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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. tornado outbreak. dangerous weather overnight. >> ah, get us out of here. >> twisters appearing two at a time blowing out windows, damaging home, shredding trees and now more storms heading south. ted cruz in an attempt to save his campaign drafting carly fiorina as his running mate. donald trump mocking the move. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking a vice president? >> as bernie sanders lays off hundreds of his staff. is the trump/clinton matchup set. overnight birding barreling into the nose of a plane forcing it to turn around. plus, an amazing escape. this pilot's plane going up in flames. how he managed to get out alive. an abc news exclusive. the leader of the church of scientology under attack from
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his own father saying power has gone to his son's head. >> he wasn't always that way. when he was a kid, i am telling you, he was a lovable kid. >> telling his story after leaving scientology. the church hitting back hard. this morning, leah remini coming to his defense. it's only on "gma." and good morning, america. happy thursday. we like to call it wedding day here in times square. a lot of that coming up and robin is in rome at the vatican today. look at vatican city right there. what a gorgeous shot enrobin is there for a very special event. >> bon giorno, america. yes, i'm here in the middle of moderating and participating in a history-making conference. it's something that is very near and dear to my heart about stem cell research. yep, doing that here at the vatican.
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it could provide hope for millions including one young girl whose story i cannot wait to share with you and i will later this morning. but now back to you in new york. amy and george. >> all right, robin, thank you. we know the vatican is especially important for robin. there before her own stem cell transplant. we'll begin with that severe weather outbreak across the country. heavy rains and strong winds at least 17 tornadoes reported damaging hail too and this morning, more storms are heading south. ginger here with the latest. hey there. >> we are in the midst of the most active severe weather outbreak so far this year. anywhere from nebraska to kentucky, even central california, feeling it this morning. >> ah, get us out of here. >> tornadoes spinning from california to kentucky. >> it's a tornado. it is. it's coming down fast. >> reporter: in stanislaus
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county, trying to avoid the winds. >> tornado on the ground. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: the storms unleashing twisters, in some cases even two at a time. >> there it is. right above us. >> reporter: recklessly slinging debris. this one rotating through central illinois. another hitting southeastern nebraska. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: swirling pe ining homes. in oklahoma, hail smothering the roads. >> most golf ball size, pretty difficult to walk out here. it's like walking on roller skates. >> reporter: across the state line in missouri this explosive supercell turning out a tornado so fierce it blew out the windows of this church.
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test. to the race for the white house. shaking up the race. the republican nominee, but ted cruz is hoping his hail mary vp move can shake up the race. >> it's a long shot move by ted cruz to try to save his campaign.
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my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> reporter: cruz is tapping definitely comfortable as his vice presidential running mate even though he's way behind and the primaries aren't even over. >> i am prepared to stand by his side. to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton. >> reporter: as the presidential candidate fiorina battled with trump. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: since dropping out she's campaigned a lot with cruz and formed a bond with his family. even singing to his daughters. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ >> reporter: but donald trump ahead by more than 400 delegates mocked the move. >> the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who's mathematically
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eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. okay. >> reporter: and after his tuesday sweep of the northeast, trump is kthing the next battleground state. >> i'm not playing games with indiana. >> reporter: earlier in washington, trump showed his serious side. outlining his foreign policy agenda in a formal address. >> america is going to be strong again. america is going to be reliable again. >> reporter: trump used his speech to outline a foreign policy vision that includes investing more in a stronger u.s. military but also scaling back u.s. involvement around the world. it was a speech, george, that was highly critical of the foreign policy of both barack obama and george w. bush. >> yes, it was, okay, jon karl, thanks very much. let's check in with matthew dowd, our little analyst. i take it you think about this cruz/fiorina thing the same way that trump does. >> i think it's going to have
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zero effect. at the end of a season way behind and on a bad six-game losing streak, adding up a relief pitcher who flushed out earlier by getting shelled isn't going to help you instill faith in your fans. >> and trump is staking such a strong claim now to the nomination with these votes. he's been building them up week after week. >> well, you take a look at where donald trump, the top three vote getters in the history of the republican history have been george w. bush in 2000, donald trump second now and mitt romney third and so donald trump has a shot at winning more votes than any republican nominee has ever won in the primary process by the end of this process. he has a huge lead, george. >> looks like we have a fall matchup. >> yes, we do. i think the fat lady hasn't sung yet but she's walking up the steps and getting ready to go on stage. >> you're welcome for that setup. matthew dowd, thank you. >> and now we move on to the multiple air scares overnight. a plane blasted by birds and
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another one appeared to be struck by lightning. abc's david kerley has all the latest at reagan national airport. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the first flight from seattle to dallas didn't last very long and you can see why when you take a look at the plane. the nose cone is dented on the a321 jetliner trouble that came after takeoff and the pilot radios in. >> looks like we hit some birds on takeoff. we'll need to go back and have the airplane looked at. >> reporter: american tells us it may have been two birds or more that that jet actually hit. now, the nose is made of a softer material because electronics are housed behind it so they wanted to get it checked out. take a look at this. i want to show you some video. this is slow motion of a lightning strike over west london. the british airlines jet flying through a storm to heathrow, a passenger says they were shot by the loud noise and bright light. the jet did land safely and
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returned to service. this is a common occurrence, that's true but, amy, that doesn't mean it isn't scary when you get hit by lightning. >> glad everyone is okay. david, thank you. >> thanks, guys. we move on to a mumps outbreak at harvard. 41 cases have been confirmed even though many of those have been vaccinated. linsey davis has the latest from boston. it really has the campus on edge. >> reporter: yes, good morning. students on campus are telling us they are being extra cautious, no longer sharing food and drink, college campuses are the perfect storm for outbreaks like this because the students are in such close contact. the number of mumps cases at harvard university this morning is now up to 41. 11 of those students are currently in self-isolation. harvard health services director paul bcharreira says i'm more concerned now than i was during any time of the outbreak. >> i've had a lot of friends that have it. >> reporter: the first case reported two months ago, all the
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stude students affected had been immunized against mumps. even after two doses of the vaccine, 12% of people are still at risk for contracting the virus according to the cdc. mumps is spread in crowded environments by droplets of saliva from coughing, sneezing, shared eating utensils and kissing. symptoms include puffy cheeks or jaw, fever, headache, muscle ache and fatigue. >> we heard it's very contagious and there are a lot of people around us that have it so we're a little scared. >> reporter: it's shown up on four nearby campuses in the boston area. another 53 cases at two universities in indiana and several cases in california. harvard's graduation is just four weeks away, students who are sick are being advised not to attend. mumps can be serious but most people tend to make a full recovery in just a few weeks. amy. >> all right, linsey, thanks so much. we have abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser here and we just heard linsey say most people make a full recovery but there
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is concern for adults who contract mumps, yes? >> that's right. most people who get it, it is a typical viral illness with fever, body aches, fatigue and that telltale sign of mumps, the swells of the face. after puberty there is a risk for complication, inflammation of the testes and ovary, hearing loss that can be permanent and even inflammation of the brain. >> in terms of how this virus is spreading and who it may spread to, who is most at risk. >> it's prolonged direct contact so people who are sharing a room with someone with mumps, they're at risk from sharing utensils and cups and from kissing. in the greater community they tend not to see spread. but it's a good time for people to remember that two doses of the measles, much, rubella vaccine will decrease the chances that you're ever going to get mumps. >> vaccinations do help. dr. besser, thanks so much. we appreciate it. george. >> thanks, amy. new information now on prince's death. law enforcement sources have told abc news that prescription drugs were found with his body, raising questions about whether they were responsible for his
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death. abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene at paisley park. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. still so many questions this morning. it will be weeks before we know an official cause of death for prince. this as his family moves forward trying to split up his estate. amongst his six living siblings. this morning, new details about what investigators found inside prince's home after his death. law enforcement sources telling abc news prescription drugs were found in his possession and at his home. the carver county sheriff's department now reaching out to the dea in the event those drugs are later determined to be the cause of the singer's death. friends and family say it is no secret he took pain medication for hip pain. ♪ like it's 1999 >> reporter: after decades of dancing, partying like it's 1999, they say playing it up big for the crowd took its toll on his body. sheila e. telling "gma" the day after his death that prince
7:13 am
lived his life in pain. >> if you can imagine all these years jumping off risers in those shoes and the heels and what it's done to his body, you know, it's like any athlete. >> reporter: prince's toxicology report will still take weeks to complete. meanwhile, prince's only full sister is moving forward in court after verifying that her brother didn't have a will. a judge now appointing a minneapolis company to temporarily oversee prince's estimated 300 plus million dollar estate. the move gives bremer trust who previously worked with prince authority to manage and supervise the star's assets as well as determine his heirs. and his family is expected in court next week as they continue to try to settle his estate. amy. >> all right, eva, thanks so much. now to an incredible escape from a burning plane, it was all caught on a security camera. the pilot of a dwayne engine cessna crawling out of the fiery wreck after crashing it into a tree escaping just in time.
