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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, ted cruz is suspending his campaign after a crushing defeat in indiana. the rnc now says donald trump is the presumptive nominee. plus, bernie sanders pulls off another win but is it too late to stop hillary. raging wildfires. an entire city evacuated as flames creep closer to homes. the dramatic new video just in. and a man gets bitten by his own king cobra and as the lethal venom takes hold he drives himself to the hospital. >> hey, i just got bit by a king cobra. my vision is kind of blurry. >> we have the 911 call and an update on his condition. caught on camera, an a alligator climbing a door to ring a doorbell?
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cobras biting people. alligators ringing doorbells. >> your average morning in america. a lot of surprises. good wednesday morning to you all. we begin with another one, this one in politics as indiana delivers a knockout blow to ted cruz. >> yeah, cruz abandoned his bid for the white house after suffering a crushing 53-37 defeat declaring donald trump's path to the republican nomination. cruz had vowed to battle it out till the convention in cleveland but said the delegate math just didn't work out. >> from the beginning, i've said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say -- >> all: no. >> -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> all: no. >> the moments after that the republican establishment acknowledged what they've been
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fearing, rnc chairman reince priebus tweeting this, donald trump will be the presumptive nominee. we all need to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. while trump celebrated in new york city afc an emotional night in houston, texas, for cruz and his supporters. we get more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: after a bruising loss, senator ted cruz giving up and dropping out of the race for president. >> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the lo long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> all: no. >> reporter: donald trump basking in a crucial victory. >> it really looks like a massive victory and looks like we win all 57 delegates. >> reporter: all but inevitable as the republican nominee. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president.
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>> reporter: senator ted cruz suspending his campaign incredibly emotional in this room. his supporters, his family and even the candidate himself with tears in his eyes, he says there is no longer a path for him to win the nomination. tom llamas, abc news, indianapolis. >> john kasich finished a distant third place last night with just 8% of the vote but he's staying in the race. >> so far kasich has only won his home state of ohio but it's mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination but his campaign released a statement overnight saying they will offer voters a clear choice and fight for the higher path. let's turn to the democrats and bernie sanders eking out a victory in indiana. >> sanders beat hillary clinton, 53 or 52% to 48%, rather. that win will not slow her march to the democratic nomination, but sanders is now riding on a new wave of momentum and making it clear that it's not over yet. more now from abc's cecilia vega. >> i feel good.
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i just feel generally good. >> reporter: hillary clinton sounding upbeat at the end of a tough fight. but bernie sanders still sighing a glimmer of hope. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> reporter: even with a sanders win in indiana, it will still be virtually impossible for him to clinch the nomination. >> and i do not deny it for one second that we have an uphill battle in front of us. but i think we have a path to a victory. >> the facts are pretty clear. i'm 3 million votes ahead of him. 300 pledge delegates ahead of him. >> reporter: but sanders is vowing to fight on. >> so we feel great about tonight, not only in winning here, in indiana, in accumulating some more delegates but also gaining the momentum we need to take us to the finish line. >> reporter: bernie sanders' victory party came in the form of a tweet he wrote, the political revolution wins indiana. hillary clinton's campaign took
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to twitter too, no mention of indiana. they are now laser focused on donald trump calling him the presumptive gop nominee and asking supporters to donate money to stop him. cecilia vega, abc news, columbus, ohio. >> okay, so let's get to the delegate count now with the front-runners all about unstoppable. >> donald trump picked up at least 51, if not all of the state's gop delegates. that brings his overall count to 1 1,049. inching closer to that magic number of 1,237. >> despite his victory he'll have to split indiana's delegates evenly with hillary clinton. she has more than 2,200 delegates in all and sanders is facing an uphill battle. he needs to win 95% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. do stay with abc news for the latest on the primary results. live team coverage and analysis straight ahead on "good morning america." and later in this half hour donald trump accusing ted cruz's dad of being involved in jfk's
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assassination. that photo that trump says is proof and reaction from ted cruz's father. >> president obama heads to michigan today to get a firsthand look at the flint water crisis and maybe a taste. the trip comes after-year-old mari copeny wrote her a letter and plans to meet with her and other residences but the governor under fire for the handling of the crisis says he hopes the president will also drink flint water to show that it's safe. turning to the weather now and more powerful storms have plagued the southeast. take a look. winston-salem, north carolina, can a powerful rainstorm enveloped the city making it briefly disappear and that same system made things miserable for beyonce fans at an outdoor concert in raleigh-durham first asked to wait in their cars until the worst weather had passed and once inside the stadium the show was stopped temporarily because of lightning. by the time she took the stage once again some fans had already left the venue. now, take agent look at the
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radar those storms pushing off into the atlantic but the dry conditions, not going to last very long. both coasts are in for a rainy weather pattern. that's expected to last through the rest of the week. still ahead, new concerns about zika and the type of mosquito that carries the virus as a pregnant american woman tests positive. and under arrest, a man accused of contaminating grocery store food. he's making an admission to investigators and the potentially dangerous liquid that he was spraying. plus, terrified tourists stuck on an air balloon in high winds.
