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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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"action news" investigates just where that food might be coming from next. "action news", delaware valley a's leading news program, with jim gardner. this is marked storms of the lansdale and tonight he is behind bars on $250,000 bail. this is the man who authorities say shot and killed a member of his church, and during services last
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thursday. he said the d.a. today it doesn't make any sense to bring a gun to church. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is now a case of voluntary manslaughter a at the keystone fellowship church in montgomeryville. and tonight, "action news" reporter chad pradelli has an exclusive interview with the father of the victim. chad, what did you hear from robert braxton, junior tonight. >> reporter: jim, he forgives mark storms for allegedly shooting and killing his son. storms claims it was self-defense but the d.a. here in montgomery county isn't buying that argument saying storms, brought a gun to a fist fight. >> this is such a tragedy that my son had to die. >> reporter: outside his lansdale home robert braxton, junior said that he is relieved mark storms is being prosecuted for his son's death but as a man of god, he and his family, forgive. >> even though i have so much
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pain and so much hurt from the life that he took away from me, mark i forgive you, man. my family forgives you. but you must pay for this crime that you did. >> reporter: montgomery county investigators say robert braxton the third enter keystone fellowship church for 11:00 a a.m. service sunday. he a sat down in seats apparently reserved. when someone behind him tapped him on the shoulder, investigators say braxton became belligerent and angry but eventually calm down. >> that is when the defendant comes over and introduces a gun and a badge into this situation. >> reporter: d.a. kevin steele says that so-called badge was a permit to carry a concealed weapon badge that storms a peers to have bought on line. >> which then escalated the situation backup, a punch was thrown and then shots were fired killing mr. braxton.
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>> reporter: storms told investigators he thought he was in great danger and was worried about other people in the church including his wife, and son, the 46 year-old said he had shown the fake badge during a prior situation and the guy walked away. braxton did not. and now he is dead. braxton's are moving forward with the help of the spirituality. >> the church family, we are still going to love and support you are familiarly. >> reporter: if convicted, storms faces up to 20 years behind bars. i'm live from norristown, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim? >> thanks, chad. tonight is first round of the nfl draft and the eagles did exactly what everyone expected, they drafted a quarterback, from north dakota who says the eagles are the best fans in the nfl. he knows exactly what he needs to do. >> he was well coached. almost like a politician. there were two quarterbacks in the nfl draft and eagles get one of them. bird hope word commissioner
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uttered earlier this evening changes the fortunes of the franchise. >> with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz quarterback. >> wentz is 6-foot five, 235-pound quarterback from north dakota state. the last time eagles pick this high they drafted donovan mcnabb and that work out pretty well. wentz led north dakota state to two championships. he is a winner. some experts say he remind them a bit of brett favre. >> jamie apody is live at chicago at nfl draft where she just heard from wentz, jamie. >> reporter: ducis, wentz was so humbled by those comparisons you talk about mcnabb, difference when eagles drafted mcnabb and wentz tonight, there were no boos only cheers in the auditorium from eagles fans. when wentz got the call it was howie roseman on the other end and then spoke to mr. lurie and he talk about what it felt like to hear that phone ring.
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>> getting that phone call and talking to everybody in the organization and hearing how excited they are and knowing what happened for them to get to this spot where they had to get to to take me and to know they believe in me that much, it is exciting to walk out on that stage and everything. it is really cool. >> reporter: wentz told me philly fans will learn he is a winner and what will he to with that first nfl paycheck? he will repay his dad for his truck, hopefully maybe buy a new one. live from the nfl draft in chicago, jamie apody channel six "action news", ducis. a little later we will take you to the novacare facility and hear from the eagles front office members about why they are so high on wentz. >> ducis, thank you. a man armed with the sword is now in philadelphia police custody, that after a tense confrontation where we're not even a taser could bring him down. the suspect ripped the electric taser prongs off and then ran inside a home in the 4300 block of k street, that
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is in the juniata park section of the city. nearby juniata park charter school was put on lock down during the standoff with the swat team. after an hour, a at 12:30 the man came out, with hands up. police took more than 100 drug suspects in the cuss todd toy day during a major sweep during philadelphia and delaware county. darby police led operation spring cleaning. they say officers recovered $48,000 in drugs. but one house they targeted did not deserve the attention. they raided natasha richardson's home breaking down the door and then scarring her son. it turns out her family just recently moved into the house but the wanted fugitives in longer live there. police are apparently closing in on making arrest in the death of 16 year-old amy joyner francis. she's the teenager who died after a fight at howard technical high school last week in wilmington. "action news" reporter dann