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abc's steve osunsami has all the details now from atlanta, good morning, steve. >> good morning to you, amy. this morning, the faa is investigating. even the pilot is now saying something went wrong before takeoff. a plane crash caught on camera at the little bitty toeing company near mobile, alabama. >> i've got a plane crash on north hickory street. >> reporter: a security camera was rolling when this twin engine cessna came crashing into nearby trees. >> there's a guy trying to get out. >> i thought a tornado hit and then i seen a plane in the tree. >> reporter: the people in the office were in a panic running back and forth from the burning plane watching it spill fuel and worried it might explode. then suddenly the fire grew. >> here i thought the poor dude is gone. >> reporter: just when you thought no one could survive they push through the smoke and come back with pilot russell smith. >> i was in a hurry to get out. all hell was breaking loose.
7:15 am
just it happened so quick i didn't have time to think. >> reporter: he had just taken off from a nearby airport and crews there who watched say he barely cleared a fence and clipped a tree line at the end of the runway. they saw fuel pouring from the plane before it crashed. this is what's left of the plane. charred hunks of metal twisted around this tree. smith refused medical treatment. his only injuries were small burns on his hands from the burning hot door of the plane. >> i thought it was all over with. >> reporter: all of this happened in minutes. authorities say if the pilot knew something was wrong that he shouldn't have left the runway. michael. >> all right, thank you, steve. very scary actually. now let's go back to rome where robin is there at the vatican moderating and participating in a conference about the stem cell research that could potentially save lives. hey, robin, tell us about this conference you're at right now. >> well, bon joranna giorno, mi.
7:16 am
[ speaking a foreign language ] >> i knew you couldn't resist. talking about stem cell research and i'm so honored to be asked to share my story and with my sister sally-ann, my big sister sally-ann, many are aware she was my bone marrow donor back in 2012, she is here along with one of my doctors from memorial sloan-kettering back in new york, dr. sergio giralt and sharing everything we have gone through in this journey and people are very excited. hello. vice president joe biden will be addressing this conference tomorrow. you know about his moon shot initiative and of course we're also going to have an audience with the pope but it's really been remarkable, the strides that are being made and the real advances we are seeing in these medical advancements. >> robin, all that commotion behind you. >> i know. >> that was a remarkable shot. >> after you've been through what i've been through, what is
7:17 am
a little chaos. >> and we all do remember you were at the vatican just two weeks before your stem cell transplant. must be so moving to be back. >> oh, many of you there, george, lara, amy, michael, you guys remember, you remember so incredibly well and it was just weeks before i was going to have the transplant and i came here to the vatican and said a prayer i would be able to have the strength to face whatever it is, whatever the outcome was going to be and this whole conference, guys, which really is very interesting, it's that balance between science and faith. how science interfaces with faith and vice versa and i have to say, you know, when i said to you all i'm going to the vatican and we're talking about stem cell research and advances and you're like, the vatican and stem cells? >> amazing. >> pope francis, yeah, pope francis and you know we talk about immunotherapy. lara, you have a friend going through that. >> yep.
7:18 am
>> and so these are the types of advances that we are seeing that are making a true difference and i can't wait to share more with you throughout the morning. >> sounds fascinating. we can't wait either. thank you. knew we have to go to ginger quickly. not feeling like spring here. >> no, spring and storms stuck under that warm we are north of the warm front, 45 in state clem, -- college, pennsylvania, the chill is on, the rain is on its way. >> reporter: all right, everybody, we're off to a dry,
7:19 am
mainly cloudy start. some of you seeing early sunshine. we're dry on storm tracker 6 live. let's take a look outside, a little bit of sunshine coming through. there are clouds out to the west rolling in getting thicker in the morning. this afternoon we'll see rain. right now we're in the upper 40s, low 50. this afternoon, the rain arrives 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and the temperatures fall toward the low 50s by dinnertime. tomorrow, rain and drizzle, 58. california. so always fascinating to see the severe weather heading from california. >> it's everywhere. >> it's coming down hard. thanks very much. coming up here, an abc news exclusive. scenetologist leader under attack. his own father calls him ruthless in a new book and he's speaking out only on "gma" this morning. and caught on camera. a terrifying moment on a roller coaster, a 6-year-old's seat belt breaking midride.
7:20 am
his father desperately holding on to him. now he is opening up about that scare and his outrage at how the park reacted. >> a huge worldwide wedding event kicking off in times square, 100 weddings in 24 hours and it all begins in just a minute. ♪ we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. ever since jim signed personalized lawn care plan, he's been getting step-by-step instructions based on where he lives that ensures his lawn looks amazing. hey jim, you know what else would look amazing in the yard? a lady unicorn. i'm lonely jim!
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edwards, 7:24, thursday, april 28. let's head over to karen rogers for the traffic report, she is starting on the platt bridge. >> reporter: we have an accident penndot on the scene, not blocking the eastbound platt bridge, as i step aside you can see the backup.
7:25 am
a slow go on the platt bridge. we have an accident new hanover township swamp pike at rosen berry road. vine street westbound is heavy from broad to the schuylkill expressway. no accidents we can see. just a slow go on the vine westbound. ben franklin bridge in good shape coming into the city not a big problem so far. we expect it to get heavier. penn relays start at 10:00 a.m. we'll see extra congestion on the ben, the vine and the schuylkill expressway. we'll take a break and come back to accuweather.
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everybody, clouds rolling in this morning, it's cool, too, 52 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. 51 in wilmington. there's a little bit of a breeze that's not real strong. with the cool numbers the breeze kicks up a little bit and it's chilly. later today, clouds in the morning, rain arriving in the afternoon. 59 is the high around midday. once the rain gets cranking you'll see the numbers fall. tomorrow, cloudy skies 58. rain and drizzle. saturday, we dry, partly sunny, 66. sunday, rain moves back in during the day. it's wet in the afternoon. lots of rain, eventually that means beautiful flowers. we'll take a short break
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and send you back to "g.m.a." and see you back here in 30.
