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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edward, karen rodgers and meteorologist david murphy. good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday may second. here's what is happening. >> violent crash that left one child dead and seriously injured a new born is still under investigation. we will have a live report. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expect in the courtroom today. details on his latest request. we are helping you get ready for a slight warm up and a very soggy week.
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>> let's find out more about that with david murphy with your accu weather and karen rodgers is taking a look at traffic. good morning. >> every day this week has a chance of some rain and we are starting out with some rain on radar this morning. couple sprinkles and showers around delaware county out of new castle county delaware and parts of the south jersey close to 295 and turnpike. little will bit more off the coast of cape may. just about anywhere we could see drizzle this morning and at times we will see those showers. later this afternoon we will be on the look out for heavier rain to pop in at least in areas south and west of philadelphia. there could be a strong thunderstorm in delaware, south jersey and southern chester county. 48 degrees right now. nothing but showers around in a couple spots and upper 40's every where across the region. on the bus stop this morning look for mainly cloudy skies, spotty shower is possible but most of the kid can do without an umbrella and temperatures in the upper 40's between 6:00 . we have a weird day. we will start out cool and by 11:00 still kind of cool, 51.
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by 1:00, 54. spotty showers through the morning hours. then we will get some sun coming back. we will struggle to get those temperatures up this afternoon but it will be milder, eventually we are looking at the a high of 68 degrees. that will be rather late in the afternoon say four or 4:30 and then 65 by 6:00. it will be even warmer down south and west of philadelphia. it is in those areas where we will expect to develop some showers and thunderstorms. philadelphia could see that as well but down in southern chester county, new castle county delaware or south jersey, south of the city and south of i-95 or 295 there is a chance of the strong thunderstorm or two. i will show you those on future tracker six. something to look out for later this afternoon, karen. >> okay david. the big accident in the new jersey, closing down ramp. action cam is on the scene. the accidented happened at 2:00 this morning but ramp for 42 southbound to 295 still shut down. you can see emergency workers there dealing with the scene right now. what happened was driver lost control ran in the barrier and
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there is debris on the ramp that is causing the problems and it is unclear as we see them working right now they need to fix the side of the ramp but they said it is expect to reopen within the hour. we are waiting for that. we could see crews on the scene in bellmawr, new jersey. instead of going from 42 to 295 you can take new jersey turnpike basically running parallel trying to get south and into delaware. lets switch over to our other cameras. we are noticing fog. you can see it here on 202 at route one. watch for light fog. traffic moving okay but reducing visibility a bit heading out. here's another shot, you cane if you go here looking at the vine street expressway. no overnight construction we are moving fine on the vine, westbound and eastbound all opened. we have a couple accidents, there is one right here on kopple road at snowball so watch for this one in hatfield involving down poles and wires. so they are trying to fix that right now, matt? >> thanks, karen. jerry sandusky will be in court in center county seeking
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a new trial. penn state former coaches serving 30 to 60 years for convictions on child sex abuse. the his attorney will argue grand jury leaks tainted the first trial. victims may also testify. former penn state president graham spanier, former vice-president gary schultz and former athletic director tim curly are being tried separate thely on charges that they covered up the scandal. intense investigation is underway to find out what caused an awful crash. one child is dead and another infant is fighting for perfect life. "action news" reporter catherine scotties live at st. christopher's hospital for children with the very latest on this story, good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. investigators are still looking into this crash and how exactly it happened. nine people in all were in those two vehicles, eight of them survived, the ninth person a little will boy died here at st. christopher's hospital yesterday. another one of the survivors a babe girl only a few months old remains here at st. christopher's hospital in critical but stable condition. this happened, in east falls on the 4200 block of henry
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avenue around 4:00 p.m. on sunday. police a say a vehicle heading north bound carrying three adults and four children, hit the on coming lane and was hit by a car with two adults inside. two children were partially thrown through the rear window. all nine people were hurt and one of them, a boy between five and seven was later pronounced dead at st. christopher's. police say there was one car seat for the infant but it is not men if or how the other three children were restrain. again that infant is in critical but stable condition, the other survivors are in stable condition this morning. a at this point there is in word if any charges will be filed in this case. we are live in hunting park, catherine scott for channel six "action news". >> catherine, thank you you for that. this is new on "action news" a wild ride ended with this car rolling on the roof. the action cam was at ab on the ford avenue in fox street the in the east falls section of the city just before 1:00. two people were injured when
