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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, war of words. the two leading members of the republican party not seeing eye to eye. donald trump and paul ryan trading jabs. donald trump's latest tweet is causing controversy. we're live. more evacuations in canada as the massive wildfire grows with no signs of slowing down. and a firefighting plane slides off the runway. the latest issue for the second largest transit system. a washington, d.c. metro station explosion after a train pull as way. some fishermen got a surprise when they saw this circling their boat. a great white shark. more on how this ended coming up.
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good morning on this friday. paul ryan dropping a bombshell on the republican race for the white house. announcing he is not yet ready to support donald trump. >> trump, of course, wasted no time firing back at ryan saying he wouldn't support ryan's house agenda. trump stirred up new controversy tweeting happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in the trump tower grill. i love hispanics. abc's lana zak joins us with washington with all the fallout. good morning, lann ra. >> reporter: good morning. republicans are still coming to terms with the fact that donald trump will be their nominee. speaker of the house paul ryan is expected to sit down with donald trump next week to try and heal a party divided. the most powerful elected public in the nation is not ready to stand with donald trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says it isn't about policy
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differences, he wants trump to work harder to unify the party. trump says that's what he intends to do. >> i want the primaries to keep going but everybody's out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right? [ cheers and applause ] right? >> reporter: but his support is shallow among female, african-american and particularly hispanic voters with a whopping 81% disapproval. one effort to repair those relations is already fueling democratic attacks. trump tweeted "happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics." hillary clinton tweeted this response. "i love hispanic, trump, 52 minutes agent. they're going to be deported. trump yesterday. attacking trump on his stand on immigration. >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful and we need to repudiate it. >> reporter: but clinton is facing dissent in her own party.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: really a rowdy event facing clinton there in east los angeles yesterday. in fact, our campaign digital reporter on the ground said it was one of the most intense scenes she's seen, a protester was able to make it on the rope line and confront hillary clinton. he was, of course, quickly escorted away. kendis, diane. >> quite a heated scene in east l.a. thank you, lana. and the fbi questioned hillary clinton's top aides as part of the investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail server. sources tell abc news that includes huma abedin considered clinton's closest adviser and that means hillary clinton herself will likely be up next but she says she's ready to answer the fbi's questions. breaking right now more evacuations under way in canada because of that huge and growing wildfire. thousands of evacuees being air-lifted to seifert to an area where support services are better. thousands more will be moved in a massive highway convoy later
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on today. now, the fire just north of edmonton, alberta, is growing, already larger than new york city. but it is moving away from the town of ft. mcmurray and the raid of its growth has slowed. an air tanker heading to the fire slid off a runway yesterday afternoon. two people taken to the hospital. just as a precaution happened when the plane tried to make an emergency landing. in texas a huge warehouse fire in houston is final/out triggering contamination concerns. drone video captured towers of black smoke pouring into the sky and barrels of chemicals exploding from the heat. the concern now is that the runoff containing pesticides and pieretroleum additives soaked i the ground and floated into nearby creeks. residents were being warned to stay away from creeks and drainage ditches. a once in a generation political event is happening in north korea. delegates from around the country are gathering in
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pyongyang for the first workers party congress in 35 years. details about the gathering are very scarce but leader kim jong-un says the event will, quote, lay out the brilliant blueprint of our revolution. >> humble brag. the deadly air strike on a syrian refugee camp may be considered a war crime. at least 28 were killed in thursday's attack near syria's border with turkey. a humanitarian affairs official with the united nations is calling for an inquiry into thursday's bombing. reports indicate the strike and the rebel-held area was carried out by either syrian or russian planes. and the united states has joined yemen in that nation's fight against al qaeda. u.s. special operations forces are now advising yemeni and other coalition troops. the support is described as limited and one senior u.s. official says americans are not near the fighting itself. last month forces supporting the yemeni government retook a strategic port city. in california a serial
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killer known as the grim sleeper could face the death penalty after being convicted in the murders of ten women. lonnie franklin jr. was found guilty yesterday in the notorious case which gripped los angeles for decades and victims' families feared they would never see justice but dna from his son eventually solved the case. the penn state sex abuse scandal and concerns joe paterno. a child reportedly told paterno of abuse by assistant coach jerry sandusky back in 1976. the information came out in court documents in an insurance case connected to sandusky's crimes. he was convicted of 45 counts of child abuse in 2012. just months after paterno's death. shaping up to be a rainy weekend for both coasts looking at the radar another round of it over the carolinas this morning and setting up more storms for the northeast. there's also severe weather on the west coast. where lightning hit this home in the bay area knocking a ceiling
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fan to the ground. accuweather's justin povick has the weekend forecast. good morning, justin. >> kendis, diane, thanks and good morning to you, as well. we are almost to the upcoming weekend but we have some concerns here into the weekend over the southwest. wind gusts could top 55 miles per hour from salt lake city down to albuquerque and phoenix making for difficult travel and also very high fire danger so something to keep in mind here over the course of the next couple of days. meanwhile, soaking showers all throughout the northeast with travel days from nyc to d.c., kendis, diane, back to you. >> our thanks to justin there. still ahead making history, the first american female athlete to sign a contract worth $1 million. and murder suspect on the run with police in hot pursuit. they both weave in and out of traffic and this standoff went well into the night. plus, bobbing in the water, gripping their overturned boat. the rescue caught on camera.
