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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  May 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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police are searching for the person who threw a brick over an overpass injuring a truck driver. those stories and more in a moment, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. chris it's been miserable. do you have good news for us? >> reporter: a little bit. there we go. >> reporter: tomorrow looks very, very nice. hang in there, it's been a miserable week. we've had rain and clouds and fog and chilly temperatures. things are improving slowly, but surely. there's the view overlooking the ben franklin bridge, more clouds and showers and dreary conditions. double scan live we'll flip it over to the radar, most of the precipitation is confined to the areas in southeastern pennsylvania, delaware, chester county reporting light rain and drizzle. same thing with philadelphia and montgomery counties. very, very light stuff. we had downpours this morning, now the low is spinning itself out. as it does so, the precipitation will lessen and lessen.
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we'll see peeks of sunshine this afternoon. temperature-wise it's mild for this time of the day. allentown, 351. remember the last four days in a row we topped out in the low to mid 50s, we're there now, so it will be a warmer day, cape may, 53 degrees. forecast for today, morning showers, clouds and drizzle giving way to peeks of sunshine later this afternoon. 11:00 a.m., a couple of leftover showers, damp and dreary. temperatures, 55 degrees. 1:00 p.m., 60. 3:00 p.m., 62. 5:00 p.m., 64. scattered showers is the call, high temperatures in the mid 60s. things get better tomorrow, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. keep handy all weekend long on your devices. storm tracker 6 live double scan will let you know when any changes are expected in the area. 9 old-- 9:01 a.m.
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three people are dead, including a child after an early-morning fire. trish hartman is live at the scene on dekalb street. trish, the fire we learned starting pointed a few blocks away from the firehouse, what are you learning? >> reporter: that's right, firefighters got here quickly, but the flames were already spreading. take a look at the building behind me. two adults were found dead inside the buildings. a child was taken to einstein montgomery, the child was pronounced at the hospital. 6 others were hurt including a child taken to children's hospital of pennsylvania in critical condition. firefighters arrived after receiving the calls at 4:00 a.m. they found smoke and flames shooting from the three story home. ten ambulances responded.
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people were taken to a triage area across the street. three people were rescued from the burning building. the red cross is helping out with shelter and clothing. it is not clear if they were working with smoke alarms inside the home. we spoke to fire chief tom o'donnell early this morning. fire station is located about a block away from the scene. firefighters arrived and found a three-story dwelling with heavy fire visible from the first floor of the home with several people trapped inside the buildings. >> reporter: again, three fatalities have been qurmd -- confirmed by fire officials, pennsylvania state police and district's office has representatives here, that's standard practice anytime someone is killed in a fire. no word on what claimed the lives of three so far. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." also breaking at 9:00 a.m. one person is dead after an apartment fire in west philadelphia.
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this is a live look at the 4700 block of hazel avenue. the fire started an hour ago, crews arrived to heavy fire coming from the first floor. we know a body was found inside one of the apartments. there is no word on that victim's identity. we also know two other people had to be taken to the hospital. at this point it is not clear what started the fire, but, again, we learned that one person died in west philadelphia. new information to tale e tell you about this morning, a man and woman were killed in another overnight fire inside their south philadelphia home. investigators say their death might have been preventible flames ripped through a third floor bedroom in the 1700 block of moore street. firefighters brought the fire under control in 17 minutes, but when the smoke cleared they found the body of a man in his 70s and woman in her 60s. this family had 6 smoke alarms, but they were orderly and the batteries did not work. not one had a working battery.
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>> reporter: the commissioner said clutter on the other floors would have made it difficult for the mann and woman to escape the home. the cause of the fire is being determined. 9:05. right now, family friends and former colleagues are coming together to remember former philadelphia police commissioner, willie williams. they have gathered at zion baptist church in philadelphia where a viewing is taking place right now. he died last week, the first of african-american police commissioner, at 72 years old. williams will be laid to rest at cheltenham hills cemetary. we have more on the shooting rampage in maryland. a federal law officer was behind a killing spree that started outside a high school. went to a shopping mall and grocery store. he is behind bars faces charges.
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>> reporter: watch the final tense moments as authorities arrest the federal police officer accused of going on a deadly rampage that left three people dead in 24 hours. finished shooting at the mall we're looking out for a gray car. >> reporter: 11:15 a.m. shots are fired if he montgomery mall in maryland. a woman hit by gunfire with two men trying to help her shot, as well. rushed to the hospital, where one of the good samaritans later died. silver car and possibly police experience. >> reporter: 35 minutes later another fatal shooting. a woman killed at this giant supermarket just ten miles away from the montgomery mall. a woman was sitting in her car and had been shot she is deceased. >> reporter: almost three hours later authorities arrest the suspect identified as eulalio tordil. police believe the federal detective service officer is responsible for the shootings.
