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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. we're working on several breaking news stories on this wednesday may fourth. >> philadelphia police draw their weapons at two separate locations in the city. one person is dead, the other is wounded. we have live team coverage. >> another presidential hopeful leaves the stage. ted cruz bows out making donald trump the gop presumptive choice. we'll have the latest. >> a city with troubled water gets presidential attention. president obama is traveling to flint, michigan today. >> let's go on over to dave murphy. he's talking about a continuation of the rain and karen rogers is taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> very similar this morning as to yesterday morning. although the placement of the
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rain is a little more spotty. southeastern pennsylvania sure has it. like yesterday we have pockets of steadier rain highlighted in yellow. this is pushing up through chester county, philadelphia, delaware county, bucks and montgomery county for the most part. a little bit of it pushing through southern northampton county as well. and then down in cape may county most of the heavy stuff off the shore but along the coast a couple sprinkles and showers there. that's the way we're starting out. all of this moving to the north and it shouldn't be with us all that much longer. behind it there are a couple sprinkles and showers farther to the south. women low pressure getting closer to the south of us we'll wind up with that easterly flow again today that tosses a few more showers in this afternoon. temperatures this morning are a little cooler than yesterday. we're at 51 in philadelphia. 51 in allentown. 51 in wilmington. upper 40's in millville down to cape may. on the bus stop this morning probably sitting on or about 50 degrees and it's damp so the kids might want a poncho or some sort of rain gear. 50 degrees at 6 o'clock, 50 at 8 o'clock with some spotty showers in some neighborhoods.
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it stays mostly cloudy and cool again. 51 degrees by 9 o'clock, by 11, 54 we play hit a period after the rush hour during the morning where the clouds are still dominant but there's not as much rain. during the afternoon a couple can more spotty showers building in and a cool high today of just 58 degrees. we'll sit on that for a couple of hours this afternoon. karen, we're going stay beneath the clouds through friday for the most part. things do get a little better over the weekend and even better next week. details coming up. >> all right it may be damp and miserable but it's not stopping the construction workers. they're still out there doing their job and that's causing some traffic issues here in delaware county. this is i-95 right at the blue route northbound also a you head towards the airport. you can see it's kind of slower. we still have the two right lanes, there are the cones and the off ramp in both directions there blocked with construction. scheduled to reopen any minute now so watching nor on i-95 northbound. let's take a live look at the vine street expressway. we've got the rain out there. westbound traffic moving okay. so at this point no problem. no overnight construction. we did have an accident involving a tractor-trailer
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that was blocking the ramp from the schuylkill westbound to the vine eastbound but that cleared. so now traffic is moving okay on the vine. we've got a big accident in new jersey though and you know when the roads are wet you expect these to happen. in in gloucester county three he 22 is blocked. it's blocked in monroe township this accident brought town a pole and wires. that's going to take a little longer to fix and this is near high street. stick to glassboro cross keys road as your alternate matt and tam. >> thank you karen. governor erupted in two locations in the city of philadelphia last night. >> both involved philadelphia police officers pulling the trigger and one of these situations was fatal. >> we have live team coverage. katherine scott is live at police headquarters. >> first let's start with annie mccormick in the overbrook section of the city with more on the deadly shooting. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala and matt. right now you can still see behind me that officers are still processing the scene.
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detectives are still here. police say they opened fire when the driver of a suspicious vehicle ignored their command to stop and kept driving towards the officers. police say that the man shot was not armed with a gun but they felt in danger when that vehicle was coming towards them. now, this is video from earlier. we're told that this all unfolded around 1:00 a.m. it's that vehicle with the passenger door open that is the suspicious vehicle. police in the 19th district tried to stop. according to police plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle reported that van as suspicious and called for a marked cruiser to as sister them. they surrounded the vehicle with lights and sirens on and approached on foot. the driver did not listen to commands to stop and was driving towards the officers when one of the plainclothes officers from the unmarked vehicle fired four shots. the driver was hit in the chest and later died at the hospital. now back out here live like we said detectives and police are still out here on the scene processing this. this is still very early in the investigation. we're hoping to learn more
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information later on in the morning. they're still working to identify the man who was shot by police. for now reporting live in overbrook, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie, thank you. and let's switch over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live at police headquarters with more on that police shooting that happened in southwest philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: tam, in this case one man was shot in the leg by police. he remains in the hospital in stable condition. at this point there's been no word to any injuries to those officers. let's go to the scene in southwest philadelphia. this happened around 11:30 last night. twelfth district officers were in the area of 53rd and gray's avenue when they heard several gun shots. the two officers in uniform went to the back of a home and saw a man who is about 40 years old, he was on the back porch shooting in the air. they approve approached him andd him to drop his weapon. he fired one shot at the officers and missed. one of the officers fired twice back.
