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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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temperatures dropping down into the 40's. and we'll see a little bit of drizzle but no heavy rain. now, heading into the weekend, tomorrow will be mainly dry but minimal sunshine. lots of clouds and sunday get ready for a soaking rain with temperatures well below average and, yes, this unsettled pattern does continue into next week but i am seeing warmer air and some sunshine. i'll let you know when coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, thank you cecily. new at 5:00 tonight another twist in the bizarre controversy surrounding last night's nfl draft. a star player claims that his social media accounts were hacked exposing a troubled past. and just 90 minutes ago when his new team addressed the media about that the player was a no-show. abc's marci gonzalez with the story. >> reporter: a game changer for one star player during last night's nfl draft. >> with the first pick. >> reporter: team after team. >> with the second opinion. >> reporter: overlooking
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offensive tackle laremy tunsil touted as one of the best players in college football after this. this video showing tunsil smoking out of a bong posted to his twitter page just minutes before the draft began. >> man, somebody hacking my account man i made that mistake, you know, several years ago and somehow somebody got in my photos and hacked my twitter account. >> reporter: the video and tunsil's twitter account quickly deleted but the hack attack continuing on his instagram page as tunsil who was once considered a potential topic sat waiting more images were uploaded of text messages allegedly showing tunsil asking his college coach for help paying bills and rent. >> exchange between you and your coach. >> i'd have to say yeah. >> reporter: an admission that could potentially get ole miss in trouble with the ncaa a. >> the miami dolphins select laremy tunsil. >> reporter: the 13th overall draft pick. the average salary about $15 million less than a first
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overall pick. officials for the miami dolphins saying despite the controversy, they stand by their new player. >> obviously there were some mistakes that he had made in his past. we were obviously familiar with the video but for us it was still the decision we felt was right for us. >> reporter: still no word on who may have hacked the accounts and why. as for the ole miss money issues school officials say they're investigating. marci gonzalez abc news, new york. >> less than 30 minutes we're expecting to hear from the newest philadelphia eagle quarterback carson wentz. >> tonight he's expected to address reporters at the novacare complex. sports director ducis rodgers is live with more. ducis. >> reporter: hey there guys. we'll get started here at the novacare facility in about a half hour at the bottom of the hour, 5:30 we'll get started. that's when carson wentz will meet the media for the first time here in philadelphia. the birds gave up a lot just
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for the right to draft him last night. let's take a look at video of wentz arriving at phl from chicago this afternoon. the kid from bismarck, north dakota is now an instant celebrity. from the airport he went straight to the team's facility. here to meet with eagles coaches and team personnel. despite his limited number of starts in college and coming out of a small school in north dakota state the eagles are very high on wentz. they don't expect him to start right away or even start this season for that matter but they view him as a franchise quarterback. eagles headed coach doug peterson compared went to one hall of famer brett farve. the press conference set to start at 5:30 here at the the novacare federal. we're live in south philadelphia, i'm ducis rodgers channel6 "action news. monica, to you. >> thank you ducis. the birds of course put a lot on the line to snatch up carson wentz including next year's first round draft pick. wentz led the north dakota state bison to two championships. eagles are calling him the quarterback of the future as
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you heard it. birds fans are hoping that will be the case as well. >> it's a if move, quarterback for the future. need some excitement in this town. >> his size, athleticism, you know, his intelligence, all those factor into him becoming an nfl player. >> wentz is expected to speak to reporters in a matter of minutes. we'll stream it for you live on our web site >> all right, from our delaware news room tonight wilmington police say they're still not ready to discuss charges in the case of a deadly fight inside of a high school bathroom this week. it has been more than a week actually since the victim, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died from her injuries. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in wilmington with the details. trish. >> reporter: well, rick earlier this week the wilmington police chief said he had hoped to file charges in this case by the end of this week but after seeing just how much evidence still needs to be processed he says it's going to take some time to make this a thorough and fair investigation into the death of amy joyner-francis.
