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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off setting the stage for the ultimate election battle. >> i think he is a loose cannon, and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> can trump bring his party together as speculation begins about who will be their running mate. >> state of emergency. >> lord, keep us safe. >> a massive wildfire forces an entire city to evacuate. nearly 90,000 people trying to escape. only one highway out. >> stunning new video showing what really happened to that navy s.e.a.l. killed in the cross fire. the dramatic new tape raising new questions as we remember the 31-year-old hero. ♪ janet jackson's baby bombshell. the pop star days away from 50 now reportedly expecting her
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first child. what she's saying this morning. ♪ you just want to move when you hear janet jackson and she hasn't confirmed it but all indications are a baby is on the way. >> no official word but a lot of clues out there. >> yeah, there are a lot of clues. the pop superstar tweeting out "damn baby." >> you don't say. >> i think that's a big indication. also this morning we'll have a lot more. the incredible images of those wildfires. this is new dash cam video that's coming in. look at this. we'll have all the latest in a moment and -- >> we'll begin with the race for the white house. donald trump's going to be the gop nominee. everyone else has dropped out now thinking about a running mate and how to unify his party. jon karl in washington with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. now that donald trump has the republican nomination locked up he has to find a way to unite a party that is deeply divided over his victory.
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and then there was one. donald trump now stands alone, the presumptive nominee after john kasich, his final rival, bowed out. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> reporter: trump has for the most part paid for his own campaign. but now he says he'll raise money for the general election. setting an audacious fund-raising goal. >> i'm making decisions right now but probably we'll work with the republican national committee raise a lot of money and go out and beat hillary. we'll try and raise over a billion dollars which is what's going to be necessary. >> reporter: it's a stunning turn of events. before trump trumped in few thought he would run. he now tells cnn even he wasn't completely convinced he could win. >> i didn't sit there and say i'm going to win but
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subconsciously i must have thought i would win. >> reporter: now he says the general election is on and ready to take on hillary clinton. >> i thought i'd be going longer and she'd be going shorter. she can't put it away. it's like a football team. they can't get the ball over the line. >> reporter: next on the to do list picking a vice president. >> i would want somebody that would help me from a legislative standpoint getting things passed through senate, through congress, somebody maybe that's been even a senator. >> reporter: his list of potential vps will likely include several current and former members of congress including senator joni ernst of iowa and former house speaker newt gingrich. as trump turns to the general election he won't be getting any help from the last two republican presidents, president george w. bush and his father, george h.w. bush say they will sit out this campaign and have no plans to endorse donald trump. robin. >> all right, jon. we'll move on now to the democratic candidates. hillary clinton in a battle, as you know with bernie sanders for
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that nomination but turning all eyes on donald trump launching new attacks fr s on the republi candidate. cecilia vega has more. good morning. >> reporter: all this time it looked like it would be the republicans headed toward a contested convention, now bernie sanders is the last one in this race hanging on to that threat even if hillary clinton is looking past that convention this summer and on to the general election. if this is the unofficial start of the general election, this morning hillary clinton is officially on the attack. >> this is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy. >> reporter: the guy is donald trump and a potential trump versus clinton matchup is already getting nasty. >> i think he is a loose cannon, and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: clinton may still be locked in a primary fight with bernie sanders, but her strategy to take on trump now taking shape. clinton hitting him in this new video. >> he is a con artist. >> a phony.
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>> donald trump is the no-nothing candidate. >> reporter: donald is a bully. >> this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter. >> i don't remember. >> reporter: going after him on policy. >> makes grand statements and grand accusations. when you run for president you have to put meat on the bone. >> reporter: and she says trying to keep it clean. >> if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> reporter: not mincing any words. donald trump may be calling himself the presumptive nominee but hillary clinton says she will not use those words to describe herself. she stayed in the race until the bitter end and she says she has empathy on where bernie sanders is now. >> let's bring in jon karl and matthew dowd to talk more about it, cecilia. matt, let me begin with you looking at the national landscape and that all-important electoral map. donald trump starts out in a bit of hole and has to hold every
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state that mitt romney won in 2012 then flip some big ones like ohio and florida. >> yeah, i think every republican running for president over the last five elections starts off at a disadvantage now in the electoral college which is a reversal. i think he has to expand the map and expand it to places like michigan and pennsylvania but, george, the problem for donald trump is before he gets to geography, he has to deal with demography. before he picks states has to fix his problem with latino voters and his problem with women voters. but long before he gets to the states. >> jon karl, even before he gets to that has to fix the problems with the republican party. got some support yesterday but you point out both former presidents bush will not speak out on this election at all a. he did however get the senate republican leader behind him. >> that's right, mitch mcconnell is supporting him, paul ryan has made it clear that he will support him. i think what you're going to see, george, is a lot of the major figures in the republican party from the past sit this one out, but current elected
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officials will be there for the nominee because they can't afford to have the party divided if the republicans want to control the senate, want to control the house. >> meantime, cecilia vega, bernie sanders as you pointed out staying in, probably going to stay in through june owl though coming under pressure but i take it the clinton strategy is to ignore that and do everything for the general election. >> that seems to be fair focus and hitting donald trump really hard. her strategy on him really seems to be shaping up and matt said his problem with latino and women voters and they are trying to capitalize on that, let him speak, let him hang himself out to dry. she says she won't get in the mud and down and dirty but we saw 16 republicans go against him with that strategy and look where they are now. >> no question about it. matt, picking up on that point you were making about women and latinos, does that mean he has to go that direction for a running mate. >> that is the prime direction he has to go and crack that and i think donald trump and hillary clinton are going to litigate donald trump's biography.
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that's what's going to be litigated over the next six months. >> no question about that. jon karl, meantime, when you're looking at this idea of a former elected official for donald trump, any prominent names out there right now. >> well, there's question that newt gingrich is somebody he will look at. newt gingrich is somebody who early on talked about the appeal of donald trump who talks to donald trump regularly. fits that, you know, trump has been very clear in what he wants. he wants somebody with experience, of course, gingrich has that, i think he'll also look for two members of congress, two current senator, john thune and joni ernst and telegraphed he wants an insider while many on the outside say he needs a woman and an hispanic, probably somebody from the outside. >> thanks all very much. back to robin. >> okay, now to that massive wildfire burning out of control, a state of emergency declared as nearly 90,000 people and an entire city evacuate. this view from space showing the fire creating what looks like a
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giant white cloud of smoke. abc's neal karlinsky is on the ground in ft. mcmurray, canada, with the latest. neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. police are escorting us right now just to be here where we are. had is the only highway that runs in and out of town and you can probably see the problem. there are flames that are leaping right at the edge of the highway and they are actually jumping over the side. the wind has been kicking up and we have more flare-ups going on on the other side over here. conditions out here continue to change rapidly. [ sirens] >> reporter: this morning an entire canadian city on the run. [ sirens ] the wildfire scorching more than 18,000 acres in just four days. a state of emergency declared across the alberta province. >> getting out of town just in time. >> reporter: nearly 90,000 people caught in an exodus. the nearest gas station that wasn't burned down ran out of fuel for a time. food supplies and cell service
7:10 am
pushed to the limit. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the escape harrowing. >> lord, keep us safe. get us out of ft. mcmurray in one piece. >> reporter: residents forced to drive by huge walls of flames. >> you could feel the heat. >> this is insane. >> reporter: before hitting gridlock on the only highway out of town. video taken on the fly capturing the other worldly scene. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: among these evacuees two reported deaths on the road. unpredictable winds driving the flames leaping roads and gutting an estimated 1,600 structures. this motel engulfed. rows and rows of homes leveled. cars abandoned in driveways, reduced to charred skeletons. >> they didn't let us take our things and when we asked them, so we lost everything. >> reporter: blankets of smoke and ash choking ft. mcmurray, the danger far from over. this morning the blaze turning the airport into a tinderbox. inching ever so close.
