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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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attacked in broad daylight and double shooters tackle a bad bill next. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. we are suspending our campaign. >> the words of senator ted cruz tonight after finishing a distant second in the indiana primary. it is now a two-man race with donald trump the overwhelming
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favorite to win the republican nomination. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a decisive night in the republican race for president. donald trump has won big in indiana. and even his biggest opponents argue there is probably no stopping him now. trump won 53% of the vote tonight and may pick up all of indiana's 57 delegates. cruz a distant second, and john kasich what did not compete in indiana in single digits. and the cruz campaign said it was a must-win for him to survive. when it didn't happen, he acknowledged the results. >> the whose -- hoosier state, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path. it was a whole different scene in new york, donald trump emerged with his family to claim his latest prize.
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he was noticeably more restrained than usual and clearly attempting to heart healing the wounds of a divided republican party. >> this country, which is very, very divided in so many different ways, is going to become one beautiful, loving country. and we're going to love each other, we're going to cherish each other, we're going to take care of each other, and we're going to have great economic development and we're not going to let other countries take it away from us, because that's what's been happening for far too many years and we're not going to do it anymore. the democratic side, a mild upset as bernie sanders defeats hillary clinton in indiana. sanders wins with 52% of the vote. while that will fuel sanders' conviction to continue his campaign, it doesn't do much for his delegate counts. they divide the delegates proportionately so he did not make up much ground tonight. the philadelphia police released cell phone video of two
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school security officers coming under attack yet. while lawmen continue to search for the assailants. and "action news" reporter christie ileto is live where it happened at cottman and cast er avenues and they hope the video will help lead to the attacks. >> that's right, jim. the new cell phone video showed the fight got so tense it spilled into the middle of the street and now police are trying to put names with the faces caught on camera. >> the images are graphic. newly-released cell phone video captured the attack on two veteran school officers at cottman and caster on monday afternoon. >> observed two males assaulting a student. the two school police officers intervened in the assault and attempting to stop the aassault of the student. when they do so the two offenders involved shift their focus to the school police
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officers. >> and right there, and they turned on the cops. >> it is very disturbing. you have adults that are not only about to assault students, but they also get into a fight with our school police officers. >> the suspects fled, leaving one officer with a broken jaw and the other punched in the face and pushed to the ground. the school district says neither office every was armed. >> if the fights happened offcampus why would the officers be involved and step in? >> that is their du duty to wal after school. >> and this parent not surprised by the afternoon brawls. >> they do this all the time, all the time. >> now anyone with information about the suspects are asked to contact detectives. live in northeast philadelphia, christie ileto channel 6 "action news," jim? >> thank you, christie. a teenager's successful
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attempt to fight off a sexual predator caught on surveillance video. and tonight, the philadelphia police are making it public in hopes of catching the attacker. you can see the man walk up and grab the 19-year-old victim in the 1300 block in south philadelphia. this happened in the early-morning hours of april 20. during the struggle the attacker pulls down the top of the victim's dress. but the young woman is able to spray mace in his face and he runs off. and the camera captured clear images of his face and investigators are hoping that you can tell them who he is. police trying to track down the hit-and-run driver killing a 53-year-old woman a week ago in camden during a police chase. and dann cuellar live outside of the country prosecutor's office. two angles to the story, the police probe. >> that's right. the authorities continue to try to locate the culprits, they
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want the men running from the scene to know the woman killed was loved and admired. >> you took my life, my mom. mother's day is in a week, how am i supposed to celebrate. >> they are shaken beyond believe. tia walker, occupation a former housekeeper at camden city hall. a woman beloved by children, especially her three grandchildren. >> it is hard for me and for my children, they don't really understand. she was a big part of her life. >> walking from a relative's house about 9:30 in the morning about 1.5 miles from her home crossing 7th and newton and she was struck by two men in a stolen carper -- car, pursued by the police. and she later died at the medical center. >> you want to take your life and not think nothing about it? leave and run? i can't imagine that, what does that -- how insane and inhumane
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of a person can you be. >> in the household, a sea of cards from relatives and friends and decorations for an upcoming wedding, trying to move beyond the pain. >> she was preparing for my wedding in four months and will not be here to see me walk down the aisle and i am in shock still. i am in pain. >> witnesses on the scene, but so far no one came forward to identify the two men still being sought. >> if anybody knows any information, you know what i am saying, like please give us some closure because we're not going to ever get her back. >> a spokesman for the prosecutor's office says they are dedicating resources to find out who the driver is and they are working diligently so find answers for the family. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a philadelphia police officer on the mend tonight after getting into a multiple-vehicle crash this afternoon. and the investigators say that a
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minivan rear-ended his cruiser in strawberry mansion, pushing the cop car into the red corola. and the officer briefly lost consciousness. and he was helped out of the vehicle in a neck brace. and he is treated at the hospital and the other drivers are ok. the remains of a catholic saint moving from bucks county to the city of philadelphia. the sisters of the blessed sacrament in bensalem have decided to sell their motherhouse and relocate the national shrine of st. katharine drexel. the nuns who live there will find new homes and the remains will be taken to the basilica of st. peter and paul. >> the decision comes with a heavy heart, but at the same time we know we have to make this decision now. now is the time. >> the decision was made because more than half of the nuns have retired and many of the buildings are no longer in use.