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>> because there's still a lot of work left to do the detectives in the attorney general's office in terms of reviewing evidence and relevant facts we are not in a position at this time to file charges. >> reporter: wilmington police chief bobby cummings made the announcement at a brief news conference this afternoon. there is still much more work to be done before charges can be filed relating to the death of 16-year-old amy joyner-francis. she died last thursday after a fight in a girls' bathroom at howard high school of technology. she was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. police say they have identified three persons of interest in the case but no one has been charged saying detectives still need to sift through 3,000 pages of written data along with interviews and cellular data. the three female students have been suspended as amy's family and classmates continue to mourn. a memorial of stuffed animals and flowers has slowly grown in front of the school while students were welcomed back to school this week with lots of
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hugs, town hall style meetings were held at the school for concerned parents. the chief says while he knows the community is anxious for answers this investigation will take time. >> we all have an obligation to amy's family, to her classmates at howard high school and to the community to present information to the public that is based on facts and not rumors. >> reporter: now, the chief did confirm today that no weapons were used in this deadly attack. now, meanwhile an event will be held at 7 o'clock tonight for aim plea's friends and other classmates at feel the greatness church. organizers say it will help the teens focus on making the right choices and focus on remembering amy's life. live in wilmington delaware trish hartman channel6 "action news. monica. >> thank you trish. official are investigating how a fire started at a mcdonald's here in northeast philadelphia in the middle of the lunch hour. the flames broke out about 12:30 today near roosevelt boulevard and cottman avenue. authorities say it started in the kitchen. fortunately no one was hurt. air traffic is back to
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normal at philadelphia international airport after not one but two emergency landings there this morning. they happened 15 minutes apart a little after 8:00 a.m. one flight coming from toronto had steering problems. the pilot of the other an american eagle flight from richmond reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin. both emergencies sparked a ground stop at phl this morning but it has since been listed. >> one match six ticket shoulder our area's newest millionaire tonight. a ticket sold in north wales montgomery county matched all six winning numbers and that's worth a jackpot of $1.2 million. the winning numbers are 10, 16, 17, 22, 47 and 48. the winner has one year from yesterday to claim their prize. >> somebody's kicking up their heels this week. time to get a check of that traffic report. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. t.g.i.f., matt. if we can only get home now. >> well, you know, if you like massive traffic jams, you're
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hitting the jackpot this afternoon. if you try and use 95 northbound what a mess, rick and monica. we're at a standstill now from just north of philadelphia international airport through this point at tasker on up to girard avenue. the bit of good news is the emergency expansion joint repairs that caused this huge mess have finally cleared. so all lanes are reopened northbound in the work zone near girard avenue but the backlog remains and it is very heavy with speeds like 10 miles per hour. those delays are spilling onto the vine street expressway and the schuylkill expressway. really going slow you down as you head toward the pearl jam concert and the phils game tonight. you still want to stay local on the city streets but as you're doing so watch out for a crash on south broad at snyder. there's also one on the boulevard northbound near devereaux and now the tacony palmyra bridge is also going up so head for the betsy ross to avoid that passing ship. in plumstead township still without 313 swamp road by gingerbread square shopping center. worthington get you around it.
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in cherry hill evesham road closed because of a crash. sen tellial boulevard is a possible alternate there. a busy friday rick and monica. >> much more still to come on "action news at 5:00 tonight. the race for the white house takes a bizarre turn in san francisco. the protestors that forced donald trump to take a big detour on the way to his own rally. >> but first an explosion in western pennsylvania seen for hundreds of miles. what officials say blew up creating this massive fire when "action news" comes right back.
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>> a natural gas pipeline exploded this morning outside of pittsburgh creating this big fire ball that could be seen hundreds of miles away. the fire and heat damaged several homes and left one person injured. in fact, people say they felt the ground rumble. it took crews an hour to get that fire under control. the cause is under investigation. investigators in minnesota are still trying to determine if prince's death was caused by an overdose. they say the singer had opioid medication with him when he was found. tonight investigators are looking into whether a doctor was prescribing him those drugs in the weeks before he was found dead. prince's death comes two weeks after he canceled concerts in atlanta and saint louis saying he was not feeling well.
