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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  April 30, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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math deaf i can.
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temple saw three players
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draft today, tevon young goes in the fourth round to the ravens, matt ionitis is a fifth round selection by redskins. tyler matakevich sweated it out. he was finally taken by steelers in the seventh round, three players in one draft ties a school record, for temple. lets take you to union, and 30th minute, in score corner kick for union. perfectly place, by chris pontius with the header, one to nothing union. it remains that way until eighty-third minute, until simon dawkins hits the equalizer. this would end in a one to all tie. that is a look at sports. >> it is halapoulivaati vaitai. >> yes. >> are you familiar with him. >> yes. >> okay. >> thanks, ducis. "action news" at 11:30 continues tonight, a mother and daughter is found safe after going missing in a forest in new seal and and the genius way they called for help. it is called a nerd prom one of the most anticipated events in the washington social calendar and a chance
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for the president to let loose. highlights when "action news" comes right back.
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saturday night, i'm walter perez. here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30.
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deadly storms slam the south leaving a family in mourning, latest coming up from the scene. a fightin side a motel room in center city end with a man slashed in the throat. what police said led to the dispute. and it is his final white house correspondence dinner where president obama gets to let loose and others can crack jokes at his expense. highlights coming up. and now to details destructive storms in texas end with the woman and four small grandchildren dead. officials say they were swept by fast moving water. details from abc's elizabeth hur. >> in texas, flood waters, so ferocious that they literally split the eartha part. >> my gosh. >> reporter: man who shot this video making it out of his car just in time. flash flooding turned fatal in some parts of the texas where a creek overflowed in the dead of night. >> you had the whole bunch of
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water. >> first responders, could not beat the raging the waters to the home where 64 year-old glenda as bring drowned with her four great grandchildren all under nine years old. neighbors listened helplessly to their cries. >> the the water was so high they went under. there was nothing we could do. >> she was trying to swim but she had four kids. it is hard to do it by herself. >> reporter: family now reeling from grief. >> i'm trying to just grasp it. >> reporter: overnight, tornadoes splashed their way across texas and oak a chris allen rescued his six children. >> luckily, we were in the in there and we just stayed at the school. there was room there. wait until storm passed. this is what we come back to. >> reporter: storm damaged these homes and tore apart these stores leaving owners to pick through wreckage wondering what merchandise could be salvage. families along the gulf coast are bracing for a rough night ahead as heavy rains push
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eastward, flood watches are in effect. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. overseas now a state of emergency has been declared in baghdad after protesters stormed the city's green zone. a huge swarm of anti government demonstrators, took over the parliament building right next to the u.s. embassy. protesters called on the prime minister to end corruption and eliminate the political system put in place after the u.s. led invasion back in 2003. authorities in kenya say 12 people are dead, and more than 130 are injured following a building collapse. a six story, 150 unit the residential building crumbled during a heavy overnight rain storm. at least five people are still trapped in the ruble. police have taken in building's owner for questioning. they say building did not have the proper permits mandated for apartment build initial kenya. a dispute, involving neighbors in kensington ended in a standoff earlier this morning. it was just before 3:00 a.m. when a with man heard
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gunshots. moments later her door was forced opened. her neighbor 45 year-old augusteenberges burst in her kitchen. the women's husband chased him and then more shots were fired. berges ran back in his own home where he held police at bay after their arrival. he was finally taken into custody and now facing a slew of charges. a man was slashed with the razor inside a hole tell in center city earlier this morning because he says, he wasn't getting ready fast enough to go to to the club. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at embassy suites at ben franklin parkway. the 24 year-old victim told police he was stabbed in the neck by an acquaintance inside a hotel room during an argument. that acquaintance, tyreese salmon from the bronx was arrested. we are only four months into 2016 and it has been a violent year in the city of camden. the despite today, hundreds on have people took to the streets to will rail for an even to the bloodshed. >> peace in the the streets.