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more trouble for washington, d.c.'s metro system after that fireball erupted at one station yesterday morning and later in the day, more smoke was reported in the same station forcing it and another busy stop to close for at least the day. it was just this past march that the entire metro system was shut down for more than a day for emergency safety inspections. police in new jersey are expanding their search for an escaped prisoner who slipped away from the prison wing of a psychiatric hospital. artur buckle has been on the loose for four days. he was serving time for assault but had previously been convicted of manslaughter for killing an infant and broke out
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of prison just weeks shy of being eligible for parole. in another manhunt the search is on for the homeland security employee wanted for killing his estranged wife in a parking lot. he shot his estranged wife outside highville high pot point. she wassic ing up her children at the time and a man int intervening was also shot. the fda is banning the sale of electronic smoke to anyone under 18 and if you're under 26 you'll need to show a photo i.d. in order to try them. they will be regulated by the feds. those new rules take effect in august. people expected to line up this weekend for "captain america: civil war," the movie from our parent company, disney, well, it could smash ticket sale records. early estimates show it could make $200 million in its opening weekend. only three other movies have done that before. >> wow. when we come back a
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collision course with an out-of-control drone and a high-rise condo. and shark encounter. a different sort of collision course surprised by a great white. ♪
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successful rocket launch for the private company spacex. this one lifted off from cape canaveral overnight and for the second month in a row the first stage of the rocket landed upright on a ship in the ocean and hope to start transporting astronauts to the international space station by the end of next year. here on earth be prepared to run into rain-covered roads from the west coast stretching into the dakotas and along the east coast from maine to the carolinas. those same conditions likely to cause airport delays in new york, boston, washington, philadelphia and los angeles. we're learning new details about the murder of a fitness instructor at a church in texas and about her troubled marriage. >> new search warrants reveal that missy bevers, her murder -- her killer may have been tracking her movements on social media and may have used a cell phone to record her final moments. the warrants also indicate evidence of financial and marital problems and at least one possible affair. new video captures the end
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of a tense standoff outside los angeles. police tossed a smoke device into the car of an attempted murder suspect who led them on a slow speed chase just hours before. the standoff lasted for about two hours causing a traffic nightmare. the smoke device and a police dog finally helped officers 0 take the man into custody. a fedex driver was offered a father seeing citation after he triggered this crash involving at least eight vehicles. they say the truck was weaving in and out of the lane before it struck a car touching off the chain reaction crash. one vehicle caught fire as you saw there but there were no serious injuries. in st. louis, a robbery suspect drove for miles in the wrong direction as dozens of police cars tried to slow him down. the cars finally were able to block that van in and took the driver into custody. so what is that righted as a day of fishing ended badly for two florida men five miles off the coast of jupiter when a
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giant wave slammed into them. now, they did manage to hang on until rescuers arrived and pulled them to safety, one was okay. the other was taken to the hospital to be checked out. and then this dramatic drone footage capturing breathtaking views of marco island and then it goes -- ah. it gross wrong and crashed into the balcony of a condo unit 20 stories up. it was registered but the owner says it lost signal prompting it to automatically return home. the pilot of that drone has now been charged. check out this video shot by some fishermen in australia. their cameras were recording as this great white shark started getting closer and closer and closer to the boat and approached the boat even bringing his head out of water at times and said it felt like the shark was eyeballing us >> that's not what i want to see. >> the shark did end leaving them alone you'll be happy to hear. if all goes as planned there will be 20 horses starting
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tomorrow's kentucky derby. >> the 142nd running. the favor nyquist and he's a 3-1 right now wearing 13 tomorrow. he is undefeated, 7-0 so far in his career. >> of course, our favorite one -- >> suddening breaking news. >> the real name avenue horse is who we're rooting for. >> absolutely. >> time now for sports the warriors and trail blazers had last night off and return tomorrow at 8:30 eastern on abc. >> still unclear if steph curry will return from his injury. for last night's highlights the fellows at espn. >> hey, good morning, heap the news is good. here's the sport, everybody played overtime. >> both nhl games and an nba game. raptors and heat and kyle lowry struggling, 4 seconds left. raptors up one, lowry, sort of popped out. had 18 points. raptors up 86-83.
