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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  May 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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overpowering. all the bench people did their job for golden state. but, if i'm portland, if i can get this game up and down, if i can get in more in transition, i know i can free up mccollum and lillard. that must happen if they're going get it done. >> mike: clark, montero. connaught connaughton, from notre dame, played in a-ball, drafted in the fourth round by the orioles. but can knock down that shot, too. was a third-team all-acc performer. likely the final points of this one.
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clark wents two more. speights. he missed it, and that will wrap it up. big game from thompson and green in game one, goes to the catches. -- champs. 118-106. as they continue to buy time in the absence of stephen curry. who told lisa during the game that he hopes to return for that game three on saturday that we'll have from oregon for you on abc. triple-double for draymond green, standing by with lisa. >> lisa: thank you. what did you like from the team without steph curry? >> the defense. we made it tough on them, on
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c.j., if we can make them take tough shots, throughout the course of the series, they're so ball dominant with those two guys, and rightfully so. if we can make it tough on them, we think we can make it tough on them. >> lisa: and i know you like holding down the big guys. so why were you able to be, what was the key to being so successful against plumlee? >> well -- >> lisa: one point, draymond. >> as far as that goes, i have to give a lot of credit to my teammates, because they're on him on the rolls. big fella was down there helping, he was great at the rim. >> lisa: your second career playoff triple-double. did you know you were just one assist away?
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>> no, i stopped paying attention, i said i can't do that anymore. if it happens, it happens. if it don't, who cares? >> lisa: congratulations. back to you. >> mike: part of a great season, from a wonderful player, draymond green. the game one win by the warriors. back to wrap it up here in oakland, in a moment. , fresh jalapenos, no bun, , focus groups said... nobody will want a sandwich this spicy. right? but focus groups have been wrong before. nobody will want a camera that makes phone calls! right? so wendy's thanked them and launched it anyway. and even doubled down with ghost pepper fries. so, if you're hot for spice... i love it. then these are for you. i love it.
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>> mike: golden state warriors now 78-10 this year. 73-9, regular season. the 4-1 series win over houston, and game one of the western conference semifinal. and golden state and san anto o antonio, making loud statements. another game seven tonight on tnt, toronto and indiana. and great action next weekend on abc, saturday night, game three of this series. and sunday afternoon, cleveland and atlanta. thanks from all of us, and our entire team. local news or world news coming up. in the bay area, stay tuned, some postgame coverage of the warriors. with hubie brown and lisa salte salters, mike tirico saying, thanks for watching.
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walter perez. coming up police search for a man who broke in the apartment and terrorized a family. also another broad street run is in the books abe this year it was a rain a fair. "action news" is up next.
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sunday night, family and friend gathered to remember a wilmington high school student who died after being attacked in school. also thousands contend with the rain during this years broad street run. but the big story on "action news" is breaking news from the city east falls section. nine people, including an interest pant were injured if the serious crash. we have learned moments ago that the one of the injured, a child, has died. >> it happened just after 4:00 r intersection of henry avenue and schoolhouse lane. "action news" reporter jeff chirico live at the scene with the details, jeff? >> reporter: well, walter, sarah a, henry avenue is still shut down as the accident investigation division, tries to figure out what caused this two vehicle crash. and as you said, nine people were injured and we have just learned that a young boy, age somewhere between five and seven years old, has died. "action news" has been on the scene as one of more than a half dozen ambulances...
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"action news" was on the scene as one of more than a half dozen ambulances rushed a victim to the hospital, and the front end of a blue mazda was completely mangled. witness who stopped to help say several people were thrown from the black mazda vehicle, including children. "action news" has learned that one of those children is a two to three month-old, that young girl, is in critical with you but stable condition. philadelphia police captain says that several people, including two off-duty police officers stopped to render aid. here's what he had to say about the people involved in the accident. >> at this time we can tell you there were nine people transported to the hospital, four of the children were transported to two to st. christopher's, two to chop, all in critical condition. four of the five a adults were transported to trauma a centers in critical condition. we have one adult transported in stable condition.