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the shrine will continue to welcome visitors through 2017. and this from turnersville, new jersey. police are searching for the individuals who stole a family's dog. the family is having a very tough time have it, as you can imagine. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli has the story. >> the wooden bone in the front door on chatham road reads "the yorkies let us live here" and you can imagine with their dog, bella disappeared and was taken by young adults on the video, she was devastated. >> it is tough, very tough. >> it was around 2:00 p.m. someone didn't lock the gate to gerhart's backyard and bella rang into the parking lot behind the zone. and according to witnesses, the young adults who just grabbed her just left the starbucks
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county off black horse pike. after grabbing her from under a vehicle they walked into the cavalry church. this is surveillance from there and you see the man in the hoodie holding what appears to be bella. >> he does look gentle. that's what is making me sleep at night that he is gentle with her. >> my mom and dad got me the dog as an easter present when i was 9, it means a lot to me. >> and the family putting up fliers and police are investigating and urging the young adults to not simply let the dog go. the families don't want the people in the video to get in trouble, they just want bella returned no questions asked and offering a $100 reward. >> i don't want any trouble, just want my dog back. >> in turnersville, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." still to come on "action news" tonight, what we are learning tonight about the navy seal killed by isis. and the dramatic conclusion
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to a deadly bus jacking in the nation's capital. and a study showing the number three killer behind heart disease and cancer and you may be surprised what it is. and yet another round ever -- of rain moving in. and what it means for the commute and when we break out of this mess in the accuweather forecast. i'm nydia han. the troubleshooters on the case and the medical bills. and the drama and details and results coming up. and ducis rodgers where the phillies try to bounce back from last night's loss. and the say the latest from the sam bradford drama when "action news" continues tonight.
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police say a pedestrian was killed after a man highjacked a metro bus in washington this morning of the man boarded the bus attacking the driver. once the driver ran off the bus, the highjacker hit the gas, jumped a curb and killed a pedestrian in a gas station parking lot. this was cell phone video of the
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police surrounding the bus before taking the guy into custody. the bus driver suffered only minor injuries. the navy seal killed by isis fighters today has been identified as a native of phoenix. 31-year-old charlie keating was traveling in this vehicle on the outskirts of the iraqi city mosul when they launched their attack. keating serving as one of the americans advising the kurdish forces and the third u.s. combat death against isis in the last two years. "healthcheck" at 11:00, a new study reports a surprising find that medical mistakes are the third leasing cause of death in the united states. leading to 250,000 fatalities a year according to johns hopkins university. that is behind only heart disease and cancer. and the mistakes range from prescribing the wrong medication or doses, to errors in the operating room.
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now to the "action news" troubleshooters. our troubleshooter, nydia han got a call from help for a man fighting a brain tumor and an incorrect medical bill. here is nydia with the full story. >> i had the pleasure of meeting dominic from chester county, pennsylvania. and atop of battling a brain tumor, he was battling his hospital at a bill starting at $2100 and shooting up to more than $15,000. ♪ >> a brain tumor around the front of my head. >> dominic underwent a procedure called fiber knife to remove a portion of it. a few weeks later he got a bill for $2140. >> i called to make arrangements, i am on a fixed income. and the woman on the other said don't worry about it, it is you beed -- it is under review. >> and they told him not to pay anything until he got a new
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bill. the problem is, a couple of weeks later the new bill was a staggering $15,000. a big blow to him, where his wife works seven days a week to keep the family afloat. >> she looked at it and was devastated. what is going on here? why us? >> and that's when they reached out to me for help and the akdz trouble-shooters got to work and got real results for them. with the help from the call for action volunteers they got the $15,000 bill reduced to 0. >> when you see this, zero. >> when i saw the zero balance i was so excited. i got my wife and gave her a husband and said look, something is taken care of, you know. somebody is looking out for us. >> and the health system tells the trouble-shooters in part in this case there was an inadvertent error how it was initial processed by the insurance carrier. and they re-submit add corrected claim. >> what would you like to say to
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the call for action volunteer who helped you. >> thank you so much, you guys were fantastic. you treated us like family, you really did. i appreciate it i am tearing up because it's a great burden off our shoulders. i can't thank you folks enough. >> and he was one of many "action news" viewers asking the trouble-shooters for help with a medical bill mistake. as they are always happen to help fighting a bill. we found other good services. this is the patient advocate foundation. helping patients with chronic and debilitating illnesses negotiate bills for free. if you have a case for trouble-shooters contact me via social media or by going to and you can call us at 1-866-978-4332. we the overdose reversal drug
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made available in pennsylvania to anybody to save lives. no prescription needed it will now be sold at pharmacies and acme supermarket. and friend and families of heroine and opiate addict the can have it on hand. two doses cost $155 without a prescription. philadelphia's new police commissioner wants to relax some rules for police recruiting to help fill an officer shortage of the department currently has 6100 sworn officers, but the commissioner says 400 short of ideal. and he is looking at eliminating the two years of college, swearing off those who may only have a high school diploma. and raising the age requirement from 19 to 22. and a final decision from the