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all commercial flights have been suspended. amazingly no injuries directly from the fire here. the town is a ghost town just firefighters, police, emergency officials, they're continuing to monitor the shifting conditions, in fact, they are moving us right out of here as soon as we're off the air, george. >> such a dangerous situation. thanks very much. now to that stunning new video, americans under attack in a firefight with isis. navy s.e.a.l. charles keating killed in that battle and abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has new details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. we have not seen such an up close view of americans in battle since the u.s. returned to iraq almost two years ago. the white house has called the ground forces noncombat troops. but this dramatic video shows what noncombat can look like. the convoy of u.s. vehicles attacked by isis fighters on the road. this just released video from the guardian showing navy s.e.a.l. charlie keating's quick
7:12 am
reaction force, rushing in to rescue a team of american advisers and their kurdish allies. we see some one dozen u.s. special operations forces, their faces blurred. the attack a surprise. the team assaulted by more than 100 isis fighters who penetrated the front lines with truck bombs and bulldozers. in the barrage of fire, the 31-year-old s.e.a.l. took a direct hit. medevac helicopters facing heavy gunfire evacuating the former arizona long distance runner and grandson of financier charles competing to a combat hospital in irbil where he was pronounced dead. he was recently engaged. >> run. >> reporter: the u.s. military says this fight was the largest isis assault in months. the fight lasting for 16 hours, warplanes pounding isis killing
7:13 am
almost 60 fighters. remarkably in this battle there were no other serious injuries to the american, but americans are now clearly moving much closer to the front lines. robin and george. >> yeah, that video. >> definition of combat. >> it really is. thank you, martha. now to frightening moments in the air. severe turbulence shaking an international flight full of passengers. injuring more than a dozen. this video showing people crying, praying, abc's david kerley is at reagan national with more, good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. passengers and even the airline says there was no warning of what that jetliner was about to fly into. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this is what that severe turbulence looked like. passengers' arms in the air some praying. faces filled with fear as they are jostled about some flown about the cabin, oxygen masks dropping. these pictures posted on social
7:14 am
media claiming to show the damage, aisles filled with debris. the ceiling cracked in areas. this passenger says she saw a person flying out of their seat and hitting the ceiling. suffering a severe head injury. on the ground the rush to help those who were hurt. nineteen to the hospital. 22 were treated at the airport. the etihad airlines was about 45 minutes from jakarta when the jet was hit by what the airline describes as severe and unexpected turbulence. turbulence-related injuries are relatively rare. here in the u.s., the afaa reports there were 21 injuries from severe turbulence last year, most crew members and passengers not wearing seat belts. on this flight medical officials report the majority of the injured were passengers sitting in the rear of the aircraft. and once again because there was no warning that there was turbulence is why you hear the warning wear your seat belt when you're in your seat, robin.
7:15 am
it can prevent a lot of these injuries. >> wear it at all times. now amy with the other top stories starting with another travel headline. long lines at the airport. >> we all have been in them. the tsa is scrambling for a way to reduce the long lines and wait times at airports across the country, the agency now asking congress to pay for overtime so officers can work those extra hours. there's been a sharp increase in the number of travelers and guess what, it's expected to get worse this summer. hundreds of passengers recently missed their flights in charlotte because of those long security lines. well, a new battle over north carolina's so-called transgender bathroom law which requires people to use bathrooms corresponding to their birth gender. 9 justice department says it violates title 9 of the civil rights act giving the state till monday to address the conflict or risk losing federal school funding. a search is under way for a convicted killer who escaped from a new jersey prison. police say arthur buckle walked into a cvs pharmacy right there,
7:16 am
officers are posted at schools in the area now as a precaution. and there's new concern about the big one hitting california. a leading earthquake scientist now says the san andreas fault, is, quote, locked, loaded and ready to roll. the last big quake to hit the san andreas area was in 1857. well, overseas a woman has been found alive in the rubble of this building that collapsed six days ago in kenya. crews have been working for hours to try and free her. she's speaking to medics and is believed to be okay. and finally, how far would you stick your neck out for a car yacht? how about this much? yeah, a tourist inside this bus in a safari park in north carolina -- didn't know there was a safari park in north carolina -- got quite a thrill when unexpected company dropped in for a snack. they can eat 75 pounds of food each day so always looking for good snacks. i love the people -- probably
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what we all would do, ducking and covering their heads. i think giraffes will be gentle. >> they're gentle. >> they just want the food. >> i'll take your word for it. >> one of those. from a distance. >> thank you, amy. switching gear, guy, a lot celebrating this morning, no winner in last night's powerball, which means another chance for all of us, the jackpot now soaring to $415 million. making saturday's drawing the ninth largest in history. remember that 1.5 billion record a few months ago. one of the three winners still out there. look at your ticket if you're in california, someone out there is very, very rich. as for this saturday's drawing, you got to be in it to win it as they say even though you have about a 20 times greater chance of giving birth to quadruplets, you know what i mean, and better odds of getting struck by lightning and a meteor all in the same day, as far as rare occurrences though we have fingers crossed we will, in
7:18 am
fact, get that lucky ticket. i see you looking. >> can you cross your fingers. >> i can cross your fins. tennis injury, little tennis situation. you can relate. the elbow, this is the shoulder, this is the elbow and they both hurt. >> very stylish. >> do you like it? i decided to go with the black pants. >> what a collection. >> rob, what do you got? >> not so much good tennis weather in florida. unsettled pattern here, we're drying out in florida, check out this video, 7 inches of rain south of tampa. local forecast coming up. the warm cities first by macy's. >> reporter: all right,
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everybody are we are dry for a change, isn't that nice? still kind of cloudy and cool outside. the clouds thick over the commodor barry bridge. chilly with temperatures in time 40s in most neighborhoods. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a cool, cloudy day with a high of 56 late this afternoon. there could be a spotty shower along the way, maybe a bit of drizzle. cloudy and rainy tomorrow, 58. drier and milder and sunnier on saturday and sunday. inner circle. their attempt to save the superstar as feds now join the investigation. check out this jack russell
7:20 am
in a life jacket right there saved in the middle of the sea. we'll talk to the couple that rescued him this morning. >> ah, looks like little k.j., precious. we'll be back. there's nothing quite as magical as staying at a disney resort hotel. so imagine... complimentary rides to and from the park... even extra time with your family in the park. and this summer, you can save up to 30% on rooms at select walt disney world resort hotels. so if you're not staying here, just think what you might be missing. it almost feels like we'refrom inside the house.lish not that i've been in there... or have i? now get select 1.5-gallon hanging baskets 2 for $10, at lowe's.
