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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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crash. as we watch the officer there has on a neck brace and is being laid on the stretcher to get further medical treatment. we'll keep an eye on this crash in strawberry mansion. a chaotic scene at a septa bus stop this one in northeast philadelphia, two school officers were attacked while they were trying to break up a fight. police are trying to sort out different eyewitness nts accounts in hopes of finding out who is responsible for that. it's tuesday night and rick is off and brian taff joins us. we have two big stories. a violent confrontation that put two school officers in the hospital. >> new at 5:00, "action news's" walter perez is live outside of northeast detectives. >> reporter: officials here from northeast detectives say they have cell phone video of this fight it's still unclear if the high school students were also
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involved in the beating of the the school police officers. they are hoping for the public's help. >> he watched the whole thing up fold outside of his pizza shop at cotman and caster. >> tried to break the fight but too many guys were in there. i went inside and called 99. >> farook then says what started as a fist fight with students at northeast high school ended as a melee. officer as rived to break up the fight two unidentified adult males jumped in and started beating on the officers and then the two officers were left in need of medical assistance. >> one officer has a broken jaw and bruising. >> we'll work with northeast detectives to get witnesses and find them. >> so far no suspects are identified by police but farook is hopeful that the case be
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solved soon. >> it's scary especially in this neighborhood. >> reporter: so once again one officer was punched in the face and pushed to the ground and one officer had his jaw broken and lost some teeth, he underwent surgery at temple hospital. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. city officials are trying to figure out what caused the facade to fall off a home in the city's lawndale section. it hatched at 1:30 on lawndale avenue. the homeowner was home at the time and could hear the front of her house ripping away. >> saw it going boom from the top. i said what? the collapse pulled several windows out. lni declared both sides of the twin home unsafe forcing the neighbors out of their house as well. >> the current resting place for
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one of just two american born saintses is about to go up for sale. the sisters of the blessed sacrament of buck county decided to sell their mother house season sell the shrine of st. catherine of drexel. sara bloomquist has sporty here. >> for decades this has been headquarters for the sisters of the sacrament. today came the surprising and for many sad news that the order must sell this property and another in virginia. a difficult move but a necessary one for the survival of the order and its mission. >> it's called the mother house, the place that st. catherine drexel built for her sisters. it's wear she lived and was laid to rest in 1955, the national shrine is located beneath the chapel she built but the sisters
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have come to the realization that the 44 acre property must be sold. >> it was a difficult decision and done over time and through thorough study and much prayer and reflexion. >> at one time more than 600 sisters called the mother house home. now there are 104 here and more than half retired and most of the billing are not in use. the property will be sold and the sisters reloecaterelocated. >> we hope from the resources we receive will help our mission. >> the chapel and shrine bring visitors from all around. vincent came to plan a memorial for his wife. >> i'm shocked and i'm sure it will be a shock to everyone else. >> saint katherine will be moved to the basilica of saints peter
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and paul. >> she walked through the cathedral and was in the cathedral should she leaves one home but coming back to another home. >> july marks the order's 125th anniversary and they are still planning a celebration, the shrine we mains open to the public through the year 2017. the sisters plan to be very involved in the sale and they want to have a say in who takes over this historic and holy place. live in bensalem township, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. turning to the accuweather forecast for you, the delaware valley got another dose of clouds and wet weather today, stepping outside looking live at the ben franklin bridge. gray skies above and plenty of rain ahead in the forecast and sun is eventually coming back to see us, cecily tynan here with the forecast.
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>> the sun will eventually come back but we need to pack our patience. we got a good soaking of rain. april was a dry month less than inches the entire month, since sunday you can see most of our area around an inch to inch and a quarter. a good soaking of rain and more wet weather is on the way. double scan live radar showing we are getting a break in the action, and we have showers and thunderstorms down to the south and some severe weather as well. i want to focus on this cell moving through northern virginia and that has some severe characteristics and a severe thunderstorm warning with that. that is moving south-southeast and may clip parts of delaware over the next few hours but there is more rain on the way and cool temperatures as well. 58 in philadelphia currently, and the next three days the pattern stays unsettled and little if any sunshine. temperatures below average with waves of rain.
