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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and mcdonald's plans a mcnugget make over and that is next. wednesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is an armed swat team raid on a home in southwest philadelphia. it happened overnight, last night, on elmwood avenue. just one problem: the raid
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was a mistake. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at police headquarters, dann, how could this happen. >> reporter: well, jim, this is a classic example of what can happen when police mistake you for violent culprits they are looking for. in this case one southwest philadelphia family says that is what happened to them, in the misunderstanding led to their home being raided in the middle of the night. incident happened here on 2:30 this morning in the 1600 block of elmwood avenue. police were looking for culprits in the violent home invasion involving weapons. surveillance video from the police real time crime center led heavily armed swat officers to this house. >> i opened the door i saw six or seven or eight swat team members with m16's, or, high powered weapons, like it was a radar something. >> coming out of the shower and pump action rifle in my chest. he just like put your hand up. rifle in my chest. i said wow. >> reporter: forty-eight year-old mrs. jardine who was shot in the head by a ex-boyfriend and was impaired was unable to move fast enough
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who woke her from her sleep. >> she said go down the steps now. i said officer, i'm handicapped. he did not care that i was handicapped. he made me fall down the steps. >> reporter: some were taken in for questioning by police. after sometime police told them they had a the wrong guys. >> he said we had you mistaken for someone else, and, that it was all a misunderstanding and that they were going to give us a ride home. >> reporter: police confirmed they were not the people they were looking for and they apologized but the family remains upset. their door was broken down during the raid. one of the men, suffered a bruce, on his shoulder. >> i just still feel like it should never have gotten that far. you come in the house drawing guns. >> i'm scared of guns. it traumatized me so bad. >> unaudible. >> reporter: we asked police to comment and explain what happened in this case. we are told that the administration will address this matter, tomorrow. live here at police headquarters i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news".
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>> dann, thank you. a 23 year-old bucks county mother is behind bars tonight, and facing charges of beating her toddler to death. falls township police say that kayla moore has confessed to repeatedly kicking the two-year old girl in the head and torso, while young athena wolf was playing. nothing specific seemed to have sparked the violence. >> only thing that we can gather at this point our theory that mom was under a lot of stress and she just snapped. >> doctors at children's hospital discovered that in addition to being quote, terribly battered and injured, little athena had been malnourished. authorities took her, four year-old sister in protective care but say that she does not appear to have been abused. authorities confirmed tonight that the pedestrian killed on route 13 in new castle delaware was a 14 year-old middle school student. investigators say that tyler spawn, tried to dart across a busy highway with friend but stepped in the path of the toyota camry.
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the driver who hit him stopped and will not be charged. counselors will be on hand at george reid middle school tomorrow to help students, cope with the loss. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a suspect arsonist, who has been torching car lots, in overbrook. this "action news" viewer video shows eight cars going up in flames, at 10:00 o'clock last night. somebody had poured gasoline all over the vehicles and set them on fire. that arson happened, at the major auto lot in the 1500 block of lancaster avenue. two other arsons happened up the road in the 6,000 block of lancaster back in october and november. surveillance video captured a suspect in one of those incidents fleeing from the scene but his left hand and arm on fire. last night's fire burned cars to a crisp, doing tens of thousands of dollars of damage. for several months we have been reporting on a increase of crime and violent behavior on the schuylkill river trail.