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welcome back to "gma" looking at those tornadoes tearing through the heartland overnight. twisters blowing out windows damaging homes. now more storms heading for the south. ted cruz shaking up the race for president drafting carly fiorina as his running mate as the candidates battle for indiana, a race that could make or break their candidacies and also this morning, anticipation mounting for the nfl draft kicking off tonight in chicago. 25 top prospects will be there. it is a big day in football. >> it is a big day in football. baseball is in full swing and hockey is also in the spotlight after this cable guy discovered the nhl playoffs, he started live tweeting the game and it's unlike anything you've read for someone who just figured out the game and didn't know it at the time. he has become an internet sensation and we've got a big surprise coming up.
7:31 am
you want to check out that story. pretty funny. awesome. >> we have something that is neat counting down to something we've never done on "gma," a huge live unprecedented wedding event. we're going t do 100 weddings in 24 hours and we're doing them all over the world. it all starts right here this morning. we're kicking it off, amy. >> isn't reverend holmes officiating? i'm excited about that. >> reverend t.j. >> exactly. >> we begin with the new headline about scientology. leah remini speaking out yet again going public once more but this time to defend another high-profile explosive defector, the father of the all powerful leader of the church and author of the new book "ruthless." abc's dan harris is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a huge story inscientology circles. david miscavige sits atop one of the most controversial churches on earth and now his own dad has quit scientology and written a book about his time in the
7:32 am
church. scientologist is hitting back hard and now leah remini is entering the fray. this morning, leah remini -- >> you are unbelievable. >> reporter: the former star of "the king of queens" going to bat for a fellow ex-scientologist. >> he has a right to tell his story. >> reporter: ron miscavige, the father of the powerful leader of the church, david miscavige. >> if you were a scientologist you are one of the relative few that hold the answers in your possession that all humankind depend upon. >> reporter: david miscavige bears the title of chairman of the board or cob and he was the best man at the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes. >> so i say to you, c.o.b., we are lucky to have you and thank you very much. >> reporter: when word hit that david miscavige's own father, the now 82-year-old ron miscavige had left the church after decades of service, leah remini says it spread like wildfire. >> i tracked him down. i called him and i offered my support because i know he must
7:33 am
have felt alone. i just wanted him to know that we were willing to take them in >> that's a big offer. what made you feel motivated to do that. >> because there is no place for them to go unless they have family, which is very rare outside of the church. >> did you encourage him at all to go public with his story? >> yes, i mean i immediately said that he should write a book because his story is important. >> reporter: now ron miscavige has written a book and he's speaking about it in an exclusive interview that will air on abc's "20/20" on friday night. you have written a whole book about your son and you've called the book "ruthless". >> yes. >> it is a pretty damning charge to level against your child in he wasn't always that way. when he was a kid, i am telling you, he was a lovable kid. >> reporter: a lovable kid who according to his dad has let the power of being at the helm of this wealthy celebrity filled church go to his head.
7:34 am
ron miscavige's book is laden with charges that scientology is calling outright lies and it was co-authored by another former scientologist now a well-known critic of the church. >> it is not a memoir. it's in my view a literary forge forgery. >> reporter: but now leah remini is stepping forward to defend ron miscavige. >> we're all going to speak up. you're not going to just bully people telling their stories. >> tomorrow right here on "gma" you'll hear much more from ron miscavige himself about why he left the church and the war within his own family right now and then, of course, our full report tomorrow night on "20/20." fascinating stuff. >> it sure is. cannot wait for the rest. we move on to it new clues that may reveal what happened to the two florida teens lost at sea last july. at first it seemed like a tragic accident but new evidence from the boat may point to foul play. abc's diane macedo has the
7:35 am
latest. >> reporter: it took almost nine months to find the boys' boat. now we have newly released photos of the wreckage and one attorney for one of the families says one of those photos might indicate there was someone else on that boat with them. >> okay. >> reporter: investigators trying to uncover what happened to 14-year-old boaters perry cohen and austin stefanos may have some new clues to work with. these newly released pictures of the boys' boat off the coast of bermuda is raising new questions. >> i don't know what happened. i don't know his last moments. >> reporter: this morning the cohen family attorney says that this photo may point to the possibility of foul play. the ignition switch on the engine is turned off indicating a likelihood someone disabled the boat intentionally before it capsized. the attorney suggests this could even mean there was an unknown third person on board. >> it's haunting and it's terrifying. >> reporter: another clue, austin's waterlogged iphone which was found with the
7:36 am
wreckage. the teen's families are working with fish and wildlife officials trying to find a way to recover data from the device after it spent eight months submerged in corrosive salt water. they hope texts or photos may finally give them answers to what exactly happened to these two boys. >> i miss him dearly and would do anything to get him back. >> reporter: and we have yet another new development on this overnight. our station in west palm beach saw the full report from the wildlife commission indicating someone may have seen one of the boys on a makeshift raft after they vanished. so a lot of moving parts still going on in this investigation and hopefully they lead to some much needed answers. amy and george. >> so hard not knowing. all right, thanks so much. coming up, the terrifying moment on a roller coaster caught on camera. a 6-year-old's seat belt breaking. a parenting alert about disciplining your kids. new research showing spanking
7:37 am
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7:40. back now with a roller-coaster ride that took a terrifying turn in texas after a 6-year-old's seat belt break, he slips down and his father captured the whole thing on his cell phone. abc's linzie janis is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this dad said he was filming his son's reaction to share with his wife. what he caught on camera was not what he expected. watch as delbert latham and his son take a ride on the mousetrap. his dad filming it all. but on the first big drop, the 6-year-old mruvenging to the bottom of the car yelling, my seat belt. >> i got you, you're fine, i promise. okay. >> delbert quickly grabs caisson pulling him up then holds on tight for the rest of the ride.
7:42 am
>> no more big hills. >> okay, good. >> reporter: watch again as cason disappears from view and then the look of pure terror on his face and when delbert told a park employee about the broken seat belt. >> he said, i'm sorry about that. that's been happening sometime, that's when it made "more of you" angry obviously. >> reporter: in a statement the park telling abc news it promptly removed the back car from service and ensured all other seat belts were in proper working order. rides at amusement parks like this are generally safe but accidents do happen. three years ago texas grandmother rosa esparza slipped out of her car at this six flags plunging 75 feet to her death. her family suing the german maker of the ride and settling out of court. amusement parks aren't federally regulated leaving it to individual states. something some safety experts
7:43 am
say isn't ideal. >> the consumer products safety commission that currently regulate portable rides no longer has jurisdiction over fixed site rides. we're at their mercy. cow live in a good or a bad state for amusement ride safety. >> reporter: as for that father and son whose video has now been viewed more than 150,000 times on facebook, they say they're just glad the ordeal is over and have no plans to sue the park. safety experts say parents should stick to reputable parks with strong safety records but watch the ride, watch how attentive the operators are and if something doesn't feel right trust your gut. >> good advice. >> i can't believe he said it's been happening sometimes. >> yeah. >> apparently it was a secondary precaution. there was a lap bar but you saw the kid still slid through. >> when you're that little. >> terrifying. >> thanks, linzie. jessica alba's honest company accused of being not so honest. what's really in its infant
7:44 am
formula and what the company is saying about it this morning. meet hockey's newest fan. the cable guy who became an internet sensation after live tweeting his first hockey game. he joins us live and we've got a special surprise for him. we're going to make that big guy smile. >> you did. ever since jim signed up for lowe's personalized lawn care plan, he's been getting step-by-step instructions based on where he lives that ensures his lawn looks amazing. hey jim, you know what else would look amazing in the yard? a lady unicorn. i'm lonely jim!