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>> nissan recalling more than 3 million vehicles in the u.s. over air bag concerns. the company says it knows of three related incidents resulting in moderate injuries. the recall affects several nissan models the altima, the leaf maxima murano pathfinder sentra rogue the nv200 and three models of the infiniti. all recalled cars are between model years 2013 and 2017. fleece san said the remedy varies by vehicle and ranges from software reprogramming to hardware replacement. >> tonight at 11:00 the "action news" troubleshooters take a look at the case of a used car that burst into a fire ball just two weeks after the owner bought it. nydia han has a preview tonight special report. >> reporter: a car shouldn't just explode. this one did. >> i never saw a car burn so fast. >> reporter: police and fire officials responded. the "action news" troubleshooters rushed out there, too. >> i mean, people could have
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been killed including us. >> reporter: this car had been sitting on this drive way overnight more than 12 hours with the ignition off. suddenly it erupted in a ball of flames and this is what is left. >> i just don't want it to happen to other people a special "action news" troubleshooters tonight on channel6 "action news at 11:00. >> dozens of people attended a public hearing this morning in philadelphia. the topic, the verizon fios franchise agreement. that hearing took place at city hall. officials reviewed the status of the city's franchise agreement with verizon. several people expressed disappointment that verizon fios cable service still is not available all across the city. >> students in south philadelphia gave back today in a big way by playing a fun game of basketball. high schoolers from neumann goretti came to william meredith elementary school to take part in the sixth annual soup for haiti event. they raised money to play in the game that puts a six time defending state champion boys team against the younger kids.
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they expected to raise over $5,000 today which pays for school tuition and meals for over a hundred haitian children. >> miss jamaica world 2015 is visiting the u.s. for the first time and she came to philadelphia. she toured the campus at temple university this afternoon. the 24-year-old has a medical degree and she recently finished in the top five of the miss world pageant in china. she's been a special guest at the phillies game tonight and she'll be at the penn relays tomorrow. >> marching bands in our area and beyond are competing all weekend long for college scholarships. >> ♪ the national judges association tournament of bands indoor championships is happening right now in wildwood. it's one of the largest educational competitive band organizations in the country. the competition runs through sunday. >> very nice. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 it's fitness friday. the broad street run is just two days away. >> ali gorman is live outside of the runners expo at the pennsylvania convention
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center. hi, ali. >> reporter: hi, guys, yeah and thousands of runners are coming down picking up their race packets. the countdown is on to sunday's race and i'll have some last minute tips from some sports medicine experts coming up. >> ♪ dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way.
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about how to make debt work for you, ask me. >> ♪ >> breaking news tonight. chopper six was over the scene and shot this video a few moments ago of an ongoing police investigation of a shooting in the city's point breeze section. it happened near wharton avenue about an hour 20 minutes ago. details are 67 cle. sketchy. one person was shot. the victim has been taken to penn presbyterian. no word on his condition and no word of arrests. police are on the scene investigating. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us. >> health check tonight it is fitness friday the count down is on to sunday's 10-mile blue cross broad street run. >> ali gorman is live outside of the pennsylvania convention center where the runners expo is under way. she has some last minute tips for runners tonight. ali. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, guys about 40,000 runners are signed up to run
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the race on sunday. for some it's their first time. for others this is a tradition but for everyone, there are some last minute tips to keep in mind. runners are picking up their race bibs packets and t-shirts and some are doing their best to calm prerace jitters. >> i'm nervous because this is my very first broad street run. >> nervous about finishing. it's a long run. probably my longest run. >> reporter: others are watching the forecast. >> i hope it don't rain but if it it does i'm ready. >> reporter: since we can't control the weather focus on what you can control. justin and dr. todd mcgrath of aria 3b orthopedics say by now your training should be over. on saturday, what's recommended for activity depends on your level of experience. >> if you're a novice then maybe just go for a walk. if you're a more experienced runner then probably a light run, two, 3 miles just to get the legs ready for the next day. >> reporter: over the
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weekend, stay hydrated. but come sunday morning, be careful not to overhydrate. >> you don't need to -- you don't need a gallon of water. a normal glass of water, maybe an electrolyte drink to sip on or something as you're walking around the starting area. >> reporter: and if you find yourself a little unprepared this year,. >> i just can't get enough time for training really. >> reporter: then lower your expectations. take it slow and listen to your body. as for running gear, if you bought fancy new running clothes, save them for another day. >> don't switch shoes, especially no inserts, keep the same running clothes you had. keep everything consistent because one little thing can really set you up for a problem. >> reporter: and as for sunday's weather, i'm going to leave that up to the experts as many people know cecily tynan our meteorologist is also an experienced runner and she has posted some tips for running in the rain. everything from how to dress,
5:22 pm
how to prevent slipping and falling, even how to prevent chafing. all of it is on her facebook page or on there's some great tips there. check them out and good luck to all the runners on sunday. reporting live outside the convention center, ali gorman, channel6 "action news. >> thank you ali. i'm going to need it. i appreciate that. >> he's not running. [laughter] >> thanks ali. >> sure. >> let's take it live outside right now. look at that. gray skies above but a pretty picture. we're live with the accuweather word in a moment. >> take a look at the ben franklin bridge. meteorologist cecily tynan has your exclusive accuweather five day forecast including what the broad street run is going to look like weather-wise when we come right back. stay with us.