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tonight they held a first training session for volunteers, who are forming a trail watch. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live along the trail, near the philadelphia museum of art, christie, what happened there tonight. >> reporter: well, jill, this is first of three training sessions and volunteers didn't just learn about being observe ant but they also learned about making a good description which is very important especially at night when attacks are likely more likely to happen. >> where are you going. >> reporter: a scenario that played out on the schuylkill river trail when a attack left joggers and cyclist rattled earlier in the year. >> what happened? what did he have have on. >> it is pretty cool because it can show what you can happen. >> this is why i'm here, an exercise. >> i did fail the exercise. i was in the on my a game. >> reporter: tonight lessons for newly formed trail watch hone your observation skills. what makes a good description. >> being able to describe a
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person's clothing, facial shapes, hair. >> reporter: once trained a volunteer will carry out citizen patrol on the trail 10.5-mile path through the city. anthony murphy says being a wear is critical. >> people have a tendency to run and ride and walk and in the look in the face. so give a good description if something happened you need to report it to the police. the best way for that to happies to give them a good description. >> i did notice the mile markers the other day when we were out there. >> reporter: those on the trail are seeing changes. mile markers are posted every 250 feet. >> in the future you you want to look at cameras and emergency call box's long the trail. >> reporter: citizens patrol on the way. >> when you see somebody, you know, walking or you see somebody riding patrolling, you know, it will be a deterrent. >> reporter: and now these are what those mile markers look like, so in case anything happens you can give police your exact location, now as for trail watch, officials say
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they hepp to have that in place, by this summer. report willing live, christie ileto for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, christie. philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner willie williams has died. the seven two-year old williams suffered from a long illness and died at his home near atlanta williams began his career as a philadelphia a cop in 1962 and was appointed commissioner by mayor wilson good in 1988. he served in that capacity for four years until he was tapped to become police chief in los angeles in the wake of the rodney king riots. philadelphia congressman chaka fattah is touting his accomplishments tonight, that after being ousted from the seat he has held for 22 years amid a corruption scandal a. democratic primary voters chose fattah's challenger dwight evans last night to run for the second congressional district seat, as fattah faces federal racketeering and bribery charges. evans was out meeting and greeting potential constituent
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is today. fattah shied away from cameras today but released a statement tonight calling his 11 terms in office the greatest honor to serve constituents on have my city. internet scammers are trying to capitalize the tragic death of the wilmington student. family of the 16 year-old amy joines francis is warning people not to fall victim to these crimes of opportunity. they released a statement clarifying that they have not set up any go fund me accounts. the family says anybody who wants to donate in amy's name can do so at condo funeral home in wilmington. amy died after a fightin side a bathroom inside howard technical high school last week. police have have been expect to file charges in that case this week. police have have a teenager under arrest for stealing the suv of -- of the mayor of wilmington. dennis williams 2004 chevy blazer was taken from the 3400 block of north madison street, at 6:30 last night.
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police tracked the vehicle will, minutes later. the 17 year-old driver tried to run off but was apprehended. a 15 year-old passenger was also arrested. a northeast philadelphia woman pleaded guilty to day to one count of the animal cruelty and will to have pay a fine and restitution. "action news" was there on march 19th, when the pennsylvania spca removed 13 dogs, and four cats from the home. this was the 7900 block of marsden street. investigators say that they were tipped off that irene johnson kept the animals in unsanitary conditions. three dogs were given back to johnson, when the property was cleaned up. and amazon is expanding in new jersey which will bring more than 2,000 jobs to the garden state. it should help deliveries get to customers even more quickly. the an line retailer already operates three fulfillment centers in the the state including robbinsville, and
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amazon will span the third wear whose in carteret middlesex county a and build a new one in florence and burlington county. that is 600,000 square foot facility is expect to employ more than 500 people. at this point, he is a lopping shot to win the republican nomination, but that didn't stop ted cruz today from introducing carli fiorina as his pick for vice-president. she wasted no time going after donald trump and hillary clinton. >> this is the fight of our time. i believe ted cruz is the man to lead that fight. i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything that i have, to restore the soul of our party, to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton and to take our country back. >> at a rally in indiana
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tonight donald trump mocked cruz saying cruz can't win, what is he doing picking vice-presidents. it was at that same rally trump introduced former indiana university basketball coach bobby knight who said that trump was one of the most prepared people ever, to be president. earl willer today, trump delivered an address designed to outline his foreign policy. said trump america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. bernie sanders says he is not giving up and told a crowd of 1,000 in indiana today that he will keep fighting for the democratic nomination. however, behind the scenes, the sanders campaign is laying off hundreds of staffers, and officials say that is, right sizing since there are only ten states to go and they have would would have conn this win or lose last night. hillary clinton took a day off from the campaign trail today following her four victories last night. still to come on "action news" tonight, space x
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announced its new mission well beyond shuttling cargo to the space station. and mcdonald's wants to cut down on the super size list of processed ingredients in chicken mcnuggets. plus, quarterback under pressure, jamie apody is at the nfl draft with the man may become the future face of the philadelphia eagles, cecily. big cool down has arrived, now i'm tracking rain that will put damper over a lot of activities over the next several days. i'll time out the wet weather in the the accu weather seven day forecast. >> that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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a judge today called dennis hastert, who was once second in line to the presidency a serial child molester and with that the judge sentenced the former speaker of the house to more than a year in prison. hastert was convicted of violating banking law as he sought to pay hush money to keep his sexual boost a secret. shortly before learning his sentence hastert apologized to his victim admit ago this he quote mistreated them.