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i'll talk about when you'll need your umbrella coming up in the full forecast. it's primary day in indiana and many say that the results there could realistically make or break senator ted cruz or bernie sanders. >> cruz was the only candidate that spent time in the hoosier state. he spent most of his time attacking donald trump. the same numbers show the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is a whole lot closer. we have more coming up tonight at 5:30. the philadelphia police department is trying to beef up the force by changing requirements for recruits now they have 6100 officers that is 400 short of what the department says is ideal. commissioner richard ross wantses to knicks the requirements that recruits have four years under their belts and the changes were approved last month by the civil services
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commission and will be discussed again on friday. a trip to the store changed someone's life, that store sold a cash five ticket worth $450,000. smokeys gets $600 as well for selling the ticket. and by the way $348 million is on the line in tomorrow's power ball jackpot. we'll show you the numbers on "action news" tomorrow night at 11:00. power ball is on the rise once again, time now for the traffic report. >> lets see what is rolling out there, out to matt pellman. >> am not the biggest fan of left overs, this is left over from 3:00 this morning. well past its prime, a truck overturned into the woods, the truck is now pulled out of the woods but they still have the southbound lanes blocked at the delaware state line and you can see the resulting delay. the next camera shot shows it as well. you hit the jam just past the
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philadelphia international airport and continues down to the state line and the southbound travel time should be 7 or 8 minutes instead an hour and 6 minutes and a truck broke down at 320 and the truck is broke down there. use 291 or 13 and stay on route 1 southbound or cross into new jersey, blue route southbound was jammed because of the 95 delays and a crash at broomall upper darby and the 202 parkway is shut down and traffic not moving because of this milk truck that ran off the road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> matt, knew much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. we are answering your questions about car seat safety in the wake of the deadly crash in east falls. the do's and don't's of driving with a child in your car. and how the tsa left an olympic swimmer humiliated.
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the tsa has apologized after olympic swimmer amy vandyken says they was searched at the
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airport. because she is in a wheelchair she cannot go through the metal detector, she says she was rudely groped and told the agent that checked her normally her hands and feet are checked for explosive. >> he said literally every other pair port is wrong and every other time you have flown through denver and they didn't do that, it's wrong. >> they admit their workers did not follow protocols in this incident. >> and warings about tal come powder. johnson & johnson is order to pay $55 million to an ovarian cancer survivor. ali gorman is at the big board with more. >> reporter:er this is the second time the company is successfully sued. the family of a woman ta died won a multimillion dollars
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lawsuit and johnson & johnson insists their product is safe. a medical doctor that testified in both cases says that there is studies that show an increased cancer using the powder. they want johnson & johnson to add a warning label to their product. a weight loss reality show is giving scientists new information on why it's so hard to keep the pound ofz. they followed 14 contestants from the biggest loser, after six years all but one gains much of their weight back. they say the culprit is the human body itself. as they lost weight their metabolism slowed down and the body was fighting to return to the original weight and a hormone that helps to control down also dropped so they always
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felt hungry. >> a concept called med bollic -- the defense of fatness. >> was exercising three or four times as much as a normal person, once that stopped the weight starting to creep back on. >> the fast weight loss they say was partially responsible and obesity needs to be treated as a chronic disease. and we are officially in tic season, so to raise awareness and help prevent lyme disease there is a creative program in delaware, parking meters are wrapped in light green knitting. it was created by two groups. several of the knitters have had lyme disease and they are take part in a challenge. posting videos themselves biting into a lime and daring others to do the same.
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of course, this is all in good fun all to raise awareness, remember to check yourself for tics after you spend time in wooded areas and parks or even in your own backyard. we have tips on the best way to remove a tic on check. >> thank you ali. if you are planning a summer vacation this year, your wallet is in luck, according to an airfare prediction airfares will hit a seven year low, they expected to be down 12% compared to last summer and 20% from do years ago. they chock up the fares to cheaper jet fuel prices. the problem solvers are on the chase of a $15,000 billing mistake. >> this is the first bill, you received $2100. >> and then it shot up to $16,000.