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call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. edwards, 7:24 on this thursday, may 5. it's been a rough morning on the roads, let's go over to karen, with 422. >> reporter: the rough morning started with accidents. this is 422 eastbound, one blocked the lane, they pushed it off to the side. the accidents are approaching
7:25 am
23. you're jammed from royersford to 23. the northeast extension again not one, but two accidents one involving an overturned box truck. northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid county tolls. expect delays in the area with two accidents one blocking a lane at this point. the action cam live on the scene of a problem in southwest philadelphia. look at the water, the mud, the muck, all over the roadway. it happened when a car ran into a sinkhole and started the water main break. as we look live, the water is coming out. this is a problem that's getting worst in southwest philadelphia. it's happening at 62nd and eastwick. stick to 66th and linburgh you can see they are dealing with the situation. we'll take a break and come back with david murphy with accuweather.
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>> reporter: well, it's not raining for a change this morning, but it's cloudy and cool. 50 degrees on the terrace. definitely a morning for jackets. in the upper 40s in most neighborhoods. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows cloudy skies and spotty drizzle or spotty shower. 56 degrees under the clouds, cool. 58 degrees tomorrow, rainy part of the day. a morning shower possible on saturday, 68. another morning shower sunday, high of 70.
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coming up on "g.m.a.," latest on the death of prince. we'll see you in 30.
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welcome back to "gma" and look at that stunning new dash cam video. it shows the massive wildfire scorching canada right now. nearly 9,000 people forced to evacuate and a state of emergency has been declared. >> when you see that video. also donald trump, the last republican standing after john kasich drops out of the race. trump and hillary clinton now setting the stage for a big election battle. and this morning, former nfl star johnny manziel set to appear in court indicted in a domestic violence case. the heisman trophy winner reported to jail for booking on wednesday. also this morning, miraculous story of survival at sea. >> yes, and it's all about this dog named jagermeister. >> i love the name. >> i love the name. lost in the ocean for hours and this morning we'll speak to the people who spotted jagermeister and saved his life.
7:31 am
>> i had a jack ruskell for 18 years and they're feisty, they're fighters. the latest on the mystery surrounding prince's death. the u.s. attorney's office and dea are now joining the investigation as we learn more about a california doctor who says he was called to help the superstar with an addiction problem. abc's eva pilgrim has the story ♪ this is what is sounds like when doves cry ♪ >> reporter: this morning new details about the morning prince was found dead in his paisley park estate. abc affiliate kstp confirming with law enforcement sources close to the investigation say percocet was found in prince's system, this as abc news learns the singer's inner circle was trying to get him help for an addiction to painkillers and called dr. howard kornfeld. kornfeld who runs a kline he can and is an expert sent someone on
7:32 am
a life-saving mission. >> did prince know about the intervention? yes. >> reporter: he couldn't meet him to friday but sent andrew, a me med student who works in his sclinic on a red-eye to minneapolis. andrew was the one to call 911 after he and two of prince's staffers found his body. >> the hope was to get him stabilized in minnesota and convince him to come to recovery without walls in mill valley. >> reporter: according to kornfeld's lawyer he was on buprennorphrine. the medicine was never used. what's unclear is why treatment wasn't sought closer to home. >> the premiere addiction treatment center in the united states is four miles from paisley park. whenever addicts and celebrity addicts get special care, the outcomes are substandard.
7:33 am
the standard of care is the standard for a reason. when you mess with that, bad outcomes. >> reporter: this morning the dea and u.s. attorney general's office helping local authorities as they try to figure out how prince got prescriptions for painkillers and if he died of an overdose. for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, chanhassen, minnesota. >> our thanks to eva. abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams joins us now. let's pick up on what eva reported about the doctor and sending his premed son out to minnesota. they retained a lawyer and are very public about this. what is the legal matter here. >> the lawyer is saying the reason i'm here is we were told there was some sort of criminal investigation and we don't know all the fact, et cetera, the only thing i can think of based on what we know today is the son carrying the drug. why was he there with it? he's not a doctor, et cetera. i don't see that becoming much of an issue in and of itself. their claim is that they were bringing -- he was bringing it so that he could give it to a doctor who was going to be
7:34 am
treating prince the next day, doesn't seem to me that's a big thing to investigate but when you get in these high-profile case, they want to cover all of the bases on something like this. so i'm not surprised, "a" they're saying there is an investigation, i'm not surprised "b" they have a lawyer representing them. but don't necessarily expect any criminal charges. >> you don't think they're in any legal jeopardy there. could anybody though? >> that's the question. when you talk about cases where there's possible overdose, every doctor who ever prescribed prince with any kind of controlled substance has got to be nervous right now. in a high-profile case, they're going to be looking at anyone and everyone so that's where i think that there could be poe empti potential legal jeopardy. >> and the feds and dea. >> it has to do something with that emergency flight that landed in illinois the week before, crossing state lines, faa issues, you know, those are the sorts of things i think the feds would be looking at.
7:35 am
>> all right, dan, thank you. we'll turn to a recovery mission that took a terrifying turn. you see here in this newly released video. the helicopter nearly crashes after it gets caught on a rope. some pictures. >> we've seen before how dangerous these missions can be but this one didn't seem like a particularly difficult recovery operation. it turns out, though, to be anything but easy making this pilot a hero. watch in this newly released video as a routine mission in utah to recover a fallen hiker turns terrifying in a matter of seconds. the utah department of public safety chopper hovering mere feet from the edge of the cliff then just as the rescuers prepare to board a safety rope getting caught in the blades. >> didn't have time to be scared. we need to look for a place to crash. there's something definitely wrong here. >> reporter: the pilot preparing for a crash landing but miraculously regaining control
7:36 am
of the chopper landing safely in a nearby field. a second camera angle capturing the heart pounding moment from inside the cockpit. watch as the chopper starts violently shaking and the pilot jostled around. >> it became from routine to very desperate in a matter of seconds and then was able to recover. >> reporter: it happened in september when candy didn't return from a hike and searchers sadly discovered her body but that pilot being hailed a hero. >> the maneuvers that i watched on the hillside that day, i've never seen repeated in any other scene i've seen in my lifetime. i call it nothing short of a miracle. >> oh. >> in the last five years the utah patrol has had nearly 500 successful rescues or recoveries and in this case, it was the combination perhaps of a little bit of luck and a lot of experience that saved lives. >> i agree with you on that. >> thank goodness for that. coming up, massive e-mail
7:37 am
breach. nearly 100 million accounts reportedly hacked. what experts say you can do to protect yourself right now. and -- ♪ janet jackson getting ready to turn 50. is a baby on the way? that next on "gma." ♪ ♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ a beautiful garden.rantee on plants means anyone can have finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy.
