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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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n good morning, america. breaking overnight -- violent riots erupt in seattle. may day protestors launching molotov cocktails, rocks, and bottles, injuring at least five officers. the struggle to keep crowds under control. deadly flash floods drown the gulf coast, tearing roads apart, splitting homes, as reported tornadoes hit the heartland. now dangerous wind and hail on the way. and the south bracing for more floods, as the bad weather moves east. final push. donald trump going for the knockout in indiana, looking to sew up the nomination. >> i mean, the two last ones, they're like hanging by their fingertips. they're choking, don't let me fall, don't let me fall. >> as president obama takes some shots of his own. obama's drop the mike moment. >> the manhattan cathedral going
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up in flames after 700 people packed a service. 170 firefighters battling the blaze. what investigators think may have caused this fire. bonjour -- excuse me. good morning. what's up? we have a lot of news to get to, some big headlines in the race for the white house. lot of people still talking about the president's remarks over the weekend at the kor responsibilities. >> obama is out, final line. he's get something good at this and everyone was a target on saturday night. even little prince george. take a look. >> last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. [ laughter ] >> that was a slap in the face.
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i cleared breach of protocol. >> he's got a timing down. but first, the breaking news overnight. those violent may day riots erupting in seattle. multiple people arrested at least five officers were injured during clashes with protesters. abc's neal karlinsky is in seattle and has the latest for us. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it was a quite a scene here on the streets of downtown seattle. this building was hit with graffiti. police and protesters clashed across the city. may day protests in seattle turning into a free for all. >> i thought it was going to be peaceful march, peaceful march, but it didn't turn out to be. >> reporter: protesters hurling
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bottles and molotov cocktail and we'll ma around town all day long. once property dangmage we took action. >> reporter: throughout the early evening, protesters and police officers pushed and shoved testing each other's limits. >> we don't want to hurt anyone! >> reporter: police dispersing pepper spray. protesters responding with rocks and bottles. may day is traditionally celebrated throughout the world as a rallying cry for improved conditions for workers. but this year it brought its share of ana krshrchaist nine protesters arrested.
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seattle has had some trouble on may day for years. so, police were staged and ready across the downtown area. otherwise they feel this could have been even worse, george. >> neal, thanks very much. the race for the white house now and tomorrow's vote in indiana. a win there says donald trump will make him a winner. >> a very tough poll for ted cruz. he said he's doing everything he to win indiana tomorrow. donald's lyin' ted, are tacks that may cruz may not be able to shake off. >> by the way, if with win indiana it's over. >> reporter: for donald trump the finish line is there. saying it could end in indiana. >> i knocked out 17 people. the two last ones are hanging by
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their fingertips. they're choking. >> reporter: the trump campaign confident that a win in indiana could crush any hopes of any contested convention. >> we'll win. >> reporter: trump openly mo mocking ted cruz's announcement that carly fiorina as the running mate. >> when somebody gets out, you had no popularity, it doesn't help. she's a nice woman. >> reporter: indiana could be a make or break state for cruz. >> in 51 hours, indiana will have spoken to the country who are we as a nation. >> reporter: a new poll shows indiana's governor endorses cruz and the announcement of fiorina on the cruz ticket has done little to move the needle. trump up by double digits. on "this week," cruz taking on trump for mispronouncing foreign nation and we talked about
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tanzania. i'm familiar with that. >> reporter: president obama also poking fun at trump's foreign policy credentials during his speech at the white house kor responsibilities dinner. >> they say trump lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but he has spent yours meeting with leaders from around the world -- miss sweden. misargentina. miss azerbaijan. >> i even saw one of trump's son laugh at that jokes. to put to rest that that trump is going to tone things done, he said that china is quote raping our country. bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a tight race in indiana. as sanders promises a contested convention and asked superdelegates to switch sides
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and support him. abc's cecilia is vega is here with the latest on that. >> reporter: the superdelegates are the very washington establishment sanders has been campaigning against. he acknowledges that this is an uphill climb. but he has no intention of giving up this fight. bernie sanders in indiana overnight, making a final push in the state he desperately needs to win. >> it looks to me that south bend is ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: now a hail mary. the vermont senator himselfish shug a threat that so far only his aides have uttered. >> the convention will be a contested contest. >> reporter: sanders is promising a battle in philadelphia. those superdelegates party leaders who overwhelming support
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hillary clinton. >> i do not deny it for a second a tough road to climb. but it is not an impossible road to climb. >> reporter: sanders needs to win 92% of all remaining delegates. clinton, the exact opposite. feeling so confident she now has her sights on a completely different opponent. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> now, indiana's big vote is tomorrow as we all know. but clinton will be campaigning in ohio a stark contrast to sanders at this point whose campaign saw a drop in fund-raising last night. he's not giving up this fight, though. let's go to jon karl with more. let's start with the democrats. and bernie sanders.
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>> reporter: a really steep climb here, george, he's talking about trying to get those superdelegates, party insider, from states he won overwhelming to vote for him. george, if you look at where things stand right now for bernie sanders, he's within the margin of error for indiana. he has a chance of winning in indiana. to get a majority of the pledged delegates he would need to win all of the remaining states by an average of 30 points to get a lead even among the pledge delegate and jon on the republican side, donald trump saying if he wins tomorrow he's the presumptive nominee, he has a point. >> he sure does. he has a huge lead. indiana, 57 delegates at stake. if he wins anywhere near the margin he could win all of the delegates in indiana. he's got nearly 1,000. only 239 to go. indiana really is the last stand not only for ted cruz but for
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any republican to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. now to that devastating and deadly flooding along the gulf coast, battling and splitting homes. warnings more flooding could be on the way. rob marciano is here. >> reporter: more rain on the way. severe thunderstorm watch posted for northern texas, southern arkansas. this following what was beyond a weekend washout. or ttorrential rains turning de. flash looked in responsible for at least six deaths along the gulf coast. in texas, entire roads washed away. >> that's crazy, thank you lord that i got off of it. >> reporter: a driver capturing this incredible imable of a road being torn apart. a great-grandmother watching her
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four grandchildren all drown unable to escape the fast-moving floodwaters. >> the water came through and it was just too much pressure for those little kids. >> reporter: in arkansas, a mountain giving way. in georgia, winds taking down numerous trees, splitting this home in half. a tractor-trailer losing control and plunging into a river in south carolina. miraculously, the driver escaping, pulled to safety. and in louisiana, so much rain falling some neighborhoods partially under water. much of new orleans's jazz fest weekend a washout. stevie wonder telling the crowd his performance canceled because of the weather. we got flash flood watches posted for the i-10 corridor.
