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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  May 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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developing overnight a teenage girl is rushed to the hospital after showing up at her home with a stab wound. happening today jury selection begins in the trial of the philadelphia congressman, who is losing his job, in january. also today atlantic city is crunching numbers trying to come up with enough cash to save them from hitting a historic low. good morning everyone it is 5:30 on this monday may second. boy this week will be wet, david and karen. storm tracker six shows you earlier showers we had around delaware county and new castle county delaware and parts of the south jersey are mostly falling apart. there is low lying cloud cover producing drizzle on your windshield in spots. next shower activity looks like well off to the north and
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west, won't be an issue for us in the immediate the future. there is additional rain out to the west and lots of cloud, it does look like it will be a cloudy start to the day and maybe some sun during the afternoon and then we will be on the look out for the spotty pop up then are storms that could be strong. looking at temperatures right now cloudy skies, damp out there, just about everybody in the upper 40's. so it is chilly. it will stay that way on the the bus stop between 6:00 and 8:00 with temperatures holding below 50-degree mark and that spotty shower chance is still out there as we go through the morning it stays rather cool. forty-nine by nine, and even by 1:00 probably only 54 degrees. you will still want a jacket then. spotty showers throughout the morning. some sun starts to come back but later this afternoon especially after about four or five or 6:00 o'clock there is a chance of then are storms developing. our high 68 degrees, late in the day around 5:00 and where those thunderstorms hit they could produce strong gusty wind and maybe even reach
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severe categories. the best chance of that is south and west of philadelphia karen, i will show thaw with the seven day forecast and forecast itself over next workweek period, in the exactly great, we will have details coming up. >> you work on improving that. i've got improving traffic on my end, we have big accident this morning in new jersey on 42 and action cam is on the scene right now we are seeing traffic move again. accident is cleared, we had an overnight accident on 42 southbound here in bellmawr this ramp to 295 has been block for hours. people could not get on 295 from 42 which was a big deal. they had debris on the roadway. car lost control smashed in the safety barrier there. things are looking better right now. traffic is reopened and moving again. you can see quite a few people take this ramp. thinks a big deal for this to be shut down for hours. traffic moving better in new jersey. let's show you fog, some spots we are getting visibility down to under 2 miles and we are looking live and you can see fog here. this is chester county 202, pass skylar boulevard.
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we can see traffic moving owe way. watch for reduced visibility with the the low clouds and it is damp out there we had a couple early morning accidents bringing down poles and wires on kopple road near snowball drive. stick to main street or welsh to get urn a it, tam. >> thanks, karen. developing right now, a 17 year-old girl is in the hospital with the stab wound. police are trying to figure out who stabbed this girl and y she was slashed in the back. she showed up at 1300 block of tanner avenue in burlington, earlier this morning. she is now at cooper university hospital in serious but stable condition, so far, police are staying tight-lipped though about their investigation. also new this morning philadelphia fire fighters, knock down a blaze inside a vacant apartment building that broke out just before 2:00 on the 500 block of south lambert street in the point breeze section of the city. neighbors tell "action news" that the building has been empty ever since fire first damaged this exact same place, two weeks ago. terrible crash in the cities east falls section left one child dead and eightors
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hurt and new police want to know if the youngest victims were even properly strapped in their seats. "action news" reporter catherine scotties live at st. christopher's hospital for children where an infantry mains in critical condition, catherine. >> that is right, this crash was just horrific and that is one of the main questions here as were these children were presently restrained in the vehicle but all remains under investigation this morning. nine people in all, in those two vehicles, eight of them were taken to the hospital with critical injuries and one of them a little will boy died. he was taken to st. christopher's hospital where he died, another child, a little girl, a baby remains here at st. christopher's in critical but stable condition. this happened on the 4200 block of henry avenue you in ease falls, yesterday around 4:00 p.m. and police say a vehicle carrying three adults and four children crossed over the center lane and collided with an on coming car. that car had two adults inside. two children were partially