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>> yes. >> can you imagine, on top of battling a brain tumor dominic found himself battling his hospital over an unexpected bill. we get real results, and don't miss this one and find out how you can get help. on "action news" at 11:00
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. take a look at this. researchers from the oceanic association discovered a new species of jelly fish. it was taken from a mini submarine, two miles below the pacific ocean surface. the jelly fish glows and they believe it uses a double set of tentacles. and doctors across our area spent time in the classroom today it's national back to school day for doctors. dr. sumner spoke to the children and attended the middle school herself there. they honored several people in center city for the work that changed lives and improved communities, the philadelphia opportunities industrialization center held the inaugural
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luncheon program. several business leaders and entrepreneurs were honored. it's dedicated to eliminating poverty and illiteracy since it began in 1954 from from -- they announced that the beer, wine and spirits trail is expanding to include more local companies. 24 businesses will be featured on the interactive paths, it suggests places where people across the state can quench their thirst responsibly. outside look agent cape may, new jersey, it looks flies out there right now. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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all right time for accuweather forecast at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the forecast. will it improve any time soon? >> no. >> in a word, no. >> it's like we moved to seattle all a sudden. sky 6 hd looking at the ben franklin bridge, it's cool and damp and i asked people on my
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facebook page if this weather affects their mood? and people agree it makes you want to take a nap. but we needed the rain in philadelphia only 1.75 inch of rain so far the first three days of may, 1.22, so year to date we are an inch and a half below normal for rainfall but we could pick that up by the weekend. as far as rain we are doing okay. it doesn't look like a drought any time soon. the problem though is the rain comes with the clouds and cool temperatures, right now philadelphia 58 degrees and allentown 56 and cape may point 55 and wilmington 58 degrees, temperatures not changing much. overnight lows in the low 50s and afternoon highs in the upper 50s, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we did wake up with the heavy rain, and there is heavy drizzle and clouds and watching this complex over washington and heading
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towards baltimore and it looks like that could be clipping kent county and maybe the southern point of cape may county with another round of showers, generally tonight a lot of clouds and damp with patchy fog developing, a low in philadelphia, allentown dropping down to 49 and cape may 51 and wilmington 50 degrees, future tracker 6 showing as we head through the day we see periods of showers, 7:00 in the morning plenty of clouds and lunch time looking pretty wet along the i-95 corridor and this all lifts and moves along the coast by 5:00 tomorrow evening. it looks like we could get heavy rain along the coast but the steadiest rain this week could be on friday. when the upper level low is upon us. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow cool with on and off showers and thursday cloudy again with a few more showers, 62 degrees and friday a wet day, periods of on and off rain with a high of 60, and saturday not
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quite as optimistic as yesterday. yesterday looks really nice and partly sunny and more clouds and sunshine and 71 degrees, could have showers on saturday. lingering into sunday morning as the cold front moves through for mother's day. and the pattern really changes early next week and adam will talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i want to take a nap in this kind of weather. >> thank you cecily. more to come in our next half hour off "action news" at 5:00, our south jersey detectives are looking for the thief. and what he does to convince tellers to give him the money and one local district is going to court for their tainted drinking water. i drive a golf ball.
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do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. this man is a pathological liar. >> ted cruz is fighting for his
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presidential future, and sounds off against donald trump has jind voters head to the polls. a newborn baby girl should not be fighting for her life. we can do better to prevent tragedies like this. i'll show you how coming up. and a tool making a critical difference, this tool is now more widely available and we'll explain. now, the details we have made it to the indiana primary, a contest that many see as the last real chance for the democratic and republican candidates to challenge their respective front runners, and hillary clinton may be up for a fight tonight. >> hillary clinton is look ago head to next tuesday's primary. she held a rally in charleston, west virginia and then going to athens, ohio, a key state in the general election and bernie
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sanders rallied in indianapolis today and later travels to louisville, kentucky, is that state's primary is two weeks from today and donald trump will go to new york city where once again he holds his primary watch party and head cruz is holding events in indianapolis and westfield with his running mate carly fiorina. >> they continued their campaign blitz be he unleashed on donald trump calling him amoral and pathological liar. >> president obama looks at him and goes, what is your problem? >> indiana could plunge -- >> donald trump was quick to respond. he postd this message on his campaign web page.