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city expected on friday. and a group of nurses from camden received top honors tonight. the cooper foundation presented the 2016 nursing excellent awards to 21 nurses. the ceremony at the crown plaza in cherry hill. each nurse recognized for their contributions to excellence in patient care and we congratulate them. and let's have the accuweather forecast for the next seven days. >> you are not going though congratulate me about the forecast, it is not very pretty, not at all. stormtracker live double scan showing right now we are rain-free. but if you look in the left side of the screen, some showers are moving through your county and that's another way that will be moving in the overnight hours. not thunderstorms like last night, just some showers. and we also have some fog developing along the coast and in the poconos. and right along the beach you can see lower than that, and in
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the poconos visibility less than 1/3 of a mile. we do have patchy fog developing tonight, continuing in the overnight hours. the temperatures really holding steady. the morning low today 56 it afternoon high, 59. now we dropped down to 54. and millville 51. and trenton 51 degrees. not a big temperature rain between the overnight low and afternoon high. and cool and cloudy and not a big change this is the next batch of showers that are moving through overnight. the morning bus stop, there will be some showers around. it is not going to be a steady, heavy rain. it will be cool and dreary. at 6:00, 50 degrees. and 8:00 only 51. and spotty showers and clouds, the same heading into lunchtime. but then the short wave, it is a piece of energy that will enhance the rain for the evening commute. and futuretracker showing quite
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a bit of shower activity around 5:00. temperatures in the low 50s. and the next three days, more of the same. we've got low pressure, the cut-off low between it is cut off from the jet stream, nothing to push it out of the way it meanders. and friday, finally moving off the virginia coast but it could be cold enough it can throw back moisture in clouds and showers. but the wasn't looking better than the work-week, just not perfect. and the exculusive accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow like today, cool and on-and-off showers, especially the afternoon. 59 degrees. thursday cloudy with additional showers, 62. and friday the wettest time period as the pressure over us. periods of rain with high of 60. and futuretracker can show heavy rain could move in around 10:30 friday morning. heading into the weekend, saturday lots of clouds. bust i think we will see some peeks of sunshine and a high of
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71 degrees. still can't rule out the possibility of a shower. and sunday morning a cold front moves through bringing us a few morning showers and sunshine for mother's day. 71 degrees. and finally next week breaking out completely from the dreary weather pattern. 71 on monday, and dues warm and mostly sunny and 76. >> it will be about time. and 50 teachers in chest her county recognized for their hard work. the citadel hard of learning awards bankwell in malvern. and citadel bank presented three teachers with $2,000 checks for use in the classrooms and others received $500. filan though pivo
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pivot -- philanthropist. and he was c.e.o. for 30 years before retiring in 2014. and under his leadership the company grew to $13 billion global service provider.
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>> phillies try to celebrate ducis rodgers' birthday with the win, what happened? >> they did pretty good. not a lot of fireworks on my birthday, but pretty good. and the good run hit a speed bump last night, trying to kick start it again in st. louis with a promising aaron nola on the hill. dominating last week in d.c.,
11:28 pm
looking just as good tonight. and 7 strikeouts and now 23 scoreless innings for nola. no score in the sixth inning and ryan howard loves facing the cardinals. the sixth homer and the 22nd of his career in st. louis. and it stays that way through the bottom of the night. tying run on first, and gomez facing matt adams who homered last night. and a harmless ground ball to second base and phillies win 1-0. and 10 wins in the last 12 games. to the eagles. i read this, jim, on twitter the other day. your opponent is on the field in front of you not behind you in the depth chart. and someone needs to tell that to bradford. and he keeps asking for a trade and does not intend on attending the volunteer workouts. and the head office says that bradford should not have been surprised the birds were looking
11:29 pm
toward their future. >> we've been very clear publicly and privately we were taking a young quarterback. it was a priority for us. we needed to get one in here that we're going to develop. when we signed sam, we told him he was our starting quarterback. we told him about the trade before the trade happened. but we have to do what's in the best interests of our team in the short-term and long-term, that's our job. if anything makes us better, we'll look at it. still ahead in sports, hearing from chris jenkins, and his decision to put the nba on hold.
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as we told you last night,
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villanova got good news, the announcement from chris jenkins that the junior forward withdrew his consideration for the nba draft. he will be back for his senior season. a shot at an another title would be nice. he explains there is another reason he decided to return to school. >> i just talked to my family, and i was in constant communication with the coaches here and, you know, it was really important to my family that i graduate and finish college and get my degree, and continue to get better and improve and get myself a better chance next year. >> can't wait to see what happens with josh. >> he should. and elementary students treating their parents to a concert in montgomery county. ♪ the students from mckinley elementary school sang all kinds of songs tonight. school administrators say the students have been practicing
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for tonight for several months, and it sure paid off tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." his guests, adam carolla, lucy bonyton, and music from the avett brothers. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. ♪
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♪ >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight adam carolla. from "sing street," lucy boynton. and music from the avett brothers. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ]


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