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driver of the car lost control and overturn. in word on what caused the car to flip. we are following developing news, two u.s. missionaries who were working for lehigh valley based religious organization were found murdered in rural jamaica a. police say they are 48 year-old randy hansel and five three-year old howard nichols. hansel's facebook page says he was from iowa. they both work for teams for medical missions which is located in west coatsville lehigh county. no arrests have have been made. a private funeral will be made for wilmington teenager who died after being brutal willly assaulted in her school's bathroom. family and friend paid tribute to the 16 year-old amy joyner francis at st. paul church in wilmington last night. joyner francis was a salted in the girls rest room of howard high school of technology back on april 21st and she died from her injuries. officials say the three girls involve have been suspended but police have not yet filed charges. >> you cannot just have someone, do that, in the school, or anywhere, and think
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oh, it is okay they will get a slap on the wrist and go about their business. they got the suspended. that was the problem right there. they should have been expelled. >> wilmington police addressed the media on friday saying there is still a lot of work left to do before charges can be filed. incident was apparently captured on cell phone video. closing arguments are expect today, in the trial of the chester county man a accused of killing his girl friend at millersville, university. gregorio orrostieta is on trial for carli hall. the 18 year-old woman was found dead in her dorm on february of last year. last week a defense expert testified that hall died from a massive nose bleed due to i a previous fracture of her eye socket. and that blood filled in her lungs. prosecution argues that the suspects beat and extractled hall inside her dorm room. from our new jersey news room state education officials in new jersey will consider different school start times today. they will launch a series of hearings to discuss whether middle a and high school students should start the
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school day later in the morning. legislature passed a law to at least consider the time switch. health experts have been recommending lately that older students start class no earlier then 8:30 a.m. the first meeting will be held this a afternoon at camden county college's blackwood campus. 5:08. black bear sight nothing bensalem bucks county this weekend. this video was taken on the 340000 block of bristol people near st. francis house. you can see the bear peak out from the brush before going back into hiding. lets turn to accu weather. david murphy is joining us. every day this week, david, you said we can see some rain. >> yes, is there a chance of some shower activity, just been day. not every day will be rainy from start to finish but today is one of those days. storm tracker six live double scan right new shows you that during the morning, anyway, we don't have a whole lot going on. as we go in closer you can see earlier sprinkles and showers that are really falling apart. you can see how they started out more widespread, and now
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kind of losing their power. but a little bit of sprinkle will around media, delaware county and they be moving out of wilmington and then pushing into places like gibbstown swedesboro, woodstown, northern montgomery or excuse me, northern gloucester and camden counties. i don't know where i'm coming up with montgomery there even up in montgomery and elsewhere in the region is there a possibility of a passing drizzle will or spotty shower, not a whole lot going on right now. as we step outside we have cloudy skies, on sky six, there is the airport and it looks like we are getting a break in the rain right now, down in philadelphia international. taking a look at temperatures we're starting out cool, 48 degrees in allentown. forty-eight in philadelphia. pretty much up are 40's every where beneath clouds with some of those sprinkles and showers around. future tracker six shows you you that during the morning hours up until, nine to noon there is a chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower around. then later in the a afternoon we will be on the look out for some addition aal showers, to begin to build in from the west and eventually there could actually be some
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thunderstorms that pop up as warm air starts to surge up from the south and west. even at is 11:00 o'clock tonight we might the see that to the the south and west. i keep mentioning areas south and west of philadelphia because that in fact is where the national storm prediction center has put, imposed a slight risk of severe weather for later this afternoon for later this afternoon and this evening. that means in this area highlighted in yellow just around wilmington, southern chester county and then in areas right down a cross south jersey, including millville, cape may county, cumberland county, salem county and tait of delaware if you get a thunderstorm down there the conditions would be ripe for potentially, putting together a storm that would produce damaging wind gusts and maybe hail. cannot totally rule out something like that north of that yellow area as well but down southwest where i would be careful on have that late today and tonight. sixty-two is your high in the lehigh valley. not quite as unsettled there with the morning showers and afternoon sunshine. down the shore a morning shower, some afternoon sun coming back down the shore. 60 degrees is the high there.