5:32 pm
today's ridiculous out burst proves what i am saying for a long time that ted cruz does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. trump predicted he will take the hoosier state and lock in the nomination for u.s. president. and meanwhile the indiana primary is close for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders touted his record on fighting big corporations for sending jobs overseas. >> senator clinton has supported almost everyone of these disastrous agreements, it's an area of strong disagreement that the voters of indiana and the voters of america have to consider. sanders took aim at donald trump saying the republican will not fight for working americans. >> hillary clinton spent much of the day in west virginia talking
5:33 pm
about the prescription drug epidemic across america. she is backing a senator's plan to tax a manufacturer of those drugs to fund treatment addiction center. >> i didn't believe i would spend some much time thinking about and speaking about talking about this epidemic when i started more than a year ago. >> clinton met with a retired group of coal miners whose industry is struggling with safety and health industries, season they are taking to twitter for last minute voters. they tweeted indiana it's your turn to vote for the political revolution. hillary clinton tweeted hoosiers head to the polls today and ted cruz tweeted choose cruz. and donald trump tweeted make america great again trump indiana. >> the indiana primary is considered open, that means residents that are registered to
5:34 pm
vote can cast a ballot for whom ever they choose regardless of the political party. there are 57 delegates up for grabs be the contest is winner take most. and democrats are hoping for a strong showing, with 92 delegates up for grabs. and we'll keep a close eye on the indiana primaries, they close at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern. "action news" at 11:00 will have a complete wrap up of the results. you can also see them an we have new video into "action news" tonight of a predator trying to sexually assault a woman on a south philadelphia sidewalk, authorities need your help tracking him down before he strikes again, detectives want you to take a look at him in this video. you see him walk behind the female victim along the 1300 block of wharton street. all of a sudden the suspect
5:35 pm
grabbed the woman from behind and the victim fought back against the attacker and during the struggle sprayed him with mace. the woman that took off. if you recognize this man, philadelphia police are asking to you can't them tonight. in other news, we received so many questions from concerned families with young kids that ride in the car all of this in the wake a deadly crash in the east falls section of philadelphia over the weekend. here is nydia han. >> reporter: a 6-year-old in this car crash in east falls wasn't in a booster seat. he should have been, he is now dead and a newborn baby girl in this same crash is fighting for her crash, police are not sure if her car seat was properly installed. i posted about this on my facebook page, many of you asked me to do normal story about car seat and booter seat safety. here is what you need to know. one study shows 70% of child seats were installed with a
5:36 pm
mistake putting kids at greater risk of injury or death. in the tri-state area new jersey has the strictest car seat laws and i recommend we all follow them. all kids in 2 years old must ride in a rear facing car seat with a harness. 2 to 4 can be in a rear facing or front facing seat. but keep them rear facing as long as you can. at least until they are 2. this mom in washington shared these photos on facebook, said her son's rear facing car seat saved her son's life earlier this year. if your child is between 4 or 8 years old must be in a forward facing seat or a booster seat. children must ride in a booster seat until they turn 8 or are taller than 4'9". your child should be in a booster seat until he or she is 57 inches tall. these are not recommendations
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these are the law. >> the main job of a booster is to elevate a child and help position the lap and shoulder belt so they are providing the best protection in a crash. >> studies show booster seats cut the risk of injury in a crash. safer has information and everything you need to know about booster seat and car seat safety. we put a link on and we posted recommendations for car seats and booster seats and links for free car seat inspections. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." acme pharmacies in pennsylvania are now selling narcan to the public with no prescription needed. the nasal spray they say saved thousands of patients. it's carried by police and
5:38 pm
dozens of people have died from drug overdoses this year, mostly from heroin. two doses of narcan from acme will cost $155, and they say it's worth it considering the alternatives. >> if they don't have the drug available or if the police officer is not carrying the drug. police are looking for a brazen bank robber that struck twice in the last five days, the most recent was the eb and t bank on west lincoln drive. police say the man in the red phillies hat handed a threatening note to the teller, saying if she didn't hand over the money he would cause her harm. police in princeton have released a clear image of a man
5:39 pm
from stealing from the university book store. he was caught on april 25th on camera, saying he took $230 worth of merchandise if you can identify this guy contact princeton police. and some new jersey parents are going to court over led because of the drinking water. it's filed again newark public schools, parents of four childrens allege that the district exposed their children to harm levels of led. the district says that student's safety is their highest priority. a tractor trailer accidents is causing a traffic nightmare here on i-95 southbound in delaware county. it went off the road in lower chichester. as matt pellman is telling us that persisted from 3:00 in the morning until now and still causing problems out there.