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a bullet hit the man's left leg and traveled to his right leg as well. >> the male goes into a house and the officers make an arrest at that time. the male was taken to presbyterian hospital and he's in stable condition. >> reporter: there was another man inside the home. he was taken to southwest detectives for questioning. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you for that. and police in south jersey are still trying to track down a hit and run driver that person killed a 53-year-old woman a week ago in camden during a police chase. police say tia walker was walking from a relative's home just over a mile from her own home crossing the intersection of seventh and newton as she did she was struck by two men in a stolen car being pursued by camden county police. the men jumped out of their vehicle and fled on foot. there were witnesses on the scene but so far no one has come forward. the search continues for a prisoner who escaped a prison in south jersey. authorities noticed 38-year-old arthur buckel was missing during ahead count at the ancora hospital unit of
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the bayside state prison yesterday morning. the facility is located in hammonton. buckel was serving time for aggravated assault. he was scheduled for parole o in three weeks. >> donald trump is now all but certain to lead the republican party into the general election in november. trump won big in the indiana primary last night prompting rival ted cruz to drop his presidential bid. john kasich is now the only other republican left in the race but kasich trails trump by nearly 900 delegates. bernie sanders pulled off a defeat of hillary clinton in indiana but the democrats divide delegates proportionately. >> it is 5:07 and happening today, president obama will get a firsthand look at the water crisis in flint. the president is set to meet with residents today. the state switched flint's water supply from lake huron to the flint river but because the water wasn't promptly treated lead began to leak into flint's water supply. the state's governor is urging the president to have a drink
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of tap water while he's in flint arguing that the water is now safe for consumption. the president's visit is in response to an eight-year-old girl who wrote to him. three people are now facing criminal charges. >> very similar to yesterday which is bad news for the morning commute, isn't it. >> yeah, a lot of rain out there at least in southeastern pennsylvania. it's not going to last that much longer. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that the bulk of the rain is in pennsylvania. if we go in tighter you can see the i-95 corridor being affected by this and parts of south jersey picking up a light sprinkle. heavier stuff highlighted in yellow he is popping through the southeastern pennsylvania suburbs. philadelphia getting a little bit of it there. that's beginning to push up towards northeast philadelphia. areas around norristown doylestown malvern and coatesville also getting some of this and as we take a look at the northern suburbs once we get rid of this, you see how it's all pushing up to the north, won't be around philadelphia all that much longer, up in allentown you're still going to be in and out of these raindrops for awhile.
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the only other spot seeing some of this rain is down along cape may and the south jersey coast although most of the heavier precipitation is off the coast and if we start this up you can see how most of that heavy stuff is probably just going to stay off the coast and miss atlantic city, sea isle city and cape may. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies out there over the ben franklin bridge. obviously it's cool and damp once again. and the temperatures do tell that you cool story. 51 currently in allentown. same story in philadelphia. 51 degrees there. and in wilmington. upper 40's in trenton and millville. so, everybody cool and everybody damp even in areas where it's not actively raining you might still see some drizzle and it still has that dank feel. the rest of the morning looks like we'll probably have a tendency to see most of that rain push offer to the north and then up until about 1 o'clock we may get into a little bit of a lull. once we get into the afternoon a few more sprinkles and showers begin to dig in. that takes us up to the rush
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hour and beyond where it looks like it will be damp. tonight drizzle and a couple light spotty showers. in allentown look for it to be cloudy. we have the rain around for the next couple of hours in the morning, a high of 58 degrees and later in the day a few more showers begin to redevelop. down the shore we're looking at spotty showers today, 56 is the high and during the evening high tide some minor tidal flooding is possible. coastal flood advisory in effect because of that. then cloudy skies and spotty showers overnight tonight with a little bit of drizzle around, 58 degrees the overnight low. it is staying on the cool side. and i should say 58 is the high. the overnight low tonight is 49 degrees, spotty drizzle a couple of showers around and winds out of the northeast at six to 12 miles an hour. the cutoff low stuck with us today and tomorrow and friday so look for three more days of unsettled weather lots of clouds and occasional rain. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 58 degrees cloudy skies spotty showers today. clouds tomorrow with bits of rain again, 59 degrees and then a few periods of rain
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possible on friday and a high of 60. it does look like that low finally gets away from us on saturday. we transition to a mix of clouds and sun. it will get milder with a high of 68 but there's still the chance of a spotty shower especially later in the day. and then sunday clouds, some sun for mother's day, 68 degrees. we can can't rule out another spotty showers in the morning and maybe a spotty thunderstorm as well but it's not a washout. neither saturday nor sunday. and then on monday and tuesday we really start to build better weather back into play. >> thank goodness. >> tam says thank goodness. 72 on monday, 76 on tuesday. high pressure rolling in bringing us lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> make it last, days, make it t last. >> more disturbing video showing school officers being attacked while break up a fight in northeast philadelphia. >> tragic new developments in the case of a missing native american girl out west. karen. >> the construction has cleared here in the tacony section. the ramp from princeton avenue to i-95 northbound has