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>> reporter: this was the name of the march, peace in the streets. in addition to holding signs and chanting, some carried a casket in honor of those murdered this year. just this month alone at least seven people have been murdered. thousands of people gathered this morning to bring attention to the heroin epidemic in delaware county. they took over part of the overdose awareness memorial walk at eddystone white house hall in kremlin. some wore shirts honoring loved ones while others celebrated overcoming their own additions. upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood says he did not expect to see such a huge turnout. >> i'm blown away by 3,000 plus people here and everybody is here, because of the addiction problem that we face day in and day out in our different communities. >> there was no registration fee for the walk but instead people were asked to bring donations of toilet supplies, bed linens and small household goods. everything collect is being donated to the recovery home
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for women in glenn olden. there is a new push to solve murder of a popular food vendor killed outside of his home in south philadelphia. he was killed three years ago, and is still no justice. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: neari lead describes her father don as a hard working main and fixture on penn campus where he sold produce from his fruit cart every day. >> he never stopped working. >> reporter: morning of the thursday, april 18th, 2013, started like any other morning. at 5:00 a.m. the 68 year-old was loading up his cart in front of his home in the 400 block of volm er street in south philadelphia. that is when a man approached lee and stabbed him multiple times killing him. lee's family does not believe this was a robbery since hear father's wallet was still on him with $200 in cash inside of it. >> i want to get this person off of the street. i don't want anyone to be a victim like my dad was.
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>> reporter: police released surveillance video of the suspect. he is described as a light skinned black or spanish male, 5 feet eight, with facial hair, and a thin build. he was washing dark clothing, and black chuck taylor converse sneakers. the citizens crime commission is administering a $5,000 reward and the city of philadelphia is posting up to $20,000, for anyone with any information, that will lead to the a rest and convictions of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". much more to come on "action news". it was a shoe shopping spree for ladies tonight in north philadelphia. we will tell you what made this event so wonderful and appreciated. also ahead the president takes the stage for his final white house correspondence dinner, he took on popular culture, congress and this years' lex. highlights still to come, melissa. walter, after a dry start
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to our weekend we're tracking wet weather that we can see just in time for sunday and in the the best news for anyone participating in the broad street run. we have details with accu weather coming up.
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loafers, boots, high heels filled the presbyterian church in north philadelphia this afternoon. it is all part of the shoes for life community services project put on by team shop. organizers invited families in need to pick out new, gently worn shoes, and with promises on in full swing, high school girls had a chance to get a pair of heels from celebrity
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prom shoes salon and they have been donated by well known folks in the community including our very own, cecily tynan. time for a check of the accu weather forecast. we have been saying it all night long just tough timing tomorrow morning with the rain. >> it is, walter, if you are participating in the broad street run or heading out for other activities. it looks to be a soggy start for our sunday. here's storm tracker six double scan radar. we have moisture moving in, especially for areas north and west of town. we will go in tighter on street level and precipitation is really light. there are some spots, back it up a little bye, there are some spots that are, they are not even finding rain reaching the ground but we do have some moisture in lancaster and berks county. same thing for honey brook, coatsville, malvern and chadds ford, pressing from the west/east direction throughout the rest of tonight and into sunday. outside we will go sky six live in hd looking at ben franklin bridge, on this saturday night.
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we have a mostly cloudy sky and it looks like clouds will continue to come in advance of the moisture that we're tracking. we had a a high in philadelphia of 64. below average. we are coming in at 53 in the city. fifty-two in lancaster. fifty-six in allentown. the at the coast in cape may 50. upper 40's for beach haven and atlantic city. 50 degrees in dover. we are closing out the month of april. even though we had temperatures below averages special lit in the past four days, overall, the month of april, temperatures have been well above average by the at least .6 degrees, and it looks like as we start our new month tomorrow, it looks to be cool and we are tracking more rain. here's satellite six with action radar. the mostly cloudy in the mid-atlantic region. we are tracking low pressure out across ohio valley but moisture also spreading in the great lakes this works its way east from a southwest to northeast direction, as early as sunday. the call from accu weather over the next 12 hours, mostly cloudy. we're tracking that rain. northwestern suburbs, it continues, closer to dawn,
