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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and she was kicked so violently. her brain shifted actually turned inside of her head. kayla moore is charged tonight with homicide and den dangering the well wear of a child. she admitted kicking the child athena wolf, several times in the head and torso. >> the theory is that mom was under a lot of stress and just snapped. >> police were called to the wellington woods apartment on sunday and medics said the toddler was unresponsive. she died at the hospital on monday. and doctors observed new and old bruises and found that athena was malnourished but found evidence of a badly battered child. her mother says that she had eating issues and the injuries were the result of her daily
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temper tantrums. >> they were literally playing around in the grass and the next day you hear something traumatizing like that. carol palmer looks at her 2-year-old grandson patrick, the same age as athena and wonders how anyone could attack a young child. >> i can't imagine anybody hurting a 2-year-old or any child for that matter. they should take her and throw away the keys. >> reporter: the investigation is continuing so far the mother's boyfriend is not charged. the 4-year-old who was also living inside of the apartment did not show signs of abuse and is in protective care. kayla moore has a preliminary chicagoing on tuesday. >> all right thank you. now to a story out of philadelphia. officers were injured a car was stolen and other vehicles were damaged in a bizarre string of
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events that unravelled in spring garden. it all started with a hit and run. two philadelphia police officers were driving down north broad street near brown when they were broadsided by a black sedan that took off. soon after that crash, a white ford suv pulled up. it's 33-year-old driver told police that he saw the crash scene and panicked and got out of his vehicle but left it in drive and two other people saw it and jumped in and took off. >> he was not robbed or carjacked. nobody said anything to him. he jumped out of car and we don't know why. >> when he jumped out the two suspects jumped in and the two people that stole the car went the wrong way on 15th street and crashed head-on with a movie
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minivan and then hit a nissan ultima. they got out and took off possibly entering a club at broad and parrish. complicated string of events, police are searching for three suspects, those two that stole the suv and the original car that smashed into the officer. both officers are going to be okay and amazingly nobody was injured in this bizarre string of events. >> meantime, former police commissioner, willy williams, has died at the age of 72 after a long illness. this is video from his first day in office. he ran the department from 1988 to 1991 and was the first african-american to hold the title and was later the first african-american police commissioner in los angeles.
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and we'll hear from richard ross who worked under his command. and senator cruz is trying to make the presidential race, to be the first candidate in either party to name a running mate. live in annapolis, he is expected to name carly fiorina as his vice president pick. she was originally in the field of candidates and withdrew, cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning enough delegates to win the nomination. >> it all centers around the theme america first. trump pledged to destroy isis but didn't say how or when because gts the u.s. needs to be more unpredictable. and foreign countries need to pay their share for u.s.
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protection. he did not make mention of mexico or his campaign promise to build a wall. chaka fattah of pennsylvania, woke up today to the realization that his power in politics is crumbling. his love to dwight evans yesterday brings an end to two decades in washington. vernon odom is live with more on the end of an era in pennsylvania politics. >> reporter: indeed it is sharrie, i have known chaka fattah since he was a teenager, he was deeply involved in politics back then and first went to harrisburg with the general assembly before washington and congress. he has not been available for comment today. state representative dwight evans were out thanking second congressional votered today after winning the democratic nomination for congress last night. he defeated 11 term incumbent
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chaka fattah something experts saw coming as fattah prepares to go to court next month on charges. he is looking forward to the fall general election. >> i won't really be new. i'll be prepared and ready to take on the challenges. >> for year fattah was considered politically invincible but that collapsed under the weight of an indictment for allegedly mishandling millioned of dollars. >> state representative evans is qualified to take on representing the best congressional district in the country. >> fattah is the long time member of the powerful house appropriations committee where billions of dollars from the federal pie is carved up. will philadelphia suffer because his political clout is lost. >> i recognize the seniority
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issue, but every seat in the country at some point has another congress person and starts over. you know, there was an election, i supported dwight. he was successful, and life goes on. >> reporter: sharrie and brian i will be back at 6:00 with an interview with dwight evan's challenger in the fall for the seat to congress. the republican nominee in the second congressional district. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" in north philadelphia. >> all right vernon thank you very much. what a difference a day makes, it was kind of hot yesterday and what a difference a day makes. it's dreary out there today. >> it was july like yesterday and today march like and a lot of clouds and damp feeling to the air.
