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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m., friday, may 6. yet another wet commute. in addition to the heavy rain in the area right now we're tracking trouble on the roads. a man was killed outside a camden, new jersey funeral home just as the service for his grandmother was underway inside. a bombshell report said joe paterno new about the jerry sandusky rape claim a decade before it broke the noose.
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noose -- news. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have heavy a band pushing into delaware county and chester county. if you're in berks county it's on its way. a band pushing through new castle and more stuff off atlantic city that is getting ready to cruise in off the ocean. cool air in place, not only do you need the rain gear, you need the decent jacket. most of the rain will be centered in the morning and early afternoon. 3:00 p.m., we'll be breaking down into later spottier showers. 54 degrees, high of 56 around 6:00 p.m. there's a coastal flood warning in effect for the morning high tide and afternoon ascertain evening high tide. really the evening high tide. this morning we'll have minor tidal flooding in the oceanfront
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upper delaware bay. this evening, it will be higher because of an combination of onshore flow and lunar high tide that gives us the problems. karen rogers we'll track the rain with future tracker that's coming up. >> reporter: we have breaking news, a major problem on i-95 involving this jackknifed tractor-trailer, i-95 northbound at cot plarn. we cottman. what we can see now fire crews have arrived, ambulance, police on the scene. we can see the beginning of a heavy duty tow truck on the scene. only one lane gets by at times. all lanes blocked, i-95 northbound at cottman, an accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer, currently stopping all traffic on i-95. i want to show you what that's doing for the morning commute. at a standstill, i-95 we can see all the traffic just stuck as they are not letting anybody by
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with the accident i-95 northbound at cottman. you're driving through the rain and not moving at all on i-95 northbound. they need allowing the left lane getting by, but in the meantime, they have all lanes blocked. they have fire crews and ambulance on the scene. the traffic is going northern right now. normally, the morning commute would be southbound. northbound you're not used to a delay, we don't usually see it at this hour. that's a big deal. we have other problems and a huge one in new jersey, 55 southbound at 42. we have an accident blocking all lanes route 55 southbound at 42. if you're in new jersey, heading toward 42 there's the northbound traffic heading toward the city. you're drive running through the rain, what a mess. a family in south jersey is mourning a second tragedy. a 22-year-old man paying his
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respects to his dead grandmother was gunned down outside a funeral home. katherine scott has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: people were grieving one loss now they are grieving another after a man was shot and killed outside a funeral home. a shooting outside a funeral home in camden as the viewing was underway. friends and family were at may funeral home at 4th and walnut around 7 p.m. when shots were fired and police were called. we were at the viewing disptd killed my -- and they killed my nephew out here at night. >> reporter: relatives say 22-year-old jonathan vazquez wanted to pay his respects, but when he was ready to go inside he was shot hit in the head and torso. it's too much.
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>> reporter: relatives say they have no idea who would want to harm jonathan vazquez, the investigation continues at camden county police. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." new on "action news," two police officers shot and killed a pitbull that that attacked a n in north philadelphia. police say the woman got out of her vehicle before midnight expht -- and the dog lunged toward her latching on to her leg. neighbors heard her scream and called police. police arrived the woman jumped on the cruiser with the dog attached to her leg. police opened fire killing the dog. police are searching for a gunman in a road rage incident along the blue route. the man fired a shot at a blue lancer yesterday afternoon.
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the bullet pierced the passenger side door. we have more on the description of the suspect's vehicle at 6:30. bombshell report claims the late joe paterno knew about a jerry sandusky rape claim decades before sandusky's arrest. it says a boy told paterno in 1976 that sandusky had abused him, 25 years before paterno went to the university about reports about the abuse. sandusky's lawyers said there's nothing to support that accusations and maintains the football coach never covered up sandusky's actions. new jersey lawmakers could meet again today to hammer out a solution for atlantic city. govenor christy backs a plan that would trigger an immediate takeover of ac saying any other
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proposal is a waste of time or money. a judge ruled that facebook has to show up in court after a showdown for people who post pictures, maribel aber has more about what's going on. >> reporter: facebook will have to face a lawsuit over photo tagging. the social network asked that the case be tossed out. it resolves around the photo tagging feature that uses facial recognition to tag users and photos. stocks await the april invest report. the economy is saying it added close to 200,000 jobs. new york city will charge 5 cents if they use paper or plastic bags at grocery stores.