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again, this is in one of those areas where you you might wind up with a thunderstorm later. in philadelphia and areas close by, morning showers, maybe an afternoon thunderstorm, better chance of severe stuff south and west of philadelphia, pick up, from any of these storms. sixty-eight is the high. overnight tomorrow, 55 degrees and then tomorrow, unfortunately it is another unsettled day, with at least some periods of shower activity. your exclusive accu weather seven day to day's high 68 degrees. morning showers, afternoon strong thunderstorm for some of you. tomorrow some rain and drizzle especially in the morning and early afternoon. high of 66 there. on wednesday, afternoon rain, buildings back in after a peak of morning sun. 64 degrees. the thursday looks to be an unsettled day with period of rain and high of 62 degrees. then we will get into friday still unsettled, sun in the morning, couple more showers building in late in the day high of 62 and for coming weekend it is mix of cloud, sun and milder but both the saturday and sunday we cannot rule out a shower. right the now it looks like saturday early morning would be best chance of rain.
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>> thanks, david. >> 5:11. still ahead raging inferno massive flames gut a historic church in new york city on the most holy day for its members. star bucks is slapped with the five million-dollar lawsuit over ice, karen? looking live on the schuylkill expressway, moving pretty news isly here past montgomery drive, that is your eastbound traffic toward the city. not a lot of traffic here but we are dealing with it elsewhere, details coming up. first daughter mallea obama will reveal where she's going to college but she's in no rush to get there, that is later in the morning buzz. 54:00.
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the commodore barry bridge, it is slowedded in mystery and also, fog. this morning. 48 degrees, and we're going to have to deal with a rainy week. >> it does look like a scene out of the great thriller there, karen. >> i was wondering what the mystery was, i guess if we told you, it wouldn't be a mystery. >> exactly right. >> i'm finally understanding matt o'donnell after 20 years. traffic reports right new let's check the suburbs. i want to show what you this shot looks like. this is equally mysterious. 309 at easton road. you can see how much fog we are dealing without there. you need to be careful heading out this morning. we are traveling in low visability. we have visibility reports up and right in the middle, philadelphia international it is not a problem currently at 10 miles. we might see that change in the coming times. we are looking at allentown, trenton 2.5. reading three. wilmington four. only 1.7 in dover. millville within mile visibility atlantic city airport. traveling around we are dealing with some fog this morning and, one area at least
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we have a big problem on 42, southbound heading toward 295 that off ramp right there at the 295 is shut down and that is because we had an overnight accident where a vehicle just smashed into the safety barrier, there is debris on the ramp. crews are out there working on it. watch for that one. stick to the new jersey turnpike instead heading out. i want to take another live look, here's what it looks like on i-95 we have been seeing fog in various degrees. we have looked here and it looks kind of fogged in and it is not looking as bad but you can see it. in problem on i-95 southbound. on your commuter traffic report coming from newtown square we have delays, shortest advertise tans, quick distance between two points is not always a straight line, right? it is up toward conshohocken a and schuylkill, 28 minutes from newtown square n wig problems there. little damp at times this morning, with a couple showers and drizzle going through. >> throwing geometry out of
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balance. a weekend trail derailment in washington d.c. could cause delays for mass transit riders down there. fourteen cars in a csx train jumped track near rhode island metro station. one leaked sodium hydroxide, a hazardous material while another leaked calcium chloride. leaks have been contained but cars are still blocking a commuter rail line and that is affecting the d.c. metro service. a fire gutted a historic church in new york city. flames broke out at serbian orthodox cathedral in manhattan last night. smoke and flames, could be seen for blocks. no one was hurt, and in word how it started. that church was built in the early 1850's and was declared a landmark in 1968. yesterday, was the orthodox celebration of the easter, the most holy day on the church's calendar. happening today, thousands of children in detroit will have an extra day off from school, at least 43 schools will be closed after teacher unions called for a mass have sick out. union says if there is in more
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funding from the state the district will have no machine toy continue to pay teachers this summer. you might say why don't they just go on strike? teachers strikes are illegal under michigan law, sick outs earlier this year caused tens of thousands of students to miss class. red hot phillies open up a four game series with the cardinals in st. louis today. jeremy hellickson will take the mound. phillies are celebrating their first back to back series sweep, since december 2012. they beat cleveland two-one. phillies won six in a row and nine of their last ten games. so much more being a rebuilding year. it is 5:18. coming up, movie that remains leader of the pack. more and more children are suffering head injuries at the play ground, health check is up next.
