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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  May 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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fire on a suspect killing him. it's one of two officer involved shootings that we're following for you. >> presenting the presumptive nominee. the latest primary results shake up the republican presidential race. >> the wet weather just won't go away. we're stuck in this cloudy cool cycle for yet another day. >> good morning, it is 5:30 on this wednesday, may fourth. may the fourth be with you. >> oh, yes, it's that time again and has been for many, many years now. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan a little bit damp on your may fourth as we have rain mostly in southeastern pennsylvania but spilling up in toward trenton and northern burlington county. every now and then there's a little heavier cell highlighted in yellow. as we take a look at that loop it looks like this may be diminishing a bit. over the next couple hours we expect this to be up in allentown and then eventually out of here. only additional rain is now off the coast of cape may and atlantic city for the most part maybe you're getting a little bit of a sprinkle there. satellite shows plenty
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of cloud cover behind that active rain and we'll probably redevelop some additional sprinkles and spotty showers as we go into the afternoon. i could see that once this early batch of rain gets out of here we get into a little bit of a lull where it's cloudy and cool but not quite as actively wet for the rest of the morning anyway. 51 degrees in philadelphia, 51 in allentown. some moist can conditions up here, drier conditions down there. 50 degrees in dover, 59 degrees in millville. on the bus stop this morning it looks like we'll be on or about 50 between six and 8 o'clock and for some of you especially in northern areas you might want the umbrella as you head out to the bus. then this afternoon after a little bit of a lull during the morning, we start to redevelop some spotty showers. by 1 o'clock, 56 degrees. we're also staying cool today. your high is only 58 degrees, clouds and some spotty showers redeveloping through the afternoon and hanging with us through at least part of the evening. karen, it looks like this cloudy unsettled pattern continues for the rest of the work week. things do get gradually better over the weekend. details coming up. >> it's about time you improve
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the forecast. looking outside live on 95 the construction crews have left here in delaware county. if you're headed towards the airport no moury instructions on i-95 northbound near the blue route. traffic moving okay at this point. the crews will return tonight. we have lots of construction going on out there so watch for that. the walnut lane bridge remains closed. kelly drive resurfacing for another hour. stick to mlk drive. we've been talking in west philadelphia about that partial building collapse so crews are out there here on 60th and chancellor. stick to 61st and locust to get around that. let's take a look at some of the accidents. they've been can coming in with these wet roads as you might expect. we have one on maple avenue at street road. we've got police, ambulance all on the scene. but this one that happened in hatboro on davisville road has just cleared so traffic moving better now matt and tam. >> thank you karen. we continue to follow that breaking news. philadelphia police opening fire on two suspects overnight. one has been killed. >> live team coverage this morning. katherine scott is gathering
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information at police headquarters. we begin with annie mccormack who is live from the scene of the deadly confrontation in the overbrook neighborhood. annie. >> reporter: and matt and tam, police now tell us that they say that they opened fire after the driver of a suspicious vehicle ick in order their commands to stop and continued driving at the officers. well, take a look at this video. we're told this unfolded around 1 o'clock this morning. this is at 63rd and overbrook. according to police plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle reportd that van as suspicious and called for a marked police cruiser to assist them after the vehicle continued to circle the block police vehicles surrounded it with lights and sirens and then approached on foot. the driver -- this is all according to police. the driver did not listen to commands to stop and was driving towards the officers when one of the plainclothes officers from the unmarked vehicle fired four shots the driver was hit in the chest and later died at penn presbyterian hospital where police did transport him to. back out here live this is still very early in the
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investigation. they're still gathering accounts from people in this area and also from those officers. we do know that the man in the vehicle that was shot and killed was not armed with a gun but police say that they felt that they were in danger because they say that that driver did continue to drive towards the officers. we're hoping to find out more information as the morning progresses. for now reporting live in overbrook, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you for that. now let's switch live to katherine scott at police headquarters with details on a separate police shooting that happened in southwest philadelphia. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam. in this case one man was shot in the leg. he's in stable condition at the hospital. police say that one of the officers returned fire after this man shot at two officers in southwest philadelphia last night. let's go to video from that scene. this happened around 11:30 last night in the area of 53rd and gray's avenue. twelfth district officers were in the area. they heard multiple shots and two officers in uniform went