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it's an estimated that it costs the city $12 million a year to dispose of the bags. the nickel charge will take effect october 1. have a great weekend, matt and tam, stay dry. i'm thinking about the movie with steve correll evan all mighty build an ac -- ark. >> reporter: we are in the soup, the heavier band has pushed past the i-95 corridor and it is pounding media and southern montgomery and norristown. this line coming through malvern and chadds ford heading toward coatsville and oxford, effortly. wilmington seeing this, excuse me, notice how it's rotating in off the ocean.
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airports -- as long as we usually when we show you something like this it's exiting to the east. in this case it's rolling in off the ocean on top of an area of low pressure that's pushed to our south. there's another heavier band coming in off atlantic city. this heavier stuff will be with us through the morning commute and mid morning and slacken off and become later today. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies and sky 6 shows that to you, it's always cool across the region. here the numbers, 51 degrees in allentown. 54 in reading, low 50s in philadelphia. wilmington, upper 40s, millville, dover and cape may. future tracker 6 showing you how we've got the heavy banged rain coming in and pushing off to the north and west by 10:00. there will be more showers coming in all the way up to 2:00 p.m. with the heavier stuff pushing out of the region by
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2:00 p.m. after that we'll see things lighten you happen a little bit. by 6:00 p.m. the evening commute looks damp and not impacted by the morning rain where you have the ponding and puddling. if you have plans to be out on the town between 6 and 11:00 p.m. we'll be down to sprinkles and showers. rain gear is a good idea but not all that much. up in the lehigh valley, cloudy skies and raining the first two-thirds of the day. at the shore, a rainy start there's an issue with minor tidal flooding and in the evening, moderate flooding. overnight tonight, light rain and drizzle around, 49 the overnight low. checking out the weekend, saturday is going to start out cloudy through the day into the early afternoon a couple of light sprinkles and showers are possible, but this is not much. later in the afternoon we'll break sunshine back into play. i want to show you what happens
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overnight into sunday morning. a front comes through and early on mother's day there could be a shower. this is 7:00 a.m. and it is already starting to get out of here. overall we're looking at big time improvement and in the afternoon we should return sunshine. 64 by noon, 68 by 4:00. it will be breezy and better. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today answer high, 56 degrees. cloudy and rainy, less rain tonight. clouds and sun on saturday, 65 degrees, a couple of light sprinkles and showers, early morning shower on sunderland, nice through most of the day, high of 68. after that we're in the 70s, monday, tuesday, wednesday, how about that 78 on wednesday, wow. tuesday, wednesday and thursday a little unsettled with a spotty pop-up shower, maybe a thunderstorm here or there. overall dry and obviously feeling better. improvement is improvement. 6:11. up next, more stories you didn't see last night including the school bus thief that could barely see above the steering wheel. later a man is caught
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trying to steal a snake and trying to get it out of the store in an interesting place. >> reporter: one lane sneaking by on northbound i-95 near cottman. we have new details coming in, a fatal accident blocking all lanes on 55. the death of prince has sparked a celebrity feud and lawsuit. that's later on "action news."