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7:48 am
save made by crawford on r turusenko. >> that game converted a fan by accident. tony was trying to find the cardinals but got distracted by the st. louis blues taking on the chicago blackhawks and decided to live tweet the experience and here are some of the highlights from his tweeting. this is the first time i've ever watched hockey and this [ bleep ] has been lit for these first 45 seconds. and then he went on to say, what the bleep is a power play? i have a asked that myself, tony. then he got into the match when he said, i don't know who this dude kane is but we got to stop him. and then finally asking this very important question, honestly, why wouldn't the whole team just stand in front of the net for the last minute?
7:49 am
and, tony -- >> that's great. >> a lot of people -- he became an internet sensation and joining us live from st. louis. tony, how are you, my friend? >> i'm good. i'm good, mike. how are you doing. >> i'm doing great. what do you make of all this because you went from 1600 twitter followers to over 58,000 now. >> it's been crazy. i didn't think it would be this big about me just tweeting about a hockey game. it's a bit crazy. >> it's not only tweeting about it but the way in which you tweeted about it. did you ever find out what a power play is? >> i did, basically when a team gets a penalty, they got to send somebody off and basically the other team has an advantage on the players so that's why they call it a power play. >> i like how you explained that in layman's terps. so many people out there had no idea. >> nice how he has this perspective as a first-time watcher and makes it clear, the whole goalie thing. >> may have a future in commentating hockey games. >> how is it that you never saw
7:50 am
hockey before. >> i never gave it a chance. i was a big football fan, big baseball fan but i never gave hockey a chance. >> and now? >> oh, yeah, i'm going to watch it. >> we have a big surprise for you. st. louis blues nhl hall of famer brett hull sent you a message. >> hey, tony, brett hull, glad you finally jumped on the blues bandwagon and i hope to see you on tuesday night for your first blues game. >> so now you're going to the game live, tony. congratulation, my friend. are you going to live tweet from the game? >> i'm going to do a little bit. it's going to be as much as i'm doing at home. i kind of want to experience it because everybody is telling me it's real crazy when it's live. >> it gets crazy is probably one of the best live spectator sports. i'll be following. i'm 1 of those 58,000, friend. enjoy yourself. >> going to be lit. >> going to be lit out there. >> whoo. >> coming up in our next half hour which is also lit, our huge
7:51 am
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good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 thursday, april 12828. let's head over to karen rogers with traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we have a few problems, tam, a disabled truck blocking the right lane 309 northbound at 202. that's causing slowing, right turn lane blocked northbound on 202. an accident 30 bypass to the ramp 322. we have a tow truck on the scene. hopefully they clear it out. you saw the speeds of 21 miles per hour. ambler an accident horsham road and dresher town road and an accident at 295 at 42. a 29 minute ride from the ac expressway to the walt whitman
7:57 am
bridge. with no delays it would be 12. let's go over to sky6 live hd and look at atlantic city. looks like there's fog down there. >> reporter: might be, there's sun break running through the early cloud cover. it's cool, 53 degrees, it will be struggle to get past 59 today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds continue to increase during morning. we'll hit the high of 59 around lunchtime or so. a little after lunch, 1:00 p.m., rain will push in from the west. the afternoon looks gamble with light to -- damp with light to moderate rain on and off into the evening. tomorrow, cool, 58. saturday is the dry day in the seven day, 66. counselors will be on hand at george reid middle school in new castle delaware today. a middle school student was hit and killed trying to run across
7:58 am
route 113. the driver did stop and will not be charged. they have deals and steals coming up on "g.m.a.," we'll see you in 30. this change in attitude
7:59 am
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alba's honest company back in the hot seat. accusations its infant formula isn't really organic. what the company is telling us now. parenting alert. new research linking spanking to your kids' mental health. could it lead to lifelong problems. dr. besser with a reality check. ♪ this is my fight song race against time. robin one-on-one with the doctors searching for a cure to help kids like little olivia. she is on the front lines with the lifesavers this morning. ♪ i think i want to marry you it's time for love live. our biggest most incredible wedding event we've ever tried to pull off and you're our vip guest. 100 couples, 24 hours all around the world. couple number one is about to get married in just minutes, and wait till you see how this
8:01 am
groom-to-be greased up to propose. ♪ bang bang into the room buckle up. the reunion 25 years in the making, thelma, louise and you'll never believe who was supposed to play the famous brad pitt part. >> i know. i know. >> girl. >> they're only reunited here as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. go! good morning, america. welcome to a very special thursday here in times square. a lot of weddings about to get started. also robin live in rome this morning at the vatican. good morning, robin. >> good morning to you, george. i'm here for an important international conference on stem cell research. it's all about the powerful connection between science and faith and coming up, i cannot wait to share the story of a beautiful young girl who's
8:02 am
bravely battling a rare neurological disease and the research that's being done right now may be able to help her. there's some research. it's in sioux falls, south dakota, spent time there recently. that story coming up. i've also run into a lot of newlyweds here on their honeymoons so love is in the air here at vatican city and, of course, there in times square as well, guys >> that's right, robin. in fact, before they they had off we have about 100 couples going on their honeymoons and reverend t.j. in the house. >> we're all ready for love, everybody. we have a giant wedding event that's about to kick off a 24-hour marathon of love, live from all around the world. there's our first couple, robert and laura, moments away from getting married. that's just the start of it. >> that is just the beginning. the action is going to go on for 24 hours in our live stream. at on yahoo! you ask us, south korea, scotland, you name it.
8:03 am
we're getting married. it's all leading up to what we're calling our sweet 126, 16 amazing live weddings on tomorrow's "gma." how are we going to do it? you'll have to tune in. >> let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with some breaking news at this hour. a serious of air strikes hitting a hospital in syria. we are told children are among the victims. at least 27 people have been killed and this all comes as officials warn the cease-fire agreement is on the verge of collapsing. well, donald trump is mocking ted cruz for announcing a running mate in hopes of breathing new life into his campaign. cruz selecting former rival carly fiorina hoping she will help him win next week's crucial indiana primary. trump saying cruz chose someone who, quote, failed badly in her own campaign. meanwhile, critics are pointing out inaccuracies in trump's foreign policy speech including his claim that isis is making millions selling libyan oil. he did not cite any evidence to that claim. well, the faa is
8:04 am
investigating a very close call at the nation's busiest airport. a delta flight from atlanta to miami was about to take off when the pilot had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting another plane crossing the runway. the pilot reportedly told them, air traffic control had made a mistake. a controversial bill in tennessee will now become law. the so-called therapy bill has been signed by the governor. it allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist's religious or personal beliefs. opponents say it discriminates against gay and transgender people. one of the richest men in the world just got a lot richer. listen to this. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg made about 4 billion with a "b" dollars overnight after the company's stock soared to an all-time high because of earnings that beat expectations. and finally, president obama has announced he will travel to flint, michigan, after getting an e-mail from an outspoken resident of the city.