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to the back of a home there and saw a man, he was approximately 40 years old, he was on the back porch shooting in the air. they approached him and told him to drop his weapon. the man fired one shot at police according to officers. he missed. one of the officers fired back. he was hit in his left leg and the same bullet traveled through to his right leg. there was a second man in the home. he was taken to southwest detectives for questioning. at this point there is no word of any injuries for those two officers. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. this just released surveillance video shows a woman's successful attempt to fight off a sexual predator. the man grabbed the 19-year-old victim on wharton street in south philadelphia on april 20. during the struggle the attacker pulled down the top of victim's dress but she was able to spray mace in the man's face and get away. cameras as you see here captured clear images of the man's face. investigators want to hear from anyone who recognizes
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him. >> now to the major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump declares victory in indiana and the battle for the republican nomination is now down to only two men. >> ted cruz surprised many by suspending his campaign after a double digit defeat in indiana. the republican national committee posted a message on twitter declaring trump the presumptive nominee. urging the party to unite against hillary clinton. despite the odds, gop rival john kasich says he is staying in the race. in response to cruz's concession, trump immediately changed his tone toward the texas senator. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. we are suspending our campaig campaign. >> he is one hell of a competitor. he's a tough smart guy. >> democrasuper delegates can st
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the candidate of their choice and favor clinton right now by a nearly 18 to one margin. "action news" will continue to be your source for all political developments as the presidential race rolls towards the nominating conventions. one of which is here in philadelphia. and the general election. >> happening today, city council will hear public testimony on philadelphia's 2017 budget. today's agenda includes mayor kenney's proposed tax on sugary drinks. distributors would face three cents per ounce tax. he argues the fee won't make it past the wholesale level while critics say it will be passed on to the consumer. protests are planned outside city hall this evening. yesterday city council president darrell clarke and others were skeptical about the proposal's ability to actually raise revenue. >> david joins us. some seeing rain from the skies. others not. >> storm tracker6 double scan shows you the farther north you are the better chance you have of seeing some of that rain this morning as we give you the bird's eye view you can see how it's pulling off
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to the north and clearing wilmington and the state of delaware. looks like that stuff off of cape may is also missing land at this point and probably just staying out to sea. but in southeastern pennsylvania and then up toward trenton we still are dealing with some showers and every now and then you can see that they are steadier showers with the darker shades of green an little bit of yellow still surviving. doylestown still picking this up norristown malvern but these places will be drying out before too much longer. if you're farther to the north in allentown and bethlehem and easton you're kind of in and out of the raindrops and you probably have another couple of hours before that finally gets through but obviously it is on the way out of here and then we get a little bit of a lull later this morning. as we take a look outside, cloudy skies, damp conditions at the airport where it still looks like we're trying to get rid of the last of the little light drizzle and sprinkles can. cool this morning, too. 51 degrees in philadelphia. your winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour drawing in that cool damp cloudy air from the ocean. future tracker6 shows you
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between now and 9 o'clock there might still be lingering showers up in allentown reading the poconos but most of us should be getting into that lull i talked about. then we go from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock and we begin to redevelop some showers and the rest of the afternoon looks a little bit damp with off and on sprinkles and showers around. the evening commute more of the same. later tonight cecily and adam will show you an improved situation on radar although it will still be cloudy and cool. speaking of which here's where temperatures are going. or maybe aren't going, that might be the better way to put it. 50 degrees by 8 o'clock, 53 by 10 o'clock. and it is going to stay cool today. it looks like we will not make the 60's. we're going for a high of 58 degrees well below average for this time of year and we'll be on that on or about 3 o'clock and really not much different by 5 o'clock. a couple of sprinkles and showers early, a lull during the morning and then during the afternoon a few more spotty sprinkles and showers building back in. so, cloudy, cool and damp pretty much all the way. not much of a difference in temperatures. 56 is your high in allentown
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and 58 in a lot of other spots. and this pattern continues unfortunately tomorrow and friday. as that so-called cutoff low which is a low that's separated from the jet stream and can't really move all that fast is going to be in our vicinity for the rest of the work week. in fact tomorrow we're going to look at more clouds and more light sprinkles and showers as we go through the day. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today's high is 58 degrees spotty showers. tomorrow clouds, bits of light rain, 59 and then a few periods of rain still possible on friday with a high of 60 but for the weekend, things still look like they're going to get betterment we're only going for a high of 68 on saturday which is an improvement. there's a chance of a spotty shower but it's not a washout on saturday and you'll see he some sun. mother's day clouds some sun a spotty shower maybe a thunderstorm but dry most of the time. how about monday and tuesday zooming back up into the 70's under the sun. >> like that. thank you david. it is 5:40. coming up an illinois woman
