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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. we're working on several breaking news stories here on this wednesday may fourth. >> philadelphia police draw their weapons at two separate locations in the city. one person is dead. the other is wounded. we have live team coverage. >> another presidential hopeful leaves the stage. ted cruz bows out making donald trump the gop presumptive choice. we have the very latest. >> and a city with troubled water gets presidential attention. president obama is traveling to flint, michigan today. >> first up let's found a out more about this continuing
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rain. dave murphy is outside. he can tells wait looks like and karen rogers has your commute. good morning. >> well, we've had a discontinuance of it here on the terrace in philadelphia. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. the northern suburbs still getting hit with the rain, trenton in the process of clearing shortly and if you're in northern bucks montgomery and chester counties you don't have to wait too much longer. in allentown probably another hour maybe more than that and the rain off the coast of south jersey looks like it's staying there. lots of cloud cover, though. and probably staying mainly cloudy today. in fact later in the afternoon we'll redevelop some more spotty showers. it's chilly as you step outside. 51 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit of an easterly breeze. just 49 in millville. so, definitely get that jacket ready as you head out the door. and keep it handy through the day. by 1 o'clock, 56 degrees. a few more sprinkles and showers beginning to develop then and spotty showers the rest of the afternoon into the evening. a high today of just 58 degrees. we'll probably be on that on or about 3 o'clock this afternoon. karen, it looks like this gray
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cool and damp pattern continues through the and of the work week. we're still looking at some improvement for the weekend. details on that coming up. >> you keep trying to work on that weekend. we're looking a little damp on 95. this is your southbound traffic headed toward center city as we look live approaching cottman and you're getting rather slow approaching cottman and again approaching girard but no major issues on 95. in south philadelphia we do have a problem with the traffic lights and you can see them flashing at this point, 26th street at penrose. you see low visibility just kind of a gloomy start to the day and traffic moving a little slowly. be careful especially at this intersection especially with the traffic lights not working properly. traffic lights not working on bristol bypass that's route 13 right at green lane, so this one coming in to us in bucks county but in this case police are on hand directing traffic around the scene to try to help you out. we had a couple accidents in bucks county. i think a sign of what can come when we've got the wet roads out there but the one on maple avenue and davisville road clothe cleared so traffic
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moving better there. not the case in gloucester county. 322 blocked east of 641 that's high street. it was an accident that brought down poles. stick to glassboro cross keys road as your alternate. >> gunfire erupted in two location in the city last night. >> both involved philadelphia police officers pulling the trigger and one of these situations ended up being fatal. >> we have live team coverage this morning. katherine scott is live at police headquarters. >> first up let's go over to annie mccormick live in the overbrook section of the city with more on the deadly shooting. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. at this scene here in overbrook we are told by police that they opened fire when the driver of a suspicious vehicle did ignore their commands to stop. we are told that once they got into the vehicle, they saw that the driver was not armed but they still felt that it was a threat when he was driving towards the officers. well, take a look at this video. this waaccording to police
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plain-clothes officer reportd that van as suspicious and called for a marked police cruiser to assist them. after the vehicle continued to circle the block police vehicles surrounded it with lights and sirens on then approached on foot. the driver did not listen to commands to stop and was driving towards the officers when one of the plainclothes officers from the unmarked vehicle fired four shots. we're told that the driver was hit in the chest and was transported by police to penn presbyterian hospital where he was later pronounced dead. back out here live on the scene, this is the area you can still see that they're processing it at this point. detectives are out here, police are still out here. they're stale very early in investigation. they still value lot of questions. we're hoping to get more information as the morning progresses. reporting live in overbrook annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you. now let's switch over to "action news" reporter katherine scott live at police headquarters with more on the police shooting that happened in southwest philadelphia. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam. in this case one man was shot
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in his leg. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition and there's been no word of any injuries to the two officers involved in this. let's go out to that scene in southwest philadelphia. this happened around 11:30 last night in the area of 53rd and gray's avenue. twelfth district officers were in that area when they heard several gun shots. the two officers were in uniform. they went to the back of a home where they saw a man about 40 years old. he was on his back porch shooting in the air. they approached him and told him to drop his weapon. that the when police say he fired one shot at the officers but missed. one of the officers fired twice back. a bullet hit the man's left leg but then traveled through to his right leg as well. >> the male goes into a house and the officers make an arrest at that time. the male was taken to presbyterian hospital and he's in stable condition. >> reporter:. >> reporter: another man was inside the home at the time. he was taken to southwest detectives for questioning. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott,