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thrown through the rear window, and a child between age of five and seven a little boy was pronounced dead at st. christopher's. police say there is one car seat for the infant but it is not known if or how the other three children were restrained. witnesses say passers by including two off-duty officers stopped to help however they could. >> there were two off-duty police officers traveling this highway. both stopped and rendered assistance to the patient. one actually went with the medic unit while working on one of the children. >> reporter: there were eight survivors in this crash, the baby girl remains at st. christopher's in critical but stable condition, everybody else has been upgraded to stable condition. live from hunting park, catherine scott for channel six "action news". >> thanks, catherine. happening today jury selection gibbs in the corruption trial of long time pennsylvania congressman chaka a fattah. fattah is accused of taking bribes and using campaign fund
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and federal grants. judge delayed the start in the until may 16th. the last week fattah lost to dwight evans ending his hopes of the 12th term in congress. 5:36. in at atlantic city they are on the brink of defaulting on its debt, something no other city in new jersey has done in the last 78 years. mayor don guardian will announce if the gambling town will be able to cover a 1.8 million-dollar bond payment. the city is also expecting proceeds from its next tax payments but guardian says it is unclear if they will be enough to cover both bond and payroll. state leaders continue to work on a plan to save the sit friday bankruptcy. new jersey family experienced quite the terrified ordeal yesterday morning. emerald black says a man kick in her door as at the mansion apartment complex in pine hill. she says he then ran in the bedroom where two children were sleeping and lock the door. >> he closed the door and lock the kids in the room with him. i started pushing on the door. then i called police. then he jumped out of the
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window headfirst. >> police arrested the man, they say he did not take anything and he a period to be high on drugs. a teenage driver and female passenger were pulled from the car and then slammed into the house this was the scene on the 200 block of wilson street in pottstown, montgomery county last night. the two victims in the vehicle were admitted to the hospital but they are expect to recover. the homeowners were not hurt. campaign trail wind its way to indiana this week. ted cruz is banking on the win in the the state's primary tomorrow in what could be a final stand against done will old trump. one poll shows trump with a 15-point lead over cruz in the hughesser state. john kasich is trailing far behind. trump mocked his republican rivals for staying in the race. both he and democrat front runner hillary clinton are turning their focus to the general election. >> if we win in indiana and most people think we will, they should quit the race and then we can focus on crooked hillary. the police let's focus on hillary. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into
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donald trump's hand. >> like cruz, trailing democratic candidate bernie sanders is promised to go battle on, through the primary season. sanders told a crowd in washington d.c. that the dnc, in philadelphia, will be a contested convention. something we will be covering very closely. >> well, you know, at least it will be a fun story, active story and who knows how it will end. >> who knows. >> storm tracker six live double scan shows us we are getting a break in the rain. we have some drizzle will around as we go in tighter on storm tracker six. we have had sprinkles and showers around philadelphia and points south but that is all off the map. stuff off to the north and west is not an issue for us. taking a look outside we have sky six, cloudy skies here in the a airport and it looks like airfield surface is drying out a little bit. temperatures 48 degrees currently, dew point of 45, so the air is still saturated. there is some areas with low lying cloud cover, some drizzle on your windshield,
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perhaps. wind out of the east north east at 8 miles an hour, not all that strong heading outside the door this morning. looking at future tracker six there is a possibility of a couple more scattered sprinkles and showers and drizzle on your windshield right up through 9:00 o'clock maybe more of that around by 12:00 o'clock. later this afternoon is there a chance we will break out into some sun and we will eventually also get some more warmer air coming up. getting up in the upper 60's in philadelphia and 70's points south and west. after four or 5:00 o'clock we will be on the look out for another round have of showers and maybe even a thunderstorm and at times from 7:00 o'clock on there could be even be a couple strong thunderstorms popping up n fact, the national weather service has placed areas south and west of philadelphia at a slight risk for severe weather this afternoon and this evening. that means any storm that forms in these areas from about wilmington and southern chester county down through delaware and parts of the south jersey could produce wind gusts strong enough to knock over some trees and wires, and maybe even some hail. if you are up in philadelphia and hear rumble of thunder would i also take cover but those areas that will be warmer and more unstable down
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to the south and west appear to be ground zero for any potential, storms this afternoon. 48 degrees, by 8:00. 50 degrees by 10:00 o'clock. really cool, a little unsettled in the morning. even by noon we will be in the lower 50's and kind of struggle our way in the 60's this afternoon. by 3:00 o'clock it is possible we will only at 63 degrees. we will eventually get that warmer air in place. sixty-eight is your high. way down around 4:30 or 5:00 o'clock and again late afternoon or evening thunderstorm isn't out of the question. high temperatures, well, it depend where you are, it will be different in different places. in the lower 60's in allentown and reading. mid 60's in trenton. upper 60's in philadelphia those points south and west warmer but more unstable this afternoon. as we take a look the at future tracker six for tomorrow, unsettled pattern continues, it the looks like by 6:00 o'clock on the the air here we will have a lot of rain around, and could wind up tapering off a little bit by noon and in through afternoon just a couple sprinkles or showers but unsettled pattern, continues through to tomorrow. your exclusive accu weather