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♪ we're back with big baby news for janet jackson. days away from turning 50 and reportedly expecting her first child. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with all the latest. good morning, mara. >> good morning, i wish we could play this music every day. even though janet is 49 she may be proving it's never too late to have just the family you want. last month she was hinting she was trying for a baby with her third husband, a billionaire businessman. her new single says it all. ♪
7:42 am
>> janet jackson has babies on the brain. this morning news the pop icon is reportedly expecting her first child with her husband, 41-year-old qatari billionaire businessman according to "entertainment tonight." >> janet has always wanted a family and kids and it's finally happening. >> reporter: though jackson is just days shy of her 50th birthday, the news of a pregnancy is not a total surprise. last month she postponed her "unbreakable" world tour posting this video on tour. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. >> reporter: the tour part of jackson's long awaited comeback releasing new music for the first time since 2010 and winning the ultimate i con award at last year's b.e.t. award. >> my heart is so full. >> reporter: when it comes to family in recent years jackson has taken a hands-on role in the lives of her brother michael's children. >> and i just want to say i love
7:43 am
him so much. >> reporter: publicly comforting a grief stricken paris at her father's 2009 member yachl as for having her own children the star telling "harper's bazaar" in 2009, if i'm really supposed to have kid, it will happen if that's god's plan for me. now jackson's single about getting no sleep -- ♪ that i get no sleep >> reporter: taking on a whole new meaning. yeah, no sleep. i know all about that. jackson hasn't commented on the reports and so far no details on how she may have conceived so late in life or when she would be due. it comes right for mother's day, right in time. so special for her. >> good for her. >> i hope she's happy and healthy. thanks, mara. coming up on "good morning america," dog overboard. we've got an incredible rescue story for her. you're looking at jagermeister. we'll introduce you to the folks who saved him next. and apparenting alert. the second grader who wrote her
7:44 am
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♪ back now with the little dog
7:48 am
safe and sound and you can hear the music right there, safe and sound after a scary episode at sea. boaters saving this jack russell terrier named jagermeister which we all are fans of that name just in time, hours after he fell overboard off the coast of florida and joining us now we have rescuers bruce and robin knech and his owner shawn sahr. when you first spotted something in the water, what did you think you saw? >> well, i saw -- first i thought it was a floating buoy in the water and we were going about 20 miles an hour, almost five miles out, so it was hard to see and then i said, oh, my goodness, i saw two brown eyes and almost thought it was a child and turned the boat around instantly and headed to the dog. >> now, did jagermeister swim to
7:49 am
the boat once he saw the boat and i know, michael, you pulled jagermeister out of the water. what kind of condition was he in? >> he was actually in pretty good condition. we weren't sure how long he had been in the water but as soon as he saw the bow of the boat come arou around, he started paddling as fast as he could around us and i just leaned over and picked him up. >> now, shawn, when you radioed the coast guard, what did they tell you? did they know about a missing dog? >> yes, they said that earlier that morning they had had a report of a dog overboard and had been trying to reach the owner after we let them know that we had found him. so we waited where we were for quite a while until they could let us know the status of reaching him. >> and, robin, it looks like everybody took a nice picture with jagermeister when kwaig was on board. when jagermeister was reunited with his parents, what was that
7:50 am
reunion like? >> it was wonderful. it was heartbreaking and warming at the same time. we all got tears in our eyes and the dog, he ran up. the dog started licking his face and we were all crying. it was really a very, very heartwarming moment. >> yes. >> it really was. >> we know the owner -- >> very happy. >> jagermeister was like a child to him, to them. and you all are heroes. thank you for rescuing a nice little jack russell terrier. i love the quote by joy, if you love someone whether it's a dog or a person, put a life preserver on them. >> there you go. >> we love it. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks, guys. great job. >> well done, everybody. >> we're out of time. >> we'll be back. coming up, "gma's" cinco de mayo cook-off brought to you by avocados from mexico. always there for cinco de mayo. in life, there are things that are always there for you.
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7:56 am
edwards, 7:56 thursday, may 5. we'll head over to karen rogers this time she is taking a look at 309 good morning. >> reporter: that's right, we're looking live at 309 southbound past norristown. we have an accident involving an overturned car. i was watching live as they flipped it over. blocking the right lane, 309 southbound past norristown road. the accident blocking the right lane. in king of prussia we have downed wires after an accident, valley forge between moore road and bideler road. they shut down valley forge in the area. stick to first avenue. we have a disabled vehicle blocking a lane on the ben franklin bridge. they have cleared it, but look how heavy traffic is westbound coming into the city. the action cam was in southwest philadelphia. what a mess with water pouring
7:57 am
on the road. 61st and lindbergh avenue. you have to be careful southwest philadelphia. sky6 live hd taking a live look the view over penns landing. not raining, but it is gray. >> reporter: cloudy and cool, tam, take a look, 50 degrees currently in philadelphia. most of the suburbs are in the upper 40s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a chilly high of 56 degrees today. lots of clouds, occasionally you might get hit with a spotty shower or drizzle. tomorrow, cloudy with more rain for a time. i could see that coming in the morning and lasting through the afternoon. 58 the high. morning shower on friday, 58 anticipate shower object saturday and sunday. man hunt continues for arthur
7:58 am
buckle, who escaped from bayside prison in winslow. he was spotted in barnegot township. schools will see a heavy police preference. tory johnson has steals and deals. we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. major e-mail breach. almost 100 million accounts reportedly hacked. what experts say you should do this morning to keep yours safe. barbara corcoran facing backlash for controversial comments on how to get ahead in business. she's taking on her critics live this morning. ♪ how could i possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this? >> parenting alert. the 7-year-old who pulled off a mini ferris bueller writing her own excuse note to get off school. the dad confronts teachers on tape asking how she could get away with it. the daughter of natalie wood speaks out. new information about her mother. >> what do you remember about her growing up? >> wow. >> what she says about her
8:01 am
mother's memory, her tragic death and remembering her every day. ♪ good to be alive all that and "deals & steals" on wheels rolling into detroit with tory this morning as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ can't wait to check in with tory later. right now it's the ultimate avenger taking over times square. captain america. >> look at those kids. >> they couldn't be more excited about that. >> look at all. >> they can keep their pajamas on for captain america day. "captain america: civil war" and chris evans joins us live. also this morning, tory johnson's epic "deals & steals" on wheels road trip is pulling into the motor city this
8:02 am
morning. she has over 300 people out there in the crowd and they're all out there waiting to hear about her amazing bargains for "gma" viewers, all live, of course, from detroit and lara, you've got some big news about justin timberlake. >> t.j. in "pop news," turns out he has a big surprise for us that we can't stop talking about, there was a hint in there. we'll tell you when to listen for it. >> ooh. >> robin, you've got a big exclusive coming up with prince harry. >> and michelle obama for the invictus games and sitting down with prince harry and mrs. obama before the game's opening ceremonies and amazing and inspiring for the wounded veterans taking place at disney world and an interview here on monday. they've been talking smack to each other. >> drop the mike. >> right. >> the president and first lady. >> that's coming up monday. now the morning rundown from amy. good morning, and the big story donald trump vowing to
8:03 am
unite republicans and run a, quote, high-level and fair campaign against hillary clinton. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is the latest republican to come out in support of trump. the campaign now launching a search for trump's running mate, likely a political insider. former house speaker newt gingrich and senator joni ernst of iowa have been mentioned as potential vp picks and trump is not ruling out his former rivals john kasich and marco rubio. hillary clinton still has to get past bernie sanders but wasting no time going after trump calling him a bully and loose scan none and released a video hitting trump on his history of divisive statements but trump may soon have new ammuniti ammunition. a federal judge ruled that clinton may have to be deposed about her use of e-mail. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan issued an emergency message warning about a kidnapping plot targeting americans in kabul. authorities say kidnappers tried to abduct an american national this week and they believe it was part of a wider plot.