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15:00 it's raining and we have another rough morning on the roads, let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: that's right, we have two big stories with the traffic. i-95 northbound we have a tractor-trailer accident. you can see it's a jackknifed tractor-trailer. we have fire crews on the scene and only one lane squeezing by at times i-95 northbound at cottman. breaking news an accident involving a tractor-trailer. other breaking news a fatal accident coming into us in new jersey. route 55 southbound happening at a busy area near 42. if you're traveling down 42. you can't get on 55 southbound all lanes blocked with the fatalities accident investigation going on, you can take the white horse pike depending on where you're going you can take the new jersey turnpike, 355 southbound all
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lanes blocked at 42 due to an accident we're learning is a fatal accident. we have an accident northeast extension southbound past quakertown blocking the riot lane. police on the scene with that. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway at belmont. the rain-soaked roads traveling slowly today, be careful as you head out. no accidents currently on the schuylkill expressway. tracker double scan showing we have most of the area covered in rain. look at the area of yellow. heavy rain that's moving pushing in off the ocean, we're watching this area of heavy rain that moved through new jersey into the city now it's in norristown, schuylkill expressway, malvern, west chester, west chester pike getting soaked. chadds ford. this is continuing to progress toward the west. the heaviest rain will be honeybrook and downingtown and coatsville shortly. new on "action news" a 12-year-old boy stole a bus in
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maine and went on a brief joyride. bangor police said a man and woman saw the bus and the driver looked too young, the man took control of it annie mccormick called police. anonymous rape claim rapd at spellman, she detailed how she was sexually assaulted by four students from moorehouse at a party. the administrators at spellman dismissed her when she reported the incident. officials say they are taking the claim seriously and encouraged anyone with information to come forward. trouble on the tracks an explosion sent sparks flying through a subway that had
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similar safety issues before. >> reporter: we have rain falling, this afternoon lighter rain, but the kids may still want the gear. i'll have the day planner forecast next. >> reporter: mike velocity have a warning for those -- microsoft have a warning for those who have note up to 10. they will charge for microsoft home. new -- an amazing find for a man in in connection texas. he purchased nintendo games at a yard sale. he bought stadium events he bought it for two dollars and sold it for $7,500.
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washington, d.c.'s busy metro rail systems. this is newly released video of a fireball erupting in the station yesterday. two stops were closed and several lines were suspended for the evening rush. officials completed repairs and trains are running on time today. they just got through having problems with the metro that shut it down for about a day. that doesn't look good at all. speaking of which traffic is a mess. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police, they were talking about the fatal accident in new jersey, a person hit a tree. let's take a look at the area itself. route 55. 55 southbound at 42 they are blocking all lanes right there. you need to be careful in the
6:22 am
area. they just sent out the fatalities accident investigation team. it could take a while. 55 is open at clemens bridge road. if you want to go down 42 and take it to 55. this shot says it all, you see the rain drops, the slow traffic. i-95 northbound an accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer. all but one lane getting by. >> reporter: rain has pushed into the western suburbs, new castle county, delaware is not a place to be if you plan to be driving quickly up and down route 1 a lot of ponding and puddling. that's pushing into central chester county and montgomery county and heavy rain coming off the coast of the atlantic city. 49 degrees by 7:00. 9:00. 50. it stays cool, 51 degrees by noon. rain gear and jackets required if you head out and deal with this.
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the heavier rain until noon, gradually as we go through the afternoon we'll see the rain slacken off a little bit. the high 56 around 4:00 p.m. at the airport, no major delays all green aircraft. we have rain in philadelphia and jfk and cloudy in boston getting wet up there. a local family is fighting to get their child back. authorities suspect abuse. the parents say a rare medical condition is to blame. wendy saltzman has a preview of the report. >> reporter: a 3-month-old infant ripped from his parents home. local doctors say he suffered fractures. he had multiple fractures from the ribs to the fingers. i didn't understand how he could have so many fractures. >> reporter: could a rare genetic disorder be to blame. i wanted to approve it's not child abuse.
6:24 am
there's an explanation for this. >> reporter: plus we learned this is not the first time one of the doctors has been accused of mistaking a medical condition for abuse. don't miss my exclusive investigation the fight for caesar tonight at 11:00 p.m. in "healthcheck," the spicier the better. 9 chemical in peppers tricks the brain nerves are activated. it triggers the brain pleasure center. those who can come -- who can get it past the initial spicy feeling crave that sensation. he's got so much energy. his coat is so shiny.
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you're going to see a florida man try to steal a baby python from the pet store. the owner said the man has stolen from him before. when he put the python in his pants, things got physical. a security guard jumped into help. that prevented the snake thief from slithering away. >> comedian arsinio hall is suing snead o'connor. o'connor said investigators look into the supplier of drugs used by prince should question hall. she accused hall of drugging
6:28 am
her. his suit is asking for $5 million in damage. david murphy is letting us know when we might wring ourselves out. donald trump is digging into a taco bowl and why some people are upset next. breaking now on "action
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news," it is a rainy messy commute and serious traffic trouble all over the place. this jam on i-95 just one of them. state police have released a sketch of a road rage suspect. troppers say only a random chance kept his anger from being the death of another driver. cat got your tongue there's a new effort to clean up the cat calls that come from construction sites. good morning, everyone, may 6. let's get weather and traffic from david and karen.