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channel6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. the search goes on for a prisoner who escaped a prison in south jersey. authorities noticed 38-year-old arthur buckel was missing during ahead count at the ancora hospital be unit of the bayside state prison yesterday morning. the facility is located in hammonton. buckel was serving time for aggravated assault. in fact he was scheduled to be out fre freely in three weeks. >> donald trump is now all but certain to lead the republican party into the general election in november. trump won big in the indiana primary last night prompting rival ted cruz to drop his presidential bid. john kasich is now the only other republican left in the race but kasich trails trump by nearly 900 delegates. democrat bernie sanders pulled off a defeat of hill until indiana but the democrats divide delegates proportionately. the trailing sanders did not make up much ground. >> it is 6:06 and happening today, president obamaological get a firsthand look at the water crisis in flint. he's set to meet with
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residents there today. the state switched flint's water supply from lake huron the state's governor is urging the president during this visit to have a drink of tap water from flint. the president's visit is in response to that little eight-year-old girl who wrote to him. three people are now facing criminal charges behind this. >> the auto industry's largest recall in history is about to get so much bigger it may actually double in size. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. takata set to recall another 35 million air bags. so the recall is likely to affect tens of millions of vehicles all this according to the wall street journal. past recalls of takata air a bag inflaters have involved 24 million vehicles. u.s. regulators are ready to unveil the latest recall as
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early as next week. stocks tumbled yesterday. futures pointing to a lower open. reports of productivity and factory orders due out later today. jetblue found a way to get passengers to smile at crying babies. the airline was filming an ad for mother's day on a cross can country flight and offered passengers 25 percent off a future flight every time a baby on board cried. there was one crying, a seconds and passengers were cheering and clapping. as a fourth round broke out passengers applauded as passengers were a warded a free round trip ticket. >> now when you're on a flight you're going to make babies cry so you can get discounts. >> i think a lot of those babies were being stuck with safety pins. >> well, storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we are showing drying conditions across the southern half of the region but as we key in to
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areas north of philadelphia, yes, philadelphia itself is beginning to dry out but if you're in norristown, malvern you still have another 10 or 15 minutes to go before you can say the same. same thing in coatesville. toward the going to be a little while before those off and on showers get out of there. i'll leave you with the wide view. looks like that rain offer the coast of south jersey is staying there. i am detecting another shower popping up south of dover delaware. that's not like we're done this morning but things are obviously getting better. as we take a look outside, cloudy skies over philadelphia once again the clouds obscuring those sky scrapers in center city and they're actually not only scraping the sky but kind of piercing it the way it looks here and cool air out there, maybe a little bit of drizzle where we don't have the green on the radar but generally speaking improving conditions from south to north over the next hour. 51 degrees in allentown, 51 in philadelphia. a couple of spots in the upper 40's. as you step outside whether or not it's raining it still feels cool and a little bit dank. yofor the rest of the morning
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we're looking at a bit of a lull. 9 o'clock there might still be showers lingering up in allentown and then we get into that lull up until about 12:00 to 1 o'clock this afternoon. after that, we'll start to redevelop some more spotty showers and that will go off and on into the evening rush hour and later tonight we start to break down to just some very spotty sprinkles showers maybe some drizzle. cloudy and cool today. the afternoon another batch that of spotty shower activity. up in the lehigh valley a high of just 58 degrees, some spotty showers during the afternoon. down the shore looks like there will be some sprinkles and showers around as well during the afternoon a high of 56 degrees. chances of tidal flooding later this evening from about 6:00 to 11:00 tonight. today in philadelphia a high of 58 degrees, cloudy skies for the most part and those spotty showers knocking off a little later this morning and then redeveloping during the afternoon. if you have plans to go out and get some errands done or maybe get a little exercise