8:04 am
the embassy warning the threat of hostage taking in that city is extremely high. well, at least 1600 homes and other buildings have been destroyed by a massive wildfire. threatening the city of ft. mcmurray, canada. a state of emergency declared and more than 80,000 residents told to evacuate. fire crews unable to slow this fire and embers were raining down on cars fleeing the city. so far, amazingly no serious injuries reported. well, a new cyberattack is prompting many people to reset those e-mail passwords today. e-mail services including yahoo! hotmail and g-mail have all been reportedly hacked compromising as many as 97 million accounts putting user name and password combinations at risk. experts say there is no way to check if your account is affected but changing your password is the best way to protect yourself. well, california has become the second state to now raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. the new law covers all tobacco
8:05 am
product, hawaii is the only other state that's raised the minimum age to 21. and finally, you've probably heard of a deer in headlight, right? but i bet you've never seen a deer in a headlight. you're about to. yep, curiosity got the best of this deer in suburban new york when somehow it got its head stuck in this light fixture but you know what, we can all laugh a little because look at that it's all good. this really incredible hero conservation officer hugged the deer with his jacket and was able to pull the fixture off the deer. now, he didn't get images of him doing that because he was a little too occupied. a few cuts and scratches getting it off but the deer ran off into the woods but is okay. a deer in the headlights. >> gives a whole new meaning to that expression? we'll wait tore that. s that that was a great picture. now the "morning menu." here's what is coming up.
8:06 am
barbara corcoran's controversial comments about how women should get ahead in business. and tory is roaring into detroit with big bargains. one perfect for your little superhero as we celebrate captain america day as chris evans joins us live. co-captains. and i feel so safe and protected. all coming up on "gma" here in times square. look at my boydguards. yeah. ♪
8:07 am
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♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma" and look at detroit so excited this morning because tory johnson is
8:11 am
there with "deals & steals." we got huge bargains on bag, sweet, a lot more coming up. >> we have a band. >> a band and everything. >> pretty good. >> i love it. a lot to get to but "shark tank's" barbara corcoran has people talking about her controversial comments about getting ahead in business as a woman. it sparked a lot of backlash and she's joining us in just a moment but first let's take a look at what she said or tweeted that's getting so much reaction. >> i'll make you an offer. >> barbara corcoran is best known as a shark we love to watch on "shark tank" doling out advice about how to turn ideas into cash as she did with her real estate empire. >> i have total confidence in you. >> reporter: but now the titan is getting heat for a tweet. >> i find running a business in a man's world to be a huge advantage. i wear bright colors, yank up my skirt and get attention, corcoran tweeted on tuesday. the comments getting women talking. like 30-year-old eileen carey of
8:12 am
a software company arguing corcoran is sending women the wrong message. >> as a millennial we expect to be judged by our intelligence, hustle, creativity, not by what we're wearing. >> reporter: and joining us now from befrlsz hills "shark tank" expert and the founder of the corcoran group barbara corcoran. barbara, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> and, barbara, you and i have known each other for a decade. one thing i know about you, you do not mince words but do you regret any part -- is this sometimes the problem is, you can tell. do i regret? no. well, i totally believe what i said and i'm frankly a little bit surprised by getting any reaction to it. i think it's so obvious that if you're a woman or a man, it has nothing to do with what sex you are, you have to play up whatever you've got. i happen to have great legs. i didn't have the best face always or the best body but i had great legs so if i want to get attention and i still do it. i make sure i wear my skirts
8:13 am
really high and yank up my skirt at the midriff and walk into a room and everyone notices me because i've got great legs. i think it's a great gimmick if you are smart enough to get attention. and i don't think that's sexual in any way but that's what makes a horse race. >> i this i a lot of people are upset about that yanking up your skirt because it seems to imply that you're using your sexuality to get ahead in business. you say you don't apologize for that and that flirting is a technique for you sometimes. >> it certainly is and think about it, amy. what do men do? they smoke cigars together and get flashy by pulling in in a ferrari and wear a rolex and play golf with their boss. they have all the gimmicks to make them different and part of the boys' club. women don't do those things. if you're attractive it's one thing to build up your numbers in business and get a tremendous balance sheet and then in the end you're judged by that in business. it has nothing to do with male or female but judged by numbers
8:14 am
but to get those you have to stand apart from the pack and will never succeed being exactly like the next guy or gal because nobody will notice you and you'll never get to that juicy balance sheet that every woman building a business is hoping to get to. >> you've written books. this one i love this title "if you don't have big breasts put ribbons on your pigtails and other lessons i learned from my mom" why wouldn't you tell women to use their brains instead of their breasts? >> let me tell you something, if you're not using your brain, you're not going to succeed in business. it is not an easy became to build a business. you have to be thinking all the time and using every bit of common sense and great intelligence to build your business. that's a given. but assuming you have five people with equal intelligence working equally hard, the person who knows to grab attention is the one that will go ahead. look at donald trump. could you even imagine him if he was saying these sound bites that he's throws out there as if
8:15 am
he were a woman. he'd be thrown out of the country. he is using the male macho gene all the way but no criticism on that. no. >> people with sexuality is comparable to cigars and male prowess and talking about a woman's physical appearance with so many trying to get away from that and say my looks don't define me. what do you tell your young daughter as a lot of us with young daughters are telling our daughters the exact opposite message. >> i'm sorry. i wish i would agree with you, amy. you know how i love you so much. it's just i've lived in the business world my whole life and i can tell you that if you can grab attention and be different from the pack and it doesn't have to be in any sexual way, i mean, men will go out and buy a $5,000 tom ford suit to impress their friend, okay. they know they're looking good. they know they're strutting their stuff and it's a wrong message to tell young women they should look like the guys. i don't think it works in business. if you're beautiful let yourself
8:16 am
be beautiful. if -- i just feel like you should use whatever you've got to your own advantage. i see it as the only way to get ahead in business. >> all right, barbara. still not mincing your words. thanks for joining us, michael, over to you. interesting conversation. >> she's not backing down from what she said. >> wow. now to another interesting story about a 7-year-old being compared to ferris bueller this morning after school officials fell for this note she wrote to get out of an after-school program had a lot of parents concerned about how this could happen. abc's juju chang is here with the story. >> reporter: you know, some of us might chuckle at the audacity of a second grader trying to pull off such a prank but the dad you're about to meet is taking it seriously. think about it, what's worse that your kid lied and forged a note or that school officials were hood-winked by a 7-year-old. >> they bought it. >> reporter: ferris bueller may be the pastor of getting out of school. >> how could i possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this. >> reporter: this morning he may
8:17 am
have a thing or two to learn from a texas second grader. >> basically a 7-year-old tricked the school system. >> reporter: this is the note little rosabell wrote to get her out of her after-school program saying "i want rosabella to go to bus 31 today. >> she didn't even spell the worth bus right. >> reporter: still school officials fell for her forgery sending her by herself on the bus. nobody was home and she was stuck hanging out all alone in her front yard until a neighbor called dad. >> she came asked my wife to use the rest room. that's when i figured there's something wrong. >> reporter: charlie was upset at the school for failing to catch his daughter's forgery. videotaping himself as he confronted staff members. >> does this look like a note that a parent would write? >> no, that's why i asked my boss. >> reporter: sheldon school district telling abc we are reviewing our dismissal training procedures. we can ayou are shoe that the
8:18 am
district will take proper disciplinary action. as always student safety is our top priority. >> i would rather get a phone call and say did you wrote a note for your daughter to come home. >> reporter: she wanted to go home early to get some of grandma's home cooking. you will not see her talking on camera. he didn't want her to feel rewarded for the bad behavior. that's the best lesson of all. >> i love dad's message. it is a note, it is misspelled. some things are a little mixed up but as -- in defense of the school you don't want to offend a parent who maybe they don't have great spelling skills or penmanship. >> that's nice but honestly if you were the dad walking down the hallway confronting me i'd be scared. >> you better be scared. my kid, listen, up don't go this. go to school. >> do not get this. >> do not get on bus 131. great job, juju, we appreciate it. robin, over to you. >> moving on now to the legacy of natalie wood. the hollywood star mysteriously
8:19 am
drowned in 1981 and now her daughter is opening up about that mystery and how she hopes to keach the memory of her mom alive and you have this exclusive interview, jesse. >> that's right, wagner, she was so open sharing all these special memories of her famous mother, of course, also the trag tragedy and questions surrounding her death and how it turned into her grief and turned that around and turned it into strength for her daughter. ♪ i feel pretty >> reporter: she's one of hollywood's most legendary actress. natalie wood. most famous for her role of maria in "west side story." what do you remember about your mother growing up. now her daughter natasha is speaking out remembering the daughter she lost 35 years ago. >> i remember her laugh. i remember her smell and she was really into being a mom. >> reporter: woods' storied career would span four decades
8:20 am
and yet it was her tragic death in 1981 that most profoundly impacted natasha's life. >> well, it was horrible. 11 is a terrible age. my mom and i were so close but i was also starting to want a little more independent dense. i felt like maybe part of it was my fault so i felt reallyguilty like i should have been a better daughter. >> how have you been coping with it? >> grief is a weird thing because it's with you forever but it is what my life is and so i've accepted that -- that that's my reality art after her death she continued living with her stepfar actor robert wagner who treated her as his own daughter from the age of 1. >> he's the greatest. i love him so much. he's been a real champion. he's been my mom and my dad. >> reporter: wagner was with wood the night she died on a boat trip off the coast of california. she reportedly fell off the boat and drowned. >> there's obviously so much mystery surround that night. in 2011 the case was re-opened.