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another 2 to 4 inches on top. maybe six-plus. heading toward the east. >> thank you, rob. now to the mystery surrounding prince's death. what will happen to his estate. his family set to appear in court today as we learn new details about prince's final days. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: prince's estimated estate on the line. people claiming to be his loved child coming out of the woodwork. >> whether you're a love child could be an uphill battle. >> reporter: searches for possible heir to estates have have been overwhelmed. >> he was born in the '80s, his mother crossed paths with prince a couple of times. >> reporter: currently checking out his story and verifying key details. this as the superstar's family heads to court this morning
7:13 am
hoping to settle his estate. his brother remembering his little brother. his attorney putting to rest rumors of family disputes. >> if you saw the hugs that were given you would know that this is a family that loved one another no matter what. >> reporter: abc news learning new details about the investigation into prince's death. authorities turning their attention to prince's medication and whether the star died of a drug overdose. sources telling us that the superstar was getting prescriptions from multiple doctors. authorities executing a search warrant at his local walmart. that prescription medication was found on prince and at his home after he died. a poshl indication of health problems. his chef said the superstar was eating less lately. he was battling frequent upset stomach and sore throat.
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>> he loved everything fresh and vibrant and energetic. >> reporter: prince's chef remembering that the star didn't feel well the day before his death. still no official cause to his death. that toxicology report still weeks away. george, his family is expected here in just a short amount of time. let's go to amy with the other top stories with a possible terror attack in florida. >> reporter: the fbi has arrested a man plotting to bomb a community center in south florida. he planned to throw an explosive over a wall at a jewish center. also breaking at this hour, a car bombing in baghdad, at least 13 religious pilgrims has died. this all comes and the political turmoil threatening to undermin iraq's fighting against isis. protesters have left the green zone. they're promising to return.
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back in this country, a landmark church here in new york city has been heavily damage by fire the serbian orthodox cathedral built back in the 1850s, the fire broke out just hours after sunday's ott dox easter service. investigators are looking into whether candles started the fire. puerto rico's debt crisis being watched closely in washington. the governor said providing essential services is more important. finally, an unexpected guest at an apartment building in colorado. a bear rummaging through a refrigerator in a second-floor apartment. they're politely asking him to leave. boom, there he goes, tearing out the door. dashing out down. the corridor.
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he's back in the wild. big announcement from the first family. malia obama is set to attend harvard when she graduates. but she'll take a gap year. malia visited princeton, her mother's alma mater. she visited columbia, her dad's alma mater. harvard may have been the diplomatic choice. malia's dead had some fun this weekend, lara. >> he did great, didn't he. president obama will be looking for a new job when he leaves the white house he may have a future as comedian in chief. he got his own endrop the mike moment. >> you all look great. the end of the republic has never looked better. >> reporter: it was the end of an era, the last time president obama would take the stage at the white house kcorrespondents
7:17 am
as commander in chief. >> someone jumped the fence last week at the white house. i have to give the secret service credit, they brought michelle back. >> doing a little roasting of his own. >> gop chairman preibus is here. it's all going great. keep it up. >> reporter: and giving us a glimpse of what's next. >> this material works well, i i'm going to use it as goldman sachs next year. [ laughter ] >> reporter: until then -- >> obama out. >> well done. well done.
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>> i liked that. let's go to rob with some real heavy rain heading to the east. as rain rolls through this stationary boundary we will look for heavy to severe storms across d.c. and baltimore but look at difference between boston and d.c. 30 degrees, again, could see couple inches in the carolinas. your local forecast is 30 seconds away but first, your select cities brought to you by mazda. good morning everybody i cloudy out there and cool, and
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temperatures in the who's in most cases, up are who's. there are some showers building back in out of gettysburg. could see drizzle from low lying cloud cover around right now. speaking of which we see that in the airport although ground does look basically dry. your exclusive accu weather seven day we will climb from the 40's to 50's and 60 escalate this afternoon we will get a high of 68. drizzle and spotty showers around throughout the morning. sun coming back this afternoon. look out for late day or night time gusty thunderstorm. april record for portland and seattle. >> thank you, rob. coming up dramatic rescue a mother and daughter lost in the wilderness stranding in near-freezing temperatures for days. >> at this point, i was on the verge of dying. >> how they survived. we hear from them this morning. new lawsuit brewing at
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which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. good morning i'm tamala edward 7:24 on this monday may second. the let head over to karen rodgers starting on this dreary morning on i-95, good morning. >> we have three different problems on i-95 right here near cottman and it is north bound heading near cottman avenue. one you can see a vehicle off to the side, that is one accident, there is another accident here that is multi vehicle accident thaw cannot see in this camera shot i-95
7:25 am
northbound near cottman. we have a disable truck blocking the center lanes that one just cleared. all kind of issues i-95 northbound near cottman and slower go, with that happening right now. a few accident, big ones here lancaster avenue at main street we have an accident here in berwyn, closing lancaster avenue, stick to conestoga to get around the problem there multi vehicle will accident on frankford avenue at tyson avenue has been causing problems there as well. we will update you on the fog still seeing a lot on the boulevard not really seeing much at boulevard but switching east vine is looking better with the fog but still certainly foggy here westbound particularly slow toward the schuylkill, tam. >> thanks, karen. >> we will talk about that fog, take a short break and david murphy will give us the latest when it will clear out when we come right back.