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look at the big drop in the last 24 hours for the mid-atlantic region. philadelphia 31 degrees colder than this time yesterday. washington dropped 28 degrees and notice to the north, new york city and binghamton and buffalo, they are on the opposite end above where they were yesterday. sun in new york clouds in philadelphia and 54. as we look at satellite and radar, the clearing line is slowly pushing in from the north. and overall the dry across the area but that particular boundary will pass back to the north here thursday and friday. low pressure north of kansas. all of this will head to the east and turning wet and unsettled later in the week. it's damp and dreary, and more rain for the second half of the weekend. we'll chat about the rain notice broad street run, coming up in a bit brian. >> see you in a bit.
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the nfl draft kicks off in a little more than 24 hours and the eagles are expected to walkway with their quarterback in the future. jaime apody is live in chicago this afternoon. a whole lot of anticipation around this pick. >> reporter: absolutely we think that tomorrow night carson wentz will be the new eagles quarterback. we'll get a chance to see him and tomorrow night he walks behind me, this is the red carpet of the nfl draft. the players are dropped off and walk down the red carpet, like an awards show. they make their way into the theater across the street for the festivities, now, lets talk about what mr. wentz did today. look at carson and other draft picks, they played football as
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part of the nfl play 60 event with about 100 local kids from chicago. now we are pretty sure he will be an eagle tomorrow but there is a chance that the rams pick him with number one. he says it doesn't matter, they are similar landing spots. philly and los angeles. >> obviously philly is real passionate and their fans are ready to win. and l.a. it's an exciting time for that franchise, their fans come from all over the place now, both would be awesome situations, we'll see what happens. >> where we are standing now is called draft town. it is a gigantic setup across from the theater. look at the setup, i have news from you. the learned that both philadelphia and los angeles are the top two sites to host next year's nfl draft and we just ran
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into some representatives from iatse local 8 in philly, they are here now on a secret scouting mission. scouting this for a potential for philly next year. it could fit nicely on the parkway. so, you heard it here first. draft day in philly next year? sounds good to me. we'll have more coming up in chicago. the sight of tomorrow's nfl draft and the next eagles quarterback. >> that secret is not a secret anymore jaime. >> bring it back. philadelphia needs to host it. >> it's time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center. the idea that the convention is coming this summer -- >> it will all snarl the traffic
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but now we are dealing problems, like the substance pension of the manayunk norristown rail line. just a chunk of t you can't get farther west than miquon. all traffic is stopped because of police activity. no trains between miquon and norristown. i would use the norristown high speed line. here we are in delco, southbound side by 320, this suv broke down tractor trailer center lane. and still extra heavy coming south. traffic light troubles in south philadelphia at 11th and washington by the cvs. a crash by st. charles seminary. and upper darby look for a crash at state road close to landsdowne avenue. fears of a church collapse in pottstown. 663 is closed and we hear, for
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the rest of the week. and a crash this afternoon in wilmington manor shutting down the lanes. and route 9 getses are you around that. lets grab the ipad and do the hump day commuter report. we'll talk more about the situations coming up brian and sharrie in the next half hour. still ahead. the ceo that just gave ownership of his global company back to his employees. plus, he is the former speaker of the house today. today he is going to jail. dennis hastert learns his punishment for a sexual abuse scandal. and how police and the fbi came together in new york to arrest more than 100 people today.