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>> time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has a check of the forecast. i guess saturday if you have to be outside of course broad street is outside, saturday is probably the better day to be outside. >> exactly. if they could move the broad street run to saturday it would be perfect. >> we're going to work on that. because saturday will be the pick of the two days this weekend by a long shot. double scan live showing that we are getting a break in the action though, the band of rain has now pushed north and east of our region. have you noticed that with all the rain we've been getting finally that pollen meter is
5:26 pm
low, the rain has cleared the pollen out of the air and also everything is looking really green. we did need the rain. we got it. but with the rain we got the cold air and the clouds. right now 50 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington 51. allentown down to 49. cape may 51. trenton 49. this is our third day of the row of temperatures stuck in the 50's. if you look at april the red days are days when our afternoon high was above average, the blue days below average. the gray is normal and you can see how we did have that long stretch of very warm air, then three days below average and april itself running just slightly about a half a degree above normal with one more day to go and tomorrow likely will be below normal. now satellite6 along with action radar showing the next system i'm tracking low pressure that is bringing some severe weather to dallas with some dorn many tornado watches. also behind it they're getting snow in colorado. mountains could get six to 12-inches of snow.
5:27 pm
this is a system that will be heading our way and that's what will be bringing us a soaking rain on sunday. saturday's not looking that bad though. tonight temperatures essentially holding steady just dropping down into the mid 40's. it will be damp with a little bit of drizzle. no heavy rain tonight. plenty of clouds. and future tracker showing as we head through the day tomorrow, we will see some breaks in the clouds. at 11:30 around lunchtime some brightening in the sky. it will be a dry day. but then as we led into -- head into saturday night this is when the rain arrivals. sunday mourn as we're gathering at the start of the broad street run it will be raining with heavy rain across the northwest suburbs. that rolls through around lunch time and then in the afternoon the heavy rain will taper off to some showers but still a lot of clouds and some showers will be lingering into monday. so, planning your run for the broad street run, temperatures really for the duration of the race holding right around 50 but it is looking like we will have a steady rain that will be heavy at times. so the exclusive accuweather
5:28 pm
five day forecast showing tomorrow 63 degrees, a few peeks of sunshine. it's wet on sunday, the heaviest in the morning. 59. on monday showers linger, 66. tuesday partly sunny 68 and wednesday watching for the potential for a coastal storm. track really is key on that with a high of 68 and i'll talk about what happens later in the week in the accuweather 7-day forecast guys. >> sounds good. we'll be right back after a break. stick around. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. chaos on the campaign trail today. hundreds of anti-trump protestors go after the republican candidate during a stop in california and it is not the first time. plus, a man convicted in a brutal home invasion and robbery learns his fate from a tell wear judge. and th -- delaware judge. the eagles new quarterback carson wentz in philadelphia ready to address the hometown crowd. we're live in south philadelphia. >> we're tracking a gloomy weekend across the region tonight. >> the weather will impact all outdoor plans including the broad street run sunday.