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. dealing with patchy fog this morning, most are just seeing some low clouds, and well enough to get drizzle on your windshield from these cloud. we have more active shower coming at us from gettysburg so later this morning we will get a little bit of that. 49 degrees in philadelphia cool, jackets required as you head outside. your seven day shows a high of 68. we will get that rather late the in the day and then, this afternoon and tonight there is chance of a couple gusty thunderstorms. some areas to the south and west of us will get in the 70's today, tam. >> thanks, david. that is it for us right the
7:28 am
now, we will send you back here at gma. we will see you back here for the latest updates.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking at though easy devastating floods along the gulf coast. there's a road splitting in texas and now the south is bracing for more floods as the messy weather moves east. also right now, all eyes are on indiana as the race for the white house hits the heartland. donald trump looking for a sweep there as hillary clinton and bernie sanders face a tight contest zmrmpbls also this morning, a royal celebration. look at princess charlotte, you one-year-old today. her mom kate sharing these photos. we'll have all the details in our next hour. she's quite the photographer. >> happy birthday, little girl. also we have our huge deals and steals on wheels. tory johnson bringing you the most deals in one week we have ever done. she's doing it while she's heading across the country.
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all right, everyone's talking about the huge "game of thrones" bomb shell overnight. oh, wait. i was told. already. we'll tell you what made people react like this -- we won't tell you what happened yet. look at that. jonah hill, his reaction to what happened on "game of thrones" last night. spoiler alert, we're going to tell you but not yet. >> you're a fanatic, you haven't seen it yet. >> i haven't. but i know what happened. >> good luck. okay, we'll start though with this incredible survival story. a mother and daughter rescued after being stranded in a new zealand forfest for four days. but thanks to this sign, help came just in time abc's t.j. holmes is here. >> reporter: a mother and daughter walk through a park, half the size of rhode island.
7:32 am
think thick brush and brush. this could have been a story of a tragedy, instead it's a story of a mom once again doing her superwoman thing. after four days of searching for rachel lloyd and her mother carolyn. a glimmer of hope -- a sign of "help." the two women set off for a day-long like which turned into a four-day fight for survival. >> got very, very, very steep. it was totally through jungle. >> they rationed their one day's worth of peanuts and crackers and huddle to stay warm at night. >> she would try to rub up my legs and blow on my feet. i couldn't feel anything. >> reporter: rachel fell into a pond, she lost her sight and
7:33 am
feeling in her leg. >> at this point, we knew that i was failing health and dying. we were going through our dying wishes. >> it was really terrible. we didn't sleep that night because we were so cold. >> carolyn carried her daughter on her back through the jungle then a desperate attempt, she took some sticks and stones and wrote out help. a helicopter spotted that sign. just beyond it, mother and daughter waving their arms. >> they told me i had a hype therm ya. >> i'm feeling a lot better than i was five days ago. that's for sure. >> you saw the picture, the youngest lady is in the hospital. mom was never admitted. she was fine. dad is in north carolina. he was planning to go down. mom said, we're good. we'll see you when we get back. >> she says that, i don't know.
7:34 am
>> he planned to go. but she stopped him. >> read between the lines there. t.j., thank you. now to a battle that's brewing at starbucks. the coffee giant facing a new lawsuit this morning. starbucks being accused of underfilling cups. to make more money. >> reporter: a venti, 14 ounces of coffee and ten ounces of ice. this morning, coffee giant is fighting back. a new federal lawsuit allegedly that starbucks is ugh burning their customers when it comes to ice beverages. saying it serves up more ice than coffee. to make more money and higher profits. this chicago resident filing a proposed class-action lawsuit. a starbucks who orders a cold
7:35 am
drink receives much less than advertised. the lawsuit attempting to roast the company. starbucks customers have experienced rapidly rising prices. in the meantime starbucks has bought on the and taken over smaller competitors. he said his clients want starbucks to stop the practice and stop deceiving their customers. $5 million to repay any customer that has purchased an ice beverage within the past ten years. starbucks responding to the lawsuit telling abc news saying, we are aware of the plaintiff's claims which we fully believe to be without merit. our customers understand and expect that ice is an essential component of any "iced" beverage. if a customer is not satisfied with their beverage preparation,
7:36 am
we'll gladly remade it. hard to say what a judge is going to say about this since you can ask for less ice. i do it. >> a tough suit. >> yeah. thank you, gio. coming up our gma investigates. fitness devie vices you buy or free apps on the phone becky worley is on the case. >> when it comes to the health apps on the phone or wearables, which ones are more accurate? i'll find out. so we wouldn't use anything other than real, fresh picked tea leaves brewed the way you make it at home. ...pure leaf. a delicious, real leaf-brewed iced tea.
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♪ back now with gma investigates. one of the hottest trends in fitness tracking your fitness with technology. which tools are the best when it comes to counting steps and
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becky worley joins us from california. >> good morning, lara. you may not realize it, but your phone has a powerful fitness tracker built right into it. yet, you see so many people wearing these fancy devices. so, which works better? the phones or the wearables? it seems like everyone is checking their wrests for detailed fitness data. tracking steps, calories and distance. what about those free fitness apps that come loaded already on your phone. this morning, wearables versus phones. three of the most popular trackers -- the charge hr garmin, vivo smart hr. first up, distance and calories. >> i'll get you hooked up to the
7:42 am
card. >> does that feel snug. >> producer stephanie and i each try out the five devices. for distance, we walk exactly one mile on the treadmill. calories oh so uncomfortable metabolical breathing mask. the fitbit is 17% off. the jawbone had syncing issues so we weren't able to gather data. the iphone, just 1% off and the samsung, 5% off. for stephanie on our distance challenge, each of the devices were 15 pkts to 22% off. next up, calories. >> you burned 90 calories. >> reporter: not one of the devices matched up to the number poly gave us. stephanie's fitbit came within
7:43 am
5%. the iphone uses a third-party app to report calories. . so, no data there. for the final step, steps. >> the first thing we're going to do is walk one lap and count the steps in our head compared to our devices. my total step count, 402. the results, the garmin and my samsung, 4% off. the fitbit 7% off. steph knee had a closest count to the iphone. other devices ranged from 15% to 17% off. they aren't medical devices are meant to provide closest magss. and garmin added, quote, they're designed to help track your movement.
