 am
to the ladies of season five. >> what's happening? what's happening? >> reporter: for stepping up the game. >> open the gates! >> reporter: with those gut-wrenching cliffhangers. >> she has confessed. >> reporter: when you get sansa, arya and cersei together -- you may find yourself here. >> i was out of the concert and i weren't into the restroom and these girls came in and they were like, who the hell is that girl with kit? and i'm like it's me. >> reporter: she's actually from the uk, they all are. but now, down to business. i want to start with the stark sisters. paired up with bad boyfriends. >> he hurts me every night. >> reporter: is there a chance in season six we start to see it get better. >> i think sansa, she's leaving
8:44 am
the relationships for now. she's becoming like her own -- >> your character has become this total badass. >> you know who i am. >> these cheeky one-liners and the upperhand. this season,s the first time we have seen her genuinely broken down. it's nice to see a character coming to that point, to their low point, so late on. >> reporter: and cersei. >> she's been brought to her knees. she's quite lost and vulnerable. but slowly but sure lly back cos old cersei with a colder heart? that's possible? >> yes. >> what has it been like playing daenerys.
8:45 am
some call her beyonce of the seven kingdom. >> run the world. >> my inner beyonce comes out sometimes. i think, you can't hate on dragons. people get in her way and i'm going to get my dragons and i'm going to kill you. >> what's cool about your two characters they can speak bolerain. >> my mom laughs at me. she would literally hear me in my bedroom, like, frustrated. i would run down and go, mom, listen. she would be like, well done. >> just promise me whatever happens you'll take care of little sans. >> it's a different season. she's very much out of her comfort zone but in a fun way than a scary way.
8:46 am
>> stop! >> reporter: while the show isn't for the faint of heart, legions of women are tuning? >> all of the women are floored. there's no vision of perfection. i think that's why women dig it. >> reporter: what are the chances a woman ends up on an iron throne? on a count of three, point to the person you think might end up on the iron throne? ready. one, two, three -- wow. >> you're like sisters. >> the stark sisters. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> that was great, jesse. coming up breakout star maren morris here forming live. so, don't go anywhere. so, don't go anywhere. ♪
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maren morris is here for her first national television performance. her debut is out june 3rd. mare listen now perform, my church. ♪ ♪ ♪ i've kuss on a sunday ♪ i've cheated and i've lied i've fallen down from grace a few too many times ♪ ♪ but i find holy redemption ♪ when i put this car in drive ♪ roll the windows down and turn up the dial ♪
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okay, i'm just going to say it this week is going to be the biggest live wedding event ever, 100 weddings in just 4 hours. paying off with epic love. 16 couples all get married live in times square. and their wedding band, boyz ii men live. "good morning america" is brought to you by colgate enamel health tooth paste. thank you, maren morris. >> june 3rd. have a great day, everyone. >> thank you.
8:56 am
hi everyone, 8:56, monday, april 25. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at traffic. karen. >> reporter: we're finally looking better on i-95
8:57 am
northbound, that's the northbound traffic we have heavy because of an multi-vehicle accident which has cleared. southbound is heavy from cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. everything is easing out, ben franklin bridge starting to improve. this is the improvement forecast with the traffic here. we can see the benefit heavy from the mid span from 8th and vine. a vehicle on the vine was causing the problem and that spilled out on to the ben. looking better now. a new accident rancocas woods. a new accident blocking the left lane, speeds 18 miles per hour, slow go. southbound approaching route 73 we had an accident, but it cleared. the temperatures are going up today. here's meteorologist david murphy. cliempleg -- climbing quickly, matt. we're be in the 60s and 70s not too much longer after that. the high, 80 degrees, sun
8:58 am
sharing the skies with high cloud cover. tomorrow, warm, 81, but there will be light showers here and there in the morning and a few more thundershowers around in the afternoon. warm and then sunny and cooler on wednesday, down to 69 for the high. most of the presidential candidates are back in town ahead of the pennsylvania and delaware primaries. a new show of support at a delaware high school where a girl was killed last week. how adults comforted students on the way to class this morning. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday and great week!
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series, "blue bloods," donnie wahlberg. and television, film, and stage star, tim daly. plus, we want to know what you're thinking. log on to to play, vote and be part of today's show. star retty little liars'" shay mitchell joins michael at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and shay mitchell! [cheers and applause] ♪


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