5:31 pm
>> let's get details from meteorologist adam joseph. he's been checking it out from double scan radar. adam. >> the timing is not good for the second half of the week on sunday but we'll salvage tomorrow. dry despite it is it stay mainly on the cloudy side. an area of showers now moving north and east of mercer county trenton hunterdon county and offer the coast and as you can see not much happening behind it. most of it is off to our north along the pennsylvania-new york border and that's where it will mainly stay here during the overnight hours tonight. but it has been very cool in the midatlantic. in fact, right now just 50 degrees in the city of philadelphia. 61 in richmond. there is a boundary draped right through here that is not moving whatsoever. south of there very summer-like with temperatures in the up are 80's, in fact savannah georgia this afternoon did hit 93 degrees. many folks heading to the bank here this evening 7:05, raw, cloudy and damp feeling. there could be a spitting shower, some drizzle at times but it doesn't look like any
5:32 pm
steady rain with temperature right around that 50-degree mark. when i come back we'll talk about and look at future tracker six for that heavy rain, monica, the second half of the weekend in just a little bit. >> thank you, adam. >> uh-huh. >> those april showers do keep coming and has you covered. between storm tracker6 live radar and constant updates from our team of meteorologists you'll be prepared for whatever changes may happen. >> ♪ >> now to the 2016 race for the white house. donald trump continues to stump across california. earlier today in san francisco anti-trump protestors butted heads with police in riot gear outside of the airport there and at a hotel where he was giving a speech. this isn't the first violent confrontation to surround the republican frontrunner. last night supporters and protestors collided outside his rally in costa mesa. at least 17 people were injured. meanwhile republican ted cruz picked up a big endorsement as he heads into
5:33 pm
the final week of campaigning in indiana before tuesday's primary there. governor mike pence endorsed cruz for president calling him a principled conservative. nancy pelosi filing back at donald trump for claiming democrat hillary clinton is playing the woman's card. she says clinton is playing the experience card and trump is playing the joker. bernie sanders continues to push his agenda in indiana tonight. he joined a labor union rally in indianapolis and told supporters that the era of corporate agreed will come to an end when he becomes president. all right, abc's bazi kanani is live in washington this evening with the very latest from the campaign trail. bazi. >> reporter: good evening, rick. a rowdy scene there in california where donald trump is campaigning ahead of the june primary. while ted cruz is hoping to stop him next week in indiana. as ted cruz fights for critical victory in indiana he
5:34 pm
wins a major endorsement from the state's governor mike pence. >> i'm very impressed with ted cruz's devotion and knowledge of the constitution of the united states. >> reporter: one more on cruz's side along with his new running mate announced this week in what analysts call a hail mary attempt to stop donald trump from winning the gop nomination outright with a majority of pledged delegates. >> i think the people of indiana want a positive optimistic campaign. >> reporter: in california, a second day in a row of disruptive protests outside donald trump events. here a scuffle after a trump supporter dressed like the candidate walks right into the crowd of protestors. another group chain themselves together to block a road forcing trump to stop on the side of the road leaf his motorcade and walk with secret service the rest of the way to the state's republican convention for his planned speech. >> my wife called she said there are helicopters following you and we did and
5:35 pm
then we went under a fence and through a fence -- oh, boy felt like i was crossing the border actually. [laughter] >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders joined protestors rallying outside a carrier planter shutting down in indiana as the company moves its operations to mexico. >> this is the kind of corporate behavior that is destroying the middle class of this country. >> reporter: sanders is hoping a win in indiana next tuesday will help revive his campaign while hillary clinton is in new york today. in washington, bazi kanani channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, bazi, thank you. monica, back to you. >> rick, how indiana primary shaping up as we go into the final weekend of campaigning. let's take a look with the latest polling numbers. these are an average of surveys compiled by real clear now among the republicans donald trump maintains more than a 39 percent voter
5:36 pm
support. ted cruz with 33 percent. john kasich has about 19 percent. the race is a little closer over on the democratic side. however, hillary clinton continues to lead bernie sanders among registered democrats 47 to 43 percent. now to the latest on the fight against the zika virus. puerto rican officials say a 70-year-old man who died in february tested positive for the zika virus. the man died 24 hours after going to the hospital. also today the fda has given the green light for emergency use of the first commercial test for the zika virus. it will become available to physicians in the u.s. and puerto rico as early as next week. officials say this test will shorten the time taken to be diagnosed. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the tense day other presidential campaign trail and the latest on the fight against the zika virus. you can watch all that and more following "action news" at 6:00. in other news authorities in salem county, new jersey, are still trying to determine
