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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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if you want to watch his announcement in full we are streaming it live on and our 6 abc app. >> with warm herb weather on the way trenton police say they are beefing up foot patrols all trying to cut back on violence and crimes. nora muchanic is live. >> reporter: there are several shootings in the last week or so including the murder of a 16-year-old girl by another teenager, police say it's time for everyone to get on board and stop the violence. it's astonishing and unsettling to me and other law abiding citizens that our young people can be so brutal. >> moved by the recent shootings including the homicide of a 16-year-old girl. mayor darius announces an early activation of the summer initiative. stepped up police controls in crime ridden neighborhoods.
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every patrolman in the trenton police department regard also of their duty or rank will don the uniform and be put out on the street. >> the focus is on communities policing and police are asking the public to report crime through tip lines and "crimestoppers" or a new feet our on the trenton website called my block. tips can be confidential and anonymous. >> people on the phone try to stop a problem before it happens and people that see people doing things and pick up the phone and make the call. >> parents should know what their children are doing. >> they are confused and turning to the wrong people to get guidance, it has to start at home. >> they welcome up the beefed up patrols. >> i think it's a good idea, there are too many killings going on in this neighborhood and other neighborhoods.
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>> police say that homicide and violent crime is down but that is cold comfort to the family of seeny kirkland the young girl shot in the head on april 24th in a stolen van. >> i can't put that into words. that should not have happened. >> at this moment please are responding to another shooting on conrad street. one person is shot and someone is in custody and we don't know the condition of the person shot. police don't want to be an occupying force but want to work as partners with the community to stop the violence. live in trenton, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are investigating if a deadly shooting with an officer was justified. after police received calls about a suspicious minivan, official says they tried to stop the driver but refused to cooperate instead of driving towards police and officers opened fire.
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gray hall has more from neighbors and the next steps for the investigation coming up on "action news" at 6:00. dozens of people are taking a stand on philadelphia's proposed, soda tax. small business owners and others are protesting outside of city hall, they say the proposed tax will hurt small businesses and low income communities, but the city says the money will fund much needed programs. philadelphia police are trying to track down a thief after a man was caught on camera walking out a center city office and stealing a phone off a desk. they say this problem is all too common and they are trying to put a stop to it. sara bloomquist is live with the details on this one. >> brian, here at central detectives have dozens and dozens of reports of people walking into offices in the high rises behind me and walking away
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with laptops, iphones and handbags. a young woman had her iphone taken when she stepped away for a few moments in her case the theft was caught on camera. >> cameras show the well dressed thief, it was 3:30 friday afternoon, he walked around and scoped the place out and the suspect in a suit went to a desk and fished around and found an iphone and walked out with it. that belonged to amanda, a payroll coordinator that asked us not to use her name. >> i was angry that someone could walk into a building and take something that belongs to someone else. >> but investigators in center city, these workplace thefts are happening more often that be you think. >> it's common, i think 60 or so this year just from office buildings.
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we'll definitely go over 200 unless people get more cautious. >> the office installed the camera after someone stole 8 laptops not long ago. >> if you think first, people usually do it after they get hit. >> this office is adding even more security measures, amanda's co-worker asked we not use his last name. >> we are changing our locks and so a key card combination, it's door is always locked but not to us. >> in an odd twist, garret posted the video on facebook and a friend saw it and came upon the suspect and he gave the phone back. but they want to know who he is. they believe he has committed this crime before. >> we'll track him down one way or the other. >> now the captain adds if you are stepping away from your desk it would be wise to lock away your iphone, laptop or handbag,
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anything that someone would walk away with. live outside of central detectives, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. governor tom wolf says fighting the opioid crisis is a priority of his administration. they are denial of opiates and heroin for too long and he believes the momentum for action is there. new at 5:00 tonight, dozens of philadelphians in need will have a place to live thanks to a new effort from project home. the francis house of peace opened in chinatown and katherine scott was there for the ceremony. >> dancers and singers and speakers, a grand opening indeed for francis' house of peace in chinatown. it was hosted by project
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partners. held by the corporation. >> a couch is not a home and a shelter is not a home and together we will bring all our folks home to end and prevent homelessness. >> this is what i wanted for so long. something to call my own. donna johns moved in and happily gave us a tour. housing for people that experience or are at risk for homelessness or members of the lgbt community. for her and other residents the impact is immediate. >> i was in the streets and i know what it's like to be in the streets and be homeless and not to have. >> i am no longer just trying to survive and i can think about my future. >> as the ribbon was cut on this 79,000 square foot nine story facility, the residents were
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nearby to cheer. it's named in honor of pope francis and his reminders of his visit to philadelphia are positioned in and around the building including the noted grotto in theyard. >> there is deep appreciation from the people that now call this home. >> i may not have much but it's mine and i thank god truly for it. >> in chinatown, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> very nice. sister mary is a remarkable individual. time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman. >> hello brian and monica. there is something to slow us down in delco on 95, a crash between the blue route and 320, you see it taking out the left lane and penndot just arrived on the scene. and things are extra slow from 420 this afternoon.