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cuellar is live at wilmington police tonight, dann? >> reporter: well, jim, sources are telling us tonight that arrests are imminent, three students will be charged in the death of amy joyner francis. tonight we are learning new details about how she died. it has been exactly one week since shocking death of amy joyner francis in the howard high school bathroom and now a law enforcement veteran close to the investigation tells "action news" that during an altercation with three other female students that the 16 year-old was knock to the floor and stabbed repeatedly with pens also. then the source say one of the girls slammed her head in the bathroom sink. she was rush to the hospital where she later died. tonight a law enforcement expert say that investigations like this could take a long time because detectives, in this age of social media, have to sort through fact verse fiction in the host of facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. >> people make a lot of statements. you have to run down every single statement and they
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become very volumeus and where it becomes so much information that it takes that much more time to be able to close the loop on the case that you thought oh, this is a slam dunk when in actuality it is not. >> reporter: now the word we are getting tonight that is one of the female students is going to be charged with the actual killing, two other students will be charged as accomplices in the case. so that is very latest from here, we're live at the wilmington police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar for channel will six "action news". >> dann, thank you. a philadelphia police officer is under arrest tonight for a domestic incident while off-duty. twenty-eight year-old alex mcadams surrendered today on charges of burglary and criminal trespass. internal affairs investigators alleged that mcan ad apples broke into his girlfriend's home last month and stole a personal item, before chasing her out of the apartment. several other people, many women, took part in four
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marches tonight, to speak out against sexual and domestic violence. participants began at four different locations in philadelphia, they ended at first unitarian church in center city and they held a rally and a vigil. still to come on "action news" tonight, new investigative leads about what prince was taking in the days leading up to his death, and what involvement a doctor might have had. plus former house speaker john boehner compares the presidential candidate to the devil, today, cecily. we are stuck in the very unsettled weather pattern, i will time out next round of rain and let you know when our skies brighten a bit in the accu weather seven day forecast. you might not think twice about ordering delivery on line but tonight "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman is asking if you know where that grub is coming from. >> jim, we found local joints operating under aliases, some had unsatisfactory health inspection reports, and some operating without a license.
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coming up next we will track down our own and we are uncovering dirty details about these places. plus more on the carson wentz selection coming up with ducis rodgers when "action news" continues tonight. salts man.
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well, a man wearing a panda suit, and a surgical mask was shot and wounded outside of baltimore television station today. police say that 25 year-old alex brizi claimed to have a bomb. he had what appeared to be an explosive device strapped to his body, and when he refused to take his hand out of his pockets, officers shot him three times. brizi is in stable condition. police later discover that the device he was wearing was a reof candy bars wrapped in foil. investigators looking in the death of prince are zeroing in on the singer's use of prescription drugs, and whether or not a doctor prescribed them. they say medication was found at his home, and on the plane that made emergency landing the week before prince died, and they confirmed that he was
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given a shot of narcan when the plane landed. narcan is used to reverse opioid overdoses. the prince was found dead one week ago today. ted cruz and his new running nate carli fiorina were campaigning in indiana today but cruz was hit by former house speaker john boehner, who called cruz, lucifer in the flesh. that during a speech in stanford. meanwhile indiana basketball legend bobby knight compared donald trum top harry truman saying he saved millions of lives because he a had guts to drop a bomb on japan, pointing to trump, knight says here's a man who would do the same thing. hillary clinton is off the trail for a second day as she is reportedly hammering out her strategy against donald trump. but her campaign released this new video highlighting trump's a gend and urging people to stop him. clinton's democratic challenger bernie sanders is
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campaigning in oregon which does not hold its primary until the middle of may. a click of a button, on food delivery sites like grub hub, and seemless get you your meal delivered tour front door. it is quick and easy. it is a way to get food, real fast. but tonight an "action news" investigation questions if you really necessity where that grub is coming from. investigative reporter wendy saltzman is here with an exclusive a "action news". >> reporter: report jim, you can get pizza, burgers, exotic dishes available at the touch of your fingertips. on the internet they may boost five star customer satisfaction. but it is what is behind that on line veil, and more importantly what wasn't there, that really got our attention. without even dialing a number, hundreds of menu flash before your eyes on web sites like grub hub and seem less. >> everything at my fingertips. >> an "action news" investigation is asking cow really know where your meal is coming from?