7:44 am
jawbone says when it comes to our syncing issue this experience is not what's normal what users go through when setting up their band. >> it's useful, handy and pretty accurate. >> now, wearables do have added benefits in they track your sleep and quantify specific activities like biking and elliptical activities. if you keep your phone with you, just interested in steps and distance, built in in phone apps do a better job. >> becky, you're the only one at the gym on the west coast, three hours earlier. well done, girl. thank you very much. coming up, busted at target. the woman who turned the tables on a man who said was harassing her. that game of thrones shocker. amy upset about it. the bomb shell overnight who has everyone talking.
7:45 am
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back now with that big game of thrones bombshell that has so
7:49 am
many people talking. we have spoiler alert. i can't believe producers are making you do this. >> i know. did you hear what happened? no, within five seconds i heard what happened. good luck if you're trying to avoid this today. because it was the number one twitter trend and it's everywhere, if you open your phones. just be careful. in the meantime, close your ears, turn down the volumes for the next 45 seconds. we have been asking the million-dollar question now, is jon snow really dead? everyone said yes. game of thrones star, he lied right to my face when he was there. kit harrington, who plays jon snow, he owes an explanation. speaking out about the death that shocked the world. >> sorry, i'd like to say sorry to everyone. i'm glad that people were upset that he died. it would -- i think my biggest
7:50 am
fear that people were going to be -- were not going to care. or fine, jon snow's dead. >> no, we cared. more than 5,000 tweets when jon snow's fate was finally revealed. some medical reactions like this one, it turned out it was a just a flesh wound after. so stunned i couldn't even speak. some overcome with joy. take a look at this one. the carlton. get the full entertainment weekly with kit harrington's interview on stands may 6th. we're not horrible people, we didn't give you the details about how jon snow was resurrected. there's still a reason to watch, people. >> the passion coursing through your veins. >> so many questions. so many questions. coming up, we love deals and steals on wheels. how you can score big.
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good morning i'm tamala edwards 7:56 on this monday may second. lets head over to karen rog tours look at your traffic, she's starting gannon i-95, good morning. >> so many problems on i-95. we have had three separate incidents. here's one a multi vehicle accident still on the scene a couple of the vehicles have left but still blocking the left lane. you can see that really slow go on i-95 northbound these travel times have grown. again near cottman. we had another accident as well, as well as disabled truck. we had three different problems this one out the here still blocking left lane now 32 minute ride. big delay north bound. normally just southbound that is delayed from vine to the woodhaven. the it is now longer northbound than southbound. that is a big problem. couple other accident 55 northbound near deptford center road right near the mall we have a accident there. 295 northbound off ramp to route three has cleared but see slow speeds on 295 northbound anyway. over here we have an accident as well that is causing problems, so watch for them in
7:57 am
fox chase on oxford avenue at saint vincent street and, of course, fog is an issue hard to see anything on i-95 and this is one particular spot near cottman, tam. >> wow, look at that. well lets look at this, sky six looking live out over the airport, again you can see gray skies out there, lets get over to meteorologist david movie which accu weather, good morning. >> good morning tam. in some cases cloud cover is low enough to get drizzle on the windshield. storm tracker six shows you showers building in west of lancaster. they will be coming in this morning. have been is cool, jacket weather, mostly in the upper 40's. your exclusive seven day shows a high of 68, late today, we will struggle to get there but eventually we will get mild today. morning sprinkle or shower and then sun comes in but later this afternoon there is a chance of gusty thunderstorm south and west of philadelphia, that could extend in to tonight. take cover from those. >> thanks, david. terrible crash in philadelphia's east falls section left one child dead and eight others hurt. one with critical injuries is
7:58 am
a new born. police say driver have the gray mazda crossed in the on coming lanes of the henry avenue and smashed in the blue mazda yesterday. the that is it for now. we will go back to gma a. ♪ there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different?
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. busted at target. >> stop this guy! stop him! >> the woman a harassed by this guy. uses her camera and then facebook to help catch him. a very royal birthday. princess charlotte turns 1 today. brand-new pictures taken by mom kate. one amazing parenting team. steph curry and his wife ayesha. like you haven't seen them before. the tattoo good luck charm they share with each other and how they're bringing up their daughters.
8:01 am
and the met ball is just hours away. the speculation starting about who's winning west, misty copeland, kerry washington both on the list and here live before they walk down the red carpet as we say -- >> good morning, america! it's always a good morning when kerry washington drops by for a visit. always dazzling on the red carpet at the met ball. we'll talk to her about what's ahead tonight. and a very special passion project. >> she won't reveal, will she? >> we could ask. >> we could. also misty copeland world famous ballerina is here. big surprise coming from her in just a little bit. >> so effortless. >> how great is that for those little girls there. also lara, kicking off a big week of deals and steals on
8:02 am
wheels ahead. >> tory johnson is hitting five cities in five days. all because our "gma" viewers are such loyal fans of her. we're starting in houston, texas, a big week, guys, to save money doesn't start here on the broadcast. special deals on twitter all week as well. let's go to amy. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning, nine people have been arrested aft may day demonstrations turned violent over weekend. the five police officers were injured. the crowd was protesting capitalism. one day before what could be a make or break primary for ted cruz the latest poll shows him trailing donald trump by 15 points in indiana. trump says if he pulls off a victory the gop race is over. but cruz who has been endorsed by indiana's governor is counting on a contested convention.