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in the heart of center city, watch for a crash at 11th and walnut, and one for you lincoln drive drivers, there is a crash at rittenhouse, slowing you down a bit. and burlington county, rancocas road overtop, looking better than the last half hour but south of there there is the overturned vehicle and speeds there are in the 20s and the new jersey turnpike, a crash past exit 4 on the shoulder, we'll check it again if the next half hour. >> lets take you back to ohio where governor kasich is making a big announcement lets listen in. >> with honesty and integrity, and as a result and i think i know, and i hope and pray that they feel this experience, that they have had in this campaign has improved them in some way or changed their lives for the better, i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time
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with them. the volunteers just amazing. i don't know how many -- 800 people we had? 800 people that went to new hampshire and people who went to michigan and people in south carolina. i would show up places and there were people i knew and i was like why are you here? but they were believers and i could never thank them enough for the long car rides and the snows of new hampshire they knocked on doors and the rain of south carolina they knocked on doors. they really gave themselves. my mother used to always say never forget the volunteers johnny. and they were always the ones that have given me the octane, the fuel to be able to carry out my purpose. and i want to thank the people who gave the money. the financial resources.
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we never had all the money we wanted. we were probably out spent 50-1 with you never dawned in that and we got up every day and did the best we can, and a big thank you goes to beth hanson the campaign manager -- and did everything she could possibly do. [ applause ] and my dear, dear friends doug price -- [ applause ] -- well, we start getting into these names, i think emma said mr. doug didn't you travel with my daddy for a year and a half and reece looked at him and said how did you ever do that. but we had a great time and we'll have a lot more fun in the future. and of course, the kitchen
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cabinet, i look at joanne davidson and kim and david, and the only guy i know that carried more luggage than an entire circus crew it was unbelievable. and i know i'm leaving people out, but i want to thank everyone of you. i visited these beautiful, beautiful towns in new hampshire, and people had really counted me out in new hampshire, but when we hit our 100th town hall, it was remarkable. those beautiful towns, i will never forget the people of new hampshire. we move from new hampshire in the far east all the way to the excitement of california. even being able to sit in traffic in los angeles, it was a big part of it. and i love california and what it means to our country and the excitement that it breeds.
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i remember we were in the upper peninsula of michigan, never knew where it was, it was above wisconsin i never knew. and we landed and everybody was looking at their phones, i said would you all please put down your phone because this is a winter wonderland, this is magical what we are seeing here. what the good lord has given us, to energy of miami beach, florida. for one of the last debates and it was interesting, they didn't think i could make any debate and i made all 13 of them and in fact won a couple of them. as for my beloved ohio. the people here -- i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to be a leader in this state.
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the people of ohio have given me the greatest personal experience of my lifetime. i have tried to pay them back and last night in cleveland, a woman african-american woman said, you made promises and you kept them, and that is why i'm here tonight, because i believe in you. that you brought our people together. well, it only happened because the people gave me a chance, and everyone where i went in america, everywhere i went in america, i told the people about our beautiful beloved state and held ohio high and i think it gave people an impression from one end of america to the other -- >> john kasich reportedly in an airport getting ready to head to virginia decided my heart is not in it anymore, he is making it
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official now ending his bid for the republican nomination. unclear if he will back donald trump. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. "action news" at 5:00 continues after this. i'm terrible at golf.