8:05 am
8-year-old mari copeny is nicknamed little miss flint for speaking out about the city's tainted water and here's what she wrote to the president. she said, i am one of the children affected by this water. i know this probably an odd request, but i would love for a chance to meet you or your wife. well, the president wrote back telling mari he was proud of her for using her voice on behalf of the children of flint and he will be visiting next week. she wrote, my mom said, chances are you'll be too busy with more important things. well, president obama proving her mom wrong. >> not an odd request at all. thanks, amy. we have a parenting alert about spanking. nearly 70% of americans say they approve of it but a new study says it could raise the risk of long-term problems for children. our chief health and medical editor dr. besser here to break it down, a meta study, a study of studies. >> this si controversial topic and period trigs ask about it all the time. hundreds of studies have been done but one concern is a lot of them included more severe forms
8:06 am
of physical forms like hitting with an object. 75 studies were just spanking, hitting on the bottom with an open hand and what they found was there was no long-term benefits and some potential long-term harms. >> that is the potential harm. >> these can't prove it because you're not randomly assigning kids to be spanked or not but when they looked at kids with various outcomes, these children were more likely to have been spanked. children with aggressive behavior, children with low self-esteem, poor parent/child relationships and mental illness like depression more common in kids who were spanked? what are the most effective fors of discipline. >> what you want to do is shape behavior so what i say first is catch your child being good. you know, praise works so much better. if you can catch them being good and reinforce that that's so much more effective. when their behavior needs shaped. time-outs are great for kids 2 to 5. older kids, removing some of their privileges and modeling good behavior. when you spank when you're angry
8:07 am
you're teaching your kid when they're out of control they should uss violence and it doesn't work and often it's the parent who needs the time-out. >> that's true. about the only thing that helps in our home is taking away the phone. >> it is magic. >> if you know what makes them tick, that works. >> go for it, thanks very much. michael with the "morning menu." >> thank you, george. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." jessica alba's honest company is under fire for its baby formula and robin is live at the vatican this morning with news on breaking medical research that could provide hope for millions of people. mwah. good morning to you, robin. we have 100 weddings, 24 hours, the rose petals are flowing. we've got a front seat to all of this. our first couple getting ready right now to get married right here all coming up on "gma" live in times square. love is in the air. ♪ ithat's so interesting honeyf mybecause i'm going to share p. a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up.
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ greased lightning check out this wedding proposal. ♪ 30-inch >> that's how robert did it. >> yeah, george, how did he do it? >> he did it like that, like greased lightning. >> greased up. >> earlier you were telling me off camera we have a guy getting greased up to do a wedding proposal. i was a little concerned. >> that's a little much. >> the question is how do you top that? you top it by getting married on live television. they're going to do it in just a little bit kicking off our "wide world of weddings" event and that is starting in just a few minutes. very exciting. but first jessica alba, her honest company is in a bit of hot water. this time they're accused of being less than honest about what it puts in its baby
8:13 am
formula. jesse is here with all the details on the story. good morning, jess. >> that's right. this morning the actress' company which sells eke crco fry products are being sued. this morning superstar jessica alba and her billion dollar company on the hot seat once again. a lawsuit now questioning if the organic premium infant formula is truly organic. the organic consumers association suing the honest company, the lawsuit stating the product is far from organic. of the 40 ingredients listed on the organic infant formula, more than a quarter are synthetic substances that are not allowed in organic products. >> the honest company has been including synthetic ingredients not vetted by the national organic standards board and they don't belong in organic infant formula also. >> reporter: being sold, haines celestial claiming more than half of their ingredients labeled as organic are not
8:14 am
permitted in organic foods by federal law. >> at the honest company we're committed to making safe natural products you can trust for your baby and your home. >> reporter: for the honest company, this is not their first time being called dishonest. just last month the company hit with a class action lawsuit saying the company deceptively marketed cleans products and last year it was hit with two more lawsuits one claiming the brand deceptively and misleadingly labels and markets its products. another a class action claiming the company's sunscreen is inefficient. >> jessica al ba is definitely the face of this company. she co-founded it. she reportedly has a very large ownership stake. this is obviously one more piece of bad publicity for her company. it's going to require some smart marketing, a loyal following and good management. >> reporter: both haines celestial and the honest company say they are confident the lawsuits will be dismissed. the honest company saying our organic infant formula is cleared by the food and drug administration and meets all safety and nutritional standards and haines celeste cal saying
8:15 am
their ingredients fully comply with the usda's national organic program standards. honest told abc news allegations about previous lawsuits are baseless and without merit saying the company follows strict standards of safety and we label each ingredient that goes into every product not because we have to but because it's the right thing to do. both companies also told abc news their infant formulas were certified organic by third parties. michael. >> thank you, jesse. now it's time for tory johnson and "deals & steals" and a special watch party filled with fans jut side of high hometown of houston. good morning to you, ladies. >> look at them. >> the moment you've been waiting for. everybody waiting for. let's get to the bargains. >> those girls started this morning with economimosas in th hands. we're starting with bracelet. from lisa stewart, the cuff collection. there's all these great word, such powerful word, grace, hope, love, sex y. you name it. three different styles. i chose joy.
8:16 am
i'm wearing joy in your honor. you are my joy. you're bringing sexy back. okay, big deal. you can buy all of these, normally each of these are $65, today only slashed by 70%, $19. >> $19. >> stack up and save. okay, another beauty from lulu dharma. these are so beautiful. gemstone cuffs so look, beautiful three rows of these six-millimeter faceted semiprecious stones. what i love about these is that there's an adjustable classso really does fit just about any size wrist, big discount on these, as well. depending on the one you choose normally each one -- >> what's the discount. >> $69. these are slashed also by 60%, $28 and free shipping from lulu dharma. love that. okay, negligence up from sorial. you can use it as a cross body bag with the big strap. >> there you go. >> that's tros body. that's cross body. i'm confident. >> or you take the strap off and you've got a little clump to be able to use. there's also -- there you go,
8:17 am
look how fast you are, michael. you can remove if you wish the chain here -- i'll take that. there you go. you can remove the chain. faux leather, seven different colors. this is like a go-to bag for the whole season. big discount on these too nor l normally $78 slashed by 64%, $28 and free shipping from sorial we love free shipping. from indulgence the rock candy collection of earrings. lara was showing me all the colors she admires. >> i admire. >> i admire, yes, beautiful on these mix of semiprecious stones and crystals all hand made in america which i love from them. two different sizes to choose from. you can't go wrong with any of these colors and a beautiful deal on these, as well. normally depending on the size starting at $100. slashed to 29 bucks today. last but not least from pink
8:18 am
house big assortment of stretchy beaded bracelets. beautiful colors, styles to choose from. necklaces, bracelets, unbelievable deal on these. normally these regularly start at $14, but today everything slashed in half, your choice, $7 to $12 and free shipping from pinkhouse, can't beat that. >> can't beat that and some of us can't beat, we'll go to houston and the ladies in houston, the "deals & steals" watch party and two big surprises so what are they going home with. >> say, her name is tory too. you and your friends are going home with something from every one of these companies. a fun morning outside of houston and i think best of all we're coming to houston next week. we're taking "deals & steals" on wheels. how fun is that? so every single day next week starting with houston on monday we're coming to you. >> you're going to houston or miami, cleveland, detroit and boston. >> oh, yeah. >> lara is volunteering to go. if you're in those areas come out and join us and check out
8:19 am
tory and get your deals. >> all the details. on yahoo! >> absolutely. over to you, amy. >> "deals & steals" on wheel, i love it. now to a "gma" exclusive. we first met "thelma & louise" 25 years ago when susan sarandon and geena davis took the big screen. robin had a chance to sit down with them. we'll go back to her, buon giorno, robin. >> buon giorno, amy. i had a cancer to sit down with both geena davis and susan sarandon. they took the road trip of a lifetime and so many of us were just thrilled to go along for the ride especially in that car. does this bring you down memory lane. >> you spared no expense. >> thank you. >> you know, diane sawyer and i called ourselves thelma and louise. >> who was who is she gets top billing so she was thelma. >> top billing there but can you believe 25 years later, what is it about that film that still relates with folks, susan. >> i don't know. maybe you are what you settle