8:03 am
bernie sanders also predicting a contested convention for the democrats. he's in a tight race with hillary clinton in indiana. but hillary clinton is 91% of the way to clinching the nomination. sanders is now calling on superdelegates to switch sides in states which he has won. caught on camera, a florida woman turned the tables on a man accused of preying on women in public places. this time, she was ready. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? >> reporter: caught on camera. >> stop this guy! >> reporter: a florida woman chasing this suspect out of the store. >> call the cops on him. >> reporter: filming the entire thing >> i wanted an identification of who he was. >> reporter: she was shopping in the bikini section of a florida target when she said this man approached her. she claims the same man harassed
8:04 am
her two years ago in inside a publix supermarket. >> i didn't know it was going to be questions about your underwear and private areas. >> reporter: this time, she turned the tables, turning on her camera. >> called the cop. >> reporter: later posting the video to her facebook page. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: police eventually capturing him charging him with reckless driving. not the first time he's been accused of inappropriate reta retailing encounters. previously convicted of quote taking photographs of women in dressing rooms. the view has been viewed 1.5 million times with dozens of women saying he did the same thing to them and spivey said she has no regrets. >> if that's what you have to do to be safe and protect yourself, you do what you have to do.
8:05 am
>> thank you, mara. growing concern for parents to report playground concussions are on the rise a study by a cdc finds nearly 10% of all brain injuries turned out to be concussions or other brain injuries. the swings and those monkey bars are the most dangerous. finally the catch of the day or more accurately the catch of the half-century, grabbing a cold one took a new meaning for three fisherman in wisconsin. an old six-pack of budweiser out of the water. the beers are 60 years old. the men are thinking about donating the cans to be a beer muse yachl. there is one, i guess, because they were filled with sand after all of those years. beings from milwaukee, usually miller for us. when you can grab a cold one you do. that's what one of the guys
8:06 am
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good morning, america! welcome back to "gma" that's tory in houston with major deals and steals on wheels. hitting the road all week long, different city every day. incredible bargains for you. they're in h-town this morning, houston. >> she's bringing it for us. we're going to bring you this. princess charlotte is turning 1 year old today. she's precious. some new photos taken by her mom, duchess kate is also going in front of the camera for british "vogue." abc's lama hasan with the details. >> reporter: princess charlotte and her doting parents are celebrating her big day with a select few. her present to us, four adorable photos of princess charlotte taken at their country home in
8:12 am
nor folk this morning, the brand-new images we can't get enough of. showing an adorable princess charlotte as she celebrates her first birthday. >> we can also tell that she can almost walk. >> reporter: to mark her milestone the duchess of cambridge going behind the camera and snapping these four photos. no wonder she's so photogenic, take a look at her mama, turning glamorous mummy to a casually looking cover girl. marking the magazine's 100th anniversary. with seven photos hitting news stands this thursday. the pictures captured by photographer on a freezing cold day in january at the cambridges' family home in
8:13 am
norfo norfolk. >> she chose to do it by natural shoot, i think that was very much her decision. >> reporter: my, the royals have been busy. including the queen. check out her majesty and the prince harry. >> remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games. >> be careful what you wish for. >> boom. >> oh, really, please? >> boom! >> not long to go until both sides compete. britain versus the u.s. in the invictus in orlando starting may 8th. bring it on. so, yes, prince harry is missing his little niece's first birthday but it's all for a good cause, in canada, promoting the ig invictus game. >> that was so cute with the queen. >> can't wait to be in orlando for those games coming up. we're counting down to the met ball. it reese known as the super bowl
8:14 am
of fashion. kerry washington our good friend is going to join us in just a moment. but first abc's rachel smith has all the details. >> reporter: it's the red carpet event of the year. so exclusive it's for a-listers and a-plus-listers only. amal and george clooney and queen bey herself. held at new york's metropolitan museum of art. unofficially it's a super bowl of fashion. in which anything, have we mentioned anything -- goes. a spring gala come bines the stars of sports, fashion for one glittery evening. >> it's not our typical date night. >> reporter: no way to buy a ticket to the event. by invitation only. it's top secret. overseen by anna wintour.
8:15 am
the theme of this year's event, manus machina. among the ball's co-chairs, taylor swift. they'll climb the dozens of red carp carpeted steps to get to the dinner. all in a night's work for the famous of the famous in the world. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> joining us now kerry washington, star of abc's "scandal". always great to see you. >> you too. >> we had all these looks over the years. >> so crazy. >> did you have a favorite look? >> i loved last year. i like seeing the spectrum. a cool walk through time. >> it really is. how did you go about picking last year? >> i had never worn a big ball
8:16 am
gown to the event before. i went with more sleek silhouettes. >> you seem so comfortable and happy and -- >> it's a dress that you can eat in which is fun at a dinner. because you have to eat. >> how is this different from the oscars' red carpet and other red carpets? >> for me, this night is strictly about fashion. the oscars are about film maiblging. this night is about fashion as art and celebrating the met and celebrating, you know, the history of great fashion and how it fits into our context of american art, international art. >> george was kidding me, everyone wants a little clue or hint to what you're wearing tonight. >> i'm not sharing. >> come on. >> something to look forward to. you talked about being a brand
8:17 am
ambassador for nuetrogena. talk about the campaign. >> they have this great campaign about choosing skin health. when i started working with the company, i didn't know enough about skin cancer. 350 people are diagnosed every hour in this country. >> every hour. >> every hour with skin cancer. one of the most preventable forms of cancer. the fact that we can graduate people to use spf, to use sun block to protect themselves, to avoid having to deal with this. i feel proud to be a part of this initiative. >> you can remember your mom put on sun screen. we have found in our studies, the more a child watches their mom use it, the more they protect themselves. i watched my mom do it.
8:18 am
>> talk more about that. people really feel that if you're of a certain color, oh -- >> i'm protect zmrd that's not the case. >> there's a lot of benefits to m melonin. we're still at rick of skin cancer. the statistic is one incident of sun burn in a child's life makes them 90% more vulnerable to skin cancer. >> i feel a little vulnerable you sitting in a chair. what she did with that chair couple of weeks ago -- >> crazy. >> did you see that coming? >> i didn't. i didn't. when shonda told me about it, when i read the script i was shocked. i'm so -- i'm very grateful in season five i'm still being so challenged by these writers. i'll tell you that this week's episode to me is one of the most
8:19 am
important episodes we have had in the history of the show, particularly in this election year. an episode not to be missed. >> oh, you're good. >> i wept at this table read. i cried like a baby. i did, i did, i did. >> did you hear that, guys? >> i'm just being honest. >> some really important powerful episodes. >> this one is pretty extraordinary. >> t.g.i.t. >> also today. thank you for talking about monday melanoma. >> how about that for a tease? >> i know. i can't wait until thursday. we'll move on now to deals and steals on wheels. tory johnson on the road, five cities in five days to bring the bargains to you. this morning, it's at the discovery green in houston, texas. tory, take it away. >> frizzy hair, don't care because we're in houston with an amazing crowd.
