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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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on > good morning everyone, 4:30 a.m., friday, april 29. police are closing in on making arrests in the death of a delaware teen in her high school bathroom. police in riot gear break up a chaotic scene in california outside a donald trump rally. it's cool and rainy today, but at least there's a bright spot this weekend. who is tired of the rain? anyway. >> reporter: you've had 15 days
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without any rain. i just said it. >> reporter: we have satellite, there's a lot of cloud cover out there. a couple of sprinkles and showers are possible as we go through the day, most of this will be light and spotty and drizzle. this evening, a couple of showers around. not a washout, though. 46 degrees in philadelphia. 46 in allentown. 45 in wilmington and trenton. 48 in cape may. as we head to the bus stop this morning to wrap up a school week, cloudy skies, mainly dry, 46 degrees by 8:00 a.m., 47 degrees and not wet in most neighborhoods. 52- degrees by 11:00 a.m. 5454 by 1:00 p.m. the high is 55 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 54 at times there could be a sprinkle or shower and maybe more of that later this evening. will it hinder the phillies game? what about the weekend? karen there are changes coming for the weekend not necessarily good changes.
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we'll have details coming up. >> reporter: bad timing to make bad changes over the weekend. 422 eastbound at oaks we had an accident on the shoulder that was causing a problem eastbound at oaks, 422 looking better right now. i know that's a dark ride in this morning, roads are wet in spots watch for that with it being drizzly in areas. state street we have an accident in upper pottsgrove township. we have a couple of early morning accidents and roads being damp especially in south jersey, the drizzle between 295 and 168, we have an accident. we have one on 70 westbound past 295. both highways we're looking at accidents that are causing problems especially in south jersey, matt. new this morning, two people are in custody in connection with a shooting in philadelphia's frank forford section. a woman opened fire on a man
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after midnight. she hopped into a car with another man and drove off. police tracked down the vehicle and the people in it about an hour later. the victim was shot three times and expected to survive. this happened 200 feet from another shooting that happened late wednesday night. they do not believe the incidents are relatedded. "action news" learned three students will be charged in the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis. she is the teen who died at howard technical high school in wilmington last week. annie mccormick is live at wilmington police headquarters with the story. >> reporter: this is according to sources that three students are expected to be charged in the death of amy joyner-francis. we are learning about the details that transpired in the howard high school bathroom. we are learning it was a week ago that the 16-year-old died in the howard high school bathroom.
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sources close to the investigation tell "action news" during a fight with three other female students she was knocked to the ground and stabbed with pencils. one of the girls slammed the teen victim's head into a bathroom sink. she later died after she was rushed to the hospital. one law enforcement experts explained how investigation also like this can take time especially when they have to go through instagram and twitter posts and facebook to find out what is real and what is fake. you have to run down every single statement. there's so much information i tell takes that more time to close the loop on the case this is a slam dunk when it's not. >> reporter: according to the sources one of the student is expected to be charged with the killing, the other two are expected to be charged as accomplices. it is not clear if they will be
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charged as juveniles or adults. reporting live outside police headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. a man resembling the one in this sketch tried to grab an 11-year-old girl walking along a trail. the man approached her and began talking. he reached for her arm, but she pulled away. if you think you know who he may be, call police. the father of a young man shot and killed at a montgomery county church spoke to "action news." authorities say he opened fire during sunday services at the keystone fellowship church in north wales. prosecutors found in evidence that the shooting was self-defense. the father of the victim said as a man of god he forgives storms
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for his son's death. even though i have so much pain so much hurt from the life he took away from me, mark i forgive you man, and my family forgives you, but you must pay for this crime that you did. storms faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted. a philadelphia police officer is under arrest for a domestic incident off duty. alex mcadams surrendered yesterday on charges of burglary and criminal trespass. it is said that he broke into his girlfriend's home last month stealing a personal item before chasing her out of the apartment. police in riot gear jumped in when donald trump protesters and supporters clashed in southern california. it happened as the republican presidential candidate was
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rallying people inside an theater rallied thousand, a trump supporter was pulled from his car and beaten. police in riot gear working to keep control. we are going to have strong borders, we're going to build the wall. >> reporter: at what his first stop in california which votes in june. the next battle is in indiana. ted cruz needs a win tuesday, but the attacks against him keep coming even from former house speaker john boehner who told stanford students what he really thinks of cruz.
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on the democratic side, fewer fireworks, hillary clinton has been playing off trump remarks playing the women's card. besh -- bernie sanders was in oregon hammering away at clinton. you can't be for wall street and the working people of this county. >> reporter: it was the alliance that was over before it starredded. ted cruz and john kasich say they have no alliance to stop trump they agreed to focus resources to help their chances. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news" washington. a new eagles has landed in philadelphia, carson wentz of north dakota state. he passed for 1651 yards and 17 touchdowns during senior year that was shortened by a wrist injury.
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the last time they picked this high in the draft was in 1999 when they selected donovan mcnabb. we'll here from carson when the eagles introduce him. will farrell's film about reynolds reagan is drawing criticism. a group in new jersey rescues 100 dogs from a meat farm. >> reporter: we are dressing the kids on the way home from school today. when is the rain coming that's the details just ahead.
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today at franklin field.