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reopened. you can see howett it is out there. we've got a new accident in bucks county. we're going to talk about that construction on i-95 and see what's going on there coming up. >> and when it comes to the philadelphia orchestra today, may the fourth be with you. >> that's great. >> that's later in the morning buzz. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. here's the latest on some breaking news just in, this coming to us from west philadelphia. you're taking look at 60th and chancellor. scary time for a resident in this home. around 4:30 this morning word came in there had been a partial collapse. a man falling from the first floor of that home down into the basement where he was
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trapped. it took authorities a little while to be able to get to him but they were able to extricate him from the house and he's been evaluated at the scene but at this moment they still have collapse units there as you take a look at the structure but you can imagine standing in your living room and all of a sudden you're in the basement and you've got no way to get out and that's what happened there this morning. >> let's turn now to the rainy commute and karen rogers. >> and you know it's going to be a tough one when you wake up and the roads are wet, that never is good for you. let's take a live look outside and check on this construction. they're in the process of picking up the cones right now as we speak. this is the problem that we've had in delaware county on i-95 at the blue route as you head towards the airport there. so, you're going to watch for that one as you're coming in. we're dealing with that. we've got the construction crews on the scene and we see them picking up the cones right working in the rain getting it done because it's been a little slow on i-95 as you head towards the airport but this is about to wrap up so things looking better right now. couple new accidents though. already coming in at this hour, one starting off in warrington, in bucks county, maple avenue at street road. we've got another new new
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accident coming in davisville road at county line road. that one in hatboro. a couple accidents within the past few minutes and the construction i told you about on the northeast extension just cleared northbound approaching lehigh valley so better news there. on the commuter traffic report with the waze app if you're coming in from radnor township a pretty easy 22 minute ride taking the schuylkill but i would slow it down with the roads being wet. here's a better look at the wet roads here on storm tracker6 live double scan and we can see the rain is mostly in philadelphia and areas north and west at the moment so you're wet there in doylestown, in lansdale getting a batch of heavier rain you see by the area of yellow. 309 it's wet in norristown malvern coatesville media. philadelphia it's a little spotty and not so much right now in southampton you see the progression of this moving up to the north and east matt and tam. >> okay, thank you karen. a violent attack on two school security officers was all caught on camera. now police are asking you to take a look at this video and see if you can help them put
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the men responsible behind bars. investigators say the officers were trying to stop two men from assaulting a student when the men then turned on the officers. the suspects ran off leaving one officer with a broken jaw. the other one was punched in the face and pushed down to the ground. >> it's very disturbing. i mean, you have adults that are not only about to assault students but they also get into a fight with our school police officers. >> the district says it is the officers' job to walk the neighborhood when students are released from school. neither officer was armed. >> ♪ >> happening today, flags will be flown at half-staff across arizona to honor a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in iraq. charlie keating the fourth died in an isis group attack while advising kurdish forces. the phoenix native becomes the third u.s. combat death in the fight against isis over the last two years. >> this is new this morning the man accused of kidnapping and killing an 11-year-old
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native american girl in new mexico is scheduled to be in court. the fbi says police arrested tom begaye tuesday evening. authorities say he lured two navajo children ashlynne mike and her nine-year-old brother into a van monday after school. the man eventually dropped the little boy back near his home after an intense search investigators found ashlynne's body yesterday morning. >> the phillies continue their series in saint louis today with pitcher adam morgan on the mound and pitching has been their strong part. aaron nola threw seven innings in last night's game allowing two hits striking out seven. and then ryan howard homered in the sixth to lead the phillies to a one to nothing victory. the phillies have won 10 of their last 12 games and ryan howard is from saint louis. so he likes to do that over there. >> we like him to do it in jeff city he possibly can. it's 5:18. exploding air bags by the millions. >> and the discount airline says crying babies on board will now benefit the other
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passengers. >> ♪
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>> another wet and dreary day. let's take a look outside right now and see what it's doing to the roads. we still have construction workers they can work in anything here. this is chester county 202 northbound between route 30 and 401. it's hard to see, they're kind of behind that scene but you see the flashing lights. construction workers out there blocking the left lane and should be wrapped up pretty soon. >> about half the region has rain right now karen and it's mostly in southeastern pennsylvania and then up toward trenton and mercer and hunterdon county new jersey. you can see that at some pots we've got some heavier rain with a little bit of yellow showing through. we expect some drying during the rest of the morning commute. down the shore a couple sprinkles most of that rain off the coast. as we go through the day we want to keep rain gear handy on both you and the kids on the way in to work or school. it's a little bit damp the in some spots.