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the shooting spree began thursday afternoon after he was accused of killing his estranged wife at the maryland high school. one of plains clothes officer observed the silver vehicle that matched the description of a homicide that occurred in prince george's county last night. >> reporter: eulalio tordil was charged with first degree murder and other charges in connection with the high school shooting. he is net to be charge for friday -- he is yet to be charged for friday's events. eulalio tordil was placed on administrative leave his badge and gun were taken after a court order to stay away from his wife was issued last march. as you can see in the surveillance footage of his arrest, police surrounded his car and he later sure -- surrenders without a fight. new jersey state trooper continue to search forea driver who hit and killed a woman --
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for a driver who hit and killed a woman on route 55. she crashed into a tree, she got out of the car and looked for help that's when she was hit and killed. she leaves behind a 12-year-old son. anyone with information should call new jersey state police. a truck driver is recovering from his injuries as police look for the person who threw a brick through the front windshield of his tractor-trailer. it happened in the eastbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike in bristol, bucks county. that brick struck randy blake in the cities, he has a broken eye socket and fracture jaw. i went underneath the overpass and to my surprise a brick came through the window. he pulled over and asked another trucker to call 911. that situation cover worse if the big rig crashed because it was carrying flammable
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materials. planning the dream wedding doesn't have to cost you a fortune. consumer reports has a long list of ways to help you save. it's a brazen act especially during the time of day it happened. new video shows two crook armed with axes smashed through jewelry cases at a macy's store and it happened with customers around. chris. >> reporter: more showers on storm tracker 6 live this morning, especially west of philadelphia. you'll see sunshine out there today, at least a little bit. it will be better tomorrow. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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us are you feeling lucky in today at powerball jacket pot was climbed to a cool 415 million. that's a record since the $1.6 billion jackpot in january. there have been 18 straight drawings without a winner. the odds of striking it rich, chris is 192.2 million. someone has to win. you can see the winning numbers during "action news," of course, at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: i think it was that movie, dumb and dumber, when he said you're telling me i have a chance. you've got a small chance. >> reporter: slim, but got a chance.
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you have to play. >> reporter: weather you have a chance to see sunshine, later this afternoon. it's a slim chance, but we have the opportunity today as the spinning area of low pressure which is sitting over the delaware valley is going to get on its giddy up and pull to the north and pull way. it's a day of transition with clouds and patchy drizzle and showers. by afternoon the skies will brighten up and we'll see sunshine. the activity is confined to areas west of philadelphia. this is all light, we're not seeing downpours or anything heavy. it's nuisance stuff we've been seeing this all week long. light shades of green in central chester and delaware county, and montgomery county, green lane, boyertown, pottstown, downingtown and malvern reporting light rain this morning. philadelphia saw it about an hour or two ago. now we're starting to dry out a little bit. 53 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint of 48. pressure reading 29.79 holding steady. winds out of the east/northeast
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at 7 miles per hour. so the center of the low is sitting right there. ahead of the low, your winds are out of the east,/northeast. when the low moves to the north the winds shift in the westerly direction. once that happens, the winds will be off the mountains down sloping and the winds will dry out. that tames this -- takes place s afternoon. some areas are seeing visibility issues allentown, visibility 3 to 4 miles respectively. everybody else ten miles. there's the counter clockwise swirl that's the upper level low cut off from the main flow of traffic in the atmosphere for several days now. as long as that sits and spins we'll see the showers and clouds and patchy drizzle. this is is a cold front, it's a kicker it will push the low up and push it out to sea and we'll
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get sunshine. the surface maps tomorrow the cold front knocks the low out to sea we'll wedge the sun in here, mother's day looks fantastic. today not so much. we'll see clouds out there, a couple of leftover showers, by afternoon we'll see peeks of sunshine, so it's not a terrible day, it's not like yesterday. still by afternoon there's a chance of a leftover shower. overnight tonight, cloudy conditions and first thing tomorrow morning, mother's day 35:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. there's a line of showers that move west to east. this is the cold front. once this pushes through watch how this opens up. it's wall-to-wall blue skies, ton of sunshine and high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. accuweather says scattered showers clouds giving way to peeks of sun, 64 degrees. hour by hour you can see how things get nicer as the day wears on. 1:00 p.m., 60 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 62. 5:00 p.m., 64.