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in, morning hours will be better once that current rain gets out of here. winds out of the east at six to 12, no the too bad. then tonight cloudy skies, drizzle around overnight, 49 is the low. it will still be mainly cloudy and cool. then it looks like it stays that way today, tomorrow and friday. again it's that cutoff low i've been talking about the last couple of days. low pressure center that's cut off from the jet stream doesn't have any forcing winds in the atmosphere to move it out of here sewn it's just going to gently meander straight through the region over the next three days keeping us cloudy, keeping us cool. your exclusive seven-day forecast today 58 degrees, clouds, spotty showers. tomorrow 59, clouds and bits of rain there, too, most of it light. and then a few periods of rain possible on friday and a high of 60. things to improve for the weekend. 68 is your high on saturday, a mix of clouds and sun. we can't rule out a bit of a shower sort of bringing that back into the forecast but it's not going to be a washout and then mother's day 68 clouds and sun and a pop-up shower or maybe a thunderstorm, again not a
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washout. monday and tuesday is when we really break back into the good business, though. 72 under the sun on monday, mid 70's on tuesday and probably wednesday as well. >> that sounds good. we'll take it. >> good business. >> what did you say? it is 6:12. officers under attack. school security trying to stop a fight get in the middle of a brawl. karen. >> the overnight construction here is clear. not a major delay just yet but roads are wet and we've got problems especially with traffic lights not working. i'll explain coming up. >> and the phillies get even more solid starting pitching and a bomb from one of those guys left over from the championship team. remember, we testimony win one of those. that's later on "action news." >> really? pet moments are beautiful,
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>> ♪ >> are you sick of it? the sky6 camera in atlantic city says yes nodding up and down. yes, yes, sick of the rain but it's here. they just lit up the boardwalk. it's so dark in the morning that the automatic lights on the boardwalk in a.c. just lit up. that is saying something. >> it is pretty dreary. all we can hope for people karen is that maybe they have that warm cup of coffee and a
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decent ride to work. >> nice. well, probably the warm cup of coffee. that's all i can guarantee you. when the roads are wet we tend the see problems and they're not everywhere though just yet. let's take a look right now. this is one of the issues we've got in south philadelphia. the traffic lights are flashing at this point at 26th street at penrose avenue so we've got some flashing yellow over here, yellow over here and red over here so of course if it's red you got to treat it as a four-way stop. yellow just kind of proceed with caution but it's throwing everybody off and i don't see any police here directing it. be careful in south philadelphia on 26th street. traffic lights aren't working in bucks county on bristol bypass at green lane so police have come out and they're directing traffic around the scene and you see the area of yellow its causing a slow go as you try to get on bristol pike. gloucester county an accident on 55 southbound at deptford. we often see accidents on 55 in area but seeing one again this morning. it's not really causing a major delay 'cause it's southbound and peoplely normally are heading
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northbound to 42 and coming into the city. 322 is still blocked though in gloucester. this early morning accident brought down poles, wires so they have to fix that. if you're trying to get east of 322 on 641 it's blocked at this point so stick to glassboro cross keys road to get around the problem there. on the commuter traffic report we found somebody dg1 talking bo an accident on 495 near claymont delaware. watch for reports of that accident. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. the rain is not everywhere. it's mostly at this point north and west of the city. as we go in just a little closer you can see the suburbs though you're wet in reading on 422 in pottstown and malvern kind of the last steady showers there norristown doylestown quakertown easton you get the idea, wet in the north and west and beyond that we'll just see showers around spotty. matt. >> thanks karen. flags will be flown at half-staff across arizona to honor a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in iraq. charlie keating the fourth died in an isis group attack
6:18 am
while advising kurdish forces. the phoenix native becomes the third u.s. combat death in the fight against isis over the last two years. >> violent attack on two school security officers caught on camera. now police need your help to put the men responsible behind bars. police released cell phone video of the attack in northeast philadelphia. investigators say the officers were trying to stop two men from assaulting a student when the men then turned on the officers. the suspects ran off but not before they left one officer with a broken jaw. the other officer was punched in the face and pushed to the ground. >> it's very disturbing. i mean of adults that are not only about to assault students but they also get into a fighter with our school police officers. >> the district says it is the officers' job to walk the neighborhood when students are released from school. neither officer was armed. >> 6:18. the philadelphia orchestra welcomes a guest conductor and he may use a light sabre instead of a baton. david. >> all right, guys, we have
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>> may the fourth be with you. get it? kimmel center offering fans a special one night only concert in honor of star wars day and the special guest conductor is john williams himself the award winning composer will lead the philadelphia orchestra on his film scores including those from the original star wars movies i just tweeted out a link for some fun may the fourth deals all kinds of stores target amazon you name it. if you are into the figures and the toys, some deals out there.