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>> reporter: all right, guys, the rain is coming down on the terrace right now. the heaviest band has pushed west of philadelphia. what i am standing in right now, steady as it is is not the heaviest stuff that's pushing into chester and berks county. they say another heavy bands coming off the ocean spilling in out of the southeast from a low pressure system down south. you will want rain gear heading out the door and nice good jacket to keep you warm. 48 degrees in millville. as we go through the day, it's cloudy and cool. rain through the morning up until midday. by 1:00 p.m., 52 degrees, the rain lightin'ing up a little bit. the evening commute will not be as bad as the morning commute. the high a 56 degrees at 4:00 p.m. we have issues at the shore, a coastal flood warning between this morning's high tide and minor coastal flooding not only
6:32 am
down the shore, but up through the bay. evening high tide 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. that's the center of it. cruel get moderate flooding there. that warning doesn't end until 1:00 a.m. the lower delaware river may be affected by this. karen rogers i'll track the rain on future tracker 6. most importantly i'll have improvement for the weekend. that call is coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave we're starting with breaking news in new jersey, route 55 southbound is shut down at 42. police saying it's a fatal accident. new jersey state police said a vehicle slammed into a tree and the fatal accident investigation team coming to the scene just now. this could be closed for a while. 42 everything is blocked when you try to take the exit ramp to 55 southbound. we can see the speeds heading northbound on 55 you're down to ten miles per hour. get off on clemens bridge road and reenter 55 at clemens bridge
6:33 am
road. that's a way to get around this. we have a camera shot of the scene. i want to take you there right now. this is route 42. this is heading southbound you can see this is the exit for 55. you've got all the emergency workers on the scene still blocking that exit ramp not letting you get on 55 southbound because of a fatal accident where a vehicle slammed into a tree. a rainy morning and big accidents out there, that's one of them. i want to show you the other problems out there. here we have the accident in new jersey, but we have problems out there on i-95, major accident involving a tractor-trailer and that's been causing big problems this morning, we'll have more ton that in a minute, tam. while the search goes on for a road rage shooter who opened fire on the blue route, a scary scenario for commuters who are used to nothing worse than a slow drive in the evening. annie mccormick is live at the belmont bar -- barracks at the pennsylvania state police.
6:34 am
good morning, annie. >> reporter: state police are looking for the suspect who opened fire in the middle of a busy highway in broad daylight with multiple people outside. because there were so many people there were several witness accounts they got a look at the shooter. they are hoping that the public can help them out. road rage on the blue route, around 3:00 p.m. it played out in west conshohocken township near the schuylkill expressway state police provided the sketch they believe this is the man who fired a shot inside the blue lancer, luckily the bullet missed driver and hit the center console instead. >> reporter: the actor entered the middle lane and drew a semi automatic pistol an fired one round. >> reporter: they were both heading north, the suspect was driving a vehicle described as a dark blue colored lincoln town
6:35 am
call from the early 2000s. we're dealing with someone who needs to be taken off the streets. >> reporter: using face time "action news" interviewed a witness who was on the same roadway during a shooting this is what she saw from a few cars behind. i saw brakes stopping and people waving their hands out the window, i saw somebody, him pull out something, covering his phone, could have been the gun. >> reporter: and witnesses also say as far as description of the lincoln town call there's a lincoln symbol seen on the back of the vehicle. police say the suspect was seen driving toward cmp -- conshohocken. if you have any information contact state police. reporting live wynnfield heights, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the case of a deadly fight inside a delaware high school is in the hands. state prosecutors. wilmington mayor said police have given the state attorney
6:36 am
general's office all the findings in the death investigation of amy joyner-francis. the 16-year-old was involved in a fight howard high school of technology three weeks ago. three girls were suspended, but not charged. attorney general office said the decision on charge should come soon. an inmate who escaped a prison in south jersey continue to allude police. barnegot township authorities believe arthur buckle is no longer in their town. he was convicted of manslaughter for killing a baby. they do not know where the fugitive is heading now. if donald trump is trying to win back the hispanic vote he didn't help himself with the sinco demayo tweet. he posed with a taco bowl saying i love hispanics.