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dies after a random shooting on a highway. >> karen. >> checking out the wet roads. still coming down here. this is 202 between route 30 and 401, the construction is clear, both lanes opened but we expect it to be a little slower with the rain. we've got yet another new accident. details on that when "action news" comes right back. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> ♪ >> 5:44ly we keep putting up the sky6 pictures day in, day out and all we see clouds, rain in some spots. it's dreary again in the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> it really is feeling like a little bit too much, karen. but there's nothing we can do about that but maybe we can get around the traffic this morning. >> tam and i both wore bright colors to try to clear everybody up. >> yes. >> this is all we've got. matt's mostly in black. let's look at the puddle here. you can see they're everywhere and the rain still coming down. this is stump road at horsham road. traffic is moving okay. the roads were wet. we saw lots of problems yesterday and i'm fearful we'll see a lot today as well with similar conditions on the roads here but we're looking okay at least in montgomery township on stump road at horsham road. we have had a few early morning problems. one out here still in warrington bucks county and police and ambulance on the scene with this one on maple avenue at street road.
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the accident i told you about on davisville road here has cleared in hatboro so that one moving a little better. new accident in gloucester county in a spot we often see accidents, 55 southbound right at deptford, that's exit 58 so watch for a new accident there. we also have an accident in monroe township here. this is an accident that brought down poles and wires so it's still causing a closure of 322. that's a major artery right now in gloucester county. 322 is blocked and that's east of high street, route 641. you want to watch for this one with police on the scene and they're likely trying to if icfixthat downed post as we pol. on your commuter traffic report we found into to the void talking about an accident on 95 near eddystone in delaware county. we don't see too many problems out there currently but watch for the report of that accident there on the waze app. storm tracker6 live double scan shows in south jersey and teldelaware we're basically dry
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at the moment. the rain is mostly in philadelphia north and west. a lot of your suburbs soaking wet out here in quakertown right along 309 and doylestown near 202 you've got a little heavier batch of rain coming through lansdale, pottstown, 422 coming from reading you're soaking wet, route 100, malvern and coatesville on the lower edge at this point. norristown and jenkintown still very wet so be slow out there, tam. >> thank you karen. new this morning, police say the wife of a dea agent has been killed in a random highway shooting. they were driving home from illinois to wisconsin when this happened. police say they were passing a chevy blazer when that driver for some reason rolled down his window and opened fire. the gunman who was later shot by police is in custody. neighbors say the family had just moved to illinois a few years ago from new jersey. >> a small plane crash on long island killed all three people on board that plane. >> we've lost our vacuum
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system. >> this was the pilot's distress call just before the plane broke up midnight. debris scattered across a residential neighborhood. thankfully nobody was hurt on the ground. the ntsb says it will take at least a week to release their finding on the crash have the fbi arrested a man who they say admited to contaminating food at several michigan grocery stores. investigators say the man sprayed a mixture of hand sanitizer water and rat poison on produce and open food bars at three grocery stores in an arbor over the last two weeks. the fbi is trying to determine if other stores were also targeted. there are no reports of anyone getting sick. a texas school district is reviewing its training procedures because a seven-year-old managed to fool her after school caretakers into lettering her leave early. the second grader handed them this permission slip. she had written herself. it did not have a parental signature and actually miss spelled words like bus. but the adults let the girl leave on a bus. no questions asked. neighbors helped the girl when
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she couldn't get into her own home and called her father right away. >> lottery players are scrambling to get ahold of powerball tickets ahead of tonight's $348 million drawing. the jackpot has been growing ever since march 2nd. this is the biggest powerball prize since the record $1.5 billion winner was split three ways in january. it's fun to dream big but keep this in mind. the chances of winning the grand prize are one in more than 292 million so you definitely shouldn't counter those chickens before they hatch. >> never. story of my life. >> okay. >> new video of a close encounter with a great white shark off a florida coast. >> details on the attack that left one man dead in d.c. >> umbrellas on some kids in some neighborhoods. this afternoon they might want to keep it handy for spotty showers. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next. we'll let you know right where those numbers are going today.