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>> i just got back from disney where they did the whole thing on star wars. i was hanging out with chewy. >> very furry. >> it was a tight squeeze. very furry. we have our third accident of the morning in gloucester county this in bridgeport on 44, that's crown point road at 130. police are on the scene with this accident so it's been busy specifically in gloucester county. media delaware county hey you know what's back, dining under the stars. >> ooh. >> even if you don't see them because of the clouds i guess you still dine under them, they're there somewhere. it's every wednesday from tonight until september and eventually the skies will clear, right, dave? >> sure, karen. doesn't feel that way, though, does it because we've been stuck under the clouds with the threat of rain forever but couple of more days of this and we'll be done. right now we got some sprinkles and showers that are moving north away from philadelphia but the northern suburbs still damp for another hour or two. dressing the kids in the northern area you probably want rain gear.
6:23 am
this afternoon it will be a good idea to keep it handy because there's the chance of another spotty shower. your commuter forecast 50 degrees by 7 o'clock. 9 o'clock 51, most of us drying out. through the morning we'll get a lull and then into the afternoon sometime around lunchtime or so we'll start to redevelop some spotty showers in some neighborhoods and it stays cool with a high of just 58 degrees beneath the clouds today. quickly at the airport hoping for all green aircraft. that would mean no major delays. that's what we've got but we've got rain that's developed out in chicago and in orlando thunderstorms popped up. possible delays there later. matt. >> thanks, david. phillies continue their series in saint louis today with pitch are adam morgan on the mound. aaron nola threw seven innings in last night's game against the cardinals allowed two hits struck out seven. so yet another great starting performance and there's ryan howard homering in the sixth to get the phillies their only run. the phillies have won 10 of their last 12 games. they are legit.
6:24 am
>> too legit to quit. >> i was hoping you'd say that. >> let's do a little of that dancing in the break. 6:23. breaking overnight police open fire on a vehicle coming towards them that they say wouldn't stop. >> annie mccormick is th on the scene to continue our coverage. we will have details from the overbrook section of the city coming up in a live report. >> ♪
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>> police in south jersey trying to track down a hit and run driver. this person killed a 53-year-old woman a week ago in camden during a police chase. police say tia walker was walking from a relative's home. she was just over a mile from her home crossing the intersection at seventh and newton and they say as she did she was hit by two men in a stolen car being pursued by camden county police. the men jumped out of the car and fled on foot. there were witnesses to this scene but so far no one has come forward. >> 6:27. and then there were two. the race for the republican nomination gets tighter as one candidate bows out. >> philadelphia police draw their guns on two suspicious people in two separate confrontations. to you one is dead.