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i missed you guys over the weekend. >> it is only two days. >> that is a long time. >> let's take you outside, right now and show you what is going on, we are looking the at fog here this is route 100
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past pottstown pike in chester county and some spots we have got fog. little 2-mile visibility so be careful heading out. not causing a major problem. new jersey transit path the co, septa, subway, chester regional rail all on time this morning, dave. >> sprinkles and showers around this morning but only in a couple spots. i will not go over board on gear for kid but keeping them dressed the rather warmly because it will be a while before we get our high this have afternoon. by the time they come home it could be in the lower 40's. lower 50's at noon. we will climb this have afternoon. we will wind up with a high of 68 later on which is not bad. so some showers in the morning and then some sun coming back which would be nice. however, later in the afternoon and evening there is a chance of a strong gusty thunderstorm developing. best chance of severe weather will be south and west of philadelphia, in places like delaware and parts of the south jersey, maybe southern chester county. rain out there at the airport. no major delays though and none of the other big travel
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destinations of precipitation currently, tam. >> thanks, david. in health check concussions seem to be on the rise, according to the cdc, almost 215,000 kid are treated yearly for play ground injuries and of that almost 10 c brain injuries including concussions. the most have the play ground injuries were mild including those concussions still, all concussions have to be taken seriously. the bars and swings are most often involved with kid and concussions. researchers say adult supervision is key to helping preventing these kind of injuries and they recommend to check to make sure playground equipment is in good condition. many viewers are doing 180 how they approach fat in the the diet. they think we should eat more to lose weight? health reporter and registered nurse allie gore man has a preview of her special report you will only see it in at 11:00. >> reporter: it is message in several new weight loss books: eat more fat. many experts say that the old advice to stay away from fat did more harm then good and adding some smart fats back
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into your diet can make a big difference. >> when we do that, we feel better, we have more energy, we have better hair, nails, skin. >> i will have all of the details monday on "action news" at is 11:00. good morning, topping america's money star bucks sued. >> class action lawsuit says is there too much ice in the company's cold drinks. woman seeks five million-dollar in damage for every star bucks customer in the past ten years. star bucks says, the suit is absurd. young ceo marisa myers can look forward to a massive pay out in the event of the big changes at her embattled company. >> she's entitled to severance benefits of 55 million-dollar if she's fired or yahoo is sold. company share price lost about a third of the value last year. jungle book is still roaring through theaters, live action film from disney, which also owns abc. >> jungle book took in 42 million-dollar, that is almost as much as the next six films combined, huntsman, winter war and keanu brought in
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9 million. that is america's money. >> have a great day everyone. at pure leaf, we know that the best things in the life are real. so we wouldn't use anything other than real, fresh picked tea leaves brewed the way you make it at home. ...pure leaf.
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a delicious, real leaf-brewed iced tea. we love iced tea the way you love iced tea. pure and simple. pure leaf. for the love of leaves. cno artificial flavors.. philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia®.
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people on social media didn't like the picture that was posted of tennis star serena williams on her instagram account. they noticed her waist had been photo shop. she posted swimsuit image last
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week have after she had photo shoot with people magazine. she had been featured in their most beautiful people issue. however more than 600 people said, that doesn't look like serena a's real waist. why would she need to photo shop such a beautiful woman? over the weekend it seemed serena agreed and she put up original shot. this shows her normal waist, i think she looks like a million-dollar. they didn't need to touch her. now everybody knows what she really looks like. after months of speculation the white house announce that had mallia obama has chosen a college. she's going to harvard. i'm sad she did not pick stan forward but not going right away. she will be taking a gap year deferring start of her freshman year for a year. mallia is oldest of the two daughters, she's 17 ape senior at side well friend school in d.c. she is set to graduate this june but there is no word what she will do this summer or what she will do with that gap year. matt? >> call her up, tell her to reconsider stanford and you
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have a year to do it, tam. >> she can always transfer. >> she could reconsider. >> yes. congratulations are in order. coming up on "action news" a world famous circus brings down curtain on elephant performances. riots break out during mayday celebrations around the country. "action news" will be right back. developing overnight a teenage
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girl is rushed to the hospital after showing up at her home with a stab wound. happening today jury selection begins in the trial of the philadelphia congressman, who is losing his job, in january. also today atlantic city is crunching numbers trying to come up with enough cash to save them from hitting a historic low. good morning everyone it is 5:30 on this monday may second. boy this week will be wet, david and karen. storm tracker six shows you earlier showers we had around delaware county and new castle county delaware and parts of the south jersey are mostly falling apart. there is low lying cloud cover producing drizzle on your windshield in spots. next shower activity looks


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