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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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plus 100 year-old woman who set a new world record in the pen pneumonia relays up next. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. they have been training for this day for months. thousands of runners are ready to hit the broad street run for the nation's biggest
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10-mile run an annual tradition that has become so much more than just a race. saturday night, i'm walter perez. the big stories is 36th annual blue cross broad street run. from the fernrock section down to south philadelphia a runners will have a chance to test endurance. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live from center city with the detaste, jeff. >> reporter: walter, a lot of excitement building here in the city for this annual tradition, the runners will come right down this road, and, right here past broad street and around city hall and then hit south philadelphia. if you are planning to come in and out of the city tomorrow organizers ask to you please be prepared, and aware of the road closures and transit the detours. in just hours, broad street traffic will switch from wheels, to heels, up to 40,000 runners are expected to race, shutting down, 10 miles of the major roadway. >> a lot of complaints a lot
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of complaints of heavy traffic. that is for sure. >> reporter: at the starting line in north philadelphia, tents have have been set up. police say they will shut down broad street between olney afternoon at 4:00 a.m. rest of the route at 8:00. >> i know it will be crazy. >> it is a little bit difficult, but, fast forward, one day having all the of the people coming together and everybody enjoying themselves it is worth it. >> reporter: sections of broad street will be reopened as last runners past. the race end at the navy yard where the finish line is ready to be elevated. organizers add riced that runners park at the stadium complex in south philadelphia and use the at&t station to hop on the broad street line. septa will have extra trains running to the starting line. the inconvenience for many, it is a celebration of life, like these cancer survivors honored at the national constitution center who are running to raise money for the american cancer society. >> i'm a survivor. you know, i'm working hard to
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make a difference. report report and, philadelphia police say that all of the cars park along broad street, throughout the entire route, must be moved off the street, by midnight tonight, or risk being towed. the race begins at 8:00 a.m. rear live at center city, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". thanks, jeff. those runners will need to plan for conditions because it does not seem like mother nature is cooperating. meteorologist melissa a magee is at the big board with the first check of the forecast. >> walter that timing with the moisture moving in overnight tonight and throughout the day, on sunday, now, in advance of the moisture moving on through, the temperatures for the most part are in the upper 40's and 50's. it is 48 degrees in millville. fifty-three in philadelphia a. fifty-six in allentown, lehigh valley, out to western lancaster. we're coming in at the 52. but we're tracking moisture that moves in by sunday. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. we have an area of low pressure across the ohio
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valley and rain moving across great lakes and ohio valley. this will work east ward and pressing in the mid-atlantic region as early as tomorrow for second half of our weekend. future tracker six, will show you by 8:30 we will see that moisture all around the i-95 corridor metro area and points north and west. the it could hit south jersey as well. it looks to be quite steady i tomorrow morning. something to keep in mind if you are participating or running, in the 10-miler, in the broad street run. we have you covered. it will be a soggy start tomorrow, we have period of rain, raw, chilly day, especially with the easterly component with the wind. 8:00a m that temperature only 49. fifty at 9:30. 11:00 a.m. that temperature in the the lower 50's. coming up we will look closer at the forecast and let you know he how much rain will fall tomorrow, a and if there are any sunny breaks coming in at sunday. details, coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, melissa. five people were killed this morning, after being swept away by flood waters in east texas. investigators say a 64 year-old woman and her four
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grandchildren were all swept away and they tried to get out of the home there. more than 7 inches of water, reportedly fell, less than an hour across that region. tonight at least one other person is listed as missing. the a task force has been assembled to search for that person. meanwhile the red cross is helping 30 people, who have been displaced by high water. we will have much more on the damaging storms across the nation coming up at 11:35. a teenager is dead tonight and another is injured during a carnival ride accident in texas. investigators say that the girls were on a ride called the sizzler which twirls around at a center point while spinning riders in their seats some how young victims were eject from those seats. the investigators remained on the scene in el paso trying to figure out exactly how this happened. the delaware republican party is holding its big convention in dewey beach this weekend. the members are electing their delegates to the republican national convention in, cleveland, starting on july 18th. delaware has 16 delegates all going to donald trum hospital won the state primary on