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if you're in south jersey you might not need the gear. this afternoon another chance of spotty showers. gun rain gear not a bad idea to have handy. 51 degrees by 9 o'clock. we'll probably get into a lull for while during the rest of the morning and then afternoon builds more spotty showers back into play and your high today is only going to be 58 degrees. it is going to be cool and cloudy. down at the airport do we have anything major going on? no major delays with green aircraft. philadelphia obviously seeing some rain. everybody else right now anyway seems dry. tam. >> thank you david. a new minimally invasive procedure showing some big promise of getting rid of cell you'lcellulite. >> reporter: 85 to 90 percent of women have it and there's no way to get rid of it. >> it bothers me a lot especially in the summertime. >> reporter: a new device is showing promise in eliminating cellulite with virtually no down time. >> this could be something that let's women avoid the recurrence of cellulite for decades. >> reporter: we found out
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how it works and what it costs. new and after photos of the new procedure. >> topping america's money possible massive expansion to the takata air bag recall. >> takata is said to be recalling another 35 million air bags in addition to the 29 million that have already been recalled in the u.s. at least 11 people have died from the air bags which can rupture if jetblue found a way to make passengers love crying babies. the airline promised for every cry heard passengers would get 25 percent off a future trip. >> four babies cried so passengers got a free round trip. the mother's day stunt was meant to remind everyone that traveling with kids is not easy. something under the golden arches that's new. mcdonald's is testing out garlic fries. >> the garlic fries are made to order with locally grown clopped garlic olive oil and parmesan cheese they're only available at a few locations in san francisco area. >> and that's america's money.
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>> ♪ >> time for the morning buzz here at the big board. real estate tycoon and "shark tank" star barbara corcoran typed wearing bright colors and hiking up her skirt worked for her.
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corcoran also tweeted they finds being a woman running a business in a man's world a huge advantage. she founded the corcoran estate group does $18 billion in sales annually. the mogul did not immediately respond to requests for comment. hey may the fourth be with you. the kimmel center is offering fans a special one night only concert tonight in honor of star wars day. the philadelphia orchestra will play award winning composer john williams' most popular scores from the force awakens and guess what? >> what. >> williams himself will be the conductor. he's going to be there and will also include selections from harry potter jaws and et, too. >> that's going to be great. thank you, matt. coming up on "action news" a potential food poisoning scare. police nab a man caught on camera spraying a poisonous concoction on food at a grocery store. new details on police shootings in philadelphia overnight. we've got live team coverage for that you when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news" philadelphia police open
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fire on a suspect killing him. it's one of two officer involved shootings that we're following for you. >> presenting the presumptive nominee. the latest primary results shake up the republican presidential race. >> the wet weather just won't go away. we're stuck in this cloudy cool cycle for yet another day. >> good morning, it is 5:30 on this wednesday, may fourth. may the fourth be with you. >> oh, yes, it's that time again and has been for many, many years now. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan a little bit damp on your may fourth as we have rain mostly in southeastern pennsylvania but spilling up in toward trenton and northern burlington county. every now and then there's a little heavier cell highlighted in yellow. as we take a look at that loop it looks like this may be diminishing a bit. over the next couple hours we expect this to be up in allentown and then eventually out of here. only additional rain is now off the coast of cape may and atlantic city for the most part maybe you're getting a little bit of a sprinkle there. satel


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