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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hard her brain actually shifted inside of her head. falls township police lieutenant, henry ward is describing the actions of 29-year-old kayla moore who is behind bars for beating to death her daughter 2-year-old athena wolf. >> our theory is the mom was under a lot of stress and she just snapped. >> it happened at building 14 on briarwood road. medics found the child unresponsive and she was transferred to philadelphia hospital where she died on monday. she was malnourished and they found they was a badly injured and beaten child. >> they were horrified. >> before confessing repeatedly kicking the child, she told them the injuries happened while she was playing and that athena had eating and behavioral issue and
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may have hurt herself during one of her daily temper tantrums. >> john lives in building 4 and they saw athena and her sister and mother and boyfriend on saturday. >> they were playing in the grass, and then you hear something like that. >> the 4-year-old is in protective care and does not show signs of abuse. >> i can't imagine anybody hurting a 2-year-old or any child for that matter. they are just defenseless. so, no. they should take her and throw away the keys. >> reporter: now police tell us that moore has a third child that she gave away, she is held without bail and has a preliminary hearing next week. live in falls township. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. this was the scene last night. a fire set on a car lot on the
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1500 block of lancaster avenue in the overbrook section of philadelphia and now police want to know if there is a link to a pair of car lot fires in the same area last fall. "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist, you have the story. >> reporter: jim, police do believe they have an arsonist at work here in the overbrook section of the city. since october 30 cars have been torched at three auto storage lots all along the same stretch of lancaster avenue. the police are working with the atf and the fire marshal's office. this is viewer video of eight cars going up in flames at the main event auto lot last night. police were called at 10:00 p.m. and it didn't take long for investigators to determine that someone poured gasoline over the vehicles and set them ablaze. >> a gas can was left on scene.
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>> it was intentionally. it was not amiss take. they even left a kansas in there. >> this man tows cars to the lot and took these photos, you can see the cars were burnt to a crisp. it's tens of thousands of dollars in losses. >> i don't know why someone would want to do that to hard working people. >> last night's fire was the third at an auto storage facility in overbrook. back on november 6th, surveillance cameras caught a fire at 6122 lancaster, someone broke into that lot and poured gas on the vehicles and set them ablaze. >> suspect was seen fleeing with his left hand and arm on fire. and again on the very same block. >> it's major, a problem. >> we are concerned because any time you light a fire the hazard
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for the fire and police and the commune where the fire can spread quickly and do a lot of damage. >> reporter: now police don't have much to work with in terms of witnesses or tripses. they are happening late at night in dark isolated pockets in the overback section of the city. live in southwest detectives, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. internet scammers are trying to capitalize on the tragic death of a wilmington student. the family of 16-year-old amy joyner francis is warning people not to fall victim to these crimes of opportunity. they released a statement clarifying they have not set up go fun me accounts. anyone that wants to donate in amy's name can do so at the condo funeral home in wilmington. amy died after a fight in a
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bathroom at the high school last week. police expect to file charges in the case this week. and police have arrested a teenager for stealing a car owned by the mayor of wilmington. dennis williams' 2004 chevrolet blazer was stolen from the 3400 block of north madison street last night. police tracked down the car minutes later. the 17-year-old driver tried to run off but was apprehended and a 15-year-old passenger was also arrested. one of the big political stories last night was the defeat of chaka fattah in the democratic primary in the second congressional district. it appears that fattah's legal problems overwhelmed his candidacy for a 12th term in washington. much to the benefit of dwight evans. >> this day dwight evans thanks
