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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a convicted killer and escapee continues to elude police in ocean county new jersey. arthur buckel is still on the run after escaping in winslow township from state prison. he was spotted yesterday in barnegat township. the question is he still there or has he moved on. gray hall is live now. >> reporter: police say that the fugitive is no longer a threat and he appears to have moved on and this community is a bit safer. still no sign of arthur buckel he escaped from bay side prison in camden county, new jersey, on tuesday. and barnegat police say they are confident that the fugitive has left town. there is information developed
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that mr. buckel is no longer in the barnegat area. >> the area as heightened with police and state troopers. >> i locked the doors and windows. >> even with buckel to longer a threat police are not dropping their guards. >> we are ready to remobilize if any information develops that mr. buckel is back in the barnegat area. >> cameras captured buckel walking into a cvs store. they would not go into detail about what he bought but dumped a chevy truck that was stolen in the parking lot. they have not said how buckel managed to escape. >> our priority is in apprehending him but then we'll put effort into finding him and then preventing it from
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happening in the future. >> we learned he once served time for manslaughter for killing a crying baby and broke out one week before being eligible for parole, police are warning everyone to be on alert. >> maintain your vigilance, if you see something say something. >> back out live, police say that as a precaution, tomorrow security will be heightened at all schools in the area. and i placed a call to the department of correction to figure out where they think buckel may be. we are waiting on a call back. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." 32-year-old sharrie amore will stand trial after the kidnapping at the king of prussia mall. sara bloomquist is live now in king of prussia with the details. >> reporter: this hearing was tense with the accused kidnapper and the mother of the stolen baby sitting just feet apart and the room was packed with
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supporters from both sides. the prosecution played surveillance video today of a woman identified as moore running out of the king of prussia mall holding a 7-month-old boy she allegedly plucked from a stroller. her attorney says it's not a case of did she do it but a case of why? >> she sob the leaving her hearing, she is charged with kidnapping and a long list of crimes. >> what is your clients's state of mind. >> confused. emotional. upset. not clear. >> amore is accused of abducting amir simmons at the king of prussia mall. she sat with her and while her mother tended to another child amore took the child and ran
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off. when the video surfaced her family called police and they found the boy at her apartment. she told investigators that she was pregnants and the baby did not live long and passed away in february. she said i held him and all the feelings rushed back. i wanted my baby and it felt like i was holding my son and i didn't want to lose that feeling. >> her attorney says his client is undergoing mental treatment. >> it's open and closed as to what happened but what is not closed is why it happened. the case will wind itses way through the court and we'll be able to show evidence as to why it happened. >> the mother of the abducted child was in the courtroom with her family today and left early on in the testimony because she could not bear to watch the video of a woman walking away with her baby boy. >> amore's attorney says that she had a baby shower with more than 100 people in attendance
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but would not say if she was ever pregnant or given birth herself. she will be back in court in norristown in june. >> thank you sara. an 18-year-old woman suffered critical injuries after a dump truck and car collided this afternoon in bear delaware. the accident happened at the intersection of route 40 and brookmont drive. it took first responders 30 minutes to rescue the woman trapped in the vehicle, she was flown by state police helicopter to christiana trauma center. we have the latest on the arrest of a man in bryn mawr on charges that he stole almost $1 million. clifton williams arrives to answer charges that he stole $900,000 from his employer at a farm.
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chad pradelli is live at the courthouse in westchester. what is the story? >> reporter: yes jim, what this is a part-time employee taking advantage of his employer, and according to the d.a. he was motivated by greed not need. >> only "action news" was there as clifton wilson walk nood a chester county court to face theft and forgery charges. >> over the course of four years the defendant stole over $900,000 from this couple. >> chester county district attorney tom hogan says that will southern was a part-time painter for the family that owned this farm. wilson stole checkbooks and wrote 148 checks to himself over a four year period. initially they were written for $900 and then escalated to $18,000 a pop.