8:21 am
there was the ship captain would came out and said your parents were arguing. he thinks your stepfather was involved. >> right. he is somebody that i can't even dignify with a response because he's so undignified. >> so you don't think your stepfather had anything to do with it. >> oh, i know he didn't. >> what do you think happened. >> i think it was an accident. >> do you still search for answers wanting to know the truth. >> i have my answers. i don't spend any time actually thinking about that. i feel sad that don't have my mom and my daughter doesn't have her grandma. >> reporter: natasha is honoring her legacy by citing a fragrance in her mom's memory named natalie. >> gardenia is her favorite smell and the smell of orange blossom is my favorite so i tried to sort of make this fragrance for both of us. >> reporter: natasha says her mother's memory lives on through the eyes of her 4-year-old
8:22 am
daughter clover. >> my mom loved butterflies and my dad said after she died every time i see a butterfly that it's my mom so i told my daughter that every time we see a butterfly and my daughter will say, mama, do you think that's grandma natalie and i say, oh, absolutely. >> natasha is so sweet. a great mom and says mother's day is one of her favorite holidays and thinks about her mom so much that day and in a very, very happy way. >> how sweet. >> very nice tribute. >> thank you, thank you, jesse. outside now to rob. >> what a crowd we have out here today. for captain america day, no rain in the forecast at least forol . chicago it's chilly, minneapolis, chilly, as well. you'll warm up rapidly over the next couple of days. temperatures getting up to 85 degrees in mini. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: we don't have rain on radar, but it's cloudy and
8:23 am
cool. temperatures are down around 50. a lot of spots in the upper 40s, breezy and cool. this afternoon staying cloudy and cool. the seven day 56 degrees, there could be a spotty shower or drizzle here or there. a lot drier, but uncomfortable. 58 degrees, a period or two of rain during the day tomorrow. 68 drying in the afternoon saturday, sunday, a nice afternoon, 70. a captain americ? for these guys, i think the question is answered. captain america all the way, right, guys? [ cheers ] >> all right. back inside to you, lara. >> thank you so much. and we're going to start "pop news" with some justin timberlake news. you hear the music there and j.t. will be dropping a new single tomorrow. we don't know much about the style or the sound but when a fan asked for the name of the song, justin tweeted,
8:24 am
#cantstopthefeeling and have a good feeling about this one. clue in there. justin posted a picture of pharrell williams with himself and been writing with the country group little big town. >> oh. >> we're thinking a pop/count hybrid. we'll find out tomorrow. we'll find out tomorrow. one thing we do know is 13-month-old son silas following in daddy's footsteps. justin's wife jessica biel recently sharing that silas is a big old ham just like dad. so looking forward to the music, j.t. and then fresh from celebrating the news that "hamilton" has been nominated for 16 tony awards so well deserved, i foe a lot of us have seen it. if you haven't hang in there. it is worth the wait. well, the show's creator and the star, lin-manuel miranda hit the streets of new york city to make "star wars" day to mark "star wars" day on wednesday, the broadway actor joining forces with none other than "star wars" director j.j. abrams for a performance of jabba no.
8:25 am
the song you hear in maza's castle in "the force awakens" written by miranda. ♪ >> so if you don't understand the words do not worry. it is written in what miranda believes is jabba the hutt's native language. >> jesse can translate. >> it's hutanese. like a reggae hutannese mix. >> really? >> yeah, this as he kind of what i feel. >> literal translation. >> the words translate to no lover, lover, it wasn't me which he says basically means -- >> wasn't me. >> shaggy intergalactic -- ? see, i'm telling you? it wasn't me. >> reggae. >> that was a good song. >> wasn't me. it was only released online yesterday. it's already feeling the force in the music word. "jabba no" breaking the top 100.
8:26 am
>> i think there's a dance that should be associated with it. >> jesse should. >> you brought it up. >> and then just a quickie here, every pet owner knows true love when they look into their pet's eyes. if you need further proof scientists have it at monash updz found its heartbeat is in sync with its owner. if they are separated and are brought back together they go back in sync. if they are separa brought back together they go back in sync.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 8:27, thursday, may 5. let's get the latest when it comes to traffic with karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lots of accidents and they keep coming in. 15th and vine street. police on the scene, an accident hit-and-run involving a pedestrian. we have police and emergency workers on the scene 15th and the vine. the boulevard we had an accident blocking the left lane. it's been moved off to the shoulder. fox street southbound, watch for emergency workers. the boulevard is slow. new jersey, lower landing road past 42, police on the scene with this as well. king of prussia earlier accident brought down a pole and wire,
8:28 am
it's still an issue. blocking valley forge road and moore road. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: no rain, tam, it's cool, 50 degrees in philadelphia. 49 in allentown. this afternoon look for cloudy skies and chilly high of a degrees. we'll wait until late in the day to get there. at times there could be a spotty pop-up shower or drizzle. tomorrow, clowltd -- cloudy and periods of rain. 58 is the cool high. morning shower saturday, improvement in the afternoon, high of 68. the way things are looking on sunday, looks like it could be damp to start out, stick with us, because the models bouncing around all over the place. we'll get high of 70 on sunday. up in the upper 70s next week.
8:29 am
captain america is coming up on "g.m.a." we'll see you in 30.