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voters, democrats nominated the veteran harrisburg lawmaker for the congressional seat yesterday. he defeated 11th term chaka fattah who became vulnerable and now faces 0 corruption charges recording his alleged misuse of public funds. >> i'm going to be going everywhere in the district and thanking people for voting yesterday but trying to build a coalition. >> fattah's 22 years of seniority including a spot on the powerful house appropriations committee where aid and grants are divided up, the loss of that clout is bound to be a blow to philadelphia. but evans says if elected he will hit the ground running on capitol hill. >> i have a vote, that is the most essential thing. you understand the reality of it
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is, i will represent the people of the second congressional district. >> he say human resources cult an that has run for congress before and he knows he faces an uphill battle. >> there is so many poverty and unemployment and crime. my role is to make a difference. i cannot stand on the sidelines as a businessman and watch these activities take place. >> mr. jones is an underdog in the campaign but promises a spirited debate and to give dwight evans a run for his money. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney took part in a discussion today about the reentry of convicts into society. he believed that education is the only way out of crime, the lack of opportunity and the despair and stress of poverty in some communities is something
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that the city needs to address. the group watched a documentary from a philadelphia film maker about life after prison. it took place at the attorney general's office in center city. cabrini college will become cabrini university. the name change reflects the growth of the institution since it was established 60 years ago. the change takes effect july 1st and in august when the students return for the new school year, the children will have a cleaner and greener place to play in the kensington section of philadelphia. today the officials launch aid fundraising drive to improve the school yard at horatio b. hackett elementary sool. they hope to raise 1.3 million there's to add more grass and outdoor classrooms and playground equipment. coming up on "action news" tonight. remembering willy williams, the
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legacy of philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner. and jaime apody is live in chicago ahead of the nfl draft. >> reporter: hey there jim we are live on the red carpet where tomorrow carson wentz will walk on through and probably head right into the theater to be drafted number two as an eagle. we think. cecily it's freezing and rainy here. >> you know that rain in chicago right now? that same system is bringing us rain tomorrow and i'm tracking a few more waves of rain on the way. i'll time it out for you in the accuweather forecast.
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former philadelphia police commissioner, willy williams, died in his home in atlanta after a long illness. >> reporter: philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner willy williams is remembered as a trailblazer he was truly my inspiration, the guy for me who set the tone and let me know right away i do do this. >> williams began his career in 1967 and rose to the ranks of top cop in 1988. he made people feel at ease. >> think that he was more akin to charles ramsey is normals of his ability to speak comfortably
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to the media and ability to communicate what was going on and his ability to set policy. >> he was the guy who was even tempered but a firm guy. strong leadership skills but also he was one of the initial proponents of community policing and he pushed that very hard. >> williams wasn't police commissioner for long. in 1992 he was recruited for the same position in los angeles, a city reeling from the rodney king riots. >> he took an a challenge here and then an even greater challenge by going l.a. and both jobs he did with class and greatness. >> i am proud to say he is one of my heroes in this profession. >> willy williams' son a lieutenant here in philadelphia says his family appreciates the thoughts and prayers and his
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father will be flown back to philadelphia for services but the services have not yet been finalized. a temple student is showing the true meaning of determination and perseverance, rachel hall critically injured a year ago will graduate next week achieving her goal walking along side her classmates, it was april 29th last year when she was struck by a car when she fled the scene. the driver that struck her hall was driving on a learners permit. students at the green town montessori school in center city philadelphia got their hands dirty today to learn an important lesson. the youngsters learned how to care for trees but it seems that the students already know a lot about that topic. >> the tree got cut down and we
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won't have our air and we can't survive. >> today's lesson was part of the school's celebration of arbor day. we invite you to join us for the next installment of philadelphia the great experiment tonight. the episode called "an equal chance" covered the period 1855 to 1871. philadelphia grew from a small town into a booming met tropolis, and the city was diffprovided and faced the prospect of civil war.