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>> since captain dylann gave thaws update we have learned that, one of the children has died, a young boy, between the age of five and seven years old. it is the clear if the children were buckled in seat belt or car seats at this time and the accident investigation division, is on the scene trying to piece this all together. it is unclear when this road will reopen. we are live in east falls, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> all right jeff, thank you. accident investigators have not yet said if the wet weather played a role in that crash with you rain has been coming down all day long. >> in fact, you better get used to it because much of the workweek ahead will look like today. meteorologist melissa magee is at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there melissa. >> hi there walter and sarah. not the brightest of weeks head because we will be dodging showers on and off throughout the week. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. you can see moisture we have had across our region earlier today and unfortunately just in time for the broad street run. you can see that moisture moving off to the north and
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east but there is activity a cross the ohio valley and this will move northward a cross our region into the north and western of the 95 corridor of the delaware and lehigh valleys as we go throughout the rest of tonight. it will be so close that we have allow for a spotty showers. the overall it has been a soggy sunday. a atlantic city pick up an inch of rainfall, about three-quarters of an inch there in millville. .61 reported in philadelphia wildwood more than a half inch of rain. a quarter inch of precipitation there, in allentown. other part of the story to day we have moisture and it is certainly cooler then normal. currently 53 in philadelphia with that constant wind, coming in off of the atlantic at this hour 567891 in reading. same thing in lancaster. up in the poconos 45 degrees. northeasterly wind having temperatures from beach haven to cape may in the lower 50's. we will talk about what we can expect not just tonight but before the week ahead. we are calling for an active pattern. we will have a threat of rain each take and it will not be a wash out but it will be one of
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those weeks where we will fine limited sunshine and cooler then average temperatures. we will take a closer look at the forecast and let you know if we can squeak out any suns. exclusive details in the accu weather forecast. that rain did not stop tens of thousands of runners hoff been training for months for this day. they have hit the wet pavement to compete in the blue cross broad street run. hundreds, conditions were tough but crossing that finish line meant triumph. "action news" reporter catherine scott was there. >> yeah, broad street. >> reporter: broad street was filled with runners and rain drops to this morning. another year, another pumped up field of athletes making their way down broad street. >> wow. >> wow. >> it feels good. i am will's still alive. >> it is amazing. >> reporter: race kick off at 8:00 a.m. in olney, 40,000 runners laced up to make 10-mile trek down broad street to the navy yard. cecily tynan among them. the race is always rain or shine and organizers were prepared. >> all of the volunteers were
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on scene getting punchos. we have extra heat blankets for runners. >> reporter: you can hear the sneakers hit the pavement as runners came on by and you could see familiar faces a at six abc water stop. nora muchanic among them. maybe not ideal conditions, for runners, but nothing had that will stop them. >> how is it, good. >> yes, i'm so tired. >> it is a little tired. >> reporter: this was the first real chair racer to cross, and the men top prize finished in 48, 43. for women it was crystal from skippack an another sin us coach who finished over in 57 minutes. spectators line broad street hoping that the fuel these runners on. >> i really wish i was out there but just braving it with them. >> reporter: and they are willing to be out here in the cold and wet and rainy can cheer them on. >> yes. >> reporter: it was a soggy but spectacular race and as for those runners i hope they are somewhere getting a hot meal and a hot bat. at broad and washington
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catherine scott for channel six a "action news". >> our coverage of the broad street run continues on six, there we have posted a link with the full results from today's event along with dozens of photos and videos from the rain soaked race. be sure to check out how runners from the the a "action news" team performed today. switching gears now family and friend are paying tribute tonight to a teenager from wilmington who died after being attacked inside a bathroom in her own school. amy joyner francis was just 16 years old. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live in wilmington with more, christie? >> reporter: well, walter for last hour we have seen droves of people coming and going inside this church. many of the people that we spoke to said, that it is a somber sentiment inside, family and friend just struggling to make sense of what just happened to amy. >> it is just what they are handing out to everyone. >> yes. >> reporter: what is the mood inside. >> somber. >> that could well have been a scenario with any of our