5:37 pm
the cause of a crash that killed a driver. chopper six over the scene near the intersection of route 77 and shirley road in elmer this morning. investigators say the driver somehow lost control, hit a telephone pole and then caught fire. the person was not able to get out in time. no one else was hurt. from our delaware news room tonight 21-year-old jermaine booker was sentenced to 44 years in prison today. he was found guilty of attempted murder and robbery stemming from a home invasion and beating in wilmington back in 2014. booker attacked a 61-year-old woman in her home on cambridge drive and stole her car. the woman was hospitalized with serious injuries. investigators say that attack was random. >> ♪ >> we have this just into "action news." trenton police detectives are on the scene of a shooting tonight. happened just about 90 minutes ago along the unit block of hillcrest avenue. still not clear what led up to the gunfire but one person was found with a gunshot wound. that person was taken to the
5:38 pm
hospital for treatment. investigators have not released details about the extent of the victim's injuries or if there are any suspects. but we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. we have an update to a story "action news" brought you back in february. the woman who allegedly assaulted a dunkin' donuts employee has been arrested. she is safa brown. authorities say she's the woman in this surveillance video coming up right here taken inside of a south philadelphia dunkin' donuts. brown allegedly became angry after paying for her order and she apparently threw a ceramic mug at the manager and knocked several items off the counter the manager was treated the the hospital for a wrist injury. brown is now charged with aggravated assault. philadelphia police are looking for the two men seen in this surveillance video running along the 300 block of camac street in center city. the video was taken back on saturday around 2:30 in the morning. detectives say the pair robbed a man of his cell phone and cash and then took off. the victim was not hurt. but if you recognize the suspects, you're asked to call
5:39 pm
police. >> in new jersey, classmates and teachers are asking stockton university to honor a student who was murdered. social work faculty members recommended nikita cross be given a posthumous bachelor of science in social work. slaw shot and kille, she was sht and killed at a birthday party in riverside new jersey. the stockton board of trustees will vote on that at their meeting next wednesday. officials in delaware held a groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon to kick off a new road project. the state's first diverging diamond interchange will be going up at route one and route 27 in new castle county. governor jack markell was there with other state officials at the delaware state dmv to break ground on the project. he says it's a cost effective method to affect traffic flow without widening the current road. >> speaking of traffic let's get an update one more time on the commute home on a friday
5:40 pm
night. >> matt pelman how is it looking. >> a few more lanes could be helpful. it's taking an hour and five minutes rick and monica to get east on the schuylkill from conshohocken into center city. this is the eastbound parking lot which leads to a parking lot on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway which leads to a park pentagon lot on the northbound side of 95 due in part to those earlier emergency repairs near girard avenue. all lanes reopened but the spillover effect is still in full effect and it's really going to show you down if you're headed toward the pearl jam concert tonight or the phils game in south philadelphia. also getting word of a crash in north philadelphia at 12th and girard that's giving us delays on the 15 trolley. speaking of mass transit weekend shuttle busing again this weekend on the west trenton line. we've got special schedules on the media elwyn and lansdale lines, route 13 trolley will be on the buses as well and the a.c. rail line starts shuttle busing tonight between 30th and pennsauken. that shuttle busing will last pretty much all weekly i'll see you next week rick and
5:41 pm
monica. >> thanks matt. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, they were the cornerstone of the ringling brothers circus. tonight the popular but controversial elephant act is getting ready for its final performancely. >> a local man who says he needs a kidney transplant is getting the word out in a big way. you'll hear from him coming up. adam. >> and we're seeing a temporary break in those showers but all this moisture you're seeing gathering in the teetdeepsouth will be moving inr the weekend. we'll have that the accuweather forecast. >> those stories plus more from the eagles new quarterback carson wentz when "action news" continues tonight.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> we are live at the novacare complex and that's carson wentz addressing the media. >> what's next for you? what's these next two weeks before rookie camp? >> yeah, to get myself ready. obviously i'll be getting ready now for mini camp and everything but got to get myself ready and dive into that playbook if they allow me to but you know, just i'm antsy, i'm ready to go.