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>> okay, we order from a lot. >> reporter: we went in the world of on line delivery and found restaurant operating under aliases, some won satisfaction health inspections, others operating without a license, or with no matching brick or mortar storefronts. >> let's get a mushroom swiss burger. >> reporter: like this restaurant in university city. our search for a business license or inspection report for fat boy and flynn's came up empty. delivery we found was coming out of the kitchen for barney stone. >> just like a d/b/a for grub hub. >> why would people do that though. >> just because i guess just to get more business good "action news" found barney stone has not been inspected in more than 27 months, and someone from that point, might not ever know that. after a call to the health department they sent out an inspector who cited numerous violations, noting the restaurant is not in satisfactory compliance. >> people cannot see that fat boy and flynn's has ever been
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inspect and barney stone didn't have the best inspection report. >> don't it. >> i think you guys had several violations. >> next up, mediterranean cuisine. again, "action news" was in the able to find an inspection report or business license for rana, the delivery we found was coming out of the kitchen from ed's pizza and wings. >> do you think it is misleading to the customer. >> management tells us they have been operating this dual kitchen for 17 years. while no inspection report was found for rana, ed's inspection report came back unsatisfactoriry. >> we have two names. >> another restaurant, this pizza shop which delivers on grub hub we found has no, business license either. >> we will check out. >> in fact, it says carnival pizza, restaurant with so many health violations they were taken to the court but health department says they are entitled to stayed opened and operating while they litigate the previous problems.
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despite that zotto say they have five stars under new manager many. when were you inspect. >> i mean -- is there a video camera there. >> yes. >> they inspect them in april and found they had multiple violations and most puzzling michael's deli hossa dress on grub hub leads to this house. we have frenchfries, some chicken fingers. >> again we found no active business license or inspection report from michael's, when we searched on line we found this storefront, a at a different address. locked and seemingly shut down. but grub hub let us order from michael's anyway. the health tenth would not speak with us on camera but told us off camera businesses can operate under as many names as they want as long as the kitchen is inspect. the philadelphia consumer advocate lance mayber has a problem with that. >> when you order food you should order from the company's name that you
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ordered from. >> grub hub says restaurants are allowed to operate dual concept kitchens but they are checking with the health department to make sure zotto's is in good standing. they have shut down michael's deli after learning they had gone out of business but shockingly grub hub did originally charge us for that meal, that never arrived. >> what is to stop someone from cooking out of their kitchen and selling it under some alias. >> grub hub claims they have some requirements but those seems to be self reporting requirements in many cases. >> a little fuzzy. >> thanks, wendy. on health check at 11:00, parents may be able to help their child's early learning just by paying extra a tension while the kid play. a new study found that the longer parents looked at a toy, the longer the child continued to observe it even after parents turned away. sustained attention is linked to important developmental skills like exploration, language, and problem solving. social engagement is, of course, also a boost to the
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parent/baby bond. hundreds of the people took part in the 5k in wilmington tonight to honor lieutenant joe szczerba, who was an 18 year veteran of the new castle county police department who was killed in the line of duty in september of 2011. proceeds of this race, will go to the will scholarship fund in joe szczerba's name. lets get the latest information from accu weather and cecily tynan. >> jim, we're stuck in the unsettled weather pattern. storm tracker six live double scan showing we are getting a a break in the rain but we have plenty of cloud. it is still damp and it is chilly. temperatures have been stuck in the 40's since the afternoon. philadelphia is 45. reading 44. millville 46. wilmington 45. trenton is at 44. satellite six with action radar showing we have a lull in the action right now but you looking out to the west there is more showers with than a upper level low that will spin in during the day tomorrow. so planning out your day, plenty of clouds, it will be a
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cool day. in the morning at 8:00 o'clock 48 degrees with cloud, drizzle but as we head in the afternoon around three or 4:00 e steady showers moving in. it looks like the evening commute will be a wet one and the third day in a a row temperatures stuck in the 50's. but it is not all that bad. future tracker is showing we will see some brightening in the sky on saturday around lunchtime get something breaks in the clouds. finally a break in the rain as well no rain. another system pulls in, saturday night through sunday morning. it looks like we have a soaking rain at 8:00 o'clock sunday morning. this is not great timing for the broad street run. if you are heading there a chill will be in the air and at this point it looks like a steady rain is likely at 8:00 o'clock when the race starts. 49 degrees. temperatures really not climbing much in the 50's. 40,000 runners and i just post picks on what to wear, to racing in the rain on my facebook page. check it out.