8:20 am
for and i think it's a very romantic, right, it's kind of a romanticized road trip movie but because it was us it ended up being something more significant. >> the ending really caused quite a reaction when you guys were in here so for those people who don't remember, here's a reminder. ♪ >> what do you think about the ending about going over the cliff. >> i mean for me that's the first thing i said after you test this, are you going to change it and they'll both be at club med? what's going to happen. he said i know you will definitely die. i'm not sure about her. he said and then by the end -- >> i didn't know they had this conversation. >> by the end we had kind of earned the right for both of us to go -- he said you might push her out at the last minute but actually it ended up -- we only had like one take too. they shot the helicopters all day long and harvey and then as
8:21 am
the sun was coming down we had one take. >> let's equal time. let's talk about the guys in the film. brad pitt. that was the first time any of us were like, ooh. who is this? who is this? >> yeah. >> was it true that george clooney didn't even realized he read for the part. >> oh, this is -- did i tell you this? that i was on a plane next to george clooney by happenstance and we're chatting and he says, you know, i hate that brad pitt. i said, no, you don't. he said, no, i hate him because he got the part of "thelma & louise" and i said, were you interested in that part. he said, couldn't you tell when i read with you? no! i know. >> girl. >> i know. >> whoa. >> i'm -- you know, when -- >> i remembered when i didn't read with him. >> that's what you remember. >> i would know that. >> oh. >> my god, what did you say? >> i said -- >> i'll do a movie with you no
8:22 am
you. >> now i'm admitting it. >> everybody thought, okay, this is going to change the landscape for women in hollywood. >> right. >> it didn't happen and i know geena, you've been doing a lot of work with your institute and studying that. >> every few years there's a movie that comes out and does well and now people go, now everything is changed like "thelma & louise" and it really hasn't. there's been no movement in the needle since 1946. >> and cause you are all involved in other projects. saw "the meddler." oh, my goodness. love the accent, the jersey accent. you nailed it. she really does. you really live up -- you take that name of the movie to heart and meddle in everybody, not just your child's life. >> anyone with a mom should find this funny. >> i wanted to ask you, are you involved in your children's lives. >> that's my job, embarrass them, meddle in their lives, absolutely. >> you own up to it. >> but i mean it could be called
8:23 am
good intentions, it's not just -- it's all good things, it's not bad things. >> i'm telling you susan's film "the meddler" is a hoot in theaters now. i could have talked with them all morning long. 25 years. where does the time go, guys. >> i know, hard to believe. robin, thank you so much. let's go out now to ginger >> let's to it. we've got this group from syracuse. love seeing them coming in for a nice spring break, right. >> yes. >> yeah, nice spring break. you got to go down south to find the storms. delays in their bus systems because of the storms. more storms for texas and oklahoma today. that's the big picture. >> not stack exactly bumpy weather. we'll see some rain. not seeing it yet. there have been some rays of sunshine but that's beginning to fade behind increasing clouds. temperatures in the low to mid-50's currently. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a chilly lie
8:24 am
today. we're only getting to 59 around midday. clouds getting thicker. during the afternoon we'll see rain moving from the west and we'll have off and on showers through the rest of the afternoon and in through a good portion of the evening. tomorrow a little bit of additional rain and drizzle. 'll begin with your first look at joseph gordon-levitt as edward snowden and no one is more excited than snowden himself about this movie. the whistle-blower tweeted a link to the new movie's trailer saying two two minutes and 39 seconds everyone at the nsa just stopped working. edward, realliy do you think they did? he's confident, that young man. as for oliver stone, he's set to tell his personal story, snowden is due to come out in theaters on september 16th. >> apparently he sounds exactly like him. >> exactly. >> it's like verbatim. >> yes. >> he's got the voice named
8:25 am
apparently. the film, i mean, it's classic oliver stone. >> yes. >> so good subject. come on in, ging. >> they usually make me wait. >> never. i would never make you wait, my friend. meanwhile, also in "pop news" this morning, a 23-year-old new yorker is discovering that he is practically the star of adam sandler's film "the do over" alongside the arc. not only is the physical resemblance uncanny, his name is max kessler, the name of his character in the movie. the real-life kegs ler tells us he first found out about this coincidence when this buddies showed him the film's trailer and called a bunch of friends to find out if he was being punk'd. no, just a coincidence, one that sandler got a kick out of and invited him to the premiere. isn't that funny? finally in "pop news," it is thirsty thursday, america. >> is that a thing. >> of course it's a thing. i just made it up so now it's a thing. >> isn't that every day.
8:26 am
>> i'm sure we could do -- >> alliteration. >> we'll think about it. today, though, is thirsty thursday. i'm sure you've heard the expression drunk as a skunk. well that's what this guy was. when workers found him, look very closely, he was drunk as a raccoon. the little fellow was stumbling around a beer warehouse. >> oh, no. >> listen to the workers who found him. >> oh, this raccoon is drunk. >> so today we coined a new saying called ripped as a raccoon.
8:27 am
>> good morning. it's 8:27 on this thursday april 28. we're following breaking news. philadelphia police and bomb squad units are trying to figure out why a tractor-trailer was left unattended. chopper6 is live over the scene along the 700 block of tabor avenue in the city's lawncrest section. the truck was left near the naval supply depot. track is detoured in the area. you can see on this day and time why there would be cause for concern. let's go to karen rogers. >> they have crews other scene blocking it off. this is tabor avenue near robin street in lawncrest. if you're in this area what you want to do is stick to lawndale or martin's mill road instead as chopper widens out you get a better sense. they're blocking it off. you see police blocking off that intersection of tabor. stick to lawndale or martin's mill. let's go to the maps. here's that location. we have other problems in the area. this is the vine street
8:28 am
expressway eastbound at broad street. we have an accident off to the side at this point but creating an extra slow go on the vine eastbound. westbound was already jammed. now you got a jam eastbound with that accident. water main break. crews coming on the scene right now. police will help direct traffic belmont at conshohocken. that's happening right now. another accident this one on the schuylkill westbound at the blue route. it's off at the side but everybody has got to stop and can check it out. so a slow go on the schuylkill westbound. tam. >> let's head to meteorologist, david murphy. he says you'll need the umbrella later today. >> absolutely tam. right now we have clouds that are pretty much socking out the sun. sun still breaking through a little bit. temperatures are continuing to inch up step by step. we're up to 54 degrees in philadelphia still the upper 40's in some places like trenton and allentown. this afternoon a high of only 59 early in the afternoon and then rain arrivals in the afternoon does look like we'll see some spotty showers that will make the roads pretty wet. tam. >> okay, thank you david. that's it for us root now. we'll send you back to "gma" and see you back here in 30. >> ♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ will you marry me >> that's the right song for today. not on bagpipes. this is all part about "wide world of weddings" event. 100 weddings in one day and that is tony and lynn. they are going to be getting married in scotland. >> wow. >> ready to join in. >> congratulations to them. we're starting off in times square where our groom, robert, is getting ready to see his beautiful bride for the very first time. >> and we can see her right now. let's take a look at laura there with her bridesmaid getting ready for that very big moment she and robert are kicking off our 24-hour event here in times square. >> so exciting. bringing you wedding after wedding from around the world live on on yahoo! and the final 16 wettings will happen live here
8:31 am
tomorrow on our show with a special performance from boyz ii men. >> i can't believe this is happening to tell you the truth. it's really something. we'll begin with robin at the vatican there for an historic conference on stem cell therapy that could provide hope for millions battling rare diseases and, robin, you're about to introduce us to a very inspiring little girl. >> i really am. the first day of the conference and the theme is hope for our children. a research center in sioux falls, south dakota, has given hope to many children with its work in adult stem cell therapy and you are about to meet one of them. ♪ >> it says, olivia -- >> it does. >> how old are you going to be. >> 4. >> good girl. >> she was precocious. she was an adventurist, she's amazing. ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: on her fourth birthday olivia was a typical preschooler. >> hurry up before the alarm goes off. >> all right.