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>> two florida teens had a close encounter with a great white shark and they have the video to prove it. 18-year-olds wiley. they say the 16-foot shark circled the boat multiple times. the teens insist they were not scared and in fact they plan to head out fishing again. they better not show mom that go pro video. >> still has a hand connected to it. >> yeah. >> got to be careful. >> who believes they weren't scared? i don't know about that one. >> let's take a look outside right now show you the roads. it is wet and the traffic lights are on flash right here causing a problem in south philadelphia. this is 26th street at penrose avenue. so you have to be careful as
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you're headed out. havers if it's flashing red treat it as a stop sign. flashing yellow proceed with caution. traffic moving slowly as people afraid to cross so be careful with that. mass transit new jersey transit atlantic city rail line shuttle busing continues between 30th street and pennsauken. they've. >> damp in southeastern pennsylvania although that rain is in the process of pushing up out of southern chester county, beginning to see an end to the active showers. might be a little drizzly down in through here. looks like this shower off the coast of south jersey misses us. if you're up in allentown, reading or bucks montgomery northern chester county, gradually over the next hour or two you'll start to see that rain diminish. it is going to stay cloudy and damp and cool at a. if you're running errands a little bit later this morning you might get a lull in the rain. 51 degrees by 9 o'clock, 54 by 11 o'clock, mainly cloudy skies there. sometime afternoon fairly quickly afternoon we'll redevelop some spotty showers and it stays cool. your high today 58 degrees. we'll probably be on that between 3 o'clock and
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4 o'clock this afternoon. spotty showers through the afternoon, matt. >> okay david. any time you want you can get a seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 radar at cell phone video shows police surrounding a d.c. metrobus yesterday. a man had attacked the driver and took control. once the real driver ran off the bus, police say the attacker hit the gas jumped a curb and killed a pedestrian in a gas station parking lot. police arrested the man and charged him with second degree murder. the incident reignited calls for more police presence on buses and rail lines in the capitol region. a wildfire prompted officials to evacuate the entire population of fort mcmurray in alberta canada. entire neighborhoods are gone and fire officials are not even sure how many homes have been destroyed. mourn 80,000 residents have been ordered to leave as high temperatures and strong winds are expected today. ththe first fire broke out on sunday. so far no serious injuries
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have been reported. >> ♪
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>> police in turnersville new jersey have joined forces in the search for a family's stolen dog. surveillance from calvary church last week shows a man in a hoodie carrying what appears to be the missing yorkie named bell half the dog got away through an unlocked gate. police believe the group of young adults picked the dog up in a shopping center parking lot off of black horse pike. bella's family does not plan to press charges so even offering a $100 reward for the dog's safe return.
5:57 am
philadelphia police have released new surveillance photos of a wanted bank robber. he's accused of holding under bank on the 2100 block of spring garden street. the suspect told the teller he had a gun and demanded money. he never showed a weapon but police do believe he's armed and dangerous. anyone with information on the suspect should call philadelphia police or the fbi and there is a reward being offered in this case. >> philadelphia police commissioner richard ross wants to relax rules for recruits to help fill in officer shortage. the department currently has 6100 sworn officers that is 400 below ross' ideal number. he proposes eliminating the current requirement of having two years in college but would also raise the minimum age requirement from 19 to 22 years old. a final decision from the city he is expected on friday. >> it is 5:57. we're following breaking news. philadelphia police are investigating two officer involved shootings. one of them ended up being deadly. live team coverage is that up next. >> the takata air bag recall
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already the largest auto recall in history is about to nearly double in size. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. we're working on several breaking news stories here on this wednesday may fourth. >> philadelphia police draw their weapons at two separate locations in the city. one person is dead. the other is wounded. we have live team coverage. >> another presidential hopeful leaves the stage. ted cruz bows out making donald trump the gop presumptive choice. we have the very latest. >> and a city with troubled water gets presidential attention. president obama is traveling to flint, michigan today. >> first up let's found a t


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