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lone surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks has been sent back to france to face prosecution. twenty-six year-old salah a abdeslam was extradited from belgium today, brought away by armed guard to a high security prison outside paris. he will remain there in solitary confinement. abdeslam is one of the ten men suspect of carrying out the paris terror attacks last november that killed 130 people. four days have after his arrest in belgium came terror a tax there. his lawyer says that abdeslam volunteered to explain himself, sometime in the future. new york real estate heir robert durst is heading to a california prison to face charges of murder. today in new orleans he was sentenced to one years in prison on a weapons violation but the judge agreed to send him to los angeles, where he will be arraigned for the death of his one time confident, susan berman, in 2,000. prosecutors say that he killed berman because she had information about the disappearance of his first
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wife, 18 years earlier. space x plans to send its first mission to mars, as soon as 2018. the company says that it will send an unmanned spacecraft to survey terrain and collect soil samples. nasa responded saying it is fully behind the plan and will offer technical support. space x ultimate goal, it is to send people to mars in nine years and establish a colony on the red planet. mcdonald's says it is tinkering with the recipe for chicken mcnuggets in an effort to remove artificial preservatives. the fast food chain says ingredients will be simpler and something that parents can feel good about quote unquote. mcdonald's would not give full details, but says that the plan toys get rid of sodium phosphates used to keep chicken moist and not fried in the oil containing a preservative. it will only happen in oregon and washington.
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there is no time line yet for a national launch. health check at 11:00 tonight, researchers say nodding off during the day, while driving, could indicate more than a bad night's sleep. study found that brain injuries may be under line cause of excessive daytime sleepiness. but those symptoms may not develop until months or even years after an injury. researchers found that people who suffer traumatic brain injury need an hour more of sleep, per night, then others do. it was a bitter sweet night inside pennsauken's council chambers. mayor john presented young widow of an emt with a proclamation honoring his memory. jacqueline held their young daughter as mayor paid tribute to their husband joe barr, who recently lost his battle with cancer at just 31 years old. hotel in center city philadelphia is doing its part to beautify the state. officials presented a $52,000
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check, to the pennsylvania horticultural society last night. the last new years eve logan pledged to 10 percent of each guest tab that night to the organization. and this was the result. tonight's event was held at hotel's new rooftop lounge. beautiful view from there. >> and philadelphia horticultural society, will like my forecast. >> because it is wet. >> it is rain. >> exactly. >> everything will look very green after the next few days. we have some rain on the way, it is not yet here. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have dry weather out there. it is a cool night. we are live on sky six. taking a look the at ben franklin bridge with the lit up, green, this month for autism awareness month and jim, ducis and i were hanging out by the bridge shooting a promo tonight and taking selfies. i have posted them, standing out there. it was definitely chilly. temperatures holding in the
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50's all day long. our morning low was 50. afternoon high 55. current temperature 53. trenton 50. cape may 50. millville dropped down to 46. allentown 49. reading is 52 degrees. the satellite six along with action radar showing the big cool down today, and 31 degrees cooler today then yesterday. thanks to the cold front that moved through and it stalls out to the south, and then the cloud are really beginning to erode. so that will allow temperatures to drop in the 30's and 40's, and before this storm system rolls in. satellite six with action radar if you look right here you can see that spin. that is low pressure that caused all of the wild wet's cross the plains last night, and straight line wind, the the hail, tornadoes, this system is edging east, very, slowly. so that means it will take a while to move in but it will take a while to move out. the bus stop forecast will be dry with some sunshine, kids should take the rain gear because they will need it in the afternoon.
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at 6:00 o'clock 49. by 8:00 o'clock 51 degrees. future tracker showing by lunchtime we will hit our high in philadelphia about 61 degrees but showers are moving in very quickly and once they do we will get is what called evaporation cooling. temperatures drop quickly down in the lower 50's, with some rain, for the evening commute, and rain for the pearl jam concert tomorrow and friday night and also, a wet start to the penn relays. tomorrow it will be a wet afternoon, at franklin field, 61 degrees. friday, cool, cloudy with some scattered showers not all day rain, 58 and saturday for relays looking better, 66, under partly sunny skies. got news is the rain will really clear the air a little bit of the pollen. the pollen meter the next few days will be dropping down to medium levels. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast a dry start the two day but rain moving in the afternoon. afternoon high 61 degrees. friday a secondary low moves in bringing up cloudy, cool, damp conditions, 58 degrees.