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at least it won't be hot and sunny on sunday. that is tough to race in. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, it will be damp, cool with drizzle in the morning. steadier showers in the afternoon and evening. high of 56 degrees. on saturday in the bad, cloud breaking for peaks of sunshine 63 degrees but saturday night through sunday morning it will be wet, dreary. high only 60. monday some lingering showers, 68 degrees, and then tuesday, some rather cloudy, possibility of showers, 70 degrees. on wednesday a chance of thunder showers but not all day so we will see some sunshine, 72. thursday it will be seasonably warm under partly sunny skies with a high of 72. of course, david murphy will be tracking showers as they helped in on "action news" at 4:30. parking lot of the lowes in south philadelphia was transformed into a construction zone tonight. dozens of female volunteers spent this evening framing out a house for habitat for humanity.
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they are among ten groups throughout the country taking part in habitat's women build week. philadelphia school took sometime tonight to honor parents and supporters. community partnership school held it annual fundraiser a at club z in the spring garden section of the city. "action news" anchor rick williams was on hand to mc this event tonight. "action news" reporter tat win scott, mc delaware county's annual partners in education celebration, at drexel hill tonight. event honors 200 teen members of the delco high q academic quiz competition. ten students were awarded scholarships as well tonight.
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i get it. mellie, let me be very clear. you blow this dinner... and let mellie win the governor's endorsement... ...and let susan win the governor's endorsement, then susan wins florida and you suspend your campaign come wednesday morning. as in permanently suspend, as in we're over. it's done. -got it. -do you? yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.
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yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. >> and they got him. eagles fans erupted in cheers second overall pick went as expect. no unseenly surprises tonight. that during a draft watch party at lincoln financial field. and they are all cheering for one carson wentz. >> no boos tonight. >> no. >> not yet. no cat and mouse game with the bird. the eagles told us last week their move up to number two was to get a quarterback and that is exactly what they got. they select carson wentz out of the north dakota state, 6-foot five, 235-pound, he led his college to 2fcs championships. experts say wentz may not be nfl ready right away but both the physical and mental tools to get there rather quickly. jamie apody spoke to the new eagles draft pick tonight, she joins us live from chicago, jamie. >> ducis, carson wentz told me
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that if he needed to start right away, he thinks wow get himself ready this guy was all smiles tonight. he went from sleeping on the air mattress with his roommate in north dakota to be philadelphia's new franchise quarterback and i had a chance to catch up with him. have you envisioned the moment you step on the nfl field for the first time. >> i will start now. i have been waiting for this day. i don't know when exactly the first time it will be as a starter but hopefully sooner then later and i'm excited for it. >> at times philadelphia fans can be tough on eagles players. what will they see in you, why will they embrace you. >> i think they will see a winner and competitor. that is biggest thing that comes to mind. they will see a kid who loves the game. i will put my best foot forward every day, first one in, last one out and hopefully win a lot of games. >> winner and competitor, such a genuine kid. he is now getting on a plane heading to his new home in
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philadelphia and once he moves there officially he will bring his three-year old golden retriever henley hoist his pride and joy. live from the nfl draft from chicago, jamie apody channel six "action news". we have heard from wentz. new lets hear from eagles brass as to why they are so sold on a quarterback from a small school. jeff skversky spoke to howie roseman and doug peterson this evening live from the novacare facility, jeff? >> ducis, eagles say they are not concerned one bit that carson wentz played at north dakota state a smaller school playing against weaker competition. eagles head coach doug pederson said wentz reminds him of brett favre, blue collar and his work ethic will work out perfectly in this city. >> he is someone that can be molded in to whatever you want. when you have coaches that we have and support system that we have, it is exciting. one player can change your team. for us we know how important
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that is, that position. >> he is an exciting guy. he is a perfect fit for what we will do. his tea meaner fits everything about the philadelphia eagles. >> pederson will not put a timetable on when wentz will be the starting quarterback but expect him to sit, the entire season. with sam bradford, yes, as starting quarterback howie roseman says he does not plan to honor bradford's request to be traded. we are live from team headquarters, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". still ahead here in sports phillies remain hot, we will check on them coming up next. phillies wrapped up their
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series with the nationals this afternoon. they were looking for their first sweep in d.c. since 2009. aaron nola had a top ten
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rotation stuff today. seven innings of shut out ball,'s loud two hits and strikes out seven but nola gets no decision because game is scoreless in the ninth inning. car lon rupp against former philly cameron papelbon. bases loaded. that feels good. a two run double. phillies win three to nothing. they have won six of seven, and two games above 500. >> second time against papelbon in a week. >> yes. >> yeah. >> looks good. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest chadwick bowsman, robert randolph, and music from nick jonas featuring cobra. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight chadwick boseman, chris hardwick, from the los angeles rams jared goff, and music from nick jonas ft. tove lo, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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