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overnight tonight, shower threat increases after midnight. 49 the suburbs, 352 for center city. tomorrow, clouds and sun, not bad. monday, 72. tuesday, high of 70. wednesday, we could have thunderstorms around a warm are day high of 74. thursday, 673. friday a rain day cloudy with showers and rain, high of 70. be patient. i'm trying, chris. i forgot how the the sun looks. >> reporter: swunl told me they saw the -- someone told me they saw the sun for 8 minutes yesterday. they timed it. thieves waved an axe at a crowded macy store at a crowded mall in indianapolis, they smashed the display counters an clean out the gems.
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police have recovered their getaway car that was stolen from a nearby dealership. stars gathered in los angeles to remember prince. ♪ stevie wonder led a memorial for the late singer the concert was held at city hall where in 1991 prince shot a video for diamond and pearls. as to what killed, the police want to talk about a california doctor, the son brought a prescription drug for prince before he died in minute so the at the -- minnesota. they are not ray accused of the crime. .
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so glad you stayed with us, saturday morning, 9:19 your time. that summer vacation could cost you less this year. airline tickets are expected to hit a seven year low according to the airfare prediction app
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hopper. fares will be down 12% compared to last summer and 20% from two years ago. average fairs will range from a peak of $240 in june to 211 bucks by august. lower jet fuel prices are a big reason for the drop. peak season for weddings are about to begin. with all the celebration comes a whole lot of spending. nydia han has tips to stay within a budget. >> reporter: according to the wedding reports, the median cost of a wedding is $15,000. but many spend much, much more. not to worry, consumer reports has come up with more than two dozen ways to save. jackie and adam did everything they could to save money on their wedding. the key they say was negotiating. everything from my wedding dress to the flowers to the decorations. >> reporter: they bargained with the cater to allow them to
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provide their own alcohol. consumer reports has just investigated the high cost of weddings and come up with 31 ways to save. one is to schedule the wedding for anytime but saturday night and plan it for january or february. and don't let vendor charge more because it's a wedding. i'm calling because i'm trying to get some estimates. consumer reports found a good percentage of businesses upcharge for people tieing the knot. but when asked, some businesses suggested lower price alternatives. limit the entree choices and hours of open bar and serve only beer and wine. send the photographer home an hour early a lot of guests would have left. when it comes to planning a wedding you may hate the thought
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of reading the fine print. check every contract, it found that some have a built in tip for 26% and there was a fee to bring a cake in from the outside. nydia han channel 6 "action news." still ahead on "action news," it's darby day down in kentucky. we have a preview of the big race next in sports. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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your time, 9:24, 53 degrees outside, you're taking live look at the temple university tennis courts there, of course, nobody outside because of all the rain.
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meteorologist chris sowers will let you know when the sun returns. ♪ happy birthday dear willie that's matallica serenading willie mays saying happy to the giants great during the game. he was watching the game from the suite celebrating his 85th birthday. this morning the longest home run in the majors this season sends the phillies to their third straight loss, we're hours away from the kentucky darby. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, inasmuch as the phillies have surprised people this season, so far the marlins they have won 10 of 11. phillies entered having lost 3 of 4. vazquez is the best pitcher of the season. he finds he is 3-o he gives up
9:26 am
4. phils within 1, 4-3. they close the gap, franco got the day off on thursday, that helped. game tirer at 4. -- tier at 4. 475 feet off the buildings it seems. long e homer in the majors -- longest homer in the majors this season. phillies lose 6-4. brandon brooks who signed a 40 million-dollar deal with the birds in march spoke to a finance class. as for real football he feels good about the eagles quarterback situation. it's exciting. we have a number two in carson wentz.
9:27 am
him getting the word, sam and chase have done good things in the league, i think in the locker room we'll build something special, the chemical tree is good -- chemistry is good. coach peterson has been awesome and looking forward to big things and shocking people this year. the kentucky darby is later on today, this is the overwhelming favorite nyquist 3-1 odds. if you're unfamiliar with nyquist his trainer talks him up. first-round draft pick we made 400 million for -- 400,000 for him. he had an amazing rookie career. else in his second season and going for the championship. >> reporter: that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a terrific weekend! 9:27 there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning including "shelter me
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rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm mlk day -- melissa magee this is joey one of the dogs saved from the animal welfare association on "shelter me rescue of the week." you'll meet joey and some of his friends later on "action news." plus a check of the exclusive accuwether seven-day forecast, with meteorologist chris sowers when "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 comes right back e right back. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable.