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go goran dragic got an elbow in his grill. lowry with an air ball and head to overtime and then valencunas and the series tied at a game apiece. sharks, predators. led 2-1 coming in. mattias alkomb. mike fisher right there to finish off. game-winning goal, three overtimes. second of the game. who is he married to? >> carrie underwood so he's winning already and predators tied the series at 2 apiece. too many other scores to go over right now, go to thanks for watching. >> back to you. thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse." we told you about trump's controversial tweet. but people are talking about something else in that photo.
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♪ time for the pulse starting with what else was uncovered in donald trump's controversial sync zinc tweet? take a close look at what's tucked under trump's taco bowl. it's a picture of his most recent ex-wife, marla maples in a bikini from 1985 after she won first place in the miss hawaiian tropic beauty pageant. >> so far there's been no explanation. we're just going to have to assume that he's still fond of her? >> maybe. that's what an american athlete is making history. >> monica abbott is the pitcher for the houston based scrap yard
4:23 am
dolls. >> she became the first woman in u.s. team sports to sign a contract worth $1 million spread over a six-year contract. she won a silver medal in the 2008 beijing games and threw the first perfect game in olympic history. >> get this, for comparison the first american male athlete to earn $1 million over the span of a contract, hockey player bobby hull, 1972. >> that's good trivia. >> wow, more than 40 years. the next time someone says video games are worthless. tell them this. >> michael casper just made thousands of games off a game he bought for two bucks. stadium events was among 40 nintendo games he took home for $40 total at a yard sale a few years ago. what he didn't realize that game is one of the most rare video games on earth. he did a little google research and then went ahead and sold it for $7500. not bad for a game. mccaskill says he thinks it's,
4:24 am
quote, terrible. >> but it's worth 7,500. >> is that the one you play with the power pad. >> i don't know but this will vote separate me to go through my old commodore 64 games. presley is a service dog for joseph ware who has a form of muscular dystrophy. most are confined to a wheelchair by the time they are in their teens. >> presley goes to school every day and officials at the middle school decided, you know what, why not include her in the yearbook so presley, by the way, is a golden doodle. >> i wonder if she had someone to do her hair. that person that always comes on picture day. look at her holding her leash and everything. >> i would have to think that's a first. very cool. >> more news after this. before i had the shooting,
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good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, may 6. here's what's next on "action news" this morning. road rage on the blue route, police have a sketch of a man wanted for firing at another car during the evening commute. it's going to be a wet morning, the rain is coming down. cat calls at construction sites, how one developer is making it easier for women to be more comfortable and letting them know when it is not so comfortable when they walk by projects. those stories next on "action news." s had plenty of material this week. >> yes, they did. here now your "friday funnies." >> donald trump will be the
4:28 am
first major party nominee who hasn't held previous office since general dwight eisenhower. eisenhower, faced down hitler in world war ii. trump, faced down gilbert gottfried at his comedy central roast. >> when trump heard that, he was like, big deal i'll be president for world war iii. >> we'll love each other and take care of each other and cherish each other. >> we'll love each other, basically all the things you do when you think the world is going to end. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> all: no. >> they were just saying no, they were saying no kidding. >> but you have to give ted credit. he went down swinging even when hugging his wife. ♪ >> john kasich also suspended his campaign less than 24 hours after ted cruz. when asked why he waited this long kasich said so at least i
4:29 am
could say i got second place. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me. >> okay, well, let's see. [ laughter ] you nicknamed him lyin' ted. you insulted his wife. you perpetuated a story that said his dad had something to do with the assassination of jfk. i'm going to go out on a limb and say he probably is not a fan. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> would you like to say any last words about your fallen rival? >> yes, lyin' ted is lying in the ground. he ran a tough race but he was really bad at it and his father killed jfk. pathetic. >> delightful. shall we? >> i bet they're happy he's sticking around. >> i think so. lots of material to work with. and that's what's making news in america this morning. > good morning, it is
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4:30 a.m., friday, may 6. here's what we're following, road rage turns into gunfire on the blue route. police are searching for the gunman right now. police in south jersey are trying to figure out who gunned down the man outside the viewing for his grandmother. the hl keeps coming -- headline keeps coming in political stunners, the speaker of the house is not ready to support the party


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