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>> he used this money to buy two maseratis and a range rover and a porsche this is a crime of greed and opportunity. >> in february the victims became suspicious of an $18,000 checks and launching the investigation and uncovering the alleged theft. >> the couple is upset because this is an abuse of trust. they trusted someone and liked this person, the defendant and to find out that he used that trust to steal from them is upsetting for anyone involved. and hogan says that it's defendant wilson is cooperating fully and has already paid back $500,000 of the alleged stolen money. live in westchester, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." a judge has granted jerry sandusky a new hearing to appeal his conviction, the former penn state coach and his lawyers will be back on may 20th, trying to
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prove claims that prosecutors leaked secret material to find more victims and the defendants claims that the prosecutor held information that could have exonerated sandusky. he is serving 30 years in state prison on a sex conviction. new jersey lawmakers to meet again tomorrow to hammer out a rescue plan in atlantic city. but governor chris christie could have his mind made up. talk of a legislative compromise could happen this afternoon. governor christie says that any other proposal is a waste of time and money. the construction of a new football stadium at temple university may have hit a road block. city council president, darrel clark, says that if the community doesn't want it it won't happen. that is significant because council would need to approve zoning changes before
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construction could begin. clark made his comments after dozens of stadium opponents showed up at the council meeting. they want to build a $130 million stadium at broad and norris streets. a temple spokesperson says it's early in the process and will meet with residents to hear their concerns. coming up on "action news" traffic comes to a stop on the rails in new jersey after a train strikes a car right on the tracks and it's a sneak peek at progress at the philadelphia 76ers new practice facility in camden. a soaking rain is on the way tomorrow and i'll have details on the timing and new information on what to expect this weekend in the exclusive accuweather forecast. those story and more.
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>> it happened today in riverton, burlington county, a train on the new jersey transit river line crashed into a station wagon this morning. four people were hurt and the driver of the car is cited. john rawlins has the story from the scene. >> he tried to dart across the tracks, that was really a bad decision on his behalf. >> i seen the car coming and then boom. >> river link passengers greg rice and tracy brown watched as their train collided with this gold colored station wagon in riverton. just across the street at the orange blossom cafe they heard the impact and looked out. >> i saw it across the tracks
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and it looked in bad shape. >> they removed 79-year-old william and his wife who just lived blocks away. while watching the rescue some recognized them including the orange blossom owner, saying they dined here often. >> they kind here? >> yes, we knew them it's very sad. >> many people in the borough know the couple by sight but not well. close neighbors say they lived here for many many years describing them as private, polite and quiet people. striking verizon workers swelled their ranks as they were outside of a store in royersford. and they called on active and retired union members to join their cause. as a result several hundred people showed up and they marched up and down ridge pike
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and around an inflatable fat cat. nearly 40,000 verizon workers are on strike since the middle of april. blue hens fans had a chance to stock up on gear to cheer on their team. the university of delaware had a sale on jerseys and t-shirts and even blue cleats. this was for students, employees and season ticket holders. this is the second year for this the sale. those hats look good. a special flower shop popped up for business, the rittenhouse square flower market for childrens charities has been raising money since 1914, there were flowers and plants and arts and crafts for sale, this is 102nd for the market.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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phillies hitting a
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stumbling block in st. louis. >> you can thank the card falls for that. they wrapped up their four game set with a loss. jared falls behind in the first inning, that is moss, his seventh home run of the season and then a based loaded goes for an automatic double. and phillies trail 4-0 and two on for cameron rough but that won't get it done. they drop 3 of 4 in st. louis and they are on to miami tomorrow. later this fall the sixers have a new practice facility to call their own. the new spot is designed to give the players more than just the comforts of home. jaime apody gets a vip tour. >> 125,000 square feet of pure joy.
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>> got my hard hat on, we are here with sixers co, scott o'neal, let get a look at this facility. >> lets look at our new home. >> lets see it. >> up here you'll have an incredible view of the courts. two courts here, 10 baskets different than the junior high gym we are practicing in now. this is where the players will eat. this is a four star restaurant with a chef that will cook ready to order meals. we want them to eat healthy morning noon or note. if you want to come shoot at 10:00 you can eat here. and then back behind us is a lounge, that is where you can play xbox or fifa. play ping-pong or rest and relax. >> like a second home. >> this would be my sec home for sure. >> this is not a two hour drive a day, guys are going 10 hours here. >> and a locker room.