5:40 pm
>> yes, it is. only 14 hours later, but they finally got the two lanes blocked much of the day reopened. that doesn't mean things are great at this point. this is the scene close to the airport monica and brian. still have the broken down truck in the mess at 320, and all southbound lanes are back in business but i would use alternates if you head out for the next hour. on the blue route broomall, upper darby that crash is off to the side but a 50 minute travel time that should be 18 minutes. here on the montgomery county, bucks county line the milk truck that ran off the 202 parkway is pulled out of the dirt, it's an utterly frustrating afternoon the 202 parkway is closed. upper state or stump are alternates and a downed poll closing church street, pleasant
5:41 pm
valley gets you around that mess. it's a busy one. >> absolutely. still to come on "action news," frightening moments on board of a metro bus when a passenger decided he wanted to take control of that bus. we'll explain what happened next. and the drama surrounding eagles quarterback, sam bradford continues tonight. jaime apody has more on that in sports. >> a damp and chilly day temperatures only in the 50s in the mid-atlantic and there is quite a few more days like this ahead. >> can't seem to shake the weather pattern.
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police in washington, d.c. are questioning a man that they say hijacked a metro bus that ran down and killed a person on the street. police say that the suspect stood by the bus driver and then attacked him. passengers and the driver ran off the bus and the suspect got into the driver's seat and hit the gas before going a short distance before killing a pedestrian. there is no indication that he knew the driver but that he had a weapon but it was not a gun. >> an american service man was
5:45 pm
killed fighting in iraq. the service man is a navy seal but the rank is unclear. they say that the navy seal was in the suv when hit by direct fire when the islamic forces penetrated the line near mosul. this is the third service death since 2014. several american soldiers in south korea are called heroes, they helped them catch children from a burning building. 1, 3 can 4 yeared old from the fourth story window, they fell on to blankets held by the soldiers. the 30-year-old mother also jumped and they all survived without a scratch. >> how about that. unbelievable. jaime apody along with sports tonight and more drama with the quarterback question in the birds next tonight. >> it never ends here. >> never. >> we love it that way. you don't need to watch daytime
5:46 pm
television. sam bradford still silent and his agent reiterated on a podcast that sam will not be attending any voluntarily workouts but the eagles are sticking by their starting quard back they are not going to give him away for nothing. is there a market for him now that the draft has passed and he is the best option for quarterback. >> we have been very clear publically and privately we were going to take a young quarterback, it was a priority for us, and we needed to get one in here we would develop and when we signed sam we told him he was our quarterback. but we have to do what is in the best interest of our team. sam is a pro and understands he has great opportunity here to
5:47 pm
come in and be the starting quarterback with our group of players around him and hopefully win some games. >> hopefully bradford does not get "sports illustrated." there is the prize possession donning the regional cover. the bull's-eye the quarterback is out of fargo and into the philly fire. isn't that the truth. the nba draft lottery. coming up the sixers with probably the top pick. chris jenkins is coming back to villano villanova. he has withdrawn from nba draft consideration. jenkins pulled out for a number of reasons, he thinks the senior year will help in the long run if he want a shot at a long nba career. >> to come back and get better and grow as a basketball player and a leader to give himself a better chance.
5:48 pm
>> it had to end sometime, the phillies six game winning streak is out the window and they will try again tonight with aaron nola on the mound. last night they gave way in a big way. the cardinals erupted for five home runs, including that one to the pitcher. adam wainright crushed that in the fourth and in the sixth, he was sent packing by matt adams, the phils fell 10-3. still 16-11. may didn't start to well but a blip on the radarer. secretary of homeland security, jay johnson is in philadelphia. he met with faith based and civic leaders to build community partnerships. johnson also said he talked to the mayor to discuss the democratic national convention which is of course right here in philadelphia.