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we have this consumer alert tonight. the largest automotive recall in history is now bigger. takata agreed to recall another 35 million inflaters bringing the number to 69 million. it's linked to 11 deaths and more than 100 injuries. injuries are also on the rise for baseball pitchers at all levels. pitchers going under the knife are getting younger and younger. ali gorman has tips from a pitching coach on how to keep your young athlete healthy. >> reporter: america's favorite past time is back in full swing. baseball players of all ages are back on the diamond and pitchers throwing strikes from the mound. for 16-year-old payton birch, his hard work is paying off. >> much better now -- >> like many players, payton wanted to pitch because --
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>> i love being in control. it's like a chess match really. >> but unlike chess, pitching coxs with a high risk for injury. jeff exeter, a 14-year-old who throws in the 80s, knows this from firsthand experience, he started having elbow pain and now works with chuck bushback, he says the key to preventing injuries is not just pitch count but proper body mechanics. >> that relies on how you throw a baseball properly with no gentleman force to the elbow or sold area. >> for jeff he was throwing with his upper body and arms now -- >> i use more ofly lower body and core. >> jeff says making the adjustment eliminated any pain and bushback says the rule of
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thumb is if a players arm hurts during or after chances are his mechanics are off and the harder he throws the greater chance for injury. >> they all want to throw harder and more often. but if they are not throwing correctly we don't want them to throw one pitch. >> they both have aspirations of playing baseball well into the future so staying healthy is key. >> and he recognizes many kids are now playing year round and that is another reason that practicing the proper way to throw is vital. jeff and payton play all year but take a few months off that helps to prevent injuries. taking a live look at cape may new jersey, a familiar scene out there. still to come cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. and a reminder, "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headlines and
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breaking news on facebook we are and twitter, #6abcaction.
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♪ ♪ a new minimally invasive
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procedure is being used to get rid of cellulite. >> 85 to 90% of women have it and can't get rid of it. a new device is being used to remove cellulite with virtually no down time. >> this could avoid the recurrence of cellulite for decades. >> we'll find out how much it costs and how long it lasts. more on this new break through procedure. now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with more on if we are clearing things out? >> we are clear of rain for now. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a spotty sprinkle in cumberland county, having cleared out the clouds and having gotten rid of the clouds pounding us this afternoon. here are the estimates. eastern atlantic county to
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eastern ocean county, about an inch to inch and a half of rain, and that came pretty fast and furious. we have a flood advisory posted there until 6:00 for minor flooding and a coastal flood advisory along the coast, with the wins off the ocean we have minor coastal flooding and this is not snow it's hail, misty postd this from west creek, new jersey, this shows the strength of the updraft and the pea size hail that is covering her entire porch. that would have melted by now because we have temperatures in the 50s. well below the normal high. philadelphia it's 53 the same in allentown and reading and lancaster 54 and trenton 51 and cape may 51 degrees. it's cool and cloudy and going to stay that way for auto while. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have one coastal system. the main low i'm tracking is
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across the northern great lakes, but this system is meandering and what this has to do is track to the south and east and up the coast and head up to sea and when it's closest to us on friday, we have a good chance of heavy rain especially early in the day. tonight just a couple of clouds and drizzle here and there. allentown 48 and trenton 47. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow morning plenty of clouds for the morning rush and we keep the clouds through the day and not looking at a lot of rain for thursday. we get the low closer to us on friday we could rain early in the day. tomorrow cloudy and cool and damp and 58 degrees and friday periods of rain and saturday limited sun with the possibility of a pop-up shower in the afternoon, temperature though rebounds to 68 degrees and sunday is transition day. morning clouds and perhaps a shower and sunshine by the
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afternoon for all the moms out there with a high of 70 and monday looking beautiful. partly sunny with a high of 74 degrees, lots of clouds ain great night to head to state street in media. one of my favorite places for dining under the stars. you are ready to make a big announcement right. >> reporter: yes, i have all the power in my hans right now to kick off the ninth annual dining under the stars. you guys ready, watch the magic happen. three, two, one! [ air horn ] now everybody comes out and sets up their tables. brian and monica, i should probably go to work and help them set up. hundreds of thousands of people will be out tonight to dine under the stars or clouds. whichever? i'll do that again. he will take a nibble. we'll be watching.