8:20 am
a phenomenal group. first up, from 44 farms, i got chris shep ard here to help me out with this one. an amazing restaurant. one of more than a hundred restaurants that they provide the beef to leer in this area. we have an amazing cookout assortment. this is a small sampling. plus, their beef jerky, two things that 44 farms is really well known for. these normally start at $30, but today, everything is slashed in half. so it's $15 to $46.50. next up, we're going to may designs. "good morning america" viewer favorite. these are customized notebooks. all of our brand-new patterns exclusively for spring into summer. any kind of design. you get to design the inside pages as well.
8:21 am
normally they start at $15. today only, slashed in half, really starting at $7.50. okay, next up, really cool company here in houston -- thank you. dash is in a mattress warehouse, a factory that's now turned into -- its headquarters produce really phenomenal leather products. gorgeous wine wraps. if you're giving a wine bottle as a gift, they also use scraps to make gorgeous, fringe necklaces. only online. normally these start at $20, today, normally slashed in half. this one is from three brothers bakery, this is the pie that country living magazine says is the absolute best pecan pie that
8:22 am
can you order online. normally the pie is $23. today only it's slashed in half, $11.50 and we have a phenomenal bonus, so what i love about this bakery, jerry went to the same high school as our michael strahan, his wife -- jerry's father bobby. thank you for correcting me. your dad was a hole 'cause survivor. they founded three brothers bakery. fifth generation baker. they give back to the community. you donate food regularly to star of hope houston. we were so impressed. the biggest champion of small businesses was so impressed. we got a treat for you. i got the cheerleaders to help us here. $10,000 for three brothers
8:23 am
bakery. is going to feed 17,000 meals. 17,000 meals with that $10,000. because your family, your father i should say, your dad, holocaust survivor, he comes into the bakery every monday. today's going to be an extra special day. you believe that nobody should be hungry. we salute you, we salute you. vista print salutes you. a twitter deal for you as well. we'll see you tomorrow from miami beach. >> that's so good. >> tory, tomorrow she's going to be anymore beach. >> so good.
8:24 am
some frizzy hair in miami beach. we got people from japan, from singapore. i all right, rob, and we are in the may but it is still looking and feeling like april. we have got sprinkles and showers coming from the west, cloudy skies and some drizzle around the immediate region and you can see how low clouds hanging hard to see center city. temperatures in the upper 40's and lower 50's in the region. this afternoon late in the day we will get milder, high of 68, some spotty showers and drizzle in the morning, some sun this afternoon and then late the today and tonight look out for gusty strong thunderstorm especially south and west of philadelphia. my twin sister is now the big
8:25 am
5-0.b. modified "pop news" today. right to it. jesse, thank you for joining us. a little real estate porn, new york yankee alex rodriguez showing his smart jm home. a private oh yay sis for himself and his two daughters. 11,000 square feet. it's supermod. a cam kel-free saltwater pool. inside trampoline. he got this incredible muse yachl-worthy collection, including originals by andy warhol. a.d. thank you for the exclusive. a lovely estate for sale, the stone villa where
8:26 am
michelangelo, his home in the tuscan hills is on the market. bought by the painter in 1549. it was owned by his family for 300 years. if you buy it, you get the original deed that was signed by the master himself. >> wow. >> that's amazing. a very funny little kitty. just roll it. we'll go to credits. look at this. it's beach season. so, start your situps, people.
8:27 am
good morning i'm tamala edward, 8:27 on this monday may second. we will go to are canadian rodgers and yet again trouble on i-95. we have had three separate problems on 95 northbound near cottman in the left lane that had been blocked and now it is a 37 minute ride. our travel time is growing near cottman from vine to woodhaven. normally delay is southbound knotter bound. northbound is greater than southbound delay. traffic moving again here. we had an accident blocking left lane and two other problems out there, and it the has been a lot of issues on i-95. mass transit we have new problems, west trent on line 30 minute delays right now because they are dealing with equipment problems so expect delays on the west trent line. market street at spruce street we have a new accident in norris street. watch because we have one lane block. the lets check on this, not as bad as the fog but still foggy a bit the here. thinks boulevard southbound kind of jammed up toward the
8:28 am
schuylkill, tam. >> thanks, karen. >> now lets go out to meteorologist david murphy, what a morning very gray, david. >> sure is, low lying cloud cover, drizzle falling from that. tam, storm tracker six live double scan shows us some showers close to chester county, coming out of lancaster county. we have reached 50 degrees in fill but still jacket weather. this afternoon a high of 68 but we will wait until late in the day to get there, and during morning some cloud cover and showers, giving way to some afternoon sunshine and then late today and tonight look out for gusty strong thunderstorm especially south and west oil philadelphia and southern chester county, delaware and parts of south jersey. tomorrow some rain and drizzle at times high of 66. >> then we will stay unsettled wednesday with afternoon rain. thursday, we will have period of off and on rain and friday still unsettled with a late shower. hopefully getting dryer over the weekend, tam. >> thanks, david. >> that is it for us we will send you back to gm a. we will see you back here in
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ note wonderful to have that woman here, misty copeland is here. she's got a big surprise and we have the exclusive reveal you don't want to miss it coming up. you'll see it. but now to george. we're looking forward to that. more of those explosive claims about the church of scientology. the book is written by the father of the church's leader. who left the church four years ago. now he's heart broken. >> george, good morning. the fact that ron miscavige has written this book has made headlines all over the world. this morning, he explains why he said he did it. this morning, new claims about the secret world of scientology and the man at its center from an unusual source -- do you have
8:31 am
good memories here. ron miscavige, has left the church and he's speaking out for the first time exclusively to abc news. ron said he's written his book called "ruseless" because of a scientology part called disconnection. >> i don't think you can do a worse thing to their family, split up a family. >> reporter: this is what ron said happen with his two daughters not long after he left the church seven years ago. the church says this is one of my blatant experiences of him not telling the full story. >> it's simply not true. >> reporter: through attorneys, ron's daughters said they good reason to cut off ties with their father, they alleged he physically abused their mom as
8:32 am
well as them. strikingly them with his fists and belts. >> ron's daughters have relaid that grew up in a house of chamber of horrors they said. >> he said his daughters' claims are greatly edge xated. the last straw for them was he moved into their older brother ronnie. >> he denied it. >> reporter: ron's not only the ex-scientologist to complain about disconnection. this billboard went up condemning the practice. she says when the church and her ex-husband wanted their daughter to drop out of school to join the church at the age of 15, she objected to no avail. >> she wanted to dedicate her
8:33 am
life to scientology. >> reporter: three years, her son soind the sea organize as well. as of right now, both of her children refuse to speak to her. >> it's not right what they're doing to families. >> reporter: the church provided abc news with video statements from both of her children saying they have voluntarily chosen not speak to her mother. >> she keeps doing to media and putting our personal information and our life for the world to see with false information. >> i think it's more important for her to have this vendetta against this church than have a relationship with me. >> reporter: there's a policy of disconnection but insists it's a voluntary choice made by the members of the church. >> they do believe their spiritual progress would be impeded if they continue to communicate with someone who just attacks the church.