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seven day 68 degrees, morning shower, afternoon thunderstorm in pots. tomorrow rain and drizzle, not the a wash out but kind of cool, dam one a high of 66. if we do get some sunshine it would be early on wednesday, and in the afternoon on wednesday and another round of rain with a high of 64. thursday looks unsettled, cloudy skies, period of rain, off and on throughout the day, 62 the high there and then friday, unsettled with some afternoon or evening showers, around, for the weekend we will finally get milder getting up on average around 70 degrees saturday and sunday but is there a chance of a shower around both days. >> okay, thanks, david. >> it the is 5:41. still ahead on "action news" mayday celebrations turn violent. the process begins to start splitting up the estate left behind by prince, karen. we can see fog just pass conestoga road on the blue route. we will see what it looks like on 309 come up. also when we come back, we have a little bit too
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we're taking a live lot a view out across penns landing a at 5:44. 48 degrees. depending where you are, you can see it looks foggy, out there this morning. >> yeah, we're seeing reduced visibility. be careful heading out.
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i don't think we have any major problems but we have had a few early morning accidents. lets check your suburban traffic report. how about coming from bucks county we have got a live picture of 309, near paper mill million road and we can see traffic moving fine. the in the distance we will see right fog in this a area let's bring in our visibility reports. the right now we are seeing .3-t pocono, 1.3 in allentown, 1.7 in trenton, 1 mile visibility in the atlantic city. 10-mile visibility at philadelphia international. just depend where you are this morning. some spots we are seeing that fog. in our commuter traffic report we have found noel talking about foggy weather on 222 and spring township. people reporting it as an issue heading out this morning. we also see down wires causing from an earlier accident. look for kopple road shut down between snowball drive-in hatfield. stick to main street or welsh street to get around. that one more live look and you can really see the fog here. thinks roth velt boulevard southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill and doing okay. we will see people moving
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away. camera high looking down but that is a good shot of the fog there this morning. be careful heading out. little will bit of fog and damp at times this morning as well, matt. >> thanks, karen. protests over worker and immigrant rights turn violent in seattle. police say they have arrested nine people when clashes broke out following yesterday's peaceful march. some in the crowd threw flares, bricks and molotov cocktails. five officers were hurt, and none seriously. demonstrations took place in oregon and in los angeles, san francisco and oakland, california. attorneys, going over princess state will meet for the first time in minnesota and it sound like they will be busy. prince sister tyka until will son filed papers that prince had no known will. that means his assets would at least be divided among his surviving siblings and half of which he has a number and some sources estimate prince holdings are in the neighborhood of 300 million-dollar. the as well people claiming to be prince illegitimate children have been coming
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forward in droves. prince's personal chef says music legend a period to be dealing with throat and stomach problems over past few weeks but says he didn't think it was much more than a common cold. today is fifth anniversary of the death after al qaeda lead are osama bin laden. president obama reflect on the raid. he said if the u.s. had in the launched that mission bin laden may have well gotten away. >> after discussions with the principals, it was clear to me that this was going to be our best chance to get bin laden. that if in fact we did not take the action that he might still got away and might be years before he re-surfaced. >> the united states seal navy seals killed bin laden just after 1:00 a.m. in his compound in pack san in 2011. the cia mark the date by tweeting every step of the operation, yesterday, as if it were happening live. the first passenger ship to sail from the u.s. to cuba
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is expected to arrive in havana today. carnival ship left my am which 700 passengers yesterday. or anxious to make their first visit to the caribbean nation. the others were born there and left, back when fidel castro's communist regime came to power. starting cruise is element of the president obama's bid to increase tourist tomorrow cuba after his decision to restore diplomatic relations. it is 5:48. come up violent storms cause severe damage throughout the town. and here, boo-boo didn't really work for this guy more on this bear encounter next, david. can you imagine. so we have jackets on the kid keeping them there this afternoon as we will have a slow ride up to our high temperatures later today and little bit of drizzle around, but probably in the enough to require an umbrella i will be back with the the day planner forecast and let you know where those thumbs are going.