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. former u.s. speakers dennis
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hastert will be the highest ranking politician to go to prison. he came into court with a wheelchair and a judge called him a serial child molester and charged him to seven years behind bars. authorities say that hastert victimized four students when he was a wrestling coach at an illinois high school decades ago and the statute of limitations ran out so could only be charged with a financial crime trying to pay the victims to be quiet. and now one of the victims struggled to hold back tears. >> after decades of silence, he stood up and spoke the truth of what mr. hastert did to him as a boy as a child. violated his trust and in doing
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so permanently scarred him. >> he aed mitted he mistreated some athletes he coached and was deeply ashamed. >> police in new york made one of the biggest gang take downs in the city's history. the fbi and police teamed up to pick up as many as 100 gang members today. they raided complexes in the bronx early this morning. the suspects are connected to multiple unsolved crimes including murders. more than 30 people were arrested in the raids in manhattan. a look at numbers. the dow up 51 points to close back up over 18,000 and the nasdaq falling about 25 points and the s&p up marginally about 3.5 points on the day. chibani yogurt is giving
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employees ownership of the company. full-time workers will all get a stake in chibani, it depends on what they do and how long they have worked there. it averages $150,000 per full-time employee but chibani is a private company, meaning those shares are only worth something if they launch an ipo or sell to an interested buyer. it's hard not to feel the difference from yesterday out there. >> you need a coat today. >> not so much the rain coat but the coat needs to be in the rain category as we go through the rest of the week and umbrellas as well. as we look live at philadelphia international airport right now on sky 6 hd planes coming in and out and no worries and we don't have cloud cover at the present time. to give any sort of weather
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delays. 57 in allentown, 52 in reading and 53 in wilmington and yesterday at this time. many numbers were in the middle 80s, 53 in millville and 50 in beach haven and a reminder that this time of year you can still have major swings in the temperature department. as we look at satellite and radar, not much in the way of precipitation, earlier showers to the south have pushed off the coast and near the lehigh valley, and trenton as well as the poconos, the dry air will puncture down into philadelphia. so overnight we'll start to break some clouds apart and it does stay pretty chilly especially to the north, allentown 38 and 39 in reading and 49 in philadelphia. it's a damp feeling in the air and we have a frost advisory for hunterdon county and northampton county and areas around bethlehem and easton and
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lambertville. protect the plants because temperatures drop to frost temperatures. it's dry for the morning rush hour, 50 degrees south of philadelphia and some slashes of sunshine to start and then the rain arrives late morning into the afternoon and a wet evening rush hour and once the rain pulls in we'll drop from the high of 60 back into the 50s and 40s in the afternoon and not good timing for the penn relays in philadelphia. 61 tomorrow with a wet afternoon and cloudy with scattered showers and all day friday at 58 degrees, the best day is on saturday, 66 degrees with sun and clouds and the good thing with the rain is the pollen level will knock way back, spikes with dry weather on saturday and comes back down on sunday with our next chance of rain. >> when you look at the four day at 4:00, temperatures are chilly, 61 degrees thereafter a dry start and afternoon rain and
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cloudy and cool and damp on friday, and 58 degrees, one decent day on saturday with sunshine and 66 and rain quickly moves in. may now rain during the broad street run. we'll continue to try to work on that forecast. everybody is saying boo. you know what that means? >> i can stay home. >> you have to run it faster. >> getting out of it. that is brian's idea. >> thank you. well, thousands of undelivered pieces of mail are sitting in philadelphia distribution centers how the city is trying to address that problem. we have a live report at 5:30. and coming up in big talkers it is the hard to watch raw real video that exposes online bullies and tries to put them in their place. we'll show it to you coming up.
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philadelphia police are looking for the suspects that
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beat and robbed two men in old city. it happened back on april 8th on bank street. it showed men getting out of a car and attacking two other men and one suspect had a gun and took a wallet and cell phone and 2$200 in cash and drove off. students preparing to go out in the workforce took part in a diversity work conference in center city today. mayor kenney started the kickoff for the diversity fair in center city. our own gray hall was part of a question and answer panel about diversity in the workplace, those attending the fair were able to talk one-on-one with hiring companies and of course leave behind their resumes. >> thanks to these volunteers, families in our area will have food on their table. this is the fourth annual united to feed food drive in king of
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prussia. volunteers for united way partners prepared and boxed 105 meals for food pantries, they will help feed families here in the delaware valley. >> what a great efforts there. coming up a new investigation into problems into philadelphia's main mail room. how the changes being made will impact you coming up in a live report. and two women get into a fist fight outside of a center city starbucks. we'll explain what caused fists to fly.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again, "action news" continues with news of an arrest and a murder involving an a.k. 47. >> and a warning from a family of a girl that was killed at her high school. how scammers are trying to cash in on her death. first at 4:30, almost three months after uncovering major mismanagement at philadelphia's mail distribution center, they found the problems were worse than first thought. but they are working to fix the issues. walter perez is live now with