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thank you adam we'll see what he has up his sleeve.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics. "action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick
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williams and monica malpass. hello again, rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us. and then there was one. john kasich just suspended his presidential campaign leaving donald trump as the only candidate seeking the republican nom fashion for president. and a crash between a police cruiser and a car sends a person to the hospital and drones are not just for play, one chester county school is using them to enhance their curriculum and we'll show you how. now, the details we knew the indiana primaries have the potential to be make or break for several campaigns, the final hurdle in donald trump's road to the nomination was cleared moments ago when john kasich suspended his campaign. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith. deeper final that the lord will show me the way forward -- and fulfill -- >> that was john kasich bowing
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out of the race a few moments ago. the current ohio governor made the final decision to suspend the campaign minutes before he was set to board the plane for an event in virginia. donald trump is now the presumptive nominee for president. that will not be made official until cleveland ohio that will not be could be tested now. the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders that continues. despite losing indiana clinton retains a substantial lead. a threshold she could reach before the convention here in philadelphia. >> with the departures in kasich and ted cruz clinton moving closer to the magic number of delegates, people say the general election fight itself starts today. karen travers live with the latest in washington, d.c.
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>> reporter: hi, that general election fight in november will be quite the heavy weight match. today the chairman of the republican party says it will take time to bring the party together after a bruising primary season. but hillary clinton and donald trump wasting no time with their pivots no november. >> then there was one. after a decisive win in indiana, donald trump is the last man standing in the republican race. >> it's some unbelievable day and year. ted cruz vowed to fight trump to the convention but then after the loss bowed out. >> we are suspecting our campaign. >> and john kasich is ening his bid as well. the republican party wrapping its head around the inevitable. telling cnn trump is their guy.
5:33 pm
the moment up is there and a candidate is there winning every single state, it's time to come together. >> bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> he pulled out a 4 point win over hillary clinton but her focus has shifted to trump. >> he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> we are going after hillary clinton, she will not -- she will not be a great president. >> and he is going to have to sell that message hard, the new national poll out today found clinton with a 13 point lead nationally over trump. reporting live from washington karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> all right karen thank you. the u.s. justice department says the north carolina law that limits protections to lgbt
5:34 pm
violates civil rights laws. governor pat mcrory must confirm that they will not comply with or implement that controversial law. they say it violates title nine that bars discrimination in education based on sex. if they implement the law they could lose hundreds of thousands dollars in school funding. president obama took a sip of water from flint today. he says he usually avoids publicity stunts but wants to show the water was safe. >> this is flint water that was filtered. it confirm what's we know signiviccly. if you are using a filter or installing it, then frint water at this point is drinkable.
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officials in canada warn that all efforts to stop this wild fire has failed. it's forcing the evacuation of 88,000 residents. fortunately nobody has been hurt but they estimate that 1600 structures are damaged or destroyed. they are dealing with hot temperatures mixed with try conditions. david muir will have more on the wild fires burning in canada as well as president obama's visit to flynn and the lgbt ruling and the changing political landscape. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. a community transit bus and utility van collided in carbon county killing at least one person and seriously injured another. it's unclear what led up to the collision but both vehicles
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sustained significant damage and the names and ages of the victim have not yet been released. one person was taken to the hospital following this crash with a wilmington police car, at wilmington and sixth but it's not clear if it was the officer or civilian that was hurt. it's bloomy but that is no reason not to enjoy dinner alfresco. adam joseph is live with more on the outdoor adventure. doing some road art with your son adam? >> yes little jacob had to crash the party. drawing a heart? what do you think say hi. >> he doesn't have my skills i guess? all the kids are you having fun drawing, not only can you eat on
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state street, you can fun with the kids as well. with the middle of the street chalk art and they doing clay be make ago different models with the clay and the kids can come out and have fun while the parents enjoy dinner as well. a quarter mile of state street is shut down and the tables are in the middle the street. we'll crash a table or two and give the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and it doesn't stop us, nothing stops us from having fun in media even though it's cloudy and on the cool side. how are you doing? >> good. >> good all right. >> by jacob. >> oh my gosh he is so cute. >> a mini me. >> rainy, damp weather continues, storm tracker live double scan radar and follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter.