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. fast-moving flames have forced the evacuation of more than
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80,000 people in the city of ft. mcmurray, witnesses say the city's downtown area and many homes are burning or already destroyed. strong unpredictable wins have been fanning those flames. back here at home and the investigation into prince's death according to 911 call logs released yesterday a woman in germany claimed prince told her he had a coke habit he couldn't shake. it appears authorizes didn't sondz to that call and several who worked closely with him say they never saw him use drugs but it is reported he died one day before he was set to meet with an addiction specialist from california. the fbi says a man in michigan admitted to contaminating food in several supermarkets. he strayed a application tur of water, hand kleiner and mouse poison allegedly in at least three stores including a whole foods. those stores have taken every precaution to make sure no one eats the con tame natured food.
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a 30-year-old is in custody charged with second degree murder after hijacking a commuter bus and attacked the bus driver, stole the bus and struck and killed a pedestrian. the entire incident took place within five blocks of where the suspect first boarded that vehicle. the bus driver was injured and remains hospitalized this morning. an announcement could come about an enormous expansion of the recall involving takata's exploding air bags. sources say u.s. regulators are in talks about agreeing to more than double the nearly 29 million air bag inflaters that have beeen recalled. the problem is they can explode with too much force. at least 11 people have died because of air bag incidents. when we come back a dramatic scene from overseas. dropped several stories from a burning building u.s. soldiers coming to the aid of a family. and anybody home? well, if they were they'd get a big surprise when this alligator rang their doorbell. at pure leaf, we know that
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road conditions, back in this country, heavy rain is a possibility in south florida. showers from seattle to portland and showers in the northeast. if you're flying, airport delays possible in miami, new york and boston. it's the morning's big story, ted cruz has dropped out of the race for the white house. >> it was a big surprise, cruz called it quits last night after a bruising defeat in indiana. losing to donald trump. 52% to 37%. he vowed to fight all the way to the convention but he now says last night's loss leaves him with no viable path to victory. and bernie sanders beat hillary clinton but not putting a dent in her delegate lead. hours before cruz dropped out he found himself in a fierce war of words with trump without citing any proof trump mentioned a bizarre "national enquirer" story that linked his father to the jfk assassination. >> reporter: tom llamas with abc
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news, how are you? what did you make of donald trump's report? what did you think of that. >> i haven't even seen it but it's ludicrous. it's ludicrous. i was never in new orleans at that time. that's typical of donald trump. >> donald trump is a serial philanderer and he boasts about it. describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal vietnam. >> reporter: after cruz's tirade donald trump questioned whether he had the temperament to be president but after cruz dropped out, trump then praised him as a tough and smart competitor with an amazing future. flags in arizona will fly at half-staff in honor of a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in iraq while fighting isis. 31-year-old charlie keating iv was a high school track star in arizona and went on to attend the naval academy before becoming a s.e.a.l. his father was a financial
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planner. the plane was flying from south carolina to connecticut. the pilot radioed a distress call saying he was having trouble with the instrument panel just before the accident. he was killed along with two passengers. the plane crashed near two public schools in a resident neighborhood but no one on the ground hurt. schools in detroit re-open after the teachers there agreed to end their sick-out. classes had been canceled monday and tuesday because of the teachers' action. they were protesting the possibility of not being paid for work they'd already done. that issue has been resolved. a connecticut woman who got pregnant while traveling to central america has been diagnosed with the zika virus. the woman has since returned to central america. the virus is mostly spread by mosquito bites and is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can lead to birth defects. in the meantime, a baseball series between the marlins and the pirates in puerto rico is in jeopardy this morning because of growing concerns over the virus' spread there. hospital mistakes are now one of the leading killers in the united states. new research from johns hopkinss
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shows medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. an estimated 250,000 people died of medical errors in 2013. those errors include anything from prescribing the wrong medication to mistakes in the operating room. and there's some new concerns about unnecessary prescriptions. a cdc study says nearly one-third of antibiotics are not needed by patients. that's about 47 million prescriptions. the concern that -- is that unneeded antibiotics could contribute to the development of drug resistant bacteria. the nfl is in touch with players with a warning about performance-enhancing drugs and says any planner with plans to visit china or mexico should avoid eating meat there because the league says it may contain a banned anabolic agent which could lead to a failed drug test. players ignoring the warning are told they do so at their own risk. a fire near i usa irbase in south korea had americans swinging into action and a group
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of airmen rallied bystanders to hold up a blanket as three children were dropped from the fourth story. three adults made that leap. everyone survived. the airmen later returned to the scene for a very well facebook the snake considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. after being bitten at home he tried to drive himself to the hospital but he didn't make it very far. here's part of the 911 call. >> hey, i just got bit by a king cobra and i'm on my way to the hospital. my vision is blurry. i'm sweating like crazy. i'm like panicking. i feel nauseous. >> wow. he pulled over and waited for an ambulance. at the hospital he waited hours for an anti-venom to be delivered from another state. he's now in critical condition. animal services officials say that he had about 20 snakes at his home.