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"action news," saturday at 9:00. breaking news, a child is among the three killed in a fire in montgomery county. our live coverage continues. a second grader is stabbed on a school playground by a stranger and the suspect is on the run. plus london makes history, the city has elected its first muslim mayor. let's go outside to chris sowers and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. no umbrella that's good, chris. >> reporter: still have the jacket on, but no umbrella always things are attempting to dry out on city avenue. temperatures along with the precipitation have been the big story over the last several days. we've been on the chilly side and it's chilly this morning. quakertown, 49. warrington, 49. saint davids 49. chester, 50. center city, 53. south jersey and delaware, it's slightly mierbled, -- milder, glassboro, looks too mild,
9:31 am
57 degrees. gandys beach 51 and sea isle city, 54. this is the system we've been dealing with for several days now, it's an area of low pressure which has become cut off from the main flow of traffic in the upper level of the atmosphere. so you see it just kind of sitting and spinning. let's take the satellite and radar off quick and show you what's going on. this is the wind direction. the center of the low was sitting east of washington, d.c. see how the winds above the center are out of an easterly direction and the winds below are in a westerly direction. as we set this in motion for you, now the low is sitting over top of philadelphia. once our winds shift in that westerly direction that's when we shut the moisture off and things begin to dry. now you're no longer seeing the ocean influence you're seeing a down-sloping wind off the appalachians and that's a drying process for us. skies will brighten up a little
9:32 am
bit and peeks of sunshine later on. leftover showers, it's chilly, temperatures in the 50s, by 1:00 p.m., expect to see a few peeks of sun, 60 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 62 and 5:00 p.m., 64. there's an issue to talk about that's the coastal flood advisory for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches and the bay. we'll talk about that and the sunshine returning tomorrow and very comfortable temperatures in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. gray? okay, chris thanks for the update. your time now, 9:32 now the late ts on -- latest on the breaking news coming out of the montgomery county. an overnight fire takes the lives of two adults and a child. investigators are searching for the cause of the fire. trish hartman is live on dekalb street. trish what are you learning? >> reporter: i just spoke with the fire chief he said investigators will be out here
9:33 am
for another few hours trying to figure out how this started. take a look at the what's left of the buildings. so far we know two adults were found dead inside the burning building. a child was taken to einstein where the child was the pronounced dead. 6 others were taken to the hospital, among them a child taken to chop in critical condition. firefighters got a call abrock away from the fire station around 4:00 a.m. they found smoke and flames shooting from the 3 story home, ten ambulances responded and people were taken across the street to a triage area. the red cross is helping folks with shelter and clothing this morning. it's not clear if there were smoke alarm also inside the home. but first responders on scene said they did not hear fire alarms when they arrived. fire crews arrived, firefighters found heavy fire visible from the first floor
9:34 am
side of the property. that would be the first area that the fire investigators will start looking to determine exactly where the fire started and what caused it. >> reporter: again, three fatalities have been confirmed by officials, two adults, one child we are waibility to learn the -- waiting to learn their names and ages. norristown fire marshal and pennsylvania state police and montgomery county fire marshal's office is here which is standard practice whenever anyone is killed in a fire. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." heartbreakerring story, thank you -- heartbreaking story. thank you for the update. "action news" got an update on another deadly fire in southwest philadelphia, a minute ago fire commissioner, daric sawyer said a man died in the apartment while trying to put out the fire. a fire extinguisher was found in the kitchen sink and alarm went over allowing some people to get out. 7 people escaped, but two of the people are injured.