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the update. >> reporter: hey sharrie, city officials say the improvements they made could save the city 1.5 million there's a year. they say no one was fired as a result of this investigation but this investigation is not over yet. city controller says that he knew that philadelphia's mail distribution tenter was poorly managed but didn't know how bad it was. >> the operations were in complete disarray. >> he found in the investigation the department was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of dollars with improper mail sorting and unnecessary overtime and expe expentu expentures. because the workers were not sorting the mail correctly. >> they were charging 31.1
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cents. >> the city has implemented a mail tracking data base to keep tabs on incoming and out going mail. the city says that combined to reduce overtime by 23% over the past year and revenue commissioner frank breslin says they are not done yet. >> when fully staffed to virtually eliminate overtime in the mail room only in extraordinary circumstances like when a large mailing is coming into the mail room. >> we are holding them accountable to assure they are operating in an efficient environment. >> reporter: now, the initial investigation they got all of this started uncovered. thousands of pieces of mail including court notices and fines and tax bills, that were not processed in a timely fashion. he is confident that will not
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happen anymore. waller perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a newcastle county man is arrested after calling police to say he accidentally shot and killed someone. 33-year-old brian goodwin is being charged with murder. investigators say he shot charlotte snead with an ak-47. goodwin did not call 911 until yesterday, when police responded. goodwin would not come out of the house on freedom trail and this is the video after officers arrested him after three hours, he is held today without bail. three students involved in a deadly fight at howard high school in wilmington have been suspended and police expect charges to be filed by the end of the week. 16-year-old amy joyner francis was killed last thursday and today her family released a statement warning that internet scammers are trying to cash in
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with fake fundraisers and fake social media accounts. the only way to donate is at the congo funeral home in wilmington. we have details on our website at a philadelphia woman who accused detectives of violating her civil rights was acquitted of all charged. by the law the crime had to happen in public, the charges she faced stemmed from an incident inside of her home. two officers showed up at her home with a warrant for her son. she refused to let them enter without a search warrant. it's time to talk about the accuweather forecast and everybody is talking about it. >> a cool down from yesterday and the cool air lingers for the rest of week. as we look outside region by
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region, the commodore barry bridge the canopy of gray only 55 degrees, with parts of the area 29.93 inches, as we look at lake wallenpaupack, it's warm 63 degrees and sunshine is in full force up in the poconos. but couldn't make it all the way down to philadelphia. the 24 hour change, we are 34 degrees colder than yesterday. in atlantic city. and 32 colder in wilmington and the lehigh valley dropping 23 degrees. we'll talk about the chill and the rain arriving, we need a decent amount of rain but when you look at the seven-day forecast it is basically taking over. we'll show you that in just a bit. >> thank you adam. a throne coffee stirrer sparked a fight at a center city starbucks. police released the video.
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a woman said they threw it at her and the suspect threw a cup of cove coffee in the victim's face and started to pull her hair. the suspect ran off and police are looking for her this afternoon. philadelphia police are trying to identify this man who burglarized a feltonville restaurant and broke in through a window gate and then the man went behind the counter and helped himself to an undisclosed amount of cash. the stage is set for a november showdown with senator pat toomey and katie mcginty. rick williams is live with more on this. >> reporter: this comes one day after mcginty's big win in the primary last night and now the focus shifts to the general election in the fall.
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coming up on "action news" at 5:00 the message they are sticking to in their november face-off. in health check a child in virginia is getting his first chance to see normally but at a hefty price. the life changing technology a community is rallying to raise big funds for to help out that little boy. just some stories we are following for you on "action news" at 5:00. brian we'll see you later. some kensington school children could have a cleaner and greener place to bay. they launched a fundraiser at horatio b. hackett elementary. they are adding more grass and classrooms and playground equipment. and a new entrance to the school yard that will also serve the surrounding neighborhoods. taking care of mother nature was the message at montessori school. they honored arbor day by
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teaching students about all the important ways that trees help us and they learned how to take care of the trees around the center city school campuses by preparing them for the summer heat. still ahead. another stormy day in the nation's heartland, cleaning up from yesterday's weather, we'll look at the damage next. >> and a powerful message that takes harassment to another level, the eye opening message coming up in big talkers, and adam joseph standing by with the full accuweather forecast.
