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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  May 1, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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>> we have some great news to share with you tonight. there is a new member of the "action news" team. alexis halle skversky born yesterday morning at 12:46 a.m. the proud parents, jeff and mandy skversky. alexis weighed in 6 pounds 4 ounces and jeff tells us as soon as alexis was born she gave mommy a hug and held on to daddy's finger. he also says she had her first cry when he put that big bow on her head for her "action news" debut. mom, dad and baby alexis are doing great. and she is simply beautiful. >> i said it before, it is like the old commercials for the peace corps, the toughest job you will ever love. >> she is so adorable. >> jeff, life is about to change. >> we will hear about it. >> first-hand we will hear about it. how about the phillies?
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>> alexis the good luck charm. if i would have told you the phillies would head into may as the hottest team in baseball, would you believe me? stop it, no you wouldn't have. i am not sure how i feel about these dancing blues people. anyway, phills looking to sweep the indians. bottom of the third, galvin continues the hot streak and the single puts the phillies on the board. and velasquez six shut-out innings and help from the defense. in the fourth, check out ruff laying out. and one more time. and it looked like he had his eyes closed. and velasquez all smiles after that e.r.a. 1.44. and the phillies with the first back-to-back sweep since 2012 winning 2-1. they won six in a row and nine of the last 10. >> we know we're kind of -- we need a little more offense. but, you know, pitching and
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defense wins game, it's the old adage. and as long as we are in the game we feel like we can win. >> our starters give us a chance to win and the bullpen shuts the door. we're not out slugging anybody by any means. a lot of 1-run games. 2-, 3-run games at the most. and it shows how good they are. >> nothing like a good dose of the silent treatment to get your point across. all quiet on the sam bradford front literally. the quarterback still not talking to the eagles. since requesting a trade, bradford has not shown his face during voluntary workouts, reportedly not answering phones calls. and although they say bradford is the starter, they say his absence will not make the heart grow fonder. >> anyone who is not in any of the 32 off-season programs is losing valuable at that club. he is not going anywhere, he is our guy. and we just look forward to the day he comes back. it is unfortunate the situation, but at the same time it is also a voluntary process, as you
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know. and you can't do much about that. but, you know, the minute he comes back, we catch him up and keep going forward. >> of course bradford not the only one skipping the workouts. fletcher cox is yet to attend one as he waits out negotiations between his agent and the eagles in a long-term contract. asked what will it take to get fletcher back to the voluntary workouts? >> i can't speak for that, but certainly whenever he comes back we're excited to see him. and again, he will be an eagle for a long time. 's -- he's a big part of our program. and our intention to figure out a number that everyone is comfortable, it will be an aggressive number. >> and another take on the bradford situation, an interesting one. and nascar sprint cup series
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wild at talladega. dale earnhardt traveling at 200 and he puts it back on. and the barrel rolls, he is ok. and eight rolls, and danica patrick bumped. and a race to the finish line and brad keselowski out to take the checkered flag and more chaos behind him. the nhl playoffs stars and bluse. and the goalie with a wake up call with a slap shot to the face. good thing he has the mask but the contact lens the casualty. you can't stop shots if you can't see. luckily had a spare because you can't play glasses on and the blues win it 4-3 in overhead. >> thank goodness the helmet stays intact. >> hockey is dangerous.
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>> seven people recovering after this crash in a bike race in brookl brooklyn. in the video a motorcycle stalls causing a mass useful pile up with at least a dozen cyclists. another video on instagram show showed them pedalling into it. and the elephants putting on the last shows in wilkesbury, pennsylvania and they called the animals american icons thanking them for 100 years of service. more than a dozen other circuses continue to have elephant acts. the first passenger ship to sail from the u.s. to cuba on its way tonight. the carnivalship from miami with 700 passengers. some say they are waiting for years to go to cuba, and others born there but left when castro
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took power. and they used to ban people from arriving there by sea. the duke and duchess releasing pictures of charlotte. and taken by charlotte's favorite photographer, kate middleton. and kate took the pictures last month.
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>> superheroes of all ages on the trail in ridley state park for a 5k run and walk for advocates for abused and neglected children. even a super dog with a red cape. and "action news" sports sunday here. and "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning. for walter perez, melissa magee, jamie apody, new father jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i've sarah bloomquist. have a great night and a good week ahead.
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>> let me be clear, sam bradford is our starting quarterback. >> the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> what should the eagle fans know about you. >> i am a competitor and i love the game. and i am wired to win. >> and the phillies swept out the cleveland indians. they won six consecutive games. ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> welcome into another addition of actions sports sunday. and i'm jamie apody. well mike, the worst-kept secret


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