9:35 am
the search is on right now for the man who stabbed a 67-year-old girl on a school playground. it all happened in dayton, ohio. the second grader was attacked during recess. we are told she is critically injured listen to the 911 call. man stabbed someone. they stabbed someone in the school? they stabbed them on the playground. >> reporter: horrifying story. the motive for the attack remains a mystery. extra security is in place at that school. it is now 9:35 we turn to politics presumptive republican presidential candidate donald trump is campaigning out west. he has two rallies planned today in washington state. washington state and oregon hold primaries this month. in an interview joe biden urge democrats not to take trump lightly. he has beaten the odds, he surprised everybody, i think we all make a mistake if we don't
9:36 am
take him seriously. record number of voters support trump, but he has skeptics in his own party. we turn to the democrats, bernie sanders holds two rallies in new jersey, tomorrow he courts voters in north jersey and monday he visitors cash-starved atlantic city. hillary clinton had a campaign in california last night. new jersey and california have primaries a month from today. a muslim politician has made history in london. sadiq kahn is the first muslim mayor of a western capitol city. he rivals accused him of sharing platforms with islamic extremists. he vows to take the fight to the extremists. this morning vice president joe biden will speak to the graduates at delaware state
9:37 am
university. he will deliver the commencement address. that ceremony is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. he will speak at the graduation at syracuse law school and the u.s. academy at westpoint. now to a sweet surprise for one little girl in jersey. her dad an air force sergeant came home early from his deployment to surprise her at her school, new jersey coasht nora muchanic was there. >> reporter: she didn't see him coming, but felt the tap on her shoulder. it took the 6-year-old to realize that the uniformed man crowmping in front of her -- crouching in front of her was her dad who came home a day early to surprise her and her class. sergeant avery has been in southwest asia for the last seven months.
9:38 am
he is a cargo transport officer who couldn't be happier to have his in his arms. she looked like she wanted to cry, she didn't know how to react. i'm happy to see him. >> reporter: how does he look, good? sergeant avery has been in the air force for 15 years, being away is tough, but he said the home comings are wonderful. terrific, no complaints, obviously, i'm very excited. >> reporter: the first graders were excited to see him while he was deployed her classmates sent letters and valentine's to his unit and teachers kept an eye on her. when you're at that young age you need the most support as possible. i think it's difficult. >> reporter: now that's home the first thing violet wants to do with her dad? see a movie with him. >> reporter: do you know what
9:39 am
movie? the jungle book. i have a date now. all right. welcome home sergeant. the time 9:40 there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. a massive wildfire in canada keeps on burning and there is now fear the fire could double in size. in "healthcheck," baseball season is back, but more younger players are getting hurt on the field. coming up an expert weighs in on how to avoid injury. >> we'll get another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" at 9:00 a.m. returns.
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take a look at the screen here, the forecast is trouble fogger firefighters trying to contain this massive wildfire in canada. strong winds and summer-like heat and extremely dry conditions are fueling the flames. the fire is chasing people from for the mcmurray could double by the end of the day. 250,000 acres and is a homes destroyed. evacuations are ramping up. they need rain indeed. we've had a lot of rain, but you ever developing news when it comes to the sun. >> reporter: they saw the sun for five minutes in south jersey. i got the tweet. there you go. after -- [laughter]. >> reporter: you look live on sky6 live hd. i want proof of sun, i need a photo. there's the view, again, we are
9:43 am
there you go we're seeing a little patch in where the skies are attempting to brighten up a little bit, blue above the banner. that's a look at things to come and we have leftover showers west of philadelphia. mainly across chester and montgomery county green lane and downingtown and exton and malvern and phoenixville light drizzle and pottstown. that should be ending shortly most of us today will feature a combination of clouds and limited sun and things will start to try out a little bit. 64 degrees is the high temperature, it's below average, but warmer than the last several afternoons. 50 degrees is where we start started out this morning. coastal flood warnings for the oceanfront and the delaware beaches and the delaware bay are expected to be a good foot and a
9:44 am
foot and a half. you guys who live down there, you know the drill, you know the areas that flood. it's on the a warning, it's an advisory, the flooding will not be as bad as yesterday, but there will be leftover flooding with the evening high tide. temperatures in the low to mid 50s throughout the area. we should get into the mid 60s fairly easily this afternoon. satellite and radar, there's the storm spinning its wheels over the mid atlantic states. it will lift north over the next 72 hours bringing rain to the new england and southern provinces of canada. it will bring an area of high pressure with a cold front that will move the low to the north out of the of our neck of the woods, which is good news. leftover showers through the morning hours and later the skies brighten up. peeks of sunshine. overnight tonight, the cold front pushes through. a couple of showers first thing tomorrow morning, with voila,
9:45 am