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5:51 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, is along. we are looking at a chance of drying out after the weekend? >> sunday for 20 minutes? >> for sure early next week. we have time to wait. as we look at double scan live radar the good thing going here is we don't have an all day washout as we move forward. we just have the persistent clouds and cool weather and drizzle and heavier downpours later in the week but right now not tracking any concentrated rain, the high is just 59 in
5:52 pm
philadelphia and not much of the way of any movement in the temperature department. the low 56 degrees and we only went up 3 degrees from midnight to this afternoon. the normal is now 70 and the low is 50 degrees and the record is 90 and 35 for this date. numbers are similar to the north and west. 54 quakertown and 56 in kennett square and chester 56 degrees and 58 for center city and the south and east, middle 50s the name of the game, browns mills and woodbine and 57 in hockessin delaware. today is not about location for what you are experiencing it's the same across any neighborhood. as we look at satellite and radar, the area of showers is lifting to the north and east and more showers are developing in the panhandle of west virginia, some of that would rotate here as we go through the latter part of the evening and overnight hours, cloudy and damp
5:53 pm
and showers around and patchy fog as well. temperatures staying around 50 in center city and more showers around and 11 degrees below average. the high temperature is tomorrow exactly the same as today of 59 degrees, scattered showers especially late morning in the afternoon for the lehigh valley. very dreary at 57 degrees and as we get into the shore communities here, atlantic city specifically tomorrow, cloudy and cool with the northeasterly wind coming in off the water, 7 to 14 miles per hour high temperature of 56 degrees and not a washout but some of those scattered showers at time at any point during the day. we'll watch that cutoff upper level low, the energy in the upper atmosphere that is stuck, so to speak drifting from chicago down into the ohio and tennessee valley and thursday off the coast on friday. and this locks in this entire area with the clouds, the cool temperatures and again the very
5:54 pm
unsettled weather. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 50s for tomorrow and cool with showers around, and same thing for thursday, 62 degrees and friday is the wettest of the next three days with periods of rain as the low is closer by. high temperatures could stay in the 50s to near 60 again and over the weekend a lot of clouds saturday, maybe some peeks of sun but a cold front approaches late in the day with the possibility of showers and that front kicks the system finally away and it will bring showers early on mother's day morning and returning sun in the afternoon with highs in the 70s be for sure that front will be off the front with the cutoff low by monday and tuesday returning sun with temperatures in the 70s. >> all right got that to look forward to. >> okay. >> thanks adam. >> has everything you need as this stretch of rainy, damp weather continues. street level forecast from stormtracker 6 live double scan
5:55 pm
radar, gives you a clear picture of what is happening now.
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nearly a dozen students from around the philadelphia area werer hoppered as outstanding school safety patrol members each got a plaque and gift card for safety and education. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories. two school officers are attacked after trying to break up a fight involving students. and a property housing a shrine, it's up for sale tonight and what is next for the land and the remains of katherine drexel. >> i'm monica malpass have a good night. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. tuesday night and police in south jersey are searching for an escaped inmate and the philadelphia police officer is injured in a crash in strawberry mansion. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the assault of two philadelphia school security officers. it happened at the bus stop near caster and cotman. in the northeast. both officers were seriously injured and authorities are still putting together exactly what happened. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at northeast detectives. what do we know about this
6:00 pm
violent confrontation. >> reporter: officials here from northeast detectives say they have cell phone video and surveillance video of the fight but it's unclear if the high school students involved in the initial fight were also involved in the beating of the school officers. either ways they want the help of the public in this case. ahmed farook says the fight started outside of his pizza shop. >> i tried to break up the fight but too many guys were in there. i when inside and called 911. >> farook tells us it started with a fight with two teenagers from northeast high school. it escalated when two school police officer as rived. as the officers were breaking up the fight two unidentified men jumped in and started to punch the officers, the adult suspects ran away and the officers were left in need of medical atten


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