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>> breaking now on "action news" philadelphia police open
6:30 am
fire on a suspect killing him. it's one of two officer involved shootings that we're following for you. >> presenting the presumptive nominee. the late of the primary results shake up the republican presidential race. >> the wet weather, it's still not out of here. we are just stuck in this cloudy cool cycle for at least another day. >> good morning everyone, it's 6:30 on this wednesday may fourth. yes, it's raining again. let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> raining up north right now as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan you can see that the morning round of rain which has left wet roads across most of the region is actually pushing north of philadelphia and beginning to break up a little bit. if you're in allentown, you probably still have another hour or more of this but in places like bucks county, montgomery county, northern chester county, probably less than an hour and you'll begin to dry out. a lot of cloud cover behind that rain though and some more showers are expected to develop this afternoon. it's cool this morning under the clouds. 51 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze at times. 51 in allentown. 49 in cape may. so, grab that jacket as you
6:31 am
head outdoors and as you plan your days, well, we're going get a lull in the rain through the morning so that by 11 o'clock we're probably dry. in fact we'll be dry from about now in philadelphia up until about lunchtime or so. thenernoon more spotty showers develop and we get a high of just 58 degrees this afternoon. if you have errands to run though the morning might be the time if you want to avoid the raindrops. karen, it looks like this cloudy cool unsettled pattern continues through friday but things do get better during the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up. >> all right, david. you showed how that rain was progressing to the north and roads wet on 422 at trooper. eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia pretty heavy already from past the saint gabe's curve to 23 so even where it's not currently raining the roads are wet causing a slow go. a couple issues. here's a new one. a disabled vehicle is blocking a lane in upper dubin on fitzwatertown road at susquehanna road so watch for some slowing in that area. police are on the hand and they're helping you out throughout that as well.
6:32 am
traffic lights not working in bucks county. police directing traffic at bristol bypass at green lane. be careful of that one. in south philadelphia we're live watching the flashing traffic lights here so they're flashing yellow and red in this area so you got to proceed with caution. you see how it's creating a slow go. this is 26th street at penrose avenue and i think this is going to spill out and cause problems for people as you're coming off of the platt bridge eastbound. you might just want to stick to the girard point bridge and 95 instead. we've got this accident in gloucester county our third one of the morning in gloucester county. it's been kind of messy there. route 44 crown point road at 130. police on the scene. the other accident in gloucester county on 55 that one has cleared matt and tam. >> thank you karen and we continue to follow breaking news this morning. philadelphia police opened fire on two suspects overnight and one of them has been killed. >> we have life team coverage this morning. katherine scott is gathering information at police headquarters. we begin with annie mccormick live at the scene of the deadly confrontation in the
6:33 am
overbrook neighborhood. annie. >> reporter: and investigators are still out here matt processing the scene i want to give you a look over there. you can see that there is a van there with the passenger side door opened. that is the suspicious vehicle that police opened fire on when the driver ignored commands to stop and kept driving towards officer. according to police, plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle reported around 1:00 a.m. that van as suspicious and called for a marked police cruiser to assist them in pulling it over. after the vehicle continued to circle the block police vehicles surrounded it with lights and sirens on then approached on foot. now the driver we are told by police did not lift the end to commands to stop and was driving towards the officers when one of the plainclothes officers from the unmarked vehicle fired four shots. we are told that the driver was hit in the chest. police then transported him to penn presbyterian hospital where he was later pronounced dead. now back out here live on the scene, police have been out here since the shooting did
6:34 am
occur. this street is still blocked off here on overbrook avenue by lancaster avenue. we're told it's still very early in the investigation, still a lot of questions that they have, they're still gathering statements and also potential witness accounts from this area. we're hoping to learn more later on in the morning. for now reporting live from the overbrook section of the city annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you for that. now let's switch live to katherine scott at police headquarters with details on a separate police shooting that happened in southwest philadelphia. good morning, katherine. >> good morning, tam. in this case one man was shot in the leg and he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police say the officer was forced to open fire after this man fired at two officers in southwest philadelphia last night. let's go to that scene. it happened around 11:30 last night in the area of 53rd and gray's avenue. police say two 12th district officers were in that area and they heard multiple gun shots so they went to investigate. they went to a back of a home and they saw a man approximately 40 years old.