8:30 am
♪ when you've been fighting for a long time. hey, everyone, chris evans here. i'm happy to see you in times square showing your support for team cap. especially my young co-captains out there. can't wait to answer your questions. nailed it. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at their faces. they are so happy right now. welcome back to "gma." captain america and chris evans. everyone here as you can hear so excited for the new movie. can't wait to hear from chris coming up. can't wait to hear from them coming up. >> they are completely mesmerized. right now time for "deals & steals" on wheels live from detroit. tory johnson is there with huge bargains. >> yeah, it is all part of our ultimate road trip bringing blockbuster deals to you. tory is in campus marsh park. is that right? campus marsh.
8:31 am
campus marshes park with a huge crowd. tory, let's see what you got. >> we got an amazing crowd and phenomenal deals. first up, "gma" favorite too. [ cheers and applause ] see them in person. this is the company that allows any person no matter your age from the little to the big to channel your inner superhero and get to choose the cape, color, the emblem, the initial, everything, customize your own cape like all of the ones you see here, phenomenal company based here. normally their products very affordable to begin with, $10 to $45, today only slashed in more than half, so really $5 to 20 bucks depending on what you choose. can't beat that. [ cheers and applause ] okay, next up another one fun called spa bang and it's this little reusable bag, dishwasher safe. as any mom knows you get tired of throwing away so many plastic
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bags. the reusable solution. use it for snack, crayons, travel, it's good for everything and, again, dishwasher safe which we love and have a version you can write on with a nonpermanent marker. so fun to put notes in for kids. normally $10 each, today only slashed in half, 5 bucks. [ cheers and applause ] okay, next up, really cool company called original snacks. so in hockey, sticks get broken. what happens with those broken hockey sticks. they get turned into these super cool phone cases. the company just signed a deal with nhl and licensed all of the nhl teams including the detroit red wings. [ cheers and applause ] we have all the teams for our hockey fans. normally depending on the style you choose they start at $40 but today only exclusively for "gma" viewers starting at 20 bucks. okay, then a yummy treat because we're always bringing
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you the best food. i have a sweet spot for this. this is dave's sweet tooth. this is a recipe created by a retired detroit firefighter and everybody would call and want more and more and more so his son said, hey, we've got a business here and they created dave's sweet tooth and packaged their delicious products. today only for "gma" viewers there's a set of five that you get, all five of their amazing flavors, phenomenal discount normally $30 for the set of five. today only it's $13 and a really cool thing about this, 56% savings, a really cool thing about this one, $1 of every bag that you purchase, every package that you purchase is going to go to the denis leary firefighters foundation so we love giving back. i know you do. >> tory, it's delicious and i love that some money goes to charity. so many great dies from small businesses there in detroit and you have two more surprises, we understand.
8:34 am
>> i do have two surprises. so, this is andrew. dave, dave is the sweet tooth. andrew is the business brains and when we told the actor denis leary you guys wanted to do this, he had a message for you so take a look. >> hey, guy, denis leary here, thank you very much for your donation to the leary firefighters foundation, dave, it means a lot coming from a former firefighter and, andrew, i know you will sell a lot of coffee to help us out, thanks. >> how about that? [ cheers and applause ] and when we told our sponsor at vistaprint you guys were doing this, they are a small business champion and love businesses that give back so wanted to get this whole thing started with -- so let's turn it around this way, girls and let's show everybody. vistaprint is purchasing $10,000 worth of your toffee to help you get started with a portion of this to go to the denis leary
8:35 am
firefighters foundation. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. this is the heart of our communities. this is small business. this is what small business does. you can buy the coffee and all of the deals online and now, lara, we have some for you in the studio too. >> thank you, tory. we've all been enjoying it. >> what a great road trip this has been. you get the codes and links for them on on yahoo! and a special deal on "gma's" twitter account. tomorrow tory is going to boston. find out how to join her on our site. chris evans draws a crowd, no doubt bit. we're all team cap here, right? , it's may, but some rain in california. we'll take that, locally up to two inches in spots even in
8:36 am
so cal. 87 in bismarck and rain across the northeast. that's a look at the national outlook, here's a look at the local forecast. >> reporter: we have a break in the rain, nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. if you check out the seven day, 50 degrees, only a high of 56. we can't rule out spotty drizzle or shower. a period of rain or two tomorrow, drier for the weekend. >> with your thinking cap. geena davis is sparking an important conversation this morning. opening up about women in hollywood and 2015 women had just a third of speaking roles in movies. something geena who is a founder of the institute on gender and media says needs to change. we recently sat down and had
8:37 am
this little chat. >> first of all, thank you. this is a very important conversation. we saw when the oscar nominations came out a lot of talk about diversity. >> right. >> how about the conversation about women? >> if you want to look at directors and things like that, 4%, you know, it's very, very low. for women, we're half the population, you know, but gender and diversity are -- go together. you know, it's really the same thing. you could say diversity and mean to include women, but that's what our film festival is about. the bentonville film festival. we call it bff. one of the things we're able to do unheard of in the world our prizes are guaranteed distribution. so they'll be in amc theaters. they'll be on walmart shelves, they'll be on stars or lifetime on tv. >> that's huge. that's a big difference. >> it's absolutely the biggest difference and i had a filmmaker tell me the other day that
8:38 am
getting distribution is harder than making a movie. so it's a huge component to get your movie out in the theaters. >> some people would say, hey, look, "ghostbusters" or "bridesmaids" or we're seeing more women in action movies. >> yeah. >> but how do you respond to that and that's just not enough? >> it's not enough. it's not enough and i've been in movies where people have reacted by saying, now everything has changed. "thelma & louise" was one, my very next movie was "league of their own." oh, now everything is changed for sure and the fact is, the ratio male to female characters in films has been exactly the same since 1946. >> what advice do you have for anyone, especially women, who are entering this wonderful, wacky world that you have given so much to? >> the advice i have for people in my position or people that are going to be the star of a movie or have clout, it's very
8:39 am
easy to impact change without offending anybody or anything just by saying, you know, in that scene tomorrow when i give a speech could the crowd be half women? it's simple things like that or could my cabinet be half women? could the board be half women, so and, of course, everybody is going to go, yeah. of course. why not? you know, so -- >> just speaking out. speaking up. >> just bringing it up because it's all unconscious. it's all unconscious. >> i think the vast majority of it is and it's all about inclusion. >> exactly. >> that's what we want. >> yeah, and we spoke up and we made sure that little girls and little boys who are part of this right here with captain america himself coming up, chris evans is here live! [ applause ] ♪ "gma's" "deals & steals" on wheels is brought to you by vistaprint.