6:37 am
many saying the post was clueless. president president bush e mccormick john mccain and mitt wrom -- romney is staying away from the convention and paul ryan is not endorsing trump. hillary clinton was campaigning for the hispanic vote while investigators questioned her top aid huma a abadine and her knowledge of the e-mail investigation. action cam was in ocean city last night where drivers dealt with swampy streets at
6:38 am
13th street and west avenue. time to turn to david murphy we squeezed in that late game last night before the rain came back. >> reporter: it is raining out there, nobody playing baseball right now. later on tonight, things will get better. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's a lot of rain across the region, a little break here ascertain there. you can see the heavy band highlighted in yellow it has pushed to the west of philadelphia. it's not moving in the typical fashion west to east. it's spilling off the ocean and pushing into the western suburbs. the heavy bands hitting honor i don't brook, rain intensifying western edge of chester county. downingtown, coatesville, malvern, chadds ford, look at the heavy rains highlighted in organses and reds near wilmington. that means the areas east of the departing yellow are looking at ponding and puddling on the
6:39 am
roadways. the dark shade of green is not light rain it is really heavy. up in allentown you're getting the yellow, as well. easton saying goodbye to some of that, as it pushes toward the west. it is spilling in toward allen torn him down the shore we have a second batch of steadier stuff coming in off the ocean, affecting atlantic county. even though the bright band is moving off to the west of us, there's more on the way. cloudy skies out there, taking a look at the action cam ardmore pennsylvania route 30 is among the wet roads around the region even though the intensity has let up in the last half-hour or so. winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. it's a wet one from now until 10:00 a.m. we'll see the heavier rain push to the north and west as we go through the morning into the early afternoon. a couple of more bands are
6:40 am
possible as we go up to 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., things are generally getting better near i-95, but kind of wet, but in the process of getting better in the north and west. the rest of the afternoon and evening definitely improving. 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., the evening rush is not as inundated as as we are now, the roads will be damp. if you have plans to head out on the town, you might want rain gear in case of light spotty sprinkles or drizzle affects you. generally speaking it's not all that bad tonight just cloudy and cool. after 2:00 p.m. it will get better and low-impact rain event for this afternoon and evening. it's cloudy and cool all the way. temperatures in the 50s. we'll see a high of 56 degrees by 4:00 p.m. a jacket required all the way today even when the rain starts letting up. the high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s today, cloudy and
6:41 am
cool. tomorrow we start out cloudy and through the morning and into the early afternoon there could occasionally be a light sprinkle or shower. this light stuffer with the lighter shade of green doesn't amount to all that much. after 2:00 p.m. it's possible we start to return sunshine into play. clouds and sunny breaks on saturday. i want to advance this to sunday morning. looks like there could be an early shower, this is 7:00 a.m. mother's day that will get off the coast and we'll see fast clearing on mother's day. here it is, you can see how after 11:00 a.m. we see the sunny breaks and we play burst out into a lot of sunshine high of 68 degrees. better times ahead and better and better through the weekend. 56 is the high, cloudy and rainy. clouds and sun, saturday, mainly dry, 65. an early shower sunday, nice in the afternoon, 68 degrees for mama. monday, 72 partly sunny and climbing from there. by wednesday we'll be at 78.
6:42 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday, there could be a spotty shower popping up a little bit of instability, but overall nice. not a washout next week. 6:42 and parade pandemonium. gunfire starts chaos at the celebration for the kentucky darby. construction boss thinks he has figure out a away to prevent his workers from engaging in cat calls. >> reporter: i-95 is a mess northbound from bridge to cottman. look at this delay. we'll talk about the fatal accident in new jersey coming up. a fisherman survives two months at sea. we'll have video of his rescue up next on "action news." 6t
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involves traffic let's turn to karen rogers. he have with a terrible ride in this morning, we're starting with the fatal accident in new jersey. i talked to state police, they say a vehicle slammed into a tree. they are shutting down 55 southbound. all lanes blocked 55 southbound at route 42. let's take a live look at this with our camera view. route 42 the and it 55 southbound, you can see they are out there blocking all lanes, while the accident team o on this. if you go down to 42 and take
6:46 am
clemens bridge road you can take that to 55. it's a slow go, but you can get back on. we have all lanes block on i-95. this accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer, us postal truck. we have a heavy duty tow truck on the scene that's why they are blocking all lanes. they were allowing a lane of traffic to get by, not right now. all lanes blocked because of the jackknifed tractor-trailer. i want to show you the back up. normally it's an easy ride. look at this, a 45 minute jam on i-95 from vine to woodhaven. normally it might take you 14 minutes. 45 minutes that's huge. you're backed up from bridge to past cottman sitting in the mess with the jackknifed tractor-trailer. gunfire at a parade in kentucky sent parade goers scrambling it happened ahead of darby weekend in louisville.