6:35 am
he was on his back porch shooting in the air. they approached him and told him to drop his weapon. the man fired one shot at police according to authorities. he missed. one of the officers fired back. he was hit in his left leg and the same bullet traveled through to the man's right leg. there was a second man in the home who was taken to southwest detectives for questioning. at this point there's no word of any injuries to those two officers. we are live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. this just released surveillance video shows a woman successful attempt to fight off a sexual predator. the man grabbed the 19-year-old victim on the 1300 block of wharton street in south philadelphia on april 20th. during the struggle the attacker pulled down the top of the victim's dress but slaw able to spray mace in the man's face and get away. cameras captured clear images of that man's face. investigators want to hear from anyone who recognizes him. >> ♪ >> donald trump's win in indiana has changed the
6:36 am
republican race for the white house. >> ted cruz has dropped out leaving trump the presumptive nominee this morning and bernie sanders vowed to plow towards the democratic nomination with his own win in the hoosier state. >> diane gallagher is live in indianapolis with the report for us. good morning, diane. >> reporter: we have been hearing all week how indiana was going to be a game changer and i tell you what the hoosier state really did live up to the hype here. it's not just the place where ted cruz's campaign ended. the voters here last night essentially handed that nomination to the republican party right to donald trump. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters close another path. we are suspending our campaign. >> reporter: in a stunning move ted cruz bowing out of the presidential race following a walloping loss in the indiana primary signaling a donald trump takeover. >> we had a tremendous victory
6:37 am
tonight. it was a tremendous victory. >> reporter: trump declared the presumptive republican nominee by the rnc chairman who tweeted donald trump "will be presumptive gop nominee. we all need to unite and folk can can you say on defeating hillary clinton #never clinton. now trump has to take on a divided political party and the democrats in order to win in november. >> and we're going to win big and it's going to be america first the. it's been some unbelievable day and evening and year and never been through anything like this but it's a beautiful thing to watch and a beautiful thing to behold and we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: what has already been an ugly campaign cycle is likely to get even uglier. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not. (applause). she he will not be a great
6:38 am
president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> reporter: and you know for all the talk that the republicans and donald trump are doing about hillary clinton, she did not win here in indiana last night. bernie sanders did. although he didn't really make up much ground in delegates. he still says he's going to the convention and so does republican john kasich, matt. he is still in the race and still says he wants to stop trump from getting that nomination officially. in indianapolis back to you. >> diane gallagher reporting from indiana. thank you, diane. "action news" will couldn't to be your source for all political developments as the presidential race rolls towards the nominating conventions in cleveland and in philadelphia and the general election. >> so, david, is it ever going to stop raining? >> people are asking me that on twitter and facebook. yes, it will actually stop raining. i think the big issue with people is hey where is the sun. we may have to wait for a few more days.
6:39 am
storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are drying out in philadelphia although areas to the north are on the wet side and if we take that bird's eye view you can see that most of the showers away from philadelphia but still an on and off shower of precipitation moving up through the northern suburbs. if we take a closer look you're talking about areas from allentown down through quakertown. green lane with a little bit of a lull but a couple more sprinkles and light showers on the way and doylestown and lansdale still a little bit damp. i will go back out to that wide view and point out that there are some additional showers that are beginning to pop up now south of dover delaware and down in llewes delaware and georgetown and those appear to be heading up towards south jersey, places like fortescue and salem county will probably pick up some of that before too much longer but the wide bulk of the rain of course is on its way out. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies at the shore as you'd expect and elsewhere across the region clouds a little bit low, could be another one of those mornings where you've got a little drizzle on your windshield even when there isn't any
6:40 am