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children. >> what can i say, i really can't say anything. >> god is with you in your time of loss, ever present and always there. >> to be in school and nobody has been charged yet, that is, i don't think that is right. >> i have faith in the school system. >> there is no discipline. i mean, that is just crazy, that is not normal to do that to someone. she was unrecognizable. >> the problem is where do you go from here. >> reporter: now as of last friday, wilmington police say they still have not filed any charges in the death of amy joyner francis who died from her injuries after being assaulted in her high school bathroom last movement amy's assault was captured on cell phone, police say they have found dozens of interviews and done forensic data but they will not rush the investigation. we do know no weapons were used in the a tack. school officials, did suspect three girls allegedly involved in this fight, authorities have indicated that charges are coming, but we just don't
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know when. now services here in wilmington, last until 8:00 o'clock tonight. reporting live, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> christie, thank you. from our new jersey news room now state police are investigating a discovery of a body in southampton township this morning. search teams looking for a missing manmade the discovery. search party found body in the the a area of route 70 and 206 just after 11:00 o'clock. they could not determine the person's gender or age because of decomposition. the search team went outlooking for a 42 year-old man who has been missing since last year. also in new jersey it was a terrifying experience for a family at the mansions apartment complex in pine hill this morning. a man broke in and ran right into the bedroom where two children were sleeping. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: emerald black says that she woke up around 9:30 when a man she did not know ran past her bedroom and in the room where two of her three children were sleeping. >> closed the door and locked
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my kid in the room with them. i started pushing the door. then i called police. he jumped out the window, that quick. >> reporter: police responded to the mansions apartments in pine hill, new jersey shortly after she made the call. emerald said that while the man didn't take anything or hurt anyone she was terrified for her children. >> i didn't know what was happening, i didn't know whether he was trying to do something to my kid, i didn't know. >> reporter: upstairs neighbor said when she heard the commotion she ran down to help. >> i looked out window and another one of our neighbors say he broke through their back window. so my initial response was to run down there and get their kid because i know they have kids in the apartment. >> reporter: several hours after the incident cops were still on the scene marking evidence the and taking pictures. broken windows and blind were left behind, along with broken patio furniture. police wouldn't release any information, about the incident or the suspect. several residents told us that the man who seemed to be high on drugs, as he broke into several apartment was taken into custody. residents we spoke with say after this most recent
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incident they don't feel safe anymore and some are thinking about moving out. >> it is bad out here. the it is bad. >> we have an issue in the complex late thely that a lot of things are going on that are a little out of the ordinary. >> we attempted to contact managers at mansion apartment and they declined to comment. reporting from pine hill, new jersey, trish hartman for channel six a "action news". philadelphia's biggest open air farmers market is opened for the season now. head house square was busy today with vendors selling fresh vegetables and fruits plus homemade jams, jellies and great food there. shoppers could get seed to grow their own produce. this is the tenth year for the head house market which is part of the food trust market. >> what a great farmers market. much more to come on "action news" tonight, bride mind have a bright outlooked in the future. it was everything a kid could want offer a rainy sunday afternoon. the unique event that made for i day to remember. jamie apody is in for jeff
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skversky with highlights for another win for red whose phillies but big winner is jeff skversky we will show you pictures of his new born baby daughter when "action news" comes right back.
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super heroes of all ages and speeds took to the trails in ridley state park today for a 5k run and walk. the event was to benefit for casea youth advocates. it assures abused and neglect children in delaware and chester county find safe, permanent homes. race featured a super dog complete with a red cape. and it was a proud day for dozens of young students, saint john church in gladwynn presented $3,000 a year scholarships to a five, eighth grade student in philadelphia's parish schools. they can use that money now attend any archdiocese high school, and have tuition for all four years. in addition, seven current scholars moving on to college were honored today.