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dropping down to 44 in the suburbs, and 48 degrees in philadelphia that is for the overnight low. future tracker six showing you at 8:00 it is a slow day with the soggy start with the moisture all across the delaware and lehigh valleys. it continues by 11:00 a.m. on sunday. we will start to taper off to some showers as we get into sunday afternoon. we are calling for anywhere that half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain, locally, higher amounts then that. so for the broad street run, we have got period of rain, not the best timing as we have been saying, it is, raw and chilly. 8:00 in the morning that temperature only 49. fifty at 9:30. 11:00a in that temperature at 51. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. rain is steady yes, sir in the morning. high of 58. early showers on monday, otherwise, it is mild, coming in at 73. on tuesday, some sunshine, showers possible, later in the day, and then in at 67. on wednesday, some mostly cloudy day with a high of 68 degrees, and then late wednesday, we will have to
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watch some models closely because there is a possibility of coastal storm that wants to move on through. depending on the timing we have got to keep those showers in the forecast right through thursday, friday, and saturday, and during those days, temperatures, will only be in the middle to upper 60's. definitely a wet finish to our weekend, walter. >> bad week too. >> it looks pretty damp too across the region. >> thanks, melissa. an amazing rescue a mother and daughter were lost for days in the wilderness of new seal land after taking a long turn on a hike. here's abc's mary grouse with more on how they were found. >> reporter: here's urgent plea for help leading to an astonishing rescue. the north carolina native carolyn lloyd visiting her daughter rachel studying in new zealand. they headed a off tuesday for a hike into this dense forest. but things quickly take a dangerous turn. they became disoriented with no way out of the rugged wilderness. they rationed their resources and huddled together for
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warmth spelling out help with roxanne sticks. that sign spot today by rescuers flying overhead. >> there were three different signs and a big point to their location. >> reporter: latest in the string of amazing survival stories. these men stranded on a remote pacific island using palm leaves to spell out help, this mother a and daughter recovering in a new seal land hospital tonight. >> understandably, just dehydrated and exhausted. >> reporter: thankful help came just in time. mary bruce, abc news, washington. president obama had his last chance tonight to poke fun at fellow politicians, himself and the press. during the annual white house correspondent dinner and did he not hold back. >> stars, athletes, celebrities, government officials walk red carpet to the washington hilton for the event.
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with no surprise it was president taking aim directly at the republican presidential campaign which gave him plenty of material. >> just look at the confusion over the invitations to tonight's dinner. guests were asked to check whether they wanted stake or fish, but instead, whole bunch of you wrote in paul rye an. that is not an option, people. >> democrat bernie sanders was only candidate in the audience tonight. comedian larry willmore took to the stage with his roast. proceeds get toward journalism scholarships and award. much more to come on "action news" tonight including sports. phillies host cleveland tonight at citizens bank park, ducis rodgers has highlights when we come right back.
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we start you off with baseball, phillies were expected to do nothing this season. well, they have done something all right. they have surprised everyone. facing indians tonight looking for their fifth straight victory. first inning little freddie galvis with a man on and it is a a two run home run. the his third home run of the season. how about this, phillies lead two to nothing. the fast forward to the ninth inning, phillies up four-three. jenmar gomez, with two men on, peterberges better get to it. he does. he has his eighth save. phillies win four-three. five in a row. eight of of the last nine. eagles have six more players on the final day of the draft. highest pick turns out to be a shorter running back. wendell smallwoodies 5-foot ten back from west virginia
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university. he grew up in wilmington, delaware as a huge duce staley fan. shifty back is another weapon for new head coach doug pederson. >> he is a tremendous running back. you know, someone that i like and really was hoping to get. obviously it worked out. he is a guy that will to have come in and learn the system. he will be in the backup situation, position, going in but his skill set i think there is an opportunity there, you know, for him and i will not count anything out. >> here are rest of the eagles picks in the fifth round they take tcu tackle halapoulivaati vaitai, blake countess is cornerback out of auburn, he can play inside or outside. jalen mills is four year starter at lsu. at the link, they were celebrating at least one pick by bird, eagles hosted a draft
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party, current eagles brandon graham, jordan hicks and graham is exited to see this years draft class. >> you know, eagles do a great job, especially howie and these guys, they do a great job getting people into help us win. so, we have to welcome them in and treat them like family once they get here. >> it is great to see these young guys. just ready to get here and get to work. it will be a fun year. >> great moments from the penn relays you cannot script it any better then this college men's four by 1 mile, penn trailing mightily until thomas of penn on the outside, he comes out of no where, and running like he saw a ghost, penn edges indian, penn captures its first penn relays title in 44 years. that is sports. walter, back over to you. >> very cool. thanks, ducis.
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finally elmo, cookie monster, oscar and rest of the gang are ready for another fun season. they welcomed families at sesame place in langhorne, bucks county. characters posed for pictures and gave out hugs, of course. they took time and stage today buy theme parks brand new show call the magic of art. castle is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, chris sowers and gray hall. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, have a great night, and we will see you right back here tomorrow, i'm walter perez. >> ♪
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