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the saturday, partly sunny, pretty nice day at 66. then on sunday that rain moving in and the broad street run, temperature wise, i think this is perfect for running. definitely on the cool side, should start dry, but likely the rain will be moving in. this point the model is saying around 10:00 o'clock so that will put a damper on the race for slower runners and tailgate and then more showers on the way for monday, 65 degrees and then finally on tuesday and wednesday, we will break out of this unsettled pattern, partly sun which a high of 70 degrees. we have 40,000 runners, for the broad street run so i will continue to watch that. i'm hoping models start trending the rain a little later and we can get race in dry. >> are you running it? >> i'm running, adam running, brian is running. >> hoist in the running. >> you are in the running. >> not this year though. >> it was a night to pay tribute to the past at marple newtown high school in delaware county. officials cut ribbon on the
11:23 pm
series of panels showing time line of the school's 100 year his there i but true highlight of the evening was this, the awarding of an honorary diploma to russell fernandes, russell dropped out of high school in 1942 to fight in world war two. it was a special night for a followly that has worked to help children find families for more than a decade. gloria hoffman, presented a stan hochman compassion for kid award to the family, which works on behalf of the national adoption center to find homes for vulnerable children. tonight's ceremony took place at the crystal tea room in center city philadelphia.
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there was a pep rally tonight at boat house row for philadelphia rec centers, and then there was big names on hand. eagles players jason kelce, vinny curry and connor barwin, they were there to lend their support. mayor kenney, of course, on hand, hoping that his proposal to tax sugar drinks will help make over city parks, recollect centers and libraries. tomorrow the nfl draft. >> um-hmm. >> we think they will draft a young quarterback out of the north dakota state but what if-- no, i guess they will. >> they should. >> they should. >> take the quarterback. >> they will take the quarterback. >> that is the plan. >> it is eve of the nfl draft we start wondering what the team will do eagles hold second pick and they have made it no secret they want a franchise quarterback. jamie apody is in chicago. >> we're here on the red carpet at nf left draft where tomorrow night we could learn
11:28 pm
carson wentz might be the eagles new star or will he go hollywood, or will hollywood be left for jared goff, berkley star the rams are expected to pick the at number one, which should leave eagles with wentz. 6-foot five, 4.0g pa, all of the inn tankables except he didn't play d1 football. they had fun with local kids at the nfl play 60 president today. both got tone know each other very well, they are represented by the same agent. they were even working out together. both are excited that it looks like rams and eagles are reportedly to take them with the top two picks. >> it is exciting for both of us. the it is definitely a cool time, something that is pretty rare, for teams to do that but me and carson talk back and forth. we are excited for whatever happens. >> when i heard my name then out there i knew about jared, you know, i still watch his tape. when we throw side by side and everything, but i know he will be a good player.
11:29 pm
obviously, every within will compare us for a long time. >> reporter: pretty cool set up in chicago for the draft. wonder if we might see this same set up in philadelphia a, next year, philly and los angeles the top two candidates to host next years nfl draft. we ran into some scouts here looking at the set up to see if they can bring something like this to possibly ben franklin parkway, next year, wouldn't that be interesting? at the nfl draft in chicago, jamie apody for channel will six "action news". if you are sam bradford, are you watching tomorrow's nfl draft? eagles quarterback remains unhappy that the team is looking to draft his eventual replacement. bradford wants out of philadelphia that puts his current teammates in an awkward position. >> it is tough, man, i hope they figure that all out. he is a great quarterback. i would love to have him here. >> sam is a good friend of mine. i don't want to weigh in on the business side of things. i think that, you know, i'll keep my opinions and everything to myself and let
11:30 pm
that take its course. >> interesting. >> still to come, baseball, what has gotten in the phillies. one war: win.
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♪ you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? (all) absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. hefty nugget on us earlier today, charlie morton is out for the season with the torn hamstring. right-hander will have surgery next week. >> shh, phillies enter tonight's game having won four of five games. jeremy hellickson strikes out the side in the fourth. he pitches seven innings of shut out ball. he strikes out eight batters.
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one to nothing lead in the seventh. peterberges drowned to third, throw home is high, caesar hernandez scores. two to nothing. carlos ruiz with the solo shot hid third home run of the season. phillies won five of six. they win three to nothing. they are over five hub for the first time this season. college baseball liberty bell classic at citizens bank park, st. joes and riders. cal, with an rbi single will to score a run. saint joe's wins five -three. that is sports. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest johnny knoxville and john meloncamp. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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