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fire fighters needed back up to get rid of the small bear in colorado. crews posted this fire on their mission on facebook. they goes. bear reached the second floor of an apartment complex and went in someone's living room. the tenant locked himself in the bathroom until fire team got the cub out of the unit and then back in the wild. no injuries were reported. >> i locked myself in the bathroom because we had a bat in the house once when i was a kid. >> a bear i would have been jumping out of the window probably. >> lets take a look at yourself and check out the a problem on the schuylkill expressway. we had a guy changing his tire, flat tire, off to the shoulder but partially blocking the right lane. caused a real backup. we are seeing the it slow here on the schuylkill eastbound past 202. you you will also see fog in the hot shot as well. reduced visibility and slow
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down on the schuylkill eastbound because of that right lane block for a while. new jersey transit patco, subway, septa subways and regional rails are on time, dave. >> we have a lot of cloud around this morning. might be drizzle on your windshield. active showers have dispersed for now anyway. wind are fairly light. that is good. it is chilly. temperatures in the upper 40's. that is where we will be by 9:00 running errand you might want to wait until this afternoon when it will be more comfortable. we will have chance for showers for morning as well. by 11:00 still around 51. by noon time 52. we are expect to go return sunshine into play later this afternoon. we will struggle to get those numbers up but eventually we will be up to a high of 68. probably not until 4:30 or 5:00 this afternoon. once we get in those late have afternoon and evening hours though look out there is a chance of the strong gusty thunderstorm and tam, best chance of these stronger storms are south and west of philadelphia. >> thanks, david. reminder, you can get the seven kay forecast and take a live look the a storm tracker
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six double scan radar anytime of the day you want, just head over to our web site at six strong wind caused a tree to topple on to a house splitting tonight half in atlanta, georgia. seven two-year old blind woman was in her bedroom when the giant tree came crashing down on the saturday night. fire fighters had to break out a window to get her out safely. elephants acts with the wrinkling brothers circus are now history. elephants performed in their last shows in wilkes barre, pennsylvania. and providence rhode island. ring masters called them american icons and thanked them for 100 years of service. more than one dozen other circuses continue to have elephant acts. 5:53. up next gruesome discovery in south jersey. snap chat the has reached an important milestone, that is coming up at 6:00.
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ see a blue monday morning. take a look at that a at 5:56. 48 degrees. very foggy in some spots. so give yourself a little bit of extra time and distance this morning. police in camden county new jersey are investigating discovery of the body in the delaware river. body was discovered near, an avenue you in pennsauken at 8:30 last night. up investigators have not released any details about the victim and they are not commenting on the cause of the death. double stabbing inside a store in north philadelphia. it happened on 200 block of west tioga street last night. one of the men arguing pulled
5:57 am
out a knife and stab the other and another person who tried to break up the fight was also stabbed. there have been no arrests so far. new on "action news" a new jersey coastguard, rescued a sick fisherman off atlantic city. it happened 60 miles off the coast yesterday. the crew lowered a basket from the hell cooperate tore pick up the six three-year old fisherman. he fill ill and needed medical attention aboard a scallop boat. guard transported him to a hospital in gala way. 5:57. next up this morning child head injuries are on the rise and culprit is common pieces of play ground equipment. star bucks gets a cold shoulder from the customer suing chain over its ice beverages.
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with matt o'donnell, tamala edward, karen rodgers and
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meteorologist david murphy. good morning at 6:00 a.m. on this monday may second. here's is what happening. violent crash that left one child dead and another justly injured a new born is still under investigation. >> we will have a live report. former pneumonia state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expect in the courtroom today, details on his latest request. we are helping you get ready for a slight warm up, very soggy week and fog, right now. >> karen, it seems that fog has gotten thicker and thicker, you and david saw that on accu weather and traffic, good morning. >> we do have low lying cloud cover in some cases, it is fog but we are getting drizzle on the windshield. looking live on wide view we had sprinkles and showers. they have gotten out of here for now but there will be more coming in later this morning. then we will get a then are storm this afternoon. 48 degrees is current temperature in philadelphia, mostly in the upper 40's. not a lot of wind but chilly enough for jacket


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