8:34 am
>> despite all the nastiness now erupting in public view david's father said he nurses some hope for reconciliation. the church said there's nothing to forgive, david has been a lovely and forgiving son. so reconciliation may be a long way off. let's go outside to rob. >> all right, george, we're in the gma spring garden. we've got a change in the offering here, and that is brisk and that is ring build off to the east and temperatures will be in the 80's in wrapped city, before too long here and now that warmth across northwest within more day. snow in the rockies, heavy rain down south and strong storms expected across parts of the northeast. that is a quick check what is going on, now here's what is happening where you are. >> light showers and drizzle around this morning, rob your
8:35 am
exclusive seven day forecast, will get to a high of 68, climbing out of the lower 50's this morning. some rain showers, and strong afternoon storm is possible, south and west of philadelphia. garden time. with our spring gardeners. you're planting -- some potted mrants. white or blue? >> blue. >> white flower. >> white or blue? >> blue. >> good choice. she gets the blue one. take care of that. start mrabting that. if you don't have a green thumb we got a solution for you, get ready for spring, kmart has a plan, plants for life guaranteed. if you don't have that green thumb k mart is offering a lifetime guarantee. if your plant happens to die,
8:36 am
they'll replace it for free. what do you guys think about that? replace it for free. okay, everything's free. for more information, go to kmart's website or your local kmart store. i love it, lara. back inside to you. >> that's a great guarantee for green thumbs like myself. jesse palmer is here. he's here with a glimpse of steph and ayesha curry. >> this is pretty cool. steph curry and his wife sat down with the magazine. they talked about living the life in the spotlight with two. including one who's quickly becoming a media superstar in her own right. steph curry, known for dominating the nba. now, in a new interview with "parents" magazine, the point guard is revealing his best
8:37 am
play, that as dad. >> completely hands-on parents. >> reporter: steph and his wife sharing how they manage to juggle his hectic nba schedule. ayesha saying it's an event to get all four of us out the event. nba first family also opening up about their marriage. >> we both have matching tattoos. >> why are you flxing your mu muscl muscles. >> because i have to show it. >> mine is right here. >> and so, i do like a little sign and i kind of smack my tattoo and she does it, too. >> steph has this huge career and stardom. >> reporter: they're not the only ones making headlines.
8:38 am
their now-famous daughter riley an overnight internet sensation. stealing his dad's thunder in last year's press conference. steph saying, people recognize her way faster than they do me or ayesha. and if we go somewhere and she's not with us that's the first question they ask, where's riley? they look like they have so much fun. >> well done, jess. coming up, our big barbie surprise with ballerina misty copeland. here live. don't go anywhere. gma's spring garden is brought to you by kmart. learn more about what's covered at
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ what a way to start the week, we're back now with trail blazing ballerina misty copeland, who's here with a big surprise. now, she's celebrating yet another milestone, gma has an exclusive reveal of the misty copeland barbie doll. we'll share that in just
8:42 am
moments. always a pleasure to talk with you. you word so hard to get where you are. lot of people first saw you, prince, the video, what was it like working with him >> it's been such a tough hit not just for the people loved him so much and were really close to him but for the world, for his fans, all we can take away from this is what he did for so many people including me. he gave me this incredible platform to showcase ballet. you know when so many people, you know, didn't know who i was, he really took a chance and i think inspired and influenced me to be the artist i am today and i can just hold on to those memories for everywhere. >> you brought it. he saw the talent and you delivered. now you're an a-lister. you're at the met ball today. that's a hard ticket to get. how excited are you? >> it's my first time.