5:45 pm
>> carson, do you have the playbook yet and if you don't, when you get it how long is it going to take you before you start diving in and learning it all? >> well, i not sure exactly when i am getting it. through this process i made a couple jokes to some people i'm kind of going crazy i have no playbook. i'm watching film and i don't even know what to exactly watch for and i'm not reading defenses quieter the same but i don't have play books so i'm fired up to get a playbook and to dive right in. >> carson, have you been to philadelphia before and can you walk us through your series of events since you touched down in philadelphia, what have you done since you've been here? >> yeah. i haven't been here until my visit just one or two weeks ago and that was real brief. obviously it was 24 hours and didn't really get a chance to experience a lot other than just being at the facility and everything. so i'm excited. i'm excited to kind of see what the city has to offer, see what this place is all
5:46 pm
about. since i touched down i got a chance like i mentioned earlier to really just kind of see everybody again, you know be and reunite and just express how excited we both were to do this thing and to get to work. >> carsoning are you becoming a two handed monster. >> i did have a philly cheesesteak, yes. working on it. it's a funny statement. for those of you that don't know that was something from the jon gruden show. working on ball security and everything. i think it's gotten a lot better. >> carson, how familiar are you with the personnel on this roster right now and has any of the players or anybody reached out to you since you were drafted? >> yeah, you know, i'm familiar a little bit. i'm obviously -- i'm going to get a lot more familiar real quick here. zach ertz textd me yesterday. seems like a great dude. i'm excited to meet him and a lot of tweets from other guys that i think i missed a lot of them, too, but i'm excited to
5:47 pm
get to know everybody and to get to work with these guys and it sounds like everyone talks highly of the group of guys in that locker room and i'm excited for it. >> carson, doug peterson said that you bleed winning. where does that come from, that competitive spirit with that and the work ethic, where did you get that from? >> i think first and foremost it's how i'm wired. you know, if i'm not the best at something it kind of ticks me off and i want to work my tail off to be the best. it's also my upbringing, my parents older brother pushed me. i was competitive with him. i just hate losing. it's how i'm wired and hopefully i can bring there to philadelphia. >> carson, i'd imagine the last four days just getting off the plane on tuesday and then everything that they had going on in chicago leading into last night, is it the fulfillment of a dream? like can you describe what those four days were like? >> yeah, being in chicago was really fun. you know, it was a great time to -- i got to interact with
5:48 pm
local kids there, play 60 and then went to a middle school. those are awesome. got to be around some of the other top prospects in the draft and that was really coo cool. [inaudible] >> reporter: ducis rodgers outside eagles novacare facility. you've been listening to carson wentz the eagles first rounds draft pick from last night he talked about his competitive spirit. he talked about how anxious he is to get ahold of the eagles playbook and how anxious he is to get started here with the philadelphia eagles. of course he was the second overall pick last night coming out of north dakota state. much more for you coming up next hour here on "action news." rick and monica, back to you. >> all right, ducis we'll see you at 6 o'clock. thank you. in other news tonight one delaware father says he can't wait any longer to get a new kidney so he's pleading to the public for help. dave a.m. if iamalfitano posted.
5:49 pm
he says he has a genetic disorder that attacks his kidneys causing them to be enlarged. >> i want to do something now while i'm still young and i have three kids, young boys, two boys and a girl and they're my -- anna matthew and leo and they're the reason why i.t. did that. >> he's on a kidney waiting list. he says it could take as long as five years to get picked.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
>> on sunday ringling brothers and barnum and bailey famous elephants will take their final bow after 145 years of elephants on tour. their show is in their final weeks in luzerne county. communities are banning bull hooks the equipment they use to guide the large animals. the elephants are being retired to the ringling brothers center for relevant conservation in florida. >> well, from pachyderms to pack your umbrella this week. [laughter] >> pack your patience. >> that too as well. it's going to be pretty nasty on sunday indoor activity are the best although we have a lot going on outside. >> all right. >> as well. so we'll grin and bear it as we take a look at double scan live radar. a few light showers are off to our north and east heading towards new york city. not much happening behind that so it's just mainly cloudy and cool here this evening. ly the high temperature only 53 just before 2 o'clock this afternoon. well south of the normal of 69 degrees. the low 45 degrees.