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the penn relay is the oldest collegiate track mete in the nation started in 1895. today, 22,000 athletes from 60 countries that's more than participate in the olympic games. the penn relays run through tomorrow. pretty impressive. penn relays, broad street run sunday, go to work. what have we got? >> reporter: some of it will be hindered by rain. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are basically dry. some of you might see a sprinkle or drizzle on the windshield at times. most of us won't have that problem. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd at the airport. some of the lawns and sidewalks and streets are damp from overnight shower activity. as you just saw on radar most of that is out of the picture right now. 46 degrees, it's chilly as you step outside. wind out of the east-northeast, 8 miles per hour not all that
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strong. future tracker 6 picking up the rain story. you'll notice from now until noon every now and then a sprinkle. the dominant feature is the cloud cover socking us in. 6:00 p.m., more showers in the northern suburbs. pushing into 11:00 p.m. not raining all the time, but you'll get a shower. the temperatures today 50s. 51 degrees by 10:00 a.m., 55 by noon. we'll sit on that through the late afternoon hours. not a lot of wind, but a lot of clouds and spop up sprinkle or -- pop up sprinkle or shower. 55 in allentown and down the shore, 54 degrees is the high. the phillies swept the nationals in washington. cloudy with a shower, 54 degrees for the first pitch, 52 in the
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9th inning, my hunch is they get the game in, but there could be a rain delay, bring the rain gear. saturday is starting out cloudy, there's the possibility of sun breaking through at times, but you'll see a mix. late saturday night there's a chance of showers as soon as 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. the game they will get it in, but you'll have rain toward the end. sunday, the rainmaker rushing in faster in the models over the last couple of days, the broad street run looks wet for you runners. in the afternoon, on and off showers back and forth, phillies will try to play baseball against cleveland, we'll see if they get that in, it's going to be tough, but things could change. today, cool, 5 degrees, cloudy, damp at times. tomorrow we get a dry break most
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of the day, 64 degrees is all you'll see for the high, there will be sun and clouds, it should be dry and nice for the the union game, but you want to bundle you -- bundle up for dplafost part. sunday, cloudy and rainy, 60 degrees. monday, cloud, a shower, 66 degrees. tuesday, 68 degrees, mainly cloudy and late-day rain. wednesday, 70, and thursday, 72. if you want 6abc and the weather go to the you get it all, everything you need. the best of both worlds. a driver got stranded in heavy floodwaters in mississippi yesterday and a woman ran over to the submerged car in gulph
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port and helped the driver get out. the mayor of the city declared a state of emergency because of widespread flooding. emergency managers say 35 -- five to 12 inches of rain fell in gulfport yesterday. 170 dogs saved from a meat farm in south korea are heading to new jersey. groups of the dogs will be arriving at newark liberty airport over the next two weeks and available for adoption. the humane society is working with south korea of using the practice of using dogs and breeding them for meat. investigators are asking if anything criminal led to the death of singer prince. they are looking at his use of prescription drugs and whether they were given to him by a dr.. authorities say prescription drugs were found on the plane
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after an emergency landing. he was givenarcan. will farrell will be playing president ronald reagan. patti davis writes there's nothing comedic about the disease. the film is being shopped to moviey studios. 4:47 a.m. is the time. how college reporters got an unexpected press brieflying after a visit to the -- press briefing after a visit to the white house.
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welcome back taking a live look here, down the shore, 4:50 a little cool out there this morning, just 46 degrees. hi, karen. >> reporter: hey are everybody, you know what today is? my favorite day of the week. it's friday, just for you i'm going to give you nice traffic.
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i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city, overnight construction has cleared, you're good to go, it's a little damp out there. a little drizzle. we had a handful of accidents some of which have cleared. we have a new accident at 40-foot road in abington. delaware memorial bridge southbound we have emergency repairs one lane blocked. you might remember last week it caused nightmares we had three lanes blocked. now it's just one. farmington road at state street an accident. two accidents in new jersey on 295 have cleared. burlington bristol bridge construction cleared nice and early. already back open. what other good news can i due for you, tam? i think that's enough. >> reporter: okay. septa will hold their two public hearings on the 2017 budget, 1.4 billion dollars increase of 3%.
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it maintains current service leaves with no fare increases. the meetings will be at 2 and 6:00 p.m. in norristown. verizon has said it issued its final offer to striking workers. it includes a 7.5% page increase and protection from layoffs as long as verizon has more controls on how it deploys workers. the members said they will remain on strike, though, the walkout began april 11. the major stock indices took a hit yesterday with the dow tumbling 110 points. ceo of price line resigns after admitting a personal relationship with an employee. darren's houston's relationship violated the code of conduct. the employee was not under direct supervision by houston. new we have new developments a fallout from a
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school fight tea berks county school caught on camera. an american citizen accusd of spying in north korea was sentenced this morning. new this morning, north
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korea has sentenced an american to ten years of hard labor. he was detained in the north on
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accusations of stealing state secrets. fbi found pipe bombs inside an apartment during a search in medford, yesterday. reduce -- ruse is currently behind bars. college students got a surprise while talking to josh earnest. president obama crashed the event yesterday he spoke will federal help for student loan payments. a rutgers student used the chance to ask an interview one on one, he told the press sophomore he had given some play. how a new video popped up on social media, nearly ruined
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the night for a promising nfl draftee. police are looking for a suspected flasher in delaware, those stories are coming up a lot more.
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berks county school comes to light. don't put the umbrella away yet. you're telling me we have rain coming up, i'm sick of it, that's it, i'm done! >> reporter: i disagree i have a lot of people on social media saying it's been dry for a while, the flowers need this the trees need this, so matt take a chill pill. >> reporter: we don't have a lot of the rain out there, right now, karen mentioned drizzle coming in from south jersey. there's more on the way late in the day and evening hours. 47 degrees is the current temperature, cloudy and cool. 46 in allentown. 45 in wilmington, trenton, 45 and 48 in cape may. growmed -- ground surfaces are wet because of light drizzle activity. 47 degrees by 8:00 a.m. under cloudy skies. as we roll throug


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