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>> this is it. you want to be able to look each other in the eye to hold each other accountable. >> we are going to end the tour up here. on the roof deck. >> risking life and limb now but it will be a beautiful roof deck, you can look over here and see the spectacular views of the city and the marina, the best. >> this place is unreal, i can't wait until it's done. >> can't wait to have you here. thanks for coming. >> jaime made it back down safely. >> we are gearing up for the gary papa run on june 30th to raise awareness. former eagles, todd herriman, the money raised goes to fight prostate cancer. >> happy by the way it's grown
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into a national thing. it's very impressive and we like to help any way we can. >> any time someone does everything for the city, you know you want to support them and their name. >> once again june 19th, for more information go to >> thank you. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney spent time at boathouse row today meeting a group of talented young athletes. the center city rowing program, free for any student at a philadelphia public or charter school.
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we are getting ever closer to a break in the weather. >> yes, yes.
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the weekend gradual clearing but we have to get through tomorrow. some heavy rain is on the way tomorrow. it's going to be a soaking rain. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's not all that bad out there. a few sprinkles here or there and plenty of clouds. we are socked in with clouds the better part of eight full days. looking at the center city skyline. in addition to the gray tomorrow we'll get a good soaking of rain. these are all the computer forecast models, they all show around an inch of rain for philadelphia tomorrow and the bulk of that will be occurring the first half of the day. but it's not all doom and gloom, this is future tracker for 3:00 sun afternoon mothers day. look at that, not a cloud in the sky with temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees, our weather will definitely be improving over the weekend. we need it because we have a lot of this, yet again temperatures
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stuck in the 50s for four of the first five days of may, we haven't climbed out of the 50s. 58 in philadelphia and allentown 59 and cape may 51 and wilmington 56 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this system i am tracking for tomorrow, i have been tracking it all week. the upper level low moving close to north carolina and what this will do is pivot a little closer to us tomorrow, that will pull in a lot of rain from the atlantic and as you get that persistent on shore flow it will cause coastal flooding, so a warning is posted until 1:00 saturday morning essentially the next three tide cycles we'll see moderate flooding especially because it's a new moon. if you live in an area that typically gets flooding you may want to move your car to higher ground. >> and tomorrow morning we are looking at a steady rain along the i've ought corridor and
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areas to the east by 8:00 and then the rain pushes inland and lunch time it's a soaking rain with temperatures only in the low to mid-50s, the good news is, the evening commute is looking better than the morning commute. we'll see clouds at 6:00 with a few scattered showers especially west of philadelphia but we'll begin to dry things out and i know there are a lot of problems it won't be perfect but not a soaking rain. saturday the clouds are still well in place, at 9:00 a couple of scattered showers heading into the afternoon i think we'll see some breaks of sunshine but with the low pressure so close to us, it's weakening though and we could see a few showers any time during the day and then a cold front moves through sunday morning and that clears things out. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, do not forget the umbrella tomorrow, you'll need it. rain heavy at times from the morning into the afternoon. 56 degrees and saturday breaks of sunshine and still a possibility of sunshine and 68 and sunday an early shower for
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mothers day and sunshine the high of 70 degrees, we'll have winds up to 20 miles per hour. it's a breezy afternoon. monday beautiful and partly sunny and seasonable. we bump it up to 78 degrees on tuesday and wednesday with the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms and clouds mixing with sun with a high of 73. tomorrow is miserable but the weekend is looking much better. >> and word from south jersey, it is a girl. camden's adventure aquarium held a party to reveal that their newest penguin chick named topper is a girl. african penguins look identical and their gender can only be determined by a blood test. she celebrated with pink toys and is on exhibit with the rest of the penguins at the adventure aquarium. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17
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with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for a special consumer report here on channel 6 at 11:00. the chip credit cards are suppose to provide consumers with extra security but "action news" found a problem with this new way to pay. >> reporter: if you look in your wallet you probably have at least one of these, a chip card, to use it you are suppose to insert it like this and not swipe. so why can't do that at a number of major retailers, what does it mean for your security. i can tell you this it's not good. what you need to go to protect your identity and wallet. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the toxic inferno. a major american city battling exploding fireballs, dangerous smoke and flames. thousands were told to shelter in place. we're on the scene tonight. and the state of emergency north of the border. the stunning new images coming in tonight. an entire city in flames. neighbors trying to get out. the fire now larger than new york city. the emergency landing late today. a plane hitting major turbulence. several passengers injured amid images of another flight, slamming into rough air. donald trump tonight. the tweet with his taco bowl, saying, i love hispanics. and the list of names refusing to go to the republican convention. there is also breaking news tonight involving hillary clinton's top aide. and the urgent manhunt for a dangerous fugitive, breaking out of


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