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tuesday. meanwhile, ted cruz and john kasich, they are spending the weekend on the campaign trail, trying to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of the indiana's prim/on tuesday. cruz and his wife, started by campaigning in indiana before heading to the g.o.p. convention in california. and there, he took shots at both trump and hillary clinton >> hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary clinton and donald trump are flip side of the same coin. both of them support the same policy issues. both hillary and donald support massive tax increases. >> kasich was also in california today holding a little town hall in san jose. trump took the day off from the campaign trail. indiana's also an important contest for democrats. hillary clinton is polling ahead of the bernie sanders there, hoping a win there will further solidify her status as the likely nominee. both candidates took the day off from the campaign trail. but still bill clinton stumped
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for his wife in indiana. the district attorney in philadelphia showed off his skills tonight, his boxing skills. seth williams took on criminal defense attorney tariq he will shabazz as part of the night at fights charity event a at the liacouras center. their match up was appropriately named the litigation situation. legendary boxing champion bernard hopkins gave williams some pointers but it seemed like they were not enough, williams for the hard for three round but lost by decision. proceed from the ticketed event were split between several areas charities. more than 100,000 people came to this years penn relays and today spectators were treated to something really, really special. a woman, 100 years old, set a new world record for the 100-meter dash. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> here we go. >> reporter: keep your eye on number 19, in lane number three, the oldest competitor in the 80 plus masters mixed 100 meeter dash.
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one hundred year-old ida kiehling finished in one minute and 17 seconds, setting a new world record for her one hub plus age group. she felt so good she did a few push-ups after her race. >> it is an example of what you can do, and i thank god every day for my blessings. >> reporter: her daughter and trainer says that she works hard to stay in good shape a lot of core training. the it is not just pounding on the track but she does 17 minutes on her bicycle, she has a stationary bike, she has weights, she has a matt, she does squats, push-ups. >> reporter: one of the many highlights of the final day of the 122nd penn relays, penn's four by 1 mile mens team won on the home turf. >> i was running four by 100 in the eighth grade and never thought would i come to penn or be back here. >> reporter: in between high school and college events elite athletes ran the track, many gauging their competition for summer games in rio.
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>> you get a taste of your competition. you can get bragging rights, maybe and you go forward with your training and you get ready for the ultimate prize. >> reporter: for international competitors and fans they say the atmosphere just can't be beat. >> unaudible. >> it is always exciting to be here to watch my teammates and young ones in high school doing exceptionally well. >> reporter: officials say rain hurt a tend answer on thursday and friday so they were grateful to see at least a little bit of sun on this final day. the estimates of 100,000 people came to watch the relays, over the three days. reporting at the penn relays, trish hartman for channel six "action news". much more to come on "action news" tonight, final moments in the ring for some world famous heavyweights. we will tell you what is next for these famous pachyderms. he left behind a fortune totaling hundreds of the millions of dollars, prince family is about to go to court to settle his estate but another heir may have emerged.
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plus the 2016 nfl draft is in the books and eagles added a few new bird to the nest. ducis rodgers has sports when "action news" comes right back. jerry sandusky returns to
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court on monday seeking a new trial. the former penn state coach's child sex abuse convictions got him 30 to 60 years in prison. the his attorney will argue
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that grand jury leaks tainted the first trial. victim may also testify during monday's hearing. penn state's former president graham spanier, vice-president gary schultz and athletic director tim curly are being tried separately for their roll in the alleged cover up. investigators have executed a search warrant at a pharmacy near the home of the prince, who died last week at the age of 57. they are trying to find out what medications the singer was prescribed, and also tonight word that there may be another heir to prince vast fortune. the members of his family are expect in court on monday as they begin to settle his estate but a seventh potential heir has come forward a teenage grand niece, she's the granddaughter of one of the prince half brothers who died years ago. the as for his cause of death, toxicology results are still weeks away. this weekend officials from washington d.c. and cdc are investigating a cruise ship with a major noro virus out break. after spending eight days at sea the balmoral docked at
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norfolk, virginia last night with 159 sick people on board. it has since made its way to baltimore but passengers got to spend much needed time on land in virginia. they gave the crew some extra time to clean things up. >> there was a lot of sanitation, cleaning, and steam cleaning and high pressure cleaning. >> we are, we have been in frequent discussion with cdc the whole time. they have been informed about everything that has been going on, on board. >> the ship is operated by the fred olson cruise lines and left from england on april 16th. noro virus can be transmitted from contaminated food or water or from person to person. no word how this out break started. it is end of the era for greatest show on earth. elephants at wrinkling brother circus are retiring. much to the satisfaction of the animal rights activist, the pachyderms performed their final shows tonight. abc's marci gonzales has more.