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from our delaware newsroom. freshest local produce was available to people at the local farm market in kennett square. it's open through september 26th, rain or shine. now matt pellman is standing by with and update. >> we have an accident on 95, a crash is taking out two right lanes, doesn't bode well from the betsy ross bridge, hitting the wall of traffic with the speeds in the teens and the crash at 15th and walnut. and one by mcdonald's and one at lincoln drive has cleared and we are getting word at 76th avenue.
5:39 pm
and police activity on the 30 bypass westbound, it's gone now but look at the speeds and the jam by exton, a slow crawl, i would stick with business 30 instead. an overturned vehicle in burlington county is gone but slowing towards 70 because of a crash on route 30 ahead. that one is on the shoulder. brian and monica back over to you. still to come, officers from one local police department marked a major milestone in delaware county, we have the story. plus ducis rogers with the latest on the quarterback saga. and new quarterback wentz.
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than playing whapennsylvania millions,ing with top prizes of one million dollars? winning, ...on the spot. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin' a picture is worth 1,000 words but in this case may be 100. people from present and past gathered to celebrate 100 years. they gathered for a group picture and celebrated the milestone in the police station parking lot.
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a high tech tool is taking ed case to new heights at a high school in chester county. john rawlins has more tonight. >> reporter: it comes from a backpack, 2.8 pounded of circuits and batteries. high school students and teachers launched their new acquisition into the air. justin piloting. >> it's easy once you get the hang of it. >> drones are pretty much a curiosity but they say it will change and change quickly. drones are poised to become a multibillion dollar business by next decade. in amazon's world flying delivery trucks, this not lost on kids. >> they will be used for
5:44 pm
surveillance and amazon shipment of things and corporate certain construction tasks. >> i think they will work on making them at a larger size to carry more objects and things. >> the goal here in unionville to evolve this into existing curriculum. >> it's new and what they will see in their lifetime shortly. and give them the best opportunity to have a leg up on everybody. >> inside of a drone you have materials and engineering and mechanical and a lot of engineering disciplines are represented that our students can learn and understand. >> the price tag of this consumer drone is $1,000, but teachers here are certain that the educational value is worth many times that figure. in kennett square, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> what a cool story. ducis rogers along with sports tonight. another day and more developments in the sam bradford saga. >> i wish i had a crystal ball.
5:45 pm
who says soap operas is a drying genre. it continues to be the overlying plot line of the season. bradford's stance has not changed he wants to be traded. his agent says he will not attend any vol tarry workouts. >> i wish i had an answer. i have been pretty clear in my feeling about the situation, i'm disappointed in sam. sam is a very talented guy, look at this tape and how well he played last year and i have been a believer, you compete. that is what you do. you compete. when i was playing quarterback for the eagles i was pretty good and they drafted a guy named randall cunningham. you bow your back and get ticked
5:46 pm
off but you say i'm going to keep any job and you compete. that is what you do. >> you won't meet a bigger fan of carson wentz, than ron jaworsky. >> i am old school when it comes to the quarterback position, i prefer a rookie quarterback to sit and learn from a wiley old veteran, it gives you the best chance of being a good quarterback. no matter how good these guys are and no matter how talented they are you are never ready for the national football league. adam morgan gets to start his second since getting called up from the minors. he will have a hard time topping what aaron nolan did last night seven innings of shutout ball. he struck out seven batters.