5:53 pm
there wasn't much movement in temperature during the day today and your record is 90 and 29 degrees. as we look at the temperatures, they're pretty similar no matter where you are. between about 49 to around 51 degrees. poconos at 48 specifically and dover and cape may also hitting that 50-degree mark. we have some energy just to the north. most of it is missing us at this point as this is moving more from a west to easterly direction. notice not much happening here. you see a little break in the action in the cloud cover but that's quickly filling in here. so it's going to be very hard to shake these clouds even tomorrow when we don't have any precipitation expected. but as we look to the south and west some ongoing severe weather especially in oklahoma right now. some tornado warnings in the last few hours. all of this will be pushing to the north and east as it bumps into this chillier air we're not expecting severe weather but we're going get a soaking rain out of it. damp, chilly tonight. there could be patchy drizzle around with that northeasterly wind 40 to 45 for that split
5:54 pm
in temperatures. high temperature just off of new england. this is where they will encounter quite a bit of sunshine but for us between an easterly wind and that low pressure moving in from the west the clouds will really still win out here but there will be some bright spots here and there throughout the day. it's try and a little bit warmer of 63 degrees and then future tracker showing 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning, that heavy rain coming in with the yellows, even some oranges. it is a steady soaking with some downpours and then that heads out so sunday afternoon we're not going to have the steady heavy rain like the morning hours, it will be spotty and lighter during the afternoon but still a very damp day overall. for the broad street run here we'll call it liquid sunshine for the morning, raw and chilly with a steady rain the entire time from the start of the race at 8:00 until some folks still wrapping up between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock with temperatures right around that 50-degree mark. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 63 tomorrow,
5:55 pm
clouds with a few breaks of sun. rain heaviest in the morning on sunday 59. we're looking at about a half inch on average. some areas up to three-quarters of an inch on sunday. a few showers lingering still on monday of 66 degrees and we should finally break into a little more decent sun here on tuesday, upper 60's and then we'll watch the coast. there could be another storm developing with more rain depending on the track wednesday and then clouds and sunshine thursday, friday with temperatures right around normal in the upper 60's. so, if you have your indoor plans on sunday, looks pretty good. >> all right. >> thanks adam. >> thank you so much. much more "action news." we'll take a break and be right back. >> ♪
5:56 pm
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>> the importance of recycling was the main message today at this events in south jersey. it was the first evergreen fair at the atlantic county special services school in mays landing. more than 25 environmental vendors were there to talk to the students and members of the community. the school is focused on the wellness of the earth and the students there participate in the atlantic county recycling program.
5:58 pm
>> very nice. >> that's it for "action news at 5:00 hope you have a great weekend and join us for "action news at 6:00 next. >> good night. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night funeral arrangements are set for former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. and the driver of an suv backs into a an apartment building in delaware. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the arrival of carson wentz in philadelphia. this was wentz this afternoon
6:00 pm
at philadelphia international airport all smiles and eager to begin his career as a philadelphia eagle. ducis rodgers wentz got his first taste of the philadelphia sports media this afternoon at the philadelphia novacare center. what did we learn from listening to this man from north dakota. >> reporter: jim, i can tell you he was calm, he was poised. he gave thoughtful answers. he was very relaxed. how that translates onto the football field only time will tell. went was here at the team's practice facility and he got his jersey today. he'll wear number 11. he's been at the team's practice facility all afternoon. went did a meet and greet with some season ticket holders. some fans came out of the room and they described him as a quote/unquote great guy. wentz is not expected to start right away but make no mistake the birds view him as their franchise quarterback. he says he is okay with however the team handles his development. >> as a competitor you want to be out there but i understand


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