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program has presented 28 outstanding students were four year scholarships since it was launched four years ago. meanwhile the celebration of the jubilee year of mercy continues today for the archdiocese of philadelphia. a special service was held this afternoon honoring mary the blessed mother this year's theme is who is mary in your life. parishioners were invited to send in briefest says nominating someone they know for the title of may queen. kid ruled the day at katz jcc in cherry hill, new jersey. because center hosted kid land 2016. the it was filled with more than 100 fun things for kid including rock climbing and a massive obstacle course. those who wanted quiet activities got to meet some of the animals from the philadelphia zoo and grab some markers to create their own pieces of art.
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welshing we have some great news, to share with you tonight. there is a new member of the "action news" family. alexis haley skversky was born yesterday morning, at 12:46 a.m. to proud parents, jeff and mandy skversky. alexis weighed 6-pound, 4 ounces. jeff tells us that as soon as alexis was born she gave mom a hug and held on to daddy's finger. she had her first big cry when he put that big bow on her head, for her "action news" debut. mom, dad, baby are doing great, mandy, you look terrific. the brings tears to my years. i can hardly read the story. >> jeff, she grabbed your fink tore day but you'll be wrapped around her finger for rest of your life and her life as well come on you. >> aim so excited for jeff to be a father. >> it is like the old saying, by peace corp it is toughest job you will ever love.
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>> congratulations. >> all right. >> sports? >> sure. >> since you are here what the heck. >> alexis good luck for phillies. >> really. >> they have been winning ever since she has been trying to make her debut. when season started did anyone predict phillies would have an winning april? you did i'm very impressed which is the word i use to describe how i feel about the phillies, impressed. i'm not sure how i feel about this. they were dancing. phillies looking to sweep indians. bottom of the third freddie galvis hits a two out single. they put phillies on the game. they add another on the balk by starter, of the indians. this vincent velasquez threw six shut out innings. two out, two out in the fourth. watch this catch. darren ruff saves the game one more time. >> velasquez, oh, all smiles and why not. his era is 1.44. phillies have their first back to back series sweep since september of 2012. is there your final out.
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they win two-one. they have now, won, wait for it, six in a row. nine of their last ten. >> we know we're kind of, we need a little more offense, but, you know, pitching and defense wins games. it is old adage. the as long as we are's in the game we feel like we can win it. >> our starters gives us a chance to win inn bull pen shuts the door. we are not out slugging anybody by any means. a lot of one run games, two, three run games at the most. you know, that shows how good they are. >> so they celebrated mothers day early. that is cameron rupp's mom kathy throwing out first pitch. phillies head out for ten game road trip in st. louis. he gave her a nice mother day gift with that winning streak. nothing like good dose of the silent treatment. all quiet on the sam bradford front, literally. eagles starting quarterback still not talking to the eagles since requesting a trade, bradford hasn't shown
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his face at work outs and has not answered doug pederson's phone calls. although howie roseman maintain bradford is this team's starter pied her son says his absence will not make the heart grow fonder. >> anybody that is not the any of the 32 off season programs is losing valuable time with that club. he is not going anywhere. he is our guy. we look forward to the day he comes back. it is unfortunate the situation but at the same time it is a voluntary process, as you know, and he cannot do much about that. but, you know, the minute he comes back and catch him up and we just keep going forward. >> bradford not only one skipping work out fletcher cox has yet to attend as well as he waits out negotiations between agent and eagles on a long term contract. roseman was asked what will it take to get fletcher back to the voluntary work outs. >> i cannot speak for that, but certainly whenever he comes back we will be excited to see him and again, he will be here, an eagle for a long
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time. he is a huge part of our football team going forward. the our intention is to keep him here for the long term and try to figure out a number that everybody is comfortable with that will be an aggressive number. >> much more on the eagles tonight on "action news" sports sun and i'll get 97.5 fanatic mike missanelli a's take on the sam bradford take and much more on carson wentz. rainy workweek forecast is up next on "action news". >> take a look from sky six over center sit friday our temple university camera. not a pretty picture. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.


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