5:47 pm
and his 12th career home run and the phils won 1-0. and former villanova star, kyle lowry hit the shot of the nba playoffs last night. lowry's raptors were trailing and from half-court! you bet. it sends it on to overtime. and the raptors lost the series. 102-96. one month ago today that chris jenkins hit the most iconic shot in nova history. coming up we join jenkins to relive the moment. >> thanks ducis. later here on 6 abc we have laughs followed by country music drama. >> your mother's husband, decon claiborne how he is related to you. >> he is my biological father.
5:48 pm
i haven't known him. >> tonight on nashville things get intense in the courtroom when matty takes the stan fence her own parents. drama at 10:00. and here is a look at the entire prime time lineup. "the middle" at 8:00 and follow bid the goldbergs and nashville at 10:00 and stay tuned for channel 6 "action news" with jim gardner.
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lets head back out to adam
5:51 pm
joseph with the outdoor adventure. no umbrella that is a good thing adam. >> it's a very good thing. we are standing in the middle of the state street shut down on this wednesday evening. it's the very beginning of the season, the ninth season of dining under the stars, you can eat in the middle of the street and a quarter mile upstate street and about 25 restaurants. you having fun despite the weather? >> yes! >> not only is it the beginning of dining under the stars. and it's also -- may the fourth be you with. star wars day. no, no -- i'm good -- i'm on your side -- >> we have the storm troopers out here walking around and going from table to table. listen to this -- you breathe kind of heavy, i think you have a chest cold. lets look at the almanac in philadelphia. it was a chilly one out there, a
5:52 pm
high temperature of just 54 degrees, 16 degrees below normal with the record for the date being 91. i think it would be great to be 91 maybe not for a storm trooper. 54 degrees in reading and wilmington 52 and allentown 53 degrees and in philadelphia also setting at 53. a lot of clouds in the mid-atlantic, from the carolinas and virginia up into new england with a cutoff low hear delmarva. the cut off low is near the great lakes and the two of these are converging and keeping the clouds in here and locking in the northeasterly wind and that continues for the nest couple of day. patchy drizzle and an isolated shower, things are looking dry. 46 to 49, and the omega block. it's back but in a different
5:53 pm
storm. sunshine and and extremely warm temperatures. sunshine was over our region with the upper level pattern kind of stuck in the traffic jam. that high now has regressed to the west. and now low pressure has moved in and we are stuck in the bad part of the omega block with the on going days of clouds and showers and cool temperatures, for tomorrow's highs, cloudy and cool and patchy drizzle with temperatures generally in the 50s in much of the area, and philadelphia coming in at 58 degrees. and the exclusive accuweather forecast, cloudy and cool and drizzle and 58 tomorrow and more steadier, heavier rain tomorrow as the upper level low pinwheels through. a lot of clouds saturday and scattered shower 68 and mothers day. we have a lot of moms out here. clouds and showers in the morning and afternoon sun and afternoon barbecues look good and we are warming it into the
5:54 pm
mid-70s. making a run at 80. one week from now for the second dining under the stars for this particular season. you want to follow me? we do have folks despite the weather sitting outdoors. the restaurants have their tabls outside. i'm going to crash this party here. this is looking pretty good. what do you think? >> delicious lobster ravioli. >> and had is chicken parmesan? >> yes, love it. >> you are sitting outside? >> it's great out and we have darth vader. >> what is up we are live on tv. you can two inside or out.
5:55 pm
>> we are having a lot of fun here and i need to eat somewhere and taste some of this food. remember every wednesday, 22 weeks through the summer season in downtown media. >> looks like a great time. you guys are great. have fun everybody. thank you adam. the schuylkill river national state heritage area made a big impact on our area. it has generated $95 million for the area, and supports more t n ththan 6,000 jobs.
5:56 pm
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team, standing by with these stories next at 6:00. philadelphia police shoot and kill a man. and proponents to the proposed
5:58 pm
soda tax protest around city hall this afternoon. for rick williams and brian taff and cecily tynan i'm monica malpass have a good night. "action news" delaware aalley's leading news program. teuland d
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. aalley's leading news program.
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and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> and with ted cruz ending his campaign last night that leaves only donald trump still standing. and the presumptive nominee. trump was asked today if kasich would be among those that he would like to vet as a potential running mate. but kasich says he has no interest in being a vice president and


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