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parts of the midwest and south are on alert after severe storms destroyed homes and buildings and left one person dead. a 62-year-old woman was killed when a tree fell on her home near houston, texas.
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four others in that state were hospitalized after an apparent tornado hit late last night. communities in oklahoma and arkansas are also cleaning up after extensive damage. >> fast and quick and very loud. >> i'm in shock and still in shock. >> huge pieces of hail came crashing from the skies in kansas and some were the size of grapefruits. a man led police on a high speed chase through several towns in massachusetts. when a public works employee noticed a suspicious driver, and called police. the driver weaved in and out of traffic and got out of the car and ran off and the car burst into flames and police caught up with the man a short time later and one officer suffered minor injures. president obama is heading to flint, michigan, to see the
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water crisis firsthand. his first trip since the drinking water was found to be tainted with led. he will hear from flint residents and bee briefed on the cleanup. in health check now, the brain of china. the professional wrestle r is donating her brain to science. he was the first to document cte in football players, cte can cause memory loss and rage and anxiety. china's manager says she was dependant on sleeping pills and anxiety medications in the weeks leading to her death. the cause of her death is still under investigation. big talkers now, it's a viral video that is hard to watch. hard to wrap your head around
4:42 pm
but so incredibly powerful. it's hashtag more than mean. real guys are asked to read aloud mean tweets september to female sports reporters and they do so to their faces. the women julie and carol read the hateful horrible tweets before. the men reading them aloud have not. emotions run high on both ends, and find themselves apologizing for words they did not write. >> i hope your boyfriend beats you -- i'm sorry. >> why bring up your own rape in this story, is it your way of firing back at critics that said you can't get any -- i'm sorry. >> the guys just keep apologizing, we should mention
4:43 pm
that some of the tweets, most of them are so vulgar and painful we couldn't show them to you on the air. >> the powerful message behind this campaign, we wouldn't say these things to their faces so lets not type them. now this, it looks like a scene from an action film. but it's a real woman. you see her there walking into a real explosion wearing a real life explosion proof suit and the video is blowing up on social media. russia's deputy prime minister released the video of a woman testing out the suit in an active mine field. she must really have faith in this thing. she confidently walks through firry explosions and the suit takes the heat going from white to black to completely charred. the woman inside is completely
4:44 pm
untouched. here she is taking off the mask and doing the hollywood hair flip. the russian officials says that the terminator has nothing on their sassy soldier and she gets a bouquet of roses in the end. in russia they call it the hot new thing. >> i guess so. it's kind of crazy. the mean tweets video is so incredibly powerful. you and i have both posted that on our facebook page. >> i encourage people to watch the whole thing. matt pellman standing by now in the traffic center. >> a little bit of good news for those that drive manayunk norristown regional rail line. service resumed on the western chunk between miquon and norristown. we are running again possibly
4:45 pm
with residual delays, but positive progress on the rail line this afternoon. police activity on the schuylkill near 30 and street it cleared out quickly and left us with heavy westbound traffic from there to university out to 30th street. keep in mind, especially the next couple of mornings you'll see extra traffic on this chunk, as well as the vine and the ben franklin bridge, all because of the penn relays coming to town, it's slow morning commutes the next tuesdays. and still traffic light troubles. a crash in bensalem shutting down gibson road and bensalem boulevard gets you around it. and we watch a crash at bed minister citizenship at piper tavern that is durham road at old eastern road and in pottstown a cheer of a church collapsing, we hear for the rest
4:46 pm
of the week stick to hanover for the time being. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then. thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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a good book and hunker down and it's dry right now across much of the area on stormtracker 6 live double scan maybe a spinning shower there in parts of camden and gloucester county and the clouds winning out and the big change. yesterday 68 degrees and the late day thunderstorms popping through the region and today so
4:49 pm
far 54 degrees, we are going from the june like temperatures to more march like temperatures today with the normal being somewhat in the middle of this, at 68 degrees. it's just 49 at the boardwalk and 50 in beach haven and a bit warmer to the north here with sunshine in control in the poconos right now, maybe some breaks on the verge of the lehigh valley and trenton and cooler to the south with clouds locked in dover as well as millville. there is that area of sunshine, notice one ribbon here trying to push to the south and low pressure in eastern canada, the strong low pressure near omaha, a watch box issues here in iowa and northern parts of missouri and this continues to make its exit to the midwest. and heading eastbound into thursday and friday. tonight clouds start to break apart from north to south and the chill starts to linger. 38 in the suburbs as well as