green on radar. a breeze at 8 miles per hour so jackets required this morning. it's going to be a little cool at 51 and damp and dank for you as you head outside. by 6:30, on up to 9:00 looks like we could still have a couple more lingering showers up in allentown although there's an even chance that we just start to see that pop north. the rest of the morning looks like we get into basically a lull with very little rain but then after about 1 o'clock on up through the evening rush hour there is the chance of a redevelopment of at least some spotty sprinkles and showers. that's the 5 o'clock view. later tonight at 10:30 less rain overall but still some drizzle around and still predominantly cloudy it's also going to be chilly today. 50 degrees by 8 o'clock, 53 by 10 o'clock. again we get a lull in the rain in through here in a lot of spots. through the afternoon more spotty showers and a high of only 58 degrees so if you have plans to be out this afternoon, a little rain gear and a jacket still in your bag of tricks. 58 is the high in
6:41 am
philadelphia. 56 in allentown. really not much difference from allentown all the way down to the shore. everybody in the 50's and cool today. and then unfortunately this pattern still looks like it's going to hang tough through the end of the work week. that area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream and unable to really make a quick move through is going to be gently swinging down to our south between now and friday and that's going to keep us under the clouds and keep us a little damp. tomorrow, for example, we're looking at some sprinkles and drizzle in the morning and a couple more light showers straight through the day into the evening. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we are looking at spotty showers today, 58 degrees. bits and pieces of rain tomorrow as you just saw, 59 degrees still cool. and then a few periods of rain possible again on friday with a high of 60 degrees. however, we do improve to 68 on saturday with clouds and sun. we're now going reintroduce the idea of a spotty shower on saturday but certainly not a washout and a better day overall. clouds and some sun on mother's day with a spotty shower and maybe a spotty thunderstorm but again, not a washout and again, much
6:42 am
better. speaking of better, monday and tuesday look great. lots of sun climbing back into the 70's on monday, mid 70's by tuesday and probably on wednesday, too. >> hm. super better. >> good stuff coming. >> up next more stories you didn't see last night including the snake owner who might be second guessing his decision to keep a cobra as a pet. >> a man in michigan under arrest for adding his own terrible toppings to supermarket salad bars. karen. >> yesterday was such a nightmare on the ben franklin bridge. not looking to bad just yet at least on the ben coming in or out of the city but it is wet and slow in some spots. we're jammed on the schuylkill. i'll take that you live when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here the view out across center city and the clouds tell the story. yet another cloudy cold damp day. it is 6:45, 51 degrees. >> make it go away. just below it away. blow the clouds away. >> i have all these powers and i'll use them and next week will be brighter. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway right now. we're looking near the conshohocken curve. you can see the heavy traffic as you head out on the schuylkill expressway. this is your eastbound traffic at this point heavy from the blue route to the curve and past the boulevard to girard. westbound on the other hand pretty heavy past the boulevard to gladwyne. no major accidents but we're watching it getting extra slow as we look live right here on the schuylkill expressway near the conshohocken curve and on the big picture you see those speeds, some 23 miles an hour
6:46 am
as you head westbound on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound about 37 near girard. we're looking at 20 miles an hour i-95 southbound near cottman, about 27 near girard so kind of your normal morning slowing there. lots of construction going on around. in west philadelphia we have been talking about that partial building collapse. you'll see crews on the scene there 60th at chancellor streets. watch for that. in center city, 22nd street is also closed in that area between walnut and locust. that for overnight construction. should be reopening pretty shortly though. also in south philadelphia, 26th at penrose avenue we have been talking about those traffitraffic lights they're stl not working. a problem on 44 crown point road an accident at 130. and we still have 322 blocked. it's been blocked all morning in gloucester county here in monroe township. an accident brought town a pole and wires so it just takes a little longer to fix that. it's blocked east of high street. stick to glassboro cross keys road as your alternate. i want to show you the latest with the rain on storm
6:47 am
tracker6 live double scan drying out in south jersey and delaware. even the city itself the rain is lifting to the north and as it does that it's breaking apart a little bit as we can see. in pottstown near 422 it's wet. malvern looks like you're just on the back edge of that here. doylestown and quakertown a little bit wet but it's mostly north of that area but the roads are wet so it's still going to cause problems tam. >> thank you karen. a north carolina man bitten by his pet king cobra is in intensive care. he drove himself or tried to to get himself to the hospital while calling 911. >> vision is kind of blurry. i'm sweating like crazy. i'm like panicking. i feel nauseous. >> he ended up pulling over monday night and paramedics rushed him to the hospital in chapel hill. king cobras the world's biggest venomous snakes. animal services are removing the snakes from his home. if you want to take another