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8:42 am
♪ we are celebrating captain america day with chris evans in times square. his new movie "captain america: civil war" isn't even out in the u.s. already and it's already breaking box office records so
8:43 am
here's a sneak peek at the battle brewing between steve rogers and tony stark setting it up for the superheroes civil war if that's why you're not here. when i realized what my weapons were capable in the wrong hands i shut it down and stopped manufacturing. >> tony, you chose to do that. if we sign that we surrender our right to choose. what if they send us where we don't think we should go. what if we want to go somewhere and they don't let us. the safest hands are still our own even though we might not be perfect. >> that's when they were talking out their films. it turns physical very quickly. why do you think so many people are so excited to see you guys duke it out? >> i think it's, well, marvel is obviously developed a reputation for making very good films you about i think more than that, seeing friends fight friends more dynamic than them fighting an enemy. >> you played captain america five times now, very well each time. but as we just said this time he is fighting his friends, his own
8:44 am
allies, how does this affect your character? >> well, it's the first time he doesn't know what's right or wrong. he's a very binary thinking and in the previous incar nations it's clear to understand aliens invading are bad. this is the first time he's not quite sure which side of the fence to fall on. >> the audience has to choose sides but i think i know what this audience -- [ cheers and applause ] yeah, team cap. >> there is a helicopter and captain america is trying to pull the helicopter back. you're literally trying to stop it from taking off and, okay, there's a shot and i read that in your script it said close-up, zoom in on the biceps. any pressure there with the working out. >> wait, what did -- that i said zoom in -- >> that it was in the script. >> oh, zoom in on the biceps. >> i don't know that that was in the script. there is certainly pressure. you've fully aware of what they want that shot to be. >> you're a superhero for
8:45 am
goodness shake. >> look, i wanted the shot to be good too. i'm not going to lie. >> we have co-captains standing by with microphones. camille ya, you go ahead and start. >> my dad is on team ironman. i'm on team cap. what do you think i can do to make him be on team cap? >> is he a big man? i would say i'll arm wrestle him and then we'll cash it once and for all. if he's six foot plus maybe we can just talk it out. >> we already have family views over this. vincent, you go ahead with your question. >> whoa, i was wondering who taught steve rogers how to be a good person and a leader. >> sure, that's a good question. i think part of it is that it was intrinsically always in him. that's part of reason he was chosen to have the super soldier serum inserted that his nature is to be a good leader but his
8:46 am
friend bucky plays a big role. oh, we got some bucky fan s yea, his friendship with bucky has inspired him to be a good man. >> matthew, you go ahead. >> mr. evans -- >> oh, look at that. >> formal. >> did you know you were going to be an actor when you were a kid? >> no, i don't know that i did. i think i didn't really know i want the to be an actor till i was maybe 16, 17. i did plays growing up but i really didn't -- i really didn't find that conviction till a little bit later. >> i think he's a pretty good arc. we can all agree with that. [ cheers and applause ] and you all are amazing interviewers. thanks for showing up. we love our co-captains over here and thank you, chris evans. "captain america: civil war" opens nationwide tomorrow. everyone is excited. coming up, our cinco de mayo cook-off. live right here in times square. stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:47 am
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we're back now with the cinco de mayo celebration with our sponsor avocados from mexico. we were just saying perfect food, right? why love the avocado. with us three owners of popular food trucks around the city here in new york and they are putting a spin on delicious dishes using avocados and we are going to start right here with phillip lee from the kinchi taco truck. this is a taco made with -- >> korean short ribs and, yeah, we are a korean taco truck that's here in manhattan and roam around and have two brick and mortar locates. >> kimchi taco, mexican and korean coming together. >> avocados have flexible and work together so today this morning we'll do korean short rib kimchi tack co-s and have korean short ribs which we leave
8:50 am
overnight in a marinade with soy sauce. >> can we get a short rib at the grocery store and work with that? is there a specific cut of meat. >> yeah, it's basically korean short rib is really the main meat that everybody loves in korea. it's like the if i lael mignon, rib eye. >> go for it. >> leave it in a marinade with soy sauce, traditional korean marinade which has brown rice vinegar but the key flavor is the korean pears. >> you can see the end result. i love how thinly sliced it is but that is melt in your mouth. it is not tough at all. >> no, it's not. >> take a soft taco. >> exactly. >> cut up some of the short rib. >> exactly so some corn tortillas and put grilled short ribs right on there and have kimchi slaw which is a different type of cabbage including napa cabbage with a little rice -- brown rice vinegar and apples and korean pear we talked about and top it on there and put pico de gaia and guacamole and it
8:51 am
gives it that nice result. >> come over here and have one of these bad boys and robin roberts come on over. eddie, hurry up. >> so good. >> thank you so much. phillip. we move on to dish number two. before you judge, listen up. it's delish. this is natasha case from cool house with an avocado ice cream that you say people adore. >> absolutely. that's right. we're cool house ice cream known for our gourmet ice cream sandwiches and sold in 4,000 grocery stores and our truck in new york, dallas and l.a. and scoop shop in l.a. and love sweet and savory creations. >> why does it work as an ice cream bar. >> it's savory and see it in desserts as well and so creamy with that healthy natural fat and just reel live gives a beautiful flavor. >> you added paprika.
8:52 am
>> cayenne pepper and scoop one here, as well. scoop it on there. yeah. >> i just want to say, hey, brad, you want to try this? >> brad! >> yeah. >> want to try this? >> oh, no. oh no. roberts has done it again. >> yes. >> and we made this for you in our edible wrapper, as well. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> delicious. >> thank you so much. check out the coolhaus cookbook with the recipe and finally i have to get over here, the name is something i hasn't heard before, waffles and dinges. thomas degeest and his truck is waffles and dinges. waffles and avocado. what makes it special. >> our normal trucks roaming around are known for sweet belgium waffles but in new york everything is possible. >> anything is possible? one of the things we do if i may, we made a corn waffle. this is actually a waffle made
8:53 am
out of corn batter. >> better taste it. >> like corn muffin. >> not sweet. >> like a corn muffin with -- what we do is we put cheddar cheese on there. >> a little bit of your chili mix. >> go right ahead. >> sour cream. >> sour cream. >> and then, of course -- >> one of the things -- >> we love the avocado. >> the avocados are year round. >> all right, guys. we'll enjoy these, robin roberts, i'm saving you this when you're done with dish two. happy cinco de mayo. dinges. it means stuff. who knew. we'll be right back. "gma's" cinco de mayo cook-off is brought to you by avocados by
8:54 am
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8:56 am
everyone has their mouths full. a shoutout at our friends at "the chew." good morning i'm tamala edwards, 8:56 thursday, may 5. let's head over to karen rogers, yet another problem on the roadways. >> reporter: they are
8:57 am
implementing plan x on the northeast extension they are shutting it down, there's a 24-mile stretch that will not be operating on the northeast extension because of an accident that happened more than two hours ago. it was an overturned box truck. there's a fuel spill. within the area there was a disabled vehicle, those they don't it's not happened southbound on the northeast extension between lansdale and mid county. because of that, the delay is so long you're only going 11 miles per hour they shut the northeast extension southbound down at quakertown so they are not getting more people on the highway. they are dealing with the fuel spill. stick to 309 instead of the northeast extension. that's the big traffic story. boulevard southbound accident past fox street moved to the shoulder. you can see you're heavy here. tam, roads are dry, but we have problems all morning long. i hope the evening is better for folks. let's head outside to david
8:58 am
murphy with accuweather. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we're starting out cloudy and cool. we're at 50 degrees in some neighborhoods and upper 40s in others. it will be cloudy and chilly, 56. we can't rule out an occasion drizzle or spotty shower. tomorrow more rain where it is coming down steady in the mid afternoon and late in the afternoon. showers in the morning on saturday, nice in the afternoon, 68. a damp start on sunday, we're playing with the timing of the sunday rain. mainly dry. "live" with kelly and michael is up next on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday!
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, from "captain america: civil war," robert downey jr. plus a chat with singer, songwriter and judge, jason derule owe. and a festive cooking lesson for your cinco de mayo party. also don't forget to log on to you can vote, play, and be part of today's show, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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