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>> reporter: tonight these elephants in the wrinkling brothers circus are preparing to take their final bows. for more than a century they have been the giant stars of the greatest show on earth. >> they are the greatest, to have. >> reporter: but after decade of backlash from animal rights group, all 11 elephants still on tour will give their last performances tomorrow. >> we're just so happy that these majestic elephants will be subjected to this treatment. >> they will retired to a 200-acre conservation center in florida, run by the circus. >> these are members of our family. we know them. we live with them. it will be a thrill. >> reporter: now trading the pageantry and play, for comfort, and contributions. researchers working with the massive retirees to find a cure for pied the yacht trick cancer. circus superstars, potentially leaving a giant footprint in the science world and undoubted in the hearts of
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fans. after the last performances, kelly ann and rest of her pachyderms pals will go by train from here in rhode island to florida after a lifetime of traveling, just one last trip, before a well earned retirement. marci gonzales, abc news, providence, rhode island ♪
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>> music students from philadelphia showed off their skills tonight at the philly
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pops all city jazz festival, right there at temple university. the pops in schools program brings music in the city classrooms at a time when the district has been cutting back on arts programs. the students from seven different schools played today which also happens to be international jazz day. and sound of the gospel music filled the air this evening in north philadelphia gospelrama was held atsion baptist church on the 3600 block of north broad street. action cam on the scene here at church's cathedral choir got things started. the event benefited allegheny avenue arts festival scheduled for august. heading to church. time for a check of the accu weather forecast meteorologist melissa magee and it just seems like bad timing for tomorrow. >> we have rain moving in overnight tonight and for the start of the race, come tomorrow. >> bad timing. >> yes, bad timing that is what we like to call that, bad timing. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. we are tracking a moisture that is already press nothing
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to some of our northwestern suburbs. we will go in tighter, on street level, and storm tracker six and a lot of that moisture is not working its way down to the surface but you we are tracking some light precipitation and in lancaster, even berks county, to the south and east of reading, press nothing to green lane, pottstown, norristown, malvern, coatsville and chad ford and it will get worse in the second half of the weekend. outside we will go sky six live from hd from our temple university camera we are looking at the center city sky line, southbound on broad street toward city hall. we have mostly cloudy skies, skies and cloud are thickening up and we are tracking moisture that moves in for sunday. after a high today in philadelphia of just 64 degrees, below average, temperatures right now are hovering in the upper 40's, lower 50's. it is 53 in the city. fifty-one in the poconos. forty-eight in millville. fifty in cape may. fifty-two north of lancaster where we are dealing with light precipitation.