6:48 am
look at that picture i just tweeted it out with the huge king cobra. >> fbi arrested a plan who admitted to contaminating food at michigan grocery stores. the man sprayed a mix of hand sanitizer water and rat poison on produce in open food bars at three grocery stores in an arbor. the fbi is now trying to determine if other stores were started. there were there are no reports of anyone getting sick. a school bus driver from that washington state jumped into action when his bus went up in flames. ron kitz was driving eight children with special needs on monday morning. bystanders saw the fire and helped kits move the children. some needed to be carried out. everyone survived. the bus burnt to a shell. police are investigating what sparked the blaze. >> ♪
6:49 am
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>> time to get a look at what "good morning america" has coming up. >> amy robach joins us with the rundown which includes the indiana results. good morning, amy. >> reporter: how did you know, matt? you are so smart. matt and tam great to be with you on this wednesday. yes, it was a huge night in the race for the white house. ted cruz suspending his campaign after donald trump's landslide win in indiana making trump the likely republican nominee. this morning trump is going to join us to weigh in on that victory. also ahead new developments in the mystery surrounding princes death. reports claiming the music icon had planned to meet with a doctor to can kick an
6:52 am
addiction to painkillers. we'll have the latest details. plus that new warning about the zika virus. health officials are claiming it is now likely the disease will spread from mosquitos to humans right here in the u.s. dr. besser will join us live to tell you what you can do to combat the virus this summer and then let's lighten things up. let's go with deals and steals on wheels. tori johnson bringing great bargains to all of you this morning. she's in cleveland at the rock and roll hall of fame. you tone want to miss it. it's all coming up next here on "gma." matt and tam back to you. >> looking forward to seeing what she's got. >> tori is going to be rocking. >> i'm in the mood to shop. let's take a look outside and check the slow traffic in delaware county. this is i-95 at 322. heavy from highland avenue to the blue route. roads are wet even though that rain moving north, this is 42 northbound jams from coles road to 55 and then pretty slow from 55 to 295 dave. >> storm tracker6 live double scan karen shows us that the pluck of the rain breaking up and moving north.
6:53 am
there's a additional sprinkle or shower from the south. some of you in north might want rain gear this morning all should be equipped with it this afternoon because more spotty showers will develop. a lull between now and 11 o'clock across most of the region. northern suburbs drying out quickly. this afternoon a high of only 58. clouds and more showers developing later on matt and tam. >> thank you david. happening a today city council will hear testimony on the 2017 budget. three-cent tax per ounce money the mayor wants to use to expand pre-k classesly. he argues the fee will the no make it past the wholesale level while critics say the will be passed on to consumers. protests are planned outside city hall. darrell clarke and others were skeptical about the proposal's ability to raise enough revenue. >> ♪
6:54 am
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>> top story here. detectives investigating two police involved shootings in philadelphia. one left a suspect dead. police say he wouldn't stop his car. a few hours earlier police say a gunman fired at them in southwest philadelphia so they fired back wounding hill in woue leg. >> in south philadelphia traffic lights are fixed. traffic moving better on 26th street dave. >> showers moving north. northern suburbs still damp. breaking apart.
6:57 am
going for a high of 58 under the clouds. few more showers this afternoon but at least we have a little lull for the second part of the rush hour. >> speak of rush hour we'll be here every 30 minutes during rush hour to help you along. we'll see you then. for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. have a good wednesday. [ soft music ]
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good morning, america. donald trump delivers a knockout blow in indiana. we're going to win. we're gonna win in november. >> the bombshell overnight as ted cruz drops out of the race. >> the voters chose another path. >> trump now poised to make history being called the likely nominee by his own party. and turning his attention to november and hillary clinton. >> she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she be a poor president. >> clinton and trump on a collision course for an epic battle in the race for the white house. >> we will make america great again. the republican front-runner joining us this morning. also this morning, a new alert about the zika virus. health officials now warn it's, quote, very likely it will spread from mosquitoes to humans here in the u.s. dr. besser live with the new tools to protect your family. and a breaking new headline into


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