6:47 am
17-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl was shot. two 15-year-old boys are in police custody. investigators say there were conflict between people and one of the victims. this is new this morning, women have come to expect cat calls and whistles when they walk by a construction site, but a new york construction firm says it has the remedy. notice the stickers that will go on the helmets that will help the ladies shut the boys down. they wear the color-coded stickers could women can call in and say i was at this site with this colored sticker say it will help out. many say that's great, but it doesn't address the issue which is the psychologic impact on women. anxiety, depression, ptsd
6:48 am
that's happening on a regular basis. this group was behind a viral video in 2014 showing this woman taking a ten hour stroll through parts of new york city, she got over 100 cat calls. they also this is a bigger problem than the helmets are ain't to fix. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. >> reporter: hey, guys, we have the kids dressed in jackets and rain gear raining this morning, not much rain this afternoon, but damp enough to have the umbrella handile we'll be back with the day planner forecast. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs.
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welcome back as we've been telling you we have serious traffic troubles out there, including 55 in south jersey, our katherine scott is on facebook live right now trying to make her way through the mess that's going on out there. one cargoing off the road into a tree the driver, of course, hurt out there, she is showing you the backup that's occurring right now. head to her facebook on 6abc and see her live report at this moment. a bad accident going on there. let's turn to "good morning america" and get a preview. good morning, amy robach. >> reporter: matt and tam, happy friday, sorry for cutting you off there.
6:52 am
donald trump seeing protest within his own party, speaker of the house, paul ryan saying he cannot endorse the presumptive nominee right now. trump firing back. a dramatic car chase caught on tape in l.a. during rush hour. bringing traffic to standstill for an hour, this was an attempted murder suspect on the run. new developments in the mysterious murder of the mom killed in the texas church. what police are learning from the surveillance video and search warrants and searching cell phones next. emerald is on time square for the breakfast surprise for one special mother our first time ever live in time square. you'll see the mother's surprised by emmerille. this is a tribute to mom. happy mother's day to all mothers on "good morning
6:53 am
america," as well. thanks, amy. >> reporter: it is wet and slow on the roads, let's look at 422 eastbound traffic heavy from trooper from oaks to 202. a nine minute ride. an accident blocking a lane past quakertown, watch for that. meanwhile, we continue with i-95 major accident northbound at cottman just allowing some of the stuck traffic to get by in the lester layne, dave. -- left lane, dave. >> reporter: rain might have beening through -- rain moving h the area and we'll have heavier stuff pretty much through the morning and afternoon, too. the high 56 degrees at 4:00 p.m. most of the rain through the morning, less and less later in the afternoon and evening. matt and tam. >> reporter: check out the
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
travel time it takes you feeler an hour to travel on i-95 northbound from the vine to woodhaven. it normally would be 14 minutes because of an accident near cottman involving a tractor-trailer. a fatal accident blocking all lanes 55 southbound at 42. you see police blocking it off. >> reporter: heavy rain drops this morning and into the early afternoon. things will lighten up later today. for now ponding and puddling on
6:57 am
roads, take it slow. early happy mother's day hope you enjoy the day. and to your wife and your wife. i will pass it along. for karen rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. "good morning america" is next. i smoked a lot, and quit a lot
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good morning, america. donald trump takes a big hit. as paul ryan, the powerful speaker of the house refuses to back his run for the white house. >> i'm not there right now. >> and trump sparks a new firestorm with his taco bowl tweet to hispanic voters. also this morning the pow powerful storms hitting both coasts right now. the dangerous commute for millions. the east coast facing floods as hail covers the west and the urgent air lift as that massive wildfire tears through an entire community. dramatic police chase, an l.a. freeway shut down overnight. an attempted murder suspect s e sideswiping cars as he tries to escape. nearly a dozen that proehl cars on his tail. the moment they


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