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here's satellite six with action radar. here is the low pressure we are tracking out across the ohio valley and the moisture in and around this area of low pressure. we are moving out of the ohio valley and the great lakes. this will continue to work its way eastward as we get into our sunday. the setup for tomorrow, cloudy, rainy, it is a cool day. we will be cooler tomorrow in comparison to today but with that low pressure we will tap in the easterly win for the moisture. the it is coming off the atlantic making for a cooler than average day, high temperatures in at 58. we will time out the moisture for you. it is not the best of timing here. 8:00 o'clock in the morning future tracker six is showing thaw moisture all across the delaware and lehigh valleys at that point. 11:00 o'clock in the morning we are still dealing with the moisture. so if you are finishing up the broad street run at that time, you still have the wet weather to contend w and by 2:30 in the a afternoon tomorrow, we're still dealing with the moisture. so the steady yes, sir rain looks to be early in the morning. that is what we can expect tomorrow. the steady yes, sir and heaviest, it will taper to
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showers as we get into sunday afternoon and sunday evening. we're dealing with the cool easterly wind. we are calling for a half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. i wouldn't be surprised north and west of town if we pick up locally higher amounts then that. here's the exclusive accu weather seven die forecast. the it is cooler tomorrow. rain steady yes, sir in the morning for broad street run. a high temperature up to 58. monday early showers around, otherwise, mild in the afternoon in at 73, i should say, and tuesday, some sunshine, showers, possible, by the afternoon and then at 67. lots of cloud around on wednesday, and then wednesday, right through thursday, friday, and then saturday, it is turning unsettled, with the threat of some showers, each and are every day, and high temperatures, by then, only in the upper 60's. so definitely cool tomorrow, walter, we're tracking rain for participating in the broad street run or if you are running, make sure you pack and you train and dress accordingly. >> i will watch sowers in the
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morning. >> me too. watch seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six, double scan radar anytime on the day on our web site. just go to six fire fighters were called out to cranston heights to help a family of ducks. eight ducks fell in the sewer, and got stuck. two passers by called for help but when they saw the mom pacing back and forth frantically. fire fighters opened up the grates and pulled the babe toys safety one by one. sadly the momma duck got hit by a car and killed. baby ducks were all okay and taken to the tri-state bird sanctuary in newark. up next on "action news", ducis rodgers has sports. eagles add a few more bird to the nest and 2016 nfl draft comes to a close. details when "action news" comes right back.
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these incredibly talented people denied fair opportunity, and they created some of the greatest american products. kirby: they met at fox publishing. joe got a job at timely, ducis rodgers is in for jeff with sports and the phillies, they break them up. >> a pleasant surprise. >> absolutely. >> they are fun team to watch. do not sleep on the phillies, rest of baseball has. phils and indians tonight, they enter with a four game winning streak.
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fanatic, should really use lojack. the first inning, little freddie galvis with a man on. two run home run. the his third of the year. phillies lead two to zero. how about the defense in the second inning. roberto lopez, thinks he has a bloop single. caesar hernandez has other ideas to end the inning. so nice, we will show it twice. fast forward to the seventh inning, game tied at three, galvis again. not as far but it still works. brings home go ahead run four-three. phillies ninth inning, phillies clinging to one run year, jenmar gomez with two men on, they grab it. phillies win four-three. that is five straight victories, eight out of the last nine. >> it is a great feeling, winning games, having a winning record. we're on a role. i hope we can continue to st. louis after we leave here tomorrow. >> nfl draft wrapped up today with round four through seven. eagles pick up six more
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players. west virginia running back wendell smallwood was taken in round five. he was a shorter, shifty back. in 2014 smallwood was arrested on a charge of trying to intimidate a witness in the murder case. the those charges were later dropped. >> i was just in a wrong situation. i was young, hanging out, with the wrong people, whatever happened, i was than the involved. there was no evidence. no witness begins me. it came out to be true, and all charges were dropped. i just learn from the situation and trying to move forward and be a better man. >> we do a lot of research on these guys but we also don't want to throw away guys just because they had one incident, you know, in this case, five or six years ago this was someone that when we met and spent time with and did our homework, we felt comfortable bringing him into philadelphia. >> late are in the fifth round eagles went offensive line,
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they picked halapoulivaati vaitai, can play both tackle positions, 6-foot six, 320-pound. o line was an area of need forbidder entering this nfl draft. from there eagles focused on defense, blake countess is cornerback out of auburn. he can play outside or the slot. despite departure of the chip kelly, the bird take a player from oregon, joe walker inside linebacker. howie roseman assesses his work. >> we made an aggressive move to go get carson. but we felt very focused today going into today about the job we had to do, and how we had to hit on some guys, for us, we have to come out of this fifth, sixth, seventh in free agency with contributors at some level and whether that is day one or two years from now. >> still ahead here in sports, the union try not the to let one slip a way. plus temple has a big day as it relates to the nfl draft.
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