8:43 am
>> i know. >> and it's -- it's going to be a lot of fun. i'm really excited. i love fashion, so, i'm just honored to have been invited. >> believe me, it's an honor to be invited. >> it is. i'm excited. jason wu is dressing me and he's so wonderful. and i can't wait for everyone to see it. >> maybe because i have no experience. wait. >> let's not keep people waiting any longer. shall we go over here, because we're waiting to reveal something that you worked very closely with the new barbie featuring misty copeland. we have some lovely little ballerinas who are going to be -- are you ready? three, two, one -- reveal! [ cheers and applause ] >> full disclosure in the commercial break, misty was
8:44 am
fussing with it. >> making sure she was in the correct position. >> you have been hands-on since the very beginning. tell us about it. >> it's a misty copeland barbie doll. this role fire bird i did four years ago it was such a significant role in my career and really the first principal role that got me to this point and i'm doing the role again for the first time this month. and it's been four years and so we have the barbie coming out along with the season, so it's extremely exciting. but yes, i was hands-on in making sure she looked like a dancer and looked like me. she had muscles, calfs and a bust. >> exactly, because many people thought you couldn't make it because those features, you just busted right through. >> we're celebrating that. it's beauty and you can be a
8:45 am
ballerina and look like this. >> we have a couple of questions who's going to go first. natalie? >> we'd like to know the best advice for young dancers who want to pursue their dancing. >> you have to be believe in yourself, be passionate about it, not compare yourself to other people. have faith in yourself and let other people be there to support you. >> you have had a lot of support. all right, casey what's your question if. >> i was going to say something about the doll -- >> okay. >> i think the doll is very inspiring for young girls, it's beauty and misty copeland brings a very strong message to young dancers. >> would you like to have a doll? >> yeah. >> tell you what, you're all going home with a doll. how does that make you feel when
8:46 am
you hear those words? >> it's amazing. to have looked at so many people that are inspiring to me and to be that someone, to see yourself through such an icon inning figure for barbie, is so important. it's beautiful. thank you. >> look at those beautiful smiles. you're all going to go home with the doll. misty, thank you as always. the misty copeland barbie doll is available today. coming up, captain america stars are here love.
8:47 am
8:48 am
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captain america civil war. this morning, we have chadwick boseman who plays the black panther and sebastian stan who plays the winter soldier. thank you for being here why can't everybody be along? aren't they supposed to fight the bad guys? >> i guess not. not in this movie. >> why? >> well, we fight bad guys, too, but i think this movie deals with the responsibility of power and there are two sides with two different ideas about that. >> yeah. it's controversial because you understand why everyone's doing what they're doing and so there's no real right or wrong. >> i know, it's so hard to choose sides in this one. chadwick, this is the first for your character, the black panther, he's royalty and he really is angry.
8:50 am
>> yeah, i mean, he has reason to be because the issues at hand, the reasons why we're arguing are personal to him. personal to his country. >> we can't give away too much. >> sebastian on the other hand, this is third time we have seen the winter soldier and we're learning a lot more about what he's done specifically, who's he's killed. >> right. >> i'm not giving anything away. >> he's just trying to stay alive. he's figuring out his past and trying to stay out of people's ways. >> we have a surprise for both of you. are you ready. you like surprises? okay, of course, both of you studied acting. very big in your school's drama programs. sebastian, i'm going to start with you, you had the honor of being voted most likely to
8:51 am
become a celebrity in high school. >> i did. >> turned out to be true. >> we have the photo from your yearbo yearbook. there you are. your school in congress, new york, the drama students there are watching you right now. we have a viewing party. in fact, austin, drama students there. >> you guys. >> look at your old school. >> austin has a question for you. go ahead, austin. >> hi, i'm austin. your character started off as a good guy in the first film then got turned into a bad guy. how do you play the good and evil sides? >> thankfully that's not my job, that's up to the writers. but, you know, it's -- yeah, that's the whole fun of it. i never know what i'm going to play next. >> kind of fun playing the bad guy? >> of course. >> to your surprise, chadwick,
8:52 am
you were a drama instructor in new york. you may recognize some of the people gathered there. yes, we have one of the acting students cyrus has a question for you. go ahead. >> my name is ocyrus, what advice do you have for inspiring young actors? >> my advice is do it because you love it. do it because you love it. don't do it for fame and fortune. be business-minded. but make sure you enjoy do it because it's a hard road to take. >> very good advice, indeed. we got to get a yearbook photo of you, too. >> no. >> it hits theaters on friday, and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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you know tory always brings the biggest steals and deals to times square. but this week get this the -- >> the deals and steals are coming to you. >> we're cruising around the country and our biggest deals are coming, too. all this week. >> it's deals and steals on wheels. >> on abc. >> let's do it! "good morning america." "good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. muddle no more.
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did you give ginger some pointers tonight. >> she would lose in a heart beat so i didn't. >> big night, go ginger! >> thanks for watching! good morning i'm tamala edward at 8:56 on this monday may second. the let's head to karen rodgers to start on the schuylkill, good morning. >> we have quite the problem on the schuylkill expressway. last time i showed thaw disable septa bus.
8:57 am
we saw another bus coming up, apparently was fully loaded. so people had to get on another bus and move out. that has left the scene. we are seeing penndot who is getting redty leave penndot and police from an earlier accident here. schuylkill eastbound at conshohocken we had a lot going on and rain blocked with that september bus as they were loading everything off. it the is improving. still slow. but it is back opened here. few other accidents coming in one on the walt whitman bridge westbound and you can see area of slowing here, coming into philadelphia we have a lane blocked there several accidents happening in norristown. we have got one at main street at hamilton. we have another one in markly street that just cleared at spruce but one at florence and new hope and we are hearing someone rudder there and blocking a a lane, tam. >> now lets get a last look at your forecast with david murphy, good morning. >> well, we are looking at a cloudy, cool start across the region. generally speaking, cool this have afternoon. 68 degrees. then, of course, on tuesday we will get more showers. we are in the pattern for the next couple days where we will
8:58 am
an awful lot of rain around. this afternoon 68 degrees but that will wait until late in the afternoon to get there morning showers giving way to some sun this afternoon and late today and tonight a strong gusty thunder storm is possible especially south and west of the philadelphia. tomorrow, some more rain and drizzle, mainly in the mornings, 66 and then staying unsettled wednesday, thursday and parts of the friday, tam. >> thanks, david. coming up on "action news" a at noon jury selection begins in the corruption trial of the congressman chaka fattah. also new details about the the crash that killed a child and injured eight other people in the east falls section of philadelphia, yesterday. live with kelly and michael is next up. i'm tamala edwards. have a great monday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actor, adrien brody. and from "captain america: civil war," chadwick boseman. and singing her big hit, "lost boy," ruth b. also, don't forget log on to to vote, play, and be part of today's show. us as we swerve with kick off "spring skies travel trivia." all next on "live! with kelly & michael." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your outstanding talk show winners from last night's 2016 daytime emmy awards ceremony, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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