8:32 am
>> she wanted to be involved with everything in sports. >> very active. >> good job, look at me. >> reporter: soon her parents noticed their lively little gir was changing. when did you realize that something wasn't right? >> really it was when she was 7 that we had the rapid decline in the vision and we said, this doesn't seem right at all. >> reporter: for two years olivia and her family met with doctors all over the country searching for answers. finally at age 7 she was diagnosed with juvenile batten disease. it's a rare genetic illness that commonly affects children destroying brain cells and causing neurological disorders including blindness, frequent seizure, dementia and ultimately premature death. how did this time impact the family? >> everything is different. nothing is anywhere near what it used to be. it affects everything.
8:33 am
>> think about your child if you have a normal vivacious outgoing 7-year-old daughter who suddenly goes blind and then imagine that's just the beginning. >> reporter: batten disease is just 1 of 7,000 rare illnesses affecting 30 million americans. more than half of the people impacted are children. >> it's a game. >> reporter: it's a game, yes. do you like to play games? >> uh-huh. >> now, 12 years old olivia's illness doesn't stop her from being the joke ter in the family. keeping her big sister sydney smiling. >> what is it that you're hoping with this new technology that maybe they'll find something to help your sister. >> yeah, i'm really hoping we can find a cure soon so we can save her. >> reporter: sioux falls, south dakota, is home to one of the country's leading medical systems, sanford health, the castle themed children's hospital draws people from all over the country. and children like olivia
8:34 am
battling a rare disease have found hope in the cutting-edge work that happens here at sanford research center. shall we? >> exactly. this way. >> reporter: i caught up with dr. david pierce to get a glimpse of the work that could potentially save lives through adult stem cell therapy. this is extremely impressive. tell us a little about this facility. >> what we're working on here is cures for disease, for children. you met a child with batten disease and cells from her brain are dying. we can try to compensate for that with drugs and with gene therapy but ultimately we want to be able to replace those cells and restore her to full function. >> reporter: less than 1% of rare genetic diseases have fda approved treatments, it's a race against time to implement the ultimate cure, adult stem cell therapy which is still in the research phase. dr. pierce, how close are you to fda approval? >> for gene therapy we have fda approval now. the stem cell, it's going to be
8:35 am
a slightly slower process because it just hasn't been done before. you h kno one year but more realistically three years, quite frankly. >> when i see the family, they know what you're doing here and it gives them hope. how excited are you right now with this facility, with how close you are to making breaks. >> the facts now that we actually have clinical trials in progress, treatments in progress, i personally can't think of any more job satisfaction than that. it's not a job, it's a passion, it's a life. >> it is. i will never forget spending time with olivia and her family and also dr. pierce and all the researchers there and this woman was with me in sioux falls. dr. robin smith, president and founder of the stem for life foundation, the third year that tem for life and the vatican have joined forces for this conference and every time i say that, people always feel like, what, what's going on here. tell us about the conference. >> well, it's really exciting. we have politicians and
8:36 am
scientists and patient, from all around the world, regulatory bodies really focusing on how we get the cell therapies developed and to patients who are in need. >> a global initiative as well. >> it's a global initiative around a very simple concept that the cures for tomorrow are going to come from cells within our bodies today. >> we need to talk more about that and that's what the purpose of this conference is for because many people who have gone through illnesses, my colleague amy and myself, we went through it, the number goes on and on and on, but we had to use drugs, that was a first line of defense but you and other, researchers, scientists are saying, hmm, there may be another route to go. explain that. >> it's a way to get your own body's immune system to be harnessed towards whatever the disease you're trying to fix so maybe it's to make a vaccine for cancer. getting your own immune system to kill those cancer cells or top an overactive immune system from killing good tissue so we're learning each day. >> immunotherapy and talked about that today and will
8:37 am
continue that, so vice president biden tomorrow. >> yes. >> he's going to talk about his moon shot initiative. >> yes and a little about his personal story and what his -- what made him focus on this. >> an audience with the pope. how did that all -- how did that joint venture come together, robin. >> i think we all want the same thing, how to help people suffering, sick, the margin aislized. it's the year of mercy and everybody is excited about this global movement to see what we can do to help people. >> it is a global movement and for people who are wondering at home we're talking about adult stem cell therapy, not embree yachtic cell. >> 5,000 clinical trials focused on taking adult stem cells and using them to repair damaged tissue. >> everyone i've been talking to here, my doctor, sergio giralt, my sister, researchers, dr. pierce who you just met in that piece will be receiving an award later, the sanford has just done wonderful things there in sioux falls and when you talk about it, people are really feeling
8:38 am
that we are on the brink of really major breakthrough, major differences. >> absolutely. effective therapies and maybe even cures. it's not that far away. >> you did say the "c" word, cures. >> i did, i did. we're all really focused on that and i think that's the difference of using the drugs you talked about and it's very different to restore and to use your own body's immune system, it's much easier to tolerate. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> for the tireless efforts of your work and this conference. oh, absolutely. they're having all these weldings back in new york. i feel like i'm missing something there, george. >> looks like we're missing something too, robin. >> what a group we've got out here george. everybody getting excited for these weddings. we've got victoria taylor and emmy. you guys are here hanging out spring break. >> yeah. >> the biggest smile you've ever given to that camera. how sweet is that? that's the best way to start a thursday morning. we have to check a couple things that aren't quite as
8:39 am
sweet. that would be the winter storm warnings and advisories out in the west especially in parts of colorado. you can see where some of that heftier show snow is going to fall in the rockies. denver maybe seeing the rain/snow mix through the start of the week. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> well, junoer? ginger rain one east coast. exclusive accuweather 7-day shows it will be a cloudy one today with a high of 59. most will have to what it until afternoon to get the showers coming in. a little damp for the evening rush. ith my partner val and you won't want to miss that and announce the winner of this louis vuitton tote worth more than 1300 duck bucks. >> some kind of giveaway. our live "wide world of weddings" event. t.j. is getting ready to officiate our first ceremony.