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all secured in containers working to determine if he violated any laws. up next in "the pulse," a bad night for ted cruz and his wife heidi. she took an elbow to the face. >> plus, how jetblue is getting passengers to love crying babies on planes. what if there was another way to look at relapsing multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections,
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4:23 am
indiana there and "the new york daily news" not so nice announcing the death of the republican party. boy, in a coffin there. only the way "the new york daily news" can. >> very subtle. jetblue has apparently found a way to make passengers love crying babies. on a recent flight the airline promised for every cry heard passengers would get 25% off a future trip. since four babies cried they got a round trip for free. >> go, babies. >> jetblue said this all happened for mother's day and the company wanted to acknowledge how stressed moms and other care givers are when they're traveling with their children. that's a change. people cheering for crying babies. >> yes. >> wake up, baby. >> i'm sure they're probably like -- some of those babies were producted. to an odd house call in south carolina. when an alligator just walked right up to the front door. >> there was a neighbor who was watching as a large gator strolled around a front yard then the gator made its way to the home's front door.
4:24 am
where it climbed toward the doorbell before falling over. >> it looks just like it rang the doorbell. eventually the gator did wang der away but not without leaving scratch marks on the door and around the belch the owners now say they want to get a greater crossing sign to go on the front lawn. >> just imagine if they were home and answered that doorbell. okay, so if you're going to in be a motorcycle accident surely this is how you want it to end up. watch the mattress here. fly off a pickup. this is in thailand and then striking the motorcyclist. >> the mattress knocked over the motorcycle but then breaks the fall of the person on it. the final outcome, the motorcyclist probably shook up but safe. people in the pickup need to secure their mattress better. i don't know where they're sleeping tonight. >> he found a place to sleep. >> right there on the road. more news after this. before i had the shooting,
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's wednesday, may fourth and we've got breaking news this morning. we're live with two police involved shootings. one left the suspect dead in the overbrook section of philadelphia and just a few hours before that occurred police say a man was firing at them so they fired back. again, we've got two live reports on what's going on here. a change in the race for the white house. many are now considering donald trump to be the presumptive republican nominee this morning. those stories and your accuweather tracking more rain. it's all next on "action news." >> ♪ chilly and damp day in the northeast. and finally from us remember google glass. that wearable computer eyeglass combo. it was supposed to revolutionize your smartphones. >> well, so it didn't quite work out the way google planned but here's what else google didn't
4:28 am
plan for. there's a hot new interest in google glass by doctors. jonathan bloom from our san francisco station has that story. >> reporter: doctors crowded around this ambulance where a patient some thought was dead is very much alive. that patient is google glass. >> the new version of google glass 2.0 that is much improved across many different features. >> reporter: you can't buy the new version of glass except through a company like crowd optic. two years ago they put glass on the indiana pacers players and cheerleaders and last year they did this dramatization at a conference on stroke surgery. >> i'm seeing the view you're seeing. >> reporter: now they have outfitted this ambulance to stream video back to the hospital from google glass and two other cameras all at the same time. >> to give you both sides. you have the shaky thing to see what the person is seeing but you can see the more wide angle view. >> take a look right at my nose. >> reporter: built to diagnose a stroke. >> it puts a physician's eyes in the head of the paramedic.
4:29 am
>> reporter: a neurologist can talk paramedics through the exam to diagnose them on the way to the hospital. >> i can stop what i'm doing, access this direct link and help them and maybe meet them in the ambulance. >> reporter: because saving time means saving lives. >> we could save up to two hours and makes a difference between somebody being a 60% of a good outcome to 75% to 80%. >> reporter: it will have to be systemically tested and proven to work. that testing will begin here at ucsf over the next few months in we have to validate this makes a difference. >> reporter: they have outfit enough of them to see how much it saves and have high hopes. >> we want more people than we are. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> great use of the google glass. >> i wonder what other conditions they'll be able to pull that into. >> interesting. >> we'll find out. >> that's what's making news in america. >> stick around
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:30 on this wednesday may fourth. >> we're following breaking news. detectives are investigating two police-involved shootings overnight, one of them was deadly. we have team coverage. >> the gop race may now pretty much be over. the head of the republican national committee says donald trump is the party's presumptive nominee. >> and our rainy week continues. accuweather is tracking showers during your morning commute and on. >> my goodness. david we'll go over to you because we have to. i don't want to hear more. karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> things will get a little bit better in a few


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