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it is the premiere event of the nfl offseason and we are just a day away. >> 8:00 tomorrow in chicago. we'll know what happens with the birds. sam bradford may not want to watch but the eagle fans do. they have the overall two pick
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and they want the quarterback of the future. jaime apody is live in chicago with the latest. >> reporter: lets hope it works out that way, bradford was a number one overall pick and is nobody's franchise quarterback now. the video is looping on the red carpet for the next hour, the only one who is. if not they will getoffe if the bird wants him, and wentz cannot wait until tomorrow night. >> this is different as far as getting ready for a game. i wish we were play ago i game tomorrow. that is not how it works, it will come soon enough. it's a long time waiting for
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both events and it's building up a lot of excitement for me. >> i am relaxed i believe that the plan is in place. the good lord has a plan for me. there is already a purpose and a card with your name on it. i am excited to finally find out where that is. >> we are excited too to see if carson wentz is the eagles quarterback of the future and maybe the next ten years and the nfl draft may be coming to philadelphia next year because philly and los angeles have emerged the top two candidates to host the 2017 draft and we ran into scouts from the union in philly scouting the location to see where we would host it in philadelphia next year. may be on the ben franklin parkway. live on the red carpet in chicago at the nfl draft. >> thank you jaime. to baseball the phillies and
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nationals meet tonight and jaime gets the ball and the phils win four of their laugh five games. he is out with a torn hamstring, running to first base and will have surgery next week and the recovery time is 6 to 8 months. they are in the process of evaluating their season and hopefully adding another goal score. keeping both steve mason and michael happy, they both want to be the number one guy and hextall wants them both on the rodster. >> we have two good goalies and it's nice to have. if we have one of them this year we are probably nowhere near the
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playoff. >> you have to have two goalies. wilmington's thomas edison charter school took the national junior high title in indianapolis. they beat out youngsters from almost 200 older schools. thomas edison charter also won the team championship in 2014.
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. from hot to chilly and that is the accuweather forecast. >> and then we go to wet. we have everything in the span
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of three days. how about that? >> don't like the chilly or wet. >> we need the rain and it's on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that right now it's chilly but it is dry but we have plenty of clouds upstairs, sky 6 hd is live taking a look at the commodore barry bridge and shades of gray and get used to it. we won't see much sunshine until we head into saturday. and today quite the change and yesterday it felt like june. 86 degrees and 18 degrees above normal and today is felt like march, 55 degrees and 13 degrees below normal and 13 degrees below normal than yesterday. here comes the rain all the computer models show the rain generally a half inch. quarter to half inch, you'll also need the umbrella. right now 53 degrees in philadelphia and 54 in millville and allentown 57.
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the poconos unusual they got to see sunshine this afternoon. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have that stalled frontal boundary to the south, if you look at the clouds you can see how they are pushing down to the south and beginning to thin out. that means tonight we'll see partly cloudy skies and temperatures on the chilly side and satellite 6 along with action radar showing this weather maker, this is the low pressure that caused the severe weather across the plains, this will gradually be pushing in. and not pushing out until saturday. that really locks us in an unsettled weather pattern. we'll see some filtered sunshine 49 degrees in philadelphia and a cool start to the day as we head around lunch time. i want to point that out. 61 if philadelphia and that is the high for the day and we get the rain moving in and look how the temperature drops 10 degreed by 3:30, this is called wet bulbing when you get the rain
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that evaporates it causes a big drop in temperatures. we stay with clouds and scattered rain on friday. you'll want the umbrellas. the exclusive accuweather forecast rain moving in tomorrow afternoon a cool day but not as chilly as today with a high of 61. on friday it's cool and cloudy and damp with a high of 58 degrees, finally saturday we get a slice of nice. partly sunny and a decent day and 66 degrees, and sun it clouds up quickly and rain moving in 61 degrees, the 40,000 runners of the broad street run are waiting for the forecast and temperature-wise it's perfect. 49 degrees and chilly and the race kicks off at 8:00 and 51 degrees it looks like the rain is moving in mid to late morning, the latest computer models is rushing in. it could be a wet run.
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whatever happens on sunday we have lingering showers on monday and cloudy skies and 65 degrees and tuesday and wednesday, finally we see a dry trend. partly sunny both days with a high of 70 degrees, the forecast for the broad street run is going downhill like the run, and like i always say i would like to have it cool and cloudy and wet than sunny and hot. not for 10 miles. world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, major developments moments ago in the race for president. ted cruz and a political hail mary? suddenly bringing back carly fiorina. and donald trump with this about hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a n man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> clinton's response. and tonight, rare words from george clooney's wife, amal clooney. the warnings at this hour. ten tornadoes already. a family rescued. and in houston, falling trees turning deadly. also tonight, the plane crash. the woman running for help. and then suddenly, the plane erupts. and the other scare, authorities say the pilot who was flying drunk had just flown two flights across america. judgment day. once one of the most powerful men in washington, the judge giving him more prison time than prosecutors even


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