8:40 am
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♪ welcome back to "gma." time for our "wide world of weddings" live event. one day, 100 couples around the
8:43 am
world all tying the knot. and you are invited to have a front row seat to every single wedding. our first is just moments away right here in times square. but we want to tell you a little bit more about how we're doing this and the special couple kicking it off. >> it's a wedding event like you've never seen before. 100 i dos in 24 hours, live and you are the vip guest to every single ceremony. >> from san francisco to los angeles to vegas, detroit, to walt disney world in orlando we're not done yet. we're also live in seoul, south korea and scotland. there's even a nonstop wedding gazebo right here in times square. it all kicks off this morning with couple number one, robert and laura. robert proposed with an epic rendition of "greased lightning" that went viral ♪ greased lightning
8:44 am
♪ greased lightning >> you said that's typical him that you weren't surprised to see him put on this production. >> of course he wasn't going to go to a restaurant and neal down. that's not his style. ♪ get some overhead lifters and four-barrel -- >> live on tv, does it take some of the nervousness out of the actual marriage away? >> i don't think it's hit me just yet. >> i think i'm more nervous about seeing her. i'm going to -- i'm just going to cry. it's going to be terrible. i can't be a man. i'm just going to cry. >> men cry. it's okay, man. it's okay. >> how did you know he was the guy to spend the rest of your life with. >> it's just like a perfect puzzle piece. it just meshes so well. >> reporter: it's the ultimate wedding invite. grab a handful of confetti and celebrate the love. go to on yahoo and tune in for 24 hours of matrimony kicking off "gma's" "wide world of weddings" and it starts right now. >> what's happening here. >> well, lara has joined me outside and we have robert, this
8:45 am
is our groom blindfolded for a reason. always that moment when you have to see your bride for the first time in her dress. he has not seen her. you all are seeing her. everybody but robert. you ready to finally see your bride. >> let's do it. let's do it. >> let me take this off. >> and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and here they are, not too much kissing just yet. not too much kissing just yet. >> a little crying, though. how are you feeling? >> oh, boy. i feel great. sorry. i didn't think i was going to cry. >> it's totally understandable. looking at your beautiful bride is this she looks amazing. >> they told me a couple of days ago this would happen. they wouldn't be able to keep it in. we still have to get through a ceremony, guys. that is coming up. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready, as well. >> the reverend. t.j. holmes will officiate and
8:46 am
we're so excited. thank you for doing this with us and sharing and it's just the beginning. our bride and groom tie the knot. live coming up on "gma
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ and now the moment we have all been waiting for, "gma's" "wide world of weddings" with all of you, our viewers joining us and it kicks off right here right now with one very special couple. robert torrez and laura valverde are about to tie the knot and t.j. holmes is a licensed minister. this is legit and he is going to do the honors. t.j., take it away. >> all right, guy, thank you so much. and good morning, everybody. we are here because she made the first move on him on a dating website. that led to a first date in which she had to drive him home because he, quote, blacked out
8:49 am
after having too many margaritas. that miraculously led to a second date that led to a four-year relationship that included one brief breakup but that breakup led to him waking up and realizing that this is the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. that, of course, led to that epic viral video of a proposal that would make john travolta and the t-birds proud and that has all led us to today and this moment right here in times square. so i want to say welcome, it is my honor to be here but welcome to the friends and family and the millions who are witnessing this as robert torrez and laura valverde are declaring now their intention to spend the rest of their lives together. i do want to start by asking that if there is anyone here who sees for any reason these two should not be joined in mat money think keep it to yourself. you had four years to speak up. that ship has sailed and this is
8:50 am
happening today. and with that, i do want to move to the moment where it's time for you to all -- for you to make your vows and i will start with you, robert. do you, robert, take laura as your wife, to share your life with, to care for in tenderness and affection, to stand by in times of joy and sorrow in sickness and health for richer or poorer till death do you part? >> one, two, three. >> yeah, yeah. >> two thumbs. >> i do. >> thank you, fellas. to you now, laura. do you take robert as your husband to share your life with, to care for in tenderness and affection and stand by in types of joy and sore re in sickness and health for richer or poorer till death do you part? >> i do. >> don't want to consult with anybody? we good? and with that it's time for us to move on to the portion of exchanging of the rings.
8:51 am
blake, can i have the rings please, sir? >> they're in the box. >> are they really in the box? >> no. >> somebody, please. the ring, of course, is the outward symbol of your love and of your commitment. i will give this to you but i will start with you, robert. i need you to repeat after me. take her hand. got it. and repeat after me. with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed. i give it to you as a symbol of my life. >> as a sim combol of my love. >> and constant remind. >> constant reminder. >> of the promises i made to you today. >> of the promises i made to you today. >> place it on her finger. >> to you, now. take his hand. and repeat after me with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed.
8:52 am
>> i thee wed. >> i give it to you as a symbol of my love and constant reminder of the proms i made to you today. >> of the promises i made to you. >> place it on his finger. >> and with that, i would like to say to both of you now that i encourage to begin the process immediately of saving your marriage. so many people wait until there is a problem to try to fix the problem and save their marriage, but i encourage you to remember that marriage is saved by what you do every single day and how you trite each other and that starts for you guys today and with that and by the power vested in me seriously by the city of new york, it's my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. robert, kiss your wife for the first time. [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations, robert and laura and we will be right back.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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♪ to the women who know what real values are, life is what you make it. blinds to go makes it easy. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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bgentle diffused light when you swant it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. blinds for life. ♪ hey baby "good morning america" is brought to u you by cat's pride. look for the green jug. >> we have a really big surprise guest tomorrow for our sweet 16 wedding finale. 16 weddings tomorrow and boyz ii men here live for the big wedding dance. we also need to thank kleinfeld's bridal, the black tux, kay jewelers and finally the knot and our friends for the
8:56 am
beautiful flowers today. >> robert and laura cutting the cake right now. we'll take you all the way to scotland for our next wedding. a couple there getting ready to get married with abc's lama hasan. then we're coming back to the u.s. all these other couples lining up waiting to get married. >> so exciting. our 24-hour wedding live stream is getting under way. you can watch at on yahoo! and tomorrow in times square we're marrying 16 cups live. >> these are real couples. they're getting married. >> ♪ >> good morning i'm tamala edwards. it's 8:56 on this thursday april 28. time for that last look at
8:57 am
track. karen is starting on the schuylkill. good morning. >> still extra heavy on the schuylkill expressway tam. here's the update with this accident. we see police on the scene. looks like they're getting ready to pull away the the vehicle involved off to the side has been towed out of there. this is the schuylkill westbound at the blue route so extra heavy right here. in the lawncrest section we still have this problem with police diverting traffic on robin street near tabor avenue so if you're in this area you can stick the martin mill road as your alternate because that has been causing problems for about an hour. we have crews coming on the scene to direct traffic around this water main break in bala cynwyd near conshohocken. getting ready for the pen relays. one more hour and just as i warned you extra heavy traffic here on the ben franklin bridge. we could see everyone trying to come into the city so it will be jammed for awhile tam. >> okay, thank you karen. let's go over to meteorologist, david murphy. a gray day out there today david. >> getting grayer as we speak tam and cool, too. 54 degrees right now in philadelphia with the clouds continuing to get thicker. your exclusive accuweather
8:58 am
7-day shows we'll probably stop at about 59 around midday or early afternoon and then during the afternoon some rain will arrive and it will be spotty shower type rain but still wet enough to get those roads wet in time for the evening commute. tomorrow some rain and drizzle cloudy otherwise 58 degrees. saturday looks better, 66 there tam and then more rain on sunday. >> but my lawn lover loves it. philadelphia police admit they had the wrong house when they broke down a family's door. we have new reracks from police commissioner richard ross after that mistaken raid. "live with kelly and michael" next up here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday. >> ♪
8:59 am
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>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, from the new film "mother's day," kate hudson. and star of key & peele and the film "keanu," keegan-michael key. plus, they're wild, they're young, they're in the studio, animals courtesy of peter gros. also, be part of the fun. log on to to play, vote, and be part of today's show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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