4:50 pm
northampton county and 49 for center city. we start dry for the rush hour and again you see some sunshine developing with breaks in the clouds here and right around 50 or so degrees and then at 1:00 in the afternoon. still in the 50s in much of the area with showers developing late morning into the afternoon, there could be pockets of moderate rain developing for the evening rush tomorrow. temperatures drop into the 40s tomorrow afternoon, and we stay in the 50s and even upper 40s for highs on friday, with the clouds continuing and spinning showers on and off through the week. as we look at tomorrow into friday for the next two days, how much rain we project with the four different models a .25 to .50 inch of rain. we knock the pollen levels down and the trees that are blooming, they are getting a drink they
4:51 pm
deserve, if you look at the seven-day forecast exclusively, afternoon rain is developing and cloudy and cool and damp at times and 58. your pick is saturday, one decent day with sunshine, 66 degrees before rain moves in on sunday and here is the broad street run forecast. it starts dry at 49 at 7:00 a.m. and rain could come in at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. run fast and get to the finish line and then as we get in monday, tuesday and wednesday, monday is still wet and 65 before we try to dry tuesday and wednesday of next week. the models are speeding up that rain for sunday, and then start to back it off for the next couple of days. >> you won't melt. what's the deal is coming up next.
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for families struggling to not only get pregnant, but to cover the costs, there is new hope. with utility bills skyrocketing and insurance companies picking up less of the tab, people are turning to crowd funding and finding huge success. ben and kate lundqvist found the best way to grow their family was with inveto fertlation. required to pay the amount up front. ben and kate were going to be stretched thin, they turned to a growing option for many looking for help paying medical costs. crowd funding. >> they posted a fundraising campaign on you to spread the word to friends and family to see if anybody wanted to help. >> i felt that if we didn't ask
4:55 pm
anybody to help, we wouldn't be able to have kids. >> the fundraising campaigns are dedicated to medical needs and see the number of campaigns grow. they say at least 1500 ivf campaigns have raised 300 million dollars so far. >> far less spending is done today in certain cases than done years ago because we can achieve pregnancies with fewer cycles. >> in just three months they raised $3300 mostly from friends and family. it allowed them to put operation baby in action quickly and keep them from maxing out their credit cards. >> in march, ben and kate found out they are having twins, a boy and a girl and they are thrill that their friends and family had a hand in helping them start
4:56 pm
their very own. brian, people certainly getting creative and finding ways to finance. more to look forward to. >> alicia thank you. a big congratulations is in store for the chess team in wilmington. a new national chess champions. the team came out on top in annapolis, beating out teams for 200 other schools, the first and only school in delaware's history to win and they have done it twice now bringing back the title in 2014. smart kids there. >> great accomplishment. that does it for "action news" at 4:00. i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and adam for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is next.
4:57 pm
>> hi there, coming up next at 5:00, an arson investigation is underway in south philadelphia. new at 5:00 the latest case, it has philadelphia police connecting the dots between several incidents. and city officials are remembering the loss of former police commissioners willy williams. and another twist in the race for the white house, another message from ted cruz as he pushes for an open convention in july in cleveland.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. another car lot arson in overbrook was caught on camera. it's the third for this area in less than six months and police say they are all arsons, the big story on "action news" is the investigation into the three fires, they happened just blocks apart. the first in the 600 block of lancaster avenue in october and last night just six blocks away.
5:00 pm
sara bloomquist has the details. >> reporter: rick and monica police have little doubt there is an arsonist at work in the overbrook section of the city. police have responded to three fires all at auto storage facilities all along lancaster avenue. the latest happened on the 1500 block and someone poured gasoline on vehicles and set them ablaze. >> this is the fire at the major events auto lot. police were called at 10:00 p.m., and found 10 vehicles on fire. the blaze is investigated now as a possible arson. >> it was done intentionally. they even left the gas can in there. >> he toes cars to be stored on the light. he puts the damage


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