wall-to-wall blue skies we see that in time for mother's day. the winds pick up, but it's a warming breeze, high temperatures close to 07 in some locations. here's a look at the numbers, later this afternoon, actually we skipped over this afternoon, this is sunday afternoon, 67 or 68 degrees that's the high for philadelphia. again, lots of sunshine. it will feel warm. we get into monday, monday looks nice, as well. high temperatures close to 70. this model has us at 69. tuesday, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, as well. improving conditions, the only downfall, the pollen starts to climb. when you start to dry and you get the sunshine, the pollen leaves return. tomorrow it's -- today is a nice and easy day, tomorrow the pollen climbs up a bit. look for sunshine in the
9:46 am
afternoon, and scattered showers. overnight tonight there's a chance of shower after midnight. mother's day not too bad, a leftover morning shower and after 9 a.m., 10:00 a.m., it's wall-to-wall blue skies. temperatures in the 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 64 today, 68 tomorrow. monday and tuesday, the best looking days of the week. 72, 70. a decent amount of sunshine both days, a warm breeze, wednesday, thursday and friday it turns unsettled again. we'll see sunshine, but there's the threat of showers and thunderstorms. so we are rounding the bend turn that go corner. sunshine will be a gift to all of the moms tomorrow. >> reporter: yes it will. 9:46 is the time. in this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" success story, a family find a cat who has quite the personality at animal welfare association. here's melissa magee. >> reporter: 6 years ago, the
9:47 am
kirks visit the animal welfare association and welcomed buddy into their lives. buddy has grown and so has the family with the in addition of another cat and two kids. we brought our daughter home from the hospital and he sits and watches and guards her. buddy is not your typical cat he loves to eat cantaloupe. the animal welfare association was founded in 1948 one of the first humane observings formed by volunteers to serve camden county. last year we did 2750 adoption. sweetheart a cat with a condition that requires daily medication to keep her healthy. she loves to play and laser lights. kendra is a 3-year-old pitbull mix. someone willing to exercise her mind as well as her body because she is very smart.
9:48 am
>> reporter: precious would enjoy a quiet home where she can be the only cat. she is part of our cannot buy me love program. this is carlie he came to the rescue with a chronic respiratory infection. he is a love. >> reporter: this 20 joey, he is a house broken and looking for a forever home. if you're interested in joey, you can visit the animal welfare association website. if you would like us to share your shelter success story post a picture to the "fyi philly" facebook page using the #6abc shelter me and tells where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you. we'll feature your stories on the upcome "shelter me rescue of the week" segment.
9:49 am
melissa magee channel 6 "action news." connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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it is now 9:51 here's a look at what's happening in and around delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. it's fun for the entire family in bucks county. return to neverland in upper southampton. boys are invited to wear their super hero costume also and girls can dress in their princess fairy costumes. check out the incredible talents of police k-9s at the police k-9 competition the haverford township police department is hosting this event which includes an obstacle course and search for drugs and more. that event is free and open to the public. it is being held tow haverford -- held at the haverford middle school field
9:52 am
from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in "healthcheck" at 9:00 a.m. injuries are on the rise for baseball pitchers of all ages. the patient going under the knife are getting younger and younger. ali gorman has tips from a pitching coach to keep your young athlete happy. >> reporter: america's favorite pastime if back in full swing. baseball players of all ages are back on the diamonds and pitchers throwing strikes from the mound. for 16-year-old peyton, his hard work is paying off. much better now. keep the ankle do down. >> reporter: like many players peyton wanted to pitch. i like being in control. >> reporter: but unlike chess pitching comes with a high risk for injury. a 14-year-old who throws in the 80s knows this from firsthand experience.
9:53 am
he started having sharp elbow pain. both are working with pitching coach at full armor training. the key to preventing injuries is not limiting pitch counts, it has up to do with upper body mechanics. there's no extra force to the elbow or shoulder area. >> reporter: for jeff he was throwing with his upper body and arm. now i use more of my lower body and my core. >> reporter: jeff said making this adjustment eliminated any pain. bushbech said a good rule of them if the player's arm hurts chances are his mechanics are off and the more he throws, the greater chance of injury. everybody wants to throw harder, and more often, the big thing if they aren't throw
9:54 am
correctly we don't want you to throw one pitch. >> reporter: staying healthy is key. he recognizes many kids are playing year round that's another reason why practicing the proper way to throw is vital. jeff and peyton play most of the year, but they take a few months off which helps prevent injuries. ali gorman channel 6 "action news."
9:55 am
introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion.
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final check of the forecast, chris, i know moms are out there like this with their hands on their hips. >> reporter: we have showers an patchy drizzle, otherwise limited sun. tomorrow is fantastic, ton of
9:57 am
sunshine, warm breeze and high of 68. i would like to remind you that jack hanna's "wild countdown" is coming up next on on channel 6. "action news" continues bright arena early tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, as kids around the county prepare for graduation one in chicago is walking with a major accomplishment under his